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7 Heartwarming Moments of People Seeing for the First Time

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In these seven videos, people from all ages and walks of life see something new for the first time. Their appreciation for their experiences reminds us that despite the hardships we face in life, there are also numerous beautiful moments that we should never take for granted. POPSUGAR Girls' Guide is your guide to living your '20s in style! We cover everything from DIY fashion and beauty, pop culture and comedy, recipes and food trends, celebrity news, and more. We also LOVE YouTubers and are lucky enough to have featured some of our favorites on PSGG, including Tyler Oakley, Ingrid Nilsen (Missglamorazzi), and many others. Subscribe to POPSUGAR Girls' Guide http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=popsugargirlsguide We just got started on Vine! Watch us there, too!
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Text Comments (175)
Spatial Rain (2 months ago)
"What's the most beautiful thing you've seen lately" you jk the mirror
Dario Hurtado (3 months ago)
The most beautiful thing iv'e seen lately was this video
Trim the Treefer (3 months ago)
click bait mother fuckers
Ben Dover (4 months ago)
Rainbow Cat (6 months ago)
When you see tree for the first time. You cry *cries*
Tnecvic Odivorp (7 months ago)
I Cried A River of Tears when i saw the Grandma <3
kamoo Kmo (10 months ago)
My girlfriend is the most beautiful thing I've seen recently
BottleFlips& MagicTricks (11 months ago)
What beautiful have I seen lately? Waking up in the morning and looking outside my window at the beginning of every new day
Amit Modi (1 year ago)
Charlottle Scott (1 year ago)
The most beautiful thing I have seen is my family
Yee A Unicorn (1 year ago)
I cried at 3:37
My older brother is blind
Creeper in you' face (1 year ago)
Memo Adams (1 year ago)
the most beautiful thing I've seen lately me .......duh
Mike Blake (1 year ago)
Thanks with a the political garbage going on it's nice to remember that things aren't so bad.
skeleguns 10,ooo,ooo (1 year ago)
If a colorblind see a CAT'S eyes for the first time
Jackie Lendel (1 year ago)
"Don't mean a thing if it aint got that swing!" Aww
Bea (1 year ago)
58 dislikes. Why
Funalicious (1 year ago)
So there is a cure for blindness!!
Itzlaide Xx (1 year ago)
Itzlaide Xx (1 year ago)
Why do you have to pay this basically getting paid to be bice
Vegito blue (1 year ago)
The most beautiful thing i have seen is this video *Tries to hold back tears* WAAAAAAHHHHH
Wheeda Ansari (1 year ago)
I wake up to see my beautiful daughter every morning.
Lainey Fabriccio (1 year ago)
all of this made me tear up and the most beautiful thing I see every day are my kids and my hubby
LineoLemon (1 year ago)
i shouldn't cut onions while watching youtube videos.
La Vieja (1 year ago)
0:18 "oh kind lord, you have given me two eyes...why have you kept me blind?" ... that just break me man...
The Sea... I saw the endless sea... It is miraculous
Rishi Dhokia (1 year ago)
my wife sleeping
daniela (1 year ago)
the most beautiful thing I've seen ??? ... this video!
12/11 (1 year ago)
the most beautiful thing ive seen lately was my face (':
Memeology (1 year ago)
Genji is making onions for lunch...
TheConsideredCutie (1 year ago)
what's the most beautiful thing I've seen lately? THIS FUCKING VIDEO making me cry 💦
TheConsideredCutie (1 year ago)
this made me cry 💦💦💦
Nata Andrea (1 year ago)
I have eaten sandwich for the first time in three months..Fucking interesting
Shiro The wolf (1 year ago)
The most beautiful thing I've seen lately was this girls ass earlier today
TSM (1 year ago)
idk what it is but the ones where colorblind people see color for the first time makes me cry every time goddammit
FRG YT (1 year ago)
It's amazing how Jesus still performs these miracles even though he's not here with us physically
carmell51 (1 year ago)
These videos!
monan (1 year ago)
what is the most beautiful thing you have seen lately? booty
Nae BruhHam (1 year ago)
my cat
Jonathan Lott (1 year ago)
Johnnie Walton
FlaminHotCheets (1 year ago)
MissMash ! (1 year ago)
This video is nice because these are people who don't take things for granted. Because of that, they are probably nice people. Kind people. Who don't say mean things. Or complain about not getting enough attention. By insulting others. If you're being sincere about nobody caring for you, I apologize for any rudeness and I hope your life improves from this point on^-^
Stranded RTM (1 year ago)
The moon
Thomas Kluka (1 year ago)
My mom is the most beautiful thing i have ever seen
Alexis Plummer (1 year ago)
The way he looked at his children's eyes...😢😢😢 damn those onions
Neoatomaton automaton (1 year ago)
the black garden in destiny
Steve l (1 year ago)
Videos like these should be most watched on youtube. Just very beautiful.
*alittlelost* (1 year ago)
This is so beautiful I almost cried
Especial 2X1 (1 year ago)
Another stupid video with a misleading title. By the way, Marina is a fucking ridiculous.
gwmax11 (1 year ago)
1st video you guys got your facts wrong, the 20/20/20 is a free operation for those who can't afford an operation like it, the $300 part is what it typically costs for other places that perform the same operation.
Zara Baer (1 year ago)
most beautiful thing I've seen? ice cream of course. And anime XD
Star Dust (1 year ago)
$300 dollars thats cheap if your rich
Joel Martinez (1 year ago)
300$ is nothing for an operation that gives back eyesight, my family spent thousands of dollars for my sister to get her eyesight back
Aishou (2 years ago)
my first love and the love of my life.
AnnoyingPenny (2 years ago)
Most beautiful thing i have ever seen in my life is my 100's of crushes oh wait, they already crushed my hearts ;(
Vegito blue (1 year ago)
Neoatomaton automaton hehe suh dude's
Neoatomaton automaton (1 year ago)
Suh dood
owen f (2 years ago)
who tf are those 19 people who disliked this
Preety P. (11 months ago)
63 now. Shocking!! Their idiotic people, that's who.
SnowLilly 612 (1 year ago)
owen f 54 people now.
flobb91 (1 year ago)
maybe they dissliked the video bc of the clickbaity title. the video shows 2 people seeing for the first time. not 7
Judge Judy (1 year ago)
your trolling is as bad as that southpark episode lmao, your like kyles dad shitty trolling fuck...
owen f (1 year ago)
+CAVS IN 7 no, that's you :)
Ray (2 years ago)
2:45 nice converse
Deanna Brownlee (2 years ago)
Why couldn't Marina and Ulay spend more item together? I guess I missed something.
Erized (1 year ago)
They were performance artists who ended their relationship (professional and romantic) back in '98, which in itself was a piece of perfromance art. Sadly things got ugly between them in the last two years, there was a court battle, and they now can't stand one another. Pretty unfortunate...
alpacapocalypse (2 years ago)
I wish they'd just show the videos without the lady talking over them.
YeshuaJesusisking V (1 year ago)
alpacapocalypse Me too
bionic eye that sounds fking epic but ik it isnt
Minnaaa (2 years ago)
I saw myself in the mirror
Astronauts 520 (2 years ago)
Seeing is not just sensing light and pictures.
Budzie (2 years ago)
Gimmie the Sharingan and I'll be happy.
Kshitij Baji (2 years ago)
the most beautiful thing I ever saw is the blind guy seeing his wife for the first time! was overwhelming
Raull ZzZ (2 years ago)
Russians in csgo
Camber Englehart (2 years ago)
it would b interesting to see the colorblind Father's reaction to a graffiti wall..he would prob think it was lovely
Jordan_The_Cosplayer (2 years ago)
My mom and then my lover
Reda B (2 years ago)
My dick. :)
Milongui (1 year ago)
Reda B (2 years ago)
+noah McIntosh Yes, I want to see it because it's small Lol
noah McIntosh (2 years ago)
Is small ;)
Shamar Woods (2 years ago)
these videos are the most beautiful thing I've seen
Star Tricker (2 years ago)
This world and what it has to offer.
Mathias Eriksson (2 years ago)
The great yellow colza field where i live are the most beautiful things i have seen lately.
The Orange Industry (2 years ago)
The wall of China was heartwarming.
N1cK60 Yah (2 years ago)
My dick
Sprare Army (2 years ago)
My mom
arnold pangilinan (2 years ago)
my family
Brandon Official (2 years ago)
How could someone dislike? Very strange
MOMSHARI123 (2 years ago)
I took a ride to the ocean today the weather was warm and it was Sunny out today . there were lots of people walking today. Thank GOD For The beautiful day.
Xxscave Xx (2 years ago)
Beautiful thing i see is my parents thank God
Nob the Knave (2 years ago)
Did the old dude who got to use the bonic eye glasses to see his wife get to keep em or did they take them away?
Alex Ikronic (2 years ago)
anyone else feeling like you got assaulted by onions??
TUE Zombie (2 years ago)
He most beautiful thing I've seen lately is someone in a porno :/
ThatSheepDiggy (2 years ago)
Ur like fucking twelve
The Orange Industry (2 years ago)
John Doe (2 years ago)
Misleading topic
Dawn Keir (2 years ago)
love this
Boogiecarter2003 (2 years ago)
The greatest thing I saw was chocolate in my frige this morning
Trinity Brown (2 years ago)
it has to be colour :)
Mama Ricco (2 years ago)
this video
Viktor and Niko (2 years ago)
What if you gave a blind person a psychadellic like LSD Shrooms
Viktor and Niko (2 years ago)
that would be interesting why do they not conduct a study
The most beautiful thing by far is my little baby sister. I am so lucky that she is alive.
Nikitoz9595 (2 years ago)
Fucking ninjas with onion. damn.
N (1 year ago)
Zara Baer (1 year ago)
Haha! XD
eavesdrop (2 years ago)
My wife :)
Gabriel Maisonet (2 years ago)
Dust particles in rays of sunlight shining into a dark room is always amazing to me. I love seeing light reflect off of, and refract through all kinds of materials. I'm always grateful for my eyesight. This video made me cry
Honeysuckle Blossom (5 months ago)
Gabriel Maisonet I have some ornaments with gems of glass, I love to see the strobes of light splitting into colours reflecting through them when the sun hits them. I'm in my forties and never get bored of that. So sad it's such a cheap operation but so many are left blind
evony G (2 years ago)
The most beautiful thing I've seen lately is my girlfriend's smile :)
Rodney The Lunchbox (2 years ago)
"...Why have you kept me blind?" To see this beautiful moment.
Hung Nguyen (2 years ago)
That video where a bunch people saw colors they never new existed. That was awesome.
Thuy Bui (2 years ago)
I've seen my classmates smiling when they did good on their test :)
Youtube Surfer (2 years ago)
I've seen a baby hear for the first time
memyselfandi (2 years ago)
Seeing my best friend for the first time changed my life. Imagine not seeing one of the people you love dearly,knowing they are there, hearing them... Than waking up in the hospital and seeing them at the edge of your bed. I love you Samantha.
Warda Arif (2 months ago)
memyselfandi Were you blind?
TheMachoKoala (2 years ago)
That old lady is gonna make me have nightmare s
V Brit (2 years ago)
For me, it was the sky this afternoon. I love it when the clouds are really puffy and soft looking. :)
Michael Thompson (2 years ago)
I was on the verge of going blind in a few years, but I went to Eye Care Specialists in Cape Girardeau, Missouri and underwent LASIK eye surgery on July 20, 2012. I walked out of the operating room unbelievably with 20/20 vision. That was the first time I went without glasses in nearly 29 years! Amazing! I went for my 2-year post-op follow up on September 4, 2015 and got a wonderful report! My vision has improved some more over the 2 years since my previous follow up. which I was glad and very blessed with that. I am enjoying every day of it with my wonderful eyesight!
i am a cactus (3 years ago)
If I was colorblind and I saw color for the first time I would say, "Wtf is this shit".
Dominik (1 year ago)
i am a cactus (2 years ago)
+joede24224 I know, for certain people the colors that they see are faded rather than not seeing colors at all
Good ol' Popcorn (2 years ago)
+i am a cactus being colorblind doesn't mean you cant see. It means you can't see certain colors correctly.
i am a cactus (2 years ago)
+GrimeHubTV So.. Being color blind means you're not colorblind?

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