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Is My Chest Pain a Sign Of a Heart Attack? (Common Sense Medicine)

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Are you having a heart attack? Many people call 911 or get driven to the emergency room with chest pain or left sided arm pain. The big question: Am I having a heart attack? Most of them aren't. Dr. Berglund's hope with this video is to help you understand the difference between true emergency heart-related symptoms and other causes of chest pain. Of course, if it's not clear or you have shortness of breath and/or a "heaviness" or "squeezing" sensation on your chest following exertion or stress, just call 911 and skip the video. Please! The second question that usually follows after the heart attack answer comes back as "no" is "Then why am I having chest pains or left arm pains or even pain referring up into my jaw." Dr. Berglund will try and answer those questions as well. Dr. Berglund has spent over twenty years at his clinic in southeast Wisconsin helping people improve their health without drugs or surgery. For more information about his clinic and for other health problems, see his website at http://berglundcenter.com. If you are interested in seeing Dr. Berglund as a patient, but live too far from Wisconsin, go to http://berglundcenter.com/distance.html.
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Text Comments (1227)
HistoryHunter (3 days ago)
I hate Drs. Havent been to hospital in years. Last time was for kidney stones. I dont agree with the idea of practicing on the body or intravenous medicines. But this guy would really make a visit to the er alot better...
Jhonny Ruizz (6 days ago)
My left side feels weird... like it doesn’t hurt.. but feels weird! what do you think?
sagun gurung (15 days ago)
thank you
KevinConley (17 days ago)
You didn't talk about stress related pains which feel like a heart attack
ijo e puta (17 days ago)
This doctor a half a quak
Marcus Lyes (17 days ago)
I just had a lot of sharp pain on the left side of my chest and it
ArmlessNinja 94 (19 days ago)
My hypochondria took me here
Zafiro Vernon Millana (20 days ago)
Thank u
Exopath , (22 days ago)
I have a bad headache my chest has been hurting for hours I feel like throwing up. My back and Trout hurts. And I'm having a lot of trouble breathing. What do I do please respond quick.
Steven C (22 days ago)
Hi Doc I get pinches on my middle chest from time to time, sometimes it feels like an electrical shock. it only last for a second though but it does bring anxiety. I've seen doctors for that and taking every test but they cant find the root of the problem. I do practice Brazilian jiu-jitsu from 3 to 4 days during the week and do other exercise when ever i'm off. When ever i'm training I feel perfectly fine although sometimes i get the pinch but its not as bad. By the way I have been dealing with this for the past 4 years and still having been able to resolve this issue. Is there any specialist you would recommend? please let me know and thanks for the help.
private private (1 month ago)
it feels like a soft ball sized fist, kinda twisting between my axilla and my back just below my scapula w/ a slight neck tightness all on left side. I'm a chick soooo...
private private (1 month ago)
Thanks doc. Last night was the worse episode. It lightened up after I belched and pass gas. But it's pretty much a constant presence, well not constant, but more like frequent, kind of an annoying awareness that at sometimes gets more pronounced after eating and less pronounced after BM. my BP is 100s-110s/60-70s ( i used to have this "annoyance" w/ higher BP. But it went away once my BP was lowered)...i started metformin about 2 & 1/2 months ago and THAT is when this "annoyance" returned. Last night though makes me really think its the metformin...like a pre cursor of horrible "chest gas" prior to a BM. I was gonna bring it up w/ my f/u w/ my PCP , due in early-mid September, but last night scared me. I was on my way to ED, but it lightened up after I belched, then I had a little gas, and it REALLY lighted up. Scared me though. I'm 41 btw. Now that I've written all this out...yeah, i feel kinda dumb. this needs to be worked up. funny how you rationalize yourself outta stuff until you actually see through someone elses eyes....
Michael Berglund (1 month ago)
You should get that looked at. Not sure how old you are, but an evaluation is needed to see what that is.
Lord Gaylord Ondor (1 month ago)
Yeah. I had a lot of chest pains but I had the worse one today. Gotta go to the hospital. Thanks.
Hashim Hassan (15 days ago)
Hope you are doing fine.... god bless you
Michael Berglund (1 month ago)
Let me know what happened at the hospital. Hope you're ok.
Karen Swift (1 month ago)
Love your upbeat attitude... Have been having chest pains across entire upper chest for months but only when walking and I start to breathe fast but as soon as I stop breathing fast, it goes away.. Had an ekg, stress test with ultrasound 6 months ago for chest pain and everything came back perfectly normal, was told I had costochondroitis ((I probably spelled that wrong)) but it is just weird, it all started last year when I moved a couch by myself, after that is when I started feeling this horrible pain.. I do have bad back problems,, Just trying to figure out what could be causing such pain if nothing was found... BUT anyways, loved your video...
Michael Berglund (1 month ago)
Call around to different chiropractors in your area to see who adjusts ribs. Most likely it's a combination of adjusting the ribs, the thoracic spine and maybe the collar bone.
Gohanburner (1 month ago)
I don't know what's going on. On my left pec I keep getting this kind of sharp pain that throbs but then sometimes will go away. I can't tell if it is under my rib cage or above my rib cage. I get blood tests every year for work for my insurance and I don't have any cholesterol problems...but this is kind of frightening because of its location.
Michael Berglund (1 month ago)
I'd recommend going to a good chiropractor or a physical therapist that does manipulation/mobilization of joints. It's very likely not heart related. If that's true, it's likely biomechanical/musculoskeletal and needs a practitioner that restores movement and stretches/relaxes soft tissue.
RCTY Albertz (1 month ago)
I get dizzy most times when i stand up from a long period of sitting down. And my chest hurts from time to time.. its like every time my heart beats the pain comes.
Matthew Lynch (1 month ago)
My dad was having chest pains and he put off going to the hospital . He died . God damnit
Enamour Debeila (1 month ago)
The pain sharp pain is felt underneath the ribs what is it?
Chris Billy (1 month ago)
I keep getting left side chest pains but it never lasts long but can come and go several times a day. Thoughts?
Logan Connerss (1 month ago)
Well if I die, I know it was a heart attack.
Hashim Hassan (15 days ago)
Logan Connerss you will not die because of heart attack ! You’ll live longer then Normal
Kerbal (1 month ago)
I had short burst of pain
Stephanie Coker (1 month ago)
MysTic_MortalYT (1 month ago)
Can you get heart attack at age 12
Exopath , (22 days ago)
Got a sharp pain in my chest and then it went away I was worried and this video calmed me down
Elizabeth Torres (1 month ago)
lol i love this video
aaron c. elebe (1 month ago)
thank you/
Alain Tabirara (1 month ago)
Hi, I had a chest pain more than 3weeks now, but the pain is in small area in the joint of the ribs of in the miscle every time I touch it with my finger it was really painful..... But I also had back pain and my right arms also.... What is this? Tnx for info
Lil Bitty Whores (1 month ago)
It only hurts when I move or put pressure on it
I have sometimes a small pain In my chest and a few nights ago my heart hurt I'm 13 am I fine?
john jacob gautreau (1 month ago)
I been having chest pain for almost 4 week now it’s won’t stop I been vomiting and feeling like something on my heart and feel my head is going to explode I’m 17 years old
TrueValues77 (2 months ago)
watching you will give a heart attack
Devin Thomson (2 months ago)
I’m def having a heart attack but your a good doctor
Acacius (2 months ago)
I felt like he was really talking to me lol. I might be the stubborn one smh
Ilvars Ilvars (2 months ago)
Today i was doing a lot of work . It was 30 degrees celsius outside . When i came home i felt very dizzy . I checked - i had no fever or temerature . I cant sleep , im kinda dizzy , i feel sharp stings on the left side of my ribs sometimes but then it goes away . Is this normal or not ( im 13 years old )
Thomas Hayes (2 months ago)
I cracked my back and my chest doesn't hurt anymore lol
Fer Patino (2 months ago)
So glad I came upon this video, thank you
A Rey (2 months ago)
This video is awesome ! Not only did it make me laugh but it also informed me. Thank you
Isaac Clarke (2 months ago)
prevention > death
Haider Ali (2 months ago)
I have sharp pain too. And i have went for my ecg 3 times blood test 2 times my cholestrol level is normal my heart rate also normal. But after i read some of the comment below it make me abit less worried. But can anyone explain to me other then sharp pain. I will be in shock every night trying to fall asleep will have dizziness but only twice i almost blackout on the road while riding. Felt pressure on my left trap on my back sometime and also numbness on my left hand. Please advice thank you.
DWISGR8 HORROR (2 months ago)
well thats a relief, thanks
DmX-_-420 (2 months ago)
ive been feeling like a kind of nerve pain on my left chest and a littlebit to the ribs it always comes when i breath in and goes away when i breath out and hurts when im laying down im only 15 tho i dont wanna die yet :(
G underscore (2 months ago)
My heart would ack for a second then it would go away is it a sign of a heart attack
Sam bax (2 months ago)
I was laying flat the other day and as i was getting up it felt like i was punched in the heart area and it quickly went to my right lung right chest it knocked the breath out of me, about felt like a punch in the heart ,,, no clue???? anyone
bilal shedid (2 months ago)
Hey Doc. Can you please make a video that could help us to differentiate between 1)panic attack (caused by stress, anxiety , ect .. ) 2)Gerd 3)Heart attack symptoms because i think im having all 3 combined, and not sure if im gonna make it to check your video on it, but im pretty sure it might help others :P why im asking for such a topic ? coz i've got GERD and i hide you not , i've got high annxiety levels which lead me to have panic attacks sometimes, and been to ER plenty of times coz those ,but the sysmtoms im having now seems like it's more leading to heart attack , especially after i've got ''calcified aortic arc. in the last scan yesterday'' thanks in advance
Na Prem pun (2 months ago)
Thanks .U make me clear
Fahad Irshad (2 months ago)
energetic video
Noelia Jacinto (2 months ago)
Omg phew I don’t have heart attack but I have heart dissese
Akane Cortich (2 months ago)
peter pumkin (2 months ago)
Then why the fuck does my left side hurt.
Thanks professor ... I meant uuhh doctor 🤦‍♂️
James (3 months ago)
It is Answered in 2018, soo too late 4 me, sorry
andy rivas (3 months ago)
Sig Kimber (3 months ago)
Good video
supakilla813 (3 months ago)
Super helpful thought I may be having a heart attack .
Mabel Wong (3 months ago)
What is the sharp pain
mak bam (3 months ago)
right. most of them aren't having a heart attack...yet. the fact is, medicine often fails to find problems which in fact, are present.
Milan Milovanovic (3 months ago)
Its stress bro not heart attack relax
StellaSweetLilly (3 months ago)
Well..if I do end up going to the ER tonight, I hope this guy is my doctor 😆
PROUDLY AFRICAN (3 months ago)
You speak very fast.
I've called nine-one-one went to the emergency room and have been diagnosed with no insurance
BunanEH (4 months ago)
can anyone help me i fell uncomftble ... (im my chest) and sometimes my heart stops beating.for 1.5 -2 sec .. and i fell cold all around my body sorry for my bad english
Aaron Shaw (4 months ago)
When i eat food my left side hurts it comes in goes an when i breath sometimes i feel a little tightness no pain or nothing in my arm an no sharp pains just a tight ness where heart burns be at so what kind of problem do i have ?
DJ Time (4 months ago)
About once every two months or so, I have severe chest pain right in the centre of my chest, where my heart is. It lasts for about 15 to 20 minutes in waves. It only happens in bed. Any advice please?
ThatGuyThomas (4 months ago)
My right chest hurts
PurpleSwils (4 months ago)
I had chest pains for 2 weeks in February, couldn’t sleep because I felt like I was going to die so I went to the emergency room and they said everything was fine... now the pain is back and I’m not sure what to do.
Dazyredfox87 (4 months ago)
Great video thank you 😙
Burr Rabbit (4 months ago)
Jocelyn Ortega (4 months ago)
Hey my chest started about an hour ago I've had to go on and off like 3 times just like little sparks, but i did do some cardio today it was the first time in a while please respond i don't want to die
Kosovo is *Serbia* (4 months ago)
I sometimes get sharp chest pain, it is for about 20 seconds. Mostly without any reason.
SoulsIV (4 months ago)
Happen to me every time i get depressed and when at happen i feel like I don’t want to do anything at all. Feel like i need to lie down on my stomach and close my eyes for about 5-30 minutes till the pain goes
bloodyleech (4 months ago)
Yes I had a heart attack and waited that shit the fuck in the hotel room cuz I was ashamed. I stuffed a shit load of aspirins in my mouth. Peace I survived
Gigantic Fast (4 months ago)
It hearts and it just all around it and I feel the pain around it when I move it heart a bit and plus I’m 13
Suicidal Blonde (5 months ago)
19, female History of anorexia and bulimia for 5 years Chest pain (both left and right not at the same time tho) that comes (especially when I eat bread or sweets or lots of grease)and goes randomly, jaw pain, left arm pain, upper abdominal pain that has been going for 5 months Normal ekg and blood test What do I do?
Nice Potato (5 months ago)
For me it’s been two days and then it hit the left and middle part of my chest where It hurts
Sohanur Rahman (5 months ago)
we need bangla subtitle.
JayHQ (5 months ago)
my chest hurts and my left hand hurts too and became weaker am i having heart attack? sorry im so scared to watch the video
bloodyleech (5 months ago)
I'm stubborn as a mule fuck...I just took a bunch of aspirins and went to bed maybe I should go to the hospital
first name last name (5 months ago)
Definitely not having a heart attack.
TheLazyKimy (5 months ago)
Oh wow I’m relieved 😌 another day 💕
Ricgard Smith (5 months ago)
im still here, cool
Hi my heart goes fast sometimes and I worrie but I go running and go to gym will that be why and I get chest and arm pain sometimes
Not Me (5 months ago)
This dude is hilarious and thank you. It helped 😊
Ash Carvajal (6 months ago)
I cant move. It hurts so bad
uriel urbina (6 months ago)
Thank you so much, I wasn't sure if I was experiencing a heart attack so I had started to panic. But thankfully it was just sore.
Alan Giron (6 months ago)
I was getting a lot of pain in my chest area ( I went to the hospital to get me self checked out ) but found nothing wrong ) they told me to try Advil .... once I tried the Advil.. I got an burning sensation from it ( chest area ) ...
Michael Berglund (6 months ago)
Likely it was heartburn/GERD or an ulcer causing the chest pain. I'd go on a clean eating (veggies and lean meats only) plan for a month to see if that helps. Here's my video to explain reflux/heartburn: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v6hK6CHDw40
Rc Overdrive (6 months ago)
I have Chest pain on the left side of my body. And I’m 15 years old and this pain started yesterday. But it’s a sharp pain that lasts for about a minute goes aways then comes back. Anything to help?
cars (6 months ago)
A thanks God the pain only started minutes ago and I was here think I'm gonna die XD😧😦😒
nawang dawa (6 months ago)
Thanks doc. I was so scared I was having heart attacks. But I am pretty sure it is only dyslexia, or whatever that means.
Kim Alix (6 months ago)
me heart feels like its pounding so hard and Im overweight. how do I fix this
Joe Harajly (11 days ago)
Kim Alix hey sexy Kim. Add me on Snapchat joeHarajly1984
Matthew Smith (7 months ago)
Shrek is love Shrek is li...... AHHH MY HEART!!!
Soj1337 (7 months ago)
Hello I loved your video very well setup, I've a question regarding some pain I've been having for 5 days in my chest. When I push myself during weight lifting exercises and my heart is beating fast I get chest pain just below my sternum, it always feels like it's my heart and is a sharp stabbing pain and I feel slightly more breathless than I normally do during exercise and when I stop it goes away after a few minutes. I also can randomly get a stabbing pain slightly to the left of my chest sometimes during rest too. Sometimes feel i need to take deeper breathes too and light headed but it may just be me over thinking my breathing. I have been to 2 doctor's and A&E all said it is likely musculoskeletal pain. I've had an ecg during rest and came back as healthy heart. Any idea on your opinion?
Tito Shalgam (7 months ago)
best doctor i have heart sickness and it start 6 days ago i got sick fever and it go away 3 days after but i just sleep a lot not like normaly i just cant givee up i must sleep all time so i start getting worried but thank u doctor !
Saqqa-e- Sakeena (7 months ago)
Coolest doc
Wilson Solt (7 months ago)
Thank you so much
urmo345 (7 months ago)
In our country, they will be mad in emergency room. It is overcrowded because of shortage of doctors and long waiting lines. They made even rulebook, and cold sweat or nausea and etc was not something you can turn into emergency
Melanie Goat (7 months ago)
Guys what does it mean when you cant breathe good?
Ranz Sumando (7 months ago)
i have health anxiety mainly about my heart this made me calm
Kat Rose (8 months ago)
Please please please tell me that you still use this channel. For about 30 minutes I've had a tight heavy pain in my back and my chest. No shortness of breath nausea. Just pain. It's mainly on the left side. But it's gradually getting worse. I'm a 15 year old female with a history of bad panic attacks. I was wondering if this could just be my anxiety acting out or something much more serious?? Please respond asap
Bug Generation (8 months ago)
The video took the pain away
Alberto Guardado (8 months ago)
I got up from my couch and my chest just started hurting and it was sharp pain. But when I sat back down, it went away lol?...

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