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Innovation: Genomics and Personalized Medicine

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Healthcare is changing rapidly with the introduction of genomics, which makes personalized medicine possible and increasingly more available. This video talks about new standards in medical care -- prevention and treatment -- that are happening today in advanced community hospitals, not just research facilities. Topics covered in this video about the Genomic Medicine Institute at El Camino Hospital include genetic testing, biotechnology, biomarkers, genetic counseling, personalized medicine, genetic disorders, genomic map, genetic information and more. If you thought that genomic medicine was only an experiment available to very few, it's time to learn what is happening now that you or your loved ones can access. Welcome to the 21st century and advanced medical care!
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Ajay Panwar (7 лет назад)
Very encouraging!!
Ajay Panwar (7 лет назад)
Very encouraging but the success of personalised medicine will depend on having accurate diagnostic tests that identify patients who can benefit from targeted therapies!!!!!

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