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For These Border Towns, The Only Wall Here is a Row of Potted Plants

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The international boundary cuts through houses, public institutions, main roads... and that's just how it's always been for Derby Line, Vt. and Stanstead, Quebec residents. SUBSCRIBE to ABC NEWS: https://www.youtube.com/ABCNews/ Watch More on http://abcnews.go.com/ LIKE ABC News on FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/abcnews FOLLOW ABC News on TWITTER: https://twitter.com/abc GOOD MORNING AMERICA'S HOMEPAGE: https://gma.yahoo.com/
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Text Comments (1165)
Stanley Banks (1 day ago)
Borders are imaginary. The same cunts that control you ate the same cunts that divide you.
POKEGAMERZ 9185 (4 days ago)
I wonder what would happen if Trump found out about this.
richystar2001 (5 days ago)
Canada free health care and good paying jobs.... So unless freedom to own firearms is your thing... Then why go south of the border eh?..... Total difference between the Third world of Mexico.... Europe used to have open borders... Then mass invading of African immigrants has shutdown most of eastern Europe and the UK. Where ever White people exist it would seem that it is guaranteed that the society there is successful and peaceful. Funny that.
quinofking (6 days ago)
I get why the southern and northern border are patrolled different, that much is clear, anyone can see that. But there’s a real sick problem here when the United States claims it’s #1 priority is national defense and to achieve this it must not take a 1% of 1% of a chance with who it lets in. Oh you’re refugees from a war we started? Nope too risky! Stay! You’re already at the border because our drug war has left you no other choice but to run? No too risky! Separate your children, trow you back Oh the northern border? Nah let people come and go as they please... The disparity CANNOT be this wide! We can have a middle point between militarized a border and cruel immigration system, and just a blank border with a sign that says “please behave!”... unless of course there’s an alterior motive to all this...
Mark Schisler (6 days ago)
I heard there's a large muslim population starting to take root on the Canadian side. Nobody mentions that
stevielikesdick (6 days ago)
Wtf, so anyone can cross through there and no one would know? Every time I cross the border there’s like 8 toll booths and officers everywhere that check your vehicle.
sweet heart (7 days ago)
I love both sides
XpertGam3r (7 days ago)
I live in New Brunswick basically the same thing
Le Americana Goblino (8 days ago)
That's because Quebec isn't filled with the spic hordes.
Fuckboy Spray (9 days ago)
We should make a North American Union with Canadian laws
hello hey (9 days ago)
Comparing this border and the southern border is like comparing apples to oranges. Different situations, different borders
Miss Jessi (9 days ago)
Canada is the good neighbor that you invite over for coffee, watch each other's children grow and help mow the lawns. Mexico is the neighbor that you build a fence between and call the cops, cps and animal protection.
Pase Valentine (9 days ago)
So did they divide every building on the line too
Estela R (10 days ago)
This see if since I live near the Mexican american boreder and its nothing like this
Indigo's Teeth (10 days ago)
The only difference is when one breaks their arm they have to pay to fix it
adam martin (10 days ago)
Sorry I don’t won’t bombs in my country so sorry you’re fucking town is more important then people’s life’s 👍👍
Jesse (10 days ago)
The government isn’t trying to control our lives (at least in this example). They are keeping us safe. That bald guy pissed me off
Jesse (10 days ago)
Making this video doesn’t stray from the facts. The souther border is the problem, with drugs and millions of illegal immigrants. But in Canada, since they are well developed, nobody needs to hop the border.
Captian Stank Finger (10 days ago)
A wall of plants is all we need. Love you Canada from Michigan
Evan Gass (10 days ago)
In the thumbnail, the US flag isn’t correct. Just saying.
SleepSheep (11 days ago)
Damnit. Now i'll have to beat the gym leader before i'll be able to pass.
Alberto Barbosa (11 days ago)
the canadian border is like that cause it's not a shithole filled with spics selling drugs
MontrealerDude (11 days ago)
What currency do they use ?😂😂😂😂
Patches O'houlihan (11 days ago)
Everyone at abc should be firing squaded, trying to compare fucking canada with mexico lmafo
Kevin F (11 days ago)
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Nathan (11 days ago)
What about laws? Like open carry? And police force, fire ambulance???
faded gam3r (11 days ago)
lol dont compare cannada to mexico cannada people dont bring drugs or anything bad into our country but mexico does
Isabel Sullivan (11 days ago)
So you can eat kinder eggs in half of the town
Dwayne Jones (11 days ago)
Thats because we dont have mass amounts of canadians flooding our county illegally. Duhhh.... Grow the fk up abc fake news.
Dwayne Jones (11 days ago)
teebone 21 No one cares about your social justice warrior ass. Gangsters from canada...haha yeah right....thatll be the day. Canada is soft. No mass cocaine and heroin production.... No worries.... Now say some more off the wall dumb ass statements that make no sense like you just did.
teebone 21 (11 days ago)
Dwayne Jones who says we don't? Or maybe we don't pay attention because they look exactly like the people that run the government LOL
The X Gamer (11 days ago)
That's so cool! I go to school here at Stanstead College right now as writing this I am in the dorm. I have played curling at the club they showed,I have gone to that library I have crossed through the border, I never thought Stanstead would get attention from the media I recognize a lot of places in the video.
tiny kittens 1 (1 day ago)
The X Gamer but ur bio on ur yt channel saids ur 13? So how are in college?
MyNameIsMaybe (11 days ago)
While we don't have a US and Canadian border,we had to make one for mexico and us
Jason Newman (11 days ago)
I wonder why the northern border is so different than the south, it's almost like we have to worry about drug runners and murderers in the south or something
Driver Nephi (11 days ago)
I say let's build a wall on the Canadian border
AbigailTheArcticTiger (11 days ago)
As for the Mexican boarder...
APPLEYKING (11 days ago)
Canadian side = free health care American side = Pay Pay Pay
J C (11 days ago)
Looks like his mom
Y P (11 days ago)
This place have border now with tight security. And it is for safety reason.
Uriel Septim (12 days ago)
Why is this a thing?
Douglas Bryce (12 days ago)
Canada is better them america
Sarcalogos Tortolero (12 days ago)
Who was the guy driving in the middle of the road
Anthony Heflin (12 days ago)
I’m fine with being friendly with Canada, I’m sure Canadians won’t immigrate illegally to the U.S.
Billy F-U (12 days ago)
this is cute little story but this isn't going to stop people to taking advantage of it.
Eva The beaver (12 days ago)
I live in australia and we are basically on an island so it’s really weird to see two countries in the same house.
Daddy-O Bill (12 days ago)
Willing ignorant
Ryan Thomas (12 days ago)
I want to move there just for cheaper gas. And lot of other products. But im In Ontario. So nit may be different. But I don't think there should be borders. We are all human. And have the right to make our lives better. As long as it isn't at others expense.
QuantumFalcon (13 days ago)
How do gun laws work here?
Emily Richter (13 days ago)
Love the Vermont accent!
David Samolkin (13 days ago)
Canada doesn't equal Mexico
Faris Zurub (13 days ago)
So one side of the town is kind, and the other one is loud.
The Globglogabgolab (9 days ago)
Faris Zurub omg. That’s so funny. I guess it’s not that bad of a stereo type to be kind is it?
x Spadoodle x (13 days ago)
Its the same with northern ireland and ireland
Bunker Sieben (13 days ago)
Do I need a passport to retrieve a stray basketball?
kkknotcool (13 days ago)
They should deliver babies on the line so they get dual citizenship. I would have loved it if my mom had done that for me and I have very little desire to go to Canada. It would just be nice to have options.
Troy Tait (13 days ago)
Still rings true years later, stfu Canada nobody cares about your future more than us. You might think it is wise to welcome all, so on that thought..pay the fuel for transport and you can have them all.
Michael Myers (13 days ago)
This is all to trigger the people with low IQ levels. Canada and Mexico are NOTHING alike!
Jesse Chingon (13 days ago)
COUNTRIES TO THE SOUTH OF THE U.S.A BRING IN DRUGS, because the U.S.A has a drug consumption problem. The u.s.a is the consumer southern countries are just meeting the deman. If the u.s.a didnt have a huge market for drugs cartels wouldnt be able to stay in business. Nobody is forcing the u.s.a to buy drugs.
MaxTheScientist (13 days ago)
9/11 ruined everything
Michael Ezat Cook (14 days ago)
Imagine San Diego/Tijuana, El Paso/Ciudad Juarez.... uh ain't gonna happen! 🤣
Steven Reynolds (14 days ago)
town should be border neutral. there should be a border wraps around the outside of town.
Janice Bedford (14 days ago)
Because if a Canadian comes to the US and begins to live here they'll actually do it legally and one would never know. The cultures are mostly identical. They would assimilate and no one would be the wiser unless you asked them. Can't say the for the illegals that cross into the south. Definitely need a wall there.
orion zamparello (15 days ago)
J'aime vraiment
The Albino Shadow (15 days ago)
Communist society is what I’m smelling here. They could start their own country.
Nach Elawar (16 days ago)
9/11 was a inside job and if you dont believe it your just stubborn and idiotic
Back Nforth (16 days ago)
if only the south like this. we need a more peaceful way for criminals and drug traffickers cross borders.
Back Nforth (14 days ago)
this is the internet where crazy words get flung all over the place. You can fling your words as much as I do and call it a day.
Pluto : (14 days ago)
My whole premise was what you said, was so absurb it could not be true. But sjw now a days have said crazier shit than what you said. So the sarcasm is hard to catch.
Back Nforth (14 days ago)
i wasn't acting like them
Pluto : (14 days ago)
Back Nforth yea i get you. Im just sure an sjw has said mexicans need an easier way to cross the border illegally.
Back Nforth (14 days ago)
Pluto : I was being sarcastic and not a sjw. They way the people in the video are saying is that the United States lost its traquility with Canada while not acknowledging how more dangerous it is nowadays with terrorism, drug trafficking and homicides. I was projecting their viewpoints towards the climate down the southern border to show how close minded and ignorant their are outside their little town.
Darrell Hobbs (16 days ago)
when you wanna dodge child support you go next door
Beth Hague (16 days ago)
People do know the northern border experiences the same issues as the southern border right? Human trafficking and smuggling are more prevalent in the north, it’s just not reported bc they are white ngl
Nun Ya (17 days ago)
Well, looks like a bunch of people with degrees in geneder science and modern art are going to start sharing this with Video with all of their friends.
wheelzwheela (17 days ago)
The difference is the Canadian culture vs the Mexican culture.
Jacob Cannon (18 days ago)
god i love white people
Jacob Cannon (18 days ago)
Thats because white people respect the law
DanDan TheKage (18 days ago)
Maine has never had this relationship with Quebec
Mau (19 days ago)
In other words borders are for politians not people.
Do you pay taxes on both country then?
John Doyle (20 days ago)
The Canadians are bringing crime, bringing drugs, they're hockey players... And some, I assume are good people
Riot Breaker (20 days ago)
Boy, shitting on Mexico really sours the whole video.
Hannah P. (20 days ago)
“We are special and unique because we don’t think we are special and unique” I don’t think this guy has heard of paradoxes lol
KLM 206 (21 days ago)
Canadians: "Na na na na na we got the legal drugs"
wyntre sorrow (21 days ago)
the mexicans and mid easterners made their country that way. it was their choice and their votes. they are not victims
wyntre sorrow (21 days ago)
id enter canada. fuck the us
Jean-philippe c (21 days ago)
why not remove the border in the city? I mean we could give power to local police to enforce all immigration and customs law, and put the customs office outside of the city. Residents of the Canadian side could pass through customs without inspection if they haden't crossed in the US since lass time they left the village and vice-versa...
yeet master (22 days ago)
yeah but the whole 9/11 thing that inconvenienced u killed 3000 of innocent people so sorry for the​ inconvenience
Ben S (22 days ago)
The Canadian border is VERY different than the Mexican side.
Zulfburht (23 days ago)
now i want to go here and run across the border just to say i crossed the border without a passport. Bwahahaha Canadian thug life
alexthebro 265 (24 days ago)
I wish 9/11 never happened
X A (24 days ago)
Well.. you guys must see Europe
science for idiots (25 days ago)
0:48 they have the american flag hung the wrong way
Lockon Stratos (25 days ago)
All major canadien cities are near the border right next to USA,,why? They rely on us
Isaiah Macias (29 days ago)
Honestly why can't you put the border check point out of the town so people can freely travel in the town
Isaiah Macias (29 days ago)
Aww but they don't share the same money 😂😂
Sam Futch (1 month ago)
You have to go out of your way to play dumb like this.
Mr3344555 (1 month ago)
This counts as interracial sex. Lol
mr zed (1 month ago)
In my humble American opinion the border with Canada should be abolished
mr zed (16 days ago)
Sybrand Botes we have a lot in common with the Canadians. The coming and going of goods between our two countries benefits everyone. I know the European model isn't working well but we're different. State borders should stay just for easier internal governing.
Sybrand Botes (16 days ago)
mr zed do you think state borders should be abolished too? The border has important legislative implications.
Jk (1 month ago)
what the hell r u talking guys,,, we r all humans we r all living in same world,, breathing same air,, love each other....
The Fare Player (1 month ago)
Note to self: if you hurt yourself, do it on the Canadian side so you get healthcare.
Daddy Jay (1 month ago)
It's obvious that America don't mind white folks walking across, but if they ain't white they need a wall and military
wesson smith (1 month ago)
In the US our mainstream media does't report the news, instead they promote ideologies by pushing narratives. Fortunately for us we have many ways for individuals to communicate with one another to share ideas and provide statistics and facts outside of these mainstream info bubbles. Mainstream media, pick ANY outlet, and you will find that they program to a core audience who are receptive to that particular brand of bias and ideology. Of course they will tell you that they are unbiased and only report the truth.
85hazen (1 month ago)
Oh Americans are so naive 🤦🏻‍♂️Guns were traded in the library, the border patrol says it’s been a loophole for years..... yeah you may not have illegal immigrants crossing but who knows how many other things have came through there...
Zugget Harderbb (1 month ago)
Good you can have all of the illegalls ..
Yes Sure (1 month ago)
Eliminate the Canadian USA border completely.
TouchyBanana (1 month ago)
So if you were born on the border line, would you be a US citizen or Canadian or both?
kde439 (1 month ago)
What a joke fat ass soft core uniformed order followers driving around doing close to nothing in an area that does not see shit, thinking that they are actually doing something.. Amazing , absolutely Fucking AMAZING!!! Wake up people!! First off WHITE PEOPLE are not the Terrorist... Muslims & shitskins are the problem ! You can bet the stinking governments are not going to Protect you. Point Canada is not Mexico, Canada predominately is White,, Mexico predominantly drug dealing & shitskin! Wake up!!

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