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EDNOS: Most Dangerous, Unheard of Eating Disorder | Nightline | ABC News

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Hula Girl (9 hours ago)
I use to do this trick when I was little. Pretend to eat spit it out and feed it to the dog but it was because I hated Brussels sprouts. My mom would call me fat ass and humiliating me at the dinner table.
I don't starve myself. I barely weight myself, when I do is only when I feel like a gain weight. If I see the number up I don't like it. I dont stop eating though,but I do have bad eating habits. I dont eat on time and I eat alot of junk food. I hate the idea of getting fat ,but I also hate looking skinny.
Tanisha Stidwell (2 days ago)
How does she not feel beautiful?
Mariah Freed (2 days ago)
I just do not understand making them eat greasy and unhealthy food if it makes them not feel good and they verbalize that. How is that helping the situation? I understand that the mentality behind that is to help the girls see that they can overcome hard situations but it still doesn’t seem right to me?
ulvn (3 days ago)
:( I dealt with this all middle school. I wasn’t underweight but was doing things like binging and then restricting to purge it all, and I felt like no one would want to help me because I didn’t fit the correct criteria. It wasn’t to a point where I was hospitalized but it got so bad that I would refuse to go outside because I “wasn’t pretty enough”. I started experiencing school refusal in 8th grade until I FINALLY told my mom about my feelings. It was so fucking crazy but from January to May, I started recovering. Now I’m gonna be a freshman and sometimes the days are hard, I don’t even get my period hardly and my mom has decided to have me take prescribed vitamins regularly to make up for the health I’ve lost. I honestly now feel like a lazy and normal teen besides the anxiety I get sometimes and I’m glad. I didn’t have an eating disorder as severe as others have had it, but it still was there and I’m glad it’s going away. Kudos to the people in this video who suffered from EDs.
Ashley Jordan (3 days ago)
I have EDNOS too. I've had it for 10 years and I dont know if I'll ever recover.
LaDolcevita (3 days ago)
Umm this is a health center to eating healthy? Then why are they serving meat and dairy? This is a class A carcinogen that literally causes cancer! You want healthy? Serve vegan food especially raw vegan food cause that means you can eat all the plant based food you want and not feel guilty cause it’s plant based and only has natural recurring sugars and fats in it that’s won’t make you sick! Geez when will people learn that it’s not the carbs that make you fat, it’s sugar and man made shit you get at the fast food drive through thats bad for you! Eat plant based foods and you will be satisfied!
karlie jenner lip kit (4 days ago)
so to me it sounds like a failure to comply with going to the extremes
Forever Dream Cake (4 days ago)
Errggg if people don't wanna eat don't make them eat!!!
Fort De la galleta (4 days ago)
Woah it’s a clash of clans skeleton
Mrs. Morbid (4 days ago)
Emily Way (4 days ago)
This (the recovery place) might be making them physically healthier but they don’t seem to be emotionally or mentally better???
Emilia Viktoria (4 days ago)
The most dangerous eating disorder is Diabulimia. EDNOS is basically just "You're trying to be anorexic and bulimic but you're too fat to be hospitalized"
Je Suis Un Imbécile (4 days ago)
I used to be a cheerleader, and much like Taylor, I felt too fat to be on my team. It breaks my heart that her insecurity forced her into an eating disorder. I hope more knowledge is uncovered of this disorder.
molly gru (4 days ago)
Don’t call me gross for being overweight. It’s a mental disorder that has ruined my body over 5 years and people that are negative about it that has ruined my self esteem
BwanaLana _ (4 days ago)
sounds largely influenced by the environment they are raised in....the society.....
Prowlxleaf (4 days ago)
I have never heard of EDNOS until now. I hav acid reflux (or other known as GERDS) and i hav had tht since i was a baby. Sometimes itd b fine but other times id get rlly bad stomach aches tht i just want to lay down and i cant b touched cuz i feel lik im sensitive at tht moment but when i was younger id puke a lot. Im on an acid reducer now, but i cant take tums or pepto bismol anymore cuz they wont help anymore, my stomach has grown immune to them so it wont help. Its hard to try certain foods and eat certain foods. I cant eat spicy foods and some other foods might not agree with my stomach. Im trying to slowly introduce new foods tho but i do hav those moments where i hav a bad stomach ache and i hav to sleep up right.
Sharon Stone (5 days ago)
Everyone struggles with something it seems. They are all totally beautiful n are obsessing unnecessarily.
Ennette Taylor (5 days ago)
That's 100 % of women who haven't been diagnosed bulimia or anorexia thanks to social media. From day 1 images of so called idea beauty is pushed to us
Sam Es (5 days ago)
That thumbnail though
Abdoul Tou-Kone (5 days ago)
I like em thick tho lol
Emily Griese (5 days ago)
It just seems so weird to give one name to a seemingly infinite amount of differing eating disorders. The way they describe EDNOS it could be overeating or underrating or eating stuff you’re not supposed to be eating, it just seems like false hope to give someone a diagnosis that amounts to “yeah we don’t know” It also makes the statement “most common and most deadly” kind of confusing because EDNOS could be any food related illness that doesn’t fit into the category of anorexia or bulimia,
osuushiza8 (5 days ago)
I was accused of having anorexia from a psych that was way off. I suffered losing 2much weight due2 an undiagnosed chronic physical illness at the time. When I ate, my body would go in2 shock. It still happens. My weights norm tho now. I have a restriction issue due2 being afraid of how I'll feel after eating. I also have 2sis that do the same thing more severely, but they have diff chronic illnesses. But if they eat certain things, they'll shut down2, but in diff ways.
The iSpot Vlogs (5 days ago)
Oh darling Your perfect Everybody is
Sweater God (5 days ago)
Oh I don't eat well and I am also constantly cold, can't concentrate, rarely menstruate, get night sweats, and am very weak and get queasy easily. I don't really care about what I look like, but sometimes your body is hungry but you aren't, so I usually just drink chocolate milk or an ensure rather than a full meal. Whoops.
Jarel Davis (5 days ago)
Is anyone interested in serving Jesus Christ with their whole heart?
SuperKrock5 (5 days ago)
You girls are beautiful
Jesse Ayala (5 days ago)
Her ass is gorgeous wow
Gretchen Wieners (5 days ago)
why is a breaking dawn book in the background
AnaMichelle Nolasco (6 days ago)
She has an orange in a bowl. I’m confusion. (4:47)
wtfdoichangemynameto (6 days ago)
i honestly wish i was her how could she hate herself so much
Nadia :D (6 days ago)
I feel like I have EDNOS cause I’ve struggled with body image and have had bulemia in the past, sometimes I binge and sometimes I don’t eat for like 2 days, lmao but idek at this point
jake zan (6 days ago)
OMG. I've been suffering from this for years. Holy fuck. Being depressed for so long. I've always been so skinny. But I feel large, I eat so much at night and nothing in the day, I don't eat when my parents do, I feel guilty and bad for eating.
clare bear (6 days ago)
does the softball player have orthorexia?
jamie (6 days ago)
Fix the root of the self esteem issues.... obviously not 100% but it takes a long time.
Leah Mae (6 days ago)
Not trying to be insensitive, but I wonder if they just focused a little more on others and less on themselves, if that would help...
amber devaul (6 days ago)
I was 12 when I started starving myself. I didn’t even know it. I exercised all the time. I was 93 pounds and almost died. I am now 16 and 135 and I hate myself. I am still semi- anorexic? I feel like I have EDNOS but idk! Every once and a while I’m fine with not counting calories. And the 4 months I’m ok. I am freaking out rn about it. UGHHHHHH
karma007live (6 days ago)
Come to the black side. We love thickness! We love big hips, big ass and big thighs! Eating 2 plates at a party or restaurant is not looked down on. Hell, we wonder what your problem is if you DONT eat or you’re ordering salads instead of meat, bread and potatoes then desserts! It’s better than living with these ridiculous eating restrictions all for the sake of trying to look like a twig, that’s horribly unattractive anyway. No one wants a bone but a dog!
Sally Ngo (6 days ago)
EDNOS is the worst of two worlds. I never knew when I was going to be starving for days or purging every meal I had.
A M (6 days ago)
Soooooooooo Beautiful ♥️ it’s insane that she can’t see that
Amanda Jo (6 days ago)
Omg, I have this I’ll feel fat n not eat for a day or two then I’ll eat a lot one day n hate myself for it sometimes trying to throw up. I weigh myself 3 times a day ahh!
I love Taylor, she loves Coldplay. She deserves happiness.
Chloe Lee (7 days ago)
Lol wut
Tinker Diggens (7 days ago)
Makes me nervous to see them eating carbs, spaghetti & pizza...hmm wondering if I have a bit of disorder
kirito kirito (7 days ago)
Shes a really good hearted person so sad :(
Peachinne (7 days ago)
shes so pretty i'd willingly let her murder me
Faegir Volva (7 days ago)
Maybe one day we'll all be diagnosed with an eating disorder. SMH.
Ena Da (7 days ago)
No one wants to admit it but eating disorders are often a result of fat shaming and body shaming. If someone is fat, shaming, ridiculing, and insulting them is not how you show you care about them and want them to be healthy. The internet is full of fat shaming and young women read those comments and messages and internalize it. They then become obsessed with losing weight and being skinny. They start comparing themselves to skinny celebrities and models. This is why body positivity is important. It’s not about glorifying obesity or promoting unhealthy eating habits, it’s about promoting self love, first and foremost, and the rest, the healthy eating habits and the exercising, comes from loving yourself. I wish anyone out there with an eating disorder all the best.
skinny legend (7 days ago)
I wish I had her thighs, which is weird to say because I have an eating disorder too, but she’s classified as very attractive nowadays whereas I have slimmer legs and a heavier upper body. Makes me feel like shit about myself tbh.
The Spritz (7 days ago)
What the heck does she look like now?
Your local asshole (7 days ago)
She thicc ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)👌👌👌
low level otaku (8 days ago)
Hope there's research into why it's mostly women who have EDNOS.
Beamer Boy production (8 days ago)
If you look in the mirror and don't like what you see you can find out first hand what it's like to be me
Vernita Bridges (8 days ago)
She just loves to eat 🤷🏾‍♀️ Don’t we all?
Fire Nation Files (8 days ago)
straight outta gaming (8 days ago)
I need to grow weight
Exogeni Corporation (8 days ago)
Is it just me, or did her therapist start smiling when the girl started crying about the pizza? It looks like she was caught off guard by her crying and tried to hide her grin..
Daisy Sanchez (8 days ago)
Sis had a nice bod thoe
RyanBradley (8 days ago)
taylor doesnt have an eating disorder shes just ugly and doesnt have self control
smol peaches (8 days ago)
Oml i may have this...omfg im gonna ask my doc about this..
jo jo (8 days ago)
i dont understand she is so beautiful
Bernice Gonzo (8 days ago)
Oh my gosh! The only goal should be electroshock therapy for these girls. Pathetic.
Peachinne (7 days ago)
bitch what the fuck
Anonymous (8 days ago)
I’d smash
dhkrescue (8 days ago)
A wealthy country such as USA ,(compared to other countries)-we intentionally starve ourselves of food, or purposely waste food by vomiting it out after we eat it. I have never understood the concept, but have been there. It is a sad situation, and hopefully someone can figure this out in todays world of science. Good luck to the ones who are suffering and hurting.
Orange Blorange (8 days ago)
I had that for a while, then it just merged into full on anorexia. I remember how I never felt a slither of happiness through out that time. But as soon as I was hospitalised, I knew I had to change things. I wish the same for girls out there who go through any sort of eating disorder. You’re stronger than you think x
Ananya Asthana (8 days ago)
They're scared of pizza. Cmon.
Sophie W (8 days ago)
Diabulemia is atrocious. it’s a lot worse than this.
A.L.Moylan (8 days ago)
Well looks like I've found a definition for my eating disorder (I binge, I throw up, sometimes I over exercise, sometimes I restrict, I tend to fast) so wowww. My diet is everywhere lmao
Inmyarms Shewaslolita (8 days ago)
The way she talked about herself made me so sad bc she’s so beautiful.
Alex Dash (8 days ago)
Shes beautiful, I'd date her.
Lit Girly lyrics (9 days ago)
She's so pretttttyyyyyyy😍😍😍😍😍😍😍😍
Priscila Mena (9 days ago)
Taylor you is so cute and got and beautiful smile. I hope you feels better🌺💖
Kay Bee (9 days ago)
What I have against anorexia and bulimia is their mindset is that “fat is ugly” not blaming them at all that’s what they’ve been told its really **society** another thing that I hate is dieting the concept is so flawed diet foods are unhealthy for you most of the food we eat these days is fake anyways with GMOs the best way to diet is to focus on your health not your weight just eat organic food that has not been treated with anything make food from scratch exercise a healthy amount and instead of measuring your weight go to a doctor and ask him about your cholesterol and blood sugar.
Kay Bee (9 days ago)
I’ve struggled with binge eating disorder
Maria Shmertzmin (9 days ago)
Vanilla (9 days ago)
So I guess I have ednos because I have to eat every second of the day I’m always hungry. When I’m tired, I’m hungry, when I’m sick I’m hungry. I’m just always hungry
Bakusen (9 days ago)
But she's actually cute and sexy. I'd do her if she wants
Angela TraumaMama (9 days ago)
Keep watching Beyonce, the Kardashian's, etc. You'll never be good enough. And watching these fake women cause anxiety and eating disorders. You are what God made you, be satisfied with it.
Brikthor (9 days ago)
Sometimes I wish I didn't need food. It stresses me out, costs money, and often makes me sick. Also milk used to be my favorite and now it tastes like cheese and real chocolate tastes like rubber. It's easier some days to just not eat at all, even with medication. I used to love to eat, now I wish I didn't need to.
isabella95._.official (10 days ago)
Wait what her body is good
Will Gasca (10 days ago)
The most dangerous eating disorder is diabulimia
C V (10 days ago)
I wonder how this was affected by the scale aspect of the DSM V
Ezme xx (10 days ago)
I’m 12 and have EDNOS
Maxx G (10 days ago)
I think it's important to know that like any issue it could be a life long struggle, something your helping yourself with everyday. Just like me who has PTSD , it's life long it doesn't just "go away" step by step like any recovery process. Progress not perfection
Sarah Carpenter (10 days ago)
Binge eating is a eating disorder also!!!
éloise chartrand (11 days ago)
If i eat a lot cause it makes me happy and i hate my body i treat myself badly... What is it?:(
Dream Chaser (11 days ago)
I just realized I have EDNOS🤯
Veracity (11 days ago)
Who keeps making these "label" disorders...smh anymore lables...its called poor nutrition period. I hate all these labels.
Mrssewhardtoplease (11 days ago)
They thought up something else AGAIN!!! Money making ventures. Taylor is perfectly right. She is ugly.
Tara Johnston (12 days ago)
You can not cure an eating disorder. Never truly goes away and had to deal with it anymore thoughts on the voices become quieter over time
laurenxoxos (12 days ago)
She looks like she also has trichotillomania (hair pulling disorder) as she has no eyelashes
god be damned when a girl cant have a real womans body because the homosexual ran fashion industry prefers skinny cunts that look like pre teen boys...fucking sad
msfs19941 (14 days ago)
My 3 years of anorexia started as EDNOS and I didnt get proper help. I could have avoided all the problems anorexia brought if it was better understood.
Devil's Adv0cate (14 days ago)
As soon as I found out I was having a girl, I removed all scales from the house. At 17, she's never had an eating disorder or felt fat.
AvaFlaava (14 days ago)
Taylor and Ally are stunning.
Sarah CP (14 days ago)
I always feel like I need change, so I stop eating for a day, then give up, binge, hate myself, (sometimes try to purge, throw up in kinda small amounts, ) then repeat. Because if I let myself starve, I’m rewarded with hunger. If I eat a lot then I have to get rid of it.
Ally Kayyy (15 days ago)
LOL when your 'nickname' for your condition actually means Erectile Dysfunction
Megara Valkyrie (15 days ago)
Oh please 🤣
Nina Monier (15 days ago)
this makes me want to cry.
supergirlwithnoname (15 days ago)
4:07 nice mustache guuuuurl

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