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Best Gazebos for Hot Tubs

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What are the best gazebos for hot tubs? General manager Mike Nikahi from Black Pine Spas talks over the different options available and the benefits of using a gazebo for your hot tub. Gazebo Showroom: http://blackpinespas.com/gazebos/showroom/ Gazebo Buyers Guide: http://blackpinespas.com/gazebos/buyers-guide/ Whether you are building a custom gazebo or purchasing a prefabricated kit there is some due diligence that can be done to ensure you are making a sound buying decision. Furthermore, there are few local dealers or retailers that stock and display gazebos which makes it even more difficult because you can’t see them in person to compare features and quality differences. With over 30 years of dealership experience in the gazebo business and having sold many brands we’ve taken the time to create what we feel is a comprehensive and unbiased guide for understanding gazebos.
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Jennifer Bailey (3 года назад)
DO NOT BUY A FOUR WINDS *BUYER BEWARE.* Our hot tub is less than 6 months old and has just quit working. Despite being "under warranty" we were told to call a "preferred" repair man to come out and look at it. After calling said repair guy for 3 days straight we had no such luck of contacting him. I reached out to Four Winds DIRECTLY regarding the warranty and they washed their hands of me because even though the hot tub IS SIX MONTHS OLD, the previous owner of our home bought it and we are not the original owners, despite us paying more than asking price so the owner would leave the hot tub with the house. We have all the original paperwork and warranty's and have a brand new hot tub that doesn't work. Things go wrong sure, but good companies stand behind their products no matter what. The hot tub, the customer experience, the "warranty" is all a let down. If you are looking for a hot tub and want it to work longer than 6 months, do NOT get a 4 winds.
Cedarview Gazebos (3 года назад)
There is more info at the website: www.cedarviewmfg.com
Cedarview Gazebos (3 года назад)
Hi Mike, very good work. Excellent information video for choosing a gazebo for hot tubs.

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