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Chad Brown: The Memories Live On

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The poker world lost one of its most beloved stars this summer, when “Downtown” Chad Brown succumbed to cancer at just 52 years of age. But Chad’s impact and influence endure. His friends and family, including Vanessa Rousso, Phil Hellmuth, and many more, gathered at Binion’s in Las Vegas in July to honor him with a memorial service and charity poker tournament, and ALL IN was there to document this special occasion. For more, go to ALLINMag.com.
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Nada de nada (1 год назад)
i remember watch him playing the final table at a wcoop massive tournament. the people die very fast.........
gergsport (3 года назад)
What kind of person would thumbs down this....come on man.
BonzMan23 (4 года назад)
Fuck Cancer

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