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Giuliani Insists Russia Probe Is A 'Witch Hunt'

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R. Scott Dibble (3 months ago)
Giuliani has become a fucking Drumpf lapdog.
Larry James (4 months ago)
5 folks from the campaign have pleaded guilty. You must be some kind of stupid to plead guilty to a witch hunt :-)
joojoojuice (4 months ago)
anybody else remember when republicans said "what difference does it make who leaked it if the leaks are true" about the clinton emails but now suddenly the leaks are all that matter
oolong2 (4 months ago)
Well when you're hunting corrupt witches....
Red Wolfy (4 months ago)
Jesus, this guy was once respected. Hard conservativism really fucks people up.
Somebody needs to take grampa to the big farm upstate.
I . . . don't think you understand that euphemism.
nightwishnemo (3 months ago)
You already are at the big farm.
Liberty Doctrine (4 months ago)
You know 5 of the 19 people indicted in this "hoax" have plead guilty, right?

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