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Off The Felt with Dan Bilzerian, Episode 1: "I'm Just Being Me"

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Who is the man behind the Instagram? Dan "Blitz" Bilzerian opens up to ALL IN about his over-the-top lifestyle, the freedom that $50 million in poker winnings can buy, and why he considers himself the Bill Gates of poker. Get to know a man who offers no apologies for the blur of models, guns, private jets, and yacht parties that his life has become. SEE MORE www.ALLinMag.com
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Text Comments (1077)
Adam Radabaugh (12 days ago)
Dude plays against fish never pros and ditched on a high stakes game the night they opened the table, anybody could smoke this guy hes a straight fish
jahovia82 disdik (1 month ago)
Garbage. Full of pure sht. Everyone has seen u play n it was no act. Fcker will have 7 2 off and and call with a heavy bet.
tmy guevara (4 months ago)
comparing himself to bill gates lol in terms of "business"
Mike Redding (6 months ago)
He hasn't went through his money so he is a lot smarter than people give him credit! 👍
Wayne C (6 months ago)
For someone whos made 50 mil in the poker scene why arent there any videos to support it?
Andy Mac (7 months ago)
love dan and his attitude to life but he definetly did not win 50mil playing poker.
RAW (8 months ago)
Lmao this guy just used Poker and the Casinos as venues to launder his daddys dirty money back in the country. Its the oldest money laundering trick in the book. He didnt win $50 million playing poker lmfao.
NF (8 months ago)
What song is at the very end
Douche Bag (10 months ago)
Dan Bilzerian is a loser. He thinks he's all that? He seems like a bully to me... And guess what? In all my training and experiences in life the ones that are supposedly "Bad-Ass-Motherfuckers" scream like a bitch and cry for their mommies just like the rest of us less fortunate peasants when all the cards are down and they realise that they're fucked. All that showing me what a big gun you shoot, the fast cars, even faster bitches & hoes and stacks of cash you purportedly have only indicate a serious defect of character and an overcompusation for what is the real issue: you, just like I, have no fucking clue as to what the fuck is REALLY going on here in this amazing shit perceived as being reality. But you have accepted your pacifier in life (i.e. big guns, wealth, fame and fortune) like Judas accepted his 30 pieces of silver to sell out his Savior or like Esau sold out his inheritance to his brother Jacob for a measly bowl of lentil stew and in the process have lost your eyes off the prize. Good luck on that, Mr. Bad-Ass-Motherfucker, you'll need it. BET ON THAT! (I'll say a prayer for you...)
Steven Houle (11 months ago)
Dudes rich as fuck and living the dream good for him. I know he was super rich already before he ever played poker but who cares. If I had that much money I would be doing the exact same thing.
GEORGE STANKzo (11 months ago)
i live just like this man maybe i should start filming my life too hmm
Happyduderawr (1 year ago)
'i grew up middle class' looooool. This guy is a money launderer and uses poker to do it
Glenn Parker (1 year ago)
Whatever knobend 50 million If you have won 50 million it took a 200 million investment to get it
Luma Isabela (1 year ago)
its playing lana del rey"cola" at 3:30
MovieTrailers (1 year ago)
8:22 i like this position. it's heaven having sex when girls lay their stomach on the bed.
Chivas D (1 year ago)
Grant N (1 year ago)
Lol it looks like the director is more egotistic than Dan. The way he acts and looks feel like he has achieved more than Dan. Vibe is messed up lol
Jared Brown (1 year ago)
I respect him for being such a badass and being a veteran. Merica
Robert Vogrinec (1 year ago)
There are not enough videos of Dan Bilzerian on YT especially him playing poker. I dont understand why Stallone didnt get him a role in The Expendables series! That would be freakin awesome!!!
Cory Nuckels (1 year ago)
2:20 Dan Bilzerian without a beard!
D Pooly (1 year ago)
Guy at 3:40 seems like he would stab u on the back
Alex Terrero (1 year ago)
Cuz its Saturday
C6Fever (1 year ago)
His dad said you must marry a nice Armenian girl, Kim Kardashian :p
Andy B (1 year ago)
this guy needs his own tv-show
Ty___ Charles (1 year ago)
fucking brotein shake!!
1bigjohn11 (1 year ago)
his dad sounds like the one with big ballz....f### the government. he would have stayed in jail for 50 years and not given the government 5 dollars. I love it.
Johnny D (1 year ago)
whats that beat from at 4:00min??
Okay Well (2 years ago)
"Money is freedom" - Dan Billz
Okay Well (2 years ago)
what was your bank roll when you first started?
hey0 swaggins (2 years ago)
dan blizerian plays poker against super millionaire old fucks who truly arent even that good at the game.. regardless, he wouldnt have 5% of his wealth if he didnt have some piece of shit of a father willing to fuck over other americans in a get rich quick scheme. classic piece of shit
Michael Nowak (2 years ago)
song at 4:21?
Ujahir Malik (2 years ago)
fucking brat
Reckless entertainment (2 years ago)
any one know what the first song is?
Pulkit Sharma (2 years ago)
Chet faker- no diggity
naomi costello (2 years ago)
Before you think he has unlimited amounts of money, you should probably look up his net worth and you'll see that he only has 100 million dollars which he can easily all spend in a week.
Husam Ahmad (2 years ago)
Sure money doesn't buy happiness, but I'd rather be crying in a bugatti and my tears hitting that leather
Azure Knight (2 years ago)
Yep he's 10000% right. Money equals freedom, and it doesn't buy happiness but time- which does bring happiness, and also promotes a lot of charity.
Temp Fan (2 years ago)
had seen the pictures and i was kinda hating on this guy because i thought he was a fake ass. and then u start listening him talk about things and he doesnt seem like a pretender. he seem honest. im a poker player and ive heard what he said about poker and his own skills and it seems pretty accurate. he doesnt pretend to be very good etc. so i imagine he doesnt lie for the rest either.
Temp Fan (2 years ago)
i wouldnt do exactly the things he does if i had that money but as long as the guy is not bullshitting and keep ot real and stay respectful to others i dont see why hate on him. i mean he doesnt seem to respect those bitches around him but those are bitches. im sure he respect his real friends that are girls.
1bigjohn11 (2 years ago)
hes on a big boat with a 100 girls? whats the occasion?? I think cause its Saturday. :-)
Sam Peukert (2 years ago)
i envy this guy he is living life to the full- good effort dan
Ludas (2 years ago)
100 girls, what's the occasion? It's saturday, I was just thinking maybe play a little bit of PS4, but now I'm going to hang myself.
JMC RSA (2 years ago)
I am yet to actually see even 5 seconds of video showing him even playing poker. I am convinced that all his money comes from daddys dirt safe houses and off shore accounts.
jxsilicon9 (10 months ago)
JMC RSA Yep.Using poker as a cover to launder it back.
Rumen Lazarov (2 years ago)
Trust fund baby...with daddy who is a criminal
CODY MARTIN (2 years ago)
DB is definitely my idol
A J (2 years ago)
This guy being pushed by media and 👁. This is just a rich guy that plays poker not a poker pro.
blah (2 years ago)
Why is his voice like that?
hey0 swaggins (1 year ago)
blah (2 years ago)
+Scott like disgusting?
Hassan Ahmed (2 years ago)
the devil is alive
Travis Brown (2 years ago)
Help me out https://www.crowdrise.com/high-roller/fundraiser/travisbrown4
sub (2 years ago)
song at 3:37 anyone??
What The Dude (2 years ago)
some people say money is not everything, yeah right.... they haven't seen this guy
Austin Taylor (2 years ago)
Why did you get thrown in jail? "I had a machine gun in my car" LOL classic Dan.
60cent Poker (2 years ago)
"Ive won 50 million$ playing poker"???? LOL more like lost 50 million$ playing poker.He has no tournament winnings, no documented winnings, never said what his online name is (so therefore no online poker winnings). Hes Never won a damn thing playing poker. This guy is a massive liar.
Ian Valmont Vasilescu (1 year ago)
https://www.quora.com/What-do-professional-poker-players-think-of-Dan-Bilzerian Enjoy.
1bigjohn11 (1 year ago)
or at least look like him
1bigjohn11 (1 year ago)
I bet you are Justin Schwartz.
60cent Poker (1 year ago)
speaking the truth makes me a hater? youre stupid
Solomon Tanyanyiwa (1 year ago)
damn, you are a huge hater
Pete Johanssen (2 years ago)
Is this guy just numbingly DUMB or is he stoned and/or drunk all the time?
Hogo69 (2 years ago)
Imagine if he spends all his money and has to get a job lol.
khanin taraprasert (2 years ago)
"100 girl on yacht what's the occasion ...i think's Saturday" wowowowowowowow this's what "life" call
Harman175 (2 years ago)
he def hasnt won 50mill in poker hes a huge fish in most games
MetalDogStudio (2 years ago)
5:10 what is he saying?
Chris Vecchio (2 years ago)
Fucking legend. I wanna be him
DRUNK KOBE (2 years ago)
Get rich or laundry money trying...
Apotheosis (2 years ago)
Mitch T (2 years ago)
why the fuck do people associate this clown with Poker??? Its money laundering. Thats all! He needs to show a way to afford what he has, and getting illegal money from his fathers fraud is not something he can claim on paper to the IRS. So he gets money wired from off shore accounts and on paper he claims he made millions playing poker. He happily pays his TAX and him and his father laugh their asses off
miguel angel (1 year ago)
u gotta do what u goot do stop hating fuck the government. hopefully he make. much more millions in thw future.
R10TCLANSHIELD (2 years ago)
do more
Tobi (2 years ago)
cause it's saturday :D
William Morrow (2 years ago)
"The freedom that $50 million in poker winnings." Isn't it established that it was actually his dad's money that he put in Dan's trust fund before we was caught out for being corrupt?
John Rock (2 years ago)
I feel sorry for Dan. No friends and no life just hookers and money :(
Helixify (2 years ago)
So did he ever make it past BUDS? I'm really interested now.
Survivormane (2 years ago)
+Helixify nope tried 3 times lol
Colin W (2 years ago)
Opening song anyone??? What is it?
Colin W (2 years ago)
+Darshil D Thank you!
Darshil D (2 years ago)
+Colin W chet faker no diggity
Antonio Contreras (2 years ago)
You sir are the most interesting man in the world 👍💪🏽
benimaxar (2 years ago)
When you realize this will never be your life
mrzack888 (2 years ago)
this guy's money came from crime.
Curtis Kings (2 years ago)
It sure did :/
The Balaclava (2 years ago)
why is this guy living my life ?
neonaction (2 years ago)
how long is his money going to last?
Walthor Faustus (2 years ago)
If I would have such a bunch of money, even if the large part of it comes from his father, I would behave exactly like Bilzerian.
Info PMPEuroAuto (2 years ago)
Song in the background playing at 3:30?????
misterbizzones (3 years ago)
You have an incredible poverty of imagination if this guy is your hero.
stuie998 (3 years ago)
i dont belive fib would kick in the door with guns drawn for white collar fraud?? seems like he slipped that one in to make it sound better, he's still the man though lol
stuie998 (3 years ago)
+stuie998 fbi even
SevenFoot Pelican (3 years ago)
He's rich but no where near Bill Gates. Not even enough to have his name come out of your mouth. Bill Gates is almost 80 times richer than this guy. Dan Bilzerian is not in that conversation. Period. Finished. Also, at Dan's rate, he's going to squander his wealth within his lifetime and not have anything left.
Adde Lundberg (2 years ago)
+Seven Foot Pelican dude girl he said he was like Bill Gates of poker, you totally missunderstood his parallel
wiwito23 (2 years ago)
+Seven Foot Pelican I believe Dan is a smart man, You see most of people blow money away, easily, but they have trouble making that same amount again, that is the difference. Dan has acquired some sort of balance where he can live this lifestyle but at the same time, make money.
SevenFoot Pelican (2 years ago)
+stuie998 You're absolutely right. Bill Gates is worth 80b, not 8b. Thanks for pointing that out.
stuie998 (3 years ago)
+Seven Foot Pelican 800 times
Ahmed Danguir (3 years ago)
Name of the song at the end please ? thanks
Radik Black (2 years ago)
pantyraid - get the money
ElFamoso Art (3 years ago)
song at 1:00?
Ram Simon (2 years ago)
+Free YourVinyl chet faker - diggity
Pablo Gleisner (3 years ago)
im on that too
"Fucking protein shake" makes a great video legendary. Living Legend anyway.
Norwegian Chill (3 years ago)
What a fucking tool. This guy tries too hard to act like he doesn't care.
Bstyles85 (3 years ago)
+Norwegian Chill Why should he care when he's worth 50 million? lmao
Chelsea Hodgdon (3 years ago)
This guy is such a piece of shit.
NBA Keliso (3 years ago)
+Chelsea Hodgdon if his a piece of shit, how can he demand a 100 females to show up to a boat party whenever he wants to, why do they come? whats disgusting is how much it is widely accepted that its okay for females to not work for their own money, lets face it his "a piece of shit" to you because he could literally buy you, he could offer you a million dollars and you're stupid enough to refuse it, as if you're anywhere close to being worth that amount of money, know you're worth you feminist dyke bitch
Ihate Allofyou (3 years ago)
Because he lives his life to be happy?
One_Clean _s13 (3 years ago)
Bitches on bitches on bitches.
John Ibrahim (3 years ago)
I'm still trying to figure out why do I follow him on Instagram?
OedterKnuffi (3 years ago)
Cool Vid! Do you have a Credit for the songs in your Video? Thx!
Eddy McCoy (3 years ago)
This guy is an absolute dousche nozzle.  It's absurd that he has 2.5 million views.  He is utterly boring.  Nothing going on in this man's head.  He's just rich and he pays women to fuck him.  End of story.
Night Cheetah (3 years ago)
a pawn
TheOtherOne (3 years ago)
This makes me think, yes Dan has more money that most of the people commenting on this video combined but he isn't that rich compared to the likes of bill gates for example Imagine how much Bill could afford if he wanted 😂
parkguard2 (3 years ago)
chet faker no diggety
cJinL (3 years ago)
I hate that he's considered a poker player who lives lavishly because of his "winnings". He lives lavishly because his dad left him an enormous trust fund. He plays poker because he already has millions of undeserved money to burn. He's actually a terrible poker player, and anyone with millions of dollars can eventually win money given the time.
60cent Poker (2 years ago)
+Jacob Martinez it would be pretty hard to lose 100M $ playing poker no matter how bad you were. Hes almost certainly a losing player.
Mitch T (2 years ago)
+cJinL finally! i thought i was going to have to say it... He hasnt won 50 million... You can't spend millions on tournaments and cash games and suck ass but consider yourself a winning player because of some made up buillshit underground games
Leon kennstenich (3 years ago)
+cJinL completely agree. I dont hate on him i really like his lifestyle. But everyone who is a bit into poker and knows alot of players can tell that he is big shittalker when it comes to poker and cant play at all... He has won 50 million hahahahah
Chelsea Hodgdon (3 years ago)
His dad is also a criminal. Taught him the white collar crime bullshit.
Ding Dong (3 years ago)
+Jacob Martinez Because he's stupid enough to invest all the money to poker, right? Moron.
dhuod dbih (3 years ago)
PEOPLE how are middle class here complaining about his lifestyle when most of you dont have the integrity to say nothing? 1/4 of you engage in domestic violence, 30-40% have not been loyal in your relationships, many of you has owners of a small business have taken advantage of workers before :D..stop bitching jeaulous cunts :P
SmokeRingsPipeDreams (3 years ago)
Dan Bilzerian is what happens when a scientist mixes Chuck Norris and Zeus DNA! LOL
Compelling Tophat (3 years ago)
Why is people hating on this guy? He is just being himself. Unlike most of the delusional people in the comments..
Bradrockfin (3 years ago)
Whenever I see photos of him on instagram I instantly lose the will to live
TheZincZipper (2 years ago)
+Jason Chapple don't believe everything people tell ya.. Lmao ..his daddy made him rich NOT poker.
Jason Chapple (2 years ago)
it should be doing just the opposite. dude did that playing fucking cards. use it to inspire you.
XxDicloxX (2 years ago)
+XxDicloxX Also im not a fanboy
Rick Rudimentary (2 years ago)
+Edgar Pifflewiff No insecurity here!
Edgar Pifflewiff (2 years ago)
+Victor Vandablet judging by your pic you're a redditor. That explains your insecurity.
Lewis Jordan (3 years ago)
If I got rich, I'd do the same shit I do now. Only not worry about how much I send of my friends and family and put most of it away and never see it but just knowing that the people I love will be alright
Greg Moncayo (3 years ago)
He said he didn't attend a good college but he went to University of Florida.... Best college in Florida & one of the best in the country???!!?!
Martin Vegh (3 years ago)
You are fucking Legend. Cheers from Sweden!
ruinerfixxxer (3 years ago)
If you had his money you could be yourself too. And 98% of us would be assholes.
Danail Kovachev (3 years ago)
4:03 Song ?
Anxhelo Hysa (3 years ago)
te shkerdheft qeni gjyshen :D
charlesholzy (3 years ago)
What a c**t

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