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The Lightsaber Molecule: Light-Matter Is Real

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Scientists from Harvard and MIT have figured out how to make beams of light stick together.
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Stormtrooper studios (3 years ago)
They're gonna make lightsabers for may the 4th I know
May the force be with you!!! :D
Tony Spilotro (4 years ago)
Nice piece of dumb reporting.
Petar Stoyanov (4 years ago)
Thats what you seem to believe Legendoom .....  Its not what is actually happening in real life , or how you can make a "piece of light , formed in a blade pattern" to cut through  Metal , Flesh and whatnot  with perfect precision and NOT melt it down ... Quite Frankly , we just migh see a Ligh - saber , that DOES not CUT , just makes visible light in an interesting shape and color ....  O_O
sarchasmata (4 years ago)
wtf; a dude named "LUKE_N" discovers the light saber...Really? was he aided by his father first the find dark mater aka the dark force then space warp is possible now the saber is coming was star-wars a coming attraction as a true story for our future? are there jedi schools hidden away on the moon?>
Legendoom (4 years ago)
I don't suppose that it matters that lightsabers aren't made of actual light? The blade on one of them isn't made of photons; its made of plasma caught in a superconducting loop, trapped by a force field and moving at tremendously high speeds and with a tremendous amount of energy.
Alexander19851 (4 years ago)
Wait till the delorean time machine.
Ron Lovell (4 years ago)
I knew it! To quote Mr. Burns: " And to think that those guys down at radio shack laughed at me, well who's laughing now"?!
Punkeosa (4 years ago)
lightsaber* fuck....
Punkeosa (4 years ago)
LEGALIZE LIGJTSABERS! - wait... 2 soon?
EmancipatedSquirrel (4 years ago)
God mode! You sirs get +1 Internets and 2 double rainbows
Zombicide (4 years ago)
Will be? I already is real, happened in a galaxy far away, long ago, I was there.
Mshojat (4 years ago)
This is by far the worst misrepresented news item people have been talking about in the last year, or few years even. The events that are occurring ares nothing at all like what a lightsaber would require or how a lightsaber supposedly functions. As far as I know Lukin is just comparing two photons interacting with two lightsabers interacting, which obviously has nothing to do with lightsabers, it's just an analogy.
hullupulu1 (4 years ago)
the world is crazy already!
Bubba Bro (4 years ago)
Well... Make a fucking lightsaber already.
melovetorun (4 years ago)
0000 0000 (4 years ago)
is the harvard scientist reall the Chosen one ?
Angel Loeza (4 years ago)
this has been around for the longest time
Edge123455 (4 years ago)
Star Wars will be real, as the prophecy says.
iRONSiTH (4 years ago)
melovetorun (4 years ago)
Imagine if terrorists got a hold of this technology.
Chocolatino10 (4 years ago)
Thanks for the report, awesome
LaconicMarksman (4 years ago)
Who taught you "could of"? I get a headache everytime I see this. <.<
huyked (4 years ago)
Lukin, who is your father? :P
onjoFilms (4 years ago)
Oh, sorry to break a thing. Seventh!
onjoFilms (4 years ago)
I knew Star Wars was real!
miguelboxer177 (4 years ago)
YellowSpade (4 years ago)
NKTV (4 years ago)
Saurabh Sogi (4 years ago)
Saurabh Sogi (4 years ago)

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