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'Truth and Lies: The Tonya Harding Story': Part 1 - What Tonya Harding's life growing up was like

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The former Olympic ice skater and her mother LaVona "Sandy" Golden recall Harding's childhood in Oregon.
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gene coppedge (1 day ago)
Yeah we’re not trailer trash and it was just brandy flavoring in the coffee
Kelly Marie (10 days ago)
She has aged incredibly well. She looks more beautiful now than she did in her 20s!
Isabell Tindale (10 days ago)
I get so sad watching this.
Cathleen Williamson (10 days ago)
She didn't make her own clothes. Her mother did.
Cornelius abdon (11 days ago)
at least she had a mother who had an active interest in her.
Ava Streeter (12 days ago)
My life was like Tonya kind of. I mean I was poor. I lived in the bad side of town. I’m kind of good at skating 😂
Elle DAVIS (13 days ago)
Tonya, 24 years later. Wow.
Jane Jane (14 days ago)
Que hermosa mujer, desde niña con ese talento. Por siempre Tonya😍
C no evil. (17 days ago)
Figure skating is filled with abuse. Bad sport very, very damaging. Figure skating needs to be removed from the Olympics.
Anonymous (20 days ago)
The story of Tanya is interesting as it is heartbreaking, but I’m curious about her mother, what happened to her in her life to make her become what she was
Davy golieth (21 days ago)
"We were never trailer trash, we had a beautiful new trailer.” LOL seriously?!! ABC can do BETTER!
MICHELLE BLAKE (23 days ago)
Tonya was her own worst enemy. She squandered her talent, was woefully unprepared for the Olympics even before the attack on Kerrigan but through threats forced her way onto the team. She didn't train like she should have and was out of shape and banking on a triple axle she hadn't landed in two years. She didn't belong in Lillehammer and even if she didn't know about the plan to attack her rival she only admitted to knowing after the fact when she wanted to save her own skin. She got what she deserved and her humble background is no excuse for her antics both on and off the ice. Read Scott Hamilton book, Landing it. He has quite a bit to say on the subject.
Inessence4 (9 days ago)
MICHELLE BLAKE she was trapped in an abusive relationship. The “Why don’t you just leave” crowd will never understand battered women’s syndrome and what it’s like. Jeff likely ramped up his abuse whenever Tonya might have opportunity to shine. I think the 1991 National Championship just caught him off guard. Her skating never recovered after she got back with him prior to the 1992 Olympics.
Marilyn Willett (23 days ago)
This child was skating like that at age 4, unreal.
B Humphries (24 days ago)
Tonya was a victim to. I'm not down playing what happened to Nancy at all. So back off trolls. But, if you really take the time to read about Tonya, you will learn how she was a victim of abuse her whole life. And her dreams were stolen as well. She was awesome when she did the tripe A!
Nancy Nazzaro (26 days ago)
Don’t worry because you’re nothing like your mother. Also, Tonya is beautiful.
Solution Focused (27 days ago)
I'm sure living resentfully through her daughter, she forced a young child to engage in a very hard sport without seeing what she would naturally gravitate to - if it was anyone besides Tonya, the abuse could have been much, much worse. Tonya did the only thing she could do: get so good that she'd be able to get away from Cruella. Tonya is to be commended.
Jack Man (30 days ago)
"She (my mother) deserves credit. When I'm being a bitch, people will know where got it from." WOW! That is so quotable, I would categorize it as "EPIC QUOTABLES"!
Mike Corbs (1 month ago)
I agree, Tonya was the superior skater. She has like 4 executed triples in competition, Nancy I dont think even attempted one. That being said Tonyas a piece of shit human being.
canadianhaitian (1 month ago)
Did she just say her mother’s 4th husband was her daddy?!?
misslori66 (1 month ago)
"Brandy flavouring" who is she trying to kid?!
Gert (1 month ago)
wow interesting story...... i never new Tonya grew up in Portland Oregon.... LOL its funny when they show the shopping mall with the skating rank in it.... i know right where that is haha..... they don't have the skating rank anymore though... but i remember when i was a kid always going there and seeing people ice skate.
Belinda Rodriguez (1 month ago)
Theirs a quote that says if u dont respect ur parents what can i expect? Hummm makes u think.
Indy felix (1 month ago)
The mother was an alcoholic, so I can see why she had such a hard time. A dysfunctional background that was not Tonya's fault. I can understand a lot of her sadness not having that healthy emotional support. Tonya was an amazing, over the top talented skater, regardless of her background. I can certainly spot disfunction. I think if we were really honest with ourselves and took a look at our own past, I bet a lot of us can understand what she went through emotionally.
Elody Smith (1 month ago)
Fuck the end of I, Tonya made me cry bruh
Beck Gannon (1 month ago)
they moved 13 times before she was in 5th grade but she was poor. hewwo??
Kevin Barton (1 month ago)
Looks like LaVona Golden needs is anger management, psychiatric treatment and guidance counseling. Her psychiatrist explains to LaVona how wrongfully uncalled what she did so much abuse to Tonya Harding. Like Joan Crawford abusing and assaulting her daughter Christina Crawford.
Kugela S (1 month ago)
She (Tanya Harding) claimed we were SHIT-HOLE dwellers. We were never SHIT-HOLE dwellers. We had a lovely, new SHIT-HOLE! BWAHAHHAHA!
Johnny Kiener (1 month ago)
“We were never trailer trash, we had a beautiful new trailer” LMAO WHAT?!😂😂
matt moehling (1 month ago)
LOL I’m from Portland
sherocks54 (1 month ago)
Fishing and hunting...because killing animals is considered "family fun"...
Potato On Poibte (1 month ago)
Did she just do an axle at age 4!?!?! I'm not a skater but I thought I was super talented when I learned how to skate backwards at age 6. And I kept bragging about it😂😂😂.
Inmyarms Shewaslolita (1 month ago)
“Her mom busted her ass for her” HER MOM ABUSED HER mentally, emotionally, physically. She had a bad drinking problem. ofc she’s gonna have problems and hold resentment towards her
Miss M (1 month ago)
Ok trailer are awesome I’m offended
MatildAAH (1 month ago)
0:37 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂🤣😂 yeS yEs WE LOVE A TRAILER QUEEN
Diane Fitzpatrick (1 month ago)
We never heard the real side to Tonya's life. She was made a villain when in reality she was a child pushed towards perfection before she knew what it meant. I now see her human side albeit it's just a clip, but to a child the pressure must have been enormous to please her Mom. It's called child abuse now but back then children were to be seen, not heard. I have empathy for her experience and I understand pleasing your Mom so you would be loved.
stella manurung (1 month ago)
brandy flavoring? wtf
Poor tonya😓
Chelsea Slade (1 month ago)
I love brandy flavouring. You can’t get drunk on flavouring. Oooooh my god
Beth Rowbottom (1 month ago)
Her entire career was ruined by that bastard ex husband. Completely ruined an amazing skating career. She has come such a long way. I’m proud of her. Also, not all trailer parks are trashy. Many trailers are quite nice.
lunarcaninebay (2 months ago)
So embarrassing. What I mean is to realize at 9 yo that the Olympians who represented our country (USA) actually represented Hollywood.
Yo&Yo (2 months ago)
Poor bitch, they should have let her fuckrn get kill stupid women
Yo&Yo (2 months ago)
Whatever this bitch bitch and complain about her life, it's anything else you can do other than try to kill people
1besieged (2 months ago)
A person who spends years skating and becoming #1 is not anything but wonderful, beautiful, kind , hard working, enduring, intelligent and unique. Tonya rose above everything& everyone, no one can take it away from her, not even the cruel , wicked ones. freedom of speech USA
Bre Klein (2 months ago)
I can tell Tonya is telling the truth. It's obvious her mother was very abusive.
marneebox C. (2 months ago)
Tonya Harding, the excuse maker. There is something off in her personality, she just seems to have the poor me syndrome. She knew that something was going to happen to Nancy Kerrigan but didnt do anything to help protect her because she didnt care.
Mrs. L (2 months ago)
Cool what she says about her mother and I know my mom isn’t okay either that she has issues and that she is verbally abusive!
TheStarsDon'tDance (2 months ago)
"You can't get drunk on "flavoring" 😑 mmmkay
Enigmatic Muse (2 months ago)
Hey POS "mother," new trailer doesn't mean not "trailer trash," to other kids. I grew up the same way, with a mom who "had 3 jobs" (3 jobs, 2 hours a shift, 3 shifts a week ISN'T 3 jobs.) Tanya's not wrong side of tracks, she's ahead of her time. I trained in a mall too, self taught, and Tanya showed that small girls, we are strong, fearless, and fight simply to PROVE ignorant, biased, and closed minded people wrong. My mom was a drunk, abusive cunt too. I definitely see that manipulation and hurt in Tanya. And Tanya will always be a hero to me. She overcame, made history, made mistakes, and got up, spit in the disbelievers faces...and kept trying. That's the "poverty" I grew up in too. Our mother's threw us to sharks and said, "survive." Kids wouldn't know a hard life if they drowned in it now..."oh the team showed up...give them a trophy." Fucking joke of breeding weak ass kids. "Do or do not, there is no try." -Master Yoda
Carina Woodmansee (2 months ago)
Watching all these interviews and the Stupid movie. Tonya Takes NO responsibility for NOTHING. Even the story about her "abusive" mom. Having worked in the industry before, I can say one thing for sure.... abusive parents don't work their ass off to help their kids follow their dreams. I have dealt with teens who actually abuse their parents and play victim in every aspect of their lives. As they get older, it gets worse. I'm surprised how many people buy into Hollywood films. Man, play the right music, get the right actors, people will believe ANYTHING!!!!! Her mom was not as bad as she's playing out.
awebreeze1 (2 months ago)
For Tonya's peace of mind she needs to forgive and respect her mothers hard work since Tonya wouldn't have had the chance she did without her mom. Several jobs is tiring and fit into it her child's very expensive hobby. A mother that hates her child isn't going to self sacrifice and sit at a machine and sew outfits for competitions. Her mom may have crossed the line but give her just a tad of credit that she did sacrifice her time and money on her kid.
Nicki Rivera (3 months ago)
Lol “we were never trailer trash. We had a beautiful new trailer.”
Surftouka (3 months ago)
I see comments comparing who skated better-obviously it was Nancy, which is why Tanya was threatened. I also see comments comparing who looks younger/older, who cares? I remember this incident really well, Tanya has a serious problem and nothing excuses, nothing excuses what she did!
Iworkwithnitwits (3 months ago)
'brandy flavoring" wink wink
Diane Kerrison (3 months ago)
Kerrigan was better and nicer to watch
Nina B (3 months ago)
tonya's mother is a mother fucking BITCH, period.
aratsass1 (3 months ago)
That coffee brandy drink..I'm going to have to try it
Gia Camillo (3 months ago)
She doesn't seem to like her mom very much. I don't understand why people cant let go and forgive their parents for their short comings . I don't believe anyone grows up in a perfect life with perfect people raising us. I bet we all have things we can say about what our parents didn't do or couldn't give or mistakes that they made as flawed human beings. My parents said and did things wrong but i knew they were decent people just flawed like anyone else. Parents that work extremely hard and dont have much time to be soft . We lived in the city had a pizza shop then later a nice house in the suburbs my dad worked 15 hrs a day just to make sure we had what we did. So tanya's mom worked hard she had no choice. As for trailer trash , definitely a misconception plenty of people who make trailers their homes doesnt make them" trash", its how you live your life. the problem is alot of poor people cant afford more then a trailer but it doesn't mean they deserve that title , what about city ghettos or single homes that need lots of repair they can hide behind a brick facade of well at least its a regular house. I have seen many double wides they are gorgeous inside very nicely decorated you wouldn't even know you were in a trailer . They have come along way with mobiles better material nice layouts and decor etc etc. I was thinking on buying one myself.
Diana Mari (3 months ago)
Lots of love and respect for you TONYA I grew up watching you ❤️you were amazing than and amazing now 😎⛸💕
Ruby M (3 months ago)
Tonya is still a hero, an antihero of sorts.. I had a difficult upbringing too.. Manipulative and abusive father. I know how she must've been. BTW, epic performance by Margot Robbie! 😚😚
T Sommers (3 months ago)
Brandy flavoring???????? Pine-Sol?
tim (4 months ago)
people are so easily brainwashed lmao. people are actually saying tonya is "real" and "doesn't lie" lmfao. they claim the "system" didnt support tonya yet that same system didn't support oksana baiul calling her ugly and she still got gold at the olympics. after a certain point in an adults life you can no longer use abusive households as a reason to hurt people and be an all around terrible human being. all of you crying about how she was abused dont even give a fuck that she abused her next husband when she was a boxer and beat him up you only care about this false narrative you've been fed and manipulated into believing. tonya is no poor soul that suffered at the hands of an unjust system. tonya is a monster that went through tough shit but who the fuck hasn't?
Inessence4 (9 days ago)
tim Tonya became a boxer after that incident with the ex-boyfriend.
Fabricated Reality (4 months ago)
Tonya was the best
Charlotte Baldevarona (4 months ago)
Brandy flavouring lol
Evian Angel (4 months ago)
Enjoying brandy flavoring in a beautiful new trailer
Alice Said (4 months ago)
Rocio Trejos (4 months ago)
THIS IS JUST AN OPINION but Don't you think there's a possibility, that Nancy was actually jealous of her, cause Tonya was way better skater than her. So maybe Nancy wanted Tonya out, cause think of it.... How is it possible that a poor girl who didnt have anything was going to be better than her ?? And you can see it in her face! She is so fake, Even when the "incident" was so fake
Amalia Silva (4 months ago)
I am so happy that she survived that horrible life she had and today she's able to smile and found out a good person to love and got her own family ♥️ that is what matters most
Borris Müller (4 months ago)
Tonya’s mother was a mega bitch
Hi Roll (4 months ago)
Shoot, they gave the Miss America 1984 title back to Vanessa Williams! Why not be like that to Tonya?!
wowzer (4 months ago)
Did she just complain that her mom made her utilise the school photo for skating entry photos? I mean, very clearly they were not rich. Her mom may have been abusive, but pick your battles.
Aspen Robinson (4 months ago)
I think that was smart of her mother getting her picture at school for skating as well..to ya forgets to mention how much money her coach Diane payed out for her to skate.
shihlin1 (4 months ago)
She will carry that lingering anger and hatred towards her mother to her own deathbed.
Naire K (4 months ago)
"It was brandy flavoring " Are you fucking kidding 😂
WalterLiddy (4 months ago)
I love all these posts by people making judgements about Tonya, her mother, etc.  YOU DON'T KNOW THESE PEOPLE.  What little info you have gleaned from this video and the news, and I, Tonya are not sufficient for you to arrive at ANY conclusive judgements. If you've seen I, Tonya, one of the main points driven home by the movie is that the ignorant snap judgements of the public can ruin people's lives.  I guess nobody caught that.
Charlotte Shanagher (4 months ago)
What's wrong with being a waitress? From thus interview she worked 3 jobs to make sure you could have your dream.
Kitty Kitty Meow Meow (4 months ago)
I’m sorry Tonya seems like an ingrate! Her mother was tough but she sacrificed and worked her ass off to make shit happen financially for Tonyas dream! As a mom, I know what sacrifice it takes for your kids! Her mom was a bitch, ya but she loved her the best she could. 🇺🇸💋
Miss Masonya (4 months ago)
"Brandy flavoring" ok mama.....but dressing up to use your school pics for entry photos was brilliant; especially if on a budget!
Lau Ra (4 months ago)
Everybody has problems. She is lucky her mother trusted her and took her to skate. Another mother wouldn´t care and the child in the future would have a job like her mom. I think her mother wanted her to be more than what she could achieve. Tonya isn´t more miserable than many many many young girls in the world.
Accidental music (4 months ago)
If the I Tonya movie is true alot of people owe her an apology big time. Esp that judge
Elizabeth Leninski (5 months ago)
Mommy you were too HARSH.
Kiara Verona (5 months ago)
She was destroit from her mother and for To liv her married The man who completly Take off her carrer. .
WL Robinson (5 months ago)
Brandy flavoring...
Belinda Gannett (5 months ago)
I love her too. GO TONYA! Having parents that are so abusive is hard! She is one tough cookie! I am loving seeing her on the ice after all these years!
Chris Moeller (5 months ago)
Her mom worked hard to pay for her lessons, and found her a good coach, so she couldn’t have been all bad.
Cathleen Williamson (4 days ago)
Summer Sun, her mother worked 3 jobs to afford her lessons plus made her costumes. I'm sure her mother did get upset every now and then. Tonja is mouthy and ungrateful now and surely she was then as well.
summer sun (5 days ago)
+Cathleen Williamson what!! Like kicking her off a chair because she wouldnt listen. You are strange
Cathleen Williamson (10 days ago)
Chris Moeller, that's right! Looks to me her mother did all she could. Unappreciative Tanja.
Faye Wike (13 days ago)
Dessy Berry - Her mother is a psychopath.
paola martinez (21 days ago)
lo más importante para criar a un niño no son las cosas que le compres o las extra escolares a las que le apuntes si no el AMOR que le das
Allyson Lawrence (5 months ago)
Strange woman.
Cree Ingles (5 months ago)
Tonya should have come forward when she heard the first peep of the plan to hurt NK, but that being said, she sure got fucked the hardest out of all involved, considering she was the least involved. I don't believe she knew from the beginning. Never have.
John Smith (5 months ago)
Does this women get paid to be opposed to Tonya?
RRage99 (5 months ago)
Lmao you guys are saying tonya was a bitch and ungrateful. It’s hard to be grateful when you have a mom who punches you and occasionally throws knifes. Also didn’t you see Nancy Kerrigan‘s when she won second? Talk about ungrateful.
Fairly Vague (5 months ago)
Oh get over yourself ffs Tonya. Millions of us had violent, alcoholic, loony parents and millions of us were poor. But you can’t keep using that as an excuse for stropping around with a massive chip on your shoulder forever hun or you just continue to come across as a petulant child.
Pierce Paventy (5 months ago)
we had a brand new trailer!
exas4791 (5 months ago)
Not to detract from any suffering or difficulties of others, but doesn’t any lack of self-pity or whining in LaVona deserve an iota of admiration, especially considering her background and having to work multiple jobs ? Despite her flaws and lack of resources, she was present at the ice rink for her daughter. Sad for mother and daughter.
Aubrey (5 months ago)
Her momma said brandy, you’re a fine flavoring. What a good coffee flavor you’d be.
Aspen Robinson (5 months ago)
My mother would have rum in her coffee to.straighten up to go to work , she and her man were big alcoholic 's . I had drunks pass out in my bed with me in it, piss in my closet thinking it was the toilet. Fights everynight , men fighting busting threw my door, women crying after the fight, men abusing woman...omg. I use to walk over drunks on the floor coming home for lunch from school, they would grab my leg and say " hi sweetheart ", if a couple were coherent they would give loose change out of their pockets and I would go to.the store for candy. I seen lots .I don't blame anyone and I turned out fine ! The commentators always praised Tonya when she skated..she is such a liar and ruined her future all by herself. My mother wouldn't care if I made it to school let alone a commitment as skating. We could Never afford that , I couldn't go to Brownies cuz they didn't want commitment. I wasn't damaged and a lot of other people have the same upbringing and worse that didn't do what trashy Tonya did.
CJDavisMaine Music (5 months ago)
“Brandy flavoring” my ass
Marie-Antoinette Manzan (5 months ago)
She would have wiped the competition with or without her husband meddling with her career. Only problem is that her family and husband didn’t believe in her so they plotted against Kerrigan. She was good; she was freaking good, and it’s tragic that no matter how you paint this story, the infamy will always be tacked against her even though she knew she was better than everybody else.
46foryounger Livestreams (5 months ago)
I have to laugh at her going on about how she got to wear her skating outfit for her school photo so she could use the photo for figure skating. So what! She was poor so are many people. How is that so horrible that she used it for two purposes. She sounds like s spoiled brat.
gabriella (5 months ago)
“Did you grew up in portland” am i dumb or was that grammatically wrong
Deanna Glory (5 months ago)
She has an alcoholics nose.
Victor Yanez (5 months ago)
What if someone bashed you on your knee caps!?
Rhodesian Ridgeback (5 months ago)
Did she say ‘trader trash’!??

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