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What Did Einstein Mean By 'Curved' Spacetime? - Newsy

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We asked two physicists to walk us through one of the basic principles in Einstein's general theory of relativity. See more at http://www.newsy.com/ Follow Mikah Sargent: http://www.twitter.com/MikahSargent Sources: Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/2004671908/#about-this-item Modify PBS https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g1nbZ4PctOI Modify Videoblocks http://www.videoblocks.com/video/3d-landscape-grid-in-motion/ Modify YouTube https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=blXeQmfaAiE Modify NASA http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/galex/pia14094.html Modify NASA http://www.nasa.gov/mission_pages/gpb/gpb_012_prt.htm Modify European Space Agency http://hubblesite.org/newscenter/archive/releases/2004/21/image/a/format/large_web/ Modify Library of Congress https://www.loc.gov/item/hec2013001572/ Modify NASA http://www.jpl.nasa.gov/video/details.php?id=1205 Modify NASA https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/details.cgi?aid=11437 Modify NASA https://svs.gsfc.nasa.gov/cgi-bin/details.cgi?aid=10436 Modify European Southern Observatory https://www.eso.org/public/usa/videos/eso1319a/ Image via: Newsy
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Text Comments (273)
Marek Garamond (5 hours ago)
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YkWiBxWieQU Wallace Thornhill: The Long Path to Understanding Gravity | EU2015
Alcides Duarte Falcao (4 days ago)
Great video about this wonderful matter. Thanks for the job. This is how science works!
Abdul Azeez (16 days ago)
Great !! I like the 3d model
FICTION (25 days ago)
Nearly 1400 yrs before its in Quran.... --Chapter 36, verse 38-40. “It is not for the Sun to overtake the Moon nor for the night to outstrip the day; each one is swimming in a sphere.” --Chapter 50, verse 6.
"Do they(Man) not look at the sky above them, how We have built it and adorned it, and there are no rifts in it." --Chapter 31, verse 10:
"(God) created the sky without any pillars that you can see..." --Chapter 51 , verse 47: And the sky, We(God) built it with craftsmanship and We are still expanding it. --Chapter 81, verse 15-18 So verily, I swear by the stars that are veiled(Have blackness/hidden for our eyes). And by the (sweeping) stars that move swiftly and hide themselves. And by the night as it departs; And by the dawn as it brightens. The holy Quran mentions the black holes by its very specific characteristics, these are : 1 - They are running stars. 2 - They are veiled or receded. 3 - They are sweeping stars. --Chapter 56, verse 75-77 Then I(God) swear by the places where stars fall/drop. And indeed, this is a great evidence/oath if you could know. That this Quran is a very noble book(Sayings of God, signs for those who read & Research).
David Crowder (28 days ago)
This a lesson I made for my middle school science classes on Gravity: https://youtu.be/1kpmCheiDrw Respectfully, I used some of your content as part of it. I do not monetize my videos. Much thanks for your addition to the internet knowledge base! Dave
MrMarco84 (1 month ago)
2:37 isn't that grid bent in the wrong direction? as far as i get it, the space is suppressed by a heavy mass object, the light goes around it. Imagine a 3D grid, now press a ball in it, the lines would bent convex around it and not towards it.
Jesper (1 month ago)
Was looking at my phone, as the male physicist said: "if you take big shiit of rubber" I thought to my self. Science is messy.... and a little gross.
pkt rkt (1 month ago)
To say that in the presence of large bodies space becomes curved is equivalent to stating that something can act upon nothing. I, for one, refuse to subscribe to such a view. Tesla
K. Chris Caldwell (1 month ago)
There are only two entities in the universe: Energy, in all of its forms, and space. Period. Time is only apparent from the interaction of energy with space. Some energy here, a change in energy here, let us call that one second. Or, some energy here, over there, back here, let that be called one second. Time then is not a real entity, the passing of time is, but time itself is a change of energy in relation to space. It follows then that _space-time_ is nonsense. To say _space-time_ is to say _space-and change of all the energy of the universe in relation to all the universe's space._ Or to use space as a coordinate is to say, 3 from that, 4 from that, 6 from this, and all the energy in the universe as related to all the space in the universe. Yes, _Relativity_ is real, but the interpretation is wrong. Until mankind defines time properly, physics and the understanding of the universe will remain stymied.
Jithin Varghese (1 month ago)
A giant stone inside a water bents or displaces water. But only the water exerts the pressure of its displacement back on the giant stone. How can some other object, maybe a small nail get attracted and stick on to this giant stone. Isnt that the gravitational pull explained here in a manner. But I feel this is impossible. because only space is supposed to be bent. And empty space is empty and how can emptiness exert pressure or force on other objects.
jukodebu (1 month ago)
more 3D explanation
star of shield (1 month ago)
Im here for my college homework..
James Wiliams (1 month ago)
The Physical characteristics of TIME in relation to Time Travel The presence of matter gives birth to Time being the ideal means by which man can ascertain the perfection of the movement through which God created the universe. As there can be no Light without the sun, so there cannot be TIME without matter. TIME is a tool for man like the stethoscope that reads the beats of the heart but without ever being able to intervene or influence the way the heart works or functions! https://plus.google.com/+jameswiliams How God created Time http://curezone.com/ig/i.asp?i=44451 God bless
saurave bhatia (1 month ago)
These all are theories with no credible evidence. Infact Gravity itself a theory to define how objects fall down straight and how things work. But there is no physical evidence of such force.
2:33 When we try to model it in 3D it messes it completely, cos it is all a bullshit !!!
Nitin B (1 month ago)
say if there was a 3d trampoline with sun at the centre then not all planets would have almost the same plan of orbit. some would be rotating on a plain that passes through sun's north and south pole and others on plain through sun's equator and yet others on even different plains. but even more likely, they would not orbit. they would just smash into sun and merge. afterall, in any kind of trampoline , whether 2d or 3d, it's all downhill once you are inside the depression.
Mojo (2 months ago)
but what if your all wrong?
Ranjit Kumar (2 months ago)
Enstiens theory of relativity and tgeory of black holes cant relate with each other eiher of them is wrong
prakash rao (2 months ago)
even after that ill be just thinking of gravitation field
Alex Borderli (2 months ago)
no one of the speaking about the subject really knows what the curved spacetime means they just repeat what someone said to them before
Green Envy (2 months ago)
Amy Schumer bends space time.
David Bacote (2 months ago)
Ok she says that it isn't true the space is empty but what she never answers and none these"explainations" ever answer is what is space made of if it isn't empty !!! Is it an EM field or what ?!? What exactly is being curved. Don't tell me space because that doesn't answer what space is if it isn't empty !
g srinivasa rao (2 months ago)
Why does space bend due to gravity
AL Can (2 months ago)
Planets don’t sit on space, space contours, or squeezes, around objects equally on all sides. This is what causes planets “gravity”. The object in space has a magnetic field that causes a sort of “top and bottom”. The stretched out middle of the object, due to the magnetic field and the squeezing of space, is where planets gets “caught” and end up circling around said object, gravity.
Sucky Gamer (2 months ago)
If the fabric of space warps massive objects shouldn’t space itself have a boundary? This boundary should deflect the fabric of space in all directions in the universe. What if space was program at a scale that it knows what size it needs to be to contain all the matter and dark matter from the expansion it’s self and keep everything within the time to expand out into the multiverse?
Hassan Khan (2 months ago)
How can a massive body be placed on the (space-time) trampoline to make it bend... I mean that how can time be treated as a space related phenomenon and bend... Please someone help me...!!
Wes Baumguardner (2 months ago)
Einstein was a lunatic, not a scientist. The model does not work for 3D space, which is quite obvious. Neither space nor time have properties of physical geometry and cannot be bent or warped. Only energy has physical properties, which is why all observations are made of and with energy. Space is not energy and is both inside and outside of all energy so when energy moves, space is completely unaffected, however other energy is affected. Only energy can effect energy. To claim space effects energy is equivalent to saying leprechans effect energy.
Isaac Berry (2 months ago)
Clock In The Centrifuge Is Just An Einstein Way Of Measuring Gravity. Gravity Is A Bend In Space. When You Are On An Amusement Park Ride & Are Pushed Outward, That Is Gravity. A "Bend In Space You Went Through" Without Even Knowing It. It's Not Theory It's Just A Measured Effect.
cleveque (2 months ago)
Here's some advice for the uploader: The trampoline analogy is entirely unhelpful, and the reason people say "oh, I get it now" is that they assume that you don't know what you're talking about or that you're a terrible teacher and they don't want to embarrass you. Listening to you any further would probably be a complete waste of their time and if they say "oh, I get it now" perhaps you'll shut up and leave. It's a very misleading analogy. Explain it in 3 dimensions. It's not that hard. Your 3D diagram isn't even consistent with the trampoline, because the trampoline is wrong.
Dijon Brown (2 months ago)
It messes with your head completely.... Yeah, thanks Einstein.
Sanny K (3 months ago)
Well the 3D version would be like water and has a velocity where Mass can fload. Can also see iT as different layers like oil on water, would also explain the “waves” Funny would be when at the start all matter was at he same level, but “time” and “space density” Lets matter sink and drift. Together with the “waves” “current” makes ‘m spin while the object with the most Mass Lets em form a galaxy. And are the waves the golden ratio? That would explain why we see iT everywhere.
Ken Behrendt (3 months ago)
The Einsteinian concept of warped "spacetime" is total nonsense folks. Space is nothingness and nothingness can not be bent, flexed, stretched, twisted, warped, weighed, or painted green! One does not need to warp space in order to explain how the straight line path of a photon gets deflected as it passes near a massive body in space. All one needs to do is say that the photon has some gravitational mass and it is being attracted to the body's gravity field.
Ken Behrendt (2 months ago)
I'm not the only one finding fault with Einsteinian relativity. Here's a short article that may help you overcome the spell Einstein's "revelations" cast upon several generations of people who accepted them without question: http://living-universe.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/06/19-Einstein%E2%80%99s-Bogus-Deflection-of-Starlight.pdf
u right I'll trust the random guy on the internet over 100 years of rigorously tested physics.
Ken Behrendt (2 months ago)
The vast majority of university's and institutions can still teach nonsense and make a nice profit doing so. In the second century a guy named Ptolemy came up with a model for the heavens that could predict, with some accuracy, the movements of the planets through the night sky. This model was taught to the children of the rich for over a millennium until a Polish astronomer named Copernicus came along and realized that i twas total nonsense and that the planets were not giant lights attached to concentric spherical crystal shells, all mounted together on giant iron axles, at the North and South Poles that rotated around a flat Earth at different speeds. To keep from being burned at the stake for daring to challenge the established paradigm, he waited until he was on his death bed to publish it. I do agree that space contains tenuous amounts of various gases such as helium and hydrogen, but Einstein's general theory of relativity claims that if one removed all those gases so he had a perfect vacuum, the proximity of a nearby large mass, such as that of a planet or star, would cause the surrounding vacuum to experience a warping of its "4 dimensional space-time" shape. This alleged warping is then used to explain how the light from a distant star gets deflected as it passes close to the body. No one's observed this happening with planets, but only with our Sun during a total eclipse. Well, it turns out that the effect can also be explained by the distant star light being refracted as it passes through the gases being ejected from the surface of the Sun. One does not need general relativity for the explanation. Of course, if one wants to believe that nothingness can be bent, stretched, twisted, or warped, then he has a constitutional right to do so. He is also free to believe in the Sandman, the Tooth Fairy, the Easter Bunny, and Santa Clause as well!
How the fuck could you honestly say the theory is total nonsense? Why would the vast majority of universities and institutions (if not all, but I could be wrong) continue to teach this concept if it was total nonsense? Space is not nothingness, you're completely wrong. Hydrogen, Helium, Oxygen, Carbon, etc. all comprise the matter of space just like the pale blue dot we live on.
akhilz illuminati (3 months ago)
Now what is your doubt
akhilz illuminati (3 months ago)
They are telling the space bend due to weight then why the light can' t bent. they are totally wrong I know the answer. As light travels in straight line as it does not have weight then why it have to cure or Bend .If it is correct comment me
Mr. Nonchalant (3 months ago)
It makes more sence to me when i think about the grid 3 dimensionally.
facepalm (3 months ago)
It shouldn't, because they both lack the dimension of time. The way it is explained here and in virtually all popular science material available, is that light just follows the curvature of space. And the analogy with marbles on a sheet with dimple is actually using your intuitive understanding of gravity, to explain gravity! If you hold an apple in your hand and release it, then why does it start to move towards the Earth? It's not because it follows the curved space, because it's not moving to begin with. It's because it also follows the curved time! That is a very important detail. You can not explain gravity without taking time into account.
Aditya Maru (3 months ago)
Great!!!! 🙂🙂🙂🙂
Heriberto Villanueva (3 months ago)
Short cuts for long distance that's what l learned
METO U (3 months ago)
Don't listen to this bullshit. Space does not Warp. You can see the star behind the Sun during eclipse not because space is being warped. It's the magnetism of the Sun that is repelling the light. Exactly like you would expect from magnets. Einstein's theory is meant to confuse people. They will do everything but say what gravity is magnetism. Which is the only Force.
MachadoSwag (3 months ago)
"If you take a big shit of rubber ... "
Hammer Lirox (3 months ago)
And then add time. Try to imagine in 4D...
Maccario ako (3 months ago)
Einstein is wrong. There is no curviture in outer space. Light is the ultimate creator thats how we see everything. Space is nothing,its just part of the never ending reason to underatand. Humans are so fool in reaching the ultimate creator of this world we live.
facepalm (3 months ago)
You're right, there is no "curviture".
aviv s (3 months ago)
things in the universe dont disapear they are just stuck in time like death for instance
aviv s (3 months ago)
the rate of univerese inflated is much greater than the speed of light
aviv s (3 months ago)
gravity is some kind of time debt
aviv s (3 months ago)
space is growing like a cake by time .black holes are prove to that cause they are 'stuck in the past .time is everything
CozmicK G (3 months ago)
I feel like Vsauce's video is the only one that's ever caused the concept to click for me. The idea of how gravity is literally a result of geometry and accepting the idea that an object with mass bends time, and how we are constantly moving at a straight line through time. EDIT: Here's the link https://youtu.be/Xc4xYacTu-E
Jose Garcia (3 months ago)
thank you; the last illustration at the end is wrong
Siken Dongol (3 months ago)
Hans Lepoeter (3 months ago)
Well, I explained to my son several times that when an apple drops from a tree it's not the apple falling down, but it's the ground accelerating up till it hits the apple. Thats hilarious to my son because the entire earth would be expanding continously. But thats just because he does not take curved space time into account. There is no difference between the force when accelerating an object or force as a result of gravity. It's just the same thing.
Jean von Pickartz (3 months ago)
Now how would they explain saturn with its rings in there model. The 2d model would suggest a cone shape ring structure and in the 3d model would suggest a atmospheric structure around the planet. And how does there theory explain the angel of the rings and axis of saturnus.
Amir Ghahrai (3 months ago)
That is exactly what messed up my mind when thinking about the trampoline effect . which way is up?! most of the planets in the solar system are nearly in a same orbital horizon except one which is moving in a an orbit which contradicts the trampoline law. How ever I still can not figure out which way earth is pressing down on the space ?! Can any body explain?
Apodictic (3 months ago)
This is bullshit, here is your gravity in reality; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=McdMMmclGVc&list=LLR2pgDjnXgwpQvboY8cRlXg&t=0s&index=7
Cyber Zombie (3 months ago)
Can these curvatures slow down the speed of light??
sweiland75 (3 months ago)
Is this the cause of gravitational lensing?
Hungry Dolphin (3 months ago)
Gravity does not literally curve spacetime. Gravity attracts energy which includes quantum particles, atoms, and groups of atoms. The curvature of spacetime merely represents an attractive force.
Dr.Mohammad Niqab Khan (3 months ago)
Very strange you are explaining gravity with refrence to existing gravity..the rubber sheet and happy object example happens due to earth gravity amd curce allowes other objects like balls to fall in circular path..Where is the point..remove the existing earth gravity and then explain.
Fat Bastard Pipes (3 months ago)
In Russia trampoline curves you. 👍
NoMaD_Berberian (4 months ago)
This Matches Exactlt what GOD stated in the holly Quran about how planets and other objects in space are behave in space 1400 years ago.... The Verse which states this is as follow: Curved Spacetime: Surah Al-Anbya [21:33] "And it is He (Allah) who created the night and the day and the sun and the moon; all heavenly bodies in an orbit are swimming." Big bang theory + water creation of life: Surah Al-Anbya [21:30] “Have those who disbelieved not considered that the heavens and the earth were a joined entity, then We separated them, and made from water every living thing? Then will they not believe?” Expanding Universe: Surah Adh-Dhariyat [51:47] “And the heaven We created with might, and indeed We are expanding it” (Quran 51:47)
NUKE (4 months ago)
The rubber sheet actually uses gravity (because gravity will pull down the heavy ball in the 1st place) to explain gravity. This is not how explanations work. You need to use something that is not a direct consequence of gravity - in order to explain it, and so far this is not what the rubber sheet actually does. But on the other hand, it might not explain gravity (obviously it's much more difficult) but it gives people a better intuition of the weirdness of our reality. If you really want to understand gravity, you need to let go of EVERYTHING and I mean *EVERYTHING* your senses tell you. I'll just say this to show you how much you need to let go... If you let an apple fall (in a vacuum inside a gravitational field) the apple doesn't fall. Its the floor that rushes up and meets the apple! The reason why the apple seem to fall (even though it doesn't) is for the same reason why the Sun seems to move in the sky (although it doesn't). Its US that move not the Sun or the falling object. Its us that move both in space and time, and suddenly release an apple - the apple has no longer any force acting on it (so it stays stationary) and our perception that creates the illusion of the falling apple when in reality the apple doesn't move. And it goes even weirder after this... So... yeah, better stick to the rubber sheet explanation!
Maine NOVI (4 months ago)
If you think about it the area in front of you detween you an ur tv is space outer space just because it hase oxygen still it space an gravity is the force that's forced oppone us
No this is Patrick (4 months ago)
I have been trying really hard lately to visualize how 3D space warps. its been messing with my head lately
Alfonso Negron (4 months ago)
I also had a problem with the trampolene type model and was searching for a method to express a 3D representation when I found this .For me gravity would be best illustrated by floating a magnetic sphere in a metallic liquid thus pulling in at all sides of a 3D universe.
Adam Atlas (4 months ago)
If it's a 3D curvature, then why is the moon orbit a 2D ellipse?!?
Ahmet Gazi (4 months ago)
We are so stunned by Einstein, we cannot see the flaws
Ahmet Gazi (4 months ago)
Attraction of light may be due to gravitational inbound waves, thus not a direct proof of spacetime curve hypothesis
Ahmet Gazi (4 months ago)
İt is a pity that we still beleive this spacetime absurdity
Authentic Mexican (3 months ago)
Ahmet Gazi ur stupid.
Akash Thore (4 months ago)
But how something which we can't see.. I mean it's really nothing out there to be curved, it's just an empty space.. Though analogies are quite satisfactory! Then what does really gets curved? Or is it space or vacuum to be more precise is something more than what we are thinking about.
neha gupta (4 months ago)
if u will watch this video to understand then u will be more and more confused😝
read your bible (4 months ago)
Einstein said its a blue Rubber and a Marble and some crack..and they all said yeah thats the ticket...
read your bible (4 months ago)
These Scientists are freaking Idiots
read your bible (4 months ago)
Einstein was wrong
Authentic Mexican (3 months ago)
read your bible ur a fucking moron, never breath again.
Paul Marostica (4 months ago)
If you have learned or are learning relativity theory, I challenge you to test your understanding using my YouTube video, "You’ve Learned Relativity Theory". But don’t concern yourself too much when you realize relativity theory has many significant problems. I have a much better theory you can more easily learn. You can find my videos advertising my unifying physics theory, "matter theory", using the 3 search keywords: matter theory marostica.
Joseph Stokes (4 months ago)
Uhmm? I tried but didn't learn much. Well, actually, I didn't learn anything. I'll search for "space time curvature for dummies."
Un Owen (4 months ago)
1:57 “If you take a big shit of rubber and you poot on that rubber”
David Lloyd-Jones (4 months ago)
Audio seems to have gone missing.
waleed khan (4 months ago)
when it gets 3d , u need to get the fuck outta here 😂😂
umamaheswara reddy (5 months ago)
why does the spacetime bend in the presence of mass ??????? They have quoted an example that when a ball is kept on stretched rubber sheet,it bends.But there the bend is because of the gravity of the earth.
Ben Quinney (5 months ago)
It messes with my head
Bilal Awan (5 months ago)
curved space is easy to understand but what the hell is spacetime ?
John Urwin (5 months ago)
Nitin Sharma (5 months ago)
How it can be possible that marvels bends toward that heavy object but actually the earth is moving away from the sun
midhun mathews (5 months ago)
If space-time bending is the reason for gravity Can u explain why we feel gravity at the top ,bottom ,and center of Earth Suppose the reason for gravity in earth is the massive earth bend space and time and that cause the gravity in earth Then we experience gravity only at the bottom of earth { south pole only} if the earth is a sphere How it is possible I think if the earth is flat the only this theory wil works If the earth is a flat and a massive body then we feel gravity every where in the f flat object And I didn't believe in flat earth I need answers
I know this is late, but please please please do not believe in the flat earth "theory". It is not based on any kind of scientific evidence. In fact, it is the total opposite. We feel gravity everywhere on earth because the earth exerts this gravitational force. Imagine a weighted ball on top of a flat sheet with nothing underneath the sheet. The weighted ball will dip a little bit into the sheet. If you were to throw in another ball, it would eventually fall towards the weighted ball. This is essentially how gravity works on planets. Our Earth is the weighted ball and we are the extra balls that naturally fall towards the center of the weighted ball. Earth is so dense and massive that it exerts a relatively large gravitational force that pulls the moon, satellites, and any other nearby space objects toward it.
Jude Tsang (5 months ago)
What if time , just like light and sound, is omni-directional?
Oing (5 months ago)
No one person in the world can give a logical answer for the question "What causes gravity?", no one!!! And there are 100s of 1000s of YouTube scientists who attribute every single even in universe and in Earth to that dumb Einstein, as if he is the God particle for them. Making money by fooling-the YouTube scientists.
Akhil Babu Muraleedharan (5 months ago)
I have a doubt that has troubled me for months now. If we were to travel 'down' (relatively below the plane of spacetime) with a spaceship to much more than how 'low' sun has warped it, would we then theoretically create a gravity that would overpower the sun's own?
Fissle Wine (5 months ago)
I think curved space times is essentially the same system used in acoustic levitation...so phonons are creating space that mate rings can be collected....
jackay k (5 months ago)
Maybe space is just a memory code in reality and thats all our natural mind feel and say about and time in that sense related to space is a relational time frames god put in their for execution in truth simulation rather then inactive film memory of it .holding the good and pious one in tesseracts gods psycholgical thread locker and un pious in cursed dimension.so human feel I mean the worshipper founding himself divided in two parts of dimension and time which is natural psychological experience by all believers .
Yogesh A Gowda (5 months ago)
Mass on trampoline is pulled by earth's gravity to make the curvature. Then what pulls masses in space-time so that those masses make curvature. If nothing is pulling, then space time fabric around the mass in space should bulge out due to presence of mass. Just not able to figure out the logic (magic-science). Please answer me. The sheet of trampoline itself is 2d . It gets curved due to gravity. Then how come space-time get curved if there is nothing below planets to make a curve due to it gravity.
ulf schack (2 months ago)
Agreed. Using gravity to explain gravity is a bad practice, and yet it’s the one we always see. Reminds me of when my lower grade math teachers not really understood math.
GSA New Physics (2 months ago)
Enter the Braggn Mathematically, spacetime is a manifold. But, there is no manifold in the astronomy. Albert Einstein really had no idea on the basic of astronomy.Einstein was interested to Riemann geometry, but he had not realized that Riemann geometry is useless in astronomy. Riemann did not take an interest in the space of the astronomers. Questions about the global properties of space he cut short as “idle questions.”
Enter the Braggn' (2 months ago)
GSA New Physics Mathturbation😳😁
GSA New Physics (2 months ago)
Astronomical Data of 2017 Eclipse in USA Proves Spacetime Fiction https://medium.com/@GatotSoedarto/astronomical-data-prove-spacetime-fiction-2774e84e154c Fact: Einstein didn't understand on basic astronomy.Hypothesis and Einstein proposed test of general relativity are closely related to astronomy, especially celestial navigation. For understanding that hypothesis and the test are not valid, physics training is needed; but more importantly is celestial navigation training. Unfortunately, physicists and astrophysicists are not trained to become experts in the field of celestial navigation. The navigators around the world will be easily to know the fatal mistakes of these hypotheses and test. Actually, general relativity cannot be proven or tested by in any means. No doubt, the entire tests that says ‘general relativity is correct’ really are the case of ‘knowing the result they wanted to get’.
Enter the Braggn' (2 months ago)
Almir Hamzic That video shows zero scientific evidence. Big Bang Theory evidence includes the so called CMB and redshift. Vague terms in old books don’t count for much I’m sorry. Redshift has not been proven to be correlated with distance. Halton Arp has taken images showing quasars partnered with galaxies that have very different redshift, so the notion of redshift being a sign of distance is highly unlikely. If redshift is distance then galaxies are moving away at over the speed of light. Not likely at all. The Cosmic Microwave Background was supposedly measured by the cobe firas but it didn’t have a shield to protect it from earths radiation. And all the subsequent data was manipulated and improperly presented. This isn’t an opinion, it is fact and was presented for all to see. Their claims are accepted by those who simply haven’t looked or understood what’s involved. That’s about it as far as I know. BB has no solid evidence and if you go into it on just a basic level it’s obviously nonsense. Big Bang Theory includes silly assertions like no mass and infinite temperature.
tony ridler (5 months ago)
If we don't get into our element, we won't know, we're outta our freaking-mind-;!
Sanskar Acharya (5 months ago)
I have a big question..plz answer my question if anyone knows....gravity is the warping of fabric of space time by mass according to einstein...but...how does the mass curve the fabric of space time as there is no force that pulls it downward or other direction?plz answer this question..
Meenakshi Raghuwanshi (5 months ago)
If time is curved space then why don't satellites fall in the curve when revolving
Hans Lepoeter (3 months ago)
The satellite follows a straight line as far as the satellite is concerned. We from earth see a curve, but thats not the satellites point of view.
Brian RX (5 months ago)
I dont understand your question then. Time is not curved space. Dont get that confused with space-time which is the "fabric" of space.
Meenakshi Raghuwanshi (5 months ago)
Brian RX not to earth I am asking about space fabric
Brian RX (5 months ago)
Meenakshi Raghuwanshi The satellites are in the curve made by the earth. They dont fall down to the earth because of their speed is just right. If too fast, they move out of the curve (orbit). Too slow, they fall to the earth.
Justice Warrior (5 months ago)
That guy seems he's straight out of Soviet Union crazy scientists!
Don Jobin (6 months ago)
I love the way physicists forget physics when it comes to Einstein's relativity . Like the assumption that light only travels in straight lines. If you've seen a mirage on the highway you are seeing light not travel in a straight line, and all it took was a little hot air.
Hussain Attai (6 months ago)
Don Jobin Mirage happens because of the refraction of light, which happens because of the different “speeds” of light in different mediums. Light moves slower in denser mediums, and this causes it to change angles, but it still moves in straight lines. You’re probably thinking isn’t light speed supposed to be constant? The reason behind refraction doesn’t have a straight forward answer. I suggest you watch this: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=CiHN0ZWE5bk
Abhishek Singhal (6 months ago)
Trying to explain us spacetime but get the scientist with the worst accent. Well done!
Atilla Kayaş (6 months ago)
Ne, bu cümleyi mi çevireceğim? Hiç Google Çeviri'nin de duyguları olduğunu düşündün mü? Sence ben tüm gün bu işi yapmak istiyor muyum? İnsanların yazdıkları saçma cümleleri çevirmek? Hayır efendim, bu defa bu cümleleri ÇEVİRMEYECEĞİM.
Senad Zeco (6 months ago)
Einstein was an idiot. Time and space are concepts. You cant do physics on concepts. Physics requires an object.
Senad Zeco (5 months ago)
Brian RX if you say so....
Brian RX (5 months ago)
Senad Zeco You're the real idiot and a nobody.
Senad Zeco (5 months ago)
Hussain Attai Tesla pretty much described who is Einstein. Google it.
Senad Zeco (5 months ago)
Hussain Attai there is the rope theory that explains better than einsteins idiots.
Hussain Attai (6 months ago)
Unless you publish a new theory that explains: gravity, gravitational lensing, gravity waves, a constant speed of light for all observers, time dilation, and how mass and energy are equivalent, and have it approved, then I still will think that Einstein was a genius.
Abdul Basit (6 months ago)
but that curve needs gravity itself to be formed
a64750 (6 months ago)
so Einstein understood gravity or space-time similar to atmospheric pressure on Earth and ripples in a pond. duh!
NOW IS THE TIME (6 months ago)
Seek the truth of life, nothing could be more important for you, Google truth CONTEST and read the PRESENT. Do not believe check it.
Talha Khan (6 months ago)
2:36 this representation was what I was searching for a long time.. :/
Jos C. (5 months ago)
Talha Khan me too i was searching in a lot of videos for that I think its the most accurate until now

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