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Matthew McConaughey Talks 'Interstellar'

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The Oscar winner discusses fatherhood to his son Levi and how that helped him in his role.
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Text Comments (452)
Satyam Dua (5 days ago)
Interstellar >>>>all mcu movies + titanic + every fucking overrated movie ...
colombiano22200 (21 days ago)
"my man cooper" lel
Jack Ridge (1 month ago)
The biggest regret of my life_ NOT watching the movie in IMAX
Mistrender Co. (1 month ago)
I love this man, he seems so modest and nice
Colonel Hakeev (1 month ago)
It's very scientific as well
Carmillia Gaming (1 month ago)
interstellar is a movie for the idiots ... lots of beautiful images but a stupid story and stupid characters ...
jossylopes (1 month ago)
This is a hard-working man
Jamster J (1 month ago)
Greatest film ever
Mehdi Duran (1 month ago)
daşşanı yirim seinn
jockejocke1 (1 month ago)
She's pointing too much.
dylan technoGeek (1 month ago)
Interstellar was brilliant especially for a scifi,
Gabriel Silva (1 month ago)
adriel garcia (1 month ago)
No green screen? How the hell were the shots of space and the scene of the cold tundra done?!
DerMetzFetz (1 month ago)
One of my all time favourite movies
fashion iiinspire (1 month ago)
Best film I ever seen I love it so much 😍😍
Prashanth Manchaiah (2 months ago)
you can see camera and the staff on the TV right there
Gohan (2 months ago)
04:05 sound like a goat
Saul AnHeart (2 months ago)
2018 and this is still the most moving picture I've ever seen. He deserved infinite oscars for his acting, a true true gem.
Alain Chouinard (2 months ago)
i steel wonder... i punch him the face or offer him a beer an talk...(great actor)
footferry1589 (2 months ago)
McConaugney is one of the coolest dudes ever. Interstellar is an amazing movie
MeesterVegas (2 months ago)
I just can't take how actors are always trying to act cool. They live their lives in constant pursuit of popularity. They practice it in the mirror. How will I look when she asks me this? How will I present myself when I walk in? What clothes will I be wearing? Haircut? It's all such fake shit. All a part of the virtual fucking world we are being fed. Materialism masquerading as being "woke." God I hate that fucking term being used now.
Mark bluteo (2 months ago)
MeesterVegas damn you are E D G Y
adfad (2 months ago)
he wanted to eat
OG LTZ (2 months ago)
4 yours later STILL MY NR.1 MOVIE🥇🏆💜🚀
Jeff Cirelli (3 months ago)
Idc how old this is, I want to add to it. Interstellar is phenomenal, it will make you laugh, it will fill you with wonder, and it will make you cry, and you will love it every single second. It is absolutely one of the best movies of this decade, and like McConaughey says, its probably is Christopher Nolans best. Not to take away from the dark knight, this is just on another level entirely. See it, Own it, Love it, repeat. Im out.
Draykile Mikedrower (3 months ago)
Interstellar is best movie eve
stellvia hoenheim (3 months ago)
You shouldn't try to leave when someone is eating its very rude.
Ronnie Neill (3 months ago)
Love MMc 👌 fantastic actor 🎬😎
Khali Donga (3 months ago)
Absolutely the most wonderful amazing movie you'll ever watch in your life
dave stone (3 months ago)
you have to listen to me.why all of a sudden solar panels are everywhere.we have run out of oil.the day the music died.
Raj Srivastav (3 months ago)
amazing movie........
Arnau Vizcarra Miserachs (3 months ago)
What gives intersteller its greatness is Hans Zimmer with no doubt.
Lite Coin (3 months ago)
I can watch for the 6 th time and i ll have tears in my eyes .... Acting skills were beyooond amazing!
sam g. (3 months ago)
Women doin the interview is so annoying! Did she do a line of coke before she started.? Fuck!
Richard J Mendoza (3 months ago)
MURPH!!!!!! MURPH!!!!!!
Tech Hunt (3 months ago)
This Movie change my view of Cornfield
Why Me (13 days ago)
Jean-Paul Teitu II (1 month ago)
Charles J. Easley II (3 months ago)
Didn't know how entertaining this guy was in person. Haha 😂 he's also very respectable to his fans instead of treating them like a lot of actors do: dirt.
Tom Stuart (3 months ago)
Fucking brilliant film. Nolan is a genius and that score by Hans Zimmer, this shit was a nearly perfect picture.
Kevin Colt (3 months ago)
you can tell the interviewer is horny af.. she truly needs a big dick
Om Pandey (3 months ago)
I'm really cruies what happened when copper reached Edmund's planet what they do they go for a plan "B"
Human (3 months ago)
She as annoying as the teacher was in the movie...
Claire Ott (3 months ago)
i remember seeing this when it came and thinking it was boring ( i think i was 11) but watching it now a few years later i finally appreciate the cinematic master piece
karthik 700 (4 months ago)
I thnk this movie should stay in Imax one show a day... 😍😍
A troutflycrazy (4 months ago)
when it came out my local cinema at the time only ran interstellar for 2 weeks i was gutted that i missed it but i bought later on blu ray and it was amazing !! Emotional and v moving my fav sci fi Would have liked to have seen it on the big screen though.
Cole Healey (4 months ago)
4:16 you can tell he got so happy when he heard treats xD
Neil :} (4 months ago)
Stupid fuckin lady. Her cringe hoes beyond the 4th dimension.
motrhead 69 (4 months ago)
I want part 2 to be made.....
Tier (5 months ago)
anyone know what jacket that is
This girl is awful
Chris R (6 months ago)
no green screen, amazing!
michael burn (6 months ago)
But is he wearing a wig?
Marcus Moop (6 months ago)
I know it’s late, but this film is amazing!!!!! Especially the second time round. Absolutely brilliant👍👍👍👍👍
John Doe (6 months ago)
yup, he was annoyed w her cuz she couldn't stop jabbering... LET the man speak, woman!!! JEEEEzus...
Angel Quijano (6 months ago)
This movie was awesome but I wish they would put life in other planets with other human race
Mitchx42 (7 months ago)
Matt was outstanding, his best movie yet.
llMcMUFFll (7 months ago)
I wan him on a Joe Rogan podcast that would be powerful !
IHateLiveStreams (7 months ago)
He never saw aliens?
Abhishek Chaudhary (8 months ago)
Don't let me go murph!
Aerociviz Nicholas (8 months ago)
This movie was perfect with just a slight flaw imo where it ended too nicely as if everything was wrapped with a bow. The empathy in me loved that but the realist in my was hoping for a more darker ending like the original idea of Nolan's ending
Jorge Gomez (8 months ago)
total fantasy, dont believe in the near future we will have such beatiful blonde school teachers.
Hima Aryamehr (8 months ago)
Why he wasn't even nominated for oscar???!!!!!!
J Shepard (3 months ago)
Hima Aryamehr He wasn't playing a slave, a downtrodden woman from Mississippi, a retard, a person with aids, or a retarded slave with aids. So... not Oscar material.
BlueJ_ PlayZ (8 months ago)
In the end, she tried to wrap the video ASAP and just stood up cause she needed to run and take a shit. It might have been a massive one.
no name (8 months ago)
The movie is totally shit movie.
Jan Badinski (8 months ago)
Excellent movie, watched it 3 times.
SinisterMud (9 months ago)
That movie is the best in 10's history
Imran Iqbal (9 months ago)
tars and case should need a solo film now !
saktiprasad swain (9 months ago)
This mans voice is so unique and charming.I always want to copy.
Art Ochoa (10 months ago)
I love her and I barely met her
Chris J (10 months ago)
brandi love
wouter Groot Wassink (10 months ago)
put it in real perspective....i think there might be getting a Real point we have to look for alternate planets....
/EarLTubE (10 months ago)
Wtf.. his voice is so deep
Ilustrado (11 months ago)
I remember that night after leaving the cinema... It's like I'm operating on a higher level. This movie, in my opinion, is the best movie I've ever watched - so far.
Clasic Zombies (1 year ago)
He always talk about some extra shit
Aaron Escobar (1 year ago)
What an enthusiastic host!
Hamid Hibeljic (1 year ago)
thank you for a great movie you are the best 😀
Hannah Sweens (1 year ago)
let this man speak bish
Rodin (1 year ago)
If you dont Know modern physics, you may be lost in this film.
Ninja Games (1 year ago)
That reporter was just no
Inzerer (1 year ago)
When I first watched Interstellar, I found in Cooper something very similar and familiar to me.
mrdv27onUT (1 year ago)
She does so good to carry this interview!
Rahul Sharma (1 year ago)
Amazing movie !! I have watched more than 50 times as of now !
Adam Farkas (1 year ago)
The music is Epic. So is the story line : father and daughter. But the best is the SOUNDTRACKS!
Austifornia (1 year ago)
Only movie to make me cry
Sunny Nexxt (1 year ago)
This guy and Anne Hathaway are responsible for ruining the movie with their bad acting.
Nezek Motivation (1 year ago)
Cringe mode: on
David Billython (1 year ago)
the plates for the food are Texas
Nick Furious (1 year ago)
The soundtrack and acting for interstellar is just insane. I would love to see a sequel.
Nerd Zone! (1 year ago)
what about his son hahahaha
Dexter Morgan (1 year ago)
What is the name of the interviewer?? Thank you in advance!
J Shepard (3 months ago)
Lara Spencer. She's also on HGTV.
John Doe (6 months ago)
Brandi Love?
DaMastah (1 year ago)
4:02 Dat laugh, doe.
Robbie Nally (1 year ago)
one of the best space travel movies ever, and Mathew Machanehey did awsome in it
where is danny black (1 year ago)
great movie... oh the feels
Evan R Garcia (1 year ago)
he could be Rick on the walking dead if anything ever happened
J Wang (1 year ago)
is that brandi love
ashly Sanchez (1 year ago)
"because my dad promised me"
T A R S (11 days ago)
ashly Sanchez what
Niyati Shah (1 month ago)
ashly Sanchez I cried so hard at that
Seymour Butts (1 year ago)
why didnt he see his son at the end?
Just call me Tsuyu (2 months ago)
Because he died 2 decades prior
Vlisto (1 year ago)
Ronny Kumar He could be dead already.
zap eran (1 year ago)
bcs his daughter dying to see him
Robert T. Peterson (1 year ago)
Worst movie I have ever seen.
Abhinav Annam (2 months ago)
Robert T. Peterson F off fag
Ray Sefo (1 year ago)
y have this movie on my phone and y think y watch it more then 20 times .Lol....y always be fascinated with the universe
Luke Davis (1 year ago)
Brandi love
Screen Tester (7 months ago)
Btw , what's her name
Screen Tester (7 months ago)
I thought I'm the only one !!
ody vinty* (1 year ago)
David Molano (1 year ago)
What's the name of the presenter?
J Shepard (3 months ago)
Lara Spencer.
Laugh out LOUD (1 year ago)
David Molano Brandi love
lordoftheflings (1 year ago)
he looks pissed off and annoyed during this interview.
ZeroHBR (1 year ago)
Really? I didn't get that vibe at all, but maybe if you had to work on your birthday you wouldn't be so happy.

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