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Kris Jenner, Gwen Stefani, January Jones, among the star-studded crowd at Moschino’s circus-themed r

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(9 Jun 2018) KRIS JENNER GUSHES OVER KIM'S CLEMENCY WIN, KHLOE'S CALIFORNIA RETURN Kardashian matriarch Kris Jenner may have arrived to Moschino's resort collection show sans family, but her famous kids weren't far from her mind. After posing backstage with designer Jeremy Scott, Jenner gushed over Kim Kardashian West's successful appeal to President Donald Trump in Alice Marie Johnson's prison release.   "Yeah, clemency to Alice and that's been a major event. I'm just really proud of her because she decided that this is something that she wanted to do, she went after it, she worked on it for months and months and, you know, was able to have this amazing result due to an amazing team of people who work for this for really long time, for years," said Jenner backstage before Friday's (8 JUNE) show at the Los Angeles Equestrian Center. Johnson was released days after Kardashian West's personal plea. The 63-year-old had spent more than two decades in federal prison on 1996 drug convictions. She was not eligible for parole. Jenner also addressed rumors that Khloe and her newest granddaughter, True, may be moving back to California. "I hope so! I mean, yeah. It'll be fun. I can't wait till she comes back. So it'll be great," said Jenner. Khloe has been living in Ohio since giving birth in April amid a torrent of tabloid speculation that her NBA boyfriend, Tristan Thompson, cheated on her while she was pregnant. Jenner was thrilled to have one of the hottest tickets in town to Moschino's circus-themed extravaganza.   "I'm such a big fan, first of all, and just have been buying Moschino for, (since) the 80s. I have like a collection in my little vintage closet. So I was so excited to be able to come tonight and to be invited and included and I'm just thrilled to see the show tonight and what he has to offer. I mean, he's got such an imagination, such great creativity and really sort of, I love the style. It's relaxed but playful and all of it. And this circus tonight is everything! Like it's so authentic. That's what I love about it," she said. Gwen Stefani was also having a fangirl moment backstage before the show. "I'm a fan and a friend, but I'm a fan first - let's make it clear, you know? He's just so talented. He does such fun stuff, you know, and I like that, like I'm into that. And he's been so unbelievably generous to me. Like literally I'll just be like, 'Oh who sent me these sparkly flame Ugg boots right now?' 'Those are from Jeremy Scott! Oh Jeremy!' Like it's just so exciting and fun every single time it happens. And I'm doing Vegas so he's working with me on one of my costumes, the grand finale of the show. So we finally are working together for the first time. I mean we've done like, I've worn his stuff, but we've never done anything like for me. Like it's pretty exciting," she said. The No Doubt frontwoman and L.A.M.B. designer was also feeling nostalgic for her fashion show days. Cirque du Scott opened with the designer-turned-ringmaster teasing "death-defying acts of glamour" for the audience, which also included January Jones, Jaime King, Billy Idol, Emma Roberts, Aubrey Plaza and Paris Jackson. "Yeah, I'm a huge fan," said Jones. "I've always wanted to come to one of the shows. He does a resort show in LA, it always has a fun theme and the circus, I mean who doesn't want to go to the circus on a Friday night? So I was excited to come." Jaime King was in awe of the ambiance, which came complete with circus performers and a Ferris wheel. Find out more about AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/HowWeWork Twitter: https://twitter.com/AP_Archive Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/APArchives Google+: https://plus.google.com/b/102011028589719587178/+APArchive​ Tumblr: https://aparchives.tumblr.com/​​ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/APNews/ You can license this story through AP Archive: http://www.aparchive.com/metadata/youtube/14a0078c5839395b8a10e9121a9c7413
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Circus more out of the ring !! What kind of circus animals are those? too funny !! lol
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