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Dr John Chia: The Role of Enterovirus in ME/CFS, Symposium on Viruses in CFS
"The Role of Enterovirus in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome / Myalgic Encephalomyelitis" A presentation by Dr John Chia at the International Symposium on Viruses In Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and Post-Viral Fatigue. June 2008, Baltimore, Maryland, USA. Conference details: http://www.iacfsme.org/Portals/0/pdf/HHV6SatBroch08.pdf John Chia, MD, UCLA School of Medicine & EV Med research, California, USA. Dr. Chia is President of EV Med research and Assistant Clinical Professor at UCLA School of Medicine. An infectious disease specialist by training, Chia became interested in the role of enterovirus in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and recently published original research from a study that found 135 out of 165 (82%) of CFS patients had stomach biopsy samples that stained positive for enterovirus antigens compared with 7/34 or 20% of the controls. He also found that 9/24 or 37% of CFS patients had enterovirus RNA in their gut tissue compared to 1 out of 21 controls. Dr. Chia is actively investigating treatment strategies for persistent enterovirus infections. Dr John Chia's studies and presentations are listed here: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/John_Chia More details on the persistent mutated non-cytolytic / non-cytopathic enterovirus infections Dr Chia and many others have found in ME/CFS patients here: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/Non-cytolytic_enterovirus A list of studies which have found enterovirus infection in ME/CFS patients given here: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/List_of_enterovirus_infection_studies More info on Dr Chia's interferon treatment for ME/CFS: https://me-pedia.org/wiki/Interferon Note that the presentation slides in this video are not from Dr Chia's original Baltimore conference, but are higher quality slides obtained from Dr Chia's other presentations (at the Invest in ME London conferences). Thus this is a reconstructed video, using the original soundtrack, but higher quality images. This was necessary because the original Baltimore conference video had very low image quality. The original intact low quality version can be seen here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_4T2BztNvE8
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