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Earth in Habitable Zone of Sirius Star - Goldilocks Zone - Universe Sandbox 2 - Beauty Above Us
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Strange World of Morbid Curiosities: Macabre Collections not Featured on Ripley's Believe It or Not
Paul Gambino takes us on a fascinating—some might even say gut-wrenching—journey into the world of Macabre collections and those collectors who desire to possess them. From shrunken heads, freshly decapitated heads, death masks, pickled fetuses, and other squeamish collections… this edition of Mysterious Matters dwells into the darker side of collectibles and is not for the weak of stomach…or heart. "Top 10 Macabre Collectibles" "coast to coast am" "coast to coast am 2017" "Danse Macabre" "Macabre Collection" "
Catch the Next Big Wave with UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office
On June 22nd, 2014, local and international industry members, academics, and innovators gathered at the San Diego Central Library to Catch the Next Big Wave with the University of California, San Diego Technology Transfer Office before the 2014 BIO International Convention. UC San Diego envisioned the future of biomedical research with leading researchers with featured speakers Robert C. Dynes, Larry Goldstein, Nicholas C. Spitzer, Shu Chien, and Larry Smarr. Agenda: (0:00-2:24) Opening by Jane Moores (2:24-14:16) Welcome by Robert C. Dynes (14:16-17:24) Introduction by Steven P. Fallon of Gold Sponsor, Greer, Burns & Crain (17:24-51:30) "Translating Stem Cells to Therapies" by Larry Goldstein (51:30-1:25:55) "The Future of Neuroscience and What it Means for San Diego" by Nicholas Spitzer (1:25:55-1:57:00) "Engineering in Medicine" by Shu Chien (1:57:00-2:27:33) "Will the Quantified-Self Movement Disrupt Healthcare?" by Larry Smarr Thank you to: Gold sponsors: Greer Burns & Crain Ltd Perkins Coie LLP Bronze sponsors: Gavrilovich, Dodd & Lindsey, LLP Townsend & Townsend & Crew LLP Sughrue Mion PLLC Sutherland Asbill & Brennan LLP UC San Diego Special Events Group The San Diego Central Library For videos of the individual talks by each speaker, please go to the agenda timestamp on this YouTube video and the link will be provided at the bottom of the video window, or visit our profile. PDF Version of the presentations can be found here (http://goo.gl/109JCf) For more information on the UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office, please visit http://invent.ucsd.edu, our Twitter page, http://twitter.com/UCSDTTO, or email us at invent@ucsd.edu.
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DT Daily (Jun 23): NASA's asteroid hunt, Bowie-Jagger remix, Nestle ponders Instafood
NASA has revealed more about its ambitious plan to capture an asteroid in open space, park it next to the moon, and then send astronauts up to have a good look around. The latest news on the mission reveals two possible scenarios. The first is to pick up a full-size asteroid, while the second is to collect a boulder-sized sample. Key technologies are to be refined in the meantime, and various rocks -- up to around 10 meters in size -- are being identified as candidates by the Spitzer space telescope. The mission is scheduled for 2019, while the final decision on which version of the plan the agency will follow will be made the year before. Top NASA official Donald Yeomans makes the incredible mission sound a little too easy. He's quoted as saying "You bag it, attach the solar propulsion module to de-spin it, and bring it back to where you want it." Yeah, right, Don. If it was that simple, you wouldn't have needed Bruce Willis to get us out of trouble back in '98, now would you? http://www.digitaltrends.com/cool-tech/nasa-moving-ahead-with-asteroid-capture-plan-wants-to-grab-one-in-2019/ Have you ever wondered what it would be like to stagger home with Mick Jagger and David Bowie, after a night out drinking? Thanks to one YouTube creative genius, who has remixed the famous Dancing in the Streets music video, we've been given a good idea. Instead of remixing it with new music, the audio track now features sounds you'd associate with the visuals, like the shuffle of feet, the snapping of fingers, and a great big belch from Jagger. There's no entourage, stretch limos, or gorgeous dancing girls here. Instead, we watch these two old rockers stumble down a dark, empty street -- seemingly replaying the nights music in their heads -- often needing to stop each other from falling down. It's definitely less post-concert glam-rock glory and more post-straight shot session at the local dive bar. http://www.digitaltrends.com/music/jagger-bowies-dancing-street-even-hilarious-new-audio-track/ Nestle is developing the next stage of its popular Nespresso machines, which could deliver a personalized food supplement designed to give you just the right amount of nutrients and vitamins needed to live a healthy life. The project is codename Iron Man, and according to Nestle's researchers, the goal is to eventually create a Nespresso-like device that brews up everything a body needs, much like the replicator from Star Trek. The head of Nestle's health division said the device could produce food at the press of a button, and added it could have the potential to become, "the next microwave in your kitchen." As exciting as that sounds, Nestle's wonder machine is still five to ten years away from becoming reality, although we recently saw someone 3D print a raspberry, so who knows? http://www.bloomberg.com/news/2014-06-22/nestle-aiming-to-develop-a-nespresso-of-nutrients.html?_ga=1.224857625.2004083598.1403518615 You're host today is Greg Nibler http://www.digitaltrends.com/dt-daily/dt-daily-nasas-asteroid-hunt-bowie-jagger-remix-nestle-ponders-instafood/
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Catch the Next Big Wave - Larry Goldstein
Larry Goldstein, Ph.D., Professor at UCSD, and director of UCSD Stem Cell Program, talks about the future of biological plastics and stem cells at the UCSD Catch The Next Big Wave event on 6/22. For more information on the UC San Diego Technology Transfer Office, please visit http://invent.ucsd.edu, our Twitter page, http://twitter.com/UCSDTTO, or email us at invent@ucsd.edu.
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Massage Students, Massage Instructors and Massage Schools with Gloria Coppola and Friends
http://massageproce.com http://massagenerd.tv http://massagenerd.com Sponsor: http://www.massagemagins.com/nerd
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Cuomo Signs End-Of-Session Bills | New York NOW [Full]
With the legislative session over, Gov. Andrew Cuomo signs bills to combat the heroin and opioid crisis. The Reporters Roundtable discusses a last-minute bill passed that will tax fantasy sports sites, a lack of ethics reform, Buffalo Billion & more. In the final Chasing the Dream installment, take a close look at regional programs that connect low-income families with fresh fruits and vegetables.
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