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From the Pediatric Trials Network: A study of the pharmacokinetics of acyclovir in premature infants
Herpes simplex virus (HSV) is a very serious infection in babies and often results in death or profound mental retardation. Acyclovir is approved by the U.S. Food and Drug Administration for HSV infections in babies; however, appropriate dosing of acyclovir has not been adequately studied in premature babies. We will administer acyclovir to premature babies with suspected HSV infections and determine the levels of acyclovir in each baby. This will allow us to determine the appropriate dose of acyclovir in premature infants. This is an unmet public health need because it is likely that the drug behaves differently in premature infants than it does in term infants and older children.
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Will There Ever Be a Cure for Herpes: How to Kill Herpes Forever
http://bit.ly/1De4BzU How To Get Rid of Herpes Permanently There are different types of herpes, but the most common ones are the genital, ocular, and oral herpes that can be transferred between people more easily. These types of herpes now have a cure, as a natural herpes simplex can be used as a remedy to eradicate this problem completely. The following are some of the way to kill the virus completely: The use of oregano oil This oil is made from the oregano plant, which is a species of Origanum and a genus of the mint family. This herbal oil is an effective medicine that has antiviral, antifungal, and antibacterial properties and has been used to cure different types of infections. When it comes to herpes, this oil can be used to cure all types of herpes if all the instructions are followed. Scientific research has also concluded that this disease can be cured if patients have a strong immune system and apply this oil daily in order to eradicate the heavy metals that the virus hides behind. The following are the steps followed for permanent eradication of the virus: Step 1 Take several drops of oil in water twice per day. You should have 6-8oz of liquid and the solution should be strong. This means that the liquid should be less, while the oil should be more. The solution should have at least 4oz of liquid in order to prevent more sensation on the lips. If the sensation is more severe, you can apply virgin coconut oil for it to abate. Step 2 Dilute the oregano oil with some virgin oil in the right amount and then take the mixture and rub it on the bottom of your spine. You should then cover your back with a blanket, if you feel a burning sensation, then it means the medicine is working. Do not use too much oil, as this can burn the skin; you can take a small amount of coconut oil with 3 drops of oregano oil to prevent over-dilution of the oil because this will not yield the proper sensation that is required to fight the virus. The oil is applied at the bottom of the spine because this is where the virus lives, and it should be done twice in a day (morning and night) for several months. Step 3 Dilute 2 to 3 drops of the pure oregano oil with golden label virgin coconut oil, then hold it under the tongue for at least 10 minutes. If there is an outbreak of the disease, you can just use plain coconut oil with no oregano oil, and then hold the oil under your tongue several times per day. Otherwise, if there is no outbreak you can use it at least once per day for the best result. Do not make the mixture too strong, as it might burn your mouth. After you have successfully followed these steps, you should also remember to detox your body in order to release all heavy metals. For this to happen, you need to drink a lot of blended or juice shakes daily. You can supplement this with lemon, tomatoes, kale, apples, parsley, apples and tomatoes cilantro, or wheat grass. You should also ensure that these fruits are organic and avoid drinking alcohol or consuming GMOs products during the process, as this will add more heavy metals in your body. Chinese herbs for herpes In addition, the Chinese are known to use different formulae to treat different types of herpes. For example, they use topical application of the herbs, oral administration of the herbs, acupuncture, and herbal mouth rinse to treat oral herpes. They use the herbal formula HERBAL-S # 500 to treat this disease. On the other hand, HERPES-G # 550 is the herbal formula for treating genital herpes. Xia Ku Cao This herb is used to relieve headache, high blood pressure, and fever, as it is believed to be a strong heat clearing herbal medicine. It also has a scientific name referred to as PrunellaVulgaris, and is known to cure infections such as herpes and jaundice. There is also the use of Zovirax (acyclovir) drug as a Chinese cure for herpes. The drug can be taken or applied topically on the lesion. The drug can also be administered intravenously in extreme cases where the patient is admitted in the hospital. When will they have cure for herpes Scientists have been spending many resources in the field and laboratories trying to come up with the cure for herpes. In the recent study that was released on Jan 15, 2014, revealed that some researchers came up with an experimental drug they believed could cure herpes. This drug known as pritelivir could help with viral shedding; hence reducing the amount of time the virus is active. On the question whether there is anyone working on a cure for herpes, well Bryan Cullen who is the director at the Centre for Virology Duke University, believes that a cure could arrive within 10 years as scientists are still facing shortage of funds. Will there ever be cure for herpes On March 10, 2015, some scientists from Yeshiva University believed to have come up with a vaccine for the viral infection. They believe that the vaccine could be used to prevent the disease from spreading, especially genital herpes.
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