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10 Signs that Your Rabbit is Sick
So since Pinky got sick about a month ago, I thought it was probably time for me to make a video on how to know if your rabbit is sick. Pinky is 100% good now by the way. Thank you so much for all the support you guys gave me through the very scary time that he was sick. You helped me more than you know. I hope this video helped! Love you all! //Maria Last video: "Tie Dye Nail Art Tutorial" https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bUXi0H-0YDs ----------------------------------------­­----------------------------- MUSIC INFO: Production music courtesy of Epidemic Sound http://www.epidemicsound.com/ Song: "Wait For The Night" Composer: Sven Karlsson Link to song: https://player.epidemicsound.com/#/search/?search_query=wait+for+the+night p.s. I get free unlimited access to the Epidemic Sound music and sfx library to use on all of my Maker Studios connected channels. ----------------------------------------­­---------------------------- My cooking & bunny channel : https://www.youtube.com/naturallyvegan011 My 3rd channel: drawings & vlogs http://youtube.com/ariavillee My mom's channel: https://www.youtube.com/scorpioannyt My Musical.ly: @AriaABFNV011 My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/ariaabfnv011/ My twitter: https://twitter.com/ariaabfnv011 My Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/artandbeautyfre Business Inquires Only: artandbeautyfreak@gmail.com
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Does my bunny rabbit have cancer? He's losing a lot of hair!
During the last 3 weeks, my cottontail rabbit has begun losing a lot of hair... why? He's currently 7 years old.
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YOUTUBE CONSIDERS ANIMAL RESCUE NOT ADVERTISING-FRIENDLY. OUR ADSENSE REVENUE HAS COLLAPSED. WE REALLY NEED YOUR HELP! PLEASE SUPPORT US ON PATREON: https://www.patreon.com/LetsAdopt PLEASE DONATE TO OUR RESCUE FUND: https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr?cmd=_s-xclick&hosted_button_id=HWQCQ82SR48D2 Either we took the rabbit, or he would be killed. It took us four hours to drive to the small village on Spain’s central plain where a local rescue group handed over the rabbit, who they had called FORREST. FORREST has several fractures, an open fracture of his rear right leg, tibia and fibula and digits on his front right leg and several broken ribs… FORREST has been stabilised and fed and his blood tests are improving. If all goes well, we could operate tomorrow morning…
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Ear Rabbit Cancer
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Cancer / Rabbit Top 10
Top 10 Cancer / Rabbit
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Rabbit in for Presurgical Exam and Fungal Gastritis Treatment
Rabbit in for Presurgical Exam and Fungal Gastritis Treatment
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What is This HUGE Thing?!?!
Merp is a good kitty, he deserves some help!!! Vet Ranch Shirts!!! http://www.magpul.com/vetranch https://www.facebook.com/VetRanch https://instagram.com/vet_ranch If you are interested in helping with animals in the future, please visit our partners at http://www.abandonedpetproject.org to learn more and to donate if you would like. Abandoned Pet Project is a 501(c)(3), tax exempt non-profit organization. There is no shortage of pets in need, so every donation means more lives we can positively change. Music: https://soundcloud.com/joakimkarud/waves
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All Creatures Animal Hospital | Caring for your Rabbit
http://allcreaturesanimalhospital.org/ | All Creatures Animal Hospital in Buffalo and Amherst NY. specializes in veterinarian care for canine (dog, feline (cat), avian (birds) and exotic pets (reptiles, rabbits, rodents). Treating cancer, arthritis, intestinal, weight related illnesses, pet emergencies, immunizations, and providing dental care. 716-636-3600
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Canine Papilloma Virus - Extreme Case
Viewer Discretion Advised. It's gross. Really. We're serious. This week the Bow Tie Vet Guy treats a dog with an extreme case of canine papilloma. Dr. Mike had to recommend surgery for this dog, but he shows you what to look out for and what the treatment for papilloma is. https://www.instagram.com/bowtievetguy/ https://www.facebook.com/BowTieVetGuy/ Music: Epic-logue by Joe Bagale In Every Way by Freedom Trail Studio #papilloma virus #dog with papilloma #extreme case of papilloma #dog with papillomatosis #canine papillomatosis #papilloma treatment #papilloma in mouth #papilloma in nose #extreme papilloma #wart #dog warts #dog wart treatment #wart removal
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SDHB Cancer caused by “Astro-Junk” ( read vid description below and watch link to Veronica guide!)
This video will take You down another Rabbit Den ! I give You real answers if not when I upload but once I experience or discover a mystery eventually I will get the TrueFact behind it ...these two videos I will show You how to challenge and that health matters have Spirital causes ., ok here We go ! This I believe was Zozo in this session all along posing as my Orion Contact. This is how ZoZo gets power over you it’s a construct of the mind not a human spirit it’s no Demon ( The true definition of a demon is a human spirit that has moved away from source due to great tragedy) .. it has no abilities it uses you’re power to manifest time lines. Notice it’s losing energy as years go by with the new cosmic higher vibrations rolling in ! However it’s getting more sophisticated ( you must challenge when channeling ) to shake the rats out. It’s used the term “Taken” and then “MRI” Terms to instill anxiety and fear and then you manifest it as you’d reality. Well I did not buy it. So Ryan and I called on Veronica to get the story This Family blood line cancer is in only 24 in the US and my Brother and nephew are two of them. This is the link to Ryan’s video upload of the session which is the truth of the cause. Nothing to do with Alien Abduction and being harmed genetically. It’s a human issue and evidently my family name my blood line on my Moms mother’s side evidently the name Baron violated human rights during WW1. I’m assuming and it’s a karmic issue. This video on my channel I uploaded just to show You the importance of qualifying who you’re communicating with. You must challenge four times. This cancer called SDHB or Retroperitoneal Paraganglioma is being aggressively studied and treated at an Instatute in Ga. in many cases it resembles an octopus and it will secrete a hormone that kills the host if doctors attempt to remove it from where it’s found which is in the Ab. The host has to Cryogenically cooled and life functions stopped in order to remove it and then you’re brought back online again. Veronica and Ryan’s session interesting enough she comments that many are afraid that they too will get the cancer Which is probably why they are aggressively treating it when only a couple dozen have it. The reality is people are sick because they want to be sick the human body has the ability to cure itself and to heal itself those who have chronic pain typically have a lower Astro spirit attachment that resides in that part of the body. However of all the diseases I’ve examined and the relationship between higher mind The only one that stopped me was the one that’s plaguing our bloodline and our family. I had a feeling it was karmic based it’s not a curse as there’s no such thing but the emotion of hate causing Astro junk to attract to our extended bloodline as Veronica calls it. In the link below You see Ryan asking my Guide ( his grandma ) to tell us about this rare cancer ....It boils down to forgiving and asking for forgiveness as there are issues that carry over into future incarnations and they can follow the physical bloodline. https://youtu.be/VfIkKjQpXXg
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12. Cancer Hair Loss and Neuropathy
Thank you for your support - the GoFundMe is complete! https://www.gofundme.com/Matt-Gardner-Fighter-Pilot-Fights-Lymphoma-Cancer Don't forget to subscribe. It would be awesome if these videos were able to help as many future cancer patients and caregivers as possible. In this video, I discuss hair loss and neuropathy due to chemotherapy. Music was "Don't Want No Foo-Foo Haircut on My Head" by Mojo Nixon & Skid Roper
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Disabled rabbit enjoying breakfast in style
Rabbit with amputated back leg enjoying breakfast in style. Ziggy is eight-years-old and had bone cancer in her back leg which was amputated four weeks ago. She has splayed front legs and still can't walk, so I will be making videos as we try various prosthetics, exercises and bunny wheelchairs to help her back to independence. Thanks for watching.
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Myrrh Oil - Top 10 Health Benefits and Uses of Myrrh Essential Oil
In this video, we will reveal the Top 10 Health Benefits and Uses of Myrrh Essential Oil. ............................................................................. ............................................................................. ***RESOURCES*** 1. Myrrh Oil: http://amzn.to/2vPKJYa 2. THE BOOK: Essential Oils Natural Remedies: The Complete A-Z Reference of Essential Oils for Health and Healing: http://amzn.to/2upXBqE 3. Essential Oil DIFFUSER: http://amzn.to/2wukNRC 4. Essential Oil Diffusing NECKLACE: http://amzn.to/2hKVyXY 5. Essential Oil Amber Glass Roller BOTTLE: http://amzn.to/2vjYPCu 6. Fractionated COCONUT OIL (to dilute oil for safe topical use): http://amzn.to/2vmNHmI ............................................................................. ............................................................................. We're dedicated to teaching holistic wellness, naturally improving life without the use of toxic chemicals. If you want to see more videos like this one... SUBSCRIBE. FOLLOW US ON FB: www.facebook.com/NaturalCuresHR FOLLOW US ON TWITTER: www.twitter.com/NaturalCuresHR ............................................................................. ............................................................................. Video Transcribed: Myrrh Essential Oil Benefits & Uses Myrrh, one of the three oils the 3 wisemen brought to baby Jesus, is a resin that comes from a twisty tree that grows in desert areas. The essential oil Myrrh is actually harvested by cutting into the tree trunk and steaming the sap. That explains the high dollar price attached to a small bottle of Myrrh oil now doesn’t it!? In this video we will give you the top 10 benefits of Myrrh and why you should invest in a bottle of this essential oil! ONE: Anti-Bacterial and Anti-Fungal Benefits Myrrh oil is beneficial in treating wounds and preventing infections. Use it for athlete’s foot, ringworm, and even acne. TWO: Cancer Remedy Researchers found that myrrh inhibited growth in eight different types of cancer cells, specifically gynecological and skin cancer. THREE: Antioxidant A study conducted on rabbits in 2010 showed that myrrh can protect against liver damage due to its potent antioxidant capacity. FOUR: Anti-Parasitic If you (or your pet) have a parasite, try ingesting myrrh oil in a vegetable capsule (or add to your pets food). Myrrh is known to kill parasites. FIVE: Skin Health Myrrh soothes chapped and cracked skin, prevents aging, and maintains healthy skin. SIX: Relaxation Add myrrh with a carrier oil (such as fractionated coconut oil) for a relaxing massage that decreases stress. SEVEN: Prevents Gum Disease and Most Infections Due to anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, myrrh can treat and prevent gingivitis and mouth ulcers by using myrrh oil as a mouthwash and toothpaste. EIGHT: Digestion Myrrh oil is helpful in improving digestion, upset stomachs, diarrhea, and indigestion. NINE: Treat Ulcers and Wounds Myrrh oil increases white blood cell function which results in significantly improving the healing time of cuts and ulcers. TEN: Treat Hypothyroidism Add 3 drops of Myrrh oil onto your thyroid daily to improve a low functioning thyroid. Have you ever used myrrh oil before? What is your favorite use for myrrh? Share with us in the comments below! ............................................................................. ............................................................................. Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Natural Cures Home Remedies for Health channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or another qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your healthcare provider.
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How Do Reduse Cancer Cell In Body Using By Fruits || Graviola/ Bunny Grapes
How Do Reduse Cancer Cell In Body Using By Fruits || Graviola/ Bunny Grapes cancer foods to avoid miracle foods that cure cancer fruits for cancer patients Soursop Juice Raw healthy drink to help cure desises like cancer and rheumatism cancer remedies Guanbana 80\/10\/10 MT World How to eat Soursop raw vegan vegan living food Blendtec Vitamix Soursop Juice Good for your health Healthy Food Tropical Fruit Exotic Fruit frutarian Healthy Recipe eat in asia fruits in bali cancer cure health remedy soursop leaf soursop leaf extract soursop smoothie raw food recipe the most healthy fruit cure rheumatism anti cancer foods that you need to eat anticancer fruits anti cancer fruits fruit anti cancer 5 anti cancer foods must eat top cancer fighting fruits Fighting Cancer anti cancer diet anti cancer foods anticancer studies cancer fighting foods best cancer fighting foods the best fruits for cancer cancer diet breast cancer diet prevent cancer fight cancer foods that prevent cancer natural cures cancer fruits against cancer fruits benefits cancer foods home remedies breast cancer pink october cancer foods breast cancer awareness cancer fighting foods cancer diet anti cancer foods breast cancer diet anti cancer diet breast tumor breast cancer information foods that prevent cancer breast cancer prevention best cancer fighting foods fight cancer egan vegan diet veganism sugar fruit fructose fruitarian raw food raw food diet raw vegan diet low fat raw vegan colin campbell china study freelee the banana girl freelee durianrider vegan gains high carb low fat vines that will never die vines that butter my eggroll vinesauce joel vines clean vines rip vines funny vines for kids vinesauce vinny vines 2015 vines 2014 vines vines 2013 vines 2016 vines vines vines animals vines and dubs vines asian vines age vines and dubs msp vines and memes vines afv a funny vines vines dance vines dead vines dank agust d vines vine edits dank memes cancer vines that can cure cancer Cancer dies when you eat these 5 foods time to start eating them 5 anti cancer foods cancer stopping foods foods for breast cancer foods for colon cancer foods for prostate cancer foods for bowel cancer foods for stomach cancer foods for skin cancer cancer fighting foods anti cancer foods that you need to eat cancer dies when you eat these 7 foods foods for liver cancer green tea for cancer natural remedies for cancer home remedy for cancer stop cancer spreading chemo truths a global quest a global quest episode 1 how to beat cancer with natural cures cancer truths ty bollinger cancer documentary what is the best treatment for breast cancer best natural cancer treatment which natural cancer treatments work cancer alternative cancer cures does chemotherapy work best food to cure cancer hank green vlogbrothers cancer research drug cure the cure race for the cure disease tumor cell division genes chromosomes mutations nucleotides proteins ras myc p53 oncogene tumor suppressor chemotherapy radiation cancerous genetic resection ionizing radiation cytoskeleton genome sequencing sequencing cell line encyclopedia cancer genome project personalized medicine treatment 5 Common Signs of Prostate Cancer Common Signs of Prostate Cancer Signs of Prostate cancer Prostate Cancer Most Common Signs of Prostate Cancer Cancer of Prostate Cancer The most common signs of prostate cancer how to lose weight lose weight THIS WOMAN CURED HER STAGE 4 CANCER WITH ONLY ONE INGREDIENT how to cure cancer Why We Haven't Cured Cancer treatment for cancer home remedies for cancer how to lose belly fat lose belly fat how to lose weight cure of cancer treatment for cancer patients treatment for cancer in hindi remedies for cancer remedies for cancer in astrology cancer cure documentary cancer remedies at home healthy foods fruits Kyuson Yun Outis cancer curing cancer cheomtherapy radiation immunotherapy tumor glioblastoma metastasis genetic mutation subclone heterogeneity cell cancer stem cell malignant treatment cancer Colorectal cancer colon cancer anticancer colon colon cancer treatment cure home remedies JACKFRUIT health treatment home remedies for cancer herbs medicine (field of study) natural medicine natural healthCure For All Diseases Except Death This Plant Cure Diabetes kill diabetes diabetes cure cure diabetes naturally goodbye to diabetes forever goodbye to diabetes say goodbye to diabetes power of lemons power of cranberries plant based plant based diet vegan diet vegan veganism low fat high carb vegan gains raw food diet raw food raw vegan diet dr john mcdougall dr michael greger china study dr colin campbell fruit fruits best fruits to eat fruit and cancer fruit fights cancer cancer freelee freelee the banana girl durianrider soursop juice soursop popcicles Soursop (Food) graviola soursop and cancer soursop for kids mali mali-maat Health (Industry)
AHH! Bot Fly Larvae Makes Rabbit Its Home
Snow comes in to see Dr. B because of flees and mysterious bumps on her side. It's not an infection, but it sure is disgusting. #DrJeff - SATURDAYS 9/8c Full Episodes | https://www.animalplanetgo.com/dr-jeff-rocky-mountain-vet/ Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimalPlanet
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Rabbit mammary gland mass removal at animal hospital of ivy
Rabbit mammary gland mass removal at animal hospital of ivy square 2012
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Michio Kaku: How to Reverse Aging
Don't miss new Big Think videos! Subscribe by clicking here: http://goo.gl/CPTsV5 Enzymes like Telomerase and Resveratrol, though not the Fountain of Youth unto themselves, offer tantalizing clues to how we might someday soon unravel the aging process. Question: Do you think the enzyme Telomerase could be used to reverse the aging process in our lifetime? (Submitted by Paul Cellura) Michio Kaku: Paul, Telomerase hit the headlines; however, I think we have to put it into perspective. It is not the fountain of youth; however, it is a significant breakthrough. We have to put it into a much larger perspective. First of all, we know that DNA is sort of like a shoelace. It has plastic tips at the end. Every time a cell reproduces, the tips get shorter and shorter and shorter until finally they fray. And you know that your shoelace, without the plastic tips will simply fall apart. That's what happens inside a cell. A cell, for example, your skin cell, will divide about 60 times, that's called a Hayflick Limit. Then the cell goes into senescence and eventually dies. So in some sense, every cell has a biological clock. It is doomed to die after about 60 reproductions. However, Telomerase can eliminate some of the contraction of the chromosomes and the chromosomes can maintain their length. So at first you may say, "ah-ha! We can now defeat the biological clock." But not so fast, first of all, cancer cells also use Telomerase. Cancer cells are immortal. Cancer cells are immortal and that's precisely why they kill you. Why are cancer cells so dangerous? Because they are immortal. They grow and they grow and they grow until they take over huge chunks of your body, meaning that your bodily functions cannot be performed and you die. So we have to make sure that when you hit ordinary cells with Telomerase that you don't also trigger cancer in the process. Now, also you have to realize that genes are also very essential for the aging process. It turns out that we know what aging is. Aging is the buildup of error. That's all aging is. The build up of genetic and cellular error. And cells begin to age; they begin to get sluggish because genetic mistakes start to build up. Now cells; however, have a repair mechanism. They can repair damage to their cells; otherwise we would all basically rot very soon after birth. However, even the repair mechanisms eventually get gummed up and then the cell really starts to get old as a consequence. So then the question is, can you accelerate cell repair? That is another branch of gerontology which is being looked at using genes and using chemicals to accelerate the repair mechanisms. For example, if I take any organism on the planet Earth from yeast cells to spiders, insects, rabbits, dogs, and even monkeys now. And I reduce their caloric intake by 30%, they live 30% longer. In fact the only organism which has not yet been deliberately tested by scientists are homo sapiens. All the other species obey this basic rule. You starve them to death, they live longer. This is independent of Telomerase. This is a function of the wear and tear that we have on the cells. And this is the only known way of actually deliberately extending the lifespan of any organisms almost at will. Now, what we want is a genetic way of mimicking this mechanism without having to starve yourself because how many people do you know would be willing to starve themselves in order to live 30% longer? Not too many. So then the question is, are there genes that control this process. And the answer is apparently, yes. There's something called the Sirtuin genes, Sir2 being the most prominent of them. They in turn stimulate certain enzymes, among them Resveratrol, which is found in red wine, for example. So this does not mean that drinking red wine or taking Telomerase is the fountain of youth. I don't think that anyone has the fountain of youth yet. What I am saying is, we are now finding pieces of the fountain of youth, tantalizing clues that mean that perhaps in the coming decades, we might be able to actually unravel the aging process. We don't have it yet. Don't go out to the drug store and stock up on these kinds of chemicals and enzymes thinking you're going to live forever. However it is conceivable that in the coming decades we'll come very close to finding it.
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Cannabis Oil Cured My Dog of Bone Cancer & Chronic Hip Dysplasia
For 8 years between 2008 & 2016 my dog Embro had pain daily from the hip dysplasia he was diagnosed with when he was just 9 months old. The vets instructed me to control him levels of energy so that he would not hurt his hips by suggesting I give him elderly dog food which had lower levels of nutrients. Over the years I was also tried to manage my rottweilers hip dysplasia with over he counter supplements such as glucosamine and chondroitin, and pure Wild Alaskan Salmon Oil. I also tried daily smimming him almost daily in the summer months when I had a lake near by I could up until a few years ago. So I been doing this for many years only to find out a couple of years ago in early 2016 he now is dying of bone cancer and all his nail were brittle and falling off; very painful. The vets told me they've never seen anything like that with his nails before, and thought it might be some kind of malnutrition. Hmm I wonder why... They had to amputate one of his toes because the cancer had metastasized into a squamous cell carcinoma . It was sent off to a lab and confirmed he had osteosarcoma. "Osteosarcoma is a bone malignancy that predominantly affects children and adolescents, and exhibits high invasion and metastasis rates." "It has been reported that the five-year survival rate of patients who suffer from this disease remains at only 20% due to a high rate of systemic spread at the early phase" The vets also told me he might live a year and would need some chemotherapy medicines eventually. I refused, never gave him any what so ever, and told them I would cure him with my cannabis oil instead. I've been giving my dog micro doses each day going on two years now. The oil has a 1:1 ratio of CBD:THC, and was extracted from a strain called Durga Matta II CBD that I grew myself too. I give him about 2.5mg (0.0025 grams) of my extract twice daily on a weiner and within 5-10 minutes he coming alive, eating, and stretching :-) Well it appears I didn't just cure my dog of his bone cancer, but also of his chronic hip dysplasia that he has had for 7 years between 2009 and 2016. I cured my dog of bone cancer! And I knew what I was doing because I did my homework. Here is the link to the article that caught my eye. It's called ""Potentiation of the antitumor activity of adriamycin against osteosarcoma by cannabinoid WIN-55"" Have a good look at the footnotes in the second paragraph of the Introduction. Then scroll down near the bottom and read the Discussion too. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC4580018/ Please share my channel with others and do your own research too! Pay it forward.. ""Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has." If you're looking for me and/or want to chat some time you can find me on Discord I have a nice friendly & social server here's the link https://discord.gg/wrDBDr7
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Clinics of chemical Skin Carcinogenesis
Clinics of chemical Skin Carcinogenesis Chemical skin carcinogenesis is an important chapter of cancer research. Yet its contribution to cancer cure is marginal. These experiments seem to explain what cancer might be, but do not indicate how to cure it. Experimental cancers are regarded as cancer models while in reality they are animal diseases which differ from human cancer. I shall now describe skin carcinogenesis in terms of diseases. Skin carcinogenesis is about poisoning a rabbit’s skin which later responds with a tumor. Cancer researchers will tell you in minute detail how cancer is formed, yet remain indifferent about its cure. Let’s start with an infectious pappilomatosis of wild rabbits. Shope isolated virus particles from warts on captured animals and inoculated domestic rabbits, which then developed similar warts. Papilloma virus (PV) is tropic to epithelia in the skin which develops hyperkeratosis. Actually Shope discovered two different rabbit diseases: 1. Chronic wart disease of wild rabbits without cancer 2. Chronic wart disease of domestic rabbits, which get cancer. Chemical carcinogenesis is about cancer of domestic rabbits. Coal tar causes a chronic chemical dermatitis. All skin manifestations protect the skin from the poison. Epithelium 1. Hyperkeratosis reduces the inflow of tar 2. Stem cell genome shuffling. Stroma 3. Inflammation removes dead cells and repairs tar induced damage. This sick rabbit is regarded as a valid analog (model) of Shope’s infectious disease. Two stage carcinogenesis is an ongoing systemic mouse toxicosis which may end as cancer. These experiments proved scientifically how a wart may kill you. Yet failed to explain why this mechanism fails in wild rabbits. Wild rabbits were protected by the healing power of nature (vis medicatrix naturae) which I call host resistance against cancer.
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Fewer radiation treatments, fewer side effects
Bunny was a breast cancer survivor of 20 years when she felt a lump in her breast. After learning she had breast cancer for the second time, she was thankful that the Ortenzio Cancer Center was close by. Bunny said her treatment wasn't anything like she had 20 years ago. She underwent hypofractionation, which meant fewer treatments and fewer side effects. To learn more about hypofractionation for breast cancer patients at UPMC Pinnacle visit https://www.UPMCPinnacle.org/cancer
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UPMC Pinnacle Hypofractionation - Bunny's Story
Bunny was a breast cancer survivor of 20 years when she felt a lump in her breast. After learning she had breast cancer for the second time, she was thankful that the Ortenzio Cancer Center was close by. Bunny said her treatment wasn't anything like she had 20 years ago. She underwent hypofractionation, which meant fewer treatments and fewer side effects. To learn more about hypofractionation for breast cancer patients at UPMC Pinnacle visit https://www.UPMCPinnacle.org/cancer
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Eric Hovind B17 Cancer Scam Busted by FDA (feat. Genetically Modified Skeptic)
On June 29, 2017, district director Torres-Irizarry of the U.S. Food and Drug Administration sent an official warning letter to Eric Hovind in his capacity as president of Creation Today ministries. Their web store was -- and is -- selling B17 Amygdalin and Bitter Raw Apricot seed tablets, combined with a book called "World Without Cancer: The Story of Vitamin B17". Now selling the tablets themselves isn't a problem, but it is when you claim they are a cure for a disease -- which the FDA says Eric was doing in violation of section 201(g)(1)(B) of the Federal Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Act. See, it's unlawful to make claims that a given substance can be used a drug for the treatment of disease when it is not approved by the FDA on the basis that no controlled clinical trials have shown it to work. Genetically Modified Skeptic https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCG1uayRlzz3ahT8ISRdyw7Q Creationist illegally selling false hope cancer drug (by Thunderf00t) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tu4X6OJt-EY A World Without Cancer — the Truth of Vitamin B 17 by G Edward Griffin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=m18y3keyNjY Special thanks to Shannon Q, who wishes to punch 85-year-old "World without Cancer" author G. Edward Griffin for the harm he's done. Follow me at http://www.patreon.com/paulogia http://www.twitter.com/paulogia0 http://www.facebook.com/paulogia0
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KAWAII Anime Dances That Can Cure Depression | 最高にかわいいアニメのダンス
CAN YOU HANDLE ALL THIS CUTENESS?! Funny/Cute/Weird Anime Dance Compilation #1 INTRO: "Dancing (ダンシング)" by YouthK Saeki OUTRO: Tamako Market ED - Neguse Anime Used (Top Left Corner): Mayoi Neko Overrun Specials Amagi Brilliant Park OVA Shirobako Macross Frontier Musaigen no Phantom World Hinako Note Kantai Collection Amaama to Inazuma Tamako Market Plastic Neesan Nichijou Carnival Phantasm Special Season Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai Ren Fairy Tail Another Gintama GochiUsa S2 Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? Hentai Ouji to Warawanai Neko. Kill Me Baby Koufuku Graffiti Kuroshitsuji Special Yamada-kun to 7-nin no Majo OVA Kyoukai no Kanata Kakuchou Shoujo-kei Trinary Kore wa Zombie Desu ka? of the Dead Konobi ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Huge Thanks to these Patrons (couldn't manage to put in outro): DDevil Tony Yi Asclepius Felix Martin Biscuit Elijah Tourtillott SUPPORT THIS CHANNEL (it helps a lot) ►https://www.patreon.com/KHORnime SUBSCRIBE FOR MORE VIDEOS (Hit that notification bell to stay updated) ►https://www.youtube.com/c/KHORnime ►https://www.youtube.com/c/KHORnime20 ▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃▃ Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted by copyright statute that might otherwise be infringing. Non-profit, educational or personal use tips the balance in favour of fair use. If you are the original owner and want me to remove the video, I will do it immediately, just send me an email to inform me. Please do not resort to any unnecessary copyright strikes. My email: KHORnimeKHORnime@gmail.com
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Pet Therapy -Play with Rabbits
https://www.mayoclinic.org › pet-therapy Pet therapy is a broad term that includes animal-assisted therapy and other animal-assisted activities. Animal-assisted therapy is a growing field that uses dogs or other animals to help people recover from or better cope with health problems, such as heart disease, cancer and mental health disorders.
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Pancakes - Fitzpatrick Referrals Cancer Survivor
For National Cancer Survivors Day 5th June 2016 we are celebrating life with a few of our patients who have visited our Cancer Centre and overcome their condition. Pancakes came to Fitzpatrick Referrals Oncology Centre after being diagnosed with a tumour in her pelvis. Not many people are aware that rabbits can get cancer too, and that it is treatable. This is her story... http://bit.ly/1UtN9Si ‪#‎CancerSurvivors‬ ‪#‎CelebrateLife‬
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Farmer Discovers That This Seemingly Ordinary Rabbit Hole Contains A 700 Year Old Secret
Farmer Discovers That This Seemingly Ordinary Rabbit Hole Contains A 700 Year Old Secret It might look like an ordinary rabbit's hole, but this tunnel unearths a stunning CAVE. The unassuming hole reveals a cave which is hidden less than a metre beneath a farmer's field. The untouched caves, in Shropshire, date back 700 years when they were used by followers of the Knights Templars - a medieval religious order that fought in the Crusades. Photographer Michael Scott, from Birmingham, set out in search of the historical wonder after seeing a video of it online. Ghost Shark Filmed On Camera For The First Time Has A Penis On His Head https://youtu.be/4YKimT74xgk 🎞📽10 Rare Historical Photos https://youtu.be/uI-ZnhYhUBI Behind the Scenes of James Bond in HD Photos 17 Pics https://youtu.be/tqZYxDvti48 World’s Ugliest Art Post Your Hometown “Art” You’re Ashamed Of https://youtu.be/kZFIUpycVDk 🙃Artist Who Lost Her Stepfather To Cancer Is Now Making Free Henna Crowns For Cancer Patients https://youtu.be/dmidQbT2Jjk Rare Historical Photos Pt 10 Pics https://youtu.be/ABQmjR6M6NM Could the Alcatraz Escapees Still Be Alive Here Are Some of Historical Photos of The Great Escape fr https://youtu.be/GYCllrZYtSM FUNNY VINTAGE PHOTOS OF FLAPPERS POSING WITH THEIR CLASSIC CARS IN THE 1920S https://youtu.be/eFWrbOdjGiw What Most People Don't Remember About WWI Is That It Was Shockingly Gruesome https://youtu.be/4B8p_sN2C3s Ever Wanted To Take A Spin On The Titanic? Well, That Dream May Soon Come True. https://youtu.be/MAbhU0lvxTo Dads can be their kids' most important role models and superheroes https://youtu.be/HtCUFahK3EY Couple Waits 70 Years To Take Their Wedding Photos, And Love Is Still In The Air https://youtu.be/OfTw0_QtJ1M Men's Hair Loss: Treatments and Solutions (transplant ) https://youtu.be/rx1mv_O676A Animals That Totally Look Like Celebrities https://youtu.be/J7cT2rxlWfs Puppy Was Left To Die After Falling Into Hot Tar, Until Miracle Happens https://youtu.be/CAYUxck8_kI The Funniest Like Father, Like Son Pics Ever Taken https://youtu.be/0z4wCP6r-M0 Drivers Are Using Terrifying Reflective Decals On Rear Windows To Fight Against High Beam Users https://youtu.be/MXuWDL4tE50 Artist Spends 3 Years Rewriting The Entire Quran In Gold On 164 Feet Of Silk By Hand https://youtu.be/OFO0-EDrZJE 10 Babies Who Look Like Celebrities https://youtu.be/uwgNm2rEM0k 30 People Having Worse Days Than You https://youtu.be/uYcQGk6Lmc8 ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬(ஜ۩۞۩ஜ)▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ╱╱┏╮╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱╱ ╱╱┃┃╱╱╱┳╱┓┳╭┫┳┓╱ ▉━╯┗━╮╱┃╱┃┣┻╮┣╱╱ ▉┈┈┈┈┃╱┻┛┛┻╱┻┻┛╱ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ Thanks for watching █ ▆ ▅ ▃ ☞ subscribe for more | videos https:https://goo.gl/Z4nZcg ☞ Follow me | Facebook:https://goo.gl/LyhMpY ☞ Follow me | Twitter: https://goo.gl/zuz8gE ▬▬▬▬▬▬▬(ஜ۩۞۩ஜ)▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬▬ ▃ ▅ ▆ █ Don't forget to subscribe to our channel!!! █ ▆ ▅ ▃ watchmojo, watchmojo com, viral,youtube, trending videos, scary, videos, top10, top5,
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My Rabbit | Tutu |
A domestic (or domesticated ) rabbit ( Oryctolagus ), more commonly known as a pet rabbit , a bunny , or a bunny rabbit is any of the domesticated varieties of the European rabbit species. They may be considered a pocket pet depending on their size. A male rabbit is a buck, a female is a doe, and a young rabbit is a kit or kitten . This article is about the domesticated form of the European rabbit. For the wild variety, see European rabbit . For all rabbit species, see Rabbit . Rabbits were first exploited by the Romans as sources of food and fur , and have been kept as pets in Western nations since the 19th century. [1] Beginning in the 1980s, the idea of the domestic rabbit as a house companion, or house rabbit , was promoted. Rabbits can be litter box trained and may come when called, but they need exercise and can damage a house that is not "rabbit proof". Especially following the Easter season, unwanted rabbits end up in animal shelters . [2] Because they have become invasive in Australia , pet rabbits are banned in Queensland . [3] History Phoenician sailors visiting the coast of Spain c. 12th century BC, mistaking the European rabbit for a species from their homeland (the rock hyrax Procavia capensis ), gave it the name i-shepan-ham (land or island of hyraxes). [ citation needed ] Virgin & Child with Saint Catherine of Alexandria and a Rabbit Titian (ca 1530) The captivity of rabbits as a food source is recorded as early as the 1st century BC, when the Roman writer Pliny the Elder described the use of rabbit hutches, along with enclosures called leporaria ( fr). [1] A controversial theory is that a corruption of the rabbit's name used by the Romans became the Latin name for the peninsula, Hispania . [4] In Rome, rabbits were raised in large walled colonies. [ citation needed ] In the 19th century, as animal fancy in general began to emerge, rabbit fanciers began to sponsor rabbit exhibitions and fairs in Western Europe and the United States. Breeds of various domesticated animals were created and modified for the added purpose of exhibition, a departure from the breeds that had been created solely for food, fur, or wool . The rabbit's emergence as a household pet began during the Victorian era . [ citation needed ] The keeping of the rabbit as a pet commencing from the 1800s coincides with the first observable skeletal differences between the wild and domestic populations, even though captive rabbits had been exploited for over 2,000 years. [1] Domestic rabbits have been popular in the United States since the late 19th century. What became known as the "Belgian Hare Boom" began with the importation of the first Belgian Hares from England in 1888 and, soon after, the founding of the American Belgian Hare Association, the first rabbit club in America. From 1898 to 1901, many thousands of Belgian Hares were imported to America. [5] Today, the Belgian Hare is one of the rarest breeds, with only 132 specimens found in the United States in a 2015 census. [6] The American Rabbit Breeders Association (ARBA) was founded in 1910 and is the national authority on rabbit raising and rabbit breeds having a uniform Standard of Perfection, registration and judging system. The domestic rabbit continues to be popular as a show animal and pet. Many thousand rabbit shows occur each year and are sanctioned in Canada and the United States by the ARBA. Today, the domesticated rabbit is the third most popular mammalian pet in Britain after dogs and cats. Rabbits have been, and continue to be, used in laboratory work such as the production of antibodies for vaccines and research of human male reproductive system toxicology. The Environmental Health Perspective, published by the National Institute of Health , states, "The rabbit [is] an extremely valuable model for studying the effects of chemicals or other stimuli on the male reproductive system." According to the Humane Society of the United States, rabbits are also used extensively in the study of bronchial asthma, stroke prevention treatments, cystic fibrosis, diabetes, and cancer. Animal rights activists have opposed animal experimentation for non-medical purposes, such as the testing of cosmetic and cleaning products, which has resulted in decreased use of rabbits in these areas. [ citation needed ] Terminology Male rabbits are called bucks ; females are called does. An older term for an adult rabbit is coney, while rabbit once referred only to the young animals. [7] Another term for a young rabbit is bunny , though this term is often applied informally (especially by children) to rabbits generally, especially domestic ones. More recently, the term kit or kitten has been used to refer to a young rabbit. A young hare is called a leveret ; this term is sometimes informally applied to a young rabbit as well. A group of rabbits is known as a "colony" or a "nest".
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Bunny Bootcamp | Celebrity Sweat | Breast Cancer Awareness
The Playboy Bunny Playmate Dancers take celebrity fitness expert Eric the Trainer through one of their favorite workouts for staying at the top of their game! Visit www.csweat.com to download this and many other exciting workouts and fitness tips!
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How to make Pepper Spray Rabbit Repellent (Garden Tip No. 4)
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Treating Dogs and Other Pets With Colloidal Silver
Want more great colloidal silver videos? Just click SUBSCRIBE. For more information on treating dogs and other pets with colloidal silver, see the short article directly below... Treating Dogs and Other Pets With Colloidal Silver Many people use colloidal silver to help heal infections in their cats, dogs and other pets. Stomach infections, eye and ear infections, cuts, bites, burns and more can all be effectively treated with colloidal silver, the world's most powerful natural infection-fighting substance! In this short but revealing video, you'll learn some of the simplest and most effective ways of treating pets with colloidal silver. And you'll discover how I healed my pet Chow, Red Dog, of a debilitating and stubborn stomach infection using colloidal silver. Learn more eye-opening tips about making and using colloidal silver at: http://www.TheSilverEdge.com Related Articles: FREE Colloidal Silver Safe Dosage Report http://www.ColloidalSilverSafeDosageReport.com Pets and Colloidal Silver http://www.thesilveredge.com/pets.shtml How Colloidal Silver Saved My Pet Chow From a Nasty Stomach Infection http://www.thesilveredge.com/how-colloidal-silver-saved-my-pet-chow-from-a-nasty-stomach-infection.shtml How Colloidal Silver Cured My Pet Tortoise of a Nasty Upper Respiratory Infection http://www.thesilveredge.com/colloidal-silver-cured-my-desert-tortoise-of-a-serious-upper-respiratory-infection.shtml Is Colloidal Silver a Cure for Stubborn Pet Odors? http://www.thesilveredge.com/pet_odors.shtml FDA Warns Against the Use of Colloidal Silver for Farm Animals and Pets http://www.thesilveredge.com/fda-warns-against-the-use-of-colloidal-silver-for-farm-animals-and-pets.shtml View this video on YouTube.com at: http://youtu.be/h9SdyAlRJlY
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Killing Cancer with Cannabis
Killing Cancer with Cannabis Museum of Science | Boston, MA October 1st, 2018 The Museum of Science welcomes David "Dedi" Meiri, PhD, a biologist and director of the Laboratory of Cancer Biology and Cannabinoid Research at Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, and Bonni Goldstein, MD, a physician who specializes in cannabis medicine, medical director of Canna-Centers, and author of Cannabis Revealed: How the world's most misunderstood plant is treating everything from chronic pain to epilepsy. In conversation with Kara Miller, host and executive editor of WGBH Radio's Innovation Hub. Funding provided by the Reno Family Foundation Fund. This program is free thanks to the generosity of the Lowell Institute.
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City Creatures Animal Hospital | Dental care for your pet
http://citycreaturesbuffalo.com/ | City Creatures Animal Hospital in Buffalo and Amherst NY. specializes in veterinarian care for canine (dog, feline (cat), avian (birds) and exotic pets (reptiles, rabbits, rodents). Treating cancer, arthritis, intestinal, weight related illnesses, pet emergencies, immunizations, and dental care. 716-873-7000
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Mr Meow needs help with his cancer treatments
Mr Meow was a victim of severe kitty abuse. His previous owner kicked him so hard she broke his jaw and knocked out almost all of his teeth! Luckily my cousin Elaine and her husband David came along and rescued him from this awful person. Luckily she is now in jail serving a 5 year sentence (unrelated to Mr Meow's abuse) so she is OUT of the picture. A few weeks ago my cousin noticed Mr Meow had a large lump forming under his chin, and so we took him to my vet (my cousin is in middle of moving in with me) and the vet delivered some devastating news. After some x-rays and blood work it appears Mr Meow has cancer of his jaw right where it was broken! Right now it looks like we may not be able to save him but we can give him steroid shots to slow the growth of the tumor and ease his pain. These shots will cost upwards of $300 every 3-4 weeks or so. My cousin just got emergency surgery and was out of work for a long time and both her husband (and myself) are on disability payments. We are in the process of setting up a Go Fund Me page and we can use all the prayers, well wishes, and some money if you have it to spare. Please feel free to share this as much as you can to help spread the word. Any excess money will be donated to the Wallowa County Humane Society as they are a small association in a county of around 7k people that relies entirely on volunteers to feed and house all the stray animals. Please feel free to ask questions in the comment section below. If you can help here is the Go Fund Me site to help with Mr Meow's treatments: https://www.gofundme.com/2ea4mck
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Rabbit Vs Paper Towel
I gave my rabbit Zoey a paper towel to play with. He had a BLAST with it. I was trying so hard not to laugh while taping but he was just TOOOOO CUTE!! Watch and see! :) (Yes I said he. His First owner though HE was SHE..so he was named Zoey.) Zoey was put down on July 11th 2009! After a long battle that started with a tumor under his chin. This tumor ended up giving him Pasturella (a VERY hard disease to kill in rabbits but they can live with the disease). I put Zoey thru surgery to remove the tumor. The vet said that the pasturella was in Zoeys jawbone and he was a total mess in there. We did awesome with no tumors for a few months.. then one developed again. Not wanting to put Zoey back thru surgery (and money was a factor too) I held on to him as long as i could. He got to the point when the tumor would swell he would cry. I couldnt take it anymore knowing he was in pain. I said if he cried one more time I was going to end his crying for good. Sure enough it happened and I couldnt bare it. The night before his vet visit he got everything and anything a rabbit could want..( he even got chocolate!!!) He went peacefully at 9:15 am. Zoey lived to the rip old age of 8. He was born Aug. 21 2000. He was a old man!!!! He is missed very much. I still cry for him and wish he was here but something tells me that he is near me. He knew how much i loved and adored him and he was the same with me! Im glad his video is available for the world to see and I hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching!.
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Does Animal Protein Cure Cancer?
Obsession of eating meat make us more susceptible to cancer. Plant-based diet lower the chance of getting cancer.
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All Creatures Animal Hospital | Preventative healthcare for your pet
http://allcreaturesanimalhospital.org/ | All Creatures Animal Hospital in Buffalo and Amherst NY. specializes in veterinarian care for canine (dog, feline (cat), avian (birds) and exotic pets (reptiles, rabbits, rodents). Treating cancer, arthritis, intestinal, weight related illnesses, pet emergencies, immunizations, and providing dental care. 716-636-3600
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New Treatment for Early-stage Breast Cancer Available at Emory Healthcare
Full Story: http://bit.ly/1PZ7dMw - An innovative new tool in the fight against breast cancer allows patients to undergo a one-time radiation treatment, directly in the cavity where the tumor has been removed, during surgery for early-stage breast cancer. A team of community and faculty doctors at Emory University Hospital Midtown is now treating patients with Intraoperative Radiation Therapy (IORT) during breast-conserving surgeries.
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Rabbits, Birds, Reptiles and Dogs Ep 207
In Animal Allies, we do the rounds with dedicated British Animal Doctor Celia Newlove on a busy day in her Hampshire surgery. We watch as Celia uses all her skill to help Fluffy the rabbit with his troublesome teeth.... and then applies plaster to an anxious lamb with a broken leg. Our Animal Helper is a man who's living out his boyhood dream.... and the world is benefiting. Walter Mangold lost everything when his business folded but he turned trouble into triumph to establish South Africa's internationally renowned "World of Birds". In our How To guide this week, we'll tell you the do's & don'ts of caring for pet reptiles. And there's the groundbreaking new role for man's best friend. Extraordinary new research is testing whether some dogs can actually sniff out cancer. There've already been some remarkable success stories.
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Amazing Blind & Deaf Bunny
Our amazing pet bunny, BunBun, was diagnosed with cancer last January. She had her tumor removed 2 times, but unfortunately it returned. She has been living well as her tumor has grown. She is just amazing to me. I look at her in awe and try to imagine how it must feel to be in her situation, and yet she acts no different than she did as a healthy bun years ago! She has reminded me that life goes on... no matter what your situation is... and that you must enjoy each day to the fullest!!! .... and not dwell on the little things that could pull you down if you let them! BunBun has been deaf in her left ear & blind in her left eye now for almost 3 weeks. I was heartbroken as this happened and could hardly stomach the care that her eye initially required as she lost her vision. After a couple days I felt that maybe it was her time to go.... that the tumor was at that point of causing pain and quickly demolishing her quality of life. Boy was I wrong!!!! It was tough as I learned to care for her eye... but BunBun and I learned together how to cope with this new situation. Well.... really she has taught me how to cope with this situation. She doesn't miss a beat.... plays outside, munches carrots, hops up and greets anyone that passes her way, and stops EVERYTHING if you offer her a bit of TLC! She lives for love and gives away more than she receives... she is just amazing to me! I really think she has no idea that she is 8+ years old and dying of cancer. She's just a happy loveable bun, wiser and sweeter than many folks I know! Thank you, my sweet BunBun, for being such a wonderful friend, and always reminding me about "the good stuff" in life! You are one cool pet and I love ya!
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Hey guys Youmuus here and today we are playing one of the most annoying builds on one of the most annoying champions. We are going glacial alignment Teemo. This basically lets Teemo have super early perma ... in lane at ... lv 1. Good idea Riot ▶Shirt : https://www.teepublic.com/t-shirts?query=youmuus ▶Subscribe : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC7TF8VwgVidohvfEf1N_ZWQ?sub_confirmation=1 ▶My Music Channel : https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpfdn1TAQWaGDhJDWbnNkkg?sub_confirmation=1 ▶Also Twitter https://twitter.com/YoumuusYT ▶Follow me on Twitch http://www.twitch.tv/youmuusfromyoutube/profile ▶IGN: NA: YoumuusYT / Jhin God PBE: Youmuus / Like the video
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32 Amazing Benefits Of Carrot Juice - Superfoods You Need
32 Amazing Benefits Of Carrot Juice. Considered to be one of the most popular root vegetables all across the globe, carrot is undoubtedly a powerfood. Whether it is eaten raw or cooked, this sweet vegetable is an integral part of every kitchen. But did you know that having carrot juice on a daily basis can prove to be more advantageous than having one or two carrots a day. The simple fact that carrot juice is derived from a minimum of three to four carrots makes it even more healthy. Flip through any diet plan, and you will definitely come across carrot juice. This juice is packed with nutrients and other essential minerals like manganese, potassium, vitamin K, and many more. Carrot – A Brief. Carrots are not just for Bugs Bunny! They are indeed a blessing as they are a rich source of necessary nutrients and minerals. Carrots are full of biotin, molybdenum, dietary fiber, potassium, vitamins K, B1, B6, B2, C, and E, manganese, niacin, panthothenic acid, folate, phosphorus, and copper. They help treat and prevent diseases like cancer and diabetes and improve our vision, skin, hair, and nails. Drinking carrot juice daily is a habit that everyone should inculcate as it is both healthy and tasty as well. Not a combination that is easy to find. Including a new element in your diet can bring about a lot of questions, especially regarding the whens and hows. Don’t worry, we are here to clear all your doubts. Carrot Juice Health Benefits. Carrot juice a boon for our body as it heals a number of ailments. Let’s take a look at the benefits of having carrot juice daily. 1. Improves Immunity And Controls Heart Diseases. You won’t believe it, but consuming a glass of carrot juice regularly can actually boost your immunity. It also helps keep your heart healthy. Carrots are a rich source of vitamin A and beta-carotene, which make it effective in warding off germs. The abundance of vitamin A in carrot juice can prevent the onset of heart diseases and strokes. Vitamin A also keeps the lining of the internal organs healthy in order to prevent it from being infected by pathogenic organisms. 2. Reduces Cholesterol. Do your cholesterol levels keep fluctuating? Try and adopt carrot juice that is way better than the commercial products boasting of zero-percent trans fat. The potassium present in carrot juice can reduce cholesterol levels, thus reducing the risk of heart disorders. 3. Aids Clotting Of Blood. Carrot juice has vitamin K that helps in the clotting of blood. This prevents loss of blood and hastens the healing process as well. 4. Heals External Wounds. Having carrot juice can quicken the process of healing external wounds. So, the next time you end up with scrapes and cuts, don’t forget to drink carrot juice. Vitamin C, which is present in generous amounts in carrot juice, helps to heal wounds quickly. 5. Prevents Cancer. Carrot juice also acts like an anti-cancer agent. The increased intake of carotenoids in carrot juice has been said to decrease instances of bladder, prostate, colon and breast cancers. 6. Enhances Bone Health. Who says only spinach can make you stronger like Popeye? Carrot juice is also a strong contender. Vitamin K, present in carrot juice, is essential for the protein-building process in the body. It also helps in the binding of calcium, which in turn leads to the faster healing of broken bones. Potassium present in carrot also helps to improve bone health. 7. Cleanses The Liver. Carrot juice can cleanses and detoxifies the liver. The regular consumption of this tasty juice can help in releasing toxins from the liver. The bloodstream cannot rid the body of toxins and bile through the kidneys. They have to be ejected from the skin. Carrot juice aids this process and ensures that the harmful bile is removed from the body. When the liver functions well, it prevents the accumulation of fat and aids in its rapid digestion. This prevents weight gain and obesity. 8. Cures Infections. Our body is exposed to millions of germs and infections daily. Carrot juice can prevent and cure infections both internally and externally due to its antiviral and disinfectant properties. Its oral application treats internal infections developed in the mouth, throat, stomach, intestine, urinary tract, and colon. Carrot juice also cures cough, cold, flu, bronchitis, mumps, measles, rashes, sores, ulcers, psoriasis, carbuncles, gangrene, etc. 9. Relieves Abdominal Gas. We all experience the feeling of bloated at some point in time. This happens due to the accumulation of gas in our stomach and can be really painful. The carminative nature of carrot juice helps in eliminating the gas stored inside your stomach as well as intestines, thereby providing relief.
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UPMC Pinnacle - Bunny's Hypofractionation Story (30 sec.)
Bunny was a breast cancer survivor of 20 years when she felt a lump in her breast. After learning she had breast cancer for the second time, she was thankful that the Ortenzio Cancer Center was close by. Bunny said her treatment wasn't anything like she had 20 years ago. She underwent hypofractionation, which meant fewer treatments and fewer side effects.
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City Creatures Animal Hospital | Preventative healthcare for your pet
http://citycreaturesbuffalo.com/ | City Creatures Animal Hospital in Buffalo and Amherst NY. specializes in veterinarian care for canine (dog, feline (cat), avian (birds) and exotic pets (reptiles, rabbits, rodents). Treating cancer, arthritis, intestinal, weight related illnesses, pet emergencies, immunizations, and dental care. 716-873-7000
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Bethany's Bike Build
A group of Motorcycle builders come together to build a motorcycle in a day. Dylan's beautiful wife found out this year that she has breast cancer and had to take leave from work so she can get a handle on her cancer treatments. Money raised will help with her medical bills. Any money raised that exceeds their bills will then be passed on to other families medical bills. Lets join together once again and make our Moto Family even bigger! The motorcycle will be raffled off May 31st! Go here for all the details: http://www.gt-moto.com/donate SUBSCRIBE to my Channel to Get More Running Rabbits Videos: https://youtube.com/c/runninrabbitsfilms BECOME one of my Patreon supporters: https://www.patreon.com/runninrabbits Link to the playlist of Texas Horny Toad videos - https://youtu.be/B1gVddIN4xo Antique Motorcycle Lover? Here is my playlist of the 2014 & 2016 Motorcycle Cannonball Runs - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLjfMP99yvLZ7q1dcjCWnm4CLXjld_DeHr All of my other Motorcycle Videos can be found here: Don’t forget to like Running Rabbits Films on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/runninrabbits/ Follow Rebecca on Instagram - https://www.instagram.com/therealtiggirl/ More about Running Rabbits Films - http://runninrabbits.com/
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Pumpkin Season - Using The Seeds As A Dewormer
Last year I showed you how to get free pumpkins and how to use them to feed your livestock. This year I'm doing that again, but I'm also using the pumpkin in different ways. This week I show you how to use the seeds as a natural medicine to get rid of intestinal worms. I would be honored for you to ►LIKE, ►SHARE and ►COMMENT on this video. Subscribe for more fun videos. #growreallife is my hashtag to connect people interested in Growing Real Life. This is a bit of a double meaning. Growing Real means following the patterns of nature. Real Life is developed fully in our gardens and our souls when we pattern ourselves in harmony with nature. Grow with me. Twitter: http://twitter.com/daddykirbs Instagram: http://instagram.com/daddykirbs My Blog: http://daddykirbs.com/ Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/daddykirbs Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/daddykirbsfarm
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Cute Baby Squirrels Get a Flea Treatment
Practice Manager Nicole has a soft spot for all animals and these baby squirrels are no exception. They need some flea treatment, then they'll need a new home to live in since they've been around humans too long to be released back into the wild. Catch DR. DEE: ALASKA VET Saturdays at 8/7c on Animal Planet: http://www.animalplanet.com/tv-shows/dr-dee-alaska-vet/ Subscribe to Animal Planet: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=animalplanettv Join us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AnimalPlanet Follow Animal Planet on Twitter: https://twitter.com/AnimalPlanet
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8 Anti cancer Fruits You Should Be Eating Every Day
Read the article you can access the source : livelovefruit.com 8 Anti cancer Fruits You Should Be Eating Every Day ______________________________________________________ The channel owners like to thank the site source of this valuable information and wish all viewers their support in every way If you believe that there is something contrary to the rights of authorship and publication, send us a message on Youtube messages and comment below the video and we will contact you because we do not want to be exposed to your rights and we do not mean policy violations and we are in advance happy with you ______________________________________________________ Ascending the Vale Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com) Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 License http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ ______________________________________________________ Disclaimer: The materials and the information contained on Home Remedies Daily channel are provided for general and educational purposes only and do not constitute any legal, medical or other professional advice on any subject matter. These statements have not been evaluated by the FDA and are not intended to diagnose, treat or cure any disease. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health provider prior to starting any new diet or treatment and with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition. If you have or suspect that you have a medical problem, promptly contact your health care provider. ---------------------------------------------------------------- Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976, allowance is made for "fair use" for purposes such as criticism, comment, news reporting, teaching, scholarship, and research. Fair use is a use permitted. "Fair Use" guidelines: www.copyright.gov/fls/fl102.html https://www.law.cornell.edu/uscode/text/17/107
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The Grieving Process: Coping with Death
Sign up for our WellCast newsletter for more of the love, lolz and happy! http://goo.gl/GTLhb There is no right or wrong way to deal with the loss of a loved one. The grieving process is rough—and it's different for everyone. It's not just a matter of coping with a loss, but coping with change—and that takes time. Today on WellCast, we're dealing with a very difficult subject. How do you deal with the death of a loved one? How do you live your life in the face of a life-changing event? We don't have all the answers. Honestly, you'll need to work through your through the stages of grieving in a way that works for you. But we do have some advice to help you heal. Check out some other awesome episodes of WellCast: 1. Coming Out http://goo.gl/amysN 2. Ways to Stop Bullying http://goo.gl/WOzSy 3. How to Break the Ice http://goo.gl/CmS8O 4. Dealing With Rejection http://goo.gl/f3Pw5 5. Party Survival Guide for Introverts http://goo.gl/WYZVe Want a packaged deal? Check out our playlists! 1. Top 10 Most Popular WellCast Videos http://goo.gl/nDrJC 2. For Our Introvert Friends http://goo.gl/CeYbO 3. Tips for your Social Life http://goo.gl/ZKkrS 4. Our Relationship and Dating Advice http://goo.gl/ODZZf 5. Study tips for School! http://goo.gl/0hRQ8 ABOUT WELLCAST: In this twice-a-week show, we explore the physical, mental and emotional paths to wellness. With an emphasis on education, the show addresses both the latest trends and long-standing practices of wellness—everything from the efficacy of the gratitude experiment to the importance of sunshine and vitamin D. Follow along as your host, Kate, guides you through a bi-weekly journaling exercises that helps you apply what you've learned. The ultimate goal: one year, one show, one journal, one collective journey to wellness. Like us on Facebook! http://goo.gl/0DHVJ Follow us on Twitter! http://goo.gl/Ylcv6 Find us on Google+ http://goo.gl/ylCVT Follow us on Tumblr! http://goo.gl/Ds3TB Follow us on Instagram! http://goo.gl/q3IUC Follow us on Pinterest! http://goo.gl/lNhu2
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Captain America Pranks Comic Fans with Surprise Escape Room // Omaze
Subscribe to Omaze for more celebrity prank videos: https://goo.gl/ZWkVrf. Chris Evans (Avengers: Infinity War) has taken over a comic book store to secretly create the ultimate Captain America escape room. Find out if some unsuspecting customers can escape the clutches of Hydra. To assemble with Chris on your own adventure, enter here: http://bit.ly/ChrisEvans_EscapeRoom Every entry of $10 or more benefits Christopher’s Haven, a nonprofit that provides supportive housing for families whose children are receiving outpatient pediatric cancer treatments in Boston, MA. Subscribe to our social channels for the latest updates and undercover prank videos! YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/omaze?sub_confirmation=1 Twitter: https://twitter.com/omaze Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/omazeworld About Omaze: Founded by Matt Pohlson and Ryan Cummins, Omaze is an online fundraising platform that makes giving fun and easy by offering once-in-a-lifetime experiences and exclusive merchandise in support of incredible causes. Our campaigns connect influencers, nonprofits and donors to create lasting impact, and they've raised funds and awareness for more than 200 charities with donations from over 175 countries. For more information, check out omaze.com. #Omaze #ChrisEvans #CaptainAmerica
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