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911 problems resolved in Saratoga County
SARATOGA COUNTY -- Crews have fully restored 911 service in Saratoga County. A problem with an underground Verizon cable knocked out all administrative lines into the Sheriff's Department and half of the lines into the County's 911 center. Crews got the lines back up and working on Tuesday afternoon. Officials say they will be discussing the matter further in the coming weeks and will further their emergency action plan in case something similar happens in the future.
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Emergency Child Custody Situation in Saratoga County
If you are going through a divorce or dealing with a family law issue, our team of skilled attorneys can help you and your family seek legal solutions that offer the best chance for an amicable, workable future. We provide a full range of divorce services, such as representation in uncontested divorce and no-fault divorce, negotiation or litigation of initial child support and child custody orders, spousal support and maintenance, property division, and enforcement of premarital agreements and postnuptial agreements. Contact us today for a consultation at (518) 380-2588 or visit us on the web (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/). Divorce (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/divorce/) | Family Law (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/family-law/) | Child Custody (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/child-custody/) | Child Support (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/child-support/)
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Saratoga County stages disease drill
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- County health staff and volunteers practiced for disaster April 7, with a "disease drill" at Maple Avenue Middle School. Kathy Duncan, director of the Saratoga County Public Health Nursing Service, said the drill was an effort to see how much medication they could distribute in case they had to perform countermeasures against an attack such as anthrax. Nurses and county employees were attempting to hand out 1,500 doses of antibiotic in one hour.
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Five days after Hidden Hills residents were told to pack up and get out as the Woolsey Fire raged, authorities said today its safe to go back. The Los Angeles County Sheriffs Department said today that folks could start heading back into the gated celebrity enclave at 9 a. PT. Meanwhile, residents of Calabasas, Westlake Village and Agoura Hills also are being allowed to return in some areas of those cities, though SoCal Edison notes that some sections of Calabasas remain without power. All three areas were hit hard by the fire, with numerous homes damaged or destroyed. Topanga and Malibu, however, continue to remain closed with evacuation orders still in place. Authorities are working to reopen on- and off-ramps of the 101 Freeway that have been closed since Thursday. The Fire Incident Command continues to monitor the active fire areas, as well as those areas remaining closed due to critical infrastructure concerns or safety hazards, the LACSD said..The Hidden Hills repopulation includes all residences west of Valley Circle Boulevard, east of Crummer Canyon Road and north of the 101 Freeway to the northern city limits. Here are the limited reopenings in the other affected cities:Calabasas• West of Topanga Canyon Boulevard• Northwest of Mulholland Highway• North of Stunt Road• East of Las Virgenes Road• East of the Lost Hills Road neighborhoods (including Lost Springs and Saratoga)• South of the Los Angeles/Ventura County LineWestlake Village• City limits on the west, from the intersection of Westlake Boulevard and Sycamore Canyon Drive - north to the Ventura County and City of Agoura Hills boundaries. Agoura Hills• Chesebro Road on the eastern border• Agoura Road (north and south sides of the road) from Chesebro Road to the west..The Sheriffs Department said all other road closures and evacuated areas for the Woolsey Fire remain in effect and stressed that it will have a strong presence in the repopulated and evacuated areas for the next several days to ensure the protection of our residents and their property.. /business/
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Emergency Medicine at Saratoga Hospital
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Albany County Sheriff- Introduction-Emergency Preparedness Month
Albany County Sheriff- Introduction-Emergency Preparedness Month
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Missed Approach in Hard IFR at Piseco lessons learned
Flew up to Piseco NY and attempted an approach to minimums at the airport. I did not think the airport was at minimums when I planned the flight but it became evident on the approach that this would be to minimums. Many lessons learned here in the de-brief to make me a better pilot next time. Overall a good day of flying.
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Man Pepper Sprayed by Saratoga Police
Adam Rupeka was pulled over in downtown Saratoga Springs, NY on May 16, 2015. During the stop, a city police officer pepper-sprayed Mr. Rupeka and then placed him in the back of a police cruiser with the windows rolled up, further increasing the pain of the substance. His lawyer, James Knox from E. Stewart Jones Hacker Murphy successfully had the charges dropped on June 4 and plans to file a civil case against the police officer and department.
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Pilot escapes crash landing with minor injuries
GREENFIELD -- An experienced pilot escaped a crash landing with minor injuries on Tuesday night after his engine lost power.Shortly before 3:30PM, the Saratoga County Sheriff's Office received calls about a plane crash landing off of Middle Grove Road. Sheriff's Deputies, along with the Greenfield Fire Department and Empire EMS responded to the scene. The pilot, 67-year-old Bill Booth, sustained minor injuries to his hands and legs and refused to be taken to the hospital.Booth was flying from the Saratoga County Airport to Blue Mountain Lake, where he has a home. The Sheriff's Office said that Booth had nearly 4,000 hours of flying experience. The Sheriff's Office and Federal Aviation Administration determined that a mechanical issue in the engine caused the plane to lose power.
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New Concerns About Westchester County Airport
Friday, Feb. 2, 2018 The Westchester County Airport is a victim of its own success. The more people use it, the more crowded and noisy it gets for people who live near it. RFL & The Journal News look at the challenges it's facing, and plans to deal with them.
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Mass Casualty Incident Drill at Shen School di
CLIFTON PARK -- Sunday morning was a race against time to save lives at Shenendehowa's Koda Junior High School. Eight fire departments, three ambulance squads, New York State Polices, helicopters, and emergency officials from across Saratoga County swarmed the school. But this time, it was just a drill. "The things that we learn, lessons that we'll learn from today will help us go back and change our plan and add some additional training to our members to be prepared for the day that this might happen," says Arthur Hunsinger, 1st Assistant Chief for the Clifton Park Fire Department. The Mass Casualty Incident Drill was the first one done at this locations, and only happens every few years. "One, it provides an opportunity to make contact with all the different emergency providers across the county. And, it gives them a chance too to get familiar with our buildings because that's always the issue in emergencies how familiar people are with the locations," says Dr. Oliver Robinson, Superintendent. The situation being simulated in the frill is one of the first responders say could happen in real life easily. A bus driver has a medical emergency, and drives into the building injuring and killing several students. But, luckily in this case the students are just acting. "Shen houses the largest number of people during any daytime on this campus of over 25 thousand. So the chance that something could happen to this magnitude ranks very high," says Hunsinger. "These are reality's I mean accidents happen and things happen, and I think that we can as a community think that we're never too safe," adds Robinson. Emergency crews will now look over what they can improve on from their response at the drill and make changes to better save lives.
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Saratoga Couty New York Quality of Life SCC_QOL_v2.mov
Experience quality of life in Saratoga County, New York....one of upstate New York's premiere counties. A great place to live, work and play. Saratoga County is a destination rich in culture, arts, history, equine tradition, outdoor recreation, world class attractions and top-rated annual festivals.
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Saratoga Code Blue Shelter
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Upstate Transit of Saratoga Bus Safety
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Phone outages hit Saratoga 911 center
BALLSTON SPA - If you live in Saratoga County and need to call 911, you may get re-routed. Verizon has been working since Sunday to fix a problem with an underground cable that has knocked out all of the administrative lines into the Sheriff's Department and half of the lines into the County 911 Center. Chief Richard Castle of the Saratoga County Sheriff's Department say, if you have an emergency and you call 911 you will be able to get through, it just may not be a Saratoga County dispatcher that answers. The 911 Center has ten phone lines into it and as of Monday evening, only 5 of them are working. If more than 5 calls come in at one time, Warren and Washington County dispatchers are prepared to assist. The dispatchers at the Saratoga County 911 Center are conducting business as usual despite the fact that only half of the lines are working. If those 5 lines get tied up, the system automatically transfers incoming calls to another county, "any calls being received by them would be handled by the dispatchers receiving the call on their end, they would then notify our center by radio to dispatch the appropriate local resources," says Chief Castle. But of course, the big question is whether that delays a response time, "it's an extra step but the delay is minimal, it's really no more... with the radio it's really no different than one dispatcher on one side of the room telling somebody else to dispatch a call," he says. While crews from Verizon work to locate and fix the problem that's caused the outage, they have offered a patch to get some of the administrative lines working again. The Director of Emergency Services for the County, Carl Zeilman, says that's not good enough, "I'm working with Verizon, making sure that they have the resources on the ground, finding out what happened and what caused this situation and how fast they're going to rectify it," he tells CBS6. This is not the first time the phone lines into the 911 Center have been down. Two years ago, according to the Chief, all 10 lines went down following a problem with an underground cable. At that point, it was decided to use a "diverse routing" system--meaning half of the lines come into the building in one area, the other half via a different cable, to prevent a total outage again. "When it went down that time, we lost all 911 capability, after that we had another meeting with Verizon and we made some changes which is why this time we did not lose our full capacity, we'll debrief this situation with Verizon as well afterwards and come to a resolution to improve this in the event it happens again," Chief Castle says.
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Former pilot soars again
SARATOGA COUNTY-- A former pilot and terminally ill patient is flying high after Community Hospice arranged for him to take one final flight. Bill Lyons is 93 years old and he will be the first to tell you he's ready to take off. Lyons has not been behind the controls for more than 25 years but he has about the same amount of experience as a pilot under his belt. Lyons is also now battling colon cancer. He lives at Gateway House of Peace in Ballston Spa but Wednesday he was making himself at home in the cockpit of a Cessna 172. "I thoroughly loved being in business and worked until I was 81 years old," Lyons said. Lyons owned Manastrip in Saratoga County, a company that manufactured train and plane parts and distributed them throughout the world. Every time Lyons needed to travel more than 400 miles he would fly. "I'd still be working if my legs didn't give out," Lyons said. But lucky for Lyons pilots don't really need working legs, just sharp eyes, which he has. Lyons pointed out all the controls on the plane he knew, which was a lot of them. For Lyons flying was always more of a practicality than a hobby. "Matter of fact I find it kind of boring to just go up and fly around. The interesting part about flying is plotting your course the night before and having a plan," Lyons said. Wednesday's plan was soaring above the Adirondacks and Lake George. Lyons was behind the controls for the duration of the hour flight. "This is the frosting on the cake. That's the only way I can describe it," Lyons said. Lyons says taking off and landing are his favorite parts. "They weren't going to let me land it," Lyons said through laughs, adding that if there was an emergency he knew he could. "It felt just beautiful. Absolutely beautiful," Lyons said. Community Hospice organizes these last wishes for their patients but they say this is the first time they have taken someone up in a plane.
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Happy Holidays from Saratoga Casino Hotel!
Wishing you the very best this Holiday season! Experience our luxury hotel and casino in Saratoga Springs, offering the best in dining, gaming, entertainment and more! There’s never been a better time to Go Saratoga!
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KSAR15 CERT emergency drill
CERT emergency drill, Saratoga city and West Valley College, April 24, 2010
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Saratoga Neighborhood Watch
Saratoga City Council Member Emily Lo, Santa Clara County Sheriff's Office Captain Rich Urena, and Deputy City Manager Crystal Bothelio share information about Neighborhood Watch, the impact it can have on your neighborhood, and how to start your own group. For more information, visit www.saratoga.ca.us/stayingsafe
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Servpro donating van for training purposes
Servpro of Southern Saratoga County donated one of its first vans to the Clifton Park Fire Department for training.
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Emergency responders wearing body armor
BALLSTON SPA -- Some emergency responders will now be wearing body armor when responding to calls.The Community Emergency Corps Ambulance Squad was able to get the armor thanks to donations. They feel it is important to have the armor available to responders because they never know the situation that they will be facing when answering an emergency call.
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Neighbors speak out against airport expansion
SARATOGA COUNTY -- The Gateway House of Peace in Ballston Spa sits right next to the Saratoga County airport. It is a non-profit that welcomes in people with terminal illness, as hospice cares for them."We provide all the love, support and care to them and their families 24/7," said Patti Veitch, a board member.For years, the group worked to fix up the home they work in, with help from volunteers and community donations. It rents the home from the county. But now, the organization is afraid a possible runway expansion at the Saratoga County Airport could wipe that work away."Our fear is that the Gateway House would have to disappear," said Veitch.Saratoga County owns the airport and leases it to North American Flight Services. The company's business manager Jon Zilka told CBS6 that the FAA requires airports to submit a master plan so it can plan for possible future projects. He said that Saratoga County hired a firm to put that together. One of the projects and recommendations that came out of the process was to expand one of the runways. Zilka said that expansion would be about safety."Just because nothing has happened in the past 20 years, that doesn't mean there will not be several deadly accidents in the next decade. Every foot of runway we can add is just one more foot of safety," said Zilka.He said the recommendations included an 800 foot extension, a 300 foot extension and a no build plan. Zilka said he is on the technical advisory committee which recommended the 300 foot extension because the other would have a bigger impact on nearby homes.Even if the recommendation is added to the master plan, he said, it still may never happen."Just because a project is added to the airport master plan does not mean that it will be funded by the FAA to do," said Zilka.But the prospect has some Milton residents and the Milton Town Supervisor speaking out. They don't want people's homes or property impacted."I think that's nonsense, public safety. There's never been a public safety issue with any of the length of runway," said Milton Town Supervisor Dan Lewza.He said he is proud of the residents who have to come to meetings and even started their own."I think people are realizing the Town of Milton is speaking as one voice," he said.On June 9th, the county supervisors Building and Grounds Committee will meet. It will vote on recommendations for the master plan. Zilka said those recommendations will be passed along to the full board of supervisors which will make the final decision.
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Ulster County Sheriff A Contestant in "Lip Sync Wars"
Ulster County Sheriff Paul Van Blarcum says being a contestant in "Lip Sync Wars" was not only fun but fun for a good cause.
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TRAFFIC ALERT: Glenridge Road closed for summer starting today
GLENVILLE -- A section of Glenridge Road will be closed for the summer for a reconstruction project. The roadway will be shut down from Bruce Drive to Maple Avenue.The work this summer will replace the bridge carrying Glenridge Road over the Alplaus Kill, realign and reconstruct Glenridge Road between Bruce Drive and Maple Avenue and construct most of a roundabout at the intersection of Maple Avenue and Glenridge Road.The entire project is expected to last about two months. During the closure, traffic will be detoured onto Route 146 (Balltown Road), Riverview Road (Saratoga County Route 88), Alplaus Avenue and Maple Avenue. All properties in the area will remain accessible to residents and emergency responders.Commuters are encouraged to plan ahead and find alternate routes to avoid delays.
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Saratoga City Council unanimously opposes casino gaming
SARATOGA SPRINGS -- The Saratoga Springs City Council voted unanimously in favor of a non-binding resolution opposing the Upstate New York Gaming Economic Development Act as it relates to a destination resort casino being placed in the city...The 5-0 vote followed close to three hours of public comment and a speech from Mayor Joanne Yepsen, who said she has dealt questions and concerns regarding casinos on a daily basis for three months and is ready to move on to several other important city items that demand her attention. She urged anyone with concerns about a casino being placed in the city to take those concerns to the state. On March 12, the state's Gaming Commission is expected to appoint a five-member gaming facility location board. Local governments have no veto power over whatever decisions that board makes. In November, a little less than 60% of voters in the city and Saratoga County voted against changing the state constitution to allow for the creation of up to seven casinos in New York. That result does nothing to prevent a casino from being placed in the county. Among the reasons commissioners expressed opposition: - risk of adverse effects without agreements and partnerships with the city - risk of the sale or transfer of a casino gaming license - possibility a casino could supplant downtown economic activity - inadequate protection of the horse racing industry - no guarantee of sustained revenue from the state to the city could disrupt city budget and services
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As California fires continue to burn, Catholic Charities aids victims
As wildfires continue to burn throughout the state of California, local Catholic Charities agencies are working with agencies in neighboring states to coordinate relief. The so-called Camp Fire in Northern California has claimed 42 lives in the town of Paradise, and has destroyed nearly 6,500 homes, making it the most destructive wildfire in the state’s history. The fire is only a quarter contained, according to the New York Times, and the local sheriff announced Sunday that nearly 230 people were still missing. At the same time, the Woolsey Fire west of Los Angeles has destroyed an estimated 370 structures and claimed two lives so far. Matt Vaughan, director of communications for Catholic Charities of Northern Nevada (CCNN), told CNA that the agency is working to gather supplies for survivors of the fires. CCNN is headquartered in Reno, Nevada, which is approximately 160 miles east of Chico, California, one of the largest cities affected by the Camp Fire. “We're trying to collect donations, which we will then send over, most likely to Chico,” Vaughan said. “It sounds like they're asking for a lot of the donations to be sent there right now, just because some of the other areas are affected [by the fire]...We have been in contact with Catholic Charities in Sacramento,” he said. “We're just really focusing on getting the really crucial, needed items over to the affected victims over there at this point...warm clothes, shoes, paper products, blankets and coats are among the most needed items right now. And that's really what we're asking the community to provide.” Yvette Myers, Chief Program Officer for CCNN, said she hopes to hear from the agency in Sacramento soon, as well as from the national branch of Catholic Charities, about the best way to deliver supplies. She said they are working jointly with a local organization to send trucks full of supplies to California, starting Nov. 16, and that they won’t know how big the truck will need to be until they begin receiving donations. “We're waiting to hear back from Sacramento...about if it's a possibility that we bring trucks to them, where they're going to go. So it's kind of a waiting game right at the moment,” Myers said. Catholic Charities USA is currently displaying a banner on their website encouraging donations for victims of the fires. “We're actually waiting to hear back from [Catholic Charities USA]...about what the plan is,” Myers said. “Their greatest needs are clothing, hygiene, blankets, coats; they can use anything, but that's what they're really asking for right now.” According to the Diocese of Reno, items that are donated that are not accepted by the donation centers in California will go to local St. Vincent’s Thrift Stores in Nevada. The Hill Fire, burning in Ventura County west of LA, is currently 90 percent contained. Daniel Grimm, Catholic Charities Regional Director for the Santa Barbara/Ventura region, told CNA that although his agency is not heavily involved with first-response relief, their assistance will be greatly needed later on, especially for the poor who are affected by the fires. “We tend to help the low-income end of the spectrum, and in a way there’s sort of a hidden impact of the disaster, but it usually takes a little longer for it to hit,” he said. “We are more handling the secondary things needed: rental assistance, help getting a new place, clothing and food...we don’t have a big ministry in emergency housing,” Grimm said. He said they have thrift stores in Ventura that provide household items for free to those who lost their homes, but he said they don’t get very many requests. “The interesting thing about this fire— and this was actually the case with the fire we had last December— almost everybody who is immediately impacted is insured and has means. So they tend not to flock to shelters,” Grimm explained. “[But] later on, we deal with low-income people who have lost their jobs from not being able to go into work because of road closures, and also tenants who have lost their rental property and need to find a new place. Often they’re not in a position to come up with a new deposit, new first month’s rent.”
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Western Heating and Air Conditioning Utah | Air Conditioner Maintenance | Furnace Maintenance Utah
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Sheriff Craig Apple Interview on Active Shooters and Armed Citizens
We tackle topics such as Terrorism, Active Shooter Situations and the Role of the Armed Citizen during events such as these with Albany County Sheriff Craig Apple Sr.
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Servpro/Fire Dept. Training  (Created with @Magisto)
Created using Magisto. Share your story using the free video editing app that transforms your photos and videos with the swipe of your finger. Available for Android and iOS. Get the app: http://magis.to/get
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Low IFR Approach and landing to the AOPA Fly-in at Groton (KGON)
One of this year's AOPA events was at KGON this year. Since it was close by made sure we went to it. Unfortunately was IFR all day and limited VFR pliots incoming and keeping those arriving Friday on the ground until late in the day when the weather cleared.
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First Female Ulster County Sheriff's Deputy Feted
Ulster County Sheriff's Deputy Deborah Prusack was among 18 in law enforcement recognized at Police Chiefs Association Honors Banquet on June 8
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Ulster county sheriffs inspection/seat check point
Shït ton of cops at ulster check point.
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CERT mock
A mock disaster for Lehi City.
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Servpro Van used in training by Clifton Park Fire Department
Servpro of Southern Saratoga County donated one of their first vans ever used to the Clifton Park Fire Department for training.
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Asking Sarah to Prom...in an airplane!
A very special flight from MQY to MBT. I flew it under the guise of a sightseeing flight for fun, and nothing else. The original plan was to fly over downtown Nashville for some sightseeing and pictures, head southwest to our hometown for more pictures, then fly to MBT for the big surprise . Unfortunately, traffic on both the roads and in the air plus confusion as to where the keys and documents to the plane were meant that we launched late and I had to change the flight plan. Instead, we headed south to Murfreesboro (MBT) for a surprise (She said yes!) and cut out the Nashville leg of the trip. After pictures, we headed west to do some sightseeing over our hometown. Not a bad way to ask a girl to prom.
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The voices of Saratoga Hospital "Patients"
:30 TV spot
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ON POINT: Indiana & Los Alamitos Derbys, Songbird bridge gap to Saratoga, Del Mar
Del Mar Thoroughbred Club and Saratoga Race Course begin their prestigious meetings next week, but there is plenty to look forward to in the meantime with champion Songbird contesting the Delaware Handicap at Delaware Park and the Indiana Derby as part of Indiana Grand's biggest night of racing as well. James Scully and Vance Hanson discuss what's coming up and what's happened on this week's ON POINT.
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Code Blue, The Homeless Are Dying In This Weather
Every bit helps. Giving is living. Thanks for watching. Feel free to connect with us on Facebook. http://www.facebok.com/njresn
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Emergency Heater Repair Ulster County New York | 800-542-5552
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Home Heating Payment Plans Ulster County New York | 800-542-5552
Home Heating Payment Plans Ulster County New York http://bit.ly/Home-Heating-Payment-Plans-Ulster-County-New-York Take the sting out high heating bills with a home heating plan from Main-Care Energy. Serving the Ulster County, Albany New York area and beyond since the 1930’s please call 800-542-5552. Main-Care Energy provides Home Heating Plans to ensure you don’t get hit with high heating bills and can accommodate your heating costs into to your monthly budget. Call Main-Care Energy today at 800-542-5552 to set up your home heating plan today. Budgeting your home heating bill will ensure you are warm, no stress and peace of mind for your finances. Call Main-Care Energy at 800-542-5552 or visit us online at http://maincareenergy.com. We at Main Care Energy care about our customers, providing great service and payment plans that will work on anyone’s budget. Instead of struggling to pay your bills, keep reading to learn how home heating payment plans Ulster County, NY can help you keep your home warm any time of the year. What is a Home Heating Payment Plan? A home heating plan is designed to help homeowners and renters avoid the high heating costs associated with the colder months of the year. Instead of paying the costs as the bill accrues, you will pay a little bit extra in the summer months and much less in the winter months. This gives you the chance to budget appropriately so your family does not have to struggle through the colder months. How to Choose a Home Heating Plan When you are looking for home heating payment plans in Ulster County, NY, you can look at Main Care Energy. We set you up with a plan that you can afford to provide energy to your home the whole year around, even in the coldest days of winter. You tell us your monthly budget and we consider your current energy consumption to come up with the best heating payment plan for you. Why We Excel Not only do we offer the home heating plans that you need, we offer great service even with your budget. In addition to our payment plans, we offer repair of your heater or furnace year 24/7. We repair on holidays, weekends, or any other time you may need this and pair it with the excellent customer service that you deserve. You should never have to feel obligated to turn down your thermostat or make your family bundle up to stay warm in the winter. Instead, apply for home heating plans Ulster County, NY and keep your family warm year round. Main-Care Energy http://www.maincareenergy.com 800-542-5552 1 Booth Ln Albany, NY 12205 Video URL: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wE6apESGuZE Video Marketing by http://VideoBroadcastServices.com Home Heating Payment Plans Ulster County New York
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Saratoga Family Law Attorney Discusses Obtaining Custody of Your Niece or Nephew
Are you in need of an experienced Albany Divorce Lawyer, or Dedicated Saratoga Family Law Attorney in Clifton Park, NY? For more than 20 years, Jean has maintained her capital region law firm, located on Route 9 in Clifton Park, New York. The practice encompasses all areas of family and matrimonial law, an online uncontested divorce service and various areas of estate planning. (https://www.jeanmahserjian.com/) (https://www.nydivorcenow.com/) (518) 380-2588
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Popular 'Augie's' Burns to the Ground
Ballston Spa - Augie's Family Style Italian Restaurant has served it's last Kitchen Sink, at least for now.A fire broke out at the popular Saratoga County eatery early this morning. Fire investigators said fighting the flames was dangerous and firefighters were pulled out early. The building was later leveled.The owner says he plans to rebuild as soon as possible at the same location. He hopes to find a temporary home in the meantime. No cause has been determined.
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Kennecott's development plans in Magna Utah
On February 18th, 2016 Jeff Stephenson from Rio Tinto Kennecott visited the Magna Chamber of Commerce to share news and updates on the Bingham Canyon Copper Mine, and announce plans for development on 200 acres of land in Magna Utah. Kennecott will be selling the land to interested developers in the near future.
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Breaking news: Crews battle Mt. Eden Fire Department blaze
Fire crews from several departments are at the scene of a fire at the Mt. Eden Volunteer Fire Department in Spencer County. Subscribe to WLKY on YouTube for more: http://bit.ly/1e5KyMO Get more Louisville news: http://www.wlky.com/ Like us: http://www.facebook.com/wlkynews Follow us: http://twitter.com/WLKY Google+: http://plus.google.com/+wlky
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Why We Formed the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group
:30 TV Commercial "Voices of Saratoga Hospital" Round Table Series. Providers from the Saratoga Hospital Medical Group discusses why they felt it was important to form this group.
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Disaster Solutions Ballston Spa NY
Disaster Solutions http://www.localedge.com/listing/153131/104611/Disaster+Solutions/5183965498/804+Middleline+Rd/Ballston+Spa/NY/12020 fire cleanup, water restoration, fire damage,Fire smoke restoration, smoke, water fire, fire, smoke damage, mold removal, fire & water restoration, smoke fire, smoke clean, cleaning carpet, cleaning, mold damage, dehumidifiers, water damage, fire restoration, smoke odor,
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Flood-prone neighborhood in Virginia Beach could see even more development
Andy Fox reports.
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Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter
The Bucks County Emergency Homeless Shelter is a temporary residence for families and individuals who have lost safe and stable housing. Three current residents share their experiences with the shelter.
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Bus on fire by Disney Animal Kingdom
Video of small explosion and bystanders trying to get away from fire.
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The Water Cycle
The first in a series, CoCoRaHS Presents: The Water Cycle Learn about the water cycle with this fun new video!!!
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