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Building a 26' East coast dory - LUCKY PIERRE 26
Built from Glen-L plans, a four month boat building project. LUCKY PIERRE 26 Activate HD playback! www.aaronpufal.com
Просмотров: 285641 Aaron Pufal
Beatrice: A St Pierre Dory
A day trip on Beatrice, going out from Te Atatu Boat Club. Beatrice is a modified St Pierre Dory, built from plans from Nexus Marine.
Просмотров: 18466 Alan Litchfield
Launching a Pacific Dory in the Surf
http://spirainternational.com has plans to build boats including Pacific Power Dories like the one in this video, and also Carolina Dories, Grand Banks Dories, St. Pierre Dories, canoes, kayaks, stitch-and-glue boats, ply on frame boats, skiffs, cruisers, and lots more.
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St Pierre Dory
St Pierre Dory. Built in the 1980's at Marstons Mills Cape Cod. It was a two masted sailing vessel, the masts were wrecked when the boat was beached during Hurrican Bob. Filmed and Edited by Chappi Productions ©
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Dory Boat Time Lapse
Просмотров: 78062 kmwatson34
saint pierre grand bank part 4
nous arrivons en vue de grand bank
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2017 02 18 Pisca Dory Planing demo
Clip trying to demonstrate transition to planing on Pisca-Dory, a Spira Anacapa design. The boat is about 1600 pounds loaded, and is driven by a 20 hp Tohatsu. I will switching to a 7" pitch prop from the stock 9" pitch to try to get the motor to its top rated rpm. Even so, I am pleased with how well a little 20 hp motor can push this boat.
Просмотров: 1857 Rvictorbravo
Mystic Seaport  Grand Banks dory demonstration
Grand banks dory demostration at Mystic Seaport.
Просмотров: 15353 Mrsaltyred
19' Galveston Garvey Dory
http://spirainternational.com has easy to build boat plans to build this 19' Garvey Dory from common lumberyard materials.
Просмотров: 15713 Easy ToBuildBoats
Grand Banks Dories Sail Just Fine
http://spirainternational.com/ Ever think about building a boat or kayak? The Spira International website sells plans to build boats from 7' to over 30' of all varieties, including canoes, kayaks, row boats drift boats, sailing sharpies, dories, pacific power dories, Carolina dory skiffs, v-bottom boats, displacement cruisers, mullet skiffs, and McKenzie River drift boats. The website includes free boat plans, easy to build boat plans, wooden boat plans, sailboat plans, fishing boat plans, and stitch-and-glue boat plans. In addition free boat building e-books and other information is available for download.
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Hestur Launch.wmv
The launch of 'Hestur', a 34' Benford Dory built by superlative craftsman Dan Johnson in just over two years to go blue water cruising with his fiancee Charlotte Watters. see http://junkdorybuild.blogspot.co.uk for more information on Dan's build.
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fishing boat
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Newfoundland Dory build 2012
Barry Hackett's Dorry Restored July 2012
Просмотров: 15332 Wayne Joyce
St Pierre Dory / Laajasalon kanaali, Helsinki, Finland
Laajasalon kanava.
Просмотров: 1541 Terho Paavilainen
18ft semi dory build
modified 2 plans to build this 18 foot flat bottom dory. Considering taking a sail plan , mast and centerboard placement from a 14 foot semi dory and just scaling it all up 4 feet to make this a sailing dory. A 14 footer is a little small for our west coast ocean. The 18 footer should be very stable and solid in our conditions and most importantly ... beachable and trailerable.
Просмотров: 50 Patrick Mckernan
Lavro Sea Dory Boat
Rare Lavro Sea Dory Boat
Просмотров: 2535 mrseasearch
A few scenes from the return trip from Rakino Island in Beatrice.
Просмотров: 4769 Alan Litchfield
Boatbuilding course: dory maiden trip
boatbuilding wooden boat dory courses botenbouw cursus workshop
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Dory with 3hp Acadia Engine - Calvert, Newfoundland - 1 of 4
This is a 60 year old 15' dory that came from Belloram, NL. The 3 hp Acadia engine was bought in 1945.
Просмотров: 31630 Brendan Sullivan
Dory Boat Plans- Make Your Dream A Reality
http://bit.ly/doryboatplans Built your Boat With Step by step Guide
Просмотров: 39617 sankaqm5
Bar Haven motor dory
Просмотров: 1193 stewart790
Dory Plans - Where to get Dory Building Plans
http://www.squidoo.com/doryboatbuildingplans Banker Dory Plans for building dory boats - free sample chapter
Просмотров: 627 NextEdit786
Rowing Dory
A 15'6" dory rolled over for first time. Plans by Bolger, available from H.H.Payson. This is my second one, Fun to build and row.
Просмотров: 41631 cranelift
Sailing a Seine dory in Lunenburg harbour
Sea trials for a 20-foot bottom, 26-foot loa Seine sailing dory. That's the largest of the Banks dories, comparable to a St Pierre, outfitted with gaff, jib and main. Built at The Dory Shop, Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, Canada. Being sailed by builders Jay Langford and Bub Dares in Lunenburg harbour.
Просмотров: 14065 doryplug
Tillamook Power Dory
Boat plans from http://spirainternational.com/ - Maiden voyage of a homebuilt 17' Tillamook Pacific Power dory built in Alaska. This is moving along with 40 horsepower and a family of 4 aboard.
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Download Plywood Boat Plans Here
Browse more plans here http://bit.ly/esLeWv Fantastic selection.
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2009-05-25 Alpha Dory 16
Alpha-Beachcomber dory http://dansdories.googlepages.com tags: sailing dory sailboat boat "wooden boat" "dan noyes" http://dansdories.googlepages.com river sail
Просмотров: 5167 danoyes1
St Pierre Dory
Vanha dory Helsingin edustalla. St Pierre Dory Helsinki
Просмотров: 1718 Terho Paavilainen
20' Caladesi Carolina Dory with a 40 horse Outboard.
http://spirainternational.com Easy to Build Boat Designs has plans for this rugged, simple dory. This one was built by Randy Mills and shows off its excellent performance with only 40 horses.
Просмотров: 19820 Easy ToBuildBoats
St Pierre Dory Helsinki
Kulosaaren casinon edustaa Helsingissä, Laajasaloon päin putputtaessa.
Просмотров: 1192 Terho Paavilainen
Home built 20' Caladesi Carolina style dory with 25 horsepower
Plans available at http://spirainternational.com
Просмотров: 4073 Easy ToBuildBoats
Key Largo Carolina Dory by James David Rawlins
http://spirainternational.com has plans for this 24' Carolina Dory.
Просмотров: 5667 Easy ToBuildBoats
A day out on the Waitemata and Inner Gulf.
Просмотров: 1797 Alan Litchfield
Dory Video 1
Video of Dory Trip Sep 2007
Просмотров: 1095 phx1etw
review supra dory
My neew edit and just a new elgato and for supra dory but he already has a editor
Просмотров: 74 Jevzky - JUST GOT A ELGATO!
International Dory Races
Women's Division -- International Dory Races, 60th Anniversary (1952-2012) Gloucester, Massachusetts [ 6/23/12 ] Gail Atkinson & Pattianne Verbugh of Canada
Просмотров: 1221 Brett Nagy
Building a Dory
The Dory Shop in Lunenburg, Nova Scotia, has workshops for anyone with some knowledge and ability to use workworking tools. Visit our website for more information of upcoming workshops and prices. http://www.doryshop.com
Просмотров: 2879 Trudi Inglis
2009-05-25 Alpha Dory 14
Alpha-Beachcomber dory http://dansdories.googlepages.com tags: sailing dory sailboat boat "wooden boat" "dan noyes" http://dansdories.googlepages.com river sail
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Curtiss' Bank Dory in Stavanger, 21th July 2013
This is a short cut showing Curtiss in his 20' Bank Dory, in Lundsvågen Harbour in Stavanger, Norway. This is a seriously nice and practical boat: Curtiss built it for his own use to commute from the island where he lives (Vassøy), to another island where he has his workshop (Natvigs Minde).
Просмотров: 1871 Arne Kverneland
i'm on a boat.AVI
I just finished the hull of my 20' dory. When the weather warms up in the spring I will finish the inside, set up like a bass boat with a 50HP. Good for lake fishing around TX and NM.
Просмотров: 1278 teardropfisherman
Rowing wooden dory on bay, Long Beach, out to ocean
Morning row into the San Pedro Bay in Long Beach, California in a homemade 16 foot south haven dory, stitch and glue
Просмотров: 24877 JohnCorbell
Joes first sail
Joe Phil and I sailing in VERY light conditions in Wellfleet Bay. Boat is a 17 foot Swampscott dory, sprit main with a small jib. Joe seemed to enjoy himself.
Просмотров: 4814 jtoroct
Hatteras dory v bottom continuation
hull by Spira International superstructure by Mirosław Sziwa
Просмотров: 458 soltysdesign
2009-05-25 Alpha Dory 3
Alpha-Beachcomber dory http://dansdories.googlepages.com tags: sailing dory sailboat boat "wooden boat" "dan noyes" http://dansdories.googlepages.com river sail
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2009-05-25 Alpha Dory 8
Alpha-Beachcomber dory http://dansdories.googlepages.com tags: sailing dory sailboat boat "wooden boat" "dan noyes" http://dansdories.googlepages.com river sail
Просмотров: 1199 danoyes1
Nova Scotia Dory
Handmade dory Nova Scotia dory
Просмотров: 808 361Ross
19' Bartender & Uncle Ray
Low and medium speed turn demo of 19' Bartender with 40 hp Honda outboard. www.bartenderboat.com
Просмотров: 16875 BarboatBilly