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Becoming a Cosmetology Instructor (Without going back to school)
Let Master Stylist/Exceptional Educator MaKesha Melvin walk you through STEP BY STEP how to prepare for passing the State Board Instructor Exam. FOR ONLY $499.99 You'll cover: The Application Process, Preparing your lesson Plan, Presenting your lesson plan, The classroom setting, breakdown procedures & So much more!!! This info is beneficial to an applicant who has been licensed for 5yrs in NC interested in Challenging the Board off your experience, OR a (NC or GA) applicant who has completed the Instructor Training Course preparing to take your examination! Visit (www.makeshamelvin.com) for more info or to purchase!
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Guo Ruijian's Elementary School Novice-Mid Chinese Class in North Carolina
WAXHAW, August 17, 2017 — Asia Society's "Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers: TEQ Series" introduces Guo Ruijian, a Chinese elementary school teacher who helped her students discuss buying fruit in Mandarin. (24 min., 14 sec.)
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Let's Go NC! Curriculum Basics
This video gives instructors a quick tour of the full curriculum package. Learn about the teaching tools offered, the lesson plans for three different grade group levels, and how each set of lessons is designed to help move children from learning about and practicing safe behaviors to automatically doing them. This overview explains the components for each lesson plan, including the Balanced Curriculum options that can help instructors integrate bicycle and walking themes into other subject areas. Take home materials offer opportunities for parental involvement and learning outside of the classroom.
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Karen Callum (Preschool Sample Lesson Plan)
Here you will witness several portions of the High/Scope Preschool day including Morning Meeting (message board), Small Group, Planning time, Work time (and a short explanation of recall and the Plan-Do-Review process). The video finishes with several data bullet points as to what makes The NJ Abbott program so successful and how NJ is working toward a flawless formula for Early Childhood Education, not only in urban areas, but throughout the state. I am really passionate about bringing this level of knowledge, enthusiasm and expertise to not only your great state, but to your program and your amazing school as well! This is why your school needs someone like me!
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Launch Your Classroom! Episode 7: Lesson Plans
Your lesson plan is your map to delivering meaningful teaching. In this episode, our hosts share an example of a great lesson plan that converts standards to student-friendly learning goals and provides room for differentiation. To download the Launch Your Classroom! ebook, visit: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07H4VVF4G Link to episode resources: https://teachwithepi.com/sites/default/files/attachments/lyc-s1-e7-resources.pdf
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Advanced Teaching Roles in North Carolina: A Closer Look [Outdated: New Link in Description]
Find updated video here: https://youtu.be/NEAGrxP9-mA LEARN MORE: ⋅BEST NC Website: http://best-nc.org/advancedroles ⋅Treating Teachers as Professionals (2-Minute Video): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=bZKFHwIeT5I&t=45s ⋅Original Request for Proposals from NC DPI: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/docs/district-humanresources/teacher-compensation-models.pdf ⋅Approved applications from NC’s first cohort of Advanced Roles districts: http://www.ncpublicschools.org/district-humanresources/ ⋅News coverage from EdNC: https://www.ednc.org/2017/02/14/teacher-leadership-roles-come-edgecombe-county/ ⋅News coverage from the News & Observer: http://www.newsobserver.com/news/local/education/article165268197.html ⋅Charlotte-Mecklenburg’s Success by Design Model: http://www.cmssuccessbydesign.weebly.com ⋅One Advanced Roles model: Opportunity Culture (Operating in Charlotte-Mecklenburg, Edgecombe and Vance counties): http://opportunityculture.org/ In 2016, North Carolina launched the Advanced Teaching Roles Initiative to enable outstanding teachers across NC to extend their reach to more students without leaving the classroom, recognize teacher leaders with higher compensation, provide developing teachers with embedded, personalized professional development, allow principals to expand their leadership capabilities, and – most importantly – support improved student outcomes.
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When Students Become Teachers - Rigor, Assessment & Accountability - Dr. Lodge McCammon
http://lodgemccammon.com It’s another great day at Lockhart Elementary School in Wake County North Carolina. Students in Mrs. Hunt’s 3rd grade classroom are excited and ready to continue their innovative work that is redefining rigor, assessment, & accountability. In this class, after learning each math lesson, students are challenged to re-teach & record what they learned, adding their own spin on the information. Once the students have completed a standards-based lesson, for example about multiplication, they are directed to go to the back of the room to gather one white board and a dry erase marker. They return to their desks and begin creating their lessons by adding handwritten information to the boards . Since students will be re-teaching the information, they are thoughtful about how much to put on the board, what vocabulary to use and what examples they need to include to best illustrate the content. While the students are working, the teacher sets up a tripod and whiteboard stand in the hallway, right outside the door….and simply uses her cell phone to record these “1-take lecture videos.” When a student has completed his or her board, and is ready to teach their lesson, they step into the hallway, place the board on the stand and press record on the cell phone. They, sit down and teach the lesson, referencing the information they included on their board, and when they are done then they simply press stop. Their 1-take lecture video is complete...then the next student sets up and prepares to teach their version. This process continues until all the students have had a chance to record. Then the teacher takes the cell phone and plugs it into the computer so the videos can be reviewed and uploaded to a playlist. Mrs. Hunt pulls up a few examples that are reviewed by the whole class...and then explains to the students how she wants them to use a rubric to independently evaluate their work and the work of their peers. The students are assigned to watch a few videos, including their own. The rubric requires that they look closely at what is good about the lesson, but also how each could be improved….they look for content-related issues such as correct use of vocabulary and use of appropriate examples. In addition, they are required to evaluate how well the information is communicated...looking for quality of the speaking voice and overall confidence of the presentation. [interview] Teaching is the most rigorous form of learning, and in Mrs. Hunt’s classroom at Lockhart Elementary, the students ARE also the teachers. This practice is helping to redefine assessment - not only is the teacher evaluating the students, the students are regularly evaluating themselves and each other. This practice is also redefining accountability. Do you want to know if Mrs. Hunt’s 3rd graders have learned about multiplication? If so, all you need to do is go their playlist and watch each student teach their version of that standard. This transparent classroom provides us a glimpse into the future of teaching and learning.
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Energizers HD
Elementary and middle school energizers are classroom-based physical activities that help teachers integrate physical activity with academic concepts. These are short (about 10 minute) activities that classroom teachers can use to provide physical activity to children in accordance with the North Carolina State Board of Education's Healthy Active Children Policy. In addition, energizers have been created for use in after-school programs.
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North Carolina Leadership Academy | Workshop Overview | Dr. Lodge McCammon | #NCLA18
http://lodgemccammon.com Today I am in Raleigh, North Carolina facilitating a full day workshop for the North Carolina Leadership Academy, a program at NC State University focused on preparing educators to lead in high need schools. The goal of our workshop is to help prepare these future-ready leaders by modeling self-paced, efficient, and active methods of instruction that can be implemented in any classroom to enhance the learning experience for all students. These teaching strategies are all about minimizing the amount of time we are spending on content delivery & lecture so we can maximize time spent on challenging students to build collaboration and communication skills, while they create & reflect on artifacts of their learning. This can be accomplished by encouraging teachers to record & share 1-take videos that capture lesson & lecture content. Teacher-created video lectures are more effective for delivering content to students and can be 60-80% shorter than live lectures, freeing up a significant amount of class time. Throughout the day, a number of lessons are modeled so participants can experience the teaching method from the student perspective, while also having time to collaborate with their peers to discuss how the instructional strategies can be modified and used back in their schools and classrooms. The video lectures create an efficient learning environment so that much of the lesson time can be spent on getting students up and moving , activating the brain, while being fully engaged in the content. In addition, participants are challenged to collaborate and design a number of 1-take paperslide videos. This strategy allows them to rapidly create and publish artifacts of their learning - at the end of each lesson I ask each group to record a paperslide video in order to communicate their perspective or simply teach the information back to me. This is a powerful strategy for engaging students in any classroom. We also have a chance to hear from Dr. Brandy Parker, vice president of research strategy at Wells Fargo. She shares her experience with using these same strategies to increase efficiency and enhance communication in the workplace. She answers questions and discusses the importance of having student develop collaboration and communication skills. The instructional strategies modeled and discussed today can be used by any educator tomorrow to create self-paced, efficient, and active learning environments that meet the needs of all students.
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Katrina's Classroom: Part 1 - Katrina Strikes
Katrina's Classroom: Financial Lessons from a Hurricane is a four-chapter, DVD-based curriculum that teaches students about financial responsibilities such as budgeting, banking, savings, and wise use of credit. The curriculum includes lesson plans and student activities tied to each five-minute video segment.
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Charleston County Schools Implement "Water Smart 101" Program into the Classroom
With the blessing and support of Charleston County School District Superintendent, Dr. Nancy McGinley, Swim Lessons University's "Water Smart 101" curriculum will be taught in every elementary school in Charleston, South Carolina beginning in May 2012. In this video taken at the press conference on May 11th, you will see and hear S.C. Representative Wendell Gilliard praise and express his excitement for the "Water Smart 101" program produced and written by Jim Reiser of Swim Lessons University. Also in support and in attendance at the press conference were Charleston Mayor Joseph Riley, Jr., North Charleston Mayor R. Keith Sumney, and Mount Pleasant Mayor Billy Swails. Each mayor spoke about their passion to keep children safer in and around the water. The one-hour "Water Smart 101" program consists of a DVD Video that school teachers play for their kindergarten and elementary school students, as well as a PDF bundle that includes a Lesson Plan, Water Safety Promise (homework assignment that involves parental participation), and a Water Smart Exam. Both of these DVD and PDF Bundle can be found at www.swimlessonsuniversity.com Jim Reiser formally thanks the Low Country Aquatic Program (L.A.P.S.) and the Logan Rutledge Children's Foundation for their support. President Mark Rutledge and Shannon O'Brien played a most significant role in bringing "Water Smart 101" to Charleston. Reiser says, Mark and Shannon's hard work and contributions to the program were instrumental, and because of them, more Charleston children will be water smart!
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Insights from a global educator
Participate teacher from the United Kingdom Kathryn Hodskinson talks about her experiences teaching in the United States. Intro: Music and text [Kathryn Hodskinson is a cultural exchange teacher from England who teaches third grade at Holt Elementary Language Academy in Durham, N.C. She is currently on her second tour as a teacher with Participate.] There’s nothing more challenging than moving to another country. New house, new car, new friends in the space of a few weeks. But when you’re in that classroom with those 18 little pairs of eyes looking at you, you realize why you’re doing it. I think that from the very first day working at Holt I think I’ve learned something new every single day. [Kathryn’s journey as an educator has taken her around the world.] So I got some experience in a Kenyan classroom in a very remote African village and that was just a life-changing experience. It was very very different. I think actually I figured out when I was over there that I was a global educator because I love teaching in different countries. And you can’t get more different than rural Kenya to city America. So the difference has just been amazing but you know, the core values of just being a teacher still stay the same no matter where you are. [Kathryn and her colleagues as Holt incorporate global content and concepts into all of their classroom instructions.] Initially it’s quite overwhelming… how do you make every single lesson global. But now it’s just become second nature. Everything that we do, how do we make that global, how do we make it link between Durham and Kenya. We use technology in the classroom everyday. We kind of take them on virtual trips as often as possible by linking them to video clips using Google Earth to actually taking them to those places virtually. The most important thing is the children being aware that there are other countries and other cultures around them and that they have access to them. There’s ways to connect with those other countries and learn from them. I think you know as a teacher if you are a global educator. I think if you always plan with real world problems in mind, if you’re always thinking about teaching the children about other countries and where they are in the world, then you are a global educator. So to actually have a place in a school that’s passionate about that, is kind of a dream come true really. Participate partners with schools and districts to provide leading-edge technology, comprehensive frameworks and support services. These programs and services impact student outcomes by improving teacher practice through collaborative learning. ------ Learn more about Participate: https://www.participatelearning.com/ Apply to Teach in the USA: https://www.participatelearning.com/teach-in-the-usa/ ------ Subscribe to Participate on YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-Ahe-VpwPeLwHKAtdEMzvA Follow Participate on Twitter: https://twitter.com/participatelrng/ Like Participate on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/howiparticipate/
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Move It! The Physically Active Academic Classroom
"Move It! The Physically Active Academic Classroom" professional development seminar will be offered January 14-18, 2013. If you know any North Carolina public school teachers who might be interested in applying, please encourage them to contact NCCAT Teacher Services at 828-293-5202. Applications are available online at www.nccat.org/seminars. This professional development seminar, provided by the North Carolina Center for the Advancement of Teaching, teaches North Carolina educators how to integrate kinesthetic movement with cognitive processes. For example, watch this video to see how to teach algebra using physical activity. Dr. Deb Teitelbaum designed and led this seminar at NCCAT's Cullowhee campus in the spring of 2012.
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Total Motivation Testimonial | Northern Elementary, North Carolina
A curriculum facilitator in Guilford County NC has found Total Motivation to be a "cover-to-cover resource" that provides teachers and students with all the content and rigor they need to be successful with Common Core State Standards.
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Low Cost Universities in North Carolina
Personal Finance Teacher Mr. Mig talks about a new tuition plan in North Carolina that will dramatically reduce the cost of tuition for three public universities.
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New School Year
School bells are ringing for more Mountain students today. Classes start in Haywood, Graham, Mitchell and Swain Counties today.The new year brings a change in all of the classrooms in our State's schools.North Carolina is implementing the Common Core Curriculum.It gives teachers a clearer direction in their lesson plans.The teachers in Haywood County say it narrows the focus of the core goals for their students.It is a curriculum that has been adopted in 46 other states.News 13's Victoria Dunkle spent the morning at Canton Middle School and picked up some tips for helping kids get their new school year off to a great start.by Victoria DunkleFollow Victoria on Twitter: @victoriadunkle
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"Common Core in the Clasroom: North Carolina" Preview
School Improvement Network recently released 18 new video segments in the "Common Core in the Classroom" series. Watch teachers from Newton and Conover, North Carolina as they teach to the ELA and Mathematics standards. Sign in to your PD 360 account to view these new video segments and download their lesson plans. If you don't have access to PD 360, sign up for a free, 30-day trial at http://www.schoolimprovement.com/products/pd360/
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Never Stop Learning: JA Day
ASHEVILLE, N.C. -- It was JA in a Day at Hall Fletcher Elementary School on Thursday. Self Help Credit Union employees educates the community about money from a true nonprofit perspective, and on Thursday, they taught some tiny investors. Seventeen volunteers taught lessons to kids from kindergarten to fifth grade. "It's important to learn about money so when you grow up, you can, when you get money you need to pay for something you know how to count it," second grade student Ava said. Majority of the students at Hall Fletcher Elementary come from low-income homes, and some parents may not feel comfortable talking about money with their kids. It's a topic Junior Achievement of Western North Carolina has been teaching over the past 40 years.
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#1: Yan Wang's Grade 2 Novice-mid Chinese Class
NOVEMBER 2014 — The first installment in Asia Society's Instructional Videos for Chinese Language Teachers: TEQ Series features an edited 30-minute classroom lesson interspersed with commentary and paired with both a lesson plan and interviews with the featured teacher and school administrator. (22 min., 24 sec.)
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Let's Go NC! About the Program
This education program teaches elementary age children how to walk and bike safely, giving them the essential skills that they need to enjoy a healthy and active lifestyle. Let's Go NC! A Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Skills Program for Healthy, Active Children is an all-in-one package of lesson plans, materials, activities and instructional videos that encourages children to learn about and practice fundamental skills that build safe habits. This program was developed for the North Carolina Department of Transportation's Division of Bicycle and Pedestrian Transportation and Safe Routes to School Program by NC State University's Institute for Transportation Research and Education.
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Vocabulary Lesson from a North Carolina High School.
by Dianne Lynn Savage https://www.facebook.com/dianne.h.savage?fref=photo Vocabulary Lesson from a North Carolina High School...SHARE SHARE SHARE!!! Farmville Central High School, 3308 E. Wilson St, Farmville, NC 27828 Phone # (252) 753-5138. DO NOT JUST SIT BACK AND ALLOW THIS!!! They need to bring our Savior and God back into our Schools, and teach them about them. Without them we will fall.And fail. Please check this website out also, http://www.jihadwatch.org/2014/12/north-carolina-public-high-school-proselytizing-for-islam-in-vocabulary-lessons/comment-page-1#comment-1164831 “We discovered that the vocabulary lesson was taken directly from a state-adopted supplemental workbook published by Holt, Rinehart, and Winston.” This kind of thing is happening all over the country — partly because national textbook companies are promoting this proselytizing material. When questioned about it, school officials say it comes from the state, and that they can’t do anything about it. But more and more parents are catching on now, and this clandestine proselytizing is being exposed. The video, created by Dianne Lynn Savage, asserts that the plan is a vocabulary lesson for the eastern North Carolina high school. In it, Savage urges the audience to share the video as widely as possible and to not ‘just sit back and allow this’. "LET FREEDOM RING" God Bless everyone.
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Teaching Procedures, Routines, and Rules During the First Week of School in Second Grade
Second Grade Demonstration Teacher, Patricia Mondragon, opens her school year defining clear expectations, procedures, and rules with her students during the first week of school. She demonstrates how investing time during the first week to model, teach, and practice with students will ultimately save valuable instruction time throughout the rest of the year through the establishment of a positive behavior environment. For Lesson Plans and other resources used in this video, please visit: https://sbcusd.com/UserFiles/Servers/Server_59869/File/video_resources/Teaching_Procedures_Routines_Second
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NC Foundations with Dev Indicators
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The Math of Mantids: A Math Resource for High School Teachers
For full lesson plans, including worksheets and interactive presentation slides, visit: http://bit.ly/ncssmmantidmath This brief animation explains how biologists study mantids, their eating habits and digestion. These animations are part of a larger lesson in which students use graphing calculators to create a scatter plot of data gathered by biologists observing mantids. Students determine an appropriate linear model for the Mantid data, use their graphing calculator to calculate residuals for the Mantid data, and interpret the goodness of fit of their model based on the residuals. Students will also interpret the slope and intercepts of the model in the context of the problem and use their model to make predictions and interpret their meaning. Please attribute this work as being created by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. This work is licensed under creative commons CC-BY http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/ NCSSM, a publicly funded high school in North Carolina, provides exciting, high-level STEM learning opportunities. If you appreciate this video, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the NCSSM Foundation. Thank you! https://connections.ncssm.edu/giving
TFI UNC Charlotte COED Day 3.2-Deconstructing the Lesson Planning Process
TFI and UNC Charlotte's College of Education collaborate on an intensive class on Urban Education. Learn more about the Teaching Fellows Institute http://teachingfellowsinstitute.org/donate/
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The Sound of Learning is Music to Our Ears
Elementary music educators at North Brook Elementary in Vale, North Carolina jazzed up a traditional poetry lesson for fourth and fifth grade students with the help of a NEA Foundation grant. Using the Garage Band computer program, students integrated writing and musical composition lessons by setting their poetry to musical rhythms they created.
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Lateral Entry Testimonials
Several Teachers at Public Charter Schools operated by Roger Bacon Academy discuss their experiences with North Carolina's Lateral Entry program.
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Penland Community Collaboration Teaching Artist Initative
Penland's Community Collaboration program works closely with Mitchell County Public School teachers and principals to personalize student learning with artistic expression. The Teaching Artist in the Schools program deepens a student's connection with school curriculum through bookmaking. Each year, Penland's Teaching Artist, Meg Peterson, instructs on average 500 rurally-based 3rd, 4th, and 10th grade students in painting, folding, binding, illustrating, collaging, and writing in handmade books. The books support a specific unit of study and incorporate reflection and evaluation sessions that reinforce vital life lessons. Our goal is to craft powerful and creative learning experiences that support personal development. Art making deepens human experience cultivating connections among increasingly isolated facets of life and learning. This video is a compilation of third and fourth grade students and their teachers working throughout the 2011-2012 school year with Penland School of Crafts Teaching Artist, Ms. Meg Peterson Our programs are designed to promote the following experiences which we believe are embedded in the artistic practice: Guiding Artistic Practices in Our Work - Making meaningful connections - Establishing a community of discovery - Imagining and responding - Fostering wonder, joy and satisfaction - Encouraging sensory and emotional absorption - Taking purposeful risks - Practicing persistence and discipline - Learning new skills - Engaging in self-directed exploration http://penland.org/programs/community_education.html
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Program Preview: Teacher Evaluation Using the Danielson Framework
Combining detailed commentary from Charlotte Danielson with "practice" observations of teachers, this program provides school administrators and mentors with an innovative way to improve their skills. Charlotte examines the critical aspects of teacher evaluation, and then challenges educators to practice by observing video of real teachers in the classroom. This comprehensive mix of theory and practice provides administrators and mentors with the perfect tool to confidently evaluate teaching - then provide meaningful feedback to improve teacher practice. Total Video Time of Full Program - Approximately 8 hours
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Teaching for Skills and Content at "Vision 2015: Workforce Development"
http://newschoolsproject.org/about-us/vision-2015 NCNSP Senior Program Director Sofi Frankowski talks about teaching for skills and content. In this presentation, she discusses the connection between homeland security, workforce development and what is happening in high school classrooms across North Carolina. This video is part 5 of 15 from the Workforce Development Forum for the NC New Schools Project's Vision 2015 strategic planning process. Website: http://newschoolsproject.org Twitter: http://twitter.com/ncnewschools Facebook: http://facebook.com/ncnewschools
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Introducing Odyssey School
Odyssey Community School is Asheville, North Carolina's PreK -12 private Integral School. Find out more or schedule a tour: http://odysseycommunity.org
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Instructional Dance Video: Secondary
Ophea's Instructional Dance Videos helps to make the dance component of the Health and Physical Education (H&PE) curriculum fun and easy to teach for secondary teachers. This comprehensive teaching tool shows model classrooms with real-life teachers illustrating effective strategies for teaching dance. Lesson plans and assessment tools mentioned in this video are included with the DVD and downloadable version of the video. To order a copy of the DVD or a downloadable version of the videos visit the Ophea Order Tool at: https://www.ophea.net/product/instructional-dance-videos-secondary#.V6NPYjUTCDo
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NC Digital Teaching and Learning Competencies Overview
In this episode, We take a cursory look at the new North Carolina Digital Learning Competencies and discuss what they mean for teachers in the state. Resources, including links to the competencies, can be found at aplusedtech.com
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13 Colonies Part II:  Settlement of Additional Colonies - U.S. History
This PowerPoint, with activities, and lesson plans are available @: https://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Mr-Raymond-Civics-And-Social-Studies-Academy This lesson is part II of the settlement of North American colonies. In part I we covered: Roanoke, Jamestown, Plymouth, Massachusetts Bay, Providence, Connecticut and New Hampshire. In this lesson, we cover: New Amsterdam / New Netherlands, New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Delaware, Maryland, North & South Carolina, and Georgia. Major players, themes, and events are covered to help the student understand motivations and goals of the settlers of these colonies. Content includes: • New Amsterdam / Netherlands: Henry Hudson, purchase of Manhattan from the Native Americans, establishment of the Port of New York, diverse population, capture by England and the renaming to New York • New Jersey: the Duke of York’s gift to settlers, enticements to new settlers • Pennsylvania: William Penn, creation of Philadelphia, Quaker persecution, religious freedom, • Delaware: settlement by Sweden, independence from William Penn • Maryland: Calvert aka Lord Baltimore, safe location for Catholics • Carolina: division into North and South • Georgia: James Oglethorpe, home for debtors and the poor Like most of the videos on Mr. Raymond’s Civics and Social Studies Academy’s lessons, this video ends with a review “quiz.” Remember that the PowerPoint in this video as well as a variety of lesson plans, worksheets, smartboard files, and activities, are available at Teachers Pay Teachers. As a social studies teacher, I have often looked for good YouTube video clips to show my students. I hope these videos will serve as a supplement to lessons for civics teachers, US history teachers, US government teachers and their students. I have also thought that these videos could help those who are going to take the naturalization test to become US Citizens. All content in this video is for educational purposes only… ***For noncommercial, educational, and archival purposes under Law of Fair Use as provided in section 107 of the US copyright law. No copyrights infringements intended***
Grant helps Saluda Trail Middle School implement active learning — Steelcase Education
Saluda Trail Middle School in Rock Hill, South Carolina applied for and was awarded one of the 2015 Active Learning Center grants. See how the school has used their new classroom. Learn more about the Active Learning Center Grant at http://www.steelcase.com/ActiveLearningCenter.
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Math and Music edit V1 05 03 2016
This video is an introduction to a lesson titled "Math and Music: An Interdisciplinary Approach to Transformations of Functions" by NCSSM Math Instructor Maria Hernandez and NCSSM Music Instructor Phillip Riggs. Additional context including a lesson plan, teacher guide and student hand-outs are available at: https://bit.ly/ncssmmathandmusic NCSSM, a publicly funded high school in North Carolina, provides exciting, high-level STEM learning opportunities. If you appreciate this video, please consider making a tax-deductible donation to the NCSSM Foundation. Thank you! https://connections.ncssm.edu/giving Please attribute this work as being created by the North Carolina School of Science and Mathematics. This work is licensed under creative commons CC-BY-NC-SA http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nc-sa/4.0/ Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/NYjf/
Sight Singing Middle School Lesson 4 Teaching Guidance
Improve how you teach Sight Singing to your students with S-Cubed!...a method created by a real teacher in a real classroom FOR real teachers in the classroom! There are tons of Sight Singing books out there, but this is like a having an "all year" sight singing workshop at your fingertips complete with day by day written/oral warm ups, video teaching tips, video of classroom teaching examples of almost every lesson, rhythm exercises, sight singing exercises, assessments, games and more for Upper Elementary and Middle School teachers and students: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Music-In-The-Middle-With-Mr-D For Freebies, tips and more, follow my blog at: http://inthemiddlewithmrd1.blogspot.com/ Improve how you teach Sight Singing to your Upper Elementary and MIddle School students with S-Cubed! ...The 21st Century way to learn to teach sight singing better. The method was created by a real teacher in a real classroom FOR real teachers in the classroom! There are tons of Sight Singing books out there, but this is like a having an "all year" sight singing workshop at your fingertips complete with day by day written/oral warm ups, video teaching tips, video of classroom teaching examples of almost every lesson, rhythm exercises, sight singing exercises, assessments, games and more for Upper Elementary and Middle School teachers and students: http://www.teacherspayteachers.com/Store/Music-In-The-Middle-With-Mr-D For Freebies, tips and more, follow my blog at: http://inthemiddlewithmrd1.blogspot.com/ Like me on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/InTheMiddleWithMrDBlog?ref=hl Follow me on Twitter: https://twitter.com/inthemiddlewith Follow me on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/inthemiddlewith/
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Never Stop Learning: Turtles Give Tooth Lesson
BUNCOMBE COUNTY, N.C. -- A famous turtle and his partner are talking about taking care of your teeth. Students at Hominy Valley Elementary School were willing to listen to what they had to say. Ms. Kim is talking with Teagues' class about taking care of their teeth. She brought along Leonardo, one of the ninja turtles who is a tooth defender. They talk about, brushing, flossing, fluoride and eating healthy. She encourages the first graders to make healthy choices that will take care of their teeth. "And you should swish your mouthwash for at least 30 seconds and what does mouth wash have in it? It has fluoride what cleans your teeth," first grader Finn said. Ms. Kim and her sidekick Leonardo share their program with Pre-K students through the first grade. There was even time to get a class picture with the famous turtle. Kim Dawson is with Great Beginnings Pediatric Dentistry.
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Adkin High School Walkout Final
Please visit http://adkinhighwalkout.weebly.com to learn more about the 1951 Adkin High Walkout. Read through primary and secondary sources, gather possible lesson plans for the classroom, and learn more about these brave students who were led by the Adkin High Class of 1952.
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Rosslyn Waddell from Barnes Elementary, Wilson County, Discussing Schoolnet
Third grade teacher Rosslyn Waddell from BO Barnes Elementary School in Wilson County describes how she uses the instructional materials in Schoolnet. Ms. Waddell frequently uses the materials in the IIS for initial whole group instruction and review and remediation. She uses pre and post assessment data to identify the standards and skills that require the most attention and uses this knowledge to search for the materials that will most effectively meet the needs of her students. Lesson plans and activities are the materials that she uses the most often, and she reports that she finds the search process simple and intuitive. In addition, she has found that searching for instructional materials in Schoolnet saves her time and effort, since she knows that they have been vetted and are linked to the standards she is targeting.
Preston Smith on Teaching First Grade at Teach for America
In Chapter 4 of 22 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, elementary charter school network CEO Preston Smith answers "How Did Teaching in the Teach for America Program Inform the Next Steps in Your Career?" Smith shares how he developed an affinity for community organizing and teaching as a first grade teacher in Teach for America. He learns to work with student families and parents to get support outside the classroom and improve student engagement in the classroom. Preston Smith is co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, the highest performing low-income school system in California. After graduating the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Smith joined Teach for America. After three years teaching 1st Grade, he founded a district school in San Jose and became its principal. Smith was selected as a member of the 2010 class of Aspen Institute New Schools Fellows. Capture Your Flag is a career documentary interview series that interviews 60 up and coming leaders annually to gather knowledge and share a Near Peer Learning experience its audience may use to better plan, pursue and achieve life and career aspirations. Discover more at http://www.captureyourflag.com/ Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/captureyourflag Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/captureyourflag
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EiE - Marvelous Machines: Making Work Easier Lesson 4 in Wilmington, NC
Students apply their knowledge of simple machines and industrial engineering as they imagine, plan, create, test, and improve their own factory subsystems.
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Lessons in Leadership: The Story of Food Lion Co-Founder Ralph W. Ketner
Food Lion and Catawba College present "Lessons in Leadership," a documentary film featuring the life and business lessons students and professionals can learn from Ralph W. Ketner, Food Lion co-founder. In September 2015, Catawba College will distribute the film, in both digital and physical formats, to North Carolina high schools. The film features stories and advice from those who Ketner touched throughout his long-tenured career, from leaders in the Salisbury community to family members and colleagues. To help schools use the leadership lessons from Ketner, Catawba College has created lesson plans allowing students to take the concepts featured in the video and apply them in a practical way in a classroom setting. Video: Cheryl Knorr Foster '93 - Producer (Open Road Productions - Florence, S.C.); Dr. Pamela Thompson - Executive Producer
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The Basics: Our Admissions Process
We’re looking for people who have both the skills and passion to be lifelong leaders in the fight to give all kids an excellent education. Our admissions process has stages including an online application, online activity, and a final interview. To learn more about Teach For America, visit: http://www.teachforamerica.org/ Become a fan on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/teachforamerica Join the conversation on Twitter: https://twitter.com/teachforamerica Find inspiration on Instagram: http://instagram.com/teachforamerica Grab ideas on Pinterest: http://www.pinterest.com/teachforamerica/ Join the community on Google +: https://www.google.com/+TeachForAmerica
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2013-2014 East Lee School Improvement Plan
East Lee School Improvement plan 2013-2014
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Farm to School Apple Cabbage Quesadillas
Kindergarten students from Cullowhee Valley Elementary School cook apple cabbage quesadillas with help from Western Carolina University pre-service teachers and dietitians through ASAP's Growing Minds Farm to School Cooking Program! Teachers: Use this video as a training tool for cooking in the classroom! For more information about Growing Minds and Farm to School in Western North Carolina, visit www.Growing-Minds.org. To learn more about ASAP, visit www.asapconnections.org.
Finding Meaningful Work in Elementary Education
In Chapter 2 of 22 in his 2014 Capture Your Flag interview, elementary charter school network CEO Preston Smith answers "What Makes Your Work Meaningful?" Smith shares how he gets fulifillment helping kids and families come together around a shared education purpose. Teaching elementary school creates lifetime bonds between Smith, his students and their families serve to constantly remind him of the bigger mission in his work long after he has left the classroom teaching for a CEO job. Preston Smith is co-founder and CEO of Rocketship Education, the highest performing low-income school system in California. After graduating the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Smith joined Teach for America. After three years teaching 1st Grade, he founded a district school in San Jose and became its principal. Smith was selected as a member of the 2010 class of Aspen Institute New Schools Fellows. Capture Your Flag is a career documentary interview series that interviews 60 up and coming leaders annually to gather knowledge and share a Near Peer Learning experience its audience may use to better plan, pursue and achieve life and career aspirations. Discover more at http://www.captureyourflag.com/ Follow us on Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/captureyourflag Like us on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/captureyourflag
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Common Core In the Classroom: Math in Context Algebra that "Makes Sense"
Lauren Brooks, Wake County Teacher of the Year in North Carolina, explains how she brings the Common Core State Standards to life in her math classes through an interactive demonstration using Angry Birds, at the 10th Annual North Carolina Legislators Retreat - January 2013.
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