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Imagine There Was No Stigma to Mental Illness | Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman | TEDxCharlottesville
Dr. Jeffrey Lieberman, Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at Columbia University and past President of the American Psychiatric Association, envisions that breaking down the barrier which arises from our stigmatizing mental health would result in better treatment for millions of individuals. Jeffrey Lieberman has devoted his life to the study and treatment of mental illness. He has passionately advocated for more research and better treatment of people with mental illness, and contributed to mental health care policy and legislation including the Mental Health Parity and Addiction Equity Act and Helping Families in Mental Health Crisis Act. Dr. Lieberman is Professor and Chair of Psychiatry at Columbia University, Psychiatrist-in-Chief at New York-Presbyterian Hospital, Director of the New York State Psychiatric Institute and past President of the American Psychiatric Association. Dr. Lieberman has authored over than 500 scientific articles and written or edited 12 books on mental illness and psychiatry, including the critically acclaimed Shrinks: The Untold Story of Psychiatry (Little Brown 2015). This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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The Stigma Of Mental Illness In Nigeria
Mental illness is a serious health issue the same way cancer, HIV and other medical illnesses are ► Subscribe to BattaBox on YouTube: http://goo.gl/4dgy2r but for some reason, in many parts of the world, those that suffer from mental health problems are stigmatized. In Nigeria many label the individuals as possessed by 'evil spirits', dangerous, troublesome...instead of acknowledging that they are people that are perfectly capable of functioning in society if they are given the proper medical care and treatment! So BattaBox met up with a young Nigerian man, Olamide, that has schizophrenia that has been labelled a criminal, to find out how he manages his mental health and just generally learn more about his day to day life in Nigeria. "He's a good person. Whenever he has money he gives money out, he buys children things, so whenever I see him in this conditions, I go crazy!" one young man talks about Olamide's character. "I am his father's mother. His father has exhausted his savings over his case and now he's fed up...we pray God resolves his case this year," his grandmother tells Timothy, "In the middle of the night, he wakes up screaming, strips naked and proceeds to run around the street completely naked." She goes on to state that the situation was so bad one day that people almost set him on fire at Sura market because they couldn't understand what on earth was going on! Even when someone offered him a place to live, looked after him, helped him get back on his feet, society didn't allow him be! Rumours swirled that the good samaritan was using him for ritual purposes...the negativity got so bad that the man had no choice but to ask Olamide to leave! I hope this video sheds much needed light on the hurdles men, women and children that suffer from mental health issues in Nigeria face every single day and has changed/enlightened YOUR perspective. If you would like to reach out to Olamide, please send a message to contact@battabox.com and we will put you in touch with him. Thanks for watching! **** CLICK HERE TO SUBSCRIBE FOR NEW BATTABOX VIDEOS EVERYDAY: http://battabox.com/subscribe/ YOU can support BattaBox here: http://www.patreon.com/BattaBox ... Website: http://BattaBox.com ... YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/BattaBox ... Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/BattaBox ... Twitter: http://twitter.com/BattaBoxNigeria ... Google+: http://www.google.com/+BattaBox ... Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/BattaBox ... Vine: http://vine.co/BattaBox **** BattaBox is the most exciting Nigerian News & Entertainment Video channel based in Lagos. We are the fact behind Nigerian Movies fiction, Nollywood in real-life with a dash of Yoruba Movie Magic - but none of our videos are made-up like Nollywood - they are all true stories! BattaBox is Nigeria Like You've Never Seen Before! -- #BattaBox #BattaBoxNG #Nigeria #NigerianComedy #NigerianMusic #NigeriaFashion #NigerianNews #HowTo #Shocking
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The Social Stigma of Mental Illness | Emma Harrison | TEDxUOttawa
in Progressive and Academic Communities La stigmatisation sociale de la maladie mentale dans les communautés progressistes et académiques Emma identifies as both disabled and mentally ill. She works for the Student Federation's Centre for Disabilities. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Breaking the Stigma and Shame of Mental Illness | Kitty Westin | TEDxFargo
Suicide leads to over 44,000 deaths each year in the U.S. Stigma against people with mental illness is a major contributor to this unacceptably high mortality rate. Kitty uses heartbreaking true stories and scientific facts to help the audience understand ways to challenge their thinking and join the fight to reduce stigma and shame. Kitty Westin, a licensed psychologist, founded the Anna Westin Foundation (now known as The Emily Program Foundation) following the death from anorexia of her daughter, Anna, in 2000. Soon after Anna’s death the foundation opened Minnesota’s first residential treatment program for eating disorders; The Anna Westin House. Kitty is an advocate for people affected by eating disorders and has become a nationally and internationally recognized authority on the impact mental illness has on individuals, their families and the community. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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What They Don't Tell You About Mental Illness | Elizabeth Medina | TEDxSpeedwayPlaza
1 out of 4 people suffer from mental illness. Look around you, and chances are out of the closest 3 people, 1 of you may be suffering from mental illness. Elizabeth speaks volumes from her own experience battling mental illness and how it is not a personal problem, but a communal one for which we are all responsible to address. Elizabeth is a junior at the University of Texas at Austin studying Chemistry. She is a pre-medical student hoping to one day run her own practice and use a combination of diet, therapy, and medicine to heal the physical and psychological wounds of her patients. She is the proud owner of her mini wiener dog Bella, who helped her heal and grow through some of her life's toughest battles. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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Mental Health: Why The Stigma Ain't Dead Yet
Music video name: Stigma Ain't Dead Artists: Mental Heads featuring MC CHubBy Stigma Ain't Dead is the debut spoken word and rap single by the Mental Heads - India's first troupe of spoken word poets who perform from their lived experiences of mental illness with one mission - to stamp out stigma! This single is their special for World Mental Health Day where they collectively take a dig at the different stereotypes and myths about those who have mental disorders. Mental Heads perform individual and group slam poetry pieces to question stereotypes, bust myths and spread awareness on the challenges faced by people living with mental illness. Mental Heads was formed by social enterprise CraYon Impact's spoken word collaboration project - Rhyme with Reason. Follow them on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/thementalheads Credits for music video : (Youtube description +in the write up) Director Gavin Chubby Methalaka Cinematography Fatty's Photography Editor Rohan Sabharwal Music Producer Jeetu Shankar, JAS Motion Pictures Make-up Harleen Kaur Lyrics Aishwarya Kamat Poets Rachana (Ray) Iyer Rohan Sabharwal Anu Elizabeth Roche Aishwarya Kamat Varun Gwalani Saurabh Mistry Beat boxer/ MC MC CHubBy For more videos, subscribe to our channel: http://bit.ly/2aIcith Check out The Quint for more news: https://www.thequint.com To Stay Updated, Download The Quint App: Google Play Store: http://bit.ly/2doDlOo Apple App Store: http://apple.co/2d6qYnT Follow The Quint here: Facebook: http://bit.ly/1RXYIg5 Twitter: http://bit.ly/1tjFuxI Instagram: http://bit.ly/1Piyc18 -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Also Follow The Quint in Hindi: https://hindi.thequint.com
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Mental health patients feel stigmatised
It is well known that public stigma is a huge hurdle for those with a mental illness, but are Australia's doctors and medical professionals just as guilty of discrimination?
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‘A curse from God’ -- the stigma of mental illness in Pakistan
Although up to 40 percent of the population could have mental health issues, getting help isn’t easy in Pakistan. The stigma against mental illness is prevalent, and even for those who do want to get help, psychiatrists are in short supply. As part of our “Agents For Change” series, Fred de Sam Lazaro looks at the efforts being made to change this situation.
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Mental Health: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver (HBO)
John Oliver explains how our national system of treating mental health works, or more often than not, how it doesn’t. Connect with Last Week Tonight online... Subscribe to the Last Week Tonight YouTube channel for more almost news as it almost happens: www.youtube.com/user/LastWeekTonight Find Last Week Tonight on Facebook like your mom would: http://Facebook.com/LastWeekTonight Follow us on Twitter for news about jokes and jokes about news: http://Twitter.com/LastWeekTonight Visit our official site for all that other stuff at once: http://www.hbo.com/lastweektonight
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let's talk stigma | my mental health story
Re-uploaded. As we move into Suicide Awareness Month, I wanted to share some light on the topic of stigma, specifically related to mental health. Here I share my own experience with depression and anxiety, and my confrontation with stigma when reaching out for help. If you or anyone you know is struggling with mental health issues, please feel free to utilize the following resources: National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 1-800-273-8255 AFSP: https://afsp.org/ NAMI: https://www.nami.org/ Active Minds: http://www.activeminds.org/index.php ↠ Links ↞ ☽ Instagram: summerhnn ☽ Twitter: summershouts
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What is stigma in relation to mental health illness? (Urdu/Hindi)
Call +44 (0)203 890 3495 for an appointment for online consultation with Dr Younus Saleem, Consultant Psychiatrist Alternatively, click here to book an appointment via email for online consultation: https://www.myhealthspecialist.com/patient/specialist/15467/Younus+Saleem Psychiatry-UK: Psychiatric diagnosis and therapist referrals for UK residents by NHS registered consultants - online video or telephone consultations - 100% discreet. Rapid Access to UK Registered consultant psychiatrists. Secure and confidential video conference appointments within days – no special equipment required. 1 hour consultation with a specialist doctor, including report/letter/management plan – all for £300.00. The most discreet, convenient and economic way to access private psychiatric consultation. --------- myHealthSpecialist.com: myHealthSpecialist is the UK’s largest database of recommended specialists. Our aim is to connect patients to the very best specialists in healthcare. All of our specialists are recommended by doctors, based on their own professional experience. Their recommendations allow GPs and patients to find trusted specialists in all areas of healthcare.
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My Personal Bipolar Stigma Story
When you live with bipolar disorder or any mental health condition, stigma is the most significant challenge to confront. As someone who is public about my life with bipolar 2 disorder; I face bipolar stigma on a daily basis. To many people's surprise, it does not bother me as much as you may think. Why? I don't believe or absorb the messages that bipolar stigma sends to me or the general public. In this video, I share a personal story about facing stigma as a young adult living with bipolar 2 disorder. How has stigma affected your life living with a mental health condition? How do we change people's view of mental health in society? Please share your experience or do a response video and send it into info@healthyplace.com. See you next week! Hannah -- Hannah posts a new video every Monday morning on the HealthyPlace YouTube channel. You can help spread awareness and understanding by sharing this video or playlist. And if you find the video helpful, I hope you'll give it a thumbs up. I'm Hannah. I Have Bipolar 2 Playlist: http://ow.ly/RR99305UIxg I Have Bipolar Too blog: http://bit.ly/2u00vyf MORE INFO ON BIPOLAR DISORDER AND EMPATHY Living with the Stigma of Bipolar 2 | http://bit.ly/2hHCyKa How To Deal with the Stigma of Bipolar Disorder | http://bit.ly/2CPb52k The Stigma of Bipolar Disorder in Relationships | http://bit.ly/2uE3cVu
A Student with Mental Illness
A 6 minute wordless animation about a student who faces inner troubles in his studies. I invite you to write your honest thoughts or feelings in the comments. This is 1 of 10 videos in my personal art project on mental illness stigma. The project is titled “10 Animations on Mental Illness”. www.charabui.com CC License: http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
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Stigmatization In Mental Health.
Mental Illness is not a SICKNESS as the populace see it. Just as other general medical conditions are, so is METAL ILLNESS too. People suffering from mental illness are not chosen to be in that state. We all can suffer from same sickness. Let us therefore come together to speak against those STIGMATIZING THE MENTALLY ILL. Let us educate them on the need to be caring and loving to those mentally ill and not reject them in the society. In togetherness, we will make the world a better place. remember, MENTAL HEALTH, TOTAL HEALTH!!!!!!!!
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Representations of mental illness in the media
This video is teaching you and fellow viewers the harsh reality of the stigma attached to mental illness, as well as this it is raising awareness of the terrible portrayals of mental health in the media. I watched many films containing portrayals of mantel illness and through personal experience I have been able to find a film that I believe shows the true facts of a mental illness. This film is The Soloist which is about a man who has schizophrenia and lives on the streets, this films shows the harsh reality of living with a mental illness. The other films that I have included are: Girl interrupted Shutter Island and The Uninvited. Enjoy Hannah xx
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Mental Illness and the Stigma of Medication
Not all illness can be cured with sunshine and fresh air. This was a facebook post and then people asked me to say it on video, so I did. If you are struggling, you are NOT alone. Twitter: http://twitter.com/TheJenniChiu Facebook: http://facebook.com/TheJenniChiu Instagram: http://instagram.com/JenniChiu
Denver Health Expert Talks About Mental Health & Stigma
May is Mental Health Month, and the National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI) is promoting the theme of "Cure Stigma." Denver Health Adolescent Addictions Counselor Julia Timmerman, LCSW, says some of the common stigmas around mental health treatment include perceptions of weakness and getting shunned by family and friends. Timmerman says the key to curing stigma is making strong connections with supportive family and friends.
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Mental Health Stigma Hurts Us All
MENTAL HEALTH STIGMA HURTS Holding a negative view of mental health may result in the suicide of someone you know. Words that discriminate hurt. Prejudice against people because of something beyond there control has historically decimated and humiliated groups within society. Society's hateful view of mental illness is making it so that people who need help - will not get help. Over 30,000 Americans die from suicide every year. A good portion of those that attempt suicide will never seek professional help. The barrier to getting help is often the result of the negative view society has of mental health. Everyone has mental health. Stress is a mental health condition. 1 out of 4 people have a mental health condition and could benefit from mental health treatment. (http://www.nimh.nih.gov/health/publications/the-numbers-count-mental-disorders-in-america/index.shtml) This project was created in collaboration with the following organizations: Margaret Clark Morgan Foundation Mental Health and Recovery Board of Portage County ADM Board of Summit County Akron Digital Media Northeastern Ohio Speaker's Bureau http://www.mikestratton.net Interviewees in this video were: Angella Fawn Cory Kouns Erin Hirsch Lee Post Laureen Kemp Valentina Stratton Lisa Marie Griffin Ronald James Toth Sally Nitz Fred Frese Ovetta Joi Dixon Nancy Montagna Joel Mowrey Interview Transcript: Angella Fawn: "Were just people like everybody else. Mental illness is a brain disorder." Cory Kouns: "What are you doing out of this pit that we thought that we were going to have you in". Erin Hirsch "We are just as normal as anyone else. I was going to take my life". Lee Post: "Everyones like mental illness, what should I do. I look at myself as a person." Laureen Kemp: "Seeing other people treated differently because of there mental illness is not a reason to be treated different." Valentina Stratton: "Society discriminates against mental illness. A couple of times I went off of my meds because of it". Lisa Marie Griffin: "People have told me you don't look like you have mental illness and I have asked them why, are the ears suppose to be in the middle of my forehead, maybe my lips on my neck, they think were monsters." Ronald James Toth: "Were going to fight this illness". "Sally Nitz: "If you tell people, you have mental illness, like I've done, they look at you differently and its just really something we can't help really." Fred Frese: "People with mental illness were considered to be possessed by demons and devils" Ovetta Joi Dixon: "I think that people lack even the desire to understand it because its easier to go with the jokes." Nancy Montagna: "I need to control my behavior, and its not just us with mental illness, but all people, the ones that as Fred Frese would say, 'the normal's', they also... everyone has to have an idea of what is self control." Joel Mowrey: "If you stressed, stress is a mental health issue among many other mental health issues that we all have". Video Text: Suicide takes the lives of over 30,000 American's every year. Many who attempt suicide never seek professional care. Mental health discrimination is destroying society. We need to change our view of mental health. The change starts with the person in the mirror. The change you make has the potential to save a life. The life you save may be your own. Your view of mental health makes treatment inaccessible. 1 out of 4 people have a mental health condition. 1 out of 2 households is effected by a mental health condition. Mental health is a change in thinking, mood or behavior that effects your daily life. By 2020 depression will be the second leading cause of disability in the world. People who are depressed may be to ashamed to get help. People who are alcoholics may be to ashamed to get help. People who are angry may be to ashamed to get help. People who are psychotic may be to ashamed to get help. People who are lonely may be to ashamed to get help. People who are scared may be to ashamed to get help. Have you ever been depressed? Have you ever been an alcoholic? Have you ever been angry? Have you ever been stressed? Have you ever been lonely? Have you ever been scared? Have you ever been human? Other Relevant Links: Dr. Fred Frese, Ph.D. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Frederick_Frese Nancy Montagna, Author http://whatsbehindthesmile.com/ http://www.amazon.com/Nancy-McCurdy-Montagna/e/B00IVW0XEW/ref=dp_byline_cont_pop_book_1 Sally Nitz, Author & Pastor http://sallynitz.tateauthor.com/ http://www.ohio.com/news/chaplain-s-service-channels-inner-torment-1.174158 Joel Mowrey, Ph.D. http://www.mental-health-recovery.org/ This video is copyright protected and may not be reused without permission from the collaborating agencies involved in the production of this video. Copyright 2014. All rights reserved.
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The need for massive public enlightenment on the causes and symptoms of mental illness among individuals and possible ways of curing the disease has been intensified. A medical expert from the department of psychiatric bayero university kano Auwal sani Salihu stated this during a media briefing organised by federal neuro psychiatric hospital kware sokoto,held in kano...
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Universal Health Services CEO on removing the stigma of mental illness
Universal Health Services CEO Alan Miller on consolidation of hospitals, mental health care, the opioid epidemic and the company's outlook for growth.
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Rising Above Mental Health Challenges and Stigma | Sitawa Wafula | TEDxKilimani
Mental illness is debilitating. And only the sufferer fully understands the burden. Sitawa shares a riveting story from her childhood to who she has become, a champion of the voiceless. As an eighteen-year-old, Sitawa was a victim of sexual assault. In the aftermath of this event she experienced significant depression, was suicidal and developed a mental health condition that she still suffers from today. With no support system and rising medical bills, she dropped out of university. She found it hard to keep a job, facing stigma and misunderstanding in the workplace. Out of this experience, a decade of fact finding, and a burning passion to see all Kenyans have the chance to access proper support and information concerning mental health she launched My Mind My Funk. Sitawa is now a three-time award-winning mental health and epilepsy crusader. She has a certificate in mental health advocacy, sits on Kenya’s Mental Health policy review committee and serves as the Assistant Secretary in the National Epilepsy Coordination Committee. Sitawa is also building the mental health movement in Kenya through the website http://sitawa.blogspot.com where she shares her experiences. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Break Mental Health Stigma #NotAlone5in5 | What is Mental Health Video
Break mental health stigma. SHARE to spread awareness for mental health #NotAlone5in5 http://www.lcpcanada.com/ Jack.org is an organization committed to changing lives by breaking the silence and stigma around mental health. The fact is we are all affected my mental health. Please take 1 minute from your day to view the following video. It will change your life and can help you change others lives too. Break the Silence. Break the stigma. #NotAlone5in5 ***We ask that if you publish the video (news, radio, magazine, tv, etc), please include links to www.facebook.com/jackdotorglambton (our Facebook page) and www.lcpcanada.com (our producers page).*** Contact Jack.org Lambton College https://www.facebook.com/jackdotorgLambton https://twitter.com/jackdotorglc Video Production by LC Productions Canada http://lcpcanada.com https://twitter.com/LCPcanada https://www.facebook.com/LCPcanada Thanks to Emm Gryner and Chris Hadfield for their permission to cover their duet- “So Easy” Thanks to Bailey Pelkman for covering the song. https://www.youtube.com/user/BaileyBearHugs Thanks to our Sponsors: Video Production: LCP Canada https://www.facebook.com/LCPcanada Music Producers: Studio B- https://www.facebook.com/StudioBMusicServices OHL Sarnia Sting- http://www.sarniasting.com/ Coffee Lodge Sarnia Libro Credit Union
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Mental Health and Mental Illness: A Christian Psychiatrist’s Perspective- Dr. Jonathan Lee
Is depression really the result of a chemical imbalance in the brain? Is anxiety always a sin? How should a Christian understand PTSD? One in five people in our churches will be affected in their lifetime by depression or anxiety, but mental illness remains a hotbed of controversy, misinformation and stigma. In this practical session, Dr. Lee will offer a holistic Christian perspective-- incorporating both medicine and theology-- to equip laypeople, pastors and biblical counselors to serve those who are suffering from mental illness with greater empathy.
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Tackling the stigma of mental illness in Hong Kong
HSBC marked its 150th anniversary last year with a sale of commemorative HKD150 banknotes in Hong Kong, raising USD61 million for local charities. One beneficiary is Castle Peak Hospital, the city's oldest psychiatric hospital. It will use the funds to create a museum aimed at promoting well-being and removing the stigma of mental illness in Hong Kong. Two former patients opened up to HSBC NOW about their experience with depression and schizophrenia and the challenges of living with mental illness. HSBC NOW brings you stories from our colleagues around the world. For more videos, and to stay up to date with HSBC NOW, subscribe to the channel. Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/HSBC_NOW
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Mental Health: In Our Own Words
13 people, aged 18-25 talk about what it's like to live with a mental health problem, and what helps them cope. Watch part 2 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ETN7RXV_d3g Find out more about the young people in this video http://www.mind.org.uk/inourownwords Music - "Memorized" by Josh Woodward http://joshwoodward.com/song/Memorized
Stigma of mental illness | Alastair Campbell
SUBSCRIBE for more speakers ► http://is.gd/OxfordUnion Oxford Union on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/theoxfordunion Oxford Union on Twitter: @OxfordUnion Website: http://www.oxford-union.org/ Alastair John Campbell (born 25 May 1957) is a British journalist, broadcaster, political aide and author, best known for his work as Director of Communications and Strategy for prime minister Tony Blair between 1997 and 2003. Campbell describes himself as a "communicator, writer and strategist" on his website, while others have described him as Labour's "unelected, but ... hardly underscrutinised" spin doctor. At the Oxford Union Alastair Campbell talks about the last great taboo in society. He tells of his personal battle with depression and alcohol addiction. ABOUT THE OXFORD UNION SOCIETY: The Union is the world's most prestigious debating society, with an unparalleled reputation for bringing international guests and speakers to Oxford. It has been established for 189 years, aiming to promote debate and discussion not just in Oxford University, but across the globe.
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Stigma against mental illnesses hinders progress
People with mental illnesses struggle with both symptoms and the stigma of their illnesses. CBS News Chief Medical Correspondent Dr. Jon LaPook shares the stories of families dealing with being the outcasts of society.
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Major Challenge To Treating Mental Illness Is Eradicating Stigma
Scientists, politicians, clinicians, police officers and medical workers agree on one thing: The U.S. mental health system needs a big fix. Too few people get the help they need for mental ailments and emotional turmoil that can destroy livelihoods and lives. A report in the October JAMA Internal Medicine, for instance, concludes that more than 70 percent of U.S. adults who experience depression don’t receive treatment for it. New research suggests that the longstanding but understudied problem of stigma leaves many of those suffering mental ailments feeling alone, often unwilling to seek help, and frustrated with treatment when they do. Sociologist Bernice Pescosolido is from Indiana University in Bloomington. She told Science News, "Stigma about mental illness is widespread. And the current emphasis on mental ills as diseases of individuals can unintentionally inflame that sense of shame." Investigators say an effective mental health care system needs to address stigma’s suffocating social grip. Pescosolido says, “If we want to explain problems such as depression and suicide, we have to see them in a social context, not just as individual issues." https://www.sciencenews.org/article/erasing-stigma-needed-mental-health-care http://www.wochit.com This video was produced by YT Wochit News using http://wochit.com
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Official Launching Video of the Skip the Stigma: On Mental Illness Campaign
This video is the kick off for my 'Skip the Stigma on Mental Illness' campaign. On Sept. 30th 2015 my world fell apart because of many different factors. This video is me reflecting back on that fateful night. I intend to make a series of videos that include mental health professionals, doctors, special guests promo videos, and recreate scenes of my story. What I hope to accomplish with this campaign is the idea of letting those who suffer from OCD, Depression, Anxiety, Eating Disorders and other mental illnesses that 'YOU ARE NOT YOUR ILLNESS' and to inform those who are uneducated about mental illness to remove the stigma in society concerning it. Although this has been a rebuilding year for me it has taught me so much about myself and has allowed me to reach out to those suffer from similar experiences. I would like to thank my family, friends, and mentors for helping fight through a dark period in my life. I would be lying if I didn't say it's a struggle to keep fighting sometimes, but I have made the decision that my life is not about living for me, but living for others. I am so excited to see where this project will go and I hope that I will have your support in these videos and have you all eventually sign the 'Skip the Stigma on Mental Illness Pledge.' Much love and appreciation Kenzie Prows Also special shout out to #NateRoundy for helping me with the filming process and I do not own/claim any rights to the song 'Medicine' by Daughter.
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Canada's Mental Health
Canada's Mental Health Commission is nearing the end of its initial 10-year mandate. It focused on national strategies to address mental illness at home and in the workplace. It also fought to erase the stigma associated with mental illness. Louise Bradley, president and CEO of the Mental Health Commission, joins The Agenda to discuss the commission's success and specifically to talk about the suicide crisis in Attawapiskat.
How to spot the signs of mental illness
We’ve teamed up with Wiltshire Mind to raise awareness of how to spot the signs and symptoms of mental illness. If you think you, a family member, friend or colleague is affected you are not alone. We can all play a part in breaking the stigma associated with mental ill health and start a discussion. Find out more: https://www.wessexwater.co.uk https://www.wiltshiremind.co.uk/ https://mind.org.uk/
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Mental Illness Education for Kids
A short video to explain mental illness and stop the stigma surrounding mental illnesses early. Music by Steven O'Brien
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Recovery Stories - Episode 6: The Stigma of Mental Illness
For people with a behavioral health diagnosis, the reality of stigma is all too familiar. They know from first hand experience how people react to finding out that someone they know has a mental health diagnosis. Individuals forget that they are dealing with a person, and begin to think in terms of negative stereotypes that work to define people with mental health needs as "other," "abnormal" or "one of those people." In the sixth installment of the Recovery Stories series, people with lived experience talk about how they have dealt with stigma, and how it works to separate people with behavioral health diagnoses from the so-called "normal" people. The message shared by these individuals is that people with lived experience are people first, and deserve to be recognized for their humanity, not for their diagnoses. Please take a moment to listen to their thoughts, stories and insights, and share them to help break the grip of stigma in your community.
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'Long way to go': Still a stigma around mental health
Avis Favaro reports on how there is still a stigma attached to mental illness, and why many don't seek help. Subscribe to CTV News to watch more videos: https://www.youtube.com/ctvnews Connect with CTV News: For the latest news visit: http://www.ctvnews.ca/ For a full video offering visit the CTV News Network: http://www.ctvnews.ca/video CTV News on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CTVNews CTV News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/CTVNews Watch CTV News on Twitter: https://twitter.com/WatchCTVNews CTV News on Google+: https://plus.google.com/+CTVNews/posts CTV News on Instagram: https://instagram.com/ctvnews/ CTV News on Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/ctvnews --- CTV News is Canada's most-watched news organization both locally and nationally, and has a network of national, international, and local news operations.
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GOOD WORDS: Stigma, Mental Illness and Employment
This short and poignant film traces the story of Elizabeth, a gifted and highly qualified candidate attending a job interview. All appears to be going swimmingly, until the conversation turns towards the subject of mental illness. While this film is a work of fiction, research indicates that it represents a reality played out daily.
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Invisible - Uncovering Mental Illness
Shedding light and giving a voice to those struggling with mental illnesses and coping with those who have taken their own lives.
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Stigma around mental illness
Experts talk about what stigma towards mental illness is and how it affects health and life outcomes.
Jeffrey Lieberman - What If There Was No Stigma in Mental Illness?
Hear a radical view of what a public health care approach to mental health would look like if mental illness had no more stigma than cancer, if we saw the battle as courageous instead of dangerous, if we saw the combatants as people worthy of our praise? Speaker: Jeffrey Lieberman, M.D. Professor and Chair, Columbia University Department of Psychiatry
Locked Up and Forgotten: India’s Mental Health Crisis
India is currently suffering a mental health crisis. With only 43 government-run mental hospitals serving a population of 1.2 billion, resources are spread thin. What's more, mental illness is highly stigmatized in India, especially among women, who are typically committed to mental health facilities with no legal rights, receiving involuntary treatment, and sometimes without a proper diagnosis. VICE News travels to Maharashtra to investigate what it’s like to be deemed a woman with mental illness in India today. Watch: Institutionalized: Mental Health Behind Bars - http://bit.ly/1DHIqYj Read: Indian Drug Plants Are Freaking Out the FDA - http://bit.ly/1Vmq6a9 Subscribe to VICE News here: http://bit.ly/Subscribe-to-VICE-News Check out VICE News for more: http://vicenews.com Follow VICE News here: Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/vicenews Twitter: https://twitter.com/vicenews Tumblr: http://vicenews.tumblr.com/ Instagram: http://instagram.com/vicenews More videos from the VICE network: https://www.fb.com/vicevideos
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Media On Mental Disorders
How the media portrays mental disorders. Where I got the videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AeTmPRNmwNk (Ted) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kjEAqrFmAXM (Hangover) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gLybxmgq6Ww (Radio) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GvF4-C1EuJU (A Beautiful Mind) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6FdzweL8EpQ (Big Bang Theory) http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ptpaEntid74 (Misery)
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Breaking The Silence (Mental Health Documentary) - Real Stories
Check out our new website for more incredible documentaries: HD and ad-free. https://goo.gl/LwMcmY This documentary gets to the heart of suicide in Northern Ireland and examines the human debris of the family and friends left behind. Breaking The Silence is a sensitive and powerful portrait of the trauma faced by families in the aftermath of suicide, and the journey towards coming to terms with this deep, personal tragedy. Each story builds towards its awful yet inevitable conclusion and, by allowing interviewees the opportunity to talk through their own painful stories, the film also helps to prove that those left behind can ultimately travel the long road of healing. The film challenges the audience to consider why such a potent stigma still surrounds suicide and mental health issues, and also looks at the important work being done by the Niamh Louise Foundation - which is made up of individuals who have been similarly affected - to prevent further deaths by suicide. Want to watch more full-length Documentaries? Click here: http://bit.ly/1GOzpIu Follow us on Twitter for more - https://twitter.com/realstoriesdocs Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/RealStoriesChannel Instagram - @realstoriesdocs Content licensed from Tern TV. Any queries, please contact us at: realstories@littledotstudios.com Produced by Tern TV
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Mandel: Don't hide mental health issues
Comedian Howie Mandel opens up about living with his OCD and ADHD, and addresses the stigma behind mental health.
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Work, mental Illness and stigma
People affected by mental illness often don't get the support they need at work. It doesn't have to be like this. Learn how employers can ensure they are best-placed to offer support that helps the person affected and everyone in the workplace.
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Borderline Personality Disorder and Stigma in Victoria Mental Health System, BC Canada
Combat the Medical Model by building a humanity connection. 1. Connected to Visual Connection Mapping and The Communication Model "How can a philosophical enquiry be conducted without a perpetual petitio principii?" Frank Ramsey, The Foundations of Mathematics, 1931.
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Military Stigma: Battling Mental Illness in the Military
PRINCE FREDERICK - A Navy Captain sheds light on how he almost committed suicide because of the stigma of mental illness in the military.
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King’s Lecture Series – Lecture 3: Fighting Stigma in Mental Health – and Losing
1 in 4 people suffer from mental illness’ is routinely used in anti-stigma campaigns to normalise psychiatric disorder. However, does it trivialise, not normalise, and add to stigma? Professor Anthony David is joined by a panel with diverse perspectives: from personal experience and charities to media and academia. With the audience’s help they will explore innovative solutions to combat stigma. Taking place on Wednesday 7 March 2018, Safra Lecture Theatre, Strand Campus.
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Mental Health in New York Documentary (Original)
After winning a fellowship, my sister decided to make a documentary about Mental Health in New York as her social justice topic. As a person with anxiety, she wants to fight the stigma that is often associated with mental illnesses. Of course, I was enlisted as her partner in crime to make this all come to life. So here it is after a year of researching, shooting and editing: a collection of our findings about how New York is handling Mental Health and what we can do to help fight that stigma. It's time to shed some light on Mental Health and we're glad we can contribute to the movement with this documentary. -------------------------------- 5/19/2016 - Won 1st place in the Social Justice/Science Category at Baruch College's Creative Inquiry 5/31/2016 - Official Selection (May 2016) Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 5/31/2016 - Award of Achievement (Best Documentary Short Film May 2016) Hollywood Boulevard Film Festival 6/1/2016 - Official Selection (May 2016) Miami Independent Film Festival 6/21/2016 - Bronze Award Winner (June 2016) Spotlight Documentary Film Awards 7/21/2016 - Official Selection (July 2016) Katra Film Series 9/28/2016 - Presented at the 2016 International Conference for Undergraduate Research (Baruch College) 10/22/2016 - Official Selection (2016) Adirondack Film Festival -------------------------------- Links: NAMI: http://www.nami.org http://www.facebook.com/NAMI http://twitter.com/namicommunicate OMH: http://www.omh.ny.gov http://www.facebook.com/NYSOMH http://twitter.com/NYSomh
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STIGMA | Mental Illness
Talking about stigma and mental illness can only make things better. Sorry that I have been bombarding you with videos... I shall try to calm down a bit now. Hope every one is well and smiling.
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Two Different Worlds - Ending the Silence of Mental Illness PSA
Mental Illness can be like living in two different worlds. This PSA is meant to illustrate the problems that one can have in the stigmatized world, but things can get better through resources and people such as one's family and friends. This was made for the Directing Change Competition - Ending the Silence of Mental Illness Category. *First Place Selection of San Diego County* Director/DP/Editor: Matt Benton Special Thanks: Kevin Hadley, Dide-Su Bilgen, Kenny Mares, Jack Kuzminsky, Matt Hadley, Derek Brunkhorst, Lynn Leahy, Rachel Lewis, Selin Ergun, Lauren Freund, Trevor Crowell, Blancis Jhandi & Alexis Jacobs.
The Mental Health System - A Call for Change | Nora Blum | TEDxZurich
Nora shines a light on the realities of the mental healthcare system. She contrasts the medical treatment expectations for those in physical pain with those suffering from depression. Can we start to re-frame the perception of mental health needs, and their solutions? Nora’s experiences give us a positive affirmation. Nora is the founder and CEO of the startup Selfapy, an online psychotherapy program,which gives people suffering from mental illness the chance to get help immediately. Prior to founding Selfapy, Nora studied Psychology at the University of Cambridge. She worked in psychiatric hospitals, clinics and the company builder Rocket Internet. It is Nora’s goal to reduce the stigma associated with mental illness and eventually create a world in which people think differently about mental health. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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