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Zac Efron Workout and Diet Plan (BAYWATCH!!)
Build ripped muscle like Zac with this program… http://athleanx.com/x/built-like-zac-year-round Zac Efron’s workout and diet plan are making waves this Summer because of his incredible physique transformation preparing for Baywatch. Along side the Rock, Zac holds his own, having carved out a chiseled body by focusing on 7 key elements of his training and nutrition. Recently, Men’s Fitness magazine published a story about the gains Efron made to get ready for his Summer comedy role. In this video, I am breaking down the most important aspects of his diet plan and workouts to help you to start getting better results from your workouts heading into Summer. I’m also going to take a look back at a former “most wanted” celebrity body (that of Taylor Lautner) to see what went wrong and prevented his gains from being permanent. First and foremost, it is worth noting that neither Zac Efron or Taylor Lautner are heavyweights. Both stand just 5 foot 10 inches tall and weigh no more than 170 pounds. To make his transformation for Baywatch, Efron gained just 10 pounds of lean muscle. The thing is, when you minimize your body fat levels and maximize the amount of muscle your body can naturally carry…you look much bigger than you are. Both of these guys have mastered this. That said, you can’t expect to look better without being willing to put in some hard work along the way. Zac did just this by adopting more heavy weight training into his workout routine. He stated that he never had lifted very heavy or explosive before preparing for this film. A lot of people actually find themselves in a similar position either because they are uncomfortable lifting heavy or just don’t have the base strength to be able to do it. By increasing his strength levels on the basic compound lifts, Efron was able to start adding to his muscle density and thickness. Next he followed a push, pull, legs training split. This workout sequence allows you to train your body more athletically since you train movements instead of individual muscles. The back and biceps are responsible for all lifts in which you pull the weight towards you or pull your body towards a fixed bar. It’s impossible to isolate their actions so it helps to train them together to allow you more recovery time between workouts. Daily ab training is another key to having the resting tone needed to showcase your abs year round (provided your diet and nutrition are in check). Zac Efron’s diet is also covered here as well. By including a cheat day once in awhile, he is able to maintain his sanity and consistency required to keep his body fat levels low year round. For a complete workout and nutrition plan to build athletic, ripped muscle like Zac Efron head to http://athleanx.com and get the ATHLEAN-X Training System. Get step by step workouts and a day by day meal plan to take all the guesswork out of your transformation. For more celebrity workout videos and videos on how guys like Zac Efron build muscle fast, be sure to subscribe to our channel here on youtube at http://youtube.com/user/jdcav24
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Wolf Of Wallstreet Matthew McConaughey [FULL SCENE] [HD]
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Epic Titleist Full Bag Fitting Experience
All we can say is "WOW!" In this week's vlog we head to the Titleist Regional Fitting Center at Sleepy Hollow Country Club for an epic full bag fitting with 2018 Met PGA Teacher of the Year Kevin Sprecher. We're pulling out all the stops on this one, running a full test of everything from the hugely popular Titleist AP3 irons, to killer new Vokey SM7 wedges. This was one experience we won't soon forget! SUBSCRIBE TO OUR CHANNEL FOR MORE: https://golficity.com/youtube Schedule your own fitting with Kevin Sprecher here: http://www.kevinsprecher.com/ Or, find a Titleist Regional Fitting Center near you here: https://www.titleist.com/ Download the free Golficity App: https://golficity.com/app Follow us on Instagram: https://instagram.com/golficity https://instagram.com/frankfasanojr https://instagram.com/mikefas4 Tune into our weekly podcast: iTunes: https://golficity.com/itunes Spotify: https://golficity.com/spotify SoundCloud: https://golficity.com/soundcloud Google Play: https://golficity.com/google-play iHeartRadio: https://golficity.com/iheartradio
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Sammy The Seal
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What Is An Academic Musician?
Last week I was invited to speak at the Leonard Bernstein Centenary Conference on Public Music Discourse at the University of South Carolina. It was an absolute blast, and while I was there I took the opportunity to ask a bunch of real, serious academic musicians what they were working on. They had a lot of great answers, and together they give a lot of insight into the sorts of things that academic musicians actually, like, do. Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/12tonevideos Merchandise Store: http://12tonevideos.storenvy.com/ Mailing List: http://eepurl.com/bCTDaj Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/12tonevideos Twitter: https://twitter.com/12tonevideos Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/12tonevideos/ Email: 12tonevideos@gmail.com Last: https://youtu.be/8RkrBOEx2rI LINKS: Music Theory Studio: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCifNO5mHqtDa6m0XAuXMrDg Richard Atkinson: https://www.youtube.com/user/richardatkinson2108 @darkmusictheory: https://twitter.com/darkmusictheory Doctor Johnson's book on baseball and music: https://rowman.com/ISBN/9780810849990 Doctor Wendland's book on tango: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/tracing-tangueros-9780199348220 Doctor Jenkins' book on Schoenberg: https://global.oup.com/academic/product/schoenbergs-program-notes-and-musical-analyses-9780195385571?cc=us&lang=en& Script: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1OqTRRhchBYPRYL_5jdq0HvlB3L_PxxTOscWhDEwI5C0/edit?usp=sharing Huge thanks to our gold-level Patreon supporters: Susan Jones Jill Jones Ron Jones Howard Levine Elaine Pratt Ken Arnold Gabi Ghita Kaylor Hodges Brian Etheredge Mark Yachnin William (Bill) Boston Nicolas Mendoza Josh King Gene Lushtak Khristofor Saraga Pierre-Emmanuel Mc Tom Anton Smyk Michael Hutcheson Mitchell Fund David Roulston Dale Monks And thanks as well to Henry Reich, Logan Jones, Eugene Bulkin, Dialup Salesman, Abram Thiessen, Anna Work, Oliver, Jc Bq, Adam Neely, Justin Donnell, Jon I, nico, David Zahara, Michael Fieseler, Rick Lees, Ben LaRose, rhandhom1, Harold Gonzales, Marc Himmelberger, Chris Borland, jason black, Dutreuilh Olivia Andersson, Nick Olman, Joey Strandquist, Daniel Gilchrist, Dakota Williams, billy roberts, Elliot Burke, Alex Atanasyan, Davis Sprague, Amlor, Greg Borenstein, Tim S., David Tocknell, Elias Simon, StarsServant, Steven Kapor, Dave Mayer, Thomás, Justin Bronstein, Justin Aungst, Jerry D. Brown, Luciano Baez, Christopher Wright, Alex, MasterDslay, blalo'u, Adil Abdulla, Sportlunch, Lauren Steely, Fabian, Paul Quine, Anamol Pundle, Josiah R. Hazel, Ohad Lutzky, Bate Goiko, Jon White, Eivind Vatshaug, Nuno Tiago, Kurtis Commanda, Sam, James A. Thornton, Jacob Friend, Benjamin Cooper, Kevin, Joe Galetti, Josiah Scott, Ed Hurtley, Nils Monahan, Liam Mac Aoidh, Bryan Rider, SocialScout, John Bejarano, David Barker, Gerhard Blab, and drunkwookiee64! Your support helps make 12tone even better! Also, thanks to Jareth Arnold and Jade Tan-Holmes for proofreading the script to make sure this all makes sense hopefully!
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The Canadians: Grey Owl
Archibald Stansfeld Belaney, alias Grey Owl, writer, conservationist (born 18 September 1888 in Hastings, England; died 13 April 1938 in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan). Grey Owl was a well-known conservationist and writer in the 1930s. Although born in England, he portrayed himself as the son of a Scottish man and Apache woman. His articles and books stressed wilderness conservation and became bestsellers in Canada and Britain. Shortly after Grey Owl died in 1938, a newspaper article exposed his real identity as Archibald Belaney. He has been the focus of several biographies, articles and films, and his books have been reprinted many times. http://www.thecanadianencyclopedia.ca/en/article/archibald-belaney-grey-owl/
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Cornish language threatened by funding cut
© Copyright EP 2013
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Top hacker shows us how it's done | Pablos Holman | TEDxMidwest
Never miss a talk! SUBSCRIBE to the TEDx channel: http://bit.ly/1FAg8hB You think your wireless and other technology is safe? From Blue Tooth to automobile remotes, PCs, and "secure" credit cards, Hacker extraordinaire shows how nearly every secure system is vulnerable. In the spirit of ideas worth spreading, TEDx is a program of local, self-organized events that bring people together to share a TED-like experience. At a TEDx event, TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. These local, self-organized events are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. The TED Conference provides general guidance for the TEDx program, but individual TEDx events are self-organized.* (*Subject to certain rules and regulations)
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3 Ideas to Build your classes as a Group Fitness Instructor
"How do I build my classes?" is a common question I receive from past participants who came to a certification. I recently just moved to a new city and find myself going back to the basics of building a following in a new community... 1- Deliver an EXCEPTIONAL Killer Class every time! 2- Take other Classes and introduce yourself to the instructor. 3- Sub Classes. Being new, whether you are a new instructor or just new to that gym, you have to build your reputation from scratch. They don't know what your classes are like or your personality, so it takes time to build that trust that you will deliver a solid class EVERY SINGLE WEEK. Take pride in your format,your craft and deliver. From their it's building relationships with the other instructors and getting in front of more people, but it starts with you showing up every week. Have more tips and ideas that have worked for you? PLEASE COMMENT BELOW or email me: kjmeuer@gmail.com www.passionfitlife.com
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Exploring the Blue Willow Pattern - What does British Tableware have to do with the Opium Wars?
This video details the history of the Blue Willow pattern within the context of Sino-British interactions in the 17-19th century. Is this a case of cultural misappropriation? How do you feel about the link between the Blue Willow plate and the opium war. Although the plate was not a major cause of the war. The trade in-balance caused by demand for goods like this plate led to the English flooding Chinese trade ports with Opium. Blue Willow is still produced today. There's a link to the plates below: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B0002XJ4C0/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B0002XJ4C0&linkCode=as2&tag=creati015-20&linkId=200a0610e5470a42b40e6c369855107c Music credit to: Oshin Beats (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCbWsj9tlJih7zJH4g_H7iYg) and Monplasir (http://freemusicarchive.org/music/Monplaisir/)
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Your band and working with other Musicians. Chapter 2 Sample
https://lorenweisman.com/ https://CWealthC.com/ Your band and working with other - Musicians. Chapter 2 Sample from The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business Audio Book by Senior Branding Strategist and Speaker Loren Weisman. Chapter 2 is available for Audio Download on the following sites: AMAZON - http://geni.us/Chapter2Audio ITUNES - http://geni.us/iTunesChapter2 Chapter 2 Managing, Performing, And Booking Gigs Track List 01. Ch. 2 - Your Band: Working With Other Musicians - Opening Thought 02. Playing Well With Others 03. Challenges of Effective Communication 04. Relationship Expectations: Communicate, Clarify, and Try to Listen 05. Some Relationship "Do's"… 06. Check Ups. Is Everyone Still On The Same Page? 07. Band House: Party Central Or Center Of Stress? 08. Romances To Bromances - And Everything In Between 09. The Last Straw: How To Avoid Drawing It 10. How Solid Is Your Relationship With Your Band? 11. Members Who Quit or Get Fired: Handling The Aftermath 12. Defining Your Dream And Putting the band Together 13. Hiring Or Adding Musicians To Your Band 14. And Speaking Of Drummers… 15. New Blood In The Band: Who Are You Bringing Into The Fold 16. Keeping The Band Together In The Best And Worst Of Times 17. Taking Care of Business - Legal and Otherwise 18. Work-For-Hire Contracts: Getting It In Writing 19. Feeding The Legal Beagle: Internal Contracts, Copyrights, and Publishing 20. Tips For Tightening Your Sound And Songs: Practice Makes… 21. Individual Musicianship - Outside The Group 22. Taking Care of Yourself And The Musicians Around You 23. Being Stubborn: Knowing When To Stand Your Ground And When To Move 24. Drinking And Drugs Within The Group And In The Music Business 25. Supplemental Income: The Best Jobs To Take As An Aspiring Musician 26. A Life Outside Of Music Can Help Your Sanity 27. Depression And Maintaining Good Mental Health As A Musician 28. Divide The Workload For The Best Results In The Shortest Time 29. Keep Your Message, Your Marketing, And Your Promo Assertive 30. Ch. 2 - Your Band: Working With Other Musicians - Closing Thoughts 30 Tracks. Chapter 2 of my music industry book, Your Band: Working with other musicians was narrated and recorded at Cozy Retreat Studios in Los Angeles, California by Marketing Strategist and Speaker Loren Weisman. It was edited by Thom Lemmons and Published through Greenleaf Book Group. It was Mixed by Jason Rubal at Seventh Wave Studio. It is available through Amazon.com, iTunes and Audible. To Purchase the Paperback or eBook and more information about The Artists Guide to Success in the Music Business is available at https://artistsguide.net/ ———————————————————————— Senior Branding Strategist and Partner for Create Wealth Communities, Loren Weisman aligns, defines and designs individualized branding, marketing & content planning for start-up and established businesses. ———————————————————————— Create Wealth Communities LLC “Educate, Build, Protect, Then Profit.” ———————————————————————— More on CWealthC & Loren: https://LorenWeisman.com/ https://CWealthC.com/ https://Linkkle.com/CWealthC https://Linkkle.com/LorenWeisman ———————————————————————— Your band and working with other Musicians. Chapter 2 Sample
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Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys (2001)
INSCREVA-SE AQUI: http://sprysphere.com/A2ci --------------------------------- REDES SOCIAIS ----------------------------------------­------- * Facebook: http://sprysphere.com/A2ky * Instagram: http://sprysphere.com/A2rm * Twitter: http://sprysphere.com/A2vS * E-mail: ailtonferreira51@gmail.com * Skype: ailton.galera1 Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer & the Island of Misfit Toys (2001) Quando o Evil Toy Taker leva todos os brinquedos do Papai Noel, cabe a Rudolph e seus amigos Hermey, Yukon Cornelius e o Abominável Boneco de neve "Bumbles" para detê-lo e trazer o Natal para os filhos do mundo. Mais Informações sobre o filme - IMDb http://sprysphere.com/A3sm -Wikipedia http://sprysphere.com/A40a
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Brad Branson | Becoming the Gorilla | Full Length HD
Subscribe Now : http://t21c.com/12YTr3X Visit Brad now at: http://3ibaseline.com/21 Full length videos : http://the21convention.com/21u Get Training : http://the21convention.com/coaching Visit Brad at http://www.3impact.com/ Brad Branson is the lead trainer and founder of The 3 Impact Training Company. Working with guys of the millennial generation and turning them into real men through building self confidence, mastering their dating lives, and helping them understand what it takes to create financial freedom in the modern economy. In this video, Brad Branson gives an inner game presentation at The 21 Convention 2011 of London England titled "Becoming the Gorilla". Visit Brad at http://www.3impact.com/
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The Avalanches -  'Frontier Psychiatrist'
The video for The Avalanches 'Frontier Psychiatrist' directed by Kuntz and Macquire
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Soldiers Deck of Cards
Sawing a Baby in Half: https://youtu.be/R-lLv4_mWto On Tour with Florida Georgia Line! https://youtu.be/Pc1g1m4AWHs Official Site: justinflom.com Sawing a Baby in Half: https://youtu.be/R-lLv4_mWto On Tour with Florida Georgia Line! https://youtu.be/Pc1g1m4AWHs Official Site: justinflom.com A Veterans tribute with just a pack of cards and a beautiful ending. Thanks for all the views! Your comments mean the world to me. Please check out justinflom.com or www.facebook.com/justinflomofficial Subscribe! http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=justinflom Soldier’s Deck of Cards: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KGPKpIuX3cY #MagicBlockParty: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TjsrMOh8yFQ Justin Flom is a magician and YouTuber seen on Ellen and SyFy’s Wizard Wars. NO CAMERA TRICKS. REAL PEOPLE. FUN TIMES.
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Pastor Benny Ho - Mentoring Made Simple (Part 2)
Held on 20 Oct 2018 at Bartley Christian Church, Ps. Benny sketches how a mentoring relationship looks like. Part 2 covers a) 3 Marks of a Good Mentoring Fit b) 5 Steps for Mentoring c) Anatomy of a Mentoring Session d) 5 Practices of Effective Mentors e) 12 Things I Learnt About Mentoring
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Yamaha DX7 Electric Piano Tine Sound Library - DX7 E-Piano Patches Sound Demos
http://gospelmusicians.com/fmtines.html - Yamaha DX7 Electric Piano Patch Sound Demo of Tines and EPs FM TiNES is a sample and synth library containing over 20GB of the prettiest and most inspirational electric pianos ever heard. Our goal was to cover the complete genre of electric piano patches and not just FM. From D50 type bells, beautiful pads, lush strings, and multi-layered FM EPs taken directly from the hardware, FM TiNES will be the number one electric piano library to go to for that 80s/90s sound. And because we are vintage synth addicts, we included sound emulations of the classic o1W Dyno, the JD Crystal EP, a Dyno-My-Piano, and who could forget the EP sounds of the MKS-20 piano module. Imagine having a room with an o1W, a JD-990, a DX7, a DX7IID, an SY99, an MKS-20, and a Roland Dimension D chorus effects module and cram into one sound library. Then you add a new industry standard , buttery sounding reverb with SparkVerb™, and you now have an inspirational electrical piano that will take you back to the days where you had your first dance. Think of this library as your complete vintage tour guide of the classic 80s FM electric piano library. From the sounds of Babyface, Whitney Houston, and Robbie Buchanan, you will be inspired by the quality and depth of sound you can achieve with this library.
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GVSU Commencement April 2018 - Saturday AM
For more information about Commencement, visit: http://gvsu.edu/commencement Produced by: Promotions Office Video Team http://gvsu.edu/promotions/video
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The Life And Times Of Michael Prince
WARNING: This video contains information not suited for minors and/or for sensitive type people. Viewer discretion is advised.
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CMA , RMA medical assistant exam review study guide
join my facebook group collaborate with others to help each other https://www.facebook.com/groups/1258255987562885/ i passed by studying this study these and you'll pass for sure read this book its not long and pretty much covers the whole exam https://drive.google.com/file/d/0By1ax2pf4wmHekU1S1UyWFNlZGM/view?usp=sharing video posted https://quizlet.com/86228214/cma-rma-examination-amt-biggest-study-guide-medical-assistant-2015-flash-cards/ video posted https://quizlet.com/84367009/medical-assistant-certification-complete-study-guide-ccma-ncct-flash-cards/original https://quizlet.com/86041034/rma-examination-amt-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/85985159/rma-certification-for-amt-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/86011841/rma-practice-examination-amt-website-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/103837940/registered-medical-assistant-specialties-administrative-and-more-for-exam-studying-flash-cards/ https://quizlet.com/86543318/medical-assistant-administrative-study-for-test-flash-cards/ CMA , RMA medical assistant exam review study guide
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2018 Student Success Event
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Little Art Book Live Screen Printing
Live screen printing by Little Art Book and Pure Evil.
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Preserving America's Landscape Legacy
This video examines the importance of preserving the integrity of America's historic landscapes. Beginning with the role of landscape in film, the video uses landscapes familiar to most Americans to foster an understanding of how landscapes grow and change, but must still be preserved. Narrated by Angela Lansbury.
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Harbours On Film
UK Harbours pilotage and navigation films for the sailor, yachtsman and power boat owner. Harbours on film directory for sailing, cruising and motor boating in the solent, south coast, south devon, cornwall and the channel islands. The Cameron Snell video harbour guides provide detailed information for every UK harbour along the South Coast of England. An Ideal companion for the RYA royal yachting association, sea school, sailing centre,day skipper, yachtmaster or novice to compliment your nautical chart, pilot book and almanac
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Star Trek_Racism
From the episode: "Let That Be Your Last Battlefield"
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The Rise To The Top: How to create and profit from your own interview-based web show? [Video Show]
http://www.imthatgeek.com ⬅ Geek out with us! David Siteman Garland owner of The Rise To The Top on shares how to make money from your own internet show. David Garland used his bar minah money to open a his own tv show. It eventually lead to podcasting show online. David had no prior experience, with his new entrepreneur adventure. 0:01:20: How David got his first traditional TV show without any experience. 0:09:21: When did you start interviewing celebrities like Ali Brown and Patty Stanger ========================= I'M THAT GEEK SHOW ========================= On the unpredictable road of entrepreneurship, it can be immensely helpful to receive guidance and advice from those who have traveled those roads already. Their experiences, distilled into teachable information, can help the rest of us avoid common pitfalls. Although their advice should be treated as a source of inspiration and not prescription, you can avoid a lot of useless theory by listening to those who are doers, not simply dreamers. I enjoy finding hidden gems of this sort of information, and when I do, I bring them here so that you can hangout with world-renowned business leaders doling out straightforward, honest advice on matters that matter to YOU. To me, Hangouts are all about real time engagement and they don’t mean much as a one way conversation. As time permitting, I’ll be sharing your comments and questions during the hangout, even if you didn't make it into the film strip. http://www.imthatgeek.com ⬅ Geek out with us! https://plus.google.com/collection/MIDyb ⬅ on Google+ https://twitter.com/ImThatGeekShow ⬅on Twitter https://www.instagram.com/imthatgeekshow ⬅on Instagram
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ERA NOW: A New Strategy to Move Equal Rights Forward
Katie Packer Beeson Founding Partner, Burning Glass Consulting Deputy Campaign Manager, Romney for President Campaign (2012) Lina Esco Activist and Actress, S.W.A.T., KINGDOM, Free The Nipple Jane Mansbridge Charles F. Adams Professor of Political Leadership and Democratic Values, Harvard Kennedy School Author, Why We Lost the ERA Johanna Maska CEO, Global Situation Room Director of Press Advance, President Barack Obama Campaign and White House (2007-2015) Victoria A. Budson (Moderator) Founder & Executive Director, Women and Public Policy Program (WAPPP), Harvard Kennedy School Chairperson, Massachusetts Commission on the Status of Women (2011-2016)
Robert E. Lee | Wikipedia audio article
This is an audio version of the Wikipedia Article: Robert E. Lee 00:03:15 1 Early life and career 00:07:22 2 Military engineer career 00:11:13 3 Marriage and family 00:13:58 4 Mexican–American War 00:15:45 5 Early 1850s: West Point and Texas 00:17:05 6 Late 1850s: Arlington plantation and the Custis slaves 00:19:06 6.1 The Norris case 00:24:19 6.2 Lee's views on race and slavery 00:33:06 7 Harpers Ferry and Texas, 1859–1861 00:33:32 7.1 Harpers Ferry 00:34:32 7.2 Texas 00:36:11 8 Civil War 00:36:20 8.1 Resignation from United States Army 00:42:48 8.2 Early role 00:45:18 8.3 Commander, Army of Northern Virginia (June 1862 – June 1863) 00:50:05 8.4 Battle of Gettysburg 00:52:42 8.5 Ulysses S. Grant and the Union offensive 00:54:02 8.6 General in Chief 00:55:34 9 Summaries of Lee's Civil War battles 00:55:53 10 Postbellum life 00:59:16 10.1 President Johnson’s amnesty pardons 01:00:35 10.2 Postwar politics 01:04:45 11 Illness and death 01:06:00 12 Legacy 01:10:44 12.1 Monuments, memorials and commemorations 01:19:13 13 Dates of rank 01:19:34 14 In popular culture 01:22:06 15 See also Listening is a more natural way of learning, when compared to reading. Written language only began at around 3200 BC, but spoken language has existed long ago. Learning by listening is a great way to: - increases imagination and understanding - improves your listening skills - improves your own spoken accent - learn while on the move - reduce eye strain Now learn the vast amount of general knowledge available on Wikipedia through audio (audio article). You could even learn subconsciously by playing the audio while you are sleeping! If you are planning to listen a lot, you could try using a bone conduction headphone, or a standard speaker instead of an earphone. You can find other Wikipedia audio articles too at: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuKfABj2eGyjH3ntPxp4YeQ You can upload your own Wikipedia articles through: https://github.com/nodef/wikipedia-tts "The only true wisdom is in knowing you know nothing." - Socrates SUMMARY ======= Robert Edward Lee (January 19, 1807 – October 12, 1870) was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a commander of the Confederate States Army. He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. A son of Revolutionary War officer Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III, Lee was a top graduate of the United States Military Academy and an exceptional officer and military engineer in the United States Army for 32 years. During this time, he served throughout the United States, distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War, and served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. When Virginia declared its secession from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state, despite his desire for the country to remain intact and an offer of a senior Union command. During the first year of the Civil War, Lee served as a senior military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Once he took command of the main field army in 1862 he soon emerged as a shrewd tactician and battlefield commander, winning most of his battles, all against far superior Union armies. Lee's strategic foresight was more questionable, and both of his major offensives into Union territory ended in defeat. Lee's aggressive tactics, which resulted in high casualties at a time when the Confederacy had a shortage of manpower, have come under criticism in recent years. Lee surrendered his entire army to Ulysses S. Grant at Appomattox Court House on April 9, 1865. By this time, Lee had assumed supreme command of the remaining Southern armies; other Confederate forces swiftly capitulated after his surrender. Lee rejected the proposal of a sustained insurgency against the Union and called for reconciliation between the two sides. In 1865, after the war, Lee was paroled and signed an oath of allegiance, asking to have his citizenship of the United States restored. Lee's application was misplaced; as a result, he did not receive a pardon and his citizenship was not restored. In 1865, Lee became president of Washington College (later Washington and Lee University) in Lexington, Virginia; in that position, he supported reconciliation between North and South. Lee accepted "the extinction of slavery" provided for by the Thirteenth Amendment, but publicly opposed racial equality and granting African Americans the right to vote and other political rights. Lee died in 1870. In 1975, the U.S. Congress posthumously restored Lee's citizenship effective June 13, 1865.Lee opposed the construction of public memorials to Confederate rebellion on the grounds that they would prevent the healing of wounds inflicted during the war. Nevertheless, after his death, Lee became an icon used by promoters of "Lost Cause" mythology, who sought to romanticize the Confederate cause and strengthen white suprema ...
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Sexy Chick In Athens
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2016 Grant Wood Symposium Morning Session
Kerry Dean Carso (State University of New York at New Paltz) presents "Grant Wood and the After-Life of Victorian Architecture"; James Swensen (Brigham Young University) presents "On Common Ground: Grant Wood and the photography of the Farm Security Administration"; and Annelise K. Madsen (Art Institute of Chicago) presents "'Something of color and imagination': Grant Wood, Storytelling, and the Past's Appeal in Depression-Era America" at the 2016 Grant Wood Symposium held at the University of Iowa. Learn more at https://grantwood.uiowa.edu. 00:00 - 48:21 Kerry Dean Carso 48:22 - 1:23:11 James Swensen 1:23:12 - 2:02:24 Annelise K. Madsen
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Experiments In Music
To recognize the important creative pursuits outside of the conventional film and sound industry, this lesson highlights the more radical figures who broke boundries in the audio and video mediums, encouraging experimentation with hardware, imagery and sound. For many more videos head to http://audiovisualacademy.com: online educational program on new media and audiovisual arts available FREE of any charges immediately upon registration at Audiovisual Academy's site. --- Expériences dans la musique. Pour reconnaître l'importante recherche créative en dehors des sentiers battus de l'industrie cinématographique et musicale, cette leçon se penche sur des figures plus radicales, qui ont brisé des frontières dans les media audio et vidéo, encourageant l'expérimentation avec matériel, imagerie et son. Pour plus de vidéos rendez-vous sur http://audiovisualacademy.com/ programme éducatif en ligne sur les nouveaux media et les arts audiovisuels, disponible gratuitement et directement, après simple enregistrement sur le site de l'Académie Audiovisuelle.
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Controversy over Genetic Engineering in Agriculture:  The good, the bad, and the righteous
Today's farmers feed more than 7 billion people, and we can trace much of this bounty and efficiency to traditional agricultural technologies, especially plant breeding, fertilizers, and chemical management of soil and weeds — major ingredients of the first Green Revolution. However, population growth and increased demands for higher quality food will require large improvements in agricultural productivity going forward, while we minmize the undesired environmental and social effects of more intense farming systems. Direct modification of DNA, or genetic engineering, is a new tool for plant breeding that has spread at unprecedented speed over the last two decades. However, it has also come up against strong social and legal resistance in many countries, making its future significance as a tool to promote productivity and sustainability uncertain. At the Oct. 14 Corvallis Science Pub, Steve Strauss, director of Oregon State University's Outreach in Biotechnology program, will discuss the pros and cons of gene technology for agriculture. He will review what the technology actually is, how it is similar and different from conventional breeding, and how it has impacted agriculture to date. He will also discuss diverse sources of the controversy surrounding it, including the numerous myths and confusing science that pervade the online world. "Gene technology is a valuable tool, not a silver bullet," Strauss says. "It can do a lot, but it must be used with due caution and as part of integrated, ecologically guided management systems for sustained benefit." He also argues that it appears capable of providing major humanitarian benefits to the poor by improving nutrition and food security. "Despite the fears and growing legal barriers, the stakes in this debate are too high to turn away from. We must find socially acceptable ways to move forward." Strauss is a distinguished professor in the Oregon State College of Forestry and a Fellow of the Leopold Leadership Program at Stanford University. He is also the director of the Tree Biosafety and Genomics Research Cooperative at OSU that conducts research on mitigation of risks from genetic engineering in forestry.
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What is Tax Reform and Why Does it Matter?
WHAT'S GOING ON AND WHY? What is Tax Reform and Why Does it Matter? Featuring: Professor David Merriman College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, UIC Dean Michael Pagano College of Urban Planning and Public Affairs, UIC Professor Roberto Chirinko College of Business Administration, UIC Professor Erik Hembre College of Liberal Arts and Sciences, UIC Professor Kathryn Kennedy Director, Center of Tax Law and Employee Benefits, John Marshall Law School Wednesday, February 7, 2018 12:00—1:30 p.m. Student Center East Illinois Room
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Obeying Correction from God Unlocks the Glory Within
Watch Gloria Copeland and Kellie Copeland on the Believer’s Voice of Victory broadcast share how victorious living involves trusting God with your life, so He can mold you into His image to reflect His glory. Get more out of this broadcast! Download the notes @ kcm.org/notes. Livestream more episodes for FREE @ kcm.org/watch. Subscribe to get a daily faith boost from Kenneth and Gloria Copeland delivered to your inbox @ http://bit.ly/2mmE5XW. ABOUT THE BELIEVER’S VOICE OF VICTORY TV BROADCAST: Believer’s Voice of Victory (BVOV) is a daily Christian TV broadcast produced by Kenneth Copeland Ministries (KCM) that teaches Christians how to live a life of faith and victory using principles from the Bible. Learn more about KCM and how we can help you live an overcoming, victorious and successful life @ http://www.kcm.org/about-us.
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Around Arizona: Southern Exposure & Halle Heart Museum & Ghost Riders in the Sky Book
Tucson Weekly's Jim Nintzel brings us up date on the latest issues from the Tucson area in our regular series “Southern Exposure.” We’ll take you on a tour of the Halle Heart Children’s Museum in Tempe, a place where kids can learn about heart health in fun ways. “Ghost Riders in the Sky: A Cowboy Legend,” is an iconic American song made popular by Johnny Cash. Learn more about the book.
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Get In The Game With Bebe
Giuliano Bekor FIlms: video is courtesy of Perry Alan, EP / Producer Biography: Perry Alan started is career on Wall Street, later becoming the Director of a Model Management & Talent Agency. He is a well known Executive Producer, Producer and Line-Producer in the Advertising & Film Industry, with over 600 credits in the advertising world of TV commercials, print campaigns, including numerous documentaries and docu-drama's. Credits produced in the USA and abroad amongst many include: Victoria's Secret Stores, Target Stores, Michael Kors, Kool Aid, Nestles, Mutual Insurance Company, Nabisco's Oreo & Teddy- Graham, Azzaro Cosmetics, Boots Cosmetics, Neiman Marcus, Jessica London Stores, Kodak Film Advertising. Julie Andrews, Jamie Lee Curtis, Jay Leno, and Maria Shriver's Children's Book Campaigns. NHK Japanese Stations' Palm Spring California & N.Y. Yankee Stadium Aerial Filming- documentary, Palm Picture's "Paper Mache Chase" short film, UCLA 2004 LA Times Festival of Books Documentary, Coors Beer Rodeo Champions Campaign, T Mobile's Side Kick Ads, London's Raw TV; "Banged Up Abroad" aka "Locked Up Abroad", "Ecuador & Trouble in Paradise" episodes, Glasgow's IWC Media: RDF Media Group's "Crimes that Shook the World 2", "Aileen Warnos" Docu Drama film, Revlon Run/Walk LA Woman's Cancer Marathon Documentary, Oil of Olay Commercial, Fleggaard's TV and Internet Commercial Campaign, Fleggaard, Carlsberg, Nyt Syn and Boxer, Essent Energy, Peugeot Norway.
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NICK VUJICIC - No arms, No legs, No worries!
NICK VUJICIC : Nicholas James Vujicic (/ˈvɔɪtʃɪtʃ/ voy-chich; born 4 December 1982) is an Australian preacher and motivational speaker born with tetra-amelia syndrome, a rare disorder characterized by the absence of all four limbs. As a child, he struggled mentally and emotionally, as well as physically, but eventually came to terms with his disability and, at the age of seventeen, started his own non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. Vujicic presents motivational speeches worldwide, on life with a disability, hope, and finding meaning in life. He also speaks about his belief that God can use any willing heart to do His work and that God is big enough to overcome any and all disabilities. BACKGROUND & PERSONAL LIFE: The eldest child of a Serbian family, Vujicic was born in Brisbane, Australia. He was limbless, missing both arms at shoulder level, as well as legless. His feet were toeless except for two toes on one foot. Initially, his parents were devastated, though Vujicic was otherwise healthy. Originally prohibited by Victoria state law from attending a mainstream school because of his physical disability, even though he was not mentally impaired, Vujicic became one of the first disabled students integrated into a mainstream school, once the laws changed. Being bullied at school, Vujicic grew depressed and by the age of eight, contemplated suicide. At age ten he tried to drown himself, but did not go through with it out of love for his parents. After praying to grow arms and legs, Vujicic eventually realized that his accomplishments could inspire others -- and became grateful for his life. A key turning point came when his mother showed him a newspaper article about a man dealing with a severe disability. Vujicic realized he wasn't unique in his struggles and began to embrace his disability. He began to master the daily tasks of life. He learned to write using the two toes on his left foot with a special grip that slid onto his big toe. He learned to use a computer and type using the "heel and toe" method. He learned to throw tennis balls, play drum pedals, get himself a glass of water, comb his hair, brush his teeth, answer the phone and shave. In grade seven he was elected captain of his school and worked with the student council on fund-raising events for local charities and disability campaigns. When he was seventeen, he started to give talks at his prayer group, and eventually started his non-profit organization, Life Without Limbs. In 2005 Vujicic was nominated for the "Young Australian of the Year" Award. Many organizations help him and his organization raise money for him or support the organisation achieve goals for disabled people. For example, MYO... Vujicic currently lives in California. On 12 February 2012, he married his fiancée Kanae Miyahara. CAREER: Vujicic graduated from Griffith University at the age of 21 with a double major in accountancy and financial planning. Subsequently he became a motivational speaker, travelling internationally and focusing on teen issues. Having addressed over three million people in over 24 countries on five continents, he speaks to corporate audiences, congregations and schools. Vujicic promotes his work through television shows and through his writing. His first book, Life Without Limits: Inspiration for a Ridiculously Good Life (Random House, 2010)[13] was published in 2010. He markets a motivational DVD, Life's Greater Purpose, a short documentary filmed in 2005 highlighting his home life and regular activities. The second part of the DVD was filmed at his local church in Brisbane -- one of his first professional motivational speeches. He markets a DVD for young people titled: No Arms, No Legs, No Worries: Youth Version. In March 2008, he was interviewed by Bob Cummings for 20/20. He starred in the short film The Butterfly Circus which won the Doorpost Film Project's top prize of 2009, and the Best Short Film award at the Method Fest Film Festival, where Vujicic was also awarded Best Actor in a short film. Butterfly Circus also won the Best Short Film at The Feel Good Film Festival in Hollywood in 2010. He also released a new music video called "Something More", which is available for viewing on YouTube.
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Funny clip from Indian Movie
Really funny clip of man's over confidence and arrogance
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Joydrop "Beautiful"
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The Real Santa Claus Caught on Video
This video was taken on Christmas morning at 1:04 am in 2004. After the clock chimes at one o'clock, the sound of sleigh bells and hoofs are heard. Then footsteps accross the roof and then magically Santa appears in front of the fireplace. Getting to work he fills the stockings and has a snack. St. Nick lays his finger aside his nose and as quickly as he came he was gone. Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.
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Point Culture : les Pokemon de la vraie vie
Derrière ce titre se cache un Point Culture sur 30 animaux insolites qui peuplent notre monde ^^ Si cette vidéo vous a plu et que vous souhaitez suivre mes créations ^^ : Facebook : http://www.facebook.com/pages/LinksTheSun Twitter : http://twitter.com/#!/LinksTheSun Site officiel ; http://www.lepointculture.fr Si vous avez aimé les dessins dans les cases en bas à droite : Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/Umbreo.Noctie DeviantArt : http://umbreonoctie.deviantart.com/
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American Gladiators Intros 1989-1997
OGs Glads
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GRCC Graduation 2016
99th Commencement from Grand Rapids Community College, featuring Emeritus Faculty Walter Lockwood, Distinguished Alumnus Dirk Hoffius and keynote speaker Mayor Rosalynn Bliss.
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Illinois Lawmakers #3302 - 2018 State of the State Address
Governor Bruce Rauner delivered his fourth annual State of the State speech to a joint session of the Illinois General Assembly, Wednesday, January 31st. Illinois Lawmakers live coverage included analysis by Statehouse correspondent Jak Tichenor, Capitolfax publisher Rich Miller, and WTTW Chicago Tonight Correspondent Amanda Vinicky. Democratic Senate President John Cullerton of Chicago, Senate Republican Leader BIll Brady of Bloomington, Democratic Deputy House Majority Leader Lou Lang of Skokie, and House Republican Leader Jim Durkin of Western Springs responded to the Governor's remarks following the speech.
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Local 4 News at 4 -- Dec. 2, 2016
Watch Local 4 News here.
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2015 McCabe Lecture with Thom Collins Jr. '88
Thom Collins Jr. '88, Executive Director and President of the Barnes Foundation, delivered this year's McCabe Lecture "Somewhere Better Than This Place: The Art Museum and Alternative Social Experience". In his lecture, Collins offers a personal perspective on what is and what could be happening in museum practice today to promote the potential of the museum as a progressive social force.
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ROBERT E. LEE - WikiVidi Documentary
Robert Edward Lee was an American and Confederate soldier, best known as a top army commander of the Confederate States of America. He commanded the Army of Northern Virginia in the American Civil War from 1862 until his surrender in 1865. A son of Revolutionary War officer Henry "Light Horse Harry" Lee III, Lee was a top graduate of the United States Military Academy and an exceptional officer and military engineer in the United States Army for 32 years. During this time, he served throughout the United States, distinguished himself during the Mexican–American War, and served as Superintendent of the United States Military Academy. When Virginia declared its secession from the Union in April 1861, Lee chose to follow his home state, despite his desire for the country to remain intact and an offer of a senior Union command. During the first year of the Civil War, Lee served as a senior military adviser to Confederate President Jefferson Davis. Once he took command of the main field ... http://www.wikividi.com ____________________________________ Shortcuts to chapters: 00:04:26: Early life and career 00:09:17: Military engineer career 00:14:07: Marriage and family 00:15:46: Mexican–American War 00:18:19: Early 1850s: West Point and Texas 00:19:50: Late 1850s: Arlington plantation and the Custis slaves 00:21:56: The Norris case 00:27:51: Lee's views on race and slavery 00:33:33: Harpers Ferry and Texas, 1859–61 00:33:53: Harpers Ferry 00:34:54: Texas 00:36:24: Civil War 00:39:08: Early role 00:42:08: Commander, Army of Northern Virginia (June 1862-June 1863) 00:47:42: Battle of Gettysburg 00:50:53: Ulysses S. Grant and the Union offensive 00:52:26: General-in-chief 00:54:21: Summaries of Lee's Civil War battles 00:54:34: Postbellum life 00:58:42: President Johnson's amnesty pardons 00:59:47: Postwar politics 01:05:18: Illness and death 01:06:40: Legacy 01:11:27: Monuments, memorials and commemorations ____________________________________ Copyright WikiVidi. Licensed under Creative Commons. Wikipedia link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Robert_E._Lee
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House Floor Session - part 2  4/27/17
CALENDAR FOR THE DAY:. 07:24 - HF1702 (Kresha) Children age ten and over informed of the right to counsel, waivers of counsel required in writing by the child, and notice to counsel required. 29:50 - HF1538 (Smith) Minnesota Common Interest Ownership Act amended to provide for construction defect claims. 1:06:48 - HF859 (Torkelson) Koochiching County; Transportation Department unused or divided land conveyance provided, highways on the trunk highway system removed or modified, and state-owned land conveyance authorized. 1:09:32 - HF985 (Fabian) Duty owed by owners of real property to trespassers specified. 1:52:15 - HF1226 (Davids) Tax provisions policy, technical, and clarifying changes made. 1:56:04 - HF1118 (Lucero) Electronic delivery of cancellations of sale or resale authorized. 1:59:51 - HF1542 (Smith) Notice provisions for actions involving architectural barriers amended. MESSAGES FROM THE SENATE. 2:28:10 - Concur in the Senate amendments to HF792 (Theis) Fire sprinkler rules required to be amended by labor commissioner. 2:31:25 - Concur in the Senate amendments to HF400 (Kresha) State contracts; vendor discrimination against Israel prohibited. Runs 2 hours, 45 minutes. * Connect with House Public Information Services on the Web: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/hinfo/hinfo.asp * Find Minnesota House of Representatives news and updates on the Web at Session Daily: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/sessiondaily/ *Connect with the Minnesota House of Representatives on the Web: http://www.house.leg.state.mn.us/
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Renaldo Lapuz - You Are my Brother (american idol)
http://TV4C.tblog.com Renaldo Lapuz - You Are my Brother (american idol) Renaldo Lapuz sings a song called You Are my Brother that he wrote for Simon...american idol ai renaldo lapuz dallas audition paula abdul randy jackson simon cowell
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