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Curriculum Compacting Lesson
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Curriculum Compacting Lesson
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Curriculum Compacting Lesson Video LauraMiller
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Curriculum compacting & contracts
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Curriculum Compacting
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Curriculum Compacting Lesson
This video is about IMG_9864
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Curriculum Compacting
Gifted Endorsement: Pedagogy Mrs. Beach
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Curriculum Compacting
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Curriculum Compacting
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Curriculum Compacting lesson
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Curriculum Compacting
Melanie Bondy explains how compacting will help you to “shrink the curriculum” and give students opportunities to use their time more effectively. Full video available at www.byrdseed.tv
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Curriculum Compacting
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Curriculum Compacting
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gifted lesson with technology
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Curriculum: An Academic Plan PPT One 08 30 16
Segment one of lesson one
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Curriculum Compacting
Video of lesson for curriculum compacting.
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Gifted Lesson
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Gifted curriculum compacting
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Pre-Testing Gifted Students for Compacted Learning Lessons
Gifted students were given a pre-test of a new unit in order to gauge their prior knowledge to evaluate how student work should flow for the rest of the unit. If the students scored very high on the pre-test, they would be able to move on at an accelerated rate to the next standard of study, whilst students who scored lower would be given direct instruction and other assignments to help them master the current standard of study.
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Curriculum Compacting[1]
Curriculum Compacting Video of WWII and Language Arts with a mixed group of gifted students and regular ed.
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Gifted Cohort Lesson
Mooseloe read aloud
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Curriculum Compacting in Mr. Vincent's Classroom
Fifth grade teacher Tony Vincent tells about compacting the curriculum for differentiated instruction. It was made before iMovie was available and was edited with Avid Cinema software. Recorded in 1999, this video was recently transferred from a VHS tape. Yes, it's cheesy, but give Tony a break; it was his first year of teaching.
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1 Curriculum Compacting T5
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Curriculum Compacting
Video i made about Curriculum Compacting. Its made with stop motion and took over 48 hours!
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Compacted/tiered lesson
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Curriculum Compacting 2 - McCray
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Tech Tip - Curriculum Compacting.wmv
# curriculum compacting # MCA Data Analysis Cheatsheet # MN Perspective for Teachers # Digital Backpack (contains links to Google Docs & Survey Monkey)
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Mrs  Matechak Gifted Cohort Curriculum Compacting
Gifted Cohort 2013
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Compacting lesson
Gifted endorsement
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Curriculum Compacting by Amy Smith.wmv
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Curriculum Compacting at the Secondary
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P.6 Mathematics Curriculum Compacting 2015
This is a "Curriculum Compacting" project on Number Patterns during Math lessons in MPS. Students: Angie Leung, Stefanie Liu, Salina Tsui, Rachel Wan
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Curriculum Compacting in our course
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Tiered Lesson Activity
Short video explaining one of the differentiation strategies used in my lesson plan.
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Differentiation from compacted lesson.
Student groups completing different tasks based on the results of their Unit 4 Pre-Assessment. Lower performing students are collaborating on a Unit 4 Introductory packet including maps, vocabulary, and short reading comprehension. High r performing students are reading and annotating an article from READWORKS entitled, "Hernando DeSoto in the Land of Flowers" or an article from Georgia Encyclopedia entitled, "Spanish Missons".
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Compacted Curriculum Project Part 1
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O  Williams GEP ELA lesson
Curriculum compacting video
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Six Ways to Meet Bright and Gifted Kids' Needs Without Much Extra Work
First, note, in a slip of the tongue, I said "succession" when I meant "secession." Sorry. Here is a slightly more sophisticated and nuanced version of the video's script: All children are entitled to an appropriate education, to not be bored too much of the time. But in today's mixed-ability classes and with pressures to focus on low achievers, bright and gifted kids often get shortchanged. And that's understandable. Perhaps you think they'll do okay without much attention. Alas, there are many brilliant failures. Perhaps you know one. And that's unfortunate because our bright and gifted kids are the most likely to cure our diseases, design helpful new products, and be wise corporate, non-profit, and government leaders. Here are six ways teachers can better meet bright and gifted kids' needs in a regular class without incurring undue additional work. 1. Cluster group: You may be reluctant to divide your class into ability-based groups because of the extra work of creating a separate lesson for each group. But even if each group has the same lesson, a bright/gifted group discussing it among themselves can be more interesting and result in more learning. For example, if a class is discussing the causes of the Civil War, rather than forcing bright kids listen to lots of low-level comments, discussing it among themselves would likely be more interesting and engender more growth. A teacher might designate one student to lead each group's discussion. 2. Encourage students to propose an alternate assignment. Invite bright and gifted kids (and perhaps others) to propose an alternate assignment they'd find more challenging and interesting. For example, if the standard homework assignment is to write a summary of a short story's plot, a gifted child might propose, for example, writing a character's backstory. With younger children, the teacher might well have to propose the alternate assignment. 3. Make gifted kids your assistant teacher...occasionally. Yes, a student reading on a fourth-grade level develops tolerance and patience by helping a slower child learn to read The Cat in the Hat but is thereby denied the right to learn new things. It's usually best to have gifted students coach others on that which they themselves need solidifying. For example, if they've quickly learned how to estimate the probability of drawing a particular playing card in a poker hand, they could probably benefit by teaching that to a weaker student(s.) 4. Have gifted kids teach lessons to a group or even the entire class. This goes a step beyond the previous tip. Teach one or more of your gifted kids how to teach a lesson. For example, you might teach them this model for teaching a new concept: 1. Explain why the concept is important. 2. Explain the new concept. 3. Give an example. 4. Walk the class through an example. 5. Have the class do an example on their own. 6. Give feedback on the example. 7. Summarize. Using that model, have your "student teachers" teach a lesson to a group or even to the entire class. 5. Allow students to join a higher-grade's class for one or more subjects. 6. Consider having a gifted child skip one or more grades. There's good evidence that acceleration can be of great value if the receiving teacher is welcoming of the idea and the child is capable and motivated, even if lacking in social skills. There's just too great an advantage of being in a class in which much more of the instruction is appropriately leveled. Social deficits can be mitigated by pairing the child with a popular child in the higher grade. That child can teach the accelerating child the ropes, help her or him make friends, and the accelerating child starts out with the advantage of being associated with a popular child. It makes me sad to see so many bright and gifted kids sit stultified for six hours a day, five days a week, for years. They deserve better and so does society.
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PD Part 1
curriculum compacting
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Practical Strategies for Advanced Learners
Susan Winebrenner discusses several strategies that can be used to educate and meet the needs of Advanced Learners in the mixed-abilities classroom. This includes compacting, most difficult first, and extension activities as featured in "The Orange Book" Links: • https://www.susanwinebrenner.com • https://www.freespirit.com/gifted-and-special-education/teaching-gifted-kids-in-todays-classroom-susan-winebrenner-dina-brulles/ •https://www.prufrock.com/Differentiated-Lessons-for-Every-Learner-Standards-Based-Activities-and-Extensions-for-Middle-School-P2751.aspx Mentioned in Video: JOSEPH RENZULLI UConn at Storrs, CT E-mail: joseph.renzulli@uconn.edu
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Lesson part 1
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Office Chat: Parallel Curriculum
Dr. Rebecca Hayes of the University of Mary Washington College of Graduate and Professional Studies discusses the parallel curriculum.
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Steve Kahl Intro
Steve Kahl, brief intro to his workshop "Teaching Gifted Students with Appropriate Rigor in Middle and High School" at the November 20, 2010 teacher training, "Differentiating Instruction Using Depth & Complexity Icons" held at the Santa Cruz (CA) County Office of Education, sponsored by the Santa Lucia Region of CAG, the California Association for the Gifted
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Compacting Curriculum PPT 2 16
Elmore County Compacting Curriculum Power Point Which students need it and how to get started -
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Gifted students: teaching strategy
This is a teaching strategy that can be used in the classroom to support gifted students as well as the classroom as a whole.
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Links to Learning Preschool Curriculum
Developed by Nobel Learning Communities' team of educational experts, the propriety curriculum, Links to Learning, is an integrated series of programs for children ages 6 weeks to 5 years that engages the young learner's senses, mind and body. The components of each program build upon each other, ensuring excellent preparation for elementary school. Our curriculum encourages each child's interest in discovery and hands-on learning, and takes advantage of a child's readiness to learn with activities that are fun, challenging and easily understood. Links to Learning is organized according to a child's age and stage of development, and incorporates the appropriate new skills and concepts for each stage of the preschool journey.
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