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Kickin' the Cancer Blues Nov. 9, 2012
Kristine Jackson - Guitar and Vocals Bryan Lee - Vocals Jack charlton - Harp Matt Miller - Bass
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Kickin The Cancer Blues at the House of Blues 2009
Featuring music by Kristine Jackson, Zach, Austin 'Walkin' Cane, and the Jackfords. By Your Side by Kristine Jackson, Hodgkin's Lymphoma Support www.KickinTheCancerBlues.org #musicbykj #kristinejackson http://www.musicbykj.com facebook.com/musicbykj247
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Talkin' Cancer Blues
Dave Van Ronk
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KOFEIN - Cancer Blues / BUNT live
Autor: Branka Glavonjic Reditelj: Miodrag Kolaric Label and copyright: Radio-televizija Srbije Zabranjeno svako kopiranje video i/ili audio snimaka i postavljanje na druge kanale!
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The Cancer Blues
I've been feeling down in the doldrums lately and I finally pinned down why.
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Jim Keays, Cancer Blues
Jim Keays sings original song about his recent brush with Cancer
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To Justin (Cancer Blues or jazz you chooozz)
Hi Bro hope these notes let you know we are with you
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The Stairs - Teenage Head Cancer Blues
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Blendeur Blues 6-Cancer Blues (version officielle)
Nouvel album de Blendeur Blues «Toro Texas» en vente maintenant: Bandcamp- https://blendeurblues.bandcamp.com/ Page FB-https://www.facebook.com/Blendeur-Blues-127514660686907/
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Cancer Blues
Original song dealing with the burden of having cancer and its treatments especially waiting for scan results. Has a positive message. Evie is a 20 year survivor of breast cancer who now has stage 4. She is determined to use her music to educate and honor those dealing with cancer. This was recorded live at Gilda's Club Metro Detroit.
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Cancer Blues
This man doesn't often wear eyeshadow, but when he does, it's for a good cause!
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Beat The Cancer Blues on Wink Day
Join me and thousands of Canadian women as we support those fighting cancer and the #cancerblues by sporting blue eyeshadow on June 18th! Visit beautygivesback.ca for more details!
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Travis Tritt - Long Haired Country Boy (from Live & Kickin')
Music video by Travis Tritt performing Long Haired Country Boy. (C) 2004 Sony Music Entertainment http://vevo.ly/KKEeCz
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Chemo Blues
Just completed six months of chemo...yay. Lost all my hair...but not my LIPS!
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Cancer Blues
Wrote this for my dad, who died of stomach cancer in Victoria, B.C., Canada, at only 54 years old. I tried a recording after showering, but this grimy one was best. I'm not clever enough for lyrics and tune, so I used what goes around in my head anyways. Hold those accountable that profit from making us sick. He ate mostly from his garden, but still thought that maybe sausages, beer, or work might have contributed to his stomach cancer, that went straight from his stomach into his bones. Who knows though really. Please take care, Danielle Clarke.
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Chemotherapy   PM Writing on the spot  Pappychris ...Cancer blues...
cp4150's webcam video November 10, 2010, 12:13 PM on the spot songwriting..... Cancer blues cant get me down.... Kemo Blues no time to whine........No whining allowed..... cancer.message boards Sick not Sad l Love you all.................... And God bless all of you................
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Post Cancer Blues.m4v
Post Cancer Blues. It's a bitch.
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Terminal Cancer Blues
What's so funny about cancer? (Response to Wish Zone)
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Kimo Javier
Kimo Javier
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The Brazen Gamecocks - Testicular Cancer Blues (Official Music Video)
The Triumphant Return of The Brazen Gamecocks! Dig it! Lyrics: I got the Testicular Cancer Blues Full-on 23 skidoo But I haven't lost it all Just a part of one of my balls Yeah, I got I got I got I got the Testicular Cancer Blues I felt something in the shower just the other day And I thought, "Oh man, this could be the end of my days" So I went to the Doctor, and he gave me the cure He said, "You've got testicular cancer, but you'll survive" he assured Yee haw! So a few weeks later, and I'm feelin' alright And the pain in my back is gone, so that's tight And not to mention, my balls are doing well And I'm so glad to be back in good health Yeah, I had I had I had I had I had the Testicular Cancer Blues A-shoo-wop-wop-skiddly-dat-deet-doo-doo-da-da-yeah-yeah-yeah _____________________________________________ On a more serious note, testicular cancer, though very much survivable, is no laughing matter. You could have it and not even know. So if you're between the ages of 15 and 30, you could be next... So make sure you check those testes! _____________________________________________ "Original Composition" by AJ Reza and Roman Iannone (or something like that, it's hard to spell) Special thanks to Corey "Manwich" Griffith, my rock and a personal source of inspiration. Peace - in an outward direction.
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Kofein - Cancer Blues Live @ Feedback Nish 13.11.2015.
Snimak sa koncerta u Nishu Kamera: Tanja Kujundzic
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My Chemical Romance - Cancer - House of Blues (2006)
My Chemical Romance perform Cancer at the House of Blues (2006)
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Austin "Walkin' Cane" Murder of A Blues Singer
US bluesman Austin "Walkin' Cane" performs Murder of A Blues Singer, an original song from his album of the same name. Recorded live at the memorial concert for Daniel Pearl, Garden of Dreams, Kathmandu Nepal, an event which was part of the Himalayan Blues Festival, 2009
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Half Eaten Apple - Cancer Blues
live @ the Cambridge hotel December 5th
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Blues-Cancer Gone Bye Bye Blues...Maestroza...ghost wit da mos
Blues in celebration for survivng Leukemia, Mantle Cell Lymphoma and all that chemo and other harsh chemicals.
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Funky Mama at the Kickin' Cancer Concert2
"Popn'Hop" Fundraiser w/ Mr. Stinkyfeet Jim Cosgrove for Funky Mama's dearest friends Southminster Pres. Church, Prairie Village, KS
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Sleeping At Last - "Saturn" (Official Music Video)
Directed by Tom Shea (http://vine.co/tomshea & http://tomfoxshea.com) Director of Photography Michael Means (http://meanstoalens.com) Edited by Tom Shea & Michael Means "Saturn" is from "Atlas: Year One" by Sleeping At Last Spotify: http://spoti.fi/291ne5p iTunes: http://bit.ly/1mDritn http://sleepingatlast.com
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Skin Blues - I'll Get It (live)
Live at some long gone bar some where in King George St. Tel Aviv 1999 Filmed by Michael Bardugo
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Blues Brothers at Cancer Survivors Day
Our entertainment at our local Cancer Survivor's Day
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Sleep Cancer Blues
Owen Herrmann - Lead Guitar Brian Hassler - Lyrics and Vocals Kile Graham - Trying to Play Rhythm Guitar Gear::: Line 6 15w, Fender hot rod deluxe, Fender frontman 100w, Fender 60th anniversary American strat, Washburn raven, Sure sm48, and a cry baby wa wa pedal WE ARE NOT MAKING FUN OF CANCER. IT IS A VERY SERIOUS DISEASE. BRIAN IS JUST MAKING UP WORDS HALF OF THE CRAP YOU CANT EVEN UNDERSTAND.
Просмотров: 339 Owen Herrmann
Kristine Jackson Original  'By Your Side'
The Underground Sessions 2014 About 'By Your Side' My younger cousin, Liz passed away from Hodgkin's lymphoma in 2009. During her battle with cancer she would tell me how she would have fits of anger, mad at God, and just yelled at Him sometimes. I couldn't help but understand because I too had a battle in my life. I was struggling with memories of early childhood abuse by older cousins. It was then that I really pressed hard into the Word of God and my musical career took a turn. As Liz continued her battle she also grew stronger in her walk with God. Her strength to come to a place of acceptance and peace was an inspiration to me; looking back I know it helped me confront my past. I wrote 'By Your Side' in the middle of this story. It has since become a constant reminder that He is always with us and no matter what we do He will always love us and be here for us. I wrote this from God's perspective and what I think He would say if He saw us in a room at our darkest hour ready to just let it go. #musicbykj #kristinejackson www.MusicByKJ.com www.Facebook.com/musicbykj247 www.Itunes.com/kristinejackson Twitter@kristinejackson Instagram@musicbykj
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Loud blues solo and the truth about cancer in the USA
It's big business for 1 in 3 to get cancer.
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Bupa Hospital Rehab Blues
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Shell Da yung Thugga
Shell just kicking it.in the yo
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Chemotherapy Blues
This song is for all those who have had to suffer with chemotherapy due to cancer. ... because I'm not brave and I'm not strong and I'm not tough, but I'll play along, and I've got friends and I've got love and I've got faith, I hope it's enough. ... we're headed in for chemo. WTF - Where's the Funding for Lung Cancer? http://www.wtflungcancer.com/
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Texas Death Rattle        Liver Cancer Blues Jam
Jam on 01/11/12
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Howling Hospital Blues Part 2
Howling for Geri...
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Kristine Jackson Live at the House of Blues Cleveland 09.08
Kristine singing a Robert Johnson cover Come on in My Kitchen. #musicbykj #kristinejackson http://www.musicbykj.com facebook.com/musicbykj247
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Blues at the Bing Cancer Center
Blue is the color of the awareness ribbon for colorectal cancer. As part of an awareness event to raise awareness we had a blues concert at the Bing Cancer Center at Riverside Methodist Hospital in Columbus Ohio. Mistakenly people often think blues is about feeling bad. In reality blues is the music of strength and resiliance in the face of difficult times. This is a video of a few songs from that concert. John Morgan (guitar), Debbie Flower-Smith (vocals), Don Smith (ukulele bass) Tom Dodge (slide guitar).
Просмотров: 195 John Morgan
The Blues Hospital - Bluesleaks
Do you need blues blood ?
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Kristine Jackson Live at the House of Blues Cleveland
KJ tearing up an awesome version of Johhny Cash's God's Gonna Cut you Down, LIVE at the House of Blues in Cleveland Ohio. Opening up for Buddy Guy! #musicbykj #kristinejackson http://www.musicbykj.com facebook.com/musicbykj247
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Snowed In - Albert Collins
********************* Snowed In Albert Collins Frostbite __________________ Albert Collins From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Albert Collins (October 1, 1932 — November 24, 1993[1]) was an electric blues guitarist and singer (and occasional harmonica player) whose recording career began in the 1960s in Houston and whose fame eventually took him to stages across the U.S.A., Europe, Japan and Australia. He had many nicknames, such as "The Ice Man", "The Master of the Telecaster" and "The Razor Blade". [1] [edit] Career Born in Leona, Texas[1], Collins was a distant relative of Lightnin' Hopkins and grew up learning about music and playing guitar. His family moved to Houston, Texas when he was seven.[1] Throughout the 1940s and 1950s, he absorbed the blues sounds and styles from Texas, Mississippi and Chicago. His style would soon envelop these sounds. He regularly named John Lee Hooker and organist Jimmy McGriff, along with Hopkins, Guitar Slim and Clarence Gatemouth Brown as major influences on his playing. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Albert_Collins |||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||||| Lyrics---- Last winter I was in Chicago and the weather was awfully bad Last winter I was in Chicago, and the weather was awfully bad They say I was stuck in China Town, for the worst winter they ever had "I'm gonna go on right here And see if I can get this truck started right quick" "These old shoes ain't ready for the winter" "Oh, I'm 'bout to fall an' break my neck here in a minute, buddy "See if I can get this key in this door here" "I know it don't lock it, lock, it done froze up on me an'" "Lock it won't act right, it already half-tore up anyhow" "Yeah, I got it now, I'm gon get here an' try to crank this old thing" "An' pat the accelerator a little bit" "Yeah, I almost got it" "Pat the accelerator a little bit more" "It's cold, that wind just whistlin' out there" "Oh it sure cold weather out here" "You get frostbite out here" "Try it one more time" "Ya'all, it ain't gonna start" Yeah, I don't mind a little snow, an' I can handle rain I say, I don't mind a little snow, an' I can handle a little rain Now I don't mind bein' cold but this winter, man it's sure insane "If I go now hit this old gas station, I think I can get me somebody to" "Walk on down the street here, 'bout a block" "See if I can, get somebody to give me a boost off here an' get my battery charged" "Oh man, this stuff is in a mess here!" "I'm gonna fall, break my neck" "Oh get on by man, I'm gonna get out your way, I'm in the street" "I'm tryin' to walk here, ya'all runnin' these damn trucks an' cars an' goin' on" "Come on by man" "Oh man, the station is done closed!" Now the gas station was closed, and the snow was eight feet tall Now the gas station had closed, hm, and the snow was eight feet tall The telephone cable was down, an' you couldn't even make a call You couldn't go out for groceries, hm, nobody would deliver to you I said, you couldn't go out for groceries, nobody would deliver to you In a bad situation like that, what in the hell, ya'all, what-a I'm suppose to do? "Yeah, it's a tough winter, I tell ya" "I go back out here one more time an' see if I get this, thing started right here" "Old battery might be done be at the level, I might get it started now" "Besides, I'm about to fall" "Man, I'm gonna tell ya, I'm a, whew!" "Rough, rough here in Chicago!" "Wanna get on back across that desert in Los Angeles, somewhere" "Florida somewhere" "If I can get outta here, I know I'm snowed in" "Try to crank this damn thing one more time" "I think I can get it to crank, I hope so" "Let me see if I can get it cranked" "Pat the accelerator a little bit" "Might get it started, now" "Oh yes, I got that thing together now, boy" "She's kickin' now!" "Yeah" "Yeah, will let her get warmed up" "Hey!" "Hey!" "Hey!" -__-__-__-__- -__-__-__-__- -__-__-__-__- BBBBBBBBBRRRRRRRRRRRRRR Cause of death: Lung cancer ouch! RIP Albert. [][][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] ||||||||||||||||||===NO INTENTIONS===|||||||||||||||||||||||||| [][][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] [][][][][][][][][][][][][][[][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][][] LHM \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\\
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Beating the Melanoma Blues: August 9th, 2012
Grateful to Dave, one of the featured artists for tonight's event, for letting me sit in for a stretch. Congrats to the everyone on the Beating the Melanoma Blues event committee for putting on such a great show!
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Hospital Blues
Performed by Spencer P. Jones in Gus' lounge room for the advent of his 40th birthday.
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Kristine Jackson and her band at the "MUSICA" Akron accompanied by Mr. Mike Lenz January 31st, 2014!
Raw video shot by What's Up Ohio January 31st, 2014 at the "MUSICA" in Akron, Ohio. The Musica is located at 51 East Market St. Akron, OH 44308 www.akronmusica.com ~ About Kristine Jackson ~ Award Winning Musician From Cleveland Ohio Vocalist/Song Writer/Guitarist/Trumpet/Stomp Box With an early career as a trumpet player backing up world class vocalists around the world, KJ has since made a name for herself as not only a player but as a vocalist and song writer as well. Since 2004 music has been her full-time profession. She has learned from many of the greats including Robert Jr. Lockwood and Buddy Miles and has opened for the best of best such as B.B.King, Buddy Guy, Robert Cray and more. She can arrange a powerful band and have the stage rockin' or mellow down with just her voice and guitar. KJ ..... "Music is a vehicle, a way to get your emotions from one place to another." Drawing from personal tragedies and empathy for those around her you can be sure the show will be delivered with meaning and with an originality only KJ can serve up. Kristine is the Co-founder & president of "KICKIN' THE CANCER BLUES FOUNDATION" Kickin' The Cancer Blues is an official 501C3 non-profit supporting the fight against Hodgkin's lymphoma. http://www.kickinthecancerblues.org/ KJBlues 'Not Your Average Blues' http://www.kjblues.com/home.html
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Xscape sings “Who can I run too?” Bet her cancer program 2017 live
Xscape sings Who can I run too live. #xscape #xscapelive #xscapesinginglive #xscape #tiny #kandi #latochascott #tamekascott #bether #bet #2017 #livesinging
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Funky Mama at the Kickin' Cancer Concert
"Moo Juice/Goodbye Friends!" Fundraiser w/ Mr. Stinkyfeet Jim Cosgrove for Funky Mama's dearest friends Southminster Pres. Church, Prairie Village, KS
Просмотров: 257 Krista Eyler
★K2C Good Time★ by Keema's Kickin' Crew
Soundtrack: "Good Time" by Charlie Wilson featuring Pitbull October Breast Cancer Awareness Line Dance Fundraiser Ken Nakaoka Community Center Gardena, CA
Просмотров: 108 soulsisterify