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HTC Desire Generic Network Failure Fix MMS not sending or receiving on Andriod 2
READ INSTRUCTIONS HERE: Hey guys I don't know if this will help. But i had the same error "generic network failure" after only having my HTC desire for couple weeks. I am on o2 sim simplicity while purchasing the handset separately and unlocking it. However, i resolved it by manually setting up the WEB & MMS. As it seems that service providers such as O2 message that can be sent out to handsets do not aid in setting up the MMS therefore after manually setting it...it worked for me and may work for you. -------- HERE WE GO... Please ensure that when entering O2 into the settings that the letter O is selected and not a zero. When entering the following information do not press Save until told to in the instructions. 1. Press the Menu key 2. Tap Settings 3. Tap Wireless & networks 4. Tap Mobile networks 5. Tap Access Point Names 6. Press the Menu key 7. Tap New APN 8. Tap Name then tap the text box and enter O2 Pay Monthly MMS then tap OK 9. Tap APN then tap the text box and enter wap.o2.co.uk then tap OK 10. Tap Proxy then tap the text box and enter then tap OK 11. Tap Port then tap the text box and enter 8080 then tap OK 12. Tap Username then tap the text box and enter o2wap then tap OK 13. Tap Password then tap the text box and enter password then tap OK 14. Skip past Server as this is preset as Not set 15. Tap MMSC then tap the text box and enter http://mmsc.mms.o2.co.uk:8002 then tap OK 16. Tap MMS proxy then tap the text box and enter then tap OK 17. Tap MMS port then tap the text box and enter 8080 then tap OK 18. Tap MCC then tap the text box and enter 234 then tap OK 19. Tap MNC then tap the text box and enter 10 then tap OK 20. Press the Menu key 21. Tap Save 22. Tap your new account so a green dot appears next to it 23. Press the Back key four times to return to the standby screen.. Switch your handset off then on again and ensure that mobile network is ticked (menu, settings, wireless&networks) You should now have mobile internet and MMS capabilities Just remember that these are the settings that worked for me on my HTC Desire unlocked and used with a O2 Simplicity card with a unlimited web bolt on. Make sure you have a data package otherwise your phone bills will be massive! If in doubt check with O2 to make sure your not being charged for the data etc. I cannot be held responsible! :) MY FIRST HTC AND LOVING IT.....
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How To Setup HTC Phones W Straight Talk Data / Pics Settings
http://amzn.to/Zt4Nh3 here you can check out HTC smartphones for using on Straight Talk if you are interested.. Pretty sweet phones! http://bit.ly/1jiBfdx Here you can get Straight Talk SIM cards. http://ebay.to/1tMrUeu here you can get Straight Talk refill cards. This video is about how to setup the HTC smartphones on Straight Talk LTE with the proper settings for data and mms (pics) messaging... Thanks for watching!
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The Witness Network "Failure" pt1
Presenting the Gospel of Christ
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HTC Desire X - Vodafone internet apn beállítása
Vodafone előfizetéses internet apn kézi beállítása a HTC Desire X készüléken.
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HTC phone - Change CID Number /easy method/
Change CID / Get Super CID on HTC Android phone. *** please press on "LIKE" button if you find this video useful *** *** DISCLAIMER *** I'm not responsible for any damage that you can cause to your devices following my video. ======================================================== NEED SPARE PARTS FOR YOUR PHONE FROM RELIABLE SUPPLIER? Check the link below - http://www.etradesupply.com?acc=63923f49e5241343aa7acb6a06a751e7 ===================================== Downloads: Minimal ADB and Fastboot - https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B6Rh2XPre9rOaFg0QUNDajFFVTQ/view?usp=sharing HTC One S RUU Collection: http://www.androidruu.com/?developer=Ville http://androidforums.com/threads/ruu-download-mirrors.560329/ ------------------------------------------------------- HTC One S - S-OFF using RumRunner http://youtu.be/5KEesTRHixE?list=PLEY0k3-6uqxTMdhTB1FlCR0rOSGGLDW4F --------------------------------------------------- You could check all my videos by this link: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLEY0k3-6uqxSwgZsoEw0pdJYWOALCZ18H
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Приложение в Машине
Отличная функция для автомобилистов
Mobile Phone Network Failure? 01
no signal? Macau CTM 3G (455-04)
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HTC Desire V Error
HTC Desire V มีอาการผิดปกติเมืื่อ เปิด Data Connection (Mobile Network) โดยจะมีอาการหน้าจอทำงานเองโดดไปโดดมา จะมีอาการเมื่อใช้ Sim AIS แล้วต่อ EDGE/GPRS (อักษรขึ้น E หรือ G) แต่ถ้าต่อ 3G (อักษรขั้น 3G/H) จะปกติ
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HTC Desire Unlock by Cable MultiUnlock Client Error
Stock 2.1 official HTC ROM locked to Orange FR Noplait
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HTC Imagio GSM Network Unlocking
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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Free HTC Desire C Available from 3 Network
http://www.mobilesandtablets.co.uk/htc-desire-c-is-now-available-on-three-mobile-uk/ This post helps you to get a free HTC Desire C phone from 3 Mobile UK
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HTC Desire HD on Rogers Network SpeedTest
HTC Desire HD on Rogers Network SpeedTest
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Network failure - Periodically problem - School network
First 3 min is Danish, rest is in English. Sorry for the bad video, at least i made a video :) Hope this video/description helps us and anyone else out there with a WAN connection problem. To sum up: - Router is Zywall 310 - Main switch is GS1500-24P - Moden is Cisco ME3400 - Problem is periodically. From 1 time per week, to 3 times per day. Been going on for over 1 month now. - Problem followes the same pattern each time, very persistent. When the network goes down, we see the following each time: - Zywall 310 starts to DROP/ACCESS BLOCK 20 times per second. - If ONLY WAN is connected, this still goes on. - So even if local network is disconnected 100%, we still see 20 DROPS/ACCESS BLOCK per second. - If WAN is disconnected, all DROP/ACCESS BLOCK dissapear. When WAN is reconnected, 20 DROP/ACCESS BLOCK resume as before. - The problem keeps on for 15 min +-5 min EACH time. - The problem ALWAYS ends with fading from 20 DROP/ACCESS BLOCKS per second, down to approx 0/5 DROP/ACCESS BLOCK per second. Conclusion by Mike (50% professional/50% nab): - Must be a problem with 1 of the following: 1. Zywall 310 2. Cisco Me3400 modem 3. ISP
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Mobile Phone Network Failure????
no signal? Macau CTM 3G (455-04)
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HTC Desire C - Envio de MMS
Como enviar MMS no HTC Desire C. Para mais informações, consulte: https://manuaisonline.vodafone.pt/?wm=man:5241,page:hom
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htc touch no signal
no signal on phone
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How to Reset Network Settings on HTC Desire 530 - Restore Network
How to restore factory network settings in HTC Desire 530? How to repair network connection on HTC Desire 5306? How reset network on HTC Desire 530? If your network connection brings you trouble or simply shows you some errors you should accomplish network settings reset. Read More: http://www.hardreset.info/devices/htc/htc-desire-530/
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Problema Ricezione HTC Desirè 500
Video pubblicato per Assistenza HTC ( Alla cortese Attenzione del Signor Angelo). Problema Di ricezione Rete.
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HTC Desire S hanging mid-call (part3)
The HTC Desire S is a device fraught with problems. Hanging mid-operation and inability to retain network signal just some of them.
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Generic Result not updated on Mobile
How to update Generic Result error on Mobile
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HTC Sensation Network Unlock
Step by step guide on how to unlock the Network on a HTC Sensation.
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24 Report: Pensioners face difficulties due to network failure in banks
Subscribe to the Official 24 News YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcmpeVbSSQlZRvHfdC-CRwg Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/24channel.pk/ Visit our website: https://www.channel24.pk
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HTC unlock fail
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HTC One X - How to manually select the network
How to manually select the Network your mobile uses (great if you're heading overseas). Step by Step 1. Drag the Notification bar down 2. Touch Settings 3. Touch Mobile Network 4. Touch Network Operators 5. Touch Search Networks 6. Your phone will now search for available networks 7. In Australia select YES OPTUS 8. Going overseas? Call us 1300 555 100 to get the approximate rates and networks that are available And you've selected the network
Unlock HTC Desire 610 AT&T Network - AT&T Unlock Code
Unlock HTC Desire 610 AT&T Network with the help of AT&T HTC Desire 610 Unlock Code. For more details : http://attunlockcode.com/products/AT&T-HTC-Desire-610-Unlock-Code.html
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HTC Network Plugin
Link do Fórum http://htcp3301.livreforum.com/forum.htm
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HTC Legend mms
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HTC Desire X
Osnovne karakteristike: SMS, EMS, MMS, WiFi, A-GPS, HSDPA, Bluetooth, USB port, stereo FM radio. OS: Android v4.0 ekran: S-LCD 4.0 inča 16.777.216 boja kamera: 5 MP memorija: interna - 4 GB, eksterna -- micro SD do 32GB Numera - Sunrise Autori - Kinetik & Outsourced
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HTC Desire Antenna Signal
HTC Desire Antenna Signal
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HTC Sensation no mobile network intermittently
It happens almost everyday to me, anyone has any idea what could have caused this?
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Sent from my HTC
Sent from my HTC
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HTC Desire Users Peeved by New Vodafone Updates
HTC Desire users are fuming from Vodafone's recent smartphone update, which adds applications to the phone that cannot be removed. The update put Vodafone 360 services and branding on the HTC Desire, instead of delivering Vodafone's much-anticipated version 2.2 Android operating system, Froyo, which among other things adds Flash support. The update additionally put an immovable music store, bookmarks including dating sites, and more on the smartphones. Vodafone users have taken to forums to voice their concerns and frustrations, prompting a Vodafone spokesperson to respond: "We customize phone software to optimize customers' experience of the device on the Vodafone network and to enable access to our services. "At a basic level, this can involve ensuring services like MMS, voicemail and data connections are set correctly. In other instances, our customization is more extensive such as the preloading of services (People, My Web, 360 Shop, etc.), but this varies from device to device."
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BRKDCT 2333   Data Center Network Failure Detection
Speaker(s) Satish Kondalam - Technical marketing Enginner, Cisco Data center networks around the world are undergoing massive consolidation efforts to take the most advantage of higher speeds and new technologies such as FabricPath. With that, engineers are challenged to meet very stringent SLAs of mission-critical applications hosted on these which are highly sensitive to packet loss. The first area that must be looked into when designing for fast network convergence is failure detection. It is also the most complex and fast changing part of fast convergence with evolving protocols and technologies such as BFD and Link OAM. This session will provide an overview of protocols and technologies for failure detection in all layers of a data center network. It will also demonstrate a data center designs with discussion on where and how the failure detection features and technologies can be applied in a data center. Related deployment best practices for other areas of fast convergence in STP, VPC, FabricPath and IP networks will be discussed. Related routing and switching platforms will be discussed as applicable (Catalyst 6500, Nexus 2000, 3000, 5000, 6000, 7000) without going into platform architecture detail or roadmap. This session does not include: 1) Discussion on other aspects of fast convergence beyond failure detection 2) Discussion on user-driven failure detection methods (ping, traceroute etc).
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Htc Diag Drivers
Htc Diag Drivers http://fah.svikob.ru/Htc%20Diag%20Drivers Automatically scans your PC for the specific required version of Htc Diag + all other outdated drivers, and installs them all at once. Quick tutorial on how to install the HTC Diagnostic Driver on a 64-bit Windows Vista or Windows 7 system for use with the CyberFlashing automatic. Оттуда же качаем HTC Diag Drivers. Скорость инета действительно увиличилась сейчас далеко от центра города - на самой окраине Киева. Пор пока не удалил diag htc sync, драйвер. Site files diag file bit drivers on november 23, rar драйвер дата кабеля dku 5 для телефонов nokia. HTC DIAG - для данного устройства найдено 4 драйвера, которые вы можете на нашем сайте абсолютно. Выберите нужный вам драйвер и нажмите. HTC Diag Drivers Casio Generic Driver Blackberry Desktop Manager QPST. Build 374 FOR HTC EVO 4G LTE Samsung Generic Driver Package 2 Samsung. На этой странице расположены последние версии драйверов для HTC DIAG. Все драйвера доступны для го и проверены антивирусом. Apr 2012 Drivers HTC Diag Driver 32bit and 64bit Diag Mode If you haven"t already connected your Evo 3D to your PC with your USB cable, do that i need diag drivers. MY HTC under andrid. Download About Buy Support Drivers FAQ NEW AUTO DRIVER INSTALLER: CLICK HERE !. Htc Diag Drivers
HTC Desire
HTC Desire sample video
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How to Unlock HTC Vivid Via Network Unlock Code (all Instructions)
SMARTPHONEUNLOCKERS.com - #1 Cellphone network Unlock Code Provider on web. http://smartphoneunlockers.com/ Permanently unlock HTC with manufacturer authorized HTC Vivid unlock code for GSM networks including AT&T, T-Mobile, Rogers, Fido, Bell, Telus, Koodo, Vodafone, Orange, O2 and other worldwide networks! Instructions to Unlock HTC Vivid with an unlock code: Method 1 •Turn on the device with any non-accepted SIM card (Non Accepted Sim card is any SIM card not from the original provider) •The phone will automatically display that your current SIM card requires an unlock code. Would you like to unlock it? •Click yes, and input the 8 digit Unlock code •The phone is now unlocked! Method 2 After putting the non-accepted SIM card (Non Accepted SIM card is any SIM card not from the original provider) • Switch to GSM mode • Go to Personal • Go to Security • The phone will ask for the Unlock Code. • Click yes, and input the 8 digit Unlock code • The phone is now unlocked! Cheapest, Fastest and 100% guaranteed unlock solution for HTC Vivid so that you can change sim cards on your phone the way you like. Follow the link to unlock HTC Vivid: http://smartphoneunlockers.com/products/unlock-htc-vivid/ Now get additional 10% discount on all unlock codes, USE Coupon Code: YOU10 If you have any questions, please email us at support@smartphoneunlockers.com or simply call at 1-888-225-1221 , we will be happy to assist you.
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HTC Hero Meteor Ireland Problem
This is a quick demonstration of the problem that so many Meteor Ireland customers are having with the HTC Hero on Meteor's network. There are unconfirmed reports that this is a 2G/3G handover issue that causes the phone to be locked out of the network. It has been confirmed that this doesn't occur with the handset operating on other networks and nor does it matter what version of Android is running on the handset. The problem seems completely linked to the network and nothing else. There are a lot of angry customers out there at the moment and the Meteor forum is peppered with complaints from those customers - I being one of them.
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Sudden loss of mobile network on Nexus S
I'm Sorry for my bad english :) And again, please GOOGLE, FIX THIS CRITICAL PROBLEM!!!
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HTC Desire 516  Hard Reset, Format Code solution
http://www.hardresetandroid.com/hard-reset/htc-hr/htc-desire-516-hard-reset-format-code/ Click Above Link For More Methods. Description : HTC Desire 516 Hard Reset, Format Code solution. You can Hard Reset your mobile easily for free. If you can not solve your problem, Please follow our website to get more methods and information. Hard reset with android tools and drivers. Hard reset Delete all data in your mobile Like Us On Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/hardresetandroid Follow Us On Google Plus : https://plus.google.com/b/111464255115557811976 Our Official Website : http://www.hardresetandroid.com Follow Us On Twitter https://twitter.com/HardMobile
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Unlock Failed ( HTC Desire 626s ).
Despues de varios dias de la solicitud de desbloqueo el equipo no se logra desbloquear con la App ( Device Unlock ).
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iOS 4 APN Error fixing (Croatian users)
Cellular Data Network / APN - T-Mobile Croatia
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JPMorgan's Shocking Loss Proves Regulatory Failure
JPMorgan surprised markets last Friday by announcing that one of its trading groups lost $2 billion. This massive loss comes three years after America's financial industry almost collapsed due to corruption and lack of oversight. But JPMorgan appears to be proving that the reforms implemented in the aftermath are failing. JPMorgan Chase CEO Jamie Dimon offered a mea culpa to his company's shareholders: "We ended up with a strategy that is flawed, complex, poorly conceived, poorly vetted and poorly executed. This should never have happened. I can't justify it." JPMorgan Chase is the largest bank in the United States. It was the only bank to remain profitable during the 2008 financial crisis. This had given Dimon some credibility at the time, when he opposed stricter government regulations. But losing $2 billion has now shredded that credibility. Regulators already implemented a law in 2010 that was aimed at policing Wall Street better. But it is becoming obvious now that the new law isn't much of a safeguard. The Justice Department is investigating the loss, and government officials are pointing to JPMorgan as a poster child for more banking reform. Treasury Secretary Tim Geithner said on Tuesday that it "helps make the case" for more government banking regulations. While many say the solution to fixing the financial system is additional regulations, the truth is that our greed-based and corruption-riddled system will not and cannot be fixed. Additional banking rules will not cure our sick, debt-based financial system. To see the bigger picture, and to learn how to avoid such maladies in your own finances, read our article "Storm-Proof Your Financial House" on www.theTrumpet.com.
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How to fix 02/Tesco network problems 2012
Quick and easy fix!
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rtsp proxy htc
This video was uploaded from an Android phone.
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