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Graham Lecture 2013 (3 of 4)
Robert Black on the 2014 Lancet Series; Regan Bailey on micronutrient trends in the US; Harry Dawson on how nutrients fight infection; Alain Labrique on mHealth in preventing micronutrient deficiencies and Keith West on the plasma proteome for nutritional assessment. Robert E. Black: Micronutrient Interventions that Work: The 2013 Lancet Nutrition Series Harry Dawson: Micronutrients Help Fight Infection: How? Regan Bailey: Micronutrients in Food and Supplements: How Good is our US Diet? Parul Christian: Developmental Exposure to Micronutrients: Life-long Effects in Undernourished Settings Alain Labrique: mHealth: A New Frontier for Micronutrient Deficiency Prevention Keith West: Mining the Plasma Proteome to Reveal "Hidden Hunger"
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