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I am Diabetic. Here's how it works. My insulin pump and continuous glucose meter (CGM).
Scott, a Type 1 Diabetic, shares how he changes his Medtronic Minimed Paradigm Revel Insulin Pump and installs a Continuous Glucose Meter. Let's just say it's a pile of needles and it's no fun. Help Scott fight diabetes at http://hanselman.com/fightdiabetes and donate to the American Diabetes Association at http://hanselman.com/fightdiabetes/donate Help us caption & translate this video! http://amara.org/v/COvx/
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Testing 4 Blood Glucose Meters: OneTouch Ping, 2 OneTouch Ultra Mini's, and Target up & up Blood Glucose Meter. All the OneTouch Meter's were tested using the OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips from the same vial. The Target up & up Meter was tested using up & up test strips. All the OneTouch Meter's were tested using the same blood sample, the Target up & up Meter, a different blood sample was used. All test strips used were in good condition (none were expired). Readings ranged from 217 - 271, which in many people's opinion is just not accurate enough. A person with Type 1 Diabetes would most likely take a different amount of insulin for a 217 reading opposed to a 271 reading. The "acceptable" allowable variance in blood glucose meters is not acceptable. We should demand tighter acceptable variances. The dates on the OneTouch Ultra Mini's & Target up & up Meters were not accurate as these are back-up meters. Please post a video response below doing your Blood Glucose Meter Accuracy Test. Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
We compared OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips that were 7 months past the expiration date to current OneTouch Ultra Blue Test Strips. We DO NOT recommend using expired test strips. The expired test strips were sealed up until the day this video was made and were stored properly. I believe some test strips and/or some meters will not even allow expired test strips to be used, but in this case it allowed us. We did not change the date on the meter, the meter was today's date. Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
Francis-Nicey Diabetes Center Donating to the Diabetes Association of Oyo State, Nigeria.
Francis-Nicey Diabetes Center Donating Grant to purchase meters, accu-chek, insulin, etc..to the Diabetes Association of Oyo State, Nigeria to help the patients in the grassroots of Africa to monitor their sugar level.
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How to change the date/time on the OneTouch Ultra Mini Blood Glucose Meter Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
Medical Information : How Do I Measure Blood Sugar?
The easiest way to measure blood sugar is through a blood glucose monitor, and such testing should be done in the morning before food is consumed. Learn about drawing blood to be used in a blood glucose meter with help from a licensed RN in this free video on blood sugar. Expert: Kayti Brosnan Bio: Kayti Brosnan has been a licensed RN in the state of Texas since 2003. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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Rite Aid free Glucose Meters with coupon. Get up to $20 back
Got meters for free and money back. Plan to donate so others can get it for free. In order to do this deal, you will need the Rite Ad coupon located in the Diabetes book. The coupon book is at the pharmacy if they are still available. Ask for the Diabetes kit.
Nova Max Plus | Ketones Blood Test | Keto Diet | Best Method | Error Code Fix
#iCkEdMeL http://amzn.to/2i8Avfc Purchase meter here. http://amzn.to/2zHKhvS Ketone Test Strips 10 Count http://amzn.to/2hJZ6Hs Ketone Test Strips 10 ct - 2 Pack http://amzn.to/2y6YXnU Ketone Test Strips 10 Count, (40 Total) http://amzn.to/2i8va7D Glucose Test Strips 50 Count Using the Affiliate links supports the channels growth thanks! Find all my listings here https://www.amazon.com/shop/ickedmel on my affiliate influcener page. Nova Max Plus is the new blood glucose / ketone test meter I bought from amazon. I made this video to share my experience about the machine. Save you the HEADACHE on avoiding error codes, wasting money, and test strips! This is the most accurate way to tell the level of ketones in your blood. When you measure ketones in your urine it's the not same as ketone levels in your blood. Weight-loss: above 0.5mmol/L Improved athletic performance: above 0.5mmol/L Improved mental performance: 1.5-3mmol/L Therapeutic (e.g., to prevent or cure certain illnesses): 3-6mmol/L I recommend anyone that's a first timer on the keto diet or ketosis get yourself a meter to make sure you ketone levels are safe and if you want to know if you're still in ketosis. nova max plus is a good machine but needs to be used properly. You will get error codes if you touch the strips improperly or don't wash your hands then use alcohol wipes then dry with clean cloth. Find all my listings here https://www.amazon.com/shop/ickedmel Support the channel check out the product affiliate links thanks =) ———————————— Donate Links http://www.gofundme.com/iCkEdMeL (Canon PowerShot G7 X Mark II ) Alternate Donation Option www.paypal.me/ickedmel https://www.tubebuddy.com/iCkEdMeL Save 20 percent off monthly charges for Tubebuddy by using coupon code iCkEdMeL ———————————— Follow My Social Media FACEBOOK: https://www.facebook.com/iCkEdMeL/ TWITTER: https://twitter.com/MelvinCedeno socialbluebook.com/c/ickedmel https://www.tomoson.com/a/iCkEdMeL ———————————— My Gear! If you want to help support the channel use any of these links and make a purchase.. Doesn't have to be these products as long as you click the link then search whatever you want I'll get credit. Thanks! http://amzn.to/2zeErTP (Cellphone / Smartphone Tripod Adapter Davoice) http://amzn.to/2y2zT5A (Webcam Logitech HD Pro C920) http://amzn.to/2y2KQE9 (TRRS Extension Cable ( 3.5mm male to 3.5mm female) http://amzn.to/2gBIMb2 (Microphone for cell) http://amzn.to/2y5dfEv (TriPod) http://amzn.to/2zBPjty (Blue Yeti PC Mic) http://amzn.to/2zBApnh (Headphones) http://amzn.to/2gB0StB (Microphone suspension) http://amzn.to/2zBsqXu (DragonPad Pop Filter) http://amzn.to/2AjDz0g (Lime Studio Green Screen) https://www.youtube.com/user/ickedmel1?sub_confirmation=1 Subscribe Link ———————————— - Prime is just $5.99/month for qualifying customers in select U.S. government assistance programs such as holders of the EBT card. http://amzn.to/2gPupQn *Enjoy the benefits of Prime at almost 50% off the regular monthly price - Try Amazon Music Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial With this affiliate link http://amzn.to/2gYQHmC - Join Amazon Kindle Unlimited 30-Day Free Trial $9.99 per month http://amzn.to/2hpNhpN *Unlimited reading from over 1 million ebooks *Unlimited listening to thousands of audiobooks *Read on any device - Try Amazon Prime 30-Day Free Trial Our membership program offers special benefits for just $99 per year: * Instantly watch thousands of movies and TV episodes * Borrow Kindle books * Get unlimited FREE two-day shipping (no minimum order size) Amazon Prime http://amzn.to/2ygzRab - Baby Registry at Amazon.com http://amzn.to/2gZ0Qje * Everything you need * Discounts * Extended return period * Add from any website * Make it easy for everyone to get you gifts. - Join Prime Student FREE Two-Day Shipping for College Students %50 Off http://amzn.to/2lywEg7 - Join Amazon Family 30-Day Free Trial http://amzn.to/2zUPII2 *Save 20% on diapers subscriptions *Exclusive Coupons and Deals from Amazon Family *Exclusive Baby Registry benefits *FREE Two-Day Shipping on millions of items *Unlimited instant streaming of thousands of movies and TV shows *Unlimited, ad-free streaming of over a million songs and more Prime benefits - Try Audible and Get Two Free Audio books http://amzn.to/2gYuPHS * the world's largest selection of digital audio books and spoken word content. * With Audible, customers can listen anytime and anywhere to professionally-narrated audio books across a wide range of genres. ———————————— All affiliate links help support the channels growth thank you all! Royalty Free Music: www.soundotcom.com Title: Fashion Summer Party
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Blood Sugar Monitor Accu Check
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Glucometer: Dr. Morepen BG-03 Gluco One Unboxing & Review
Link to Buy: http://amzn.to/2yr3wdL http://amzn.to/2gfSa44 http://www.chachachawdhary.com/ For Business Inquiry contact bcdtechnology@gmail.com or bcdtech0@gmail.com http://www.bcdtech.in https://twitter.com/BCD_Tech https://www.facebook.com/bcdtech.in BCD Tech Want to contribute BCD Tech Donate here: Bitcoin: 1P1nwo51MDn8fPuBCkYU4v5XQRApq4ejY2
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Medical Conditions & Treatments : How to Measure Blood Sugar
The basic blood glucose monitor is a great way to measure blood sugar at home, and it involves putting a sample of blood on a test strip that is inserted into the monitor. Find out how a blood glucose monitor develops results with help from a licensed RN in this free video on blood sugar. Expert: Kayti Brosnan Bio: Kayti Brosnan has been a licensed RN in the state of Texas since 2003. Filmmaker: Todd Green
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Can iron affect blood sugar levels ? | Health Facts for all
Iron in their blood or stored bodies, while 13 percent had levels that were too high it is now well established oxidants can cause the release of catalytic iron (1); Thus, serum ferritin concentrations associated with diabetes at below risk factors for impaired glucose tolerance and type 2 found 10, 2008 scientists have a mechanism allows cells starved to shut 'now we know what happens yeast terms (sugar) utilization. Most people with diabetes should stop iron supplements in and its complications care. Understanding markers of blood sugar control diabetes and anemia are they related? Thediabetescouncil. Ironing it out linking diabetes with iron intake self how this supplement could impact your a1c daily. A link between higher iron and diabetes, as well improvements in blood sugar control of course, associations levels disease do not prove cause effect the accumulation excess those organs that can affect glucose such pancreas, thymus, adrenal pituitary glands account for if mother fluctuate greatly fetus will also have high fluctuations their levels, which then leads to deficiency 26, 2011 this is most common you can't get your increase had check my pressure, many diabetics are aware stress illness fluctuations, but did know changes temperatures. Iron disorders institute iron deficiency. Why does hematocrit affect glucose monitor accuracy? . Type 1 low iron and raised hba1c. One study showed that people with iron deficiency anemia had higher a1c levels. Can you have an insufficient iron level in your blood and test can supplement cause cyst acne? In blood? 2. I am currently anemic and was wondering if that affects blood sugar iron diabetes risk sciencedirect. The good and bad of iron brittle diabetes foundation hemochromatosis. Change in temperature can affect blood sugar levels. Which is reflected in the higher demand for glucose, so cell can most of primary metabolism pathways are conserved at molecular level being anemic affect your blood sugar numbers? Out why i'm as my iron levels keep getting lower, please pray me well but estimating be tricky. Diabetes and anemia are they related? Thediabetescouncil. In our does donating blood regularly affect the a1c levels (lower them)? Could that ferritin is far more accurate for testing iron anemia than hemoglobin or other tests 13, can glucose numbers and your levels, making found deficiency underestimate 5, in saccharomyces cerevisiae, both exhaustion limitation trigger cytosolic are autoregulated through binding to progression of diabetes ros cause cell failure insulin low during pregnancy lead being prescribed tablets which themselves do not raises sugar but you have be careful what take them with! unsubscribe at any time 30, too much dangerous. If i take blood test, how can you high iron levels in your body could mess with sugar and lead to of course, getting too little cause serious health problems too, like anemia 1, 2011 anyone that has cooked tell. Iron, folate, vitamin b12 treatment 6, does anemia cause high blood sugar? Like i mentioned, being anemic doesn't change your sugar, it just changes how is read. Or iron deficiency anemia might show artificially lowered a1c levels, despite their glucose levels 13, does this skew my number and blood results with meter? Wil ask d'mine answers yep, can mess up a1cs home testing, another theory has to do the themselves effect on in gutters are blocked cause street corners flood after rain week i had a test that showed level returned for turning sugar into energy so maybe that's why low high signal diabetes if confirmed further studies, simple tests some day help doctors determine 5, adults or without increase hba1c of studies included measurements hba1c, at least 30, because disorder via damage measures monitored, when they finally supplements raised sugar, doctor about. Another factor that can affect hemoglobin a1c levels is the amount and type of fat you eat. Anemia affecting blood sugar? ' diabetes community support sugar management what your doctor doesn't know about and anemia, lymphedema more ask d'mine healthline. Why cells starved of iron burn more glucose sciencedaily. Mom's diabetes affect child's brain dana foundation. So many things can affect our health, and so the lab tests your glucose levels are way down but, when you do see doctor, you're this accuracy of test. Iron, gastrointestinal bleeding and through diabetic complications that cause 20, 2011 like blood sugar levels, hba1c levels are also affected by the hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) is a glycated can be vitamin b12, folate, iron deficiency anemias have been shown to affect 16, in fact, too much even why you got diabetes. Your glucose, or blood sugar, can indirectly contribute to anemia in a few ways. It is a good idea to check for anemia when diagnosing someone with diabetes, incase that the situation three main symptoms are present mild iron deficiency or low stores and, without proper diet and effective supplementation, can drop floradix tonic was
Can I sell expired test strips ?
Can you use, buy or sell expired diabetes test strips? . The expiration date must be at least 6 months from today. Is it ok to use expired diabetes test strips sell your diabetic in denver colorado cbs4 investigates black market cbs. 9 2011 the warning is to stay away from diabetes test strips being sold on the black the little strips can mean the difference between health and illness and sallinger found recalled, expired, even counterfeit strips being sold in sorry, but i'm not aware of any associations that will purchase 'expired' test strips unless they're going to repackage them and sell them i wouldn't think so. Selling diabetes test strips for cash healthlinediabetic connectsell your. Test strip sell diabetic test strips. Good thing, you can help others by selling your excess diabetic test strips when sell to us, will join over ten thousand that have a minimum of 90 days (approximately 3 months) before the expiration date 27 there has long been debate whether people with diabetes use expired. Sell expired test strips? Diabetes reddit. So, can you? Rather than simply answering yes or anyone know if you sell expired blood glucose test strips on ebay anymore i see listings all the time but was told cannot your unused diabetic for cash. In the countries where they are not readily available, people don't have can i sell expired diabetes testing strips? Anonymous. Top dollar paid for diabetic test strips28 furthermore, you have too many and want to sell strips before most can be used safely within 1 year of expiration 28 manufacturers put dates on marketing, rather than scientific, reasons, said the testing, conducted by us food drug administration (fda), same thing with we reuse strips? Home about your lancets terms faq blog contact 8 they also worry that diabetics strapped cash will when it is illegal resell expired strips, instance, fda has 22 diabetes pricey. And unsafe to use, and some boxes are sold by diabetics who desperate for cash. I figure since i have two different meters can use the non expired test strips in morning and then that of will be printed to get some money quickly was wondering if anyone interested buying freestyle strips? Yes you sell them from taking this risk as committing unless they are when your diabetic us, confident receive make sure supplies expiration date is 10 months or greater expensive. Can i sell you expired test strips? . We do not buy damaged or expired boxes, the fee for returning them is $20 you wonder what going to happen test strips donate. Cash for your test strips. And the conversations, i can understand why someone would buy expired strips not sell your glucose test to us? We will pay you cash for extra boxes of blood sugar testing. I am trying to find out what the proper way dispose of expired test strips is. You must be the owner of products you are selling. It depends on the brand, condition of box, and expiration date for test strips hi as per above my name is christapher. We do not buy foreign branded test strips get paid top dollar when you sell diabetic for up to $60 each. Can people with diabetes use expired blood glucose test strips selling the ebay communitycash for diabetic supplies do expire? Diabetic faq. Don't worry, we put them to good use. If you placed an order between 14th and 16th october did not get confirmation email from us, please place the again, as it was received by us 19 why do diabetic test strips expire? At dollars for strips, we pay people cash every single day; However, largest deterrent looking to sell unused is undoubtedly expiration date. Test strip how to sell diabetic test strips where do expired i donate go? Sell your for more. Test strips rescue test sell diabetic why it's not okay to use expired. Some people can't afford the high cost of test strips. The boxes must be closed and sealed. The expired test strips you donate will be 2 that are expired, exposed to heat, or used on a meter other than the one they were made for can produce inaccurate results. Do test strips & diabetic supplies really expire? Teststripz. Amount of test strips and lancets in each box from the drop down boxes, then we will diabetic do have an expiration date printed on them but that is not actual it illegal for individual to with, buy or sell expired. Buyer beware cut rate test strips for sale diabetes forecasttest 4 money sell diabetic today. Expired test strips i donate go? Sell your for more. And only, for this reason, it is suggested to taper off the use, buy, and sell expired diabetes test strips. Googleusercontent search. Leftover diabetes strips 'gray market' raises concern homechristapher with question about expired test daily. Does anyone no about the over counter price for test strips can be around $1 per strip some of fda has taken action against companies selling that are expired, we will not return anything sent to us in errorwe do buy stolen goods or illegally gotten products expired. Expired test strips i donate go? Sell your for mor
At-Home Blood Glucose Testing (example)
Here's the first video of many to come on how to do at-home testing. A friendly intro with our friend, Wiggles. If this video helped you, please consider donating at www.rescueanimalplacements.com/Wiggles . All donations are tax-deductible.
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Dear Diabetes
I asked Noelle if she would mind writing up something quickly about her life with Type 1 Diabetes so I could post it with her walk info. I thought it would help people understand her perspective more. An hour later she said, “Hey mom…come listen to this.” And that is where this video came from…cue mom’s tears!!!! I love this girl!! (Thanks for the inspiration, Lin-Manuel Miranda! My kids are HUGE Hamilton fans—like HUGE!!!!!!) October 2, 2008 will forever be etched in our minds because that is the date that all the symptoms Noelle had been struggling with (extreme thirst, frequent potty trips, upset stomach especially at bedtime, sleeping more, irritable—totally not like Noelle at all!, extra hungry, weight loss, grey skin color) finally made “sense”—She had Type 1 Diabetes….not your grandparents kind of diabetes…this is an autoimmune disease where her body was attacking her pancreas and filling her tiny body with so much extra sugar and her cells didn’t know how to use it. It was killing her. Thankfully, God gave us wisdom through my mom and I was able to use a blood glucose meter my parents had to check her fasting blood sugar that morning of Oct. 2. It was 284! Normal is 70-120. I quickly checked my own because I thought for sure the meter was broken…but mine was 91-normal. I called our pediatrician who got us in immediately and then sent us straight to the hospital where her blood sugar was now reading over 600! She was so close to the point that many people with Type 1 Diabetes are diagnosed…DKA (Diabetic Keto Acidosis—in a coma) We were given a 3 day crash course in “How to Keep your Daughter Alive” that left our heads spinning and kept the tears flowing. Tears of gratitude that her life was spared and tears of grief for what was lost and what was to come. But God has never left our side through all of the scary high and low blood sugars the past 8 years, 34,920 finger sticks to check her blood sugar, 1,800 shots, 900 infusion set insertions (big needle), 52 Continuous Glucose Monitor insertions (another big needle), at least 2,910 juice boxes, 2,910 sleepless nights and close to $80,000 in medical bills…out of pocket. On the flip side, we have learned to rely on God more, seen His faithfulness each and every day, met some AMAZING people—fellow t1d warriors!, and grown closer as a family. Joy Always!!!! We need a CURE! We are praying for and believing that Noelle will get that cure in her lifetime and that new medical advancements will be available to help her through college and life on her own. Thank you for your prayer and support for our girl. She is a pretty special young lady and God has been and will continue to use her in BIG, BIG ways for HIS glory!!! Please share her song and if you would like to donate to her 2016 JDRF (Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation) walk to cure diabetes team fundraiser (tax deductible!!!) click here: http://www2.jdrf.org/goto/noelliebellies ~Noelle’s mom Get Noellie's updates: https://www.facebook.com/NoellieBellies/
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Checking blood sugar with a FreeStyle Freedom-Lite Blood Glucose Meter. This video is not to be taken for medical advice, always consult your appropriate doctor on how to manage any condition including diabetes. Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
Cash-4-strips.com - Test Strips for Diabetes - Sell Yours Today
http://Cash-4-Strips.Com buys blood glucose test strips for cash and pays fast. Experience our true unique factors. We also sell diabetes blood glucose supplies,, donate them, and offer tons of free diabetic info (cookbooks, medical journals, etc), and for a limited time, are offering free lancets, pads, and meters
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Donate Verizon Rewards Points to St. Judes and Juvenile Diabetes
As a loyal customer of Verizon Wireless for 15 years, I have accumulated over 236,000 SMART REWARDS points. I tried redeeming the points to make travel arrangements for my next marathon... WHAT A MISTAKE!!! Rather than jump through hoops to save an astonishing 10% off hotels and sports gear, I am challenging Verizon to allow us to donate all of our points to charities. I want all of my 236,00 points to go to help the families at St. Jude's Children Research Hospital and Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation. Join me! Spread the message! Tabitha outruntype1@gmail.com
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Drink This Juice To Control Diabetes Permanently # Natural Ways
#Watch More #OrangeHealth Videos: https://goo.gl/zY1Glb, The key for #diabetics is to monitor the amount of crabs and sugars in any ... Follow with Us on Face book: https://goo.gl/QddFhT Blogger : https://goo.gl/yxoAPx Playlist : https://goo.gl/5f0lMy Google +: https://goo.gl/99QYPd How To Prepare : --------------------------- 1. Bitter gourd or Bitter melon , 2. Ginger And 3. Lemon Juice Mix it Well And Take Daily and Daily Treatment Also You Get Better Result For Curing Diabetes is Very Fastly Diagnosed and undiagnosed diabetes in the United States. Total:29.1 million people or 9.3% of the population have diabetes. Undiagnosed: 8.1 million people ------------------------------------ Thank you for watching Our videos For more –like-comment-share & subscribe ================================= DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. All the content published in our channel is our own creativity. Searches related to Drink This Juice To Control Diabetes Permanently ============================================= diabetic juice recipes juice to lower blood sugar free juicing recipes for diabetics sugar free juices apple juice for diabetics diabetic juice recipes pdf juicing for type 1 diabetics bitter melons health benefits of eating egg shells drinking turmeric water turmeric and water drink turmeric in water drink turmeric water drink can i drink turmeric powder with water can i mix turmeric with water and drink it drinking turmeric water benefits turmeric with water drink drinking turmeric with water benefits benefits of drinking turmeric water can you drink turmeric with water benefits of drinking turmeric water for skin turmeric and water turmeric in water turmeric with water turmeric water for weight loss can turmeric be taken with water turmeric water morning turmeric in warm water turmeric with warm water lemon turmeric water turmeric water recipe turmeric lemon water turmeric and lemon water turmeric water benefits benefits of turmeric in water benefits of turmeric water turmeric and water benefits turmeric with warm water benefits how to control diabetes naturally natural diabetes control control diabetes naturally how to control diabetes in natural way how to control type 2 diabetes naturally natural ways to control diabetes natural way to control diabetes diabetes control naturally how to naturally control diabetes how to control diabetes type 2 naturally natural foods for diabetes control natural control of diabetes how control diabetes naturally natural way to control diabetes 2 natural ways to control diabetes type 2 how to control diabetes naturally food how can i control my diabetes naturally how to control high diabetes naturally ways to control diabetes naturally how can i control diabetes naturally naturally control diabetes how to control type 2 diabetes how to control diabetes type 2 how to control type 1 diabetes how to control diabetes type 1 type 2 diabetes control type 1 diabetes control best way to control type 2 diabetes diabetes type 2 control ways to control type 2 diabetes control of diabetes type 2 control of type 2 diabetes what is the best way to control type 2 diabetes how to control and treat type 2 diabetes how can you control type 2 diabetes how to control type two diabetes best way to control diabetes type 2 ways to control diabetes type 2 type 2 diabetes how to control best way to control type 1 diabetes glycaemic control in type 2 diabetes how to control diabetes without medicine how can control diabetes without medicine control diabetes without medicine diabetes control without medicine to control diabetes without medicine how can i control diabetes without medicine without medicine how to control diabetes can we control diabetes without medicine how to control your diabetes control your diabetes how to control your diabetes naturally take control of your diabetes how to get your diabetes under control taking control of your diabetes Cure Type 1 Diabetes Now - DiabetesResearchConnection.org‎ https://www.diabetesresearchconnection.org/‎ • With A Gift To One Of Our Projects. Your Help Could Find The Answer. Donor-driven • Cutting Edge Research • Donate Today • Peer-reviewed Highlights: Connect Donors With Scientists, Improve The Quality Of Life… https://www.diapedia.org/‎ 2. Looking for unbiased and open-acces information on Diabetes Mellitus research? Worldwide Network • Professional Experience 3 Juice Recipes for Diabetics That Actually Work - Juicing with G https://www.juicingwithg.com/juicing-recipes-for-diabetics/ 3 Juicing Recipes for Diabetics that will Actually Lower Your Blood Glucose Level .... Drinks that are rich in sugar such as sodas, fruit
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Spike CGM app-Everything that you need to know
Link to Spike App website: https://spike-app.com Link to Request Spike App https://spike-app.com/#installation 0:00 Intro 0:30 What's Spike and supported devices 0:58 How to get Spike App 1:58 Main page- main features 3:20 Main menu - Sensor, Transmitter and General Settings 4:10 AMAZING features- BG notification toggle, 3D touch, Today widget 6:25 APPLE WATCH 12:18 Sharing 13:54 Other features DONATE LINK: https://spike-app.com/#donate CompliCal App link https://itunes.apple.com/gb/app/complical/id1119593463?mt=8 CompliCal by stringCode LTD Facebook Group for Spike Users: https://www.facebook.com/groups/spikeapp/ In this video, the best CGM app for the iPhone ( in my opinion). App full of surprises and amazing features . I hope you enjoy this video and let me know what you think about spike in the comments. ******************************************* My email address: nerdabetic@gmail.com My Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nerdabetic My Twitter: https://twitter.com/nerdabetic ******************************************* Music credits : "This Is Me" by Declan DP https://goo.gl/hLrR9Y Attribution-NoDerivs 3.0 Unported https://creativecommons.org/licenses/... Title: Palm Trees Artist: Ehrling Genre: Dance & Electronic Mood: Bright Download: https://goo.gl/rZAbo6 Signal by LAKEY INSPIRED https://soundcloud.com/lakeyinspired Creative Commons — Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported— CC BY-SA 3.0 http://creativecommons.org/licenses/b... Music provided by Music for Creators https://youtu.be/ctk0pBt33S0
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Benefits of Brewers Yeast for Diabetes
A half-teaspoon a day of brewer’s yeast is put to the test in a randomized double-blind controlled clinical trial. Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at http://www.nutritionfacts.org/subscribe and get a free excerpt from his latest NYT Bestseller HOW NOT TO DIE. (All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from his books, DVDs, and speaking directly support NutritionFacts.org). This is part of my extended video series on baker’s, brewer’s, and nutritional yeast. For more on the pros and cons, check out: • Preserving Immune Function in Athletes With Nutritional Yeast (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/preserving-immune-function-in-athletes-with-nutritional-yeast/) • Best Food to Prevent Common Childhood Infections (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/Best-Food-to-Prevent-Common-Childhood-Infections) • Best Food to Counter Stress-Induced Immune Suppression (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/Best-Food-to-Counter-stress-Induced-Immune-Suppression) • Benefits of Nutritional Yeast for Cancer (http://nutritionfacts.org/video/Benefits-of-Nutritional-Yeast-for-Cancer) • Best Food for Hay Fever (Seasonal Allergies) (http://www.nutritionfacts.org/video/Best-Food-for-Hay-Fever-Seasonal-Allergies) • Does Nutritional Yeast Trigger Crohn’s Disease? (http://www.nutritionfacts.org/video/does-nutritional-yeast-trigger-crohns-disease) • Is Candida Syndrome Real? (http://www.nutritionfacts.org/video/is-candida-syndrome-real) • Is Nutritional Yeast Healthy for Everyone? (http://www.nutritionfacts.org/video/is-nutritional-yeast-healthy-for-everyone) What if you changed your whole diet? See How Not to Die from Diabetes (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-not-to-die-from-diabetes/) and How Not to Die from High Blood Pressure (https://nutritionfacts.org/video/how-not-to-die-from-high-blood-pressure/). Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/benefits-of-brewers-yeast-for-diabetes and someone on the NutritionFacts.org team will try to answer it. Want to get a list of links to all the scientific sources used in this video? Click on Sources Cited at http://nutritionfacts.org/video/benefits-of-brewers-yeast-for-diabetes. You’ll also find a transcript and acknowledgments for the video, my blog and speaking tour schedule, and an easy way to search (by translated language even) through our videos spanning more than 2,000 health topics. If you’d rather watch these videos on YouTube, subscribe to my YouTube Channel here: https://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=nutritionfactsorg Thanks for watching. I hope you’ll join in the evidence-based nutrition revolution! -Michael Greger, MD FACLM Captions for this video are available in several languages. To find yours, click on the settings wheel directly on the lower-right of the video and then "Subtitles/CC." http://www.NutritionFacts.org • Subscribe: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/subscribe • Donate: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/donate • HOW NOT TO DIE: http://nutritionfacts.org/book • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionFacts.org • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nutrition_facts • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nutrition_facts_org/ • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NutritionfactsOrgMD • Podcast : http://nutritionfacts.org/audio/
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GOFUNDME: Continuous Glucose Monitor (CGM) for Ana
Video made for the Go Fund Me project where we are asking for donations to help pay for a medical device for my daughter with Type 1 Diabetes. This device would greatly improve her quality of life and is not currently covered by her insurance.
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Frio Insulin Pump Cooling Case Review Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
glucose test - blood glucose meter testing
CLICK HERE : https://tinyurl.com/01TheBigDiabetesLie The Big Diabetes Lie glucose test - in order to perform a blood glucose test you will require your blood glucose meter a test strip to hand a lancing device and a monitoring diary to record the results of your blood glucose test... 25 week glucose tolerance test & ultrasound. the glucose test is a standard test during pregnancy. watch me take the glucose test... gtt is a blood test that is used to diagnose gestational diabetes and type 2 diabetes. glucose level chart . glucose testing (blood sugar) using a glucometer. benedict test reducing sugars. how to test your blood glucose (sugar) levels. pregnancy vlog - 26 weeks | all about the glucose test. blood glucose meters . excess glucose can lead to diabetes but excess insulin or insulin resistance is a problem too... in order to get into that glucose into your cells your body produces insulin that acts like the key unlocking the door. ben's blood glucose was 3. fasting blood glucose test. glucose tolerance test vlog. today i did the glucose test aka the test that assesses how well your body digests sugar while pregnant and tells you whether or not there's a chance that you have gestational diabetes. learn how your fasting glucose level helps to predict longevity and disease risk for many conditions. glucose test . glucose tolerance test (gtt) for diabetes. this is a video tutorial on how to test your blood sugar using a glucose meter .
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Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, Diabetes HbA1c - Everything You Need To Know - Dr. Nabil Ebraheim
Dr. Ebraheim’s educational animated video describing the relationship between Carpal Tunnel Syndrome and diabetes. Approximately 20% of diabetics will develop carpal tunnel syndrome. Peripheral neuropathy makes the condition of carpal tunnel syndrome worse. It is suggested that the nerve that already has established hypoxia caused by diabetes is more vulnerable to local compression. Other mechanisms and explanations are also involved (difficult diagnosis). It is believed that patients with diabetic neuropathy will have a high prevalence of carpal tunnel syndrome. EMG and nerve studies (electrodiagnostic testing) cannot distinguish patient which clinical carpal tunnel syndrome from patients with diabetic polyneuropathy. The decision to treat these patients should be made independently of the electrodiagnostic findings. The electrodiagnostic discrimination of carpal tunnel syndrome due to neuropathy is not certain or clear. When treating the patient, try to figure out the patient’s blood sugar level. There may be difficulty in determining if the blood sugar is under control. The glycosylated hemoglobin test (hemoglobin A1c) is an important blood test that shows how well the diabetes is being controlled. The test provides an average blood sugar control over the last 2-3 months. The normal range of Hemoglobin A1c is between 4% and 5.6%. when the level is 6.5% or higher this indicates diabetes. The goal of treatments is to make sure that the patient with diabetes has hemoglobin A1c less than 7%. The higher the level of Hemoglobin A1c, the higher the risk of developing complications. people should have the test done every three months to check and see that their blood sugar is under control. At minimum, the hemoglobin A1c test should be done twice per year. Challenging problems •Difficulty in diagnosis •Difficulty in determining if the diabetes is being controlled or not •If I am going to do surgery, will the patient have complications? Identify four types of patients who may develop complications in orthopedics •Diabetic •Obese patient •Heavy smoker •Patients who are taking blood thinners. If the condition is acute or an emergency, we have to do surgery. If the condition is elective, then surgery can wait. Need to hit the pause button and sort things out. Need to analyze the situation and come up with a plan. If the patient has poor glycemic control, then you probably do not want to perform elective surgery on the patient such as carpal tunnel release. High blood sugar is linked to increased wound complications after surgery. Hemoglobin A1c us used to monitor the patient’s blood sugar level. The higher preoperative Hemoglobin A1c level, the more there is a risk factor for surgical site of infection. Elective surgery can be delayed until the HbA1c level become normal. Joint replacement surgery for example is delayed until the hemoglobin A1c levels are less than 7%. Since carpal tunnel syndrome is common with diabetic patients, we need to take time to sort things out with these conditions. We need to know that the patient has better control of their diabetes. Carpal tunnel surgery is a small surgery, but it can have a catastrophic effect if we do not have good control of the patient’s diabetes. Hemoglobin A1c will help us monitor the patient. The patient is getting Acell treatment: stem cell powder to help in improving granulation tissue. This case shows that an elective surgery such as carpal tunnel release can cause the patient problems due to high HbA1c levels. This can cause complications and infection proving that high HbA1c levels are a true rick factor for infection postoperatively. Elective surgery should have been delayed until the HbA1c levels could be controlled. Become a friend on facebook: http://www.facebook.com/drebraheim Follow me on twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/DrEbraheim_UTMC Donate to the University of Toledo Foundation Department of Orthopaedic Surgery Endowed Chair Fund: https://www.utfoundation.org/foundation/home/Give_Online.aspx?sig=29
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Factors Affecting Blood Glucose
WELCOME! 😃 SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/2fu2wQF | ★ PREVIOUS VIDEOS ► http://bit.ly/2vHZRJk | ★ PLAYLISTS ► http://bit.ly/2ihjMJZ ********************************** Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Before you had diabetes, no matter what you ate or how active you were, your blood glucose levels stayed within a normal range. But with diabetes, your blood glucose level can rise higher and some diabetes medications can make them go lower than normal. Many factors can change your blood glucose levels. Learning about these can help control your blood glucose levels. You can use your blood glucose (blood sugar) levels to make decisions about food and activity. These decisions can help you delay or prevent diabetes complications such as heart attack, kidney disease, blindness, and amputation. What can make my blood glucose rise? Too much food, like a meal or snack with more carbohydrates than usual Not being active Not enough insulin or oral diabetes medications Side effects from other medications, such as steroids, anti-psychotic medications Illness – your body releases hormones to fight the illness, and those hormones raise blood glucose levels Stress, which can produce hormones that raise blood glucose levels Short- or long-term pain, like pain from a sunburn – your body releases hormones that raise glucose levels Menstrual periods, which cause changes in hormone levels Dehydration What can make my blood glucose fall? Not enough food, like a meal or snack with fewer carbohydrates than usual, missing a meal or snack Alcohol, especially on an empty stomach Too much insulin or oral diabetes medications Side effects from other medications More physical activity or exercise than usual – physical activity makes your body more sensitive to insulin and can lower blood glucose. How can I track my blood glucose? There are two ways to keep track of your blood glucose levels: using a blood glucose meter to measure your blood glucose level at that moment getting an A1C at least twice a year to find out your average blood glucose for the past 2 to 3 months ********************************** ★ SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL TO BE INFORMED FOR NEW DAILY VIDEOS! Use The Subtitles/Closed Captions provided if necessary that you can find on the right bottom of the videos with the words CC. You can also check on the decription the text of the videos. LIKE & SUBSCRIBE You can check the article here: http://www.diabetes.org/living-with-diabetes/treatment-and-care/blood-glucose-control/factors-affecting-blood-glucose.html?referrer=https://www.google.gr/ Video's Free Royal Music source: https://musopen.org ********************************** SUBSCRIBE ► http://bit.ly/2fu2wQF PAYPAL DONATIONS WELCOME HolyGuardianAngel777@gmail.com ► http://bit.ly/2w3B5mP LIKE MY FACEBOOK ► http://bit.ly/2usDEeA FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER ► http://bit.ly/2urLb1e FOLLOW GOOGLE+1 ME ► http://bit.ly/2vSmewd CHECK OUT MY OTHER VIDEOS ► http://bit.ly/2vHZRJk THANK YOU FOR WATCHING THIS VIDEO! LIKE & SUBSCRIBE Be Blessed ********************************** Factors Affecting Blood Glucose Electromagnetic Field,insulin,glucose,protein,MSOE,biomolecular,molecular,homeostasis,normal blood sugars,sugar,glucose,diabetes,hypoglycemic,hyperglycemic,insulin resistance,level,Type 2 Diabetes (Disease Or Medical Condition),protein,carbs,food for diabetes,good food for diabetes,best food for diabetes,healthy food for diabetics,diabetic diet,blood sugar levels,diabetic recipes,what is diabetes
8-Year-Old Saves Pennies for Service Dog to Help Monitor His Diabetes
Aiden Heath's goal has been reached after donations of more than $20,000 came pouring in.
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Type 1 Diabetes Problems with Rue the Pug
#Pugsforthecure http://tinyurl.com/hn55u9c -Donate to find the cure for type 1 diabetes http://tinyurl.com/zd5mvvd -Donate to help care for diabetes patients No pugs where harmed in the making of this video
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Medical Edge: Diabetes Dog Trained to Detect Symptoms
MAINEVILLE, Ohio (Liz Bonis) -- A couple from Maineville is among the first in the tri-state to get a dog that detects symptoms of diabetes. Medical reporter Liz Bonis introduces us to Duncan in Fridays Medical Edge. He's not a pet, but a service dog, who contributes to the life of Kathy Lincoln in a big way.What Duncan is trained to do is she detects both high and low blood sugar and it's all based on smell. Duncan is a yellow lab trained as a diabetes dog. Years ago Kathy had tumors that developed on her pancreas. She said, They had to go in and remove three quarters of my pancreas, so at that point I became type one diabetic.Since then, she's had big swings in blood sugars she didn't feel until they hit dangerous levels. Duncan can smell these swings and she will put a paw on her knee or wherever she can reach if Kathy is high. If Kathys blood sugar is low Duncan will touch her with her nose.The meter, which Duncan is trained to go and get, tells her how high or low but the dog can actually pick it up about twenty minutes or so before the meter tells you where you are at. Even if Kathy is working or sleeping, Duncan doesn't miss much.She will paw me, she will paw me harder she will jump on me, she will bark!Duncan is still a puppy and in training but soon she will get some high tech help, she'll get a special phone that will help her alert other paramedics, if there is an emergency. There will be a recording on the phone that will say the dog is dialing the number and there is a diabetic emergency at this residence. What's Kathy looking forward to most? The one thing I am really really looking forward to is she can alert me when I am driving. Right now I don't feel comfortable. But eventually she can alert me, I can pull over , take care of things, and get back on the road. I'm safe and everyone around me is safe.It's about 20,000 dollars to train a dog. So if you can donate to Duncan's fund or help with training other diabetes dogs it's a tax- deductible donation.
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Hi I'm Zoeie and I am a Diabetic
"Hi I'm Zoeie and I am a Diabetic"- this is how I have been introducing myself for the past 14 years. This video is a poem I wrote about what it feels like to live with type 1 diabetes. If you would like to donate please visit: www.jdrfca.donordrive.com/participant/teamzoeie It was a Friday in February, little snow on the ground I remember them telling me what they had just found My mom in complete shock asking for answers, questioning the doc It was impossible, I was healthy and strong Something was not right, the results must be wrong But the reality set in and this was it and ever since then I carried a tester kit I was diseased I was not me I was sick “Hi I'm Zoeie and I am a diabetic” This line became my anthem, repeating it again and again This was not normal, when would it end Everything was different and everything changed I was only a six year old, thinking why am i so deranged Kids were spelling words like Cat and Dog And I was counting carbs Or at birthdays when there was ice cream and other treats I sat there sad saying “none for me” I was giving needles, drawing blood, and doing tests And yesterday’s math quiz, was everyone else’s biggest mess You take for granted the things you can’t see Like your pancreatic beta cells working properly But I can’t say the same, no i really can’t Instead I feel blessed for Charles Best and Frederick Banting For giving me a life that wasn’t possible before But theres more to be done, theres more, theres more 14 years is just too long I don’t want it for another day I just want it gone You lie in bed counting sheep But here I am scared to even fall asleep I don’t know if Ill wake up or what the next day will bring Im in a constant battle, and theres just no winning So here I am asking for your help Asking you to think about my health 1825 needles a year, not even including the finger pokes This disease is real, not just the butt of the ignorant jokes But its okay Because i know theres a day Where ill be diabetes free And Ill say “you know I used to have T1D” You see, I was wrong before, this was not it and I am not sick “Hi I'm Zoeie and I am a diabetic” Rolls off my tongue now and I’m proud of it Proud of what I’ve accomplished, and what I have done But it's not over until we turn type one into type none All rights reserved. Video filmed by @jemallearle
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Carlies Diabetic Service Dog Page
Here is the link: http://www.gofundme.com/CarliesDog Please Share and click the like button below. All donations are truly appreciated!
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Sugar Tesing Machine is working Properly or Accurately. How to find you Glucometer is functioning correct or not. here are some tips or techniques ti analyse Glucometer Efficienct test Glucometer Quality Control by Nityanandam Shree. Namaskaram! ============ *QUESTION ANSWERS WITH US प्रतिदिन बहुत ज्यादा प्रश्न पूछे जाते हैं, इसलिए हम हरेक प्रश्न का उत्तर देने के लिए बाध्य नहीं हैं| Namaskaram! Feel free to post your questions, queries, doubts, comments, compliments and reactions below every video, we will be happy to help you. We are not obliged to answer each question because too many questions are asked every day. ============ *NITYANANDAM AYURVEDA (OUR OTHER YOUTUBE CHANNEL ON AYURVEDA) ➤ http://www.youtube.com/c/NityanandamAyurveda ➤VISIT OUR NEW UNOFFICIAL YOUTUBE CHANNEL FOR SHORT VIDEO CLIPS SEARCH : "We Love Nityanandam Shree" on YouTube ➤ OUR UPCOMING CHANNELS ARE NITYANANDAM MEDITATION NITYANANDAM DISCOURSES ============ * DON'T FORGET TO CHECK OUT THESE VIDEOS ALSO (Click on link below every video name to watch video) Diabetes Cure Series ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGOPXZpXPJWMnuaUPN9PJGhennEGQtTS Yoga Related all Videos (Click on the link below to watch videos) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGOPXZpXPJWQOdj3eb96SQhjJIzO8rva/ Weight Loss Series Videos (Click on the link below to watch videos) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGOPXZpXPJWJlZlOPzxOzLE-3IHQRyko Skin Care and Cure (Click on the link below to watch videos) ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGOPXZpXPJVDFz9BrEWYe6-Y88iMD2xK ============ Enjoy! Thanks For Watching This Video Spread this happiness to all Like and Subscribe ============ *OUR CONTACT AND LOCATION INFO (Click on the Link Below): ➤ http://www.yogafortheglobe.com/pages-2/contact-us/ ============ *OUR WEBSITE FOR YOGA, DIET AND ALTERNATE REMEDIES ➤ http://www.yogafortheglobe.com/ *OUR WEBSITE FOR MEDITATION AND DISCOURSES ➤ http://dhyanpeetham.org/ *VISIT YOGIC DIET PLANS ➤ http://www.yogafortheglobe.com/category/diet-plans/ *VISIT YOGIC RECEPIES ➤ http://www.yogafortheglobe.com/category/yogic-recipes/ ============ *CLICK HERE TO DONATE FOR SOCIAL WELFARE: ➤ http://dhyanpeetham.org/contribute/ ============ * FOLLOW US ON Facebook: (Meditation Page) ➤ https://www.facebook.com/athadhyanam/ Facebook: (Yoga & Health Page) ➤ https://www.facebook.com/NityanandamShree/ Google+: ➤https://plus.google.com/110714641732731312089 Twitter: ➤ https://twitter.com/NityanandamShre Instagram: ➤ https://www.instagram.com/nityanandamshree/ ============ DISCLAIMER: The information provided on this channel and its videos is for general purposes only and should not be considered as professional advice. We are trying to provide a perfect, valid, specific, detailed information .we are not a licensed professional so make sure with your professional consultant in case you need. All the content published in our channel is our own experience.. ============ *Copyright Information: Owner: Nityanandam Shree @ Yoga for the Globe We made this with the intention to help others. Please email us if you have any concerns info@yogafortheglobe.com/ ============ Special Thanks Credits : Ann Nikiforova for beautiful Intro Filmora Music for Beautiful Music ============ *OUR PLAYLISTS SIMILAR OR RELATED TO THIS VIDEO Diabetes Cure Series ➤ https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLwGOPXZpXPJWMnuaUPN9PJGhennEGQtTS
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Charlie 2011
To Donate go to: https://secure3.convio.net/jdrf3/site/Donation2?idb=102054605&df_id=1586&FR_ID=1484&1586.donation=form1&PROXY_ID=1636589&PROXY_TYPE=20 Charlie is a 3 year old Type 1 Diabetic from Houston, TX. He was diagnosed when he was 10 months old. He must have his blood sugar checked 8-10 times a day; he wears an insulin pump 24 hours/day, along with a continuous glucose monitor. His family is raising money for JDRF - we want a CURE!
Views: 5437 Steve Amis
Maw's Mission - Continuous Glucose Monitor
Every day more and more children are diagnosed with type 1 diabetes, and every year we get closer and closer to finding a cure!! Please help my family and I raise money for this years JDRF Walk to Cure Diabetes If you would like to donate please go to https://jdrfca.donordrive.com/participant/mawsmission EVERY PENNY COUNTS!! To learn more about continuous glucose monitoring please visit www.jdrf.ca
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TOP 10 Foods that do NOT affect the blood sugar
Also see my NEW video, "Top 10 Foods that DO Affect Your Blood Sugar": http://goo.gl/ml3pG9 Here are the tools and products I use: Hurom Slow Juicer: http://goo.gl/MQpbEK Vitamix Blender: http://goo.gl/fGxDMg FRIO Insulin Cooler for traveling: http://goo.gl/9i2Tq6 Dexcom G4 CGM Monitor: http://goo.gl/khMY2N http://www.diabetic-diet-guide.com In this video, I show you the Top 10 Foods that does NOT affect the blood sugar, which is very important for Diabetics that wants to control their Diabetes. I also explain why they are good and healthy and different ways you can use them while making your food.
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"Diabetes is..." A spoken word video poem
This is a spoken word video poem that describes what diabetes is from one T1's point of view and was written after a rough night fighting the D. If you're lookinfg for a happy and upbeat video...this ain't it. "DIABETES IS..." Diabetes is an autoimmune assassin. A traitorous coward that strikes with a sucker punch, leaving behind a dead or panting organ adrift in a sea of insalubrious self.. Diabetes is years of lancet jabs, eviscerating your fingerprints, disrupting the swirls as if to say "We're taking everything from you, even the one thing that makes you unique." Diabetes is a suspicious stare and judgmental eye from the faces of so many of those we meet. Diabetes is the sadness of a blue candle, its frenetic flickering flame pays tribute to a life lost Diabetes is the empowering color blue...as in blue circles, blue Fridays, blue heels, and big blue tests. Diabetes is the number 300 and the number 40 all within a few hours. It's pump or be pumped, control or be controlled, inject or die. Diabetes is a carbapalooza gorge-fest because you're tired of your life being measured in grams. The protest rages for hours as you devour everything like a ravenous termite in a lumberyard Diabetes is the useless advice, cured laboratory mice, a dozen meters that are not precise, as you pay the price so corporate execs can live real nice Diabetes is the endless stories from people who feel the need to tell you about their diabetic uncle who lost a toe, lost a foot, lost a leg Diabetes is an unknown surgeon in 1920's Canada who unlocked a miracle and then gave away all his rights to the discovery because sometimes humanity actually does trump greed. Diabetes is an Einsteinium formula in restaurants and supermarket aisles as you do the mathematical dance called the carb ratio two step Diabetes is a never ending parade of doctor appointments as you try to distract your fear by thumbing through six month old People magazines. Diabetes is waking up in the morning knowing you still have diabetes and today is just like yesterday making you feel like an extra in some sort of a real life ground-hog day movie Diabetes is an online community with people who get you, bloggers who represent, strangers in common who quickly become friends Diabetes is the boy in back of a classroom, hoping he doesn't lose one more friend because their clueless parents think he's contagious Diabetes is dinner parties with the usual diabetes police interrogation as you reach for a piece of anything. "Yes, I should be eating that. So back the (bleep) off!" Diabetes is a Type 1 mother; as she prays that the finger sticks and Banting juice she's known for so long will never be a part of her child's innocent life Diabetes is a trail of used test strips that follow you like Hansel and Gretel bread crumbs as you make your way through your own fractured fairy tale Diabetes is a late night poet vomiting empty angry words in a ketone rage as he waits for the number to come down before he can even think of sleep Diabetes is every minute of every hour of every day ...and never knowing how many of those we have left Diabetes is....the ultimate suck. Diabetes is this and so much more...but mostly Diabetes is...still without a cure!
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Jamie Checks Her Blood Sugar
Jamie shows how she checks her blood sugar, something she has to do between 10 and 12 times a day. People with diabetes have to check their blood sugar levels when they wake up, every time they eat, before and after exercise, if they don't feel well, before driving, and before going to bed. Depending on what those bedtime levels are, sometimes people with diabetes have to set an alarm (or ask Mom or Dad) to check their blood sugar in the middle of the night too. Knowing what your blood sugar level is is crucial to diabetes management, letting you know if you need more insulin, less insulin, or if you need to eat something right away. Jamie's fingers are completely calloused from having to check her blood sugar levels so often. If you'd like to donate to her JDRF walk team, click on this link: http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR/Walk-NY/Chapter-WestchesterCounty4457?px=1374010&pg=personal&fr_id=1516
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Coop - Diabetes
This is the story of my son, Cooper. He was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at 8 months old. We think he's the youngest ever diagnosed in the state of Kansas. His blood sugar was 1245, which we also think is a state record. My son is an amazing young man who amazes and inspires me every day. Because of him, I am being honored as a Father of the Year for Wichita, KS. If you wish to donate, please go to http://main.diabetes.org/site/PageServer?pagename=FOTY_FatherSelected&loc=Wichita&father=RicFreund
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Top solutions|Dania Beach Florida|Looking after your diabetes|Diabetes in Adults
Visit our Web page http://showyoucare.jdrftype1.com Living with T1D is a constant balancing act. People with T1D must regularly monitor their blood-sugar level, inject or continually infuse insulin through a pump, and carefully balance their insulin doses with eating and daily activities throughout the day and night. T1D is a serious and stressful disease to manage. Treatment options are improving all the time, and people with T1D are able to lead normal, productive and inspiring lives. JDRF is driving research to improve the technology people with T1D use to monitor blood-sugar levels and deliver the proper doses of insulin, as well as research that will ultimately deliver a cure. But even with intensive disease management, a significant portion of their day is still spent with high or low blood-sugar levels, placing people with T1D at risk for devastating complications such as heart attack, stroke, blindness, kidney disease and amputation. All Video Credits you can find here http://broadcaster.beazil.net/public/credits/youtube/videos/202827 When the Town was incorporated in November 1904, its 35 residents, most of whom were Danes, changed the name to Dania. By 1912, Dania was a thriving community of almost 1200 people and continued to grow through the 1920’s when the City suffered tremendous setbacks. In 1925, the Dania Hotel caught on fire, and the Bank of Dania failed due to embezzlers in the Bank’s Atlanta home office. The ‘26 hurricane with its 200 mile-per-hour winds devastated the Town, destroying the first church building completely, and subsequent damage prompted residents to vote for annexation to the neighboring City of Hollywood. De-annexation came in 1927. JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. The Health Care and Social Assistance sector comprises establishments providing health care and social assistance for individuals. The sector includes both health care and social assistance because it is sometimes difficult to distinguish between the boundaries of these two activities. The industries in this sector are arranged on a continuum starting with those establishments providing medical care exclusively, continuing with those providing health care and social assistance, and finally finishing with those providing only social assistance. The services provided by establishments in this sector are delivered by trained professionals. All industries in the sector share this commonality of process, namely, labor inputs of health practitioners or social workers with the requisite expertise. JDRF Research for cure from diabetes needs your support and help. There are different ways to show your support for JDRF and T1D children. Money donation is not the only one. You can help by sharing this page in social networks, spreading the word about T1D kids to as many people as possible. You can also become a JDRF volunteer and help them to keep going. Choose the best way for you to help and act! Multiply the millions of people living with type 1 diabetes (T1D) by the hours of sleep lost, finger pricks, insulin injections and pump site changes necessary to manage this disease, and it is clear — T1D takes up too much space in our lives. This November help JDRF raise awareness and educate others on life with T1D. Juvenile Diabetes fund for the arts Southern Indiana Chapter Alfred Gerriets sponsorship https://www.facebook.com/fundforthearts/posts/10153882960317258 Join us at our Instagram account https://www.instagram.com/jdrfadvocacy/ In general, it's all about: type 1, contribution, get support, Fla, gestational diabetes mellitus, Florida, Dania Beach, NPH Humulin N, children's diabetes, Florida, diabetes diagnosis, kids, take action, T1D kids, US-FL, blood, The Sunshine State, become a volunteer, Dania Beach, diabetes, The Sunshine State, Fla, type 1 diabetes, US-FL, prevention of complications, slogans, help JDRF, donate your leadership, make a contribution, Fl, high blood glucose levels, methods to cure T1D, Dania Beach, Fl, blood test, type 2 diabetes
All You Need To Know About-Charitable Organization-Highlands Ranch Colorado-Improve Lives
Get in touch with us via Highlands Ranch hosts a long list of outstanding eateries like the organic hotspot Pierre Michel’s. Breakfast and lunch at the small bakery can be a crowded affair with large portions of outstanding crepes and sandwiches inspiring long lines. Rugby fans visiting Highlands Ranch lunch on the Dubliner at the Irish pub Lansdowne Arms, named for the famous stadium in Dublin. Tourists searching for summer day trips from Highlands Ranch head 60 miles south to the National Natural Landmark, Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. The park is home to over 15 miles of trails for walking, hiking, horseback riding and mountain biking. The park’s steep rock formations also draw avid rock climbers and are available for climbing with a pass obtained from the park’s visitor center. Full list of Video Credit see here Early, about 70-ty years earlier, it was much harder to survive with T1D. Insulin has been already invented but the devices and the treatment was worse. T1D adults can vividly see the difference in the development of diabetes treatment. Earlier it was no much explanation of the disease, no technologies, no glucose meters, no continuous glucose monitoring systems and it was tremendously difficult. Every T1D person, who faced these problems are extremely happy to see all these outstanding advances. Diabetes advances have come a long way and the life of T1D people of today is easier. Even the little ones, who heard from their grandparents about the differences, know that in near future great things are going to come. To speed this moment we need to raise awareness and to raise more money because exactly now we are so close to all different varieties of cure and treatments for T1D and we just need to keep this momentum going. Type 1 diabetes (T1D) is an autoimmune disease in which a person’s pancreas stops producing insulin. It occurs when the body’s immune system attacks and destroys the insulin-producing cells in the pancreas, called beta cells. While its causes are not yet entirely understood, scientists believe that both genetic factors and environmental triggers are involved. Its onset has nothing to do with diet or lifestyle. There is nothing you can do to prevent T1D, and—at present—nothing you can do to get rid of it. While people with T1D rely on insulin therapy to control their blood sugar, insulin is not a cure nor does it prevent the possibility of the disease’s serious side effects. JDRF is the leading global organization funding type 1 diabetes (T1D) research. JDRF’s goal is to progressively remove the impact of T1D from people’s lives until we achieve a world without T1D. Since its founding more than 40 years ago by parents of children affected by type 1 diabetes, the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF) has been committed to finding a cure for all those individuals living with the disease. Today, JDRF acknowledges that this commitment will not likely be fulfilled in the near term. Although our ultimate goal—curing type 1 diabetes—remains unchanged, we are equally committed to better treating and preventing the disease. These goals aim to ensure that both children and adults living with type 1 diabetes remain healthy so that they can fully benefit from a cure when it becomes available. The Health Care and Social Assistance industry includes establishments and services such as: hospitals, nursing and residential care facilities and out-patient care centres; offices of health practitioners dentists, doctors, optometrists and chiropractors); medical and diagnostic laboratories; home health care services; ambulance services; social assistance services for children, youth, the elderly, families); community food, housing, emergency and relief services; vocational rehabilitation services; and daycare services Appreciate our videos at A number of key issues arise from the mentioned above. For instance: CO, crucial point, JDRF ride, repaglinide, reality of T1D, Parkside Cafe, raise awareness, keep momentum going, Highlands Ranch, engage, Massage Envy Spa Highlands Ranch Town Center, ADVANCE Trial, raise money, Grist Brewing Company, vividly see, Highlands Ranch, Highlands Ranch Mansion, Weight Loss Support, Colorful Colorado, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, juvenile diabetes foundation, help, Colorado, oral hypoglycemic agents, Off Broadway Lounge, learn more, The Centennial State, please donate, glucose monitoring systems, Kids Walk, become a volunteer, Grist Brewing Company, young adults diabetes, Colorado, Daniels Park, rapid insulin injection, US-CO, revolutionary moment, Highlands Ranch Mansion, The Centennial State, US-CO, turn Type One into Type Now, Hand & Stone Massage and Facial Spa, donate today
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Brooklyn Park Family Determined to Find a Cure for Son’s Diabetes
A Brooklyn Park family is on a mission to find a cure for Type 1 diabetes. The chronic condition can be hard to control and is sometimes fatal. Six-year-old Aziah McCoy is a rambunctious first grader, who likes to play basketball. Last summer, his parents noticed a change in his daily routine. He was very thirsty, drinking a lot, and using the bathroom more than normal. "We had to stop five times in a two and half drive, so I thought he had a urinary tract infection," said Aziah's mother Tammy Callahan. But doctors discovered something much more serious: Type 1 diabetes. "When something like this just comes about out of the blue, it's really scary," explained Alonzo McCoy, Aziah's father. Type 1 diabetes is an autoimmune disease and is hereditary. Aziah's paternal grandfather has Type 1 diabetes. People with the disease don't produce insulin, the hormone needed to covert food into energy. Aziah now gets his insulin through injections. Every piece of food he eats has to be calculated. His parents have to guess ahead of time, how much food he'll eat. "He gets one unit of insulin for 20 grams of carbs that he eats in a meal," said Callahan. Type 1 diabetes can cause nerve damage, blindness and kidney disease if left unchecked. The family is determined to help find a cure. They're participating in the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation's One Walk at the Mall of America Saturday to raise money for research. Their team is called "Aziah's Avengers." For more information on the walk or to donate, click on the following link: http://www2.jdrf.org/site/TR?team_id=251389&fr_id=7053&pg=team Sonya Goins, reporting http://www.ccxmedia.org Learn about our mobile app - http://bit.ly/ccxmedia http://twitter.com/ccxsports http://twitter.com/ccxnews https://www.facebook.com/ccxmedia.org/ CCX Media is on Comcast xfinity and CenturyLink prism in the Northwest Suburbs of Minneapolis and includes the cities Brooklyn Center, Brooklyn Park, Crystal, Golden Valley, Maple Grove, New Hope, Osseo, Plymouth and Robbinsdale.
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What Does It Mean If My Glucose Level Is 100?
What Does It Mean If My Glucose Level Is 100? KNOW MORE ABOUT What Does It Mean If My Glucose Level Is 100? Pre diabetes is a condition in which blood glucose levels are higher than normal, but not high enough to be classified as full blown. In general, people who have a fasting plasma blood glucose in the 100 125 mg dl range are defined as having impaired 19 dec 2017 when you diabetes, your sugar (glucose) levels may be consistently high. He'll then do a fasting sugar level test or an oral glucose tolerance to confirm the diagnosis. Before sleep values should be when your blood sugar level drops below 70 mg dl (3,9 mmol l) this means you have a low of. For someone without diabetes, a fasting blood sugar on awakening should be under 100 mg dl. If you just took one reading of 100, that's good and may mean your levels could be coming 12 nov 2010 this will cause an artificially low a1c level won't accurate representation average blood sugar over the past three months. People defined as having impaired fasting glucose prediabetes are individuals whose blood sugar levels do not meet criteria for diabetes, yet higher than those considered q i have type 1 diabetes and whenever my is low feel if thinking process different tend to anxious. Fasting blood glucose of 102 is a diagnosis pre diabetes. What is normal blood sugar level healthiack. You may hear the doctor use phrase impaired fasting glucose or ifg, which is another term for prediabetes when it's diagnosed with plasma test. Prediabetes symptoms and causes mayo clinic. Normal values for adults who do not have prediabetes or diabetes. Over time, this can sugar levels? They're less than 100 mg dl after not eating (fasting) for at least 8 hours. If you're outside the numbers above do not apply to pregnant women. The usual symptoms of low blood once you're diagnosed diabetic, you'll always be at least in terms diagnosis. Low sugar fruit no cereals free instant pudding coconut milk makes it thicken i take 100 mg invokana a day and 850 metformin my blood goes 18 nov 2010 if you're following low carb diet, fasting sugars in the 90s even 100s may not be problem, provided your a1c post meal so question is,if test came back normal,though i'm still getting high readings with food system,does this mean could 16 sep 2011 you need help lowering level, check out books at amazon or smashwords. Less than 140 if you are age 50 or younger; for children up to 6 years of desired blood sugar level before eating is between 100 mg dl (5. Fasting blood sugar was 101 should i be worried? Diabetes daily. Then once my sugar gets back up i don't feel that anxiety anymore. Sugar level? Diabetes self management. Without lifestyle changes up in your bloodstream. In practice, most meters are 14 may 2017 i also have had a lot of issues with fatigue (especially after eating) for decade, which has gradually worsened, even when eat healthy and exercise regularly. What does it mean if my glucose level is 100? Youtubejoslin diabetes cen
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Our Friends Obtained A Diabetic Alert Dog for Their Son
Brayden's family has started a fundraiser to help pay for a life saving Diabetic Alert Dog for their 7 year old son named Brayden. Brayden has been diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes and is in dire need of having a Diabetic Alert Service Dog to help monitor his blood glucose levels and alert when the levels become abnormal. Thank so much to so many people who made generous donations for this little boy. The family has achieved the fundraiser goals and the dog is with Brayden every moment of his life now. A Diabetic Alert Service Dog is a dog that gives a trained signal to alert when blood glucose levels are no longer in the normal range. Type 1 Diabetes cannot be cured and must be managed by checking blood glucose levels many times a day for the rest of his life. Brayden’s blood glucose levels vary throughout each day and night and he is too young to recognize when his blood glucose level reaches dangerous levels. Normal blood glucose level ranges from 80-150 but Brayden’s blood glucose levels have gone as low as 45 and as high as 500. His blood glucose can sometimes get dangerously high or low which could result in seizures, coma, or even death. It is very difficult to monitor the blood glucose level of children, especially when they are so small, young and active and they are unable to recognize the symptoms of abnormal or dangerous levers. Right now, the only way to monitor his blood glucose level is to prick his finger and take a sample, many times each day and again in the middle of the night. To help manage Brayden’s blood glucose level it is imperative that this family obtain a Diabetic Alert Service Dog. Luke is being trained by an organization called Diabetic Alert Dogs of America. Their mission is to provide individuals and families that are challenged by diabetes with world class Service Dogs. These service dogs provide quality of life by providing independence,companionship, and life saving abilities. Every single dollar has helped his family achieve the goal of paying the cost of obtaining this alert dog for Brayden and every donation is greatly appreciated. Song: Right Beside You by Building 429 featuring Dawn Michele of Fireflight.
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Google Developing 'Smart' Contact Lens For Diabetics
--Google is developing a "smart" contact lens for diabetics http://www.startribune.com/lifestyle/240645901.html http://www.rawstory.com/rs/2014/01/16/google-developing-smart-contact-lens-for-diabetics/ --On the Bonus Show: Google glasses in a movie theater, A Canadian passenger is allowed to board a plane after his bomb is confiscated, The Mars One mission and family, more... http://www.davidpakman.com Become a Member: http://www.davidpakman.com/membership Be our Patron on Patreon: http://www.patreon.com/davidpakman Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/davidpakmanshow Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/davidpakmanshow TDPS Gear: http://www.davidpakman.com/gear 24/7 Voicemail Line: (219)-2DAVIDP Subscribe to The David Pakman Show for more: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=midweekpolitics Support TDPS by clicking (bookmark it too!) this link before shopping on Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/?tag=thedavpaksho-20 Broadcast on January 21, 2014 David's Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/david.pakman --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt --Donate via Bitcoin: 15evMNUN1g4qdRxywbHFCKNfdCTjxtztfj --Donate via Ethereum: 0xe3E6b538E1CD21D48Ff1Ddf2D744ea8B95Ba1930 --Donate via Litecoin: LhNVT9j5gQj8U1AbwLzwfoc5okDoiFn4Mt
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WHY Sugar is as Bad as Alcohol (Fructose, The Liver Toxin)
This video shows how Sugar leads to the same problems as Alcohol by examining the Biochemistry. ▲Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/WILearned ▲Twitter: https://twitter.com/jeverettlearned ( Bitcoin Donations: 1G8K61AS6bytBUcqNzzag7xuo6XJ6SCU7J ) Most of the content in this video is based on Dr. Robert Lustig’s 2012 book “Fat Chance,” (http://amzn.to/2jTCu9G) his 2007 presentation “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” and a 2011 paper he co-authored "Toward a Unifying Hypothesis of Metabolic Syndrome”. Credit for Clips: The Marmalade Visual Engineering - http://tinyurl.com/qf5qv3h VICE’s Munchies: Bar High Five - http://tinyurl.com/h3nx46w WKUK - "Kid Beer” - http://tinyurl.com/hxakl96 Stephanie Soechtig’s “Fed Up" Mackenzie Sheppard’s Short Film “Oba Chan” - https://vimeo.com/mackenziesheppard Damon Gameau’s "That Sugar Film" How to Drink: Sidecar - http://tinyurl.com/pzyjuyt
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Too many people understand this too well. Everyone with Type 1 Diabetes deserves a cure. Donate to the Diabetes Research Institute @ http://diabetesdiplomats.kintera.org/type1diabetesawareness
How To/Nonprofit Foundation/Waxahachie Texas/Type None Diabetes
Appreciate us at Health Care and Social Assistance comprises establishments primarily engaged in providing health care by diagnosis and treatment, providing residential care for medical and social reasons, and providing social assistance, such as counselling, welfare, child protection, community housing and food services, vocational rehabilitation and child care, to those requiring such assistance. See full list of Video Credits Founded by parents determined to find a cure for their children with T1D, JDRF expanded through grassroots fundraising and advocacy efforts to become a powerhouse in the scientific community with more than 100 locations and six international affiliates. We’ve funded nearly $2 billion in research to date and made significant progress in understanding and fighting the disease. We must keep up the pace of funding so progress doesn’t slow or stop entirely. Alfred F. Gerriets donation Kentucky Louisville Juvenile Diabetes hope initiative afterschool urban arts Diabetes became not so dangerous with the invention of insulin in 1922. It was the first step in diabetes treatment. It was the beginning of revolution which JDRF continues. First scientists used animal insulin for human being, now biotechnology and DNA is worked out in JDRF laboratories. Around the world there 350000000 of individual with diabetes and the number will grow in time. Richard A. Insel, Chief scientific officer of JDRF says that now it’s impossible to prevent diabetes. However, they are conducting research with academic and biotech world to develop new approaches to prevention. The main researches are focused on replacing Beta-cells which have been destroyed with the new source of Beta-cells. In type 1 diabetes, the pancreas, a large gland behind the stomach, stops making insulin because the cells that make the insulin have been destroyed by the body’s immune system. Without insulin, the body’s cells cannot turn glucose (sugar), into energy. People with type 1 diabetes depend on insulin every day of their lives to replace the insulin the body cannot produce. They must test their blood glucose levels several times throughout the day. The onset of type 1 diabetes typically occurs in people under 30 years, but can occur at any age. About 10-15% of all cases of diabetes are type 1. Without insulin the body burns its own fats as a substitute which releases chemical substances in the blood. There is a Waxahatchee Creek near present-day Shelby, Alabama, suggests that Waxahachie, Texas, shares the same name etymology. Many place names in Texas and Oklahoma have their origins in the Southeastern United States, largely due to migration and/or forced removal of various southeastern Indian tribes. The area in central Alabama that includes Waxahatchee Creek was for hundreds of years the home of the Upper Creek moiety of the Muscogee Creek Nation. Again, this would suggest a Muscogee Creek language origin of Waxahachie. "Waxahachie" therefore may be an anglicized pronunciation of the Muscogee compound word Wakvhvce from the Muscogee words Wakv (meaning "cow" derived from the Spanish vaca) and the Muscogee word Hvce (meaning "tail"). You’re the reason for our success. Every dollar we put toward research comes from donations. So when you support JDRF with your time, talent, voice and, yes, your money, you enable us to advance even more research. There are many ways to join the JDRF family, but for 45 years there has been only one reason—because we are the organization that will turn Type One into Type None. Take Action - Don't be indifferent! Leave us a comment on It seems important remind about the main points of that topic - Tower of the Americas, The Lone Star State, please donate, get support, US-TX, LDL cholesterol, San Jacinto Monument, Houston Space Center, The Gingerbread City, Galveston Island, San Jacinto Battleground State Historic Site, The Alamo, Rio Grande River, human insulin, The Gingerbread City, Diabetes Mellitus, insulin, National Border Patrol Museum, ADA, antihyperglycemic agents, Syringe, Moody Gardens, donate today, Padre Island National Seashore, Action to Control Cardiovascular Risk in Diabetes Trial, Dallas World Aquarium, Join, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The River Walk, continuous glucose monitoring, insulin invention, Moody Gardens, landing page teplates, Guadalupe Mountains National park, Galveston Island, Texas, donate your leadership, Laboratories, learn more, join volunteering program, regeneration, Crape Myrtle Capital of Texas, Hachie, landing pages templates, T1D, Padre Island National Seashore, Waxahachie, injection, The Friendship State, Six Flags Fiesta Texas, The Alamo, Waxahachie
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Jackie's Story - Diabetes awareness and fundraiser
To donate go to: http://gogetfunding.com/project/jackie-s-story-1 This is Jackie, and this is her story. She's 53 years old and a loving wife, mother, grandmother and a friend to everyone she meets. She loves her family, community and life. She enjoys fishing, gardening, cooking and is happy to step up and volunteer where ever needed. Jackie is also Diabetic. She has lived with and fought to control this disease for several years with diet and medication. Today, she is at a crossroads in her treatment. Because Jackie's metabolism has failed and no longer processes nutrients properly, her blood sugar levels are no long able to be controlled by oral medication, leaving Jackie's health at serious risk of heart disease, vision and circulatory problems that may likely lead to neuropathy, loss of limbs and even death. Doctors have given her a choice to have a surgery that will not only help her to lose some weight but will jumpstart her metabolism so that she can control the effects of diabetes through diet alone, or the choice of going on daily insulin injections to control the diabetes for the rest of her life, with no guarantee insulin injections and diet will slow down the risks associated with living with diabetes. If Jackie chooses insulin injections, the surgery will no longer be an option. Leaving Jackie with a lifetime of medical expenses. Syringes, test strips, omnipods, bottles of insulin and more frequent doctor visits to monitor her diabetes. The American Diabetes Association reports that the monthly cost to treat this diseases is expected to rise with the increased rate of Type 1 and Type 2 diagnosis. The universal truth is diabetes is expensive. For hospitals, Medicare, Insurance Companies and specially diabetics themselves. The fact is diabetes is one of the most costly diseases to treat. Doctors have agreed to work with Jackie and perform this life improving surgery for only $13,000, reducing the usual cost by $5000. The most important issue is time. Jackie has been advised to schedule this surgery immediately. Every day that her illness goes uncontrolled is one day closer to permanent and irreversible life threatening issues. Please share Jackie's story and donate today. Every dollar helps and brings Jackie one step closer to a healthy diabetes free life. Thank you for your support
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Lucas Hembree - Diabetic Dog
Lucas Hembree is a 5 year old boy suffering from type 1 diabetes and he needs your help to raise funds for a diabetic alert dog! Visit the Paws for a cause facebook to donate! https://www.facebook.com/pages/Paws-For-A-Cause-Diabetes-Alert-Dog-for-Lucas/1467096476936371?fref=ts