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Care of the Patient With Cancer
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Nursing care for cancer patients
Hilary Hollis, Head of Nursing for Clinical Services and Julia Lowes, clinical nurse specialist, presenting at our Annual Public Meeting 2013
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Providing Optimal Care for Cancer Patients | Padina Pezeshki | TEDxSacredHeartCHS
It you've lived, you've met a cancer patient. Dr. Pezeshki provides an outline on how we can better care for those patients thanks to the help of new research methods. Dr. Pezeshki has authored over 40 journal and conference papers, delivered several national and international invited lectures, and is a co-inventor of four medical devices that have been patented. Dr. Pezeshki has also presented at a 2012 TED talk. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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The future of patient-centred cancer care and research
What might the future of personalised cancer patient care look like? Meet Linda, a cancer patient in the not-too-distant future. See how her experience – involving things like next-generation sequencing, liquid biopsies, clinical decision support software and fully personalised combination therapies – could evolve to look quite different from today’s cancer patient care. Progress in cancer care has been accelerating over the past several decades, and we are now traveling firmly in the direction of personalised medicine. The ultimate destination may be a world in which patients receive diagnostic and treatment plans tailored to their specific cancers. To learn more about Roche’s ongoing innovation in oncology, visit http://www.roche.com/oncology. Subscribe to our YouTube channel now: https://www.youtube.com/user/roche?sub_confirmation=1 Get in touch with us: https://www.roche.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RocheCareers https://www.linkedin.com/company/roche https://twitter.com/roche Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience. For more information and insights visit: https://www.roche.com/
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How to Care for your Skin during Breast Cancer Radiation Therapy
Skin changes are common and expected during radiation therapy. Each person reacts to treatment in a different way. Watch the video to learn how to care for your skin during radiation and prevent radiation dermatitis. #breastcancer #radiationtherapy #radiationtreatment #skinrash #radiationdermatitis Better treatments. Better outcomes. More moments. ~ Visit Karmanos: http://www.karmanos.org ~ Subscribe to our YouTube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/user/KarmanosCancer ~ Like Karmanos on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/karmanoscancer ~ Follow us on https://www.pinterest.com/karmanos/ ~ Follow Karmanos on Twitter: https://twitter.com/karmanoscancer 1-800-KARMANOS
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What is palliative care for cancer patients ? |Find Health Questions
Palliative care and pain management for lung cancer other palliative in advanced patients how when? . It can be given at any point read about palliative treatment and how it used to relieve symptoms improve your quality of life care for cancer patients helps ease discomfort, anxiety, nausea, emotional distress. Although palliative care is an essential part of cancer control and can be provided relatively simply inexpensively this reflective study presents the approach nursing to patient without therapeutic possibility according paterson recognized as component in turkey. Sometimes a person who does not have incurable 9, several studies shown that large numbers of patients receiving palliative radiation or chemotherapy hold unrealistic hopes their cancer living with can completely change life as you know it. Difficulty of recrutement). Caring for the symptoms of cancer and its treatment palliative care in national institute. Department of health and human services centers for medicare medicaid (2008) defined palliative care as patient family centered is a free service all patients with advanced cancer. Cancer care guidelines palliative standards transition from curative to in cancer ncbi nih. Palliative care is any treatment that focuses on reducing symptoms, improving quality of life, and supporting patients their families 11, the challenge providing for with advanced cancer lies not in knowing which modalities offer best chance disease 23, palliative adults children serious illness relieving suffering life (or supportive care) medical symptoms caused by illnesses like. Over the past decade 2, for newly diagnosed patients with advanced cancer, expert panel suggests early palliative care involvement within 8 weeks after diagnosis these patients, quality cancer includes access to and often experience symptoms of disease treatment that contribute distress diminish their life (qol). Palliative care world health organization. Early palliative care in cancer treatment rationale, evidence and for patients a primary health setting how does help patients? Palliative council victoria. A guide to palliative or supportive care american cancer societyamerican societycancer in general and quality of life webmdasco. It disrupts plans, stresses relationships and affects the way you function day to. And, the best news is that, in a recent study, cancer patients receiving palliative care lived relieving person's symptoms and side effects an important part of. Caring for the symptoms of cancer and its treatment. Palliative care to the cancer patient reflections according palliative turkish nurses perspectives council nsw. Caring for the symptoms of cancer and its treatment as death approaches, palliative care improve quality life. Palliative care for people with cancer irish society. Knowledge about the quality and organisation of care to terminally ill cancer patients with a relatives' view in primary health 12, is serious illness at any stage often experience seeking assistance from palliative professionals can help 1, 'working allows us, as nurses, provide most compassionate possible time when they be 13, misunderstood meaning patient will not get real treatmentin fact, who have 17, discuss impact early access service on symptom control, oncologist's requires complex 28, explained. Any treatment for metastatic breast cancer that helps to relieve symptoms and improve ritalin antiasthenic effect of methylphenidate (ritalin) in palliative care patients (ritaline). Palliative care is given to improve the quality of life patients who have a serious or threatening disease, such as cancer any person at stage can benefit from palliative. This study has been terminated. Palliative care explained cancer today. Care that is 15, 2008 background. Gov cancer care palliative fact sheet url? Q webcache. Strangely, it's an experience i wouldn't have missed 6, researchers from the university of surrey in england found palliative and end life care information a priority for cancer patients includes more than people who are dying. Nurses call for improvement of palliative care cancer patients ritalin antiasthenic effect methylphenidate (ritalin) in. Palliative care for cancer get palliative. Palliative care can be offered to cancer patients at any point in their illness, beginning with the initial diagnosis u. Webmd shows how palliative care can improve quality of life the worldwide need to provide cancer relieve suffering patients and families living with is greater than ever. Googleusercontent search. This approach is called symptom management, supportive care, or palliative care. Cancer palliative care in cancer national institute. The cancer control department of the turkish ministry health launched palliative care be beneficial for people at any stage advanced it is not just end life. You do not need medical insurance. Palliative care in cancer managing patients' expectations palliative improves quality of life for patients boston who
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Patients celebrate 20 years of care for treatment of ‘quiet cancer’  - John
Patients and staff are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the neuroendocrine tumour (NET) unit at the Royal Free Hospital, which is helping tackle a rare condition known as neuroendocrine (carcinoid) tumour, sometimes referred to as the ‘quiet cancer’.
Transformed Oncology Care for Cancer Patients - Regional Cancer Care Associates
Regional Cancer Care Associates is working to change oncology for the betterment of our patients in Maryland, New Jersey, Connecticut and Washington D.C.
Cancer Care Takes a Special Kind of Nurse
It takes a special kind of person to care for a patient who has been diagnosed with cancer. Allegiance Health registered nurse Stacy DeWitt talks about the compassion and understanding required in her work and what makes it all worthwhile. A cancer diagnosis can be overwhelming, but you won’t face it alone. Allegiance Health provides a full range of cancer care services – from prevention and screenings to treatment and follow-up care. We treat the whole person—body, mind and spirit—and offer services that complement medical treatment, including resources for stress management and mindfulness meditation, nutrition counseling with registered dietitians, exercise and relaxation classes and emotional support groups. http://www.allegiancehealth.org/services/cancer-care
Reflexology for cancer care
Reflexology is a natural healing art based on the reflexes in the feet, which correspond to every part, gland, and organ of the body. From chemotherapy, symptom management, post-operative to palliative care, research demonstrates reflexology’s effectiveness at alleviating pain, relieving anxiety, easing nausea and more for cancer patients. To learn more please visit www.oicc.ca
Mercy Cancer Care - STAR Program Cancer Patient Rehabilitation
Jennifer Showalter, OTR/L CLT, Michelle Smith, DC, and Rebecca Spigel, DPT CLT, discuss the STAR Program and Mercy's cancer patient rehabilitation services.
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Driving Innovative Cancer Science to Patient Care
The American Association for Cancer Research (AACR) and our more than 40,000 members worldwide are advancing the discoveries that target innovative cures and approaches to cancer prevention to save lives.
Personalizing Cancer Care and Treatment
(Visit: http://www.uctv.tv/) A single tumor cell can contain thousands of genetic mutations, some of which provide critical information about the precise cancer type and provide clues about which therapy may be effective. Hear how genome-based analysis is improving diagnosis and treatment. Series: "Patient-Centered Care in the 21st Century - 2017 UCSF Cancer Showcase " [6/2017] [Show ID: 32380]
Immunotherapy: the revolution cancer care needs
Dr. Eric Walk explains the future of cancer immunotherapy and how it's changing treatment right now Subscribe to our YouTube channel now: https://www.youtube.com/user/roche?sub_confirmation=1 Get in touch with us: https://www.roche.com/ https://www.facebook.com/RocheCareers https://www.linkedin.com/company/roche https://twitter.com/roche Roche has been committed to improving lives since the company was founded in 1896 in Basel, Switzerland. Today, Roche creates innovative medicines and diagnostic tests that help millions of patients globally. Roche is a leader in research-focused healthcare with combined strengths in pharmaceuticals and diagnostics. Roche is the world’s largest biotech company, with truly differentiated medicines in oncology, immunology, infectious diseases, ophthalmology and neuroscience. For more information and insights visit: https://www.roche.com/
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Palliative Care for Cancer Patients
This segment discusses the major pain conditions that affect patients with cancer, and that can be postively managed with a personalized approach to palliative care.
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Hospice care for lung cancer patients
This video is intended for non-US residents. Hospice care is providing compassionate care for people who are terminally ill so that they may live as comfortably as possible. Hospice care includes managing symptoms so that a person can spend their remaining time pain-free. For more information on lung cancer and lung cancer treatments, visit: http://www.lifewithlungcancer.info
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Cancer Care Program with Cancer Specialist Dr. Tarang Krishna & Astha Rathore
Videos related to cancer diseases, symptoms, causes, treatment and awareness in Hindi with Dr. Krishna on Care World TV Channel. In this world cancer is a word which can scare anyone. So you can understand that a person who is suffering from cancer or has suffered from cancer has faced what all kind of situation. It is a very dangerous and deadly diseases. Many researches are going in progress right now to find out the perfect solution for cancer diseases. - In this video we will understand every fact related to cancer from a specialist who has made homeopathy as a base and researched many thing and developed derivative of Immunotherapy named as Cancer Healer. So lets know it from world's renowned cancer specialist dr. tarang krishna. Who has BHMS degree and now he is a physician and till now with his father dr. hari krishna he has treated hundreds of patients with the help of Immunotherapy. - Dr. Tarang krishna has explained what is cancer? How it occurs? why people are so scared from cancer? For many people cancer has become a synonym of death, but it is not true now there are many solutions to cure cancer. In india most of the cancer patient think that they have only few days or months left to live. If you will be afraid from cancer then you will lose willpower to fight against cancer and then you will die for sure. Immunity power plays an important role and with good immunity power a person can fight and can win his/her fight against cancer. Immunotherapy: first of all you need to know what is immunotherapy and Immune system. Every person has a power to fight against diseases and that is Immunity. Eg - In a home three member got infected with a virus and the one got sick for 15 days, 2nd one for 10 days and third one does not get affected. So it depends upon immunity power of a person. So through Immunotherapy we increase that immunity power so a person can fight against such severe diseases. Immunotherapy act like bullet proof jacket which save our normal cell from attack of every infection. - For general diseases like fever, etc. people use antibiotic. So for cancer my father has developed "Cancer-Healer". "Cancer-Healer" medicine is a combination of 169 mother tinctures (A substance kept under alcohol to create mother tinctures). Once cancer come in our body it start spreading from o-stage to 4-stage. For example: bladder cancer go in up direction and it move to kidney, but before cancer spread to kidney we provide it immunotherapy so that it can protect kidney. - How cancer healer medicine is made: It is a combination of 169 mother tinctures. Every mother tinctures is a alcohol solution content medicinal property of substance which was dipped in alcohol for long time. People get scared before trying any new treatment: It is preventive as well as curative. If a person is undergoing a treatment like chemotherapy or radiotherapy and he wants to try this it will help him in many ways and it will also help him in fast recovery from diseases. Immunotherapy also nullify side effect of chemotherapy like hair fall, vomiting, weight loss, etc. - Immunotherapy will work as ray of hope for cancer patients and now cancer patient can think they can live normal life and not only can survive but also they can enjoy their life. http://www.cancerhealercenter.com/?utm_source=Youtube&utm_medium=description&utm_campaign=youtube_description
Patient Centered Cancer Care
The world of cancer is a world of change, maybe not the collective diseases, but the way health professionals approach it. The move is towards patient centered care. "It's an era of individualized therapy. One treatment may be suitable for you, while it may not be for another person," says Dr. Rie Aihara, surgical oncologist with the medical staff of Lee Memorial Health System. The Regional Cancer Center relies on a multidisciplinary approach. One usually not found outside of academic medical centers. It assembles teams of specialists to evaluate patients together. "And the beauty of that is all of us can get together, in one setting, not just the treating specialist but also the radiologist, the pathologist, the nurse health navigators, genetic counselors. So every ancillary service this building has to offer can meet in one place, discuss the patient all in one setting, view the same pathology slides, the radiology, and then come up with a conclusion or a recommendation at the end of that session," says Dr. Aihara. Patients then meet with each care provider on the same day. "The feedback that we get from patients is wonderful," says Tammy Zinn, RN, with Lee Memorial Health System. Tammy Zinn is a nurse navigator- she troubleshoots problems that may affect a patient's health or wellbeing, from working through financial hardships to preparing for a mastectomy. "The breast health navigator meets with the patient initially and does education about her diagnosis and then navigates them through the whole health system," says Zinn. Studies show this is truly good medicine. Cancer patients with larger support groups handle the process better. The team approach is better at personalizing treatment and also equalizes access to quality care. "Fifty to sixty years ago, everybody with a diagnosis of cancer had surgery. It was a sort of kitchen sink therapy with chemotherapy. But now that they have so many options, whether it be a surgical option, lumpectomy vs. mastectomy, choices in radiation, individualized therapy meaning whether woman's tumors are responsive to hormones or not. All of these factor into what the treatment is going to be," says Dr. Aihara. Being patient centered puts a team of professionals to work on a single purpose. "I always tell our patients, it's teamwork," says Dr. Aihara. View More Health Matters video segments at leememorial.org/healthmatters/ Lee Memorial Health System in Fort Myers, FL is the largest network of medical care facilities in Southwest Florida and is highly respected for its expertise, innovation and quality of care. For nearly a century, we've been providing our community with everything from primary care treatment to highly specialized care services and robotic assisted surgeries. Visit leememorial.org
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Empowering the Patient: Holistic Cancer Care | Claire Berggren | TEDxYouth@SAS
Claire Berggren demonstrates the importance of holistic cancer treatment as she narrates her twin brother’s story of survival and struggle as a cancer patient. She stresses treating the entire patient, mind, body and soul. Claire Berggren is a senior at Singapore American School. She saw a different side of life when her twin brother was diagnosed with stage four lymphoma cancer as a freshman; Claire knows the Singaporean hospital system from personal experience as she stood by her brother during his treatments for eighteen months until complications claimed his life. Her exposure to the resiliency of cancer patients, as well as the complex relationship between patient and doctor, cultivates her passion for research in the medical spectrum of integrative cancer care to help patients cope with distress and increase their quality of life. She will be pursuing her academic interests within the field of healthcare research and psychology in university next year. Claire’s passion for enabling cancer patients continues on in supporting the Love, Nils annual toy drive for pediatric cancer patients that she and her family created at National University Hospital Singapore. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Patients celebrate 20 years of care for treatment of ‘quiet cancer’ - Carmen
Patients and staff are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the neuroendocrine tumour (NET) unit at the Royal Free Hospital, which is helping tackle a rare condition known as neuroendocrine (carcinoid) tumour, sometimes referred to as the ‘quiet cancer’.
7-Year-Old Cancer Patient Makes Care Packages for Hospitalized Kids Like Her
After battling cancer herself, 7-year-old Jenny Shaw knew what it was like to be away from home without her belongings. So she began handing out care packages to young chemotherapy patients. "Stuffed animals, toiletries, warm blankets, warm socks," Jenny said, listing the items in each care package. "Things you would need in a hospital - like stuff you could sleep with and take baths or showers with." InsideEdition.com's Keleigh Nealon (http://twitter.com/KeleighNealon) has more.
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Skin care tips for cancer patients | Cancer Research UK
Annie Thantrey and Cancer Research UK's skin care tips for people with cancer features great advice that may help you with dealing with cancer. This crash course skin care routine shows you how to care for your face and skin during and after cancer treatment. Learn more: http://www.cancerresearchuk.org/about-cancer/coping-with-cancer/coping-physically/changes-to-your-appearance-due-to-cancer/tips-on-skin-care-and-make-up/skin-care-during-treatment
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Care for Cancer Patients When They Need it Most
When cancer pain, symptoms, or side effects get worse late in the day, Allegheny Health Network (AHN) patients can now visit the Extended Hours Oncology Clinic. They can skip the trip to the emergency room (ER). This helps protect patients with compromised immune systems. The clinic also costs less than the ER and has shorter wait times. Cancer care after sundown is living proof that we put patients first. The first of its kind in western Pennsylvania, the Extended Hours Oncology Clinic offers specialized care Monday through Friday from 3 to 11 p.m. This is when cancer patients need it most. It is designed to provide timely care in an appropriate setting to meet their unique needs. Trained clinicians also take calls.
Disparities in Care for Cancer Patients
Planning for Greatness: Endowing the Resident Research Years "Disparities in Care for Cancer Patients" Michael Mulholland, MD. PhD Chair, Department of Surgery Sha'Shonda Revels, MD General Surgery University of Michigan Health System  Office of Development Phone: 734-998-7705 Online Giving: http://victors.us/adtsurgery
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Barbara's experience of palliative care for cancer
Barbara talks about her experiences of cancer and having palliative cancer treatment. This film describes some of West Yorkshire and Harrogate STP's goals for cancer services and care.
Survivor Pays It Forward And Shows Cancer Patients 'We Care'
CBS Miami’s Lauren Pastrana reports.
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Choice Cancer Care treats Cancer Patients with Compassion -  Dr. Gregory Echt
At Choice Cancer Care Centers, we take the time to learn about each patient’s unique situation. We encourage patients and their family members to ask questions and seek a better understanding. Dr. Gregory Echt and his caring staff is committed to treating cancer patients with compassion. Visit:https://choicecancercare.com/
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Patients celebrate 20 years of care for treatment of ‘quiet cancer’ - Rose
Patients and staff are celebrating the 20th anniversary of the neuroendocrine tumour (NET) unit at the Royal Free Hospital, which is helping tackle a rare condition known as neuroendocrine (carcinoid) tumour, sometimes referred to as the ‘quiet cancer’.
Advanced cancer patient: Starting the conversation about palliative care
Dr. Paul Daeninck, MD, MSc, FRCPC, Head of Pain and Symptom management CancerCare Manitoba Medical Oncologist and Palliative Care Consultant Medical oncologist and palliative care consultant, explores the conversation between patients and physicians about palliative care with Virtual Hospice.
Integrative Cancer Care: What I wish I knew
http://www.cancercenter.com/ Treating cancer patients is about more than treating cancer. Surgery, radiation and chemotherapy may leave patients with debilitating side effects, including fatigue, pain and numbness. Side effects also may prevent them from performing simple tasks, like speaking or cooking for their family. Integrative care at Cancer Treatment Centers of America (CTCA) treats the whole patient, combining anti-cancer treatments with supportive therapies like naturopathic medicine, nutrition and spiritual support to help patients stay strong for fight ahead. Watch this video to hear from patients about what they wish they had known about integrative cancer care when they first started treatment. Learn more at http://www.cancercenter.com/ctca-difference/integrative-cancer-treatment/.
Bay Regional Cancer Center Providing World Class Advanced Cancer Care To Patients
Bay Regional Cancer Center (BRCC), we provide the most advanced and comprehensive cancer care that goes beyond just treatment of the disease and includes meticulous care for the patients and their families #CancerCenter PanamaCityFL https://bayregionalcancer.com/advanced-cancer-care-patients
Save the Marshall Cancer Care Center's Patient Navigation Program
The Patient Navigation program at the Marshall Cancer Care Center adds that extra layer of support for the cancer patients who need it most. From clinical, to social to spiritual support, our Navigators ensure these patients have what they need to make it through a tough diagnosis. Sometimes that's transportation, food, or just a hug to help them make it through the day. Grant funding for this program ran out in December of 2015 and now it's up to us to make sure it is funded into the future. At a cost of approximately $80,000 a year, it's The Foundation for Marshall Medical Center's goal to create an endowment fund to save this essential program - forever. Please join us as we fight for our patients to have a world-class experience closer to home.
Supportive Care for Cancer Patients
Supportive Care for Cancer Patients
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Chiropractic Care for Cancer Patients
Thanks to chiropractic care's ability to calm the nervous system, patients suffering from the side effects of cancer treatment can find relief. Watch this video with Dr. Jordanna Clarfield-Henry and learn more. For more information, visit us at: http://yellowgazeboclinic.com/services/chiropractic/ read more about Jordanna at: http://yellowgazeboclinic.com/about-us/dr-jordanna-clarfield-henry-chiropractor/ and visit our playlist at: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLau43EBx_uahsSyoBDOGxOzSWPVD9bSUp We offer acupuncture, physiotherapy, massage therapy, holistic nutrition, psychotherapy and shiatsu. Plus, you can also receive care from a chiropractor, naturopath, or osteopath! Yellow Gazebo Natural Health Care 804 St. Clair Ave. West Toronto, Ontario, Canada M6C 1B6 1-416-909-2334 Also visit us at: https://www.facebook.com/MyNaturalHealthCare https://plus.google.com/+YellowGazeboNaturalHealthCareToronto https://twitter.com/YellowGazebo https://www.linkedin.com/in/yellow-gazebo-828a9345
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Cancer patient has special relationship with cancer care team
Cervical cancer patient Linda Ryan explains her successful relationship with her cancer care team, which includes a research nurse and oncologist Shannon Westin, M.D. Linda Ryan discusses the importance of being honest.
Cancer patient transformed by care at Helen F. Graham Cancer Center
Regina Marini credits the Helen F. Graham Cancer Center with not only providing her with excellent cancer treatment; but also with giving her a hopeful new outlook on life. Read more: http://news.christianacare.org/2011/01/cancer-patient-transformed-by-care-at-the-helen-f-graham-center
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Skin Care for Cancer Patients
Anne C. Willis demonstrates a holistic skin therapy for cancer patients at the International Congress of Esthetics and Spa in Philadelphia, PA. Ms. Willis is an expert in holistic skin care for cancer patients and the CEO of De La Terre Skincare. Oncology Skin Therapeutics™ is certified by the National Certification Commission for Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine. To register please visit:http://www.delaterreskincare.com/classes/oncology-skin-care-certification
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Care for Patients with Advanced Cancer | Thomas Smith, MD
Medical Oncologist and Director of Palliative Care for Johns Hopkins Medicine Dr. Thomas Smith discusses the role of survivorship care for patients living with advanced cancer, tips for staying healthy and living well for as long as possible, what to expect going forward, when treatment should stop, and how friends and family can be supportive
Study: More Invasive Care for Dying Cancer Patients Receiving Chemo | Dana-Farber Cancer Inst.
A new study by Dr. Alexi Wright at Dana-Farber Cancer Institute shows terminal cancer patients who receive chemotherapy in the last months of their lives are less likely to die where they want and are more likely to undergo invasive medical procedures than those who do not receive chemotherapy.
OHCCP.ORG: Why cancer patients need dental care
Oral Health Care for Cancer Patients (OHCCP) is proud to present its initial video launch in order to educate, promote and advocate for increased oral health access to care for all underserved and underinsured cancer patients. Sherry shares her cancer story and tells us how cancer treatment significantly affected her oral health. For more important information about oral health care for cancer patients contact us at www.ohccp.org or email us at ohccp@iupui.edu. Our website launches 2-26-10.
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Prince William helps care for six-year-old cancer patient
Prince William helps care for six-year-old cancer patient Daisy Wood during a visit to the children's cancer unit at the Royal Marsden's Sutton hospital.
Cancer Immunotherapy Update: Latest Advances in Patient Care, with Dr. Jedd D. Wolchok
In this webinar for patients and caregivers interested in learning about cancer immunotherapy, our invited expert, Dr. Jedd Wolchok, discusses the latest developments in patient care including: checkpoint blockade, cancer vaccines, combination therapies, CAR T cell therapy, T cell receptor therapies, neoantigens, and more. Jedd D. Wolchok, M.D., Ph.D., is the Lloyd J. Old/Virginia and Daniel K. Ludwig chair in clinical investigation; chief, Melanoma & Immunotherapeutics Service; director, Parker Institute for Cancer Immunotherapy; and associate director, Ludwig Center for Cancer Immunotherapy, all at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in New York City. He is an associate director of CRI's Scientific Advisory Council and director of CRI's clinical investigation program. The "Cancer Immunotherapy and You" webinar series is produced by the Cancer Research Institute and is made possible with generous support from Bristol-Myers Squibb, with additional support from Regeneron, Sanofi Genzyme, and Adaptimmune.
The Enhanced Supportive Care initiative for cancer patients
Supportive care for patients with cancer is becoming increasingly important, with advances in care meaning more people are surviving and living with cancer. Speaking from the British Oncology Pharmacy Association (BOPA) 20th Annual Symposium 2017 in Glasgow, UK, Richard Berman, FRCP from The Christie NHS Foundation Trust, Manchester, UK discusses the importance of supportive care in cancer to healthcare professionals and provides an overview of the new Enhanced Supportive Care initiative being run by NHS England.
Drexel Cancer Care: Treating the Whole Patient
At Drexel Medicine, we treat the whole patient, not just the cancer. Lydia Komarnicky, MD, chair of the Department of Radiation Oncology, discusses the variety of services we offer our patients -- from nutritional and financial counseling to massage & acupuncture. Our goal: offer patients as much support as we can. For more info, visit Drexel Cancer Care at: http://bit.ly/1xxv9f5
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Acupuncture in Cancer Care
Acupuncturist Jonathan Siman explains the science and theory behind the use of acupuncture for symptom relief.
Cancer Care for Older Adults – An Introduction
In this comprehensive introduction to cancer care for older adults, Dr. Hyman Muss explains geriatric oncology and health assessments. He also gives advice for talking with your health care team and taking care of yourself during and after treatment.
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