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Breast Cancer Treatment with NUTAS A HIFU Technology
"NUTAS", It is the first unit installed in Delhi India, to treat solid Benign/ Malign Tumor in Breast, Liver, Kidney Pancreatic, Pelvic Area, Prostrate and Uterine Fibroid without surgery to treat Tumor only. For more Information visit www.nutas.in & www.cjy-health.com
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HIFU Presentation | Zeal Zone Productions
High intensity focused ultrasonic tumor therapy system is a manner of making the ultrasonic which is not harm to human body, eradiate from outside body and focalize inside body, for the aim of making the tumor tissue protein solidify, putrescent, then kill the germinal cell instantly. There are 19 tumor sufferers have been cured by this very system. Our research purpose is observing the result of curative effect and security by using the high intensity focused ultrasonic, HIFU to cure human tumor. Indications: HIFU can treat various types of tumors, benign or malignant, in different organs. And now it can be applied to solid tumors in the liver, bone, breast, kidney, pancreas, uterus and soft tissues, and tumors listed as below. 1. Abdomen malignant tumors such as Breast cancer, Rectal cancer, 2. Tumors in Kidney, Prostate, Bladder, Uterine fibroid, Tumors in pelvic cavity, 3. Soft tissue sarcomas,Beningn tumors of soft tissues 4. Retroperitioneal tumor, 5. Tumor metastasis 6. Superficial tumors 7. Palliative treatment for advanced malignancy 8. Recurrence of solid tumors after conventional surgery 9. Residual tumor after failed surgery, which is not suitable for a repeat surgical procedure Contraindications 1. Tumors in air-containing viscera, such as lung, stomach, and bowel 2. Mediastinal tumors 3. Spinal tumors 4. Skin of over 45 GY after radiotherapy 5. Vena cava system emboli in the transmission path of ultrasonic energy 6. Major organs failure or survival period is less than 3 months 7. Severe coagulopathy or tend to bleed obviously 8. Combined dysfunction on heart, liver, kidney and others in viscera 9. The patient who cannot suffer ultrasound scanner localization 10. Others situations when it’s inappropriate for a HIFU treatment. General arrangements before therapy 1. One should be enjoined form eating high protein food one day before he/she is treated by the method of cavity viscera cure, sufferer of hysteromyoma should full his/her bladders before treatment. 2. Anaesthesia is no necessary during the treating process. To prepare enough rescue aids like oxygen, trachea intubations, and etc. And observe any change of life-body at any time for the agedness patient especially whose heart and lungs is no good. Therapy Methods 1. To full examine and definitude diagnose for the patient before heat therapy. With that to analysis the state of an illness, and then lay a therapy plan of heat therapy only or all-around therapy (heat therapy + actinotheraphy, heat therapy+chemotherapeutics, heat therapy+interposition therapeutics include embolism and immunity therapy etc.). 2. To use “HIFU-2001” HIFU therapy system to decide the therapy times according to the size and amount of tumor, and finally carry out the treatment one by one with the principle of deep to shallow. 3. Therapy postrate: commonly adopt prostrate posture. 4. Make orientation of B-ultrasonic before therapy, capture and store 2 pictures of 0°&90°orientation. 5. According to the sizes and shapes of tumors, plot out target area, emit supersonic and focus on target area, controlled by computer, then pluses emit, and kill the tumor cells from point to line, from line to side, from side.
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HIFU cures breast cancer
One application of high intensity ultrasound will cure for breast cancer at one appointment!
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Breakthrough Designation in ALL, HIFU FDA Approval, Breast Cancer Screening Update, and More
Gina Columbus reports on a breakthrough therapy designation for inotuzumab ozogamicin for acute lymphoblastic leukemia, FDA clearance for high-intensity focused ultrasound for prostate cancer, and updates to the American Cancer Society's breast cancer screening guidelines for those at average risk.
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HIFU treatment of breast fibroadenoma
Radiodiagnosis Plain X-ray Ultrasound Duplex ,CT ,MRI ,Isotope ,PET ,Nuclear imaging ,Elastography ,IVP intravenous pyelography ,Hysterosalpingography
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Breast Cancer Treatments and Alternatives - Hyperthermia
Breast Cancer Treatments and Alternatives - Hyperthermia SIGN UP FREE! https://healingcancerinthiscentury.com/ -------------------------------------------------------- some useful links Breast Cancer Treatment @ Valley Cancer Institute http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jX_Vl-f0EmENov 4, 2009 - 7 min - http://vci.org/breastcancer.htm http://vci.org Breast Cancer Treatment @ -Valley Cancer ... (Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment Options) & Alternative-Integrative ... vci.org Hyperthermia Alternative Cancer ... --Hyperthermia Alternative Cancer Treatment (James I Bicher). Holistic Breast Cancer, Prostate Cancer adn Head and ... Hyperthermia Cancer Treatment. Hyperthermia - scientifically proven cancer treatment - alternative to conventional cancer therapies with ... As the founder, President, and Medical Director of the Bicher Cancer Institute in Los Angeles, Dr. James Bicher, brings nearly five decades of medical ... Sign up for Twitter to follow James Bicher. Practicing FDA approved cancer treatment Hyperthermia combined w low-dose-radiation since ... http://acupuncturelosangeles4u.blogspot.com/p/acupuncture-los-angeles-back-pain.html - Los Angeles, CA (California) | (310) 398-0013 manta.com/c/mttqhmj/james-bicher-md http://alternativecancertreatmenthyperthermia.org/ Dr Bicher, founder and director of Bicher Cancer Institute, practice Hyperthermia (FDA approved), an effective cancer treatment since 1984. Scribd | Scribd scribd.com/jamesbichermd A process Dr. Bicher, helped revolutionize in America, Hyperthermia ..., heat reinforces the body's inclination to burn up ...
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Kensuke Kaneko - Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of HIFU treated breast cancer  (2018)
Single cell RNA sequencing analysis of HIFU treated breast cancer enables rationale immune checkpoint inhibitor combinations
Histotripsy, a non-invasive cancer treatment
Michigan Engineering Professor Charles Cain outlines a new technique called "Histotripsy," which is a non-invasive ultrasonic approach for the treatment of benign disease and cancer. Cain says the knifeless surgical approach generates energetic microbubbles that oscillate very rapidly, almost like a "nano-blender." The procedure can be used for multiple applications, including treating newborn infants with heart defects, prostate patients and potentially diseases such as breast cancer. ABOUT THE PROFESSOR: Professor Cain (http://www.bme.umich.edu/people/index.php?un=cain) is the Founding Chair of Biomedical Engineering at the University of Michigan (http://www.bme.umich.edu/) and the Richard A. Auhll Professor of Engineering. He and his research team have been developing the histotripsy technique (http://www.histotripsy.umich.edu/) for the last five years.
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Focusing On You: Treating cancer with HIFU feat. Dr. Dipen Parekh
Learn about a newly approved treatment option for prostate cancer patients called HIFU. Sylvester’s Dr. Dipen Parekh discusses the use of high-intensity focused ultrasound to treat prostate tumors. Sylvester was the first academic medical center on the East Coast to offer this new technology.
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Breast Cancer Treatment Options Without Chemo or Surgery @ Bicher Cancer Institute
Another patient living well today after being treated at Bicher Cancer Institute (BCIW) in Los Angeles, CA.
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Non-invasive echo therapy treatment of breast fibroadenomas
Thanks to breakthrough engineering technologies and processes, Theraclion has developed the Echopulse® built from a unique technology of echotherapy combining focused ultrasound (HIFU) for therapy and real-tim ultrasound imaging for monitoring. For more information, please visit www.oncomed-solutions.com
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Sagging Breast Treatment  Non Surgical Breast Lift
how to firm sagging breast Sagging Breast Treatment Non Surgical Breast Lift when no cream for breast sagging work
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Allison Payne, PhD
Applying her skills as a mechanical engineer, Dr. Payne developed a non-invasive method to treat breast cancer. The innovative system uses focused ultrasound waves to precisely heat breast tumors. The technique leverages MRI imaging techniques to create a personalized treatment experience by monitoring all stages of the procedure.
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New Breast Cancer Research Promises Better Treatment
Cancer Treatment with Abicte. Consideration all methods. Discussions. http://abicte.com/info/1125
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Innovations in Post-Cancer Fertility Treatment
TRENDING | Breast cancer and chemotherapy have a devastating effect on fertility. Breast cancer survivor Alona Metz tells her story, and fertility specialist at Sheba Fertility and Preservation Center Dr. Hila Raanani talks about Israeli innovations in post-cancer fertility treatments. For more, see our ⬇ Website Articles: https://www.i24news.tv/en Live: https://video.i24news.tv/page/live?clip=5a94117623eec6000c557fec (Subscription) Replay: https://video.i24news.tv/page/5ab29a7523eec6000b672c96 (Subscription) Social Media Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/i24newsEN/ Twitter: https://twitter.com/i24NEWS_EN Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/i24news/
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Stem cells therapy for breast cancer treatment
An excerpt of the video created for one of our clients. This 3D medical animation demonstrates the use of autologous stem cells for the treatment of breast cancer. Breast cancer starts in the tissues of the breast. Stem cells therapy is one of the best treatment for breast cancer. http://www.scientificanimations.com/
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Nutas Treatment of Typical Cases Report
NUTAS is based on a Scientifically trusted HIFU technology for treating BReast Cancer patients and for more information kindly visit www.nutas.in
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Cancer Treatment in India for International Tourist - Cost, Hospitals , Package, Faculty , Visa
Heart Treatment in India for International Tourist - Cost, Hospitals , Package, Faculty , Visa , Cancer Treatment Packages in India, Breast Cancer Treatment, Ovarian Cancer Chemotherapy, Brain Cancer Surgery , HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer Surgery, Radical Hysterectomy for Pancreatic Cancer, Cancer Treatment in India What is Cancer? Cancer is a medical term used to refer any one of a large number of diseases, characterised by the development of abnormal cells. Diseased cells grow and divide uncontrollably. They have the ability to infiltrate and destroy normal body tissue. The disease also has the ability to spread throughout your body by the means of lymph systems and blood. Cancer cannot be specifically regarded as one disease rather it is made up of many diseases. Stages of Cancer There are typically four stages of cancer – Stage 0: This stage means cancer 'in situ' that means 'in place'. These cancers do not spread to other parts of the body. They are located at their place from where they have started. In this stage, the cancer is possible to cure by completely removing the tumor with the help of a surgery. Stage I: It is an early stage, the cancer is usually small and the tumor has not developed into the surrounding tissues. These types of cancers do not spread to different parts of the body or to the lymph nodes. Stage II and III: These two stages define the large size of the tumors. These have grown deep inside the surrounding tissues. This stage shows that the cancer has spread only to lymph nodes and not to the different parts of the body. Stage IV: This stage indicates that the cancer or tumor has spread to different parts of the body. It is also known as metastatic or advanced cancer. Cancer Treatment Options A number of options are available for treating cancer. These treatments depend on location in the body, stage, type and extent of the cancer. The most common therapies include – Surgery: Surgical removal of the tumor, if it is limited to its origin site. Also lymph nodes and nearby tissue can also be removed by the means of surgery. This surgical procedure can either use laser or conventional instruments. Radiation Therapy: In this therapy, cancer and certain diseases are treated with ionizing radiation. The cancer cells and their genetic substance are destroyed by ionizing radiation in the area being treated. This therapy makes it impossible for these cells to grow further. Hormone Therapy: This treatment use hormones, for changing the way hormones helps the cancer grow in the body. This therapy is mostly used in breast cancer and prostate cancer. Chemotherapy: Chemotherapy uses anti-cancer drug cells. These drugs help in destroying the cancer cells by stopping multiplication or growth at a certain point in their life cycles. These drugs are given by injecting into a muscle, applied to the skin, by mouth (orally) or into the vein (intravenously). This depends on the drug and also on the cancer type. This therapy is usually provided in cycles of alternating treatments and rest periods. Biological Therapy (Immunotherapy): This therapy indirectly or directly uses the immune system of the body in order to fight cancer. This therapy also reduces the side effects that have developed due to some other cancer treatments. Stem cell transplant: Stem cell transplant is also known as bone marrow transplant. Bone marrow is the material inside the bones that makes blood cells from blood stem cells. A stem cell transplant can use your own stem cells or stem cells from a donor. New stem cells grow into mature disease-free cells. Best Hospitals for Cancer Treatment Cancer Treatment in India for Foreigners Please Contact www.ImmuneValue.com Medical Consultancy
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Utah researchers developing focused ultrasound system to treat breast tumors
Dennis L. Parker, PhD is currently devoting much of his time to focused ultrasound. Parker, a professor of Radiology at the University of Utah and Director of the Utah Center for Advanced Imaging Research (UCAIR), is co-leading the development of a high intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) system for breast tumors. Now in prototype form, the system has been tested on phantoms and samples. "From the standpoint of something that could ultimately be used to treat breast cancer, I think this is an excellent, potential device," Parker says. "The advantage of HIFU for breast cancer is that it's totally noninvasive. It has the opportunity eventually to totally eradicate the disease without any surgical intervention at all."
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Fat Transfer Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan
Fat Transfer Treatment in Lahore, Pakistan performed by the most famous & best cosmetic surgeon http://www.cosmetique.com.pk/best-cosmetic-surgeon-in-pakistan-lahore-islamabad-karachi.php in Lahore, Prof. Dr. Azim Jahangir Khan http://www.cosmetique.com.pk/Dr_Azim_J_Khan.php at INSTITUTE COSMETIQUE in DHA, Lahore. https://goo.gl/maps/Ddbp5jTdijM2 Fat transfer isatreatment in which extra and unwanted fat is removed using very fine liposuction technique without the need of hospitalization and is placed where fat inseeded. Fat is removed from abdomen, buttocks, love handles or any area where it is in excess. It is then transferred to the other area where it is needed e.g., on face, breast or in any scar. It can be used to enhance breasts or after breast cancer surgery. Visit our website http://www.cosmetique.com.pk/fat-transfer.php for further information or make online appointment. Call 0300-477-0006 to make an appointment. http://www.cosmetique.com.pk/Contact_Us.php Please Contact Us: Lahore: DHA Flagship Clinic 190 DD Block, Commercial Area, Next to Jamia Mosque | Phase-4 DHA | Lahore | Pakistan Tel: +92-42-3589-4211 | 3589-4212 | 3569-4221 | 3569-4222 Lahore: Gulberg Branch 144 - Zafar Ali Road | Opposite GymKhana Club | Lahore | Pakistan Tel: +92-42-3589-4211 | 3589-4222 | 3569-4221 | 3569-4222 Cell: +92-300-4770006 | 0301-4770006 Lahore: Johar Town Clinic 445, G-4 Block Johar Town | Lahore | Pakistan Tel: +92-323-477-0006
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Evaluation of volumetric MRgFUS of breast cancer using dedicated MR HIFU breast system
Radiodiagnosis Plain X-ray Ultrasound Duplex ,CT ,MRI ,Isotope ,PET ,Nuclear imaging ,Elastography ,IVP intravenous pyelography ,Hysterosalpingography
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Breast Cancer Removal Surgery full procedure(new video).mp4
this video contain breast cancer removal surgery . the content seen in this video is only for medical education purposes and is not intended to a substitute for professional medical advice . diagnosis . or treatment hello friends please download my APP " GENRAL MEDICAL VIDEOS" APP LINK - : "http://files.appsgeyser.com/GENRAL%20MEDICAL%20VIDEOS_5720089.apk " features of my app following - 1. all video are high quality and easy language 2.video related to all medical procedure 3.video fulfil with major and minor surgeries 4.it is helpfuul for learning medical student and peramedical student 5.all video promote to people to live a healthy life 6.basic knowledge about health 7.student learn easly all procedures
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Breast Cancer Stem Cell Treatment
Are you one of the many women who suffer from breast cancer? Before you do anything drastic please visit our website and contact form. One of our specialists would like speak with you. We have had great results in reducing the breast cancer as you can see in this video. Contact us at our website http://www.beyondcells.com
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MR guided Focused Ultrasound Surgery of Early Breast Cancer
It is an ultimate treatment for early breast cancer. Only breast cancer is ablated without damaging the skin and other tissues by accurate guidance of MR imaging. It is still under clinical trials world-wide. Here at Hokuto Hospital in Hokkaido, Japan, international clinical trial coded BC006 is taking place. http://www.hokuto7.or.jp/howto/topix/public/101119.php
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Breast fibroadenomas can be easily treated using nonsurgical methods such as vacuum biopsy, BLES, cryoablation and HIFU. These treatments are performed under local anesthesia, the patient does not feel any pain and there is no scar or deformation after the procedure.
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HIFU The New Cure For Prostate Cancer HIFU913
This is a short video by Dr. Herb Riemenschneider of Riverside Urology in Columbus, Ohio along with Dr. Vikram Krishnasetty, Radiologist and Dr. Michael Sweeney, Urologist. In an easy to understand manner, Dr. Herb overviews the latest technology and methods of dealing with prostate cancer. Dr. Krishnasetty explains how with 3T MRI, a scan with three-dimensional images, we can look inside the organ which allows for early diagnosis of cancer. Dr. Sweeney explains how with proper patient selection we can use High Intensity Focused Ultrasound or HIFU to focus sound waves in an ultra-precise manner to create heat at specific points to destroy the cancer in the prostate and leave the rest of the prostate alone (Focal Therapy) thereby preserving sexual function and urinary control. This latest technology is available at Riverside Urology and The Knightsbridge Surgery Center in Columbus, Ohio. For this information personalized to your case call us at 614-442-3000 or visit our websites www.HIFUOH.com or www.RiversideUrology.com. HIFU913
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BREAST CANCER, SYMPTOMS, RISK FACTORS, AND TREATMENT!! FOLLOW OUR FOOTLOOSE HERE, google plus: https://goo.gl/Duc6BX blogger: dfootloose.blogspot.com twitter: https://twitter.com/FOOTdLOOSE tumblr: dfootloose.tumblr.com pinterest: www.pinterest.com/dfootloose What is breast cancer? A woman's breast consists of fat, connective tissue, and thousands of lobules, tiny glands that produce milk for breast-feeding. Tiny tubes, or ducts, carry the milk toward the nipple. Breast cancer can be: Ductal carcinoma: This begins in the milk duct and is the most common type. Lobular carcinoma: This starts in the lobules. Non-invasive breast cancer is when the cancer is still inside its place of origin and has not broken out. However, these cells can eventually develop into invasive breast cancer. Fast facts on breast cancer: Here are some key points about breast cancer. Breast cancer is the most common cancer among women. Symptoms include a lump or thickening of the breast, and changes to the skin or the nipple. Risk factors can be genetic, but some lifestyle factors, such as alcohol intake, make it more likely to happen. Symptoms: The first symptoms of breast cancer are usually an area of thickened tissue in the breast, or a lump in the breast or in an armpit. Other symptoms include: Apian in the armpits or breast that does not change with the monthly cycle Pitting or redness of the skin of the breast, like the skin of an orange Peeling, flaking, or scaling of the skin on the breast or nipple A discharge from a nipple, possibly containing blood Most lumps are not cancerous, but women should have them checked by a health care professional. Risk factors, The risk increases with age. At 20 years, the chance of developing breast cancer in the next decade is 0.6. By the age of 70 years, this figure goes up to 3.84 percent. Women who have had breast cancer before are more likely to have it again, compared with those who have no history of the disease. Breast cancer is more likely to develop in higher density breast tissue. Women who are overweight or have obesity after menopause may have a higher risk of developing breast cancer, possibly due to higher levels of estrogen. High sugar intake may also be a factor. A higher rate of regular alcohol consumption appears to play a role. Studies have shown that women who consume more than 3 drinks a day have a1.5 time higher risk. Undergoing radiation treatment for a cancer that is not breast cancer increases the risk of breast cancer later in life. The use of hormone replacement therapy (HRT) and oral birth control pills have been linked to breast cancer, due to increased levels of estrogen. Breast exam, The physician will check the patient's breasts for lumps and other symptoms. The patient will be asked to sit or stand with her arms in different positions, such as above her head and by her sides. Treatment Treatment will depend on: • the type of breast cancer • the stage of the cancer • sensitivity to hormones • the patient's age, overall health, and preferences The main options include: • radiation therapy • surgery • biological therapy, or targeted drug therapy • hormone therapy • chemotherapy Factors affecting the choice will include the stage of the cancer, other medical conditions, and individual preference. Don't forget to our channel. https://goo.gl/FncNar
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Dangers of Alternative Treatments for Breast Cancer
Dr. Robert Somer, Associate Director, Breast Program at Cooper Cancer Institute, discusses things to consider when treating oneself for symptoms or side effects of breast cancer treatment.
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Doctors hopeful of new breast cancer treatment
A world-first clinical trial to test new imaging technology that can scan tumours during breast cancer surgery has been launched at Guy's and St Thomas' NHS Foundation Trust in collaboration with King's College London.
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HIFU New Concepts in the Treatment of Prostate Cancer long HIFU911
This is a short clip by Dr. Herb Riemenschneider of Riverside Urology in Columbus, Ohio about Prostate Cancer, the second leading cause of malignant death in men. Dr. Herb discusses testing for prostate cancer using both PSA and PCA3 followed by the 3T MRI or 3 Tesla MRI which is the latest technology in imaging of the prostate. Tesla refers to the strength of the magnetic field. With 3T MRI a scan with three-dimensional images can be done which now allows us to look inside the organ which allows for early diagnosis and ultimately treatment. The latest treatment for prostate cancer; HIFU, short for high intensity focused ultrasound, is the focusing of high intensity sound waves to create heat at a specific point, called the focal point. With state-of-the-art technology, HIFU can be used to destroy targeted tissue eliminating the cancer yet leaving the organ in place. Much like lumpectomy does for women in treating breast cancer. With HIFU you avoid radical surgery and its complications. This minimally invasive treatment allows you to heal quickly and return to normal activities in about a week. The combination of these tools is revolutionizing how we deal with Prostate Cancer. If you've been searching without answer, tell us a little about your situation and we'll do our best to help you. For more information visit our websites www.HIFUOH.com or www.RiversideUrology.com. HIFU911
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Cancer Treatment - Check Out This Cancer Treatment Video!
Click http://www.alternative-cancer.net/?hop=vesta77 to check out how natural remedies can treat cancer in the most natural way! cancer story cancer lung cancer prostate cancer cervical cancer testicular cancer skin cancer stomach cancer cancer treatment cancer cancer information cancer stages pancreatic cancer cancers colon cancer lung cancer treatment blood cancer cancer treatments ovarian cancer stage 4 cancer throat cancer liver cancer heart cancer breast cancer treatment information on cancer esophagus cancer all about cancer lymph node cancer bone cancer about cancer breast cancer bladder cancer treatment brain cancer small cell cancer skin cancers bladder cancer asparagus and cancer myeloma cancer pancreatic cancer treatment adrenal cancer carcinoid cancer neuroendocrine cancer canine cancer information about cancer ovarian cancer stages cancer survivors lymph nodes cancer carcinoma cancer uterus cancer ovarian cancer treatment cancer facts mesothelioma cancer outsmart your cancer symptoms lung cancer cancer walk ovarian cancer treatment alternative cancer treatment natural cancer treatment cancer treatment center kidney cancer treatment cancer treatment centers stomach cancer treatment testicular cancer treatment bladder cancer treatment prostate cancer treatment options cancer treatment centers of america breast cancer treatments cancer treatments colon cancer treatment lung cancer treatments cancer treatment center of america breast cancer treatment new cancer treatments prostate cancer treatments liver cancer treatment colorectal cancer treatment dca cancer treatment alternative cancer treatments prostate cancer treatment alternative cancer treatment centers cancer treatments of america skin cancer treatments throat cancer treatment thyroid cancer treatment lung cancer treatment options types of cancer treatments brain cancer treatment proton cancer treatment cancer treatment options lung cancer treatment bone cancer treatment bladder cancer treatments liver cancer treatment options new prostate cancer treatment types of cancer treatment pancreatic cancer treatment cervical cancer treatments esophageal cancer treatment breast cancer treatment guidelines cervical cancer treatment ags cancer treatment holistic cancer treatment pancreatic cancer treatments skin cancer treatment liver cancer treatments ovarian cancer treatments cancer treatment side effects prostrate cancer treatment alternative breast cancer treatment blood cancer treatment ovarian cancer treatment options asparagus cancer treatment hifu prostate cancer treatment small cell lung cancer treatment hyperthermia cancer treatment breast cancer treatment options skin cancer treatment methods stage 1 breast cancer treatment tongue cancer treatment bone cancer treatments best lung cancer treatment brain cancer treatment options cervical cancer treatment by stage stage 2 breast cancer treatment best prostate cancer treatment colon cancer treatments cancer treatment alternative new cancer treatment anal cancer treatment best prostate cancer treatment centers cancer and treatment new lung cancer treatment bladder cancer treatment bcg gallbladder cancer treatment experimental cancer treatments side effects of cancer treatment prostate cancer treatment guidelines cesium cancer treatment lymph node cancer treatment natural cancer treatments treatment for breast cancer cancer treatment of america uterine cancer treatment lung cancer treatments and cures http://youtu.be/eA8AwRreklI Music: "Water Droplets on the River" - Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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Laser Resurfacing for Stretch Marks on the Breast
http://beverlyhillsinstitute.com Laser resurfacing is one way to treat unsightly stretch marks. The laser goes into the depth of the skin and stimulates collagen within the mark. Over time, the stretch mark starts to look and feel smoother. 436 N. Bedford Dr. Suite 305, Beverly Hills, Ca. 90210 (310) 271-6996 Anne@beverlyhillsplasticsurgery.com http://beverlyhillsinstitute.com
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We have located the best hospital in China for foreign advanced-cancer patients to be treated with a combination of gene therapy (Gendicine), immunotherapy (CIK or DC-CIK biotherapy), Cancer Stem Cell Targeted Treatment, a powerful anti-angiogenosis drug (Endostar), mild chemotherapy, HIFU non-invasive or Croysurgery minimal invasive surgery and traditional Chinese medicine (herb). This combined treatment is only available at the Beijing GreatWall International Cancer Center (BGWICC). It is very effective for pancreatic cancer, lung cancer, ovarian cancer,kidney cancer, prostate cancer, colorectal cancer, liver cancer, and breast cancer and it has very little or no side effects. BGWICC has successfully treated patients suffering from a number of advanced cancers with very encouraging results of more than 65% effective rate for liver, lung, pancreas, colorecta, ovary, breast cancer and relative metastasis. Patients include overseas patients from Turkey, Netherland, Australia, US, Canada, Germany, Britain and Singapore. Many patients had already failed to respond to varieties of chemotherapy regimens when they came and they achieve impressive efficacies here in BGWICC. For us ...... Web: www.celltherapybeijing.com Patient Service Office Eel:(0086-10)51520752 Email: info@bgwicc.com
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Focused Ultrasound Foundation interview with Roel Deckers about breast cancer study
On October 8, Royal Philips Electronics announced that its investigational MR-guided focused ultrasound system had treated the first breast cancer patient in a pilot clinical trial at the University Medical Center Utrecht (UMC) in the Netherlands. The company described the design of the new device as "optimized for the anatomy of the female breast." The study is expected to treat nine more patients with localized breast tumors in coming months. Treatments are not intended to destroy tumors. Instead, they are assessing the image quality, safety and precision of the Philips system. Patients are receiving single or multiple noninvasive focused ultrasound sonications and subsequently undergo a conventional surgical procedure for tumor removal.
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Lung cancer and Breast cancer Testimonial - Treatment 8
This testimony was recorded right after the 8th KOSA (Korean Orthodox Saahm Acupuncture) treatment on Thursday, March 27, 2013. She has right lung cancer in stage 4, left breast cancer recently found, bone cancer, and kidney stone. Her overlapping symptoms are: Poor appetite, fatigue, fevers, night sweats, strong thirst, enlarged lymph glands, decreased hearing, allergies, irregular heart beat, cold hands/feet, difficult breathing, asthma, bronchitis, chronic obstructive respiratory system, cough, coughing blood, phlegm production, nausea, vomiting, belching, bad breath, constipation, indigestion, gallbladder disorder, kidney stones, pain on urination, blood in urine, urgency to urinate, breast lumps, pain moves around all over her body, depression, anxiety, stress, irritability, low back pain, back pain and sore weak knees She started to get KOSA treatment from Saturday, March 16. www.saahm.net
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High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) Market - DPI Research
High–Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) is a highly precise medical procedure that applies high–intensity focused ultrasound energy to locally heat and destroy diseased or damaged tissue through ablation.HIFU is one modality of therapeutic ultrasound, involving minimally invasive or non–invasive methods to direct acoustic energy into the body.In HIFU therapy, ultrasound beams are focused on diseased tissue, and due to the significant energy deposition at the focus, temperature within the tissue can rise to levels from 65° to 85°C, destroying the diseased tissue by coagulation necrosis. Recent advances in HIFU, which was developed in the 1940s as a viable thermal tissue ablation approach, have increased its popularity. In clinics, HIFU has been applied to treat a variety of solid malignant tumors in a well–defined volume, including the pancreas, liver, prostate, breast, uterine fibroids, and soft–tissue sarcomas. In comparison to conventional tumor/cancer treatment modalities, such as open surgery, radio– and chemo–therapy, HIFU has the advantages of non–invasion, non–ionization, and fewer complications after treatment. More than 115, 000 cases have been treated throughout the world with great success till 2015. High prevalence of cardiovascular diseases and cancer cases, rapidly growing aging population, rising number of new product launches, growing number of clinical studies regarding the applications of HIFU, and increasing focus of key players on the development of technologically advanced systems are the key factors driving the market growth. Moreover, emerging applications such as gynecology & obstetrics, neurosurgery, urinary disorders imaging, and removal of excess subcutaneous fatty tissue using high–energy sound waves would further propel the growth of the high–intensity focused ultrasound market in the coming six years. However, the stringent government regulations for the approval of HIFU system, rising price pressure faced by market players and unfavorable of reimbursement scenario are the key factors restraining the growth of this market. The Research report presents a comprehensive assessment of the HIFU manufacturers, research sites, pre–clinical research sites, clinical research sites, commercial treatment sites, treatment by indication.The report also brings together major distribution agreement, collaboration deals and partnership deals information in the HIFU market. Furthermore, each company have been profiled on the basis of various attributes such as company overview, HIFU products, latest developments, growth strategies and financial revenue. The following 10 companies of the High Intensity Focused Ultrasound market are detailed with: Company Overview HIFU Products Companies HIFU Revenue Latest Development in High Intensity Focus Ultrasound (HIFU) Market High Intensity Focused Ultrasound(HIFU) – 10 Companies covered 1) EDAP TMS 2) Sonacare Medical 3) Haifu Medical 4) Shanghai A&S Co., LTD 5) Mianyang Sonic Electronic Ltd. 6) Insightec 7) Theraclion 8) Alpinion Medical Systems 9) FUS Instruments 10) Image Guided Therapy Contact Info: Name: Maria Rai,Sales Manager Email: sales@dpiresearch.com Organization: DPI Research Phone: + 91 728-994-9987
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Cryoablation breast tumor treatment - Adele's story
After losing a daughter and two younger sisters to cancer, Adele Adams decided the diagnosis was something she never wanted to face. Unfortunately, in December, doctors told the 92-year-old she had a cancerous tumor in her breast. "At my age, you don't want an operation," Adams said, adding that she considered letting it take her life, if that were to happen. "I just want to finish my garden and take care of my house." Doctors gave her a couple options, including a surgical lumpectomy — the typical treatment for tumors throughout the body that is often followed by chemotherapy and/or radiation, or they said she could take medications to decrease the size of the tumor because it did not appear to be aggressive. "She did not want the surgery," said Adams' son, Bob Adams. "She was against that from the beginning." Then, Adele Adams was told about a relatively new technology now offered at Ogden Regional Medical Center in northern Utah that would eliminate the tumor during a short, nearly pain-free office visit and ideally result in little to no residual pain or recovery time. She figured it was a "no-brainer." http://ogdenregional.com/service/cryoablation-treatment
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HIFU FDA Approval
http://www.hifu.ca/prostate-cancer-fd.... The American FDA - Food and Drug Administration - has given full approval to EDAP Ablatherm HIFU to carry out prostate ablation treatment in the U.S. using the Ablatherm Integrated Imaging device. Ablatherm HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound - had already been approved in Europe and by Health Canada. This alternative to surgery or radiation has been used to treat over 40,000 men worldwide who had early stage prostate cancer. HIFU has significantly less side effects than surgery or radiation, and can be used on patients who have failed radiation therapy. The Ablatherm Integrated Imaging device precisely targets the organ confined tumor through a computer using ultrasound waves to destroy the prostate tissue. This proven treatment option is effective, precise and adaptable, with early success determination. Maple Leaf HIFU, located in the Cleveland Clinic Canada in downtown Toronto, was the first North American provider of this technology. Their trained and certified urological surgeons have performed more HIFU procedures at this clinic than any other North American provider. They strongly believe in this treatment for prostate cancer and are very pleased to see the FDA confirm the safety and efficacy of this HIFU modality. Maple Leaf HIFU will continue to offer this treatment to Canadian and American patients from their Cleveland Clinic Canada facility in Toronto. Call +1 877 370 4438 to see if you are a candidate for HIFU or visit www.HIFU.ca to learn more.
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How is Radiation Seed Localization Used To Treat Breast Cancer?
What is radiation seed localization? Technology improvements have allowed for better imaging and detection of cancer. Even very small specs of calcium which turn out to be cancer are detected. When these spec can't be felt from outside, we need the help of a radiologist to pinpoint them. So at time of surgery, the doctors can remove the entire area. With a wire needle or localizing techniquire, the doctors communicate where the cancer is. They often use mammography, MRI, or ultrasound technology. There is also radiation seed localization that does not use a wire but an imbedded pellet to identify where lesion is and able to pinpoint it.
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Breast Cancer Treatment Options
At the Breast Center at Methodist Sugar Land Hospital we are able to provide comprehensive, compassionate care from diagnosis through treatment to survival. For more detailed information on the available treatment options for breast cancer, visit our website, MethodistSugarLand.com. Appointments available! Please call 281-242-PINK(7465) or email us at MSLHBreastCenter@tmhs.org
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Clinical trials for breast cancer treatment with MRgFUS in Focused Ultrasound Therapy
Radiodiagnosis Plain X-ray Ultrasound Duplex ,CT ,MRI ,Isotope ,PET ,Nuclear imaging ,Elastography ,IVP intravenous pyelography ,Hysterosalpingography
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Breast Cancer Reconstruction - Testimonial | Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery
Shanna, a breast cancer survivor shares her experience and discusses the role Dr. John Antonetti played in her treatment and recovery; helping her feel complete at the end of this journey. The reconstructive procedures Dr. Antonetti performed on Shanna include: • Nipple Sparing Mastectomy (bilateral) - safe when cautiously applied in patients with tumor located away from the nipple and nipple involvement is unlikely. • Tissue Expansion and Silicone Implants - temporary inflatable prosthetic implant that expands the skin lost during mastectomy. The tissue expander is finally replaced in the operating room with a more permanent implant, in Shanna’s case, silicone implants. • Fat Grafting to the Breast (fat transfer) – using her own fat, removed from her own body by liposuction, and injected into the breast area to reshape or restore the volume loss. ----------------------------------------------------------------- https://www.cliniquedallas.com/breast-reconstruction/ Clinique Dallas - Center for Breast Reconstruction. Working closely with surgical oncologists at Medical City Hospital, providing the best services when it comes to breast cancer treatments and post-mastectomy breast reconstruction. ----------------------------------------------------------------- Clinique Dallas Plastic Surgery https://www.cliniquedallas.com Beautiful After Breast Cancer (BABC) Foundation https://www.babcusa.com From Hope To Joy! ------------------------------------------------------------------- Video Production by: Michele Dyer -------------------------------------------------------------------
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HIFU Treatment for Prostate Cancer in Polish Clinic
About prostate cancer treatment method - HIFU HIGH INTENSITY FOCUSED ULTRASOUND in Polish Clinic - HIFU Clinic in Warsaw. Video from Polish Channel 2.
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Cure lung and breast cancers
Use ultrasound to cure lung and breast cancers, HIUS
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Top Treatment for Breast cancer without surgery in india
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HIFU treat final
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Mammosite. Barbara Andersen, M.D., of Desert Regional Medical Center in Palm Springs, California, explains the MammoSite procedure for treating breast cancer. Dr. Anderson says the MammoSite procedure allows doctors to use a catheter to place a radiation source right at the spot where a breast lump has been removed. She explains for certain breast cancer patients this allows for treatment of a very limited portion of the breast, instead of the whole breast. Subscribe for more Cancer Videos: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ahjcancer Visit: http://www.americanhealthjournal.com
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Research news: prostate cancer treatment HIFU could reduce side effects
Prostate Action CEO Emma Malcolm and Professor Mark Emberton, trustee of Prostate Action, discuss a new prostate cancer treatment, HIFU (high-intensity focused ultrasound). A new study led by Dr Hashim Ahmed and Professor Emberton at University College, London suggests that the new prostate cancer treatment could cut the risk of developing side effects such as incontinence and impotence by almost half. For the full story please visit http://www.prostateaction.org.uk/news/targeted-therapy-using-sound-waves-offers-%E2%80%98male-lumpectomy%E2%80%99-prostate-cancer
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Breast Cancer Research: Healthcare Disparities | City of Hope's Laura L. Kruper, M.D.
Laura L. Kruper, M.D., co-director of City of Hope's breast cancer program, discusses her research in healthcare disparities and quality of life outcomes. For more information on the Breast Cancer Program, please go to http://www.cityofhope.org/breast-cancer. Learn more about City of Hope's research - http://www.cityofhope.org/research ############################ City of Hope is a leading research and treatment center for cancer, diabetes and other life-threatening diseases. Designated as a comprehensive cancer center, the highest recognition bestowed by the National Cancer Institute, City of Hope is also a founding member of the National Comprehensive Cancer Network, with research and treatment protocols that advance care throughout the nation. City of Hope's main hospital is located in Duarte, Calif., just northeast of Los Angeles, with community clinics throughout southern California. It is ranked as one of "America's Best Hospitals" in cancer by U.S.News & World Report. Founded in 1913, City of Hope is a pioneer in the fields of bone marrow transplantation and genetics. For more information, visit www.cityofhope.org. ############################ CONNECT WITH CITY OF HOPE http://www.facebook.com/cityofhope http://www.twitter.com/cityofhope http://breakthroughs.cityofhope.org http://thehelix.cityofhope.org http://www.pinterest.com/cityofhopepins http://www.flickr.com/cityofhope and more at http://www.cityofhope.org/getsocial
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