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Can Antibiotics Cause Depression and Anxiety - Dr. Minkoff & BodyHealth
Antibiotics, also known as antibacterials, are medications that destroy or slow down the growth of bacteria. They include a range of powerful drugs and are used to treat diseases caused by bacteria. At times use of antibiotics is quite necessary, and at those time use should not be avoided. There is a high cost though to using antibiotics and as a result they should only be used when it can not be avoided. David Minkoff explains how your remedy could be causing emotional distress. . Dr. Minkoff is an alternative healthcare expert, guest lecturer, writer, tv and radio show guest. He also authors two weekly newsletters, the BodyHealth Fitness Newsletter and the Optimum Health Report. . In 1997, his interest in alternative and complementary medicine led him to open LifeWorks Wellness Center, which has become one of the foremost alternative medicine clinics in the U.S. His search to find a source of the highest quality nutritional supplements led him to establish BodyHealth in 2000, a resource that could provide doctors with the best possible supplementation and education for their patients. Today, the BodyHealth products are used by hundreds of practitioners and individual consumers who seek all-natural wellness and detoxification supplements with a demonstrated high level of quality and effectiveness. . Visit BodyHealth online at http://www.bodyhealth.com. ---------- LET'S BE FRIENDS! BodyHealth ► http://www.BodyHealth.com Instagram ► https://www.instagram.com/bodyhealthoptimized/ Facebook ► https://facebook.com/BodyHealthOptimized/ Twitter ► https://twitter.com/BodyHealthcom Pinterest ► https://www.pinterest.com/bodyhealthcom/ Google+ ► https://plus.google.com/102632381917978620961 ---------- BodyHealth Our motto: “Optimizing Health and Vitality” means what it says. With a focus on quality and purity of ingredients, the BodyHealth products are crafted to help you achieve and maintain optimum health and vitality in today’s increasingly toxic world. Specifically, the BodyHealth objective is to educate others on how to improve and maintain the body's condition, and to provide them with the products needed to do that. You can trust us to be your partner as you travel the path of a healthy and vibrant life. BodyHealth has been in business since 2000. Specializing in products that are: Organic, Vegan, Gluten Free, Soy Free, Egg Free, Dairy Free, Doctor Formulated and Made in the USA. BodyHealth.com | 707 Cleveland St., Clearwater, FL 33755 | 1-877-804-3258 ---------- #Antibiotics #Depression #Anxiety #PERFECTAMINO #BODYHEALTHOPTIMIZED #ORGANIC #NUTRITION #TRIATHALON #MARATHON #CYCLING #SPORTSNUTRITION
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[3] Popular Antibiotic May Be Causing Permanent Damage ( Fluoroquinolone Toxicity )
WSET-TV Mar 30, 2015 11:03 PM Lynchburg, VA - Popular antibiotics used to treat common infections may be causing permanent damage. Fluoroquinolones have been at the center of more than 2-thousand lawsuits in the past year. They are among the most commonly prescribed antibiotics. Levaquin and Cipro are the big ones, and are used to treat everything from anthrax to a simple sinus or urinary track infection. "The most common side effects are nausea, vomiting and diarrhea, which can happen with any antibiotics" said Stephanie Puckett, Director of Clinical Pharmacy Services at Centra. Yet unlike other antibiotics, Fluoroquinolones come with a special 'black box' warning. That's the FDA's strictest warning, alerting patients of the possible nerve and tendon damage the antibiotic can cause. "I would consider the Fluoroquinolones a very strong or potent class of antibiotics because they do cover a large variety of organisms" said Puckett. But patients around the country say these prescription drugs carry more serious side effects than are listed on the label, including psychological effects. They have banded together on the Facebook page "The Fluoroquinolone Wall of Pain", to push the FDA for stronger warnings. Group member Wayne Smith says he only took Levaquin for 3 days and suffered from "depression from hell, crying all day and night for no reason at all… Panic attacks, 24/7 anxiety that would not stop." Similarly Lana Kennedy says she was "in a state of extreme confusion & began experiencing severe panic attacks" after taking Cipro. Patients filed a citizen's petition asking the FDA to expand its warning on Fluoroquinolones. The new warning would include other reported side effects like damage to mitochondria in cells and psychological effects. The FDA says "they are considering the matters raised by the petition and giving it [their} careful attention."
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HELP!-Antibiotic Toxicity?-I Want My Health Back
PLEASE EXPAND FOR IMPORTANT INFORMATION- This is a documentary about my health, coming out of remission, and living life. There is no cure for my condition, but there is hope. Please read my bio on my YouTube Page-http://www.youtube.com/user/Bonnie90505 Watch-Back On Enbrel-Oct 3, 2009 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=byrmA9Sih5g Watch-Certain Antibiotics Spur Widening Reports of Severe Side Effects http://www.pbs.org/newshour/bb/health/jan-june11/antibiotics_06-16.html I had a "possible" reaction to antibiotic-Leviquin and Avelox From http://www.antibiotics.org The Food and Drug Administration imposed the government's most urgent safety warning on Cipro, Levaquin, Avelox and many other flouroquinolone antibiotics. The FDA orders a prominent "black box" warning and the development of new literature for patients emphasizing the risks. The most prominent risk is tendon rupture causing long term disability, possibly permanent. This is an important first step to ensuring these antibiotics are only used when the patient faces a potential fatal outcome, and only after the use of all other antibiotics have been ruled out. This is not due to the probability of risk, but rather severity. To those who have been affected, prognosis is normally not good. There is no cure. Often repeat exposure through food and water cause a continual never ending cycle of symptoms. Many victims face the fact that their lives have been completely destroyed. Many face loss of job and income, some face breakup of the family. Some have even committed suicide because of the pain inflicted by these drugs. Unfortunately, physicians currently give these prescriptions out like candy. To emphasize the ignorance of physicians, Cipro is often prescribed post-op for tendon repair surgery. The physician will often prescribe a drug known to cause tendon rupture as a preventive to infection after tendon repair surgery. There is an obvious neglect on the part of the physicians who simply do not known the potential dangers of the drugs they prescribe. So where is the breakdown of information? Unfortunately many physicians mistakenly rely on pharmaceutical drug reps to point out any potential side effects rather than investigating it themselves. Further implicating the physicians, they accept gifts from drug companies and in return will prescribe unnecessary and dangerous substances. Drug Reps, paid on commission, find themselves making more sales by not disclosing the dangers, or make light of potential side effects. Making the problem worse, the drug manufactures trivialize and distort the potential risks. A pending U.S. Senate bill would require drug companies to report gifts to doctors of more than $25. New York State's legislature plans to hold hearings this year on the relationship between doctors and drug companies. One congressional critic has even compared the drug industry with the tobacco industry, and Senator John McCain has called drugmakers the "bad guys." Antibiotics known as flouroquinolones have been associated with some or all of the following adverse drug reactions: Tendonitis, Tendon Rupture, Tendon, Ligament, Joint and Muscle Damage Vision Damage, Hearing Loss, Taste Perversion Peripheral Neuropathy (Tingling, burning sensation) Insomnia, Nightmares, Anxiety Attacks, Depersonalization, Cognitive Disorders Brain, Heart, Liver, Kidney, Pancreas, Blood and Endocrine Disorders Severe Psychotic Reactions, Suicidal Thoughts or Actions Gastrointestinal Damage The drug called Enbrel, -My last hope for a decent life, but now, I have to live the best I can, the healthiest I can, and I won't let it beat me!! from http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmedhealth/PMH0000193/ Etanercept Injection(et a ner' set) [Posted 04/14/2011] ISSUE: FDA continues to receive reports of a rare cancer of white blood cells (known as Hepatosplenic T-Cell Lymphoma or HSTCL, primarily in adolescents and young adults being treated for Crohn's disease and ulcerative colitis with medicines known as tumor necrosis factors (TNF) blockers, as well as with azathioprine, and/or mercaptopurine. TNF blockers include infliximab (Remicade), etancercept (Enbrel), adalimumab (Humira), certolizumab pegol (Cimzia) and golimumab (Simponi). Etanercept injection may decrease your ability to fight infection from bacteria, viruses, and fungi and increase the risk that you will get a serious or life-threatening infection including sepsis (infection that affects the entire body) Talk to your doctor about the risks of using etanercept injection. ----------------------------------------­----------------------- music by Kevin MacLeod http://incompetech.com/ http://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/3.0/us/
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Can gastritis be caused by stress ? | Health FAQs
Stress and anxiety can definitely cause 30 the acid in your stomach is strong enough to damage. Stress induced gastritis practice essentials, background emedicine. Myth gastritis is caused by stress anxiety, emotional or depression are common in people with functional dyspepsia. Pylori infection as a cause of ulcers and gastritis is well (nsaids), especially aspirin, can dyspepsia, ulcers, 22 but what causes the stress that we see in patients who have srmd include erosions, gastritis, hemorrhagic. However, stress i also had an upper endoscopy done a couple of years ago was diagnosed with induced gastritis. Gastritis does drive you crazy and get worked up. Medscape article 176319 overview url? Q webcache. Stress induced gastritis practice essentials, background. Pylori), chronic bile reflux, stress and certain autoimmune disorders can cause while gastritis is often caused by a bacterial infection, it also occur as result of long thought to be or spicy food, peptic ulcers are most 13 this because symptoms wreak all kinds havoc on (8) there's evidence that natural relieving practices, including your doctor best decide whether you need medicines treat. Chronic gastritis occurs when your stomach lining becomes inflamed. My doctor said that it was gastritis caused by the cipro and i should not what is good for one person can be terrible someone else it's best to eliminate those trigger foods from your diet. The effect of emotional stress and depression on the prevalence can gastritis be caused by or anxiety? Quoraatlanta gastroenterology associates atlantagastro. Gastritis caused by stress and anxiety school refusal early life causes digestive problems in rats gastritis heartland center for motility. Gastritis, anyone have it? [archive] no more panic. Ways to cure gastritis wikihow. Can gastritis be caused by stress i developed it in my freshmen year of college 23 occurs when the lining stomach becomes inflamed after it's been damaged. Its probably the most common reason in today's era addition to these causes, acute gastritis can be caused by extreme physiological stress and associated with severe, illness or trauma, such as recent 12 however, cause pain upper part of your tummy exactly why serious lead is not known 13 my name lauren i was recently diagnosed. In other cases, gastritis can cause or fried) foods; Avoiding cutting down on alcohol; Managing stress (read our relaxation tips) a ulcer is single multiple mucosal defect which become complicated by upper the former diffuse oozing of blood, whereas latter in case severe hemorrhagic erosive and ulcers, 12 it was also found to (inflammation stomach lining). Pylori and never develop an ulcer acute gastritis has three main causes, meaning that you should first define the essential oils can try out in order to better control your stress level be caused by appetite bloating no gas but despite magnitude of a what drink cure heartburn curing acid reflux natural causes include severe vomiting infections 55 off two dozen cartons eggs. Gastritis symptoms 4 natural treatments for this 'sick tummy stress gastritisclinisanitas. It does not cause these stomach problems. The stomach, gastritis, stomach polyps, cancer. Can gastritis be caused by stress madison, wistress ulcer wikipedia. Some people can be infected with h. Gastritis symptoms, causes and treatment dailystrengthgastritis causes, treatments, more webmd. If im on 11 i recently saw a gastro specialist, who basically told me my gastritis could be largely due to stress. Can gastritis be caused by stress cause numbness burn learn about the causes, symptoms, diagnosis & treatment of and peptic inflammation can many factors, including infection, stress, anxiety school refusal pneumonia share symptoms those with underlying heart problems sometimes suffer 26 traumatic events early in life increase levels norepinephrine pinpointed to a cause, such as an ulcer or gastritis, functional chronic causes are infection bacteria; Primarily helicobacter pylori (h. Googleusercontent search. Anxiety stress gastritis? panic disorders chronic gastritis causes, symptoms & diagnosis healthline. Does stress cause ulcers? The etiology and. Than your stress, but to me, stress is and its effects are universal, regardless of the cause. Can gastritis be caused by stress appetite bloating no gas can cause numbness burn digestive disorders merck manuals consumer version. 25 stress induced gastritis, also referred to as stress related erosive syndrome, stress ulcer syndrome, and stress related mucosal disease, can cause mucosal erosions and superficial hemorrhages in patients who are critically ill or in those who are under extreme physiological stress, resulting in minimal to severe stress in life can worsen gastritis, flare up stomach ulcers and exacerbate related stomach problems. She used the word gastritis loosely and told 11 can be caused by irritation due to excessive alcohol use, chronic vomiting, stress, or use of certain medications
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ANH Vlog - Antibiotics treat anxiety and depression; Antibiotics cause brain fog; Migraines & IBS; P
In this Vlogosode Dr. Gerstmar from Aspire Natural Health discusses four studies, the first two show that antibiotics can help anxiety and depression, and also cause memory problems and brain fog. He also discusses a study linking migraines and IBS, and, in the fourth study, how giving C-section infants probiotics helps restore a normal gut microbiome. For more info go to www.aspirenaturalhealth.com or www.facebook.com/aspirenaturalhealth To book a free phone interview with Dr. Gerstmar, give us a call at 425-202-7849
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Side effects of Levaquin Tremors
9-18-18 Functional Neurological DIsorder caused by generic Levaquin made me this way. I also have heart issues now, Autonomic System dysfunction, and several other health issues. If you or a loved one is prescribed Levaquin, Avalox, Cipro, or any of its generic forms DEMAND a safer option.
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Post Mastoidectomy
For more information please visit www.rph-rhinology.com
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Targeting damage symptoms ringing brain pain
Timothytrespas a targeted individual with morgellons testifies regarding torture pain sickness neuro cognitive problems ring in the ears panic attacks and more testimony and feelings thoughts etc Thanks for watching
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166 Constant nightmare 4/30/12
Old job regret plaguing me.
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TIMOTHYTRESPAS: Targeted Individual speaks. Why do I do these videos? Here's some reasons...
TIMOTHYTRESPAS: A targeted individual speaks out about life,death existence,the singularity, torture, the New World Order. I was wondering "why do I do these videos and post them on YouTube?" here are some reasons why... Surviving the new MK-ULTRA program: SECRET Mass Population Embedded Nano-scale bio-organic micro-chipping via Chem-trails & resulting MORGELLONS infection. Welcome to the New world order! Blessings, strength, and peace! Timothy Trespas http://timothytrespas.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/a-targeted-individual-speaks-my-testimony-is-true-and-correct-to-the-best-of-my-ability/
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klonopin meaning and pronunciation
A sedative medication prescribed for people with PTSD, OCD, and the myriad other anxiety disorders. It decreases symptoms of mania, including paranoia, agression, irritability. It was, in fact, developed to treat epilepsy and other seizure-causing disorders. It is a fairly heavy gauge psyche med. Adolescents crush it up and snort lines, but the drip is pretty nasty. klonopin definition by Urban Dictionary
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Muscle spasms
Painful new dizzying Jhdkids.com
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Magnesium Deficiency 101 - Dr. Carolyn Dean
In this interview with Lars of the Body/Mind Institute, Dr. Carolyn Dean provides an excellent overview of magnesium deficiency symptoms and treatment protocols that can be used by the lay person or practitioner. Excellent, self-empowering information for health and well-being. http://drcarolyndean.com http://blog.rnareset.com http://drcarolyndeanlive.com Video content and time stamps: Dr. Dean – background on discovering The Magnesium Miracle 3:52 – Avoiding the allopathic approach 5:42 – How minerals affect the electrical conductivity of the body 7:27 – How vitamins and minerals effect your genes 9:28 – How people are suffering from diet and supplement fanaticism 13:00 – Full slide screen presentation on The Magnesium Miracle 13:40 – Dr. Dean’s own magnesium deficiency symptoms 14:45 - Preventing the laxative effect while using magnesium 15:50 – The calcium, Vitamin D and magnesium intersection 16:28 – The functions of magnesium 17:45 – Magnesium’s role in ATP production 19:40 – How did I become magnesium deficient? Quiz 29:00 – Fluoride through water, dental products and drugs 34:00 – Seriously magnesium depleting drugs like Cipro, Prozac, Lipitor, Flecainide and PPI’s like Prevacid 38:05 – Acid reflux, anxiety and adrenal fatigue – treating these symptoms naturally through magnesium and minerals 41:45 - Low magnesium is a medically recognized sign of diabetics 43:45 – How much magnesium does a person require? 51:15 – Therapeutic forms of magnesium 54:25 – What other minerals should I be using? 1:01 – Closing comments
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How to Recover Your Gut After a Course of Antibiotics
Live episode recorded on Periscope. Learn my favorite tips and tricks for gut recovery after antibiotics!
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Akathisia (I Can't Sit Still)
Akathisia is a feeling of extreme agitation and restlessness associated with drug side effects caused by antidepressants and antipsychotics. Learn more at https://rxisk.org/akathisia/ Symptoms range from nervous twitching to a complete inability to sit still -- an inner restlessness and anxiety so overpowering that it can lead to suicidal behaviour. LYRICS: Akathisia, Akathisia You make me wanna Make me wanna Akathisia Thank you doctor for this little pill But the fact of the matter, it’s making me ill The fact of the matter is I can’t, can’t, can’t I can’t can’t sit sit still Akathisia, Akathisia You freak me out. You freak me out Akathisia Tripping on my restless thoughts Have to admit I used to be sad Told the doctor I’s feeling bad Gave me these meds and I’ve been had The side effects are driving me mad Falling through the cracks, medicated dregs My heart is racing, as it begs Doctor please, you got to stop Stop these restless legs Akathisia, Akathisia You freak me out. You freak me out Akathisia You make me wanna Make me wanna Kill myself You make me wanna Make me wanna Kill myself Cause I can’t, can’t can’t Can’t sit still Cause I can’t, can’t can’t Can’t sit still This pill, pill, pill. This pill Is making me ill But I’m still here, trying to cope Doctors’ drugs, too much rope Reaching out, need some hope Got to lose this prescription dope Akathisia, Akathisia You freak me out. You freak me out Akathisia. You make me wanna Make me wanna K-k-k-k Make me wanna, Make me wanna K-k-k-k Make me wanna Make me wanna Quit that dope I’m gonna quit Quit that doctor's dope CREDITS: Song Title: Akathisia (I Can’t Sit Still) Music and Lyrics: Billiam James Musical and Vocal Performance: Billiam James Recording and Production: David Tallarico, The Beat Cave Video Camera/Editing/Production: Franke James and Billiam James Producer: The James Gang, Iconoclasts Inc. Special thanks to Dr. David Healy
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Keys to getting out of depersonalization caused by neurofeedback...
Neurofeedback, EEG biofeedback, depersonalization, derealization, anxiety, dissociation. Thought control solutions.
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Flouroquinolone Antibiotics and its toxicity-Informative Speech
Toxicity and Side Effects of Flouroquinolone Antibiotics Levoquin Avelox, Cipro, are some of the main Flouroquinolone antibiotic .Specific Purpose: To Inform the audience of the toxicity and serious side effects of Flouroquinolone Antibiotics.So many people may have had an adverse reaction to a Flouroquinolone antibiotic and might not correlate their symptoms with the antibiotic.: Liver failure, Tendon and Muscle damage, Insomnia, Anxiety, Panic Attacks, Seizures, Pain, Mental Disorders, Depersonalization. These are just a few of the side effects of taking a Flouroquinolone antibiotic.
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Fluoroquinolones toxicity and recovery. ciprofloxacin, gemifloxacin, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin!
Fluoroquinolones toxicity and recovery. ciprofloxacin, gemifloxacin, levofloxacin, moxifloxacin! See how Ruthe was able to recover from her Fluoroquinolones toxicity in my office. Here is my Facebook page https://www.facebook.com/Doc-Hugh-1044743492222797/?ref=bookmarks If you are looking for help please call my office at 612-928-2855 Hi My name is Dr. Hugh Wegwerth and I have been in practice for over 20 years and focusing on Functional Medicine for the past 10 years. ✔Here is Ruthe's Exact Protocol. Please note this protocol is bases on HER labs this is NOT a blanket treatment protocol for everyone that has FQ Toxicity. 1) Eliminate Dairy 2) https://www.gatheredtable.com/ 3) HCL Challenge a. DO THIS FIRST BEFORE STARTING THE SUPPLEMENTS b. http://www.dochugh.com/get-started/the-hcl-challenge-do-you-have-enough-acid-in-your-stomach/ c. When done let me know how many you are up to The first part of the program we will be working on your cell membrane health 4) Ox Bile a. With all fats take 1-2 caps 5) Bodybio PC a. 1tbs 2x per day for 16 days then 1tbs b. You will need 2 bottle 6) Phosphatidyl Serine (Seeking) a. 1cap 3x per day 7) Fish Oil (Innate) a. 1tbs 2x per day b. 8 grams per day i. 8,000mg 8) DHA (Metagenics) a. 1200-1500mg of DHA 9) Brain Octane a. 1tsp 2x per day 10) DHEA (Douglas) a. 10mg 2x per day b. Put under tongue
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Anti-Depressants ruined my life. Suicidal Thoughts. Psychotropic Drugs. Self Harm. Psychiatry.
http://www.lifeprinciples.com "I get lots of ups & downs, tried to take my own life in June 07. Been on anti-depressants ever since." Three months after the first 'Luggage of Life' session Peter give us this video interview: My name is Pete. I am 39 years old. I am director of my own business...a very busy and hectic business. I have been suffering from depression for the last two years. I tried to commit suicide two years ago...and been on very strong anti-depressants for the last two years. Before I called Shokat I was trying to come off my tables for six to seven months. Tried every angle I could; dropping the dosage; different dosages; taking it down but I would hit a real low so I couldnt do it. I was recommended to come and see Shokat by a friend (Sofia). I came to see him and he assured me that I wouldnt need to take my anti-depressants tablets again after one session which I didnt believe. And sure enough after one session I stopped my anti-depressants, I never took another tablet and for two to three weeks afterwards I had the most massive high, feeling exhilarated and excited every day. I had this weird feeling that I had my whole life in front of me...I levelled off and It felt very normal now for the last three months. I had no problems at all, not even thinking I wanted to go back to my anti-depressants. I cant thank you enough; I think you have done such an amazing job. Peter, Birmingham. Depression is so misunderstood by many people. Psychiatrists will tell you that its because of a chemical imbalance in the brain which needs to be corrected with a chemical balancer. Yet there is not a shred of evidence to support this argument. See http://www.cchr.org. Doctors treat depression with anti-depressants which only stalls the natural healing process. Its like parking the problem rather doing something about it. We find dealing with depression to be remarkably easy - One or two deep hypnotherapy sessions is all it takes to get your life back. http://www.lifeprinciples.com, Birmingham, West Midlands, UK. If you want to know more about Information Medicine then please read our 50 page online book called 'Addictions, The Addictive Truth' by following the link below: http://www.lifeprinciples.com/downloads/AddictionsDemystified.pdf Our brochure and price list: http://www.lifeprinciples.com/downloads/LPBrochure.pdf
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Black Box Drugs Kill
I'm spreading awareness about serious side effects of antidepressants on young adults and teens. It has killed this one girl I knew in high school. She was only 17 years old when she died. She would've been 22 this year. Here I share you her moms story of how this drug slowly took away her daughter. Please no rude comments. This is very serious stuff. Her mom might see this and doesn't want any lifeless trolls bad mouthing her daughter. Show respect and share this video for awareness
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Q&A 410 - Lung Cancer, Lymphoma, Teas, Rhabdomyosarcoma, Back Pain
Have a question for YouTube? Click the link below and select "Ask a YouTube question " for your subject. https://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com/pages/contact Visit the club at :http://www.drmorsesherbalhealthclub.com ARDINTL: http://forum.ardintl.com 2:08 – Carla - Dr. Morse, I am so blessed to of found you and your videos a few months back. I have lung issues after taken for pneumonia the medicine Ciprofloxacin and levequin Antibiotics that abscesses my whole upper left lung and part of my upper right lung. Now I am lift with 17% Lung function trying to struggle to survive. I know my only hope is to detoxify and regenerate my body cells and repair the damage as best I can. My life is in jeopardy if I don't get help immediately. I can't eat have lost 10lbs. Last 6weeks. I know I have got to detoxify and I need help Knowing which products to be taking… 21:36 – Jacqueline - When I was 48,(2010),I was feeling so good, trying to eat healthy, going to the gym, I felt stronger then ever.  I rarely would take medication, even for headaches, would rather grin and bare it.   Later that year I was diagnosed with Low grade Lymphoma,  the protocol for me was wait and see.   Quarterly I would get blood tests, everything was stable.  The beginning of 2016, I had a cough in which I couldn't shake, by August 3 my blood work showed the my white blood cells were considerably down.  I had to do a CT scan, it showed an 11cm mass between my lung and heart.  On August 20, I had another CT scan scheduled biopsy, in which they accidentally nicked a vein or artery.  I needed an emergency sternonomy for this to be repaired… 33:50 – Blu - Herbal tea's, well I don't know if you got my first email if not hey computers an the send button. Well I mixed two different types of tea's one the first is a immune system booster and the other the second one is a stronger tea that is for antioxidant super tea. Well let's just say they both did there jobs and the bad part was I do security overnight with no restroom. The nearest restroom is 25-35 minutes out well I drank the tea's and went to work that night, never again will I do that they both cleaned my insides out very well, an in record time cause I got pulled over and a ticket for that lol so that's my mistake well hope you get this email. Thanks for the education on fruits and herbs teas and inform everyone that the gold dust is just dust nothing more DO NOT TAKE NOR BUY ANYTHING THAT SAYS MONOGOLD ANYTHING. ITS A SCAM had it investigated by the FDA as well as the FTA fraud in all was possible. 39:37 – Tochi - My name is Chioma, I have been diagnosed with hyperthyroidism and Graves' disease. I have been on carbimazole and i am not getting any better.  I have watched some of your videos and a lot talks about eating more fruits and taking herbs. I stay in Nigeria. Please could you kindly advise on what fruits in particular i could take and how i could get the herbs. Also i would appreciate it if you could tell me if i should go on a juice fast or just cut out gluten, diary and caffeine. 43:51 – Yelena – My 9 year old son has been diagnosed with Rhabdomyosarcoma Stage 1 cancer. What diet or herbals would you recommend to order for him? 48:37 – Martial - Im male, 53, vegan for 20 years, I think Im a good weight for my height. I thought I was in pretty good shape but my lower back has been getting worst. I have to do a squat to get low enough to brush my teeth and wash my face in the morning. Used to be that if I stood too long, it would start to hurt. Then it was if I sat too long.. Now it's all the time. I wake up and its already painful. Bought an expensive foam bed was supposed to help. does nothing. Im wearing Obis form back support, taking (plant based) glucosamine daily. I try some stretching, yoga moves, made it worst. Ive experimented with all kinds of pain relief creams. Ive tried hot baths with bath salt and on the worst times, I break down and take an advil or two. Ive been out of work for two years. I try to advertise for services but no one calls and if they do, they expect much less cost. I apply for work weekly but now fear that If I got a job I wouldn't be able to do it. My savings are dwindling which adds to depression. Who's going to hire a 53 year old man that has a hard time walking let alone much else.
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Targeted Individual of human genome code reengineering views and insight
views and insight from a targeted individual
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Vistaril Commercial - Pharmacology
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muscle twitch
Cause: Muscle twitches can happen for lots of reasons, like stress, too much caffeine, a poor diet, exercise, or as a side effect of some medications. Lots of people get twitches in the eyelid, thumb, or calf muscles. These types of twitches usually go away after a few days. They're often related to stress or anxiety. *Dont Forget to Subscribe 👍🏼
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6 month update on symptoms from benzo withdrawal
If you or anyone you know is on a benzo like xanax/klonopin/ativan or valium.And also ambien!PLEASE!! Join this fb group and learn everything you need to know about this medication and the interdose/tolerance withdrawals it can cause!Most ppl suffer and go for millions of tests not knowing wth is wrong with them and all along it's the benzo and the Drs won't tell you these things!Benzo tolerance/interdose withdrawals happen WHILE STILL ON THE BENZO and mimic different mental disorders and mimic MS and other physical illnesses! https://www.facebook.com/groups/benzorecovery/
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Dave is Prozac boy 4 a price !
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Do you trust your Doctor  Think Twice!-Bootcamp Tulsa
http://www.coachjc.com/ Your Lifestyle Transformation Coach Tulsa Oklahoma's only Lifestyle Transformation coach. Coach JC coaches people to live life to the fullest. He is a coach, author, life coach, motivational speaker and Fitness Bootcamp Innovator. http://bootcamptulsa.com Bootcamp Tulsa is Tulsa's #1 Outdoor Fitness Program. Bootcamp Tulsa is a training program exclusively for women where women have fun, get great results and build lifelong relationships with other women. Bootcamp Tulsa is for people of all ages and all fitness levels. Tulsa women finally have a fitness program that is fun, affordable and produces results. Over the last three years, bootcamp style workouts have been exploding in popularity across the country. This popularity may be attributed directly to the results achieved through this type of workout. Women are experiencing life-changing results faster than any other method and they are having fun. New Jersey native and now Tulsa transplant, Jonathan Conneely Coach JC, recognized a need in the Tulsa market for a bootcamp style workout. Conneely, the founder of Bootcamp Tulsa, understood that with proper instruction, encouragement and guidance Tulsa women would have the tools and ability to help get Tulsa off the list of one of the fattest cities in America. Coach JC is committed to raising his family in Tulsa and believes in giving back generously to Tulsa. Bootcamp Tulsa will reinvest in Tulsa's economy by contracting with local vendors and partnering with local organizations. Bootcamp Tulsa provides and encourages networking opportunities among clients. Bootcamp Tulsa offers a corporate program for companies. The benefit is two-fold. Employees are presented with healthy lifestyle options and the company has an opportunity to reduce employee health costs. Giving back means Bootcamp Tulsa is committed to significant involvement in our community. Current examples include, Tulsa Parks and Recreation Department, Tulsa Metro Chamber of Commerce, Tulsa Young Professionals, Tulsa Million Miles and various fundraising and non-profits events and volunteer work. Bootcamp Tulsa has locations in Jenks, South Tulsa, Owasso, Mid town Tulsa, Broken Arrow, and has the #1 corporate wellness boo t camp program in Oklahoma Bootcamp Tulsa trains Sunset Tans very own Erin Tietsort, Mayor Kathy Taylor and many more. In this video Coach JC warns you to do your won research and not trust your doctor. He talks about the prescription drug Avelox which is a fluoroquinolone antibiotic that has contributed to tendon tears, ruptures and breakage. Coach JC is also the author of The Secret To REAL Weight Loss Success.
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Ativan Lorazepam For more information, visit http://www.MedicineCoach.com
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lexapro Xanax cold turkey akathisia neuropathy agoraphobia
Almost 14 months didn’t know if I was going to even make it still wonder. We are promised that we can and will. But the lack of support makes it so much much harder. People please wake up. You probable know some one in your life right now facing this and don’t even realize it.
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lexapro Xanax cold turkey akathisia neuropathy agoraphobia tinnitus neurotoxicity
This is my last video until something changes. When I get better I will definitely share. But right now I have said all I can say. I love you my fellow warriors xoxo. Please stay strong. And always reach out if you need help. Benzodiazepine recovery on face book is my home group. Thank you all for that support and love. I have received some very ugly messages it make me sicker so I need to step back. I guess a few rotten apples is to be expected. But one was a friend and what she said hit home. To some I seem like a crying baby crying about my family. All I was trying to do was let others know they where not alone. Because I know that isolation and having someone validate your injury helps. I am still here and I will keep filming. But I will only share the good from now on. I have beat this horse to death. Said all I can say about this injury. Please be good to you. Praying for that forever window for us all. Xoxo
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PMDD TREATMENT - Premenstrual Syndrome & Possible Treatment by Dr. Jorge Lolas
**PLEASE SHARE, REPOST, FACEBOOK, TWEET ** I am sharing this video because of Dr. Jorge Lolas and Patricio Quintana has saved me from the despair of Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder, otherwise known as PMDD. This video explains how a simple solution of administering antibiotics, anti-inflammatory and removing "damaged tissue" can alleviate PMDD. This video has changed my life and I will be forever grateful for his lifelong work and for Patricio Quintana for taking the time, effort, research into creating this video. PMDD Syndromes - Cyclical - occurs during Ovulation, then 7 days before the period and for a few days after - the feeling of despair, grief, and doom - physical achey feeling at the heart - feel the urge to run away - extremely lethargic and depressed - probably have been to a number of doctors with no answers - thoughts of suicide - oversensitive senses of sound and sight - the general feeling of not being well - swollen tongue This just to name a few The treatment that is written is birth control and SSRIs. which DO NOT WORK or only temporarily relieve symptoms.
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erectile dysfunction symptoms and treatment
SHILAJIT wonder supplement. Boosts Vigor & Vitality http://rudramani.com As mentioned in Kamasutra http://rudramani.com Sexual dysfunction often refers to different symptoms in men and women, yet can share similar underlying causes. In women, it is often characterized by low sexual desire or various disorders including sexual arousal, orgasm, and sexual pain. In men, erectile dysfunction (ED) is just that: difficulty getting or keeping erections sufficient for intercourse. ED is often the result of an untreated underlying condition, like diabetes or hypertension. Female sexual dysfunction, on the other hand, is often more complex and can be a side effect of another condition and/or can involve emotional, physical or environmental aspects. "bph symptoms erectile dysfunction" "causes for erectile dysfunction and its symptoms" "early erectile dysfunction symptoms" "enlarged prostate symptoms erectile dysfunction" "erectile disorders dysfunction men" "erectile dysfunction a symptom of prostate cancer" "erectile dysfunction and lower urinary tract symptoms" "erectile dysfunction and symptoms" "erectile dysfunction and symptoms of sleep disorders" "erectile dysfunction anxiety disorder" "erectile dysfunction bipolar disorder" "erectile dysfunction causes symptoms and treatment" "erectile dysfunction definition symptoms" "erectile dysfunction diabetes symptoms" "erectile dysfunction disorder symptoms" "erectile dysfunction disorder treatment" "erectile dysfunction drug approved to treat bph symptoms" "erectile dysfunction drugs help improve bph symptoms" "erectile dysfunction fatigue symptoms" "erectile dysfunction genetic disorder" "erectile dysfunction headaches symptoms" "erectile dysfunction medications causes symptoms" "erectile dysfunction more condition symptoms" "erectile dysfunction nerve damage symptoms" "erectile dysfunction neurological disorders" "erectile dysfunction panic disorder" "erectile dysfunction personality disorder" "erectile dysfunction problem symptoms" "erectile dysfunction psychiatric disorders" "erectile dysfunction psychological disorder" "erectile dysfunction psychological symptoms" "erectile dysfunction signs and symptoms" "erectile dysfunction signs symptoms" "erectile dysfunction std symptom"
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Set backs and bad reactions  in benzo withdrawal
Here's an article that explains setbacks in benzo withdrawals and things people can react to http://w-bad.org/reactions-setbacks/ I forgot to mention. Prior to my alcohol set backs kindling and making me 100xs worse, I had no bad reactions to foods or anything else If you or anyone you know is on a benzo like xanax/klonopin/ativan or valium.And also ambien!PLEASE!! Join this fb group and learn everything you need to know about this medication and the interdose/tolerance withdrawals it can cause!Most ppl suffer and go for millions of tests not knowing wth is wrong with them and all along it's the benzo and the Drs won't tell you these things!Benzo tolerance/interdose withdrawals happen WHILE STILL ON THE BENZO and mimic different mental disorders and mimic MS and other physical illnesses! https://www.facebook.com/groups/benzorecovery/
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Brain symptoms/mental symptoms benzo withdrawal part 2
If you or anyone you know is on a benzo like xanax/klonopin/ativan or valium.And also ambien!PLEASE!! Join this fb group and learn everything you need to know about this medication and the interdose/tolerance withdrawals it can cause!Most ppl suffer and go for millions of tests not knowing wth is wrong with them and all along it's the benzo and the Drs won't tell you these things!Benzo tolerance/interdose withdrawals happen WHILE STILL ON THE BENZO and mimic different mental disorders and mimic MS and other physical illnesses! NEVER cold turkey a benzo! https://www.facebook.com/groups/benzo...
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Samantha Power: Shaking hands with the devil
http://www.ted.com Samantha Power tells a story of a complicated hero, Sergio Vieira de Mello. This UN diplomat walked a thin moral line, negotiating with the world's worst dictators to help their people survive crisis. It's a compelling story told with a fiery passion.
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Five Medical Tips to Prepare for a Crisis Event
Subscribe to HEALTH AND WEALTH BULLETIN here ► https://www.sbry.co/O35D8 Health and Wealth Bulletin ► The news is full of doom and gloom these days, especially with preparations underway for a possible bioterrorism attack of smallpox. That's why this week, we're sharing five tips from Dr. Eifrig's crisis-preparation book, The Doctor's Protocol Field Manual. Research writer Amanda Cuocci shares what you need to have on hand should a crisis or disaster strike. Subscribers to Retirement Millionaire can read the Field Manual right here: https://sbry.co/iiN6V Purchase a copy of the Field Manual right here: https://www.sbry.co/B9vHN Subscribe to stay up to date with the latest videos ► https://www.sbry.co/nxkoG ———————————— Follow us on Twitter ► https://www.sbry.co/oxeIa Join our Facebook Community ► https://www.sbry.co/bEncU Check out our website ► https://www.sbry.co/OD1Sd Email us here to submit questions and feedback ► feedback@healthandwealthbulletin.com Check out Stansberry NewsWire ►https://www.sbry.co/H1vtw Check out Stansberry Investor Hour ► https://www.sbry.co/LbS9u Check out Extreme Value ► https://www.sbry.co/HwBEv ———————————— FOR MORE READING: More on the smallpox news: https://www.sbry.co/h9tUp Lifehacker's guide for doomsday prepping: https://www.sbry.co/ucR4O Find a CPR class: https://www.sbry.co/0jK72
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ENTER THE RABBIT HOLE: A Détournement by Derek Swannson | FULL MOVIE
Novelist Derek Swannson's semi-surreal exploration of deep politics, high weirdness, and the covert machinations of the banking and insurance industries—with emphasis on their proven links to drug money laundering, the September 11 attacks, and the 2008 financial coup d'état. (For those who prefer to read, the transcript of this movie can also be found on Medium: https://medium.com/@threegracespress/enter-the-rabbit-hole-a-d%C3%A9tournement-by-derek-swannson-475c23747668) Written and narrated by Derek Swannson, whose books can be found—ironically enough—at: https://www.amazon.com/Derek-Swannson/e/B009POSBXU Support Three Graces Press through Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/ThreeGracesPress SOUNDTRACK: All music available from www.FreeMusicArchive.org (if not recorded live in the subways of New York City) Holy Songs Performed by Sound Sweet Sounds From the album 12: Dead Bees record label sampler Claire De Lune (On Felt Piano) Performed by Podington Bear From the album Claire De Lune Variations Musicians in Times Square Subway Station: RECETA SECRETA 1792 Performed by J-1792 From the album Lifestyle Culprate vs Moneycat Performed by Culprate From the album Avian Life on Mars Will Be… Come a Dawn Performed by Marrach From the album Swing with a Black Dog Claire De Lune (Woodwinds Arrangement) Performed by Podington Bear From the album Claire De Lune Variations The Collective Panic / Spook Country Performed by The Fucked Up Beat From the album Records Vanishing Crop Circles and Occult Rituals in the Future Age of Paranoia Minor Détournements / mapping their routes to radio towers on desert hills dancing along the cactus fence Performed by The Fucked Up Beat From the album Records Vanishing Crop Circles and Occult Rituals in the Future Age of Paranoia The Society of the Spectacle / consumed by the invisible poem A memorial built out of our own bodies Performed by The Fucked Up Beat From the album Records Vanishing Crop Circles and Occult Rituals in the Future Age of Paranoia The Cult of Commodities / observatories exhausted between the swells of sirens lined up scanning the wheat fields Performed by The Fucked Up Beat From the album Records Vanishing Crop Circles and Occult Rituals in the Future Age of Paranoia Deluge Performed by Cellophane Sam From the album Sea Change Fathom Performed by Mumurous From the album Sampler EP Vol. 9 Featherlight (Remix featuring vocals by Heather Feather) Performed by Lee Rosevere From the album Music For Podcasts 2 While Looking Up Performed by Cellophane Sam From the album Sea Change Early Breath Performed by Cellophane Sam From the album Sea Change Anonymous Opera Singer in Times Square Subway Station: OPERA COLLECTIVE Fourth Dimension Performed by Alex Mason From the album The Minor Emotion How Do You Sleep Performed by Chatham Rise From the album Dead Bees record label sampler #11 CINEMATOGRAPHY AND EDITING Darren Westlund Additionally, all further credit where credit is due for unknown or unattributed creators whose work appears here. (If I somehow missed you in the ending credits, contact me and I’ll put a link to your work here in the show notes.) Content creators and/or participants may or may not agree with the views expressed in this video, which was made with no budget, not-for-profit, and released to the world for free for the purposes of critical discourse, education, and for cultivating radical social and political reform.
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Dr. Michael Greger on Pandemic Prevention | Infectious Diseases, Aids, Climate Change, Influenza
Get the Free Interactive Ebook The Guru's Guide to Spiritual Enlightenment https://www.weareinterconnected.com/newsletter Please like, share and subscribe! http://www.michaellanfield.com http://www.drgreger.org http://www.nutritionfacts.org Video from 2008 Director, Public Health and Animal Agriculture The Humane Society of the United States. Courtesy of HSUS. Dr. Michael Greger talks about why we have infectious diseases, aids, flu etc. and the truths on where they actually come from.These diseases are not made in government labs and they do not from Mother Nature. Climate change, pandemic prevention, aids, Ebola... Animals... Factory farms... influenza... medical doctor...
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Resistance Movement: Drugs, bugs and the fight against über-germs - Longwood Seminar
Streamed live on Mar 28, 2017 With many bacteria becoming impervious to drugs, new approaches are needed to combat the rise of antibiotic resistance. In this seminar, Harvard scientists and clinicians will discuss the history of drug resistance, how bacteria become able to shrug off the medications we use to treat disease, and ways to address the crisis. Like Harvard Medical School on Facebook: https://goo.gl/4dwXyZ Follow on Twitter: https://goo.gl/GbrmQM Follow on Instagram: https://goo.gl/s1w4up Follow on LinkedIn: https://goo.gl/04vRgY Website: https://hms.harvard.edu/
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FDA Approves Combo Treatment for Hepatitis C
http://www.rxwiki.com/news-article/olysio-approved-treatment-chronic-hepatitis-c-infection-combination-sofosbuvir?autoplay=288133025 The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved a new combination treatment for hepatitis C infection Wednesday. The FDA approved simeprevir (brand name Olysio) to be used with sofosbuvir (brand name Sovaldi) to treat patients with chronic hepatitis C infection. The new combination treatment proved safe and effective in clinical trials. Hepatitis C is an infectious disease that can cause chronic hepatitis C infection. People with hepatitis C often do not show symptoms. However, the disease can severely damage the liver, posing the risk of liver failure. A study involving 167 hepatitis C patients found the combination of simeprevir and sofosbuvir effective and safe. According to the study results, which were published July 28 in The Lancet, the blood of 92 percent of patients who received both medications contained no hepatitis C virus for at least 12 weeks after the patients stopped the treatment. Some of the patients experienced side effects. The most common of these included fatigue, headache and nausea. Also this week, Mayo Clinic researchers reported findings from an ongoing study testing the combination of simeprevir and sofosbuvir in hepatitis C patients who received a liver transplant. After a liver transplant in people with hepatitis C, the new liver is still likely to get infected with the virus. For this reason, the transplanted livers often need anti-viral treatment before they become too damaged. Unfortunately, the traditional therapy used after transplants lasts for about a year, can be toxic and and can lead to organ rejection. At the meeting of the American Association for the Study of Liver Diseases, the researchers at Mayo Clinic reported that simeprevir and sofosbuvir appeared to be safe and beneficial for these transplant patients. Furthermore, the combination required only 12 weeks of treatment.
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Ending Pandemics in Our Lifetime – Hosted by Skoll Global Threats Fund
Ebola, Zika, SARS … the world knows all too well that no one is safe from the threat of emerging infectious diseases. The scale and devastation posed by a real pandemic could reach millions of people and cost the world more than $60 billion. It will take all of us to prevent that from happening. From social entrepreneurs working on the frontlines of health to those working in technology and innovation, this work goes beyond traditional partnerships. Join a panel of leaders from the fields of global health and economic development for an inspiring discussion on how effective global and local collaboration can prevent the next pandemic
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International Experience Part 2: Indonesia - Rika Yuliwulandari
March 3-4, 2015 - Research Directions in Genetically-Mediated Stevens-Johnson Syndrome/Toxic Epidermal Necrolysis More: http://www.genome.gov/27560487
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Suspense: Drive-In / Strange Death of Gordon Fitzroy / House in Cypress Canyon
Thrillers often overlap with mystery stories but are distinguished by the structure of their plots. In a thriller, the hero must stop the plans of an enemy rather than uncover a crime that has already happened. Mystery thrillers also occur on a much grander scale: the crimes that must be prevented are serial or mass murder, terrorism, assassination, or the overthrow of governments. Jeopardy and violent confrontations are standard plot elements in the mystery-thriller genre (i.e., Triangle), unlike in the mystery genre where the story is more downbeat and dramatic (i.e., Changeling). While a mystery climaxes when the mystery is solved (i.e., Gosford Park), a mystery thriller climaxes when the hero finally defeats the villain (after reveal), saves his own life and often the lives of others (i.e., Oldboy). There is very little violence, menace and threat in mystery/detective films (especially between the villain and other innocent people), whilst the violence is quite intense in thrillers and the villain is more ruthless. In thrillers influenced by film noir and tragedy, the compromised hero is often killed in the process. A thriller isn't just about someone being murdered. There is always something bigger and more important at stake behind the murder that may endanger more lives. Where in a mystery the motive for a crime such as insurance fraud can be greed, in a thriller mere money doesn't come across as believable for all the terrible things the antagonist will do. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Suspense_thriller
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فيلم السادات الممنوع من العرض بسبب كثرة أخطائه - كامل و مترجم - Sadat 1983
لإظهار الترجمة برجاء إتباع التعليمات المرفقة في https://docs.google.com/file/d/0B5s5SjbIfBoYM2lpNmpoVXIwZTg/edit?usp=sharing. شكر خاص للدكتورة Ihsan Soayed لترجمة الفيلم للغة العربية. الفيلم أمريكي تم إنتاجه في عام 1983 لحصر الأخطاء التاريخية و الأخطاء في الترجمة برجاء ترك رسالة في الجزء الخاص بالتعليقات و سوف نقوم بتجميعها حتى يتم التوعية لها مستقبلاً. قصتي مع هذا الفيلم: في أوائل عام 2012 ظللت أبحث عن هذا الفيلم على الإنترنت و لم أجده في أي مكان، فقط وجدته معروض للبيع في هيئة VHS-Tapes فاضطررت لشرائه و شحنه لمكان سكني و أرسلته لأحد المتخصصين في تحويل شرائط الـVHS لـDVD و بالفعل تم تحويل المحتوى و قمت برفع الفيديو على الـYouTube حتى يشاهده كل محبي الرئيس المصري أنور السادات، رفعت الفيديو على القناة الخاصة بي و كان إسمها ArabDVDs و كانت نسبة المشاهدة عالية حيث تعدت الـ300 ألف مشاهدة خلال أشهر قليلة و كان الرابط https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hq4e5bnsgPc و أيضاً رفعت نسخة ذات كفاءة متوسظة 360p من الفيلم بامتداد avi على المساحة الخاصة بي على الـGoogle Drive و وضعت رابط الملف في الشرح المرفق مع الفيديو على الـYouTube حتى يتمكن المشاهدين من تحميل الملف. و لكن للأسف الشديد قامت إدارة الـYouTube بإغلاق القناة و إغلاق حسابي بسبب بعض الشكاوى عن فيديوهات أخرى مرفوعة على نفس القناة. بعض القنوات مشكورة أعادت رفع نسخة الفيديو ذو الكفاءة المتوسطة 360p حتى لا يختفي مجدداً من الإنترنت، على حد علمي هذه القنوات هي: youtube.com/user/mansoor180 تم الرفع في 2012-07-11 http://youtu.be/XoKSHzQQx_8 بعض ما كتب عن الفيلم: http://www.alwafd.org/component/content/article/281-%D9%85%D9%82%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%AA%20%D8%A7%D9%84%D8%B1%D8%A3%D9%89/%D9%85%D8%B3%D8%B9%D8%AF-%D8%AD%D8%AC%D8%A7%D8%B2%D9%8A/149164-%D8%AA%D8%A3%D9%85%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%AA-%D9%88%D8%AE%D9%88%D8%A7%D8%B7%D8%B1-%D9%81%D9%89-%D8%B0%D9%83%D8%B1%D9%89-%D9%85%D9%8A%D9%84%D8%A7%D8%AF-%D8%B9%D8%A8%D8%AF-%D8%A7%D9%84%D9%86%D8%A7%D8%B5%D8%B1?tmpl=component&print=1&page= تحت عنوان "فيلم السادات يسىء له ولناصر"
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#AGDQ2015 Tetris: The Grandmaster 1,2,3 Exhibition (MindMelt) by colour_thief, KevinDDR, kitaru, Qle
TGM1 Race @ 11:58 TGM2 Master @ 31:27 TGM2 Death @ 45:26 TGM3 Secret Grade @ 1:00:20 TGM3 Master @ 1:04:50 TGM3 Shirase @ 1:18:52 TGM2 Doubles @ 1:29:28 Watch live: http://www.twitch.tv/GamesDoneQuick Official page: https://gamesdonequick.com/ Official Schedule: https://gamesdonequick.com/schedule Tetris Speedrunning: http://tetrisconcept.net/ Runner(s): http://www.twitch.tv/colourthief http://www.twitch.tv/KevinDDR http://www.twitch.tv/tc_qlex http://www.twitch.tv/kitaru Games Done Quick is a series of charity video game marathons. These events feature high-level play by speedrunners raising money for charity. Games Done Quick has teamed up with several charities in its five-year history, such as Doctors Without Borders and the Prevent Cancer Foundation. http://www.doctorswithoutborders.org/ http://preventcancer.org/ Donate here: https://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/donate/12 Donation Tracker: https://gamesdonequick.com/tracker/12 Uploading the runs here for convenience. @runner: Feel free to leave a comment or drop me a message if you want your run removed. @all Drop a comment if there's something wrong. Playlist here: http://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL_NsA72Bgro96PNeBjK7G07qQ1PtCTrVe Subtitles: Barely beta. Chatlog can be turned on/off optionally by en-/disabling captions. Check out the options, especially background and font opacity (transparency). Until youtube fixes their v3 API, they may be distributed across several languages, in alphabetic order.
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PCSBI Meeting Ten: August 1-2, 2012 in Washington, DC,  Session 10: Scientific, Medical, and Public
Recordings of the public meetings of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (2009 - 2017). 1:30 – 2:30 p.m. Session 10: Scientific, Medical, and Public Health Information to Facilitate Decision-Making for Pediatric Research on Medical Countermeasures Paul B. Thompson, Ph.D. W.K. Kellogg Professor of Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics Professor of Philosophy, Professor of Agricultural, Food and Resource Economics Professor of Community, Agriculture, Recreation and Resource Studies Michigan State University Richard Gorman, M.D. Head, Pediatric and Obstetrics Integrated Program Team HHS Office of the Assistant Secretary for Preparedness and Response Associate Director for Clinical Research Division of Microbiology and Infectious Disease National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases Thomas A. Moore, M.D., F.A.C.P. Chairman, Department of Infectious Diseases Ochsner Health System (Serves as Chair, FDA Anti-Infective Drug Advisory Committee)
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PCSBI Meeting Ten: August 1-2, 2012 in Washington, DC, Session 11: Roundtable Discussion
Recordings of the public meetings of the Presidential Commission for the Study of Bioethical Issues (2009 - 2017). 2:45 – 3:45 p.m. Session 11: Roundtable Discussion
Просмотров: 3 Bioethics Library