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Diabetes Nursing Care Plan Tutorial
FREE Nursing School Cheat Sheets at: http://www.nrsng.com/careplantemplate Tired of professors who don't seem to care, confusing lectures, and taking endless NCLEX® review questions? . . . Welcome to NRSNG.com | Where Nurses Learn . . . Prepare to DEMOLISH the NCLEX. Follow Us::::::::::::::::::::::::: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nrsng/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nrsng Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrsngcom Snapchat: @nrsngcom Resources::::::::::::::::::::::: Blog: http://www.NRSNG.com FREE Cheat Sheets: http://www.nrsng.com/freebies Books: http://www.NursingStudentBooks.com Nursing Student Toolbox: http://www.NRSNG.com/toolbox MedMaster Course: http://www.MedMasterCourse.com Visit us at http://www.nrsng.com/medical-information-disclaimer/ for disclaimer information. NCLEX®, NCLEX-RN® are registered trademarks of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, INC. and hold no affiliation with NRSNG.
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Indian diet plan for diabetes
Indian diet plan for diabetes. Simple diet chart and sample meal plan for 1 day. 1200 calorie diet plan for diabetes also helps in weight loss. sugar patients diet chart with every day food. check the entire article here - https://www.dietburrp.com/indian-diet-plan-for-diabetes/ For diet consultation mail us at:- care@dietburrp.com Join us on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dietburrp Follow us on twitter: https://twitter.com/payalbanka
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DIABETES - Nursing management and patient teaching
Patient teaching and nursing management of the patient with Diabetes. We are student nurses of Pima Medical Institute in Tucson, Arizona. This video was made as part of a group project. We hope yall enjoy it as much as we did making it.
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GPMP 1.1 GP Management Plan - Diabetes - Nurse General History
How to collect a patient's history and begin to create a care plan for a patient with Diabetes.
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Diet Plan for Diabetes Management-Part 1
Online Surgical Diet plan for Diabetes management patient awareness and education series - Part 1 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder affecting carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism therefore nutrition therapy in combination with physical exercise is an integral part of diabetes management. For patients with intolerance to glucose or those patients at risk of early stages of type 2 diabetes Inappropriate nutrition can make best planned pharmacological intervention ineffective, either of the cases diet plan plays a crucial role in effective management of Diabetes. This video reviews diet recommendations from American Diabetes Association, UK food Guide and Indian practical food plan which has been discussed and presented in various diabetes forums. We have elaborately analyzed all aspects of diet in diabetes like food types, food groups, Carb Fat Protein metabolism and various diet recommendations but ensured to keep the language non technical so that the contents could be easily understood by common people.
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Diabetes care plan
Diabetes care plan from Diabetes Care Club. Take a step forward to diabetes self management and get our new No Code Meter. Visit http://www.DiabetesCareClub.com today or call 800-840-7711 for more information about Diabetes care plan. Thousands of diabetics have learned how you can lower the cost of your testing supplies and receive a pain-free no code meter if you are on Medicare. Call today for your Diabetes care plan. diabetic testing supplies, diabetes self management, diabetes care club, diabetes products, diabetes testing, diabetes management, testing for diabetes
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Diet Plan for Diabetes Management-Part 3
Online Surgical Diet plan for Diabetes management patient awareness and education series - Part 3 Diabetes is a metabolic disorder affecting carbohydrate, fat and protein metabolism therefore nutrition therapy in combination with physical exercise is an integral part of diabetes management. For patients with intolerance to glucose or those patients at risk of early stages of type 2 diabetes Inappropriate nutrition can make best planned pharmacological intervention ineffective, either of the cases diet plan plays a crucial role in effective management of Diabetes. This video reviews diet recommendations from American Diabetes Association, UK food Guide and Indian practical food plan which has been discussed and presented in various diabetes forums. We have elaborately analyzed all aspects of diet in diabetes like food types, food groups, Carb Fat Protein metabolism and various diet recommendations but ensured to keep the language non technical so that the contents could be easily understood by common people.
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Type II Diabetes: Case Study
This animation follows a patient and her physician during a visit in which the doctor diagnoses her with Type 2 diabetes. In this hypothetical case study, a 45-year-old obese woman visits her primary care physician complaining of thirst, frequent urination, blurred vision, and a chronic yeast infection. After obtaining the patient's medical and family history, her doctor suspects type 2 diabetes and performs the necessary tests to confirm the diagnosis. He then outlines her treatment options so that she may return to her everyday activities. This animation was created for Kendall Campbell, M.D., Associate Professor at the Florida State University College of Medicine. It was produced with content direction by Travisha Vaughns, FSU Bridge Student, Class of 2013. All artwork and animation was created by Jodi Slade, Medical Illustrator at the FSU COM Office of Medical Education. All content is copyright 2013 by the Florida State University College of Medicine.
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Diabetes Management
http://www.a1diabetestips.com Being diagnosed with diabetes usually means adjusting your daily routine and adapting a diabetes management plan. For example, depending on the type of diabetes that you have, you might have to plan your medication to fit in with your meals.
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Nursing Care Plan Tutorial
How to construct a nursing care plan using the nursing process.
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#1 Guide for Diabetes Health - Diabetic diet to Control Blood Sugar Levels
Diabetes Killer : https://tinyurl.com/diabetescontroltips Control Blood Sugar : https://tinyurl.com/diabetescontroltips Here is the #1 Guide for Diabetes Health - Diabetic diet to Control Blood Sugar Levels. click on this blue link to get it : Diabetes Guide : http://tinyurl.com/jt2zact Searches also related : "Diabetic Quick Tips to Boost Your Health" "What Foods Can Diabetics Eat" "Sample Diabetes Meal Plan" "Best Diet For Diabetics" "Diet to Control Diabetes" "Diabetic Diet" "Diabetes Diet" "Best Fruits And Vegetables For Diabetes" "Diet to control blood sugar" "control diabetes with food" "control diabetes with natural diet plan" Best solution to control diabetes with natural food plan. follow the links to get your plan : https://tinyurl.com/diabetescontroltips Please Subscribe this channel for more videos and updates.
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GPMP 3.1 Using the Best Practice Module for a Type 2 Diabetic
An explanation of how to use the Best Practice Software internal module for establishing a GP Management Plan for a diabetic patient
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Quick Diabetes Breakfast Ideas
Get my prediabetes and diabetes type 2 management guide here https://goo.gl/YEZ3Pw Breakfast is, in my opinion, the most important meal of the day. I personally feel we don’t take the time we should to prepare and eat a good breakfast to get our day off on the right foot. I know, I know, TIME! So while I do not advocate you do this every day, I am going to give you 7 quick and easy breakfast recipes that will be good for your diabetes meal planning. Again, I do NOT advocate you eat these type breakfasts every day, but I do feel eating something is better than nothing at all. With that said, here are my 7 quick and easy breakfast ideas. Ty Mason TriFecta SuperFood Breakfast. My best tip for this video would be what I call a Ty Mason TriFecta SuperFood Breakfast. It is easy and combines 3 of my diabetes superfoods. It is so simple, you can make it in seconds or have it in the fridge ready to go if you are running really late. To a bowl of greek yogurt, add walnuts and strawberries. It is that simple. But what a power packed breakfast this is. You get everything you need to get a great start to your day and it will not affect your blood sugar a great deal at all. Some may put a little sucralose in the yogurt, it is a bit tangy, but many love it just as it is. Fruit Smoothie I know in my breakfast mistakes video I said breakfasts should not be in liquid form. But remember, this is an exception for those days that you must get out of the house quickly and I would rather you drink your breakfast than go out without anything at all. Plus, this has added convenience in that you can truly take this one with you and not have to worry a great deal about getting stains on your tie or dress. As you know, I am an advocate of keeping some type of frozen fruit in your freezer just in case you run out of fresh fruit. To me, fresh fruit should be included in any meal if at all possible. Well, this is a fresh fruit breakfast. It really doesn’t matter what you add to this smoothie as long as it is fruit. I personally like the frozen fruit for a smoothie because it stays colder longer and remains a little thicker. Combine in a blender 3 or 4 ice cubes, one cup of greek yogurt (or 2% milk) a half cup of frozen fruit (strawberries, blueberries, peaches, etc) and a handful of nuts (walnuts, almonds, etc). Blend until smooth and you have a delicious breakfast ready to drink on the way to work. EGGS AND BACON I know, I said quick and easy. Hey, this one really is quick and easy. At almost any grocery store these days you can buy bacon that is already cooked. It is not that bad at all actually. You throw it in the microwave for about 10 seconds per slice (read your package directions) and voila! You have bacon. As for the eggs, boil a few up and keep them in the fridge. They truly are a great snack for any time, but for a quick breakfast you can’t beat it. Throw some bread in the toaster, have the coffee brewing and you have breakfast in just a minute or 2. If you have to eat it on the go, slice the egg in thin sliced, but it on the toast with the bacon and eat it as a sandwich on your way to work. It really is a great breakfast. If you are going to have it as a sandwich, take 30 extra seconds and add a slice of cheese to it and stick in the microwave to melt the cheese and heat up the egg. YUMMY! FRUIT BOWL Easiest breakfast ever. Cut some fruit up the night before if you know you are going to sleep in! Add some strawberries, blueberries, peaches, watermelon, apples, pears, whatever fruit you like. Leave this in a bowl overnight and those juices will mingle and marinate that fruit, I get hungry just thinking about it. FRUIT AND WAFFLE Yes, you read that right. WAFFLE! Look, the GL of an Aunt Jemima frozen waffle is 10. That is a low GL food. I know, the GI is high, but I am a strong proponent of the GL of a food. It tells you exactly how a food is going to affect your blood sugar and a GL of 10 is low. Here is my favorite way to eat a waffle. Of course, toast the waffle. DUH! But in a saucepan, add some fruit, whatever you like with a little splash of orange juice and a couple tablespoons of sucralose. Bring that up to a boil, then simmer for a just a couple of minutes. You won’t believe how good that is over the waffle. Add a glass of milk and you think you will be heading off to school than to work. Childhood memories! OATS (OATMEAL) This is an amazing breakfast, especially on those cold mornings. You can get instant oatmeal if you’d like, but very careful of the ingredients. Many instant oatmeals have lots of sugar. You can make your own oatmeal by using minute oats and adding whatever you like to it. Cook up some oats, add in sucralose, milk, a sliced up apple and cinnamon, that is good stuff. Add fruit or whatever you’d like. It’s quick, easy and actually very good for you! COTTAGE CHEESE AND FRUIT
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Essential diabetes plan of care for patients in the community especially within the residential and nursing homes. Stay tuned for the second part of this video where we look into risk assessments to have in place for diabetes care. Thanks for watching and please leave your comments, like, and subscribe to me for more videos. About me: I am a blessed single mum of 3 amazing kids ❤️❤️❤️ I love fitness and health. Up for fun and a bit silly half of the time :-))) Career - I am a registered nurse and a general manager of a Care home. Spirituality - A lover of God( Christian) and seeker of light and peace. Let's connect some more: Instagram❤️ https://www.instagram.com/jfomeadows/ Twitter❤️ https://www.twitter.com/jfomeadows Email:jfomeadows2@gmail.com
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Free Guide Reveals Meal Planning for People with Diabetes
Guide Meal Planning for People with Diabetes . DOWNLOAD HERE. http://diabeteshealth.tvcom.pro/diabetes-health-ebooks-free/ A new edition of this guide was necessary given that new food products are constantly appearing on supermarket shelves while others are disappearing. A balanced diet is the cornerstone of diabetes treatment. This guide is intended to help dietitians/nutritionists and people with diabetes create a personalized meal plan that can be integrated into daily life. Effectively controlling blood glucose and lipid levels, achieving and maintaining optimum weight and adopting a healthy, delicious diet are the primary objectives of this meal plan. We wish to thank the following dietitians/nutritionists for their contribution and support in producing the new edition of this guide: http://diabeteshealth.tvcom.pro/diabetes-health-ebooks-free/ Ultimate Diabetes Meal Planner includes weekly plans for breakfast, lunch, ... Diabetes Meal Plans and a Healthy Diet A daily meal plan is an important part of your diabetes management, ... plan your meals: • BALANCE YOUR PLATE: Many people with diabetes like to .. A healthy-eating plan can help you control your ... Free E-newsletter ... In fact, a diabetes diet is the best eating plan for most everyone. .... Diabetes Diet Book http://diabeteshealth.tvcom.pro/diabetes-health-ebooks-free/ Diabetes diet: Create your healthy-eating plan - Mayo Clinic Your Diabetes Menu Plan - WebMD 30 Day Meal Plan for People with Diabetes – Week 1 Type 2 Diabetes Sample Meal Plan: 21 Delicious Recipes Planning Meals for People With Diabetes Diabetes Meal Plans and a Healthy Diet: American Diabetes
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#AbNaMatBolna | BeatO Diabetes Management
A diabetes meal plan does not have to be strict with no room for indulgence once in a while. If your diabetes is under control you can occasionaly enjoy a small portion of your favourite sweet.With BeatO Smart Glucometer you can now keep a tab on your blood sugar levels anytime , anywhere. #AbNaMatBolna -------------------------------------------- डायबिटीक आहार योजना के दौरान हमेशा किसी अन्य प्रकार के पकवानों या मिष्ठानों के सेवन पर कोई रोक नहीं है। आप समय-समय पर खासकर किसी त्यौहार या पार्टी में कुछ जरूरी सावधानियों के साथ इनका सेवन कर सकते हैं। अगर आपका डायबिटीज़ कंट्रोल में है और उसकी बराबर निगरानी कर रहे हैं तो आप कभी-कभी अपने कुछ पसंदीदा मिष्ठान का आनंद ले सकते हैं। इस कार्य में बीटओ स्मार्टफोन ग्लूकोमीटर आपकी काफी मदद कर सकता है। इसके जरिए आप कहीं भी कभी भी, अपने ब्लड शुगर के लेवल की जानकारी ले सकते हैं और उसकी रीडिंग बनाए ऱख सकते हैं। #अबनामतबोलना
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Beginning Signs of Diabetes
http://www.a1diabetestips.com Being diagnosed with diabetes usually means adjusting your daily routine and adapting a diabetes management plan. For example, depending on the type of diabetes that you have, you might have to plan your medication to fit in with your meals.
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DIABETES DIET CHART - DIABETIC HEALTH - Diet plan For Diabetes | quickhealth | foods4health
Subscribe For More Videos https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCj18UWdCmx48viHaiQ8Xu3A?sub_confirmation=1 Googlu Plus https://plus.google.com/+quickhealth4u Facebook Page https://www.facebook.com/quickhealth4u? Pinterest Page https://www.pinterest.com/qrecipes FOR MORE RECIPES ON www.worldrecipes.tv www.shanthiinfo.com #You Never Seen Before #Miniature Dahi Puri Making | Quick Miniature Cooking #3 | Mini Golgape https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Quow1xJwTVo Miniature Madatha Kaja | Multi Folded Juice Sweet | World Smallest Madatha Kaja | Tiny Food Cookin https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ALyP3MbC4xk #Miniature Puri Cooking #World Smalest Masala Puri Making #Mini Masala Puri #Quick Miniature Cooking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2ptgWJ9tvPk #Maggi Biryani #Miniature Miaggi Biryani Making #Mini Food Cooking | Tiny Food Cooking https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=R6rBKv46090 Coming Next Recipe, #QuickMiniatureCooking, #MiniCooking, #TinyFoodCooking, #RithuMiniKitchen, #MiniStreetfoods
Writing a Nursing Care Plan Under 10 Minutes (nursing care plan tutorial)
FREE Nursing School Cheat Sheets at: http://www.NRSNG.com Check it out . . . you can complain all you want about having to write nursing care plans, but the truth of the matter is . . . you HAVE to write nursing care plans. We've created a master post about HOW to write nursing care plans and WHY they matter at: http://www.nrsng.com/criticalthinking On that post there is also a download of our (editable) nursing care plan template. In this video we outline HOW to write a care plan in under 10 minutes . . . with a live tutorial. Finally, care plans made easy. Tired of professors who don't seem to care, confusing lectures, and taking endless NCLEX® review questions? . . . Welcome to NRSNG.com | Where Nurses Learn . . . Prepare to DEMOLISH the NCLEX. Follow Us::::::::::::::::::::::::: Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/nrsng/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nrsng Twitter: https://twitter.com/nrsngcom Snapchat: @nrsngcom Resources::::::::::::::::::::::: Blog: http://www.NRSNG.com FREE Cheat Sheets: http://www.nrsng.com/freebies Books: http://www.NursingStudentBooks.com Nursing Student Toolbox: http://www.NRSNG.com/toolbox MedMaster Course: http://www.MedMasterCourse.com Visit us at http://www.nrsng.com/medical-information-disclaimer/ for disclaimer information. NCLEX®, NCLEX-RN® are registered trademarks of the National Council of State Boards of Nursing, INC. and hold no affiliation with NRSNG.
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Fruits That are Good for Diabetes
Here are 10 best fruits for people with diabetes. Eat these 10 fruits if you have diabetes. Diabetes Management eBook: https://goo.gl/QiVwkh For years those of us with diabetes were told that fresh fruit had way too much sugar and we shouldn’t eat many of them because of that. Those with diabetes were relegated to grapefruit and that was about it. Now, grapefruit is actually good for diabetes and spoiler alert, it’s on my top 10 list today, but there is a wonderful world of fresh fruit out there just waiting to be placed on your diabetes management plan. I personally feel all fresh fruit is “in play” for those of us with diabetes, but I also know that some are better than others for us. But in moderation, I think any fresh fruit you want to eat is perfectly fine. Getting down to 10 was not an easy task, but here is my list of fruits that I think can be eaten at any meal, for any snack and you will gain many benefits by adding them to your diet. When thinking about the best fruits to eat, pick those that you like. I think choosing fruits that have edible skin is always good because of the dietary fiber they bring with them. But, we must narrow down a selection to 10 and I tried to include a wide variety in this list. Many fruits are “cousins” to the ones I have listed and can also be enjoyed. For example, watermelon and cantaloupe or muskmelon are very close, substitute.
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Meal Planning Made Easy
Hope S. Warshaw, MMSc, RD, CDE, BC-ADM, is a nationally recognized dietitian and certified diabetes educator. Hope reveals secrets to eating healthy with diabetes including what to eat, practical shopping, and meal planning from Diabetes Meal Planning Made Easy.
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The Standard Treatment of T2 Diabetes Is Not Working
The ALRT remote diabetes monitoring system delivers better health outcomes for your most challenging patients. The current standard for type 2 diabetes care is not working. Typically, after an initial primary care work up the patient is expected to modify their diet and exercise habits. They may also be prescribed a diabetes medication. And they are given a blood glucose meter and a logbook to record their readings once or more times each day. After three months or so the patient comes back to the office and the medical team reviews the progress. But in far too many cases, there is no progress. That’s because most patients with type-2 diabetes ignore their prescribed care plan According to a 2014 study, only 20% of patients with type 2 diabetes were adherent to their prescribed treatment. And patients at greatest risk for diabetes complications are the least likely to self- monitor their blood glucose levels. This is one reason why the cost of diabetes care in the United States totals two hundred forty five billion dollars annually. An employee with diabetes complications can cost a business nearly 4 times as much as an employee without diabetes. And today, up to 40 percent of the health claims at large employers are due to diabetes and related co-morbidities. But there’s a better way to improve adherence and outcomes. The ALRT system is an FDA-cleared, HIPAA compliant, web-based remote Chronic Care Management platform. In clinical trials and in real world settings, ALRT can improve adherence and increase quality scores for diabetes care. It is also qualifies for Medicare’s new Chronic Care Management reimbursement. Here’s how it works. First, the patient takes regular readings as prescribed . . . and then uploads the data to the secure ALRT platform. An on-staff ALRT Diabetes Data Monitor reviews the data against protocols set by the physician. If the data show a divergence with the established protocol, ALRT sends a notice to the physician or care team. The physician can then make changes to the patient’s care plan or intervene if necessary. The patient then takes corrective action as prescribed by the doctor. So, why does this work when conventional care has failed? Because with the ALRT system the patient knows he or she is being monitored. The data cannot be fabricated. And importantly the patient feels invested in the care plan. In clinical trials, internet-based glucose monitoring was tested against conventional care on type-2 patients with A1C levels over eight percent. After six months the A1C levels of the monitored patients were more than a percentage point lower . . . while the group receiving conventional care were unchanged. According to the CDC, a one percent drop in A1C can reduce costly complications from diabetes by 40%. Significantly, six months after the monitoring ended A1C levels in the intervention group went right back to where they had been. That’s because conventional care isn’t working. And remote monitoring makes a meaningful difference. Let us show you how you can improve outcomes and deliver affordable adherence with the ALRT remote monitoring system for diabetes. Call us for a demonstration at (816) 807-7054.
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Gestational diabetes Management - One Health
Diabetes Mellitus - Gestational diabetes Management - One Health 👉👉👉 Get It Here: http://tinyurl.com/lydyceh 👈👈👈 Prevention A 2015 review found that when done during pregnancy moderate physical exercise is effective for the prevention of gestational diabetes. A 2014 review however did not find a significant effect. Theoretically, smoking cessation may decrease the risk of gestational diabetes among smokers. Management Treatment of GDM with diet and insulin reduces health problems mother and child. Treatment of GDM is also accompanied by more inductions of labour. A repeat OGTT should be carried out 6 weeks after delivery, to confirm the diabetes has disappeared. Afterwards, regular screening for type 2 diabetes is advised. If a diabetic diet or G.I. Diet, exercise, and oral medication are inadequate to control glucose levels, insulin therapy may become necessary. The development of macrosomia can be evaluated during pregnancy by using sonography. Women who use insulin, with a history of stillbirth, or with hypertension are managed like women with overt diabetes. Lifestyle Counselling before pregnancy (for example, about preventive folic acid supplements) and multidisciplinary management are important for good pregnancy outcomes. Most women can manage their GDM with dietary changes and exercise. Self monitoring of blood glucose levels can guide therapy. Some women will need antidiabetic drugs, most commonly insulin therapy. Any diet needs to provide sufficient calories for pregnancy, typically 2,000 to 2,500 kcal with the exclusion of simple carbohydrates. The main goal of dietary modifications is to avoid peaks in blood sugar levels. This can be done by spreading carbohydrate intake over meals and snacks throughout the day, and using slow-release carbohydrate sources—known as the G.I. Diet. Since insulin resistance is highest in mornings, breakfast carbohydrates need to be restricted more. Ingesting more fiber in foods with whole grains, or fruit and vegetables can also reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Regular moderately intense physical exercise is advised, although there is no consensus on the specific structure of exercise programs for GDM. Self monitoring can be accomplished using a handheld capillary glucose dosage system. Compliance with these glucometer systems can be low. Target ranges advised by the Australasian Regular blood samples can be used to determine HbA1c levels, which give an idea of glucose control over a longer time period. Research suggests a possible benefit of breastfeeding to reduce the risk of diabetes and related risks for both mother and child. Medication If monitoring reveals failing control of glucose levels with these measures, or if there is evidence of complications like excessive fetal growth, treatment with insulin might be necessary. This is most commonly fast-acting insulin given just before eating to blunt glucose rises after meals. Care needs to be taken to avoid low blood sugar levels due to excessive insulin. Insulin therapy can be normal or very tight; more injections can result in better control but requires more effort, and there is no consensus that it has large benefits. A 2016 Cochrane review concluded that quality evidence is not yet available to determine the best blood sugar range for improving health for pregnant Follow my Social Media: - Facebook: https://facebook.com/onehealthone - Fanpage: https://www.facebook.com/onehealth1/ - Google Plus: https://plus.google.com/u/0/102976310967722454833 - Blogger: http://onehealth1.blogspot.com/ - Twitter: https://twitter.com/OneHealth6 - Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/onehealthone/ - Yotube Channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCZ6lHdM7pdxg4z9RIuv4TLw Tag: one health diabetes  type 2 diabetes  diabetic diet  diabetes symptoms  symptoms of diabetes  type 1 diabetes  type 2 diabetes symptoms  diabetic coma  diabetic retinopathy  glucose test  prediabetes  glucometer  low blood sugar  pre diabetic diet  what is dm  diabetes symptoms in women  diabetic neuropathy  insulin  diabetes definition  blood sugar range  insulin pump  hyperglycemia  normal blood glucose levels  prediabetes symptoms  retinopathy  diabetes insipidus  gestational diabetes diet  normal glucose levels  diabetic foot  blood sugar chart  Thanks for watching!!! If Video Good, please Like, Share and Comment !!!
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Nursing Care Plans Made Easy: Everything You Need To Know!
__________________________________________________________ FREE NRSNG Nursing Resources: 50 Most Commonly Prescribed Medications - https://bit.ly/2nHIMcV Head to Toe Assessment - https://bit.ly/2vLYZ5A Nursing Care Plan Template - https://bit.ly/2Mh3rDo NRSNG Study Guides: Nursing Pharmacology Study Guide - https://bit.ly/2MhBRGe Fluid and Electrolytes Study Guide - https://bit.ly/2OIFy4t Nursing Lab Values - https://bit.ly/2P92U4p __________________________________________________________ FOLLOW ME ON SOCIAL: www.facebook.com/NurseBass1 www.instagram.com/Nurse_Bass www.twitter.com/Nurse_Bass __________________________________________________________ Valuing honesty and integrity, I am an Affiliate of NRSNG.com. Given this, I want you to know that there may occasionally be products or services offered on this channel from which I receive a commission if you make a purchase. You will receive a phenomenal piece of educational material and will help support this channel in the process. If you have any questions regarding the above, please do not hesitate to contact me via email. It can be found on my "About" page. __________________________________________________________ The views and opinions expressed on this channel and/or in the videos on this channel are that of myself and not of any educational institution. In compliance with HIPAA and to ensure patient privacy, all patient identifiers in all videos have been deleted and/or altered. The views expressed on this channel and/or in the videos on this channel are personal opinions. The information I present is for general knowledge purposes only.
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🍬 Blood Sugar & Diabetes WARNING: Hemoglobin A1c Is NOT Reliable
How my uncle lowered his blood sugar naturally, reversed his diabetes & lost 34lbs: 👉👉 http://drsam.co/yt/Lower-Sugar-Levels Or watch 10 Clinically Proven Ways To Lower Blood Sugar: 👉 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=AJt0fTnOcGo #bloodsugar #diabetes ==================================== 🍬 Blood Sugar & Diabetes WARNING: Hemoglobin A1c Is NOT Reliable ==================================== Specifically, it’s about how current blood testing to see if you have “high blood” sugar is actually not very accurate. This is personally very important to me as well because it affected my own blood tests a few year ago. I did a blood test and it showed “high” A1c levels, which put me in the ‘diabetic’ range. Different Ways Of Testing Blood Sugar There are different ways to test your blood sugar and thus, potentially predict and/or prevent diabetes. In addition to simply living a healthier and longer life, by having healthy and optimal blood sugar levels. Fasting Blood Sugar/Glucose Levels (FBG) The most common is the fasting blood glucose tests (FBG). Basically, you don’t eat anything for at least 8 hours and then do a blood test and they see your fasting “glucose” levels. This is typically done first thing in the morning. You see this all the time with a regular blood test Healthy levels are between 70-100 mg/dL. I prefer it to be on the lower end of this. Unfortunately, this way does NOT tell you how things work in the REAL world - how your body deals with sugar after you eat a regular meal. Oral Glucose Tolerance Test (OGTT) In this situations, you’re given sugar, about 75 grams of glucose dissolved in water. You drink and then your blood sugar is test at 1 and 2 hours to see how your body handles all of this sugar. I don’t like this method either because in the real world, nobody has 32 oz (4 cups) of soda or something else with that much glucose… all at once… by itself … and without any other food. Thus, this isn’t very reliable. Post Meal Blood Sugar This is how diabetics do it. You eat a meal, you do a blood tests with a simple glucometer and you see what your blood sugar levels are after your meal. This is more accurate in my opinion because this is the REAL world. Of course, the average person isn’t going to be doing this. However, this is how I do it with my professional athletes. Hemoglobin A1c Hemoglobin A1c test has become more popular over the past 10-15 years. This is done because its thought to be more accurate and reliable than the “fasting blood glucose” (FBG) test. And also a lot cheaper and easier than the older, “oral glucose tolerance test” (OGTT). Basically, A1c is a “snapshot” or the “average” blood sugar levels for the past 60-90 days. Specifically, the A1c test measures what percentage of your hemoglobin — a protein in red blood cells that carries oxygen — is coated with sugar (glycated). The higher your A1C level, the poorer your blood sugar control and the higher your risk of diabetes complications. In theory, this makes sense and seems like a better indicator. Unfortunately, there’s a big problem with A1c levels that most people won’t tell you and your doctors doesn’t know. Why A1c Is Not Reliable The main problem is that how long your hemoglobin survives, varies greatly in people. And, I’ve seen this in my professional athletes many years ago, including myself. For example, one study1 in Diabetes Journals, showed that red blood cells live longer than average at normal blood sugars. Researchers found that the lifetime of hemoglobin cells of diabetics turned over in as few as 81 days, while they lived as long as 146 days in non-diabetics. This proves that the assumption that everyone’s red blood cells live for three months is false, and that hemoglobin A1c can’t be relied upon as a blood sugar marker. In a person with normal blood sugar, hemoglobin will be around for a lot longer, which means it will accumulate more sugar. THUS, in normal, non-diabetic people, this will drive up the A1c test result – but it doesn’t mean that the person had too much sugar in their blood. It just means their hemoglobin lived longer and thus, accumulated more sugar. The result is that people with normal blood sugar often test with unexpectedly high A1c levels. I test for: Fasting Blood Glucose A1C Fructosamine Post-Meal Blood Sugar (3 meals daily for 3 days) ========================================­ Thank you for watching. Please feel free to comment, like or share with your friends. Subscribe to Dr.Sam Robbins's official Youtube channel http://drsam.co/yt/subscribe Like us on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/DrSamRobbins ======================================== Thanks DrSamRobbins
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How to Lower Your A1c Level?
Here are five ways to lower your A1c: 1. Make a plan 2. Create a diabetes management plan 3. Track what you eat 4. Eat a healthy diet 5. Set a weight loss goal
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Diabetes Patient Education
Diabetes is a serious condition that is not curable, it's important that you learn as much as you can about the disease and work with your diabetes management team to manage the disease and get the support you need to stay strong. You can live an active, full life with diabetes, but you must be motivated and willing to manage it diligently and correctly. Failure to manage your diabetes can lead to disease-related complications such as problems with your eyes, kidneys or nerves, or heart attacks, strokes and amputations. These complications are permanent and irreversible, but with proper diabetes management, you may be able to limit these complications or prevent them altogether. The video below offers important points about insulin, diet and exercise and life management. http://www.southnassau.org/news/diabetes.cfm
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Diabetes Care Plan - Nursing Care Plan Tutorial | How to Complete A Care Plan in Nursing School
Diabetes Care Plan - Nursing Care Plan Tutorial | How to Complete A Care Plan in Nursing School Hi, I was diagnosed three years ago.Three and a half, actually. At the beginning, it was so difficult, so shocking, that I just really wanted somebody to tell me what to do. and to be there telling me what to do all the time. I didn't want to take any decisions. After a few months and getting to know what diabetes means, and what my new... Not my new life, but how to integrate it, to have a new life where I could be helped with it, I realised it was amazing having this kind of support at my GP practice. My nurse had been with me all the way. After the first few months, I realised I could have my own goals and have somebody be there for me all the way. Sometimes my goals were not strictly what my doctor or nurse were 150% with me to be doing, but once I explained why I wanted to do them and why I wanted to get there, they were always supportive. They would tell me their concerns, which I could hear. I would reply back why I wanted to go that way and then they went with me. That way, I've learned what to do with my diabetes and now it's totally part of my life. For example, one example of this is when I was told by my doctor to quit insulin and get into tablets. We were experimenting something. I didn't want to do that, because I was about to fly to Spain to have a long holiday on my own, which was part of my plan - being able to travel on my own. I said to my nurse I didn't want to quit insulin just right before going on holidays. It was a long holiday, four or five weeks. Even though everybody was thinking that I should do that, when I told them why - I didn't want to feel insecure, being on my own in a house in the middle of nowhere in Mallorca - they said, "OK, if that's what you want to do, "do it in this way and whichever other way." I went on having my insulin and integrating at the same time with the tablets until I came back. That was really, really supportive, because I learned what was happening to my body in my own way. That's like a very, very small thing. I have many other examples, but I don't want to bother you with them. Just I would like to say that it's great, having somebody with you while you have your goals. They are there for listening to you, to help you get to your goals. Then you review what you wanted to do, if you've done it, if you've not done it. Then they can give you some other help for you to be able to get there. That's truly invaluable and thank you for that.
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Reversing Type 2 diabetes starts with ignoring the guidelines | Sarah Hallberg | TEDxPurdueU
Can a person be "cured" of Type 2 Diabetes? Dr. Sarah Hallberg provides compelling evidence that it can, and the solution is simpler than you might think. Dr. Sarah Hallberg is the Medical Director of the Medically Supervised Weight Loss Program at IU Health Arnett, a program she created. She is board certified in both obesity medicine and internal medicine and has a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology. She has recently created what is only the second non-surgical weight loss rotation in the country for medical students. Her program has consistently exceeded national benchmarks for weight loss, and has been highly successful in reversing diabetes and other metabolic diseases. Dr. Hallberg is also the co-author of www.fitteru.us, a blog about health and wellness. B.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1994 M.S., Kinesiology & Exercise Science, Illinois State University, 1996 M.D., Des Moines University, 2002 This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at http://ted.com/tedx
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TMC Lakewood Teach back Diabetes Discharge Instructions
Studies have shown that 40-80 percent of the medical information patients receive is forgotten immediately and nearly half of the information retained is incorrect. One of the easiest ways to close the gap of communication between clinician and patient is to employ the “teach-back” method, also known as the “show-me” method or “closing the loop.” Teach-back is a way to confirm that you have explained to the patient what they need to know in a manner that the patient understands. Patient understanding is confirmed when they explain it back to you. It can also help the clinic staff members identify explanations and communication strategies that are most commonly understood by patients.
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Rethinking Nutrition for Type-1 Diabetics | Andrew Koutnik | TEDxUSF
Whether a scientific expert on nutrition and metabolism or someone who doesn’t understand the differences between carbohydrates, fats, and proteins, everyone understands that what you eat influences your appearance, health and well-being. Andrew shares his personal and research perspective to educate, empower, and motivate Type-1 Diabetics like himself to take notice of how a nutritional approach to managing the disease can make a significant difference. Andrew Koutnik grew up in Tallahassee, FL and attended Tallahassee Community College and Florida State University. While at Florida State, Andrew was involved in 11 publications exploring how exercise, nutrition, supplementation, etc. impacted both the cardiovascular and autonomic systems. Andrew received a Presidential Fellowship award to join the Metabolic Therapeutic Lab at USF College of Medicine to study metabolic therapeutics in health, disease, and performance. Here Andrew was a part of multiple publications, presented at international conferences, initiated extra institutional collaborations, and orchestrated two research projects for NASA NEEMO 22. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at https://www.ted.com/tedx
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Elsevier Patient Education - Diabetes
The following video is a sample from Elsevier Clinical Solutions patient engagement solutions. For more information, visit us at http://www.elsevierpatientengagement.com.
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Insulin Resistance Diet — What To Eat & Why
Insulin Resistance Diet — What To Eat & Why https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KWAgKR9JBE Insulin resistance diet, is a very important topic. Especially for people living with type 1 diabetes. This is a presentation where two type 1’s share their story using a insulin resistance diet to reverse the problem by addressing the cause. They also share success stories with type 2 clients, where reversing insulin resistance also allowed them to stop diabetes medications. Learn all the science and practical application in this lecture. Read the blog post with timestamps here: http://www.masteringdiabetes.org/reverse-insulin-resistance-presentation/ Make sure not to miss a our future videos! Click here to Subscribe: http://www.youtube.com/user/mindfuldiabeticrobby ?sub_confirmation=1 Mastering Diabetes Cyrus Khambatta, PhD Robby Barbaro Diabetes Nutrition and Fitness Coaches http://www.masteringdiabetes.org/ Robby Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mindfuldiabeticrobby/ Cyrus Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/mangomannutrition/ Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/masteringdiabetes.org https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5KWAgKR9JBE Insulin resistance diet is often misunderstood. Many people think that carbohydrates are the problem, but Dr. Cyrus Khambatta explains exactly why it’s actually fat that is the problem. Please comment below with any questions you have!
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Gestational Diabetes Diet Meal Plan
http://www.gestationaldiabetesdietmealplan.com/ Gestational Diabetes Diet Meal Plans are necessary for the control and management of diabetic pregnancies. A good plan should include patterns and recipes along with all the nutritional information.
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Nutrition for Diabetes Management
http://www.healthstandnutrition.com/nutrition-diabetes-management/ Nutrition for Diabetes Management What is diabetes? Type 1 diabetes, which occurs most often in children and adolescents, occurs when the body is unable to make insulin. Insulin is a hormone that ensures your body can deal with blood sugar properly. By far the most common type of diabetes is Type 2 diabetes, in which the body does not make enough insulin or does not use the insulin properly. As a result, sugar builds up in the blood instead of being used by the body for energy. If diabetes is not diagnosed or treated properly, it puts a tremendous amount of strain on the body and can cause serious complications, including heart disease, kidney failure, eye disease, erectile dysfunction and damage to the nervous system. By managing a healthy weight, eating healthy foods and doing enough physical activity, you can significantly reduce your chances of developing diabetes and even delay the onset of Type 2 diabetes. http://www.healthstandnutrition.com/nutrition-diabetes-management/
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Part 6 Cautionary Flags: How to Avoid Potential Problems
The Diabetes Research Institute's Della Matheson, RN, CDE, talks about watching out for red flags to avoid classroom disruptions and potential problems. This video is part of a 7-part video series on the creating a 504 Plan for your child with type 1 diabetes and getting the diabetes support in school that you need. http://www.DiabetesResearch.org/504 Whether your child is newly diagnosed with type 1 diabetes or you’re a veteran diabetes parent, creating a customized 504 Plan that works for your child at school can be a challenge. This educational video series from the Diabetes Research Institute's Della Matheson, RN, CDE, and Raj Hirani, Ph.D., and the DRI Foundation's Tom Karlya, who are all affected by type 1 diabetes personally, will answer these questions and help you make informed decisions about your child's 504 Plan, Diabetes Medical Management Plan (DMMP), and so much more.
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Nutrition Strategies for Managing Diabetes in Healthcare - Webinar
Learn about dietary factors related to diabetes, how to control blood glucose through healthy eating, and strategies for healthy cooking including sample recipes and products.
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Fruits to Eat and Avoid If You Have Diabetes
Download my diabetes diet and management guide here: https://goo.gl/tjuN80 I think I want to start with those fruits we should avoid and end this video on a happy not today. Among fresh fruit, there are only a handful that fall above the low level of glycemic load. They are: Banana 11 Grapes 11 Figs 16 Dried Dates 18 Raisins 28 And the last 2 on the list aren’t actually fresh fruit. Dried fruit is a food we really should avoid as one with diabetes. They just compact all the sugars into a small package and really bump up the impact they can have on your blood sugar. Another fruit we need to avoid is any canned fruit packed in heavy syrup. Heavy syrup is honestly just another way to say “SUGAR.” It truly is a can of sugar waiting to elevate your blood sugar. Fruits canned in heavy syrup, on average, will add 40 to 50 grams of sugar per serving! So we should avoid those at all costs. If you need to get canned fruit, get those canned in water or in the fruits own juices, that is a much better substitute. While talking about fruit, we also must be sure we stay away from fruit-like foods like fruit roll ups, fruit chews and the like. Some may say made with real fruit juice and they are, but they are also made with real sugar. Also while speaking of fruit, fruit juices are something you need to be leery of as well. Many of the fruit juices have added sugar and even if not, the juice has little if any dietary fiber which helps to off set some of the sugar’s effect on your blood sugar levels. When thinking about the best fruits to eat, pick those that you like. I think choosing fruits that have edible skin is always good because of the dietary fiber they bring with them. Apples, pears, tomatoes (yes a tomato is a fruit) are all good choices. Berries are good choices for the same reason. Strawberries and blueberries bring a ton of antioxidants and Vitamin C to the table and their skin has a bit of fiber as well. As a matter of fact, apples and strawberries have the lowest GL among the most common fruits enjoyed by humans. Other great fruits are melons. For years, those of us with diabetes were told we couldn’t have melons because they were too high in sugars. The glycemic index of most melons is quite high. But when the glycemic load scale came to light, we saw that even though melons have a high GI, they really have little effect on our blood sugar at all. Watermelon is a wonderful example. Depending on what type, the GI of watermelon can be from 75 to 95. Now there is no way a person with diabetes would have even considered it OK to eat a food with a glycemic index that high, but the glycemic load of watermelon is only about 5, a perfectly fine food to eat. Citrus fruits are another great food. Oranges, grapefruit, lemons, limes all have a low GL in the 1-4 ranges. Each of these fruits bring all important Vitamin C to our bodies which helps our immune system tremendously. Other fruits that are awesome are peaches, mangos, nectarines, cherries, I mean I could really just go on and on. Fresh fruit is a wonderful choice. Also, consider frozen fruit. Most frozen fruit is great as well. Just be sure to get frozen from the field, or without additives. Sometimes those additives are sugar or some other form of unhealthy carb. How do we incorporate fruits into our daily mean plan? Hey, they are great as one of your snacks through the day. Many fruits are also a great addition to things such as greek yogurt, oatmeal, sugar free jello. Many frozen fruits are just ready for a smoothie or a bowl of milk. Cut up a peach or put some frozen peaches in a bowl with some milk and a little sucralose and you will thank me tomorrow.
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Personalised Care Planning from Successful Diabetes
Rosie Walker and Jill Rodgers talk about Personalised Care Planning, one of the 'must-do' policy initiatives in the NHS for everyone with a long-term condition. Rosie and Jill explain what this means in practice and what needs to happen to make it a reality.
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Dr. Richard Bernstein On High-Fat, Low-Carb Diets & Diabetes
Dr. Richard Bernstein was a keynote speaker at the New Orleans American Society of Bariatric Physicians conference -- http://www.asbp.org -- in November 2010 and delivered a lecture on the benefits of a high-fat, low-carb nutritional approach to treating diabetes. Visit Dr. Bernstein's Facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/pages/Dr-Bernsteins-Diabetes-Solution/153452228037590. SPECIAL THANKS TO ASBP for providing this video snippet of Dr. Bernstein's lecture. Please visit http://www.asbp.org for details on ordering the entire lecture and others presented at the New Orleans, LA symposium.
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How is the a1c test done ? | Life Channel
A1c test for diabetes normal range, accuracy, and more. Hemoglobin a1c test normal & high levels, ranges, and charta1c the estimated average glucose (eag) uw health. Ultimate guide to the a1c test everything you need know a1c) healthwise medical information on and calculator hemoglobin glycohemoglobin (hba1c, webmd. A1c test medlineplus medical encyclopedia. How does an a1c test differ from a blood glucose level? Or improve lung health, but more research needs to be done the one exception is they do locally, it only takes 15 minutes, i always have my work on friday results are back by mon. Or you be prescribed a 21 an a1c test allows doctors to examine glucose levels over two three month period. Typically 30 hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) test is used as a standard tool to determine the average blood sugar control levels over period of three months in from 'to do' 'done!' if you or someone love has diabetes, know importance checks 2 4 times year. Hemoglobin a1c (hba1c) test for diabetes hba1c normal levels 5 ways to lower your everyday health. A1c test what you can expect mayo clinic mayoclinic tests a1c details rec 7937 url? Q webcache. And when you're busy, minuteclinic makes testing easy and convenient so you can cross it off your 'to do' list how is the a1c test done? The a blood that be done as often every 3 months since this lifespan of red cell 24 higher level, greater risk developing diabetes related complications. Most doctors think this test is done to diagnose prediabetes and a simple blood test, the a1c (your doctor call it 'glycosylated hemoglobin') on sample of taken from finger stick or small vial 26 hemoglobin tells you your average level sugar over past 2 3 months. The a1c test is a blood that provides information about person's average levels of glucose, also called sugar, over the past 3 months. A1c test what you can expect mayo clinic. Know your a1c what this blood test can tell you about results do have to wait. You don't need to wo 16 learn about the hemoglobin a1c test, also called glycated hemoglobin, used screen for, diagnose and monitor diabetes prediabetes 26 it is possible see a significant change in your one month time period, but test typically isn't done too often because red blood that healthcare provider will perform. How is a hemoglobin a1c test performed? Hemoglobin the lab tests online. You can return to your usual activities immediately points remember. During the a1c test, a member of your health care team simply takes sample blood by inserting needle into vein in arm or pricking tip finger with small, pointed lancet. The a1c test checks the long performed by your doctor during regular visits, measures average blood sugar levels taking a sample of hemoglobin cells reflects glucose control and is an at joslin we recommend that this be done every three to six months term in people with diabetes. This can be done in your health care provider's office. A1c test? Diabetes action research and a1c test for diabetes summit medical groupblood hemoglobin kidshealth. Why the a1c test is important kaiser permanente. Because you have diabetes, and your doctor, diabetes educator, other members but suppose want to know how you've done overall. A blood glucose meter is the best way to observe and track immediate a1c test done. What is the a1c test? How does relate to blood glucose? . Since i can only supply samples during the a1c ('a one c') is a blood test that checks your child's average find results of home are not same as tests done at hemoglobin (hba1c) measures amount sugar health care provider after having lab work or other to discuss doctors use determine if diabetes management plan needs be adjusted. Googleusercontent search. The blood sample is sent to a lab for analysis. It's also called hba1c, glycated hemoglobin 11 some doctors can use a point of care a1c test, where finger stick be done in the office, with results available about 10 minutes is blood lab, that shows what your average sugar has been for past 3 months. Someone at your doctor's office or the clinic where you are having test done will take a 17 glycohemoglobin (a1c) is blood that checks amount of sugar (glucose) bound to hemoglobin in red cells. The lab taking the samples says it doesn't matter. How is the a1c test done find how online. The a1c test & diabetes what is the test? How does relate to blood glucose? . People who have diabetes or other conditions that increase their blood glucose levels more glycohemoglobin than normal. Results aren't in yet as it was just drawn yesterdaymy step father had a major heart attack 6 weeks 8 2005 my doctor tells me to fast before a1c test. Controlling low and high blood sugar & testing a1c test done diabetes daily. Other names for this test are glycosylated your a1c result will not show the daily effects of food choices and activity. Crucial diabetes tests hemoglobin a1c and others webmd. The a1c test is based on the attachment of glucose to hemoglobin, protein in red blood cel
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Care Plan Course on GPMPs & TCAs - Preview of first 5 minutes
This video offers a sample preview of the first 5 minutes of the Cornerstone CPD Care Plan Course for GP Management Plans (GPMPs) & Team Care Arrangements (TCAs). The complete course can be accessed via cornerstonecpd.com.au Areas covered include: – The Audit-Proof Care Plan: key Medicare requirements for GP Management Plans (GPMPs) & Team Care Arrangements (TCAs). – The most effective templates to easily create meaningful Care Plans. – How to simplify referral paperwork and improve communication with Allied Health Providers. – How to set up an effective system to recruit and engage patients, the most common mistakes practices make & the strategies that actually work. – How to use Care Plans to really improve a patients’ quality of life. This course is provided online and includes: educational videos, downloadable resources and 12 months of student support via phone or email.
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Kidney disease, dialysis and diet in diabetics: Dr Harshal Bhole
It is known that half of chronic kidney disease patients in India are diabetic. In this episode consultant nephrologist Dr Harshal Bhole gets into the details of various stages of kidney disease in long-running diabetes patients. He also delves into issues related to dialysis and diet for kidney patients. We, at Indian Diabetes Review TV, are trying to bring you a complete news portal for diabetics and their care-givers. Visit our website www.IndianDiabetesReview.com which is updated 24x7. As management of diabetes depends solely on information we intend to bring to you all the news and analysis about various developments from the world over that can impact your health. We cull the best of news and information that can help you live a full life in spite of your debilitating health condition. In these videos you will come across people who have managed to beat conventional thinking on diabetes, celebrities who have a take on diabetes, health professionals who have a new insight into diabetes management or even thought-leader who has an opinion on this health disorder. You can always write to us about what you feel about our internet television programmes, news portal or magazine; drop in a line, our email ID is: editorial@parabolamedia.com You can also call us at 022 6561 2705 if you want to subscribe to our monthly news magazine: Living With Diabetes
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Eating Well for Diabetes Management
November is Diabetes Awareness Month. Health Specialist Leah Sarich learns from Dietitian Andrea Hardy what foods to eat to keep your blood sugars in check.
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Alcohol and Diabetes What You Need To Know
Can I drink alcohol if I have diabetes? Is it okay to drink alcohol if you are type 1 or type 2? In this video we will answer your questions related to diabetes and alcohol. Download Diabetes Management Book: https://goo.gl/HJuLgQ There’s a misconception that those with diabetes should not consume alcohol, but the American Diabetes Association actually approves of diabetics having a drink or two. However, alcohol is not a typical carbohydrate, and understanding its relationship to blood sugar levels and diabetes is paramount to using it responsibly. Many people with type 2 diabetes think they need to eliminate alcohol completely from their diet. But, in moderation, alcohol may actually have some health benefits. For instance, moderate alcohol consumption may reduce the risk of developing diabetes in people who don’t have the condition, particularly women, according to a data analysis published in the September 2015 issue of Diabetes Care. And in people who have type 2 diabetes that is well-controlled, a glass of red wine a day as part of a healthy diet may help improve heart disease risk factors, according to results of a two-year study published in Annals of Internal Medicine in October 2015. However, you need to be thoughtful about including any type of alcohol, even red wine, in your type 2 diabetes management plan. “The most important thing is to make sure you aren’t drinking alcohol on an empty stomach,” says Liz Brouillard, RD, LDN, CDE, nutrition manager at the Boston Medical Center’s Center for Endocrinology, Nutrition, and Weight Management in Massachusetts. She recommends only drinking alcohol with a meal or snack that contains both carbohydrates and protein. That's because alcohol can lower your blood sugar, creating a risky situation for people with type 2 diabetes. I think this might be a good time to talk about the liver. Why? Well, the liver has this special ability. It is called gluconeogenesis. This is a process where the liver releases glucose from its glycogen store. The liver gets the glucose by two different ways. One is the excess glucose from a meal or snack will be stored in a reservoir in the liver in the form of glucogen. The liver can also make glucose from fat and proteins. This storage of glucose is useful in the event of a low blood sugar. When the body senses a low blood sugar, it sends a signal to the liver to release glucose to slow down or prevent a severe reaction. As many of you know, alcohol affects the liver. One way it does so is to inhibit the liver to release glucose. A few minutes after consuming an alcoholic beverage, the alcohol finds its way to the blood stream. About an hour and a half later, the blood alcohol is at its highest level. The stomach cannot break down alcohol. The body recognized alcohol as toxic. The liver works very hard to break it down and get rid of all the alcohol. This can take a long time, up to eight hours or greater. Since the liver is working so hard to get rid of the alcohol, it shuts off everything else, including releasing glucose into the body. Therefore this increases the risk of a severe low blood sugar. This also means that you may not have a low blood sugar until 8 hours later. This can lead to a very serious case of hypoglycemia, which can be deadly. Symptoms of hypoglycemia — sleepiness, dizziness, and disorientation — can look like being intoxicated. If signs of hypoglycemia are mistaken for drunkenness, you may not get the help and treatment you need. As stated earlier, the American Diabetes Association says that those with diabetes can drink. But they also qualify that to say no more than 1 drink per day for women and no more than 2 drinks per day for men. (Example: one alcoholic drink = 5-ounce glass of wine, 1 1/2-ounce "shot" of liquor or 12-ounce beer). More than this can lead to different levels of intoxication which is not good for one with diabetes on many levels. As already stated, it can cause a severe condition of hypoglycemia. It also means you can’t think as clearly. You need to be able to take the correct dosages of insulin or other medications, test your blood sugar, and be aware of how you are overall felling. You don’t want to be intoxicated and take the wrong dose of medication or none at all and then have more problems on your hands to deal with. One very important factor when choosing to drink, do so with a meal. This will help to somewhat absorb the alcohol. Mainly this will help you in regards to hypoglycemia. If you aren’t drinking with a meal, have some high carb snacks available. I personally think there is a reason pretzels are so popular at the bar. In addition to watching — and counting — your serving size, follow these tips for safer drinking: Wear a MediAlert bracelet or necklace identifying yourself as one with diabetes.
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Basics of meal planning for a person with diabetes
Choose healthy foods with less fat and less sugar, and eat 3 meals a day.
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diabetes diet plan weight loss
diabetes diet plan weight loss
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