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Pyle Files 102-1: Top Five Financial Planning Mistakes of Young Physicians
All physicians starting out in their careers should learn to avoid these five major pitfalls in financial planning.
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America : 62% of your Doctors plan to retire in the next 1-3 Years due to Obamacare (Jul 18, 2013)
SOURCE: http://www.foxnews.com News Articles: Rather than Deal With Health-Care Reform, Doctors Mull Early Retirement http://www.foxbusiness.com/personal-finance/2013/03/27/rather-than-deal-with-health-care-reform-doctors-mull-early-retirement/#ixzz2ZPRY76QC Thanks Obamacare: 83% of Doctors Surveyed Say They May Quit http://townhall.com/tipsheet/katehicks/2012/06/14/thanks_obamacare_83_of_doctors_surveyed_say_they_may_quit OBAMACARE: AN AVOIDABLE NATIONAL DISASTER http://ewross.com/obamacare_a_national_disaster.htm FAIR USE NOTICE: This video may contain copyrighted material. Such material is made available for educational purposes only. This constitutes a 'fair use' of any such copyrighted material as provided for in Title 17 U.S.C. section 106A-117 of the U.S. Copyright Law.
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For Physicians Contemplating Retirement
Thinking hanging up your stethoscope and lab coat for good? What will you do next? Chances are, if you are like most physicians I work with, you are looking ahead on what to do next. Let me help find your niche. There are endless opportunities perfect for a physician to continue contributing and working on their own terms. Visit: http://PhysicianFreedom.net/get-help and leave me your comment, question or let's set up a time to talk about your interests, passions and options that are both rewarding and lucrative. Mitchel M.D.
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Leverage a Report about Physician Retirement
Would you like a tool to grab physicians' attention. Dr. Vicki Rackner shows you how to leverage a report about physicians' retirement preparedness published by the AMA Insurance Agency.
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What benefits are provided under the Civil Service Retirement System (CSRS) program?
We discuss the pension benefit program available to Federal civilian workers who were hired prior to 1984. We learn that under this program referred to as CSRS, federal employees make significant contributions to the plan, are entitled to substantial benefits, but are not covered by Social Security.
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Thanks Obamacare! Study: More Doctors Plan To Retire Early - Dr Ben Carson
Thanks Obamacare! Study: More Doctors Plan To Retire Early - Dr Ben Carson
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When Can I Retire?
Click this link to get your copy! http://lethemonfinancial.com/freeretirementguide Free Retirement Readiness Guide, 7 Step Action Plan to Creating Your Ideal Retirement! Today I want to answer a question I get asked all the time.. Can I retire? What we're really trying to find out, is have I saved enough money? A lot of articles suggest that you will need $1 million or more to retire. So in this video, I'm going to share with you a really simple 4 step formula to help you answer the question, can I retire. It's a little longer than some of my other videos but, I wanted to make sure that you walk away with some really great information that you can actually use. Be sure to stick around to the end where I reveal the super simple calculation that will tell you right now if you can retire. Lets get started. Step 1.We need to Inventory your expenses. Basically we need to figure out how much your retirement is going to cost. Now there's 2 ways go about figuring out how much money you actually need in retirement. The first method is the budget method. Where you essentially, add up all of your expenses, your mortgage payments, utilities, cable bill groceries going out to dinners, vacations, everything that you spend money on. This is usually very hard to do, because a lot of our expenses change from month to month, and you end up either over estimating because your trying too hard to be conservative, or you underestimate your actual expenses because you forget some things. So The method I like to use, is what I call the take home pay method. This is a really easy way for you to get a quick and pretty accurate estimate of how much money you actually spend in a year. To do this, Lets start with your actual take home pay for the month. The amount that actually gets deposited into your checking account after all your deductions for taxes, insurance and retirement account contributions etc. This is probably a pretty decent estimate as to how much money your living on right now. If you get paid the same amount every month you can simply multiply this figure by 12 to get your annual take home.(x 12) Lets try to hone this in a little and get your retirement spending figure even more accurate. (- long term saving) Do you contribute to an IRA or Roth IRA? Or save money in another long term savings account? If you do you should subtract the amount of your contributions from the annual take home that we just calculated. (-expenses that you won't have in retirement)You also want to think about what might be different in retirement.Will your house be paid off before you retire? If so, add up just the principle and interest that you pay during the year and subtract that. Remember, if your property taxes and insurance are part of your monthly mortgage payment. You still need to pay that, even if your house is paid off. What about kids? Do you currently spend money on your kids? When you retire will they be out of the house and on their own? Chances are, yes. So, You can add up what you spend in a year on them, and subtract that. (+new retirement expenses)No lets talk about some fun stuff. What do you want to do in retirement? Play more golf? Travel more. Spend your winters someplace warm? Now we need to add in the cost of some of these extra things that you may not have the time to do now. And lastly, don't forget about healthcare. If you retire before you turn 65, and don't have medical coverage through your former employer you will need to buy it on your own and budget that in as well.(= estimated retirement income Step 2. What are your sources of income Step 2 is simply just to add up your sources of income that you will have in retirement. Social Security If you are not sure about your Social Security benefits you can go online to SSA.gov and get an estimate of your benefits based on retirement at different ages. If you are within a year or two of retirement, I would recommend going into a local Social Security office to speak directly with a representative. Pension Will you get a pension from your employer. If so, you can request an estimate of your pension from your companies HR department or, if its available you can log into your company benefits website and run the calculations yourself. Other sources of income Do you have any other sources of retirement income? If you do lets add that too. Things like, Rents, Land contract payments or Pension benefits from a former spouse, as a few examples. You will also need to adjust your income to account for taxes. An easy way to do this is to reduce these income sources by your effective tax rate. You can usually find this on the summary pages that accompany your tax return. Using last years effective tax rate should give you a pretty good estimate, but to really be accurate, have a financial professional run a long term cash flow model for you that includes estimates on taxes.
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Maximize Your Retirement Savings
Whether you plan to retire in two years or 20, there are simple ways to get your retirement savings on track. See what personal finance expert Galia Gichon has to say. http://www.PNC.com/AchievementSessions
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Dr  Reg McDaniel, Retired Physician
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Best Plan To Retire Early
Register Here http://tinyurl.com/Best-Plan-To-Retire-Early The best plan to retire early I don't believe should involve the government at all. I believe the best plan to retire early is build a group of people with one common goal. A goal that consist of enhancing are lives together as a team using one common vehicle that can take us to were we are now to being retired. In other words free from time and money. Whats that vehicle? Register Above best plan to retire early best plan to retire how to retire without a pension
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Retirement Plan for Realtors | Real Estate Agent Retirement | How can Realtors Retire?
http://www.exitrealtych.com/recruit.php, A Retirement Plan for Realtors or Real Estate Agent Retirement Plan; Most Realtors live paycheck to paycheck and are only as good as their last deal but there is another, better way to plan for your future retirement while building a career in Real Estate. EXIT Realty has a Retirement Plan for Realtors, it is designed to both; build your business and build residual income. This is not a pyramid scheme, no multi-level marketing and searching deep for a convoluted percentage, it is real, substantial and has been paying money to EXIT Realty agents for over 15 years. For a confidential meeting contact Steve Humphries . 863-420-0007 or email steve@exitrealtych.com for more information. Our Real Estate Office in Champions Gate, Reunion Resort, is ideally located to help your career reach the next level so stop by for a talk at EXIT Realty Champions and secure your future.
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Doctors Build Wealth Private Pension
Visit www.doctorsbuildwealth.com to learn more!
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Financial Planning for Physicians
Physicians are busy professionals but still need to organize, protect and prepare for their future. Strategic Wealth Planners specializes in providing financial planning services to Physicians.
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Leveraged Planning for Retirement
If you are a business owner and qualify, give us 10 years and we can ad $1,000,000 to your retirement. Get leverage and get Income Tax Free as well.
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Retirement Planning for Dentists 1 of 3
Retirement Planning for Dentists 1 of 3 - by Monica Rebella, CPA
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🚑 Medical Insurance Comparison in Malaysia - The Ultimate Short Guide (in 2018)
For the employed, you should really be looking at medical card or medical insurance with deductible features because it benefits you by... a) letting you pay a very low premium for not covering any hospitalization expenses which is already provided by your employer - this could come up to the first 10,000 or 50,000 - but it would cover you for whatever medical expenses which exceed that b) giving you an absolute peace of mind by knowing that after you retire (aka, medical coverage from employer cease), you will automatically be eligible for full medical coverage without subjecting yourself the the underwriting process at age 50-60 There are only a handful few of insurance companies which do provide deductible medical insurance, so do take advantage of these by watching this lesson. The Ultimate FULL guide is here - http://www.howtofinancemoney.com/2016/03/best-medical-card-malaysia.html LCF of http://HowToFinanceMoney.com dissecting the common but mostly confusing terms to many people when it comes to medical insurance, namely - i) co-insurance, ii) co-payment and iii) deductible ***** Click Here To Get All The Details On The Online Program That CF Lieu coaches his clients and banks/financial institutions to construct a sustainable and safe investment portfolio through REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts) - https://reitmethod.com ★☆★ SUBSCRIBE TO CF LIEU YOUTUBE CHANNEL NOW ★☆★ http://youtube.com/channel/UCN11ZcQ85CsBo8YJoHUp07g?sub_confirmation=1 Check out these Top Trending Playlist: 1.) How to Start Trading & Investing in Bursa Malaysia: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ7ZQik2O1aIA7eeem4tvCM_9bRrzytA1 2.) Make Passive Dividend & Capital Gain from Proper Investing Methodologies - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ7ZQik2O1aKnouSfUBRphT7szPw3yHo4 3.) Max Out Insurance Protection but Pay Minimum Premium - https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLQ7ZQik2O1aJ0acvmZ7RZqrVh9ciPgcv8 CF Lieu is one of the most trusted & respected independent consultant in the financial advisory space in Malaysia. CF’s unique & unconventional angle of financial ‘life’ planning is evident by the title itself in his book - 'Why 99% Financial Advice are Crap - the No Bullshit Approach to do what you're good at, live the life you deserve & enjoy the freedom you desire' CF works exclusively with personal clients who want a more sustainable and safe lifestyle and investment portfolio through REIT (Real Estate Investment Trusts). Check out https://reitmethod.com where he co-founded the educational program with KC Lau. CF Lieu is also one of the rare financial planners cum advisers who is actually engaged by banks and financial institutions to conduct investment seminars & workshops - like Maybank, RHB, PNB (Permodalan Nasional Bhd), FPAM (Financial Planning Association of Malaysia)...where his audience include CEOs, CFOs, accountants, investment analysts, private bankers, relationship managers etc CF Lieu’s availability to work 1on1 with clients is extremely limited. As such, he's very selective and he is expensive (although it will be FAR less expensive than staying where you are). Many of his clients are seeing a positive return on CF Lieu’s advice in days, not months. See CF’s clients’ testimonials here - https://howtofinancemoney.com/testimonials2/ If you think you might benefit from one-on-one interaction with CF, visit https://cflieu.com ★☆★ WANT TO OWN CF LIEU’s BOOK? ★☆★ 'Why 99% Financial Advice are Crap - the No Bullshit Approach to do what you're good at, live the life you deserve & enjoy the freedom you desire' Go Here go get it - https://howtofinancemoney.com/ ★☆★ NEED SOLID 1on1 ADVICE? ★☆★ Request a call with CF LIEU, but first, enter your details to see if you qualify: https://howtofinancemoney.com/contact/ ★☆★ CONNECT WITH CF LIEU ON SOCIAL MEDIA ★☆★ Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/cflieu1/ YouTube: http://youtube.com/channel/UCN11ZcQ85CsBo8YJoHUp07g?sub_confirmation=1 Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lieucf #cflieu #getactionableadvice #medicalinsurance #medicalcard
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Health Care in Retirement
Despite the fact that health care will be one of the greatest expenses for Americans in retirement, most people have not adequately planned for this expense. When planning for long-term healthcare needs, it's important to keep in mind that: Medicare is not nursing home insurance and does not cover long-term care. Private medical insurance or Medicare supplement plans do not cover maintenance care. Long-term care insurance can help manage healthcare costs and reduce the impact of inflation, while ensuring your healthcare needs, and those of loved ones, are covered well into the future. Adequate financial planning now can help prevent a lifetime of assets from falling short when you need them most. Medicare Supplement Insurance Navigating the complex Medicare supplement insurance landscape can be a daunting task. Choosing the wrong plan can result in gaps in coverage which can adversely impact your income and savings in retirement. We can help you select a plan that is not only compatible with today's goals and budget, but that will accommodate tomorrow's needs should your health or other circumstances change over time. Protecting yourself against unexpected events is a fundamental aspect of wealth planning. Closing the gap on potential risks can be tricky without a comprehensive plan and process that seeks to methodically evaluate all potential risk factors. That's why risk analysis is an integral part of our ongoing process. Tracking #1-097517
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Healthcare, Vacation & 401K | Johnson Controls
Johnson Controls' military veterans compare civilian benefits to military benefits including health insurance, vacation time and retirement (401k) plans. Johnson Controls Careers http://bit.ly/kl1Tfb Johnson Controls What's Possible Community http://bit.ly/10k2zdS Twitter: http://bit.ly/10uDQT7 "You definitely have more options when you are working for Johnson Controls and you have their health care program. You can choose your doctor, you can choose your hospital and so that's I think the benefit that is very important to a lot of people, that you're not tied into only the hospital that's on base." Cesar Dorantes LT Submarine Line Officer / Navy Senior Sourcing Mgr/ Johnson Controls
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What retiree medical benefits are U.S. military personnel entitled to?
We discuss the TRICARE medical benefit program available to active and retired military personnel.
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Retirement Benefits Strategy Survey
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Financial Advice for a Peaceful Retirement— Plan in Advance - Professor Savings
professorsavings.com (http://www.professorsavings.com) a simple way to learn finance on youtube. Financial Advice for a Peaceful Retirement— Plan in Advance Life after retirement is a time after years of hard work, innumerable pressures and responsibilities. It can be spent in peace only when people are financially secured and safe. This is the time when there is spare time to spend with the family and enjoy the joy of living. Financial security is the only aspect that can help people to enjoy old age. It is essential for all individual to plan for their financial requirements before retirement age. This is the time when there is no income and one has to manage expenses from sources like pension or from savings or rent of the house... One has to plan the commitments in the fixed income. Financial Advice for a Peaceful Retirement • A budget should be prepared for the extra expenditure of visiting places after retirement and that amount should be calculated and kept aside from the savings. It is possible for some to earn this extra money by doing some odd jobs or working online. • Life after retirement can call for some medical expenses as the health is not as good as in young age. Sometime ago parents are dependent on the children after retirement but now the trend now in most places the people want to live a life of their own after retirement. • Financial advice for a peaceful retirement requires advice for estate planning, taxation planning, wealth distribution and lifestyle planning. • The plans of saving for retirement should be started at an early age. But it is never late to think on the issue and start planning and saving. • The main feature of retirement planning should consider inflation and unforeseen medical expenses. • Most people are covered under the pension plan of companies. This contribution can be increased or anew retirement account can be opened. Proper financial advice should be taken from experts. Regarding the taxes and amount to be withdrawn. • Sometimes it is found that there is not enough money for a peaceful retirement, still there are chances of being happy. The first thing now it to reduce expenses and begin saving. It is a hard choice to spend less and save more but is not impossible. • The finances and lifestyle will mostly depend on the condition of one's health. Hence health care by being active physically and socially is beneficial for retired persons to stay happy and enjoy life. Tips for a happy retirement o Plan for retirement from an early age o Reduce expenses and save some amount for unforeseen expenditure. o Keep yourself active and take care of your health Thanks for watching. Please help us grow. Please "like" our video + Subscribe (http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=professorsavings) Professor Savings Channel (http://www.youtube.com/professorsavings) Connect with us Google Plus: (https://plus.google.com/b/111761695877231541096/111761695877231541096/posts) Facebook: (https://www.facebook.com/pages/Professorsavings/150840195112270) Twitter: (https://twitter.com/ProfessorSaving) Google + : (http://plus.google.com/b/111761695877231541096/111761695877231541096/posts) Tumbler: (http://professorsavings.tumblr.com/) Pinterest (http://pinterest.com/professorsaving/) KEYWORDS professor savings professor saving all stock videos shares tips videos finance 101 lecture personal business smart beginner dummies basic learn 2013 ETF walmart money card profit clicking american funds mortgage rates pay down mortgage dividend stocks buy shares stock stock shares isa buy shares house rent owner orchard bank online payment mortgage rates pay down chase online my accounts today coupon mom today gold rate wells fargo jpmorgan chase capital one bank of america express citibank citi bank visa books blogs business ecommerce internet internet-tools multimedia self-improvement video videos blogging blog finance life money online mobile learning free cheap money cash Other Finance Youtube Channels eHow Finance Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/ehowfinance Bloomberg Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/Bloombeg Kiplinger Youtube Channel: http://www.youtube.com/user/kiplinger CBS Money Watch: http://www.youtube.com/user/moneywach Disclaimer: Professorsavings.com makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability, or validity of any information on this site and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use. All information is provided on an as-is basis.
Struggles of the Spirit: Learning How to Retire in a Satisfactory Way with Dr. William Woodruff
Struggles of the Spirit discusses retirement. We welcome Dr. William Woodruff, a retired physician. The topic is about retiring in a satisfactory way. Hosted by Rev. C. Leland Udell, Supervisor, Emeritus, ACPE. Originally Aired: 2/15/1999
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TIME MAGAZINE:  Time to Retire your 401K...
Retirement Planning
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Medical Insurance on a Budget : Financial Planning & Life Insurance
Subscribe Now: http://www.youtube.com/subscription_center?add_user=ehowfinance Watch More: http://www.youtube.com/ehowfinance Just because you're working from a strict budget doesn't mean that you won't be able to get medical insurance. Get medical insurance on a budget with help from an insurance agent who specializes in life insurance, annuities and financial planning for retirement and college in this free video clip. Expert: David Alemian Contact: www.DavidAlemian.com Bio: David Alemian is an insurance agent who specializes in life insurance, annuities and financial planning for retirement and college. Filmmaker: Rafael Rodriguez Series Description: Financial planning and life insurance are two financial concepts that are very closely related. Learn about the ins and outs of financial planning and life insurance with help from an insurance agent who specializes in life insurance, annuities and planning for retirement and college in this free video series.
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How Dentists Save For Retirement
Financial security in retirement takes planning and commitment. You can do it, here's how.
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CPP Disability Benefits
CPP Disability Benefits Business Career College is a national financial services education provider. See our insurance, financial planning and continuing education courses, including self-paced and instructor led options, at https://www.businesscareercollege.com For great industry articles, follow on Twitter (https://twitter.com/JasonWattBCC) or like on Facebook (https://www.facebook.com/BusinessCareerCollege/).
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Drug Company Kickbacks to Doctors and Pharmacists
The US government is filing a law suit against the drug company, Novartis, for giving $65 million kickbacks to physicians and pharmacists to prescribe Lotrel, Valturna, Starlix, and Myfortis over the past decade. These kickbacks were in the form of dinners at high end restaurants, cash, rebates, and discounts. One extreme example is from a six person oncology group that received $2.9 million in kickbacks in just one year! It is a huge conflict of interest that is common practice for many oncologists to make in excess of a hundred thousand dollars a year in drug company rebates for using their drugs. Many of these profits involve Medicare, Medicaid, and the VA hospital system. For more information please visit www.doctorsaputo.com
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Long Term Disability Insurance Application Process for Doctors, Surgeons & Dentists
We are available nationwide: call 855-319-4421 or email: https://www.diattorney.com/free-consultation/?referrer=yt Disability insurance attorneys Gregory Dell and Stephen Jessup discuss the common issues that a physician, surgeon or dentist must be aware of when applying for long term disability insurance benefits. Mr. Dell and Mr. Jessup discuss the importance of strong medical support, the process for determining the occupational duties of the claimant, and the types of financial documentation that will be requested. The application process is the most important stage of a claim for benefits and a claimant should never submit a claim for LTD benefits without consulting a disability attorney. A claimant should not think that a claim is a simple as just completing a form and submitting it the insurance company. Take some time and review our website to learn more about the application process. Our disability insurance lawyers have helped hundreds of doctors to collect disability insurance benefits. Upon request we can provide you with references from past clients and we also encourage you take a few minutes to read our client testimonials at https://www.diattorney.com/testimonials/?referrer=yt. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- 6 WAYS WE CAN HELP YOU 1 - Applying For Disability Benefits: https://www.diattorney.com/disability-application/?referrer=yt 2 - Appeal Of A Disability Denial (ERISA): https://www.diattorney.com/group-erisa-claim-denial/?referrer=yt 3 - ERISA Disability Lawsuits: https://www.diattorney.com/erisa-lawsuits-trials/?referrer=yt 4 - Non-ERISA Disability Benefit Denials: https://www.diattorney.com/disability-claim-denial-benefits-denied/?referrer=yt 5 - Monthly Disability Claim Handling: https://www.diattorney.com/monthly-claim-handling/?referrer=yt 6 - Lump-Sum Disability Policy Buyouts: https://www.diattorney.com/lump-sum-policy-buyouts/?referrer=yt ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- Our nationwide disability insurance attorneys have represented thousands of disabled claimants with their claims for either short term disability, long term disability, or long-term care benefits against every major disability insurance company. We do not charge any fees or costs unless we are able to recover benefits. Please contact any of our disability lawyers to discuss your claim by calling 855-319-4421 or by email https://www.diattorney.com/free-consultation/?referrer=yt ----------------------------------------------------------------------------
Physician Financial Success Podcast interview with Alisa Le of Pacific Advisors
http://physicianfinancialsuccess.com Or find us on iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/podcast/physician-financial-success/id840402872? Learn about How the Living Balance Sheet can: * Help you organize and strategize your financial plans. * Help keep you organized in case of unexpected life events. * Help you increase your net worth by connecting the dots between all the financial advisors in your life. Learn what percentage of your monthly income should be going to investment. The Living Balance Sheet® and the Living Balance Sheet® Logo are registered service marks of The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY. The graphics and text used herein are the exclusive property of Guardian and protected under U.S. and International copyright laws. © Copyright 2005-2013, The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America The Guardian Life Insurance Company of America (Guardian), New York, NY, its subsidiaries, agents or employees do not give tax or legal advice. You should consult your tax or legal advisor regarding your individual situation. Alisa Le, CFP® Financial Advisor, Park Avenue Securities www.pacificadvisors.com/alisa_le http://utahphysicianhomeloans.com Offering physician home loans (and loans for non-physicians, too!) in AL, AR, AZ, CA, CO, FL,GA, ID, IL, IN, IA, KS, KY, LA, MI, MN, MS, MT, ND, NE, NM, NV, OK, OR, SC, SD, TN, TX, UT, WA, WI, WY Contact us today! (801) 747-1210 Josh Mettle 801-747-1210 NMLS #219996 CA-DOC #219996 Equal Housing Lender 801-747-1210 Citywide Home Loans NMLS #67180 801-747-0200 Copyright© 2014 JLM Industries All Rights Reserved
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Social Security Alert - 7 Secrets to Maximize Your Social Security Benefits and Taxes
This Absolutely Free Social Security Guide will give you 7 Must Know Secrets to maximize your social security benefits and minimize your taxes on social security. Find out what the Social Security Administration never tells you about in regard to your benefits. In this video and accompanying Free Retirement Report you will receive: • Social Security Timing Secrets that the Pros use to Maximize Benefits • How you can Legally Defer Annual Interest to get More Back from the Government • How to Maximize the Cost of Living Adjustments • The Double Dipping Strategy that couples can take advantage of in retirement as an added Bonus! To download the Absolutely Free report now, check out: http://retirethinktank.com/ Every American has a Social Security Number, so these important SS Secrets can benefit anyone, regardless of when (or if you have already) retired. We will also teach you the "Patience may be rewarded strategy", the "File and Suspend" Strategy, and the "Higher Earner" Strategy for maximizing your income. Don't let Social Security Taxes eat away at your retirement. Find out the secrets that the top Retirement Advisors in the country are charging their wealthy clients thousands of dollars for. The FREE report can be downloaded in one simple click here - http://retirethinktank.com/ Make sure to SUBSCRIBE to our channel Today so you will never miss out on all of the upcoming free retirement reports and retirement guides that we send out. P.S. - We also have free access to the best Social Security Calculator that can help you optimize your ideal holding term and expected lifetime income.
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Protecting Your Retirement: Is Longevity Insurance Right for You? (7/24/13)
Some baby boomers and retirees are worried about living their retirement savings. As Sharon Epperson reports for NBR, some investors are considering less conventional retirement strategies.
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Will my settlement affect my government benefits?
Many public assistance programs that provide you with monthly income or payments for medical services have strict financial eligibility limits. Without careful planning, your settlement award may cause you a reduction or even loss of your benefits for a period of time. Your settlement should NOT affect your eligibility for Social Security Disability Income (SSDI) or Medicare because SSDI and Medicare offer benefits based on work history, not income or financial resources. But, if you receive any of the following needs-based benefits, your settlement may affect your eligibility and could cause a lapse or termination of your benefits: - SSI (Supplemental Security Income): A cash benefit that provides assistance to the aged, blind or disabled. - Medicaid: Medical coverage provided to the disabled and needy. In many states, disabled people who receive SSI will also automatically qualify for Medicaid. - SNAP Food Assistance: State/county program that assists low income individuals and families in purchasing food. - Subsidized Housing (HUD/ Section 8): Assists with rent/housing costs. You will likely lose your needs-based public assistance benefits for a period of time if you accept a lump sum payment that causes you to exceed the program's income and resource limits. Likewise, if you give away part of your settlement as a gift or donation, you could also lose your SSI and/or Medicaid benefits for at least a time. Or, the government could seek reimbursement for benefits you've received. Please note that you must report any settlement you receive to your caseworker within 10 days of receiving the funds.
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IUL - Retirement
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From Full Time CRNA to CEO Income From Home
http://jerryvinsonblog.com/affiliate-marketing-programs/from-crna-to-ceo-income-from-home/ From full time CRNA (Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist) to CEO (Chief Executive Officer) income from home is my story how I went through 17 years of college, earning 4 degrees, so I could make a lot of money while having a life, ONLY to find that making a lot of money is worthless if you hate your life! Yes, I went to college for 17 years. I grew up thinking, like 95% of people, that I had to go to college each time I wanted to advance in my career or in my income. Why do people go to college? To learn how to do something that will make them an income so they can afford to live, right? College is becoming more and more expensive and the job market is becoming more and more saturated as the economy is creating lay offs, downsizing, or whatever business need to call it to be able to get rid of people so they can stay in business themselves. No matter where you work or what degree you have, there is no such thing as a "secure" career or "secure" job or a "secure" future. The best way to create your best future is to NOT rely on your JOB, your failing retirement plan, your failing government's social plans, or anything else that you have no control over. I was over $400,000 in debt when I graduated with my 4th degree and started working as a CRNA in January of 2007. That is an absolutely pitiful place to be in and I know of nobody who has been that far in debt myself and has become debt free or financial free by working at a JOB, even if they worked 40 plus hours a week for years. In 2012 I found out that I could learn from millionaires how to become a millionaire WITHOUT going back to school, WITHOUT going further into debt, WITHOUT having to go to study and take tests, and WITHOUT even having to leave my home. I now work part time in anesthesia because I have an incredible consulting business that I enjoy, and I work about an hour a day on my "supplemental" income that will soon be more than I make as a CRNA! If you are happy with your job then you are blessed. If you are happy with your income then you are blessed. If you would like an extra income from home that will turn out to be more than you can make working 40 plus hours a week for someone else, that requires less than an hour a day, that you can do in your spare time at home, then I will SHOW you exactly how you can do that quickly! Go to http://www.jerryvinsonblog.com and watch my other personal video about how joining with me on our team will help surround yourself with people who are doing everything to help people just like you create unlimited income from home instead of staying stuck in a rut living paycheck to paycheck and not being able to afford the time or money to do what you want, when you want, with whom you want. Then take action, get started on our team and open your unlimited potential! Stop struggling to advance up the corporate ladder to find that the ladder is leaning against the wrong wall. Stop trying to work up the corporate ladder when all you are going to do is have to work harder and more hours the further up the ladder you try to climb. Stop surrounding yourself with people who are trying to hold you back from your true unlimited potential and abundance that is provided for you when you are surrounded by happy, fun, empowering people who want you to succeed even more than you think you can right now. What would your life be like if you had to put one hour a day of effort into creating a $10K, $20K, or more, MONTHLY income? What would your life be like making over $10K a month working only 20 hours A MONTH, not 40 hours a week or more? You can create the income and lifestyle you desire and I will prove it to you when you join our team. I have the few proven steps that I use and that you can use yourself to create an incredible income from home. I am here to help people create their best future for themselves and for their family so they do not have to rely on a job, a failing retirement plan or their failing government to bail them out of debt or paycheck to paycheck living. Jerry Vinson http://www.jerryvinsonblog.com http://youtu.be/D4WQrjLFg7Y
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Retirement Planning for Dentists 2 of 3
Retirement Planning for Dentists 2 of 3 - by Monica Rebella, CPA
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Smart Money EP 33 - How To Plan Finances For Retirement? (3/3)
How to structure your portfolio? How to plan finances for retirement and children's future? In this segment of Smart Money, Monika Halan and Vivek Law help find solutions to all such financial queries. If you too have a query, write to Bloomberg TV India's Smart Money on smartmoney@btvin.com
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Military Retirement Benefit Seminar: James A  Lovell Medical Center
This video segment was filmed on Saturday August 24, 2013 at Parkhurst Army Reserve Center at 10S 100 S. Frontage Road in Darien, Ill. This video segment is part 2 of 7 segments for the entire seminar.
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Retirement villages allow you to plan your ageing, with Chris Baynes
Just over a hundred years ago, a ripe old age in Australia was 50. Medical advances have pushed that figure well into the 80's and 90's and now it means you can enjoy 20 to 30 years of retirement. But it also means you need to plan ahead to enjoy a good lifestyle. One attraction of retirement villages is being able to plan ahead with certainty. You can select a village, a region and a budget, knowing where you're going with some security. Consider these facts. The current life expectancy for Australian women is 84 years old. One in three people aged 65 today is likely to live until they're 95, which makes 60 the new middle age. Most people entering a nursing home are around 85 years old. While 20% of men see out their days in aged care, 40% of women do so. Which means women are twice as likely to spend their final days alone. And with advances in medical care, people are living longer, and spending more time in retirement. All of this means you need to ask yourself one vital question -- will I be able to afford to live that long? Most of us will have to make major adjustments to our retirement plans. We'll need to do it in our 60's if we're to enjoy a satisfying lifestyle in our 80's. You don't want to become a 'reactor' -- someone forced to change because of circumstances: perhaps your health has deteriorated or you've become overwhelmed by the family home. Often, these people miss out on their choice of lifestyle because they've left it to late. You want to take control of your future and plan ahead, perhaps move into a retirement village of your choice, one that offers the lifestyle you're looking for. Half of all Australian's aged 60 have less than $50,000 superannuation. The rest of their equity is usually tied up in the house, leaving just your pension to live on - $356 a week. If you're one of those people, how do you plan to enjoy a comfortable lifestyle for the next 20 or 30 years? Can you afford it? Retirement villages may offer a solution. But before you make a decision, we strongly advise you speak with the manager of any village your considering along with members of the retirement village association in your state. It's also a good idea to seek independent financial advice. All these people will have some good ideas you should consider. We do urge you to act, and act sooner rather than later. After all, the idea is to plan to age well.
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Smart Money- How To Plan A Corpus For Lifetime?
Is asset allocation in your portfolio correct? Is there enough corpus to last a lifetime? Mint Money's Monika Halan and Bloomberg TV India's Vivek Law answer queries on money management and good investment practices. www.btvin.com
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Portugal rolls out red carpet to foreign pensioners - #Focus
Portugal has a plan to get its battered economy back on the straight and narrow: encouraging pensioners from across Europe to move in. Those who have worked in the private sector prior to taking retirement can buy a home in Portugal and take advantage of a rule exempting them from income tax for ten years. It's certainly an attractive option - the only catch is that new arrivals must spend at least six months a year in the sun-drenched country. 11/13/2013 FOCUS. An exclusive in-depth report from a FRANCE24 correspondent, followed by comment and analysis with the author and the anchor in the newsroom in Paris. FRANCE 24 INTERNATIONAL NEWS 24/7 http://www.france24.com
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PNB Metlife 1)
Corporate Film
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If I Retire at Age 62 Will I Be Eligible for Medicare at that Time?
http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/ The answer is No. Medicare benefits start when you reach the age of sixty-five. You may wish to contact your State Health Insurance Assistance Program to discuss your options. In addition, you can go to eHealthinsurance.com to compare individual and family plans. For more Medicare FAQs please visit: http://www.ehealthmedicare.com/about-medicare/faq/
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Retirement Application Process
NVPERS is the Public Employees' Retirement System of Nevada, website: www.nvpers.org
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Malaysia Largest Insurance Solution Provider for Malaysia Individual Insurance (Personal Insurance)
ACPG MANAGEMENT SDN BHD Your Trusted Malaysia Largest Insurance Solution Provider in Malaysia Introducing ACPG Management Sdn Bhd insurance services............ During these solid 23 years of "hard ground" experiences, we ACPG have developed niche market product by designing policies that suits potential clients and not sell what the insurer has. These solid years of experience has earned us a reputation of providing "TOTAL INSURANCE SOLUTION" rather than "PROTECTION" as in the ordinary insurance provider. We have many successful schemes with proven track record and in the process of designing many more new products. We have a team of young, qualified and dynamic team in both head office and branches and are prepared to take upon any new challenges with the ever changing landscape of the insurance industries. Our vision, Mission, Guiding Principles, Core Values & Service Intent Statement OUR PURPOSE Our clients come to meet us with their insurance needs. We will fulfill these needs by designing and delivering sound professional advice and provide practical solutions. They can expect superior value and quality services at all times. We seek to build and treasure viable long-term relationships with all our clients. If we cannot meet their needs, we will explain why, offer alternatives and work to assure them that we have tried our best. OUR PHILOSOPHY We seek to build and have people who are adaptable, balanced, and competent. Just as we value strong and sustainable partnerships with our clients, so it is with our staff and our business associates. To achieve the sales target and become the Most Knowledgeable and Respectable Insurance intermediary by providing the best coverage to suit our clients need and to provide them sound professional advice before policy inception until claim settlement. To be the most Organized and Respectable Insurance Intermediary in this region. The Niche market player with "ONE STOP INSURANCE SERVICE ". Our service standard are beyond comparison and contract. OUR VISION A - Always one step ahead and always deliver what we promised. C - Can achieve better and committed deliver service. P - Professional knowledge base. G - Growth together and committed to our clients. MISSION STATEMENT Together, we are committed. To serve our customers as a dedicated and responsible Insurance advisor and solutions provider. To provide our employees with a dynamic work environment that will challenge, motivate and reward them. In all our journey to excellent, we aspire to set legend in the malaysia insurance industry. Your Risk, We Advise Your Claim, We Manage Your Problem, We Solve GUIDING PRINCIPLE Long term benefits should not be sacrificed for short term gains. VALUES 1. Integrity 2. Being Professional 3. Confront Problems Immediately 4. Pay Attention To Details To Achieve Perfection 5. Be Bold - Hiring Process - Product Development - People Development We (ACPG) offer professional services Personal (Individual) Insurance 1. Personal Accident/ Liability • Golfer's Insurance • Group PA • Traveller's Insurance • Motor Passenger PA • Personal Liability 2. Hospital & Surgical • Group Hospital Benefits • Hassle Free Admission Hospital & Surgical Plan (Medical Card) 3. Medical, Income, Retirement and Education • Disability Income Plan • Income Replacement Plan • Dread Disease Plan • Cash Less Payment Health & Medical Card Plan • Mortgage Liquidation Plan • Motor Vehicle Hire Purchase Liquidation Plan • Children Education Plan • Retirement Income Plan • Lady special Illness Protection Plan Business Insurance Services • Keyman Protection Plan • Partnership Protection Plan • Business Obligation Plan • Employee Benefit Plan • Investment Linked Plan Home Insurance House Insurance Home Content Insurance Theft, Burglary and Arm Robbery Insurance Private Car Insurance ACPG MANAGEMENT SDN BHD OFFICE LOCATED AT 158-3-7, BLOK 158, 3RD FLOOR, KOMPLEKS MALURI, JALAN JEJAKA, TAMAN MALURI, CHERAS, 55100 KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA. OFFICE CONTACT +603-9286 3323 FAX NUMBER +603-9282 3232 EMAIL ADDRESS enquiry@acpgconsultant.com ceo@acpgconsultant.com insurance@acpgconsultant.com HOMEPAGE www.acpgconsultant.com www.walkinonline.com/store/ACPG.php Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/acpg.management
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The truth about small business retirement plans
Jim Blasingame lists the top 3 reasons why small business owners don't fund a retirement plan. Small Business Advocate Website: smallbusinessadvocate.com About Jim: smallbusinessadvocate.com/about-jim
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Компьютеры Apple от альфы до омеги. Эволюция Macintosh
В этой серии документального фильма "Компьютеры Apple от альфы до омеги" мы рассказываем о том, как развивалась линейка Macintosh, когда компанию Apple возглавлял Джон Скалли. http://AppleInsider.ru | http://VK.com/AppleInsider Сайт: http://AppleInsider.ru Приложение в App Store: http://goo.gl/5Cyvi Твиттер: https://Twitter.com/AppleInsider_ru Группа ВК: http://VK.com/AppleInsider Страница в Facebook: http://Facebook.com/AppleInsider.ru
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Military Retirement Benefit Seminar: Aug. 24, 2013
Video was filmed on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at Parkhurst Army Reserve Center at 10S 100 S. Frontage Road, Darien, Ill.
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