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Prostate Cancer Treatment (03): Patterns of Spread
Alta Bates Summit Medical Center, Oakland and Berkeley, CA Prostate Cancer Treatment Options (03): Patterns of Spread Video for Men Recently Diagnosed with Prostate Cancer: The purpose of this video is to guide you through the stages of the disease, describe factors that affect prognosis, and discuss various treatments that may be appropriate for you. We don't endorse or recommend one course of treatment over another, but rather provide this information to help you understand your options before you consult with your doctors about your treatment plan. Please note that viewing this video online works best over a high speed Internet connection. If you'd prefer to receive a DVD copy, please call our office at (510) 869-8833.
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Thyroid, Bladder, and Prostate Cancer with Bone Metastases
For more information about the Issels Treatment, please visit our website: http://www.issels.com.
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New Treatments For Stage 4 Bony Metastases
In this video, Dr. David Margileth discusses the treatment strategy for stage 4 bony metastases. Click Here & Get The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/what-breast-cancer-questions-to-ask/# Breast Cancer Answers is a social media show where viewers submit a question and get the answer from an expert. Submit your question now at, http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ask. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk.  If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician.
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Prostate cancer  has spread to spine
To impoved quality of life by Operetion BIM
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Canadian surgical first to remove cancer from the liver performed at LHSC
A new surgical option to remove cancer from the liver has been performed for the first time in Canada at London Health Sciences Centre (LHSC). On April 23 Dr. Roberto Hernandez-Alejandro, surgeon, LHSC, completed the first of a two stage surgery to remove cancer from the liver. The second stage of the surgery was completed May 1. Formally called an associating liver partition and portal vein ligation for stage hepatectomy, or ALPPS procedure, the surgical first is that both stages of the hepatectomy, or removal of the liver, are completed in one week to ensure that cancer does not spread to other parts of the liver. Full story: http://www.lhsc.on.ca/About_Us/LHSC/Publications/Homepage/LiverFirst.htm
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Prostate Cancer
Earl was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 2008. He came to Issels in 2012. For more information about the Issels Treatment, please visit our website: http://www.issels.com.
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Bone Only Metastatic Breast Cancer, What Is The Best Approach?
In this video, Dr. David A. Margileth discusses the various approaches to dealing with bone-only metastatic breast cancer, including explanations of the advantages and disadvantages to each. Click Here & Get The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/what-breast-cancer-questions-to-ask/# Breast Cancer Answers is a social media show where viewers submit a question and get the answer from an expert. Submit your question now at, http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ask. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk.  If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician.
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Bony Metastasis In the Spine, Treatment Options
In this video, Dr. David A. Margileth discusses the causes and treatment options for cancer recurring along the spinal bone. Click Here & Get The 15 Breast Cancer Questions To Ask Your Doctor http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/what-breast-cancer-questions-to-ask/# Breast Cancer Answers is a social media show where viewers submit a question and get the answer from an expert. Submit your question now at, http://www.breastcanceranswers.com/ask. This information should not be relied upon as a substitute for personal medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Use the information provided on this site solely at your own risk.  If you have any concerns about your health, please consult with a physician.
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Glyconutrients - Dr. Norman Marvins
https://amzn.to/2wD9Z88 - Restore Your Health. Buy This Product Today! Listen to the revolutionary words of respected physician Dr. Norman G. Marvin, M.D., about the newly discovered, natural technology of glyconutrition (no prescription needed): "Due to its stimulation of the stem cells, many unrelated conditions have been shown to be reversed. These include cancer of various organ systems, even those with metastases. These include liver cancer, prostate cancer, pancreatic cancer, lung cancer and very aggressive cancers such as leiomyosarcoma. Other diseases include vascular abnormalities, diabetes, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis, ADD & ADHD, ALS (or Lou Gehrig's Disease), asthma, joint pain, cystic fibrosis, macular degeneration, brain aneurysm, depression/anxiety disorder, severe allergies, PMS, arthritis, and skin disease including psoriasis." (Even cases of multiple scloerosis have responded amazingly to glyconutrition. And Dr. Marvin says that he has not seen one case of fibromyalgia that has not been reversed.) Dr. Marvin's professional credentials: * Graduated University of Kansas with BS in Pharmacy, 1952 * Graduated University of Kansas School of Medicine, 1956 * Assistant Professor, University of Kansas Family Practice Department, 1975-1980 * Chairman of Family Medicine, Oral Roberts University, 1988-1989 * Member of American Academy of Family Physicians * Former Member of American Board of Family Practice * Former Member of American Board of Forensic Medicine * Former Member of American Board of Forensic Examiners * Private Practice in the area of Family Medicine, 1957-2005 Glyconutrients Dr. Norman Marvins, M.D. Glyconutrients Glyconutrient videos http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=plgkdB1EV8w https://amzn.to/2wD9Z88 - Restore Your Health. Buy This Product Today!
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Bone Metastasis
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Liver Cancer Awareness
Liver Cancer Awareness
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Impact of Bone Metastases on the Skeleton
The ninth video in the bone biology series illustrates biological and clinical effects of bone metastases or tumors.
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Hormonal Therapy and Prostate Cancer
Dr. Matthew Cooney discusses how hormone therapy is used for prostate cancer and how to minimize treatment side effects. http://prostatecancerletter.com/
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Austin CyberKnife: Cancer Treatment Overview of Prostate Cancer
Austin CyberKnife treats prostate cancer using stereotactic radiosurgery, a noninvasive method of treating tumors with high-dose radiation precisely aimed from different angles. Austin CyberKnife treats several different types of malignant and benign tumors in the brain, spine, lung, liver, pancreas, prostate, kidney and eye. The center offers the only CyberKnife technology in the greater Austin area. Contact Austin CyberKnife at (512) 324-8060 or visit www.austincyberknife.com for more information.
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Androgen deprivation therapy
https://www.andrologyaustralia.org/reproductive-problems/testosterone/ Androgen deprivation therapy is a treatment for advanced prostate cancer. If the prostate cancer is aggressive and has spread to other parts of the body, the standard treatment is removal of the male hormones which make the tumour grow. This treatment is called androgen deprivation therapy (ADT). ADT doesn't cure the cancer but it may help to keep the unwanted effects of the disease 'in check' for a period of time. The timing of starting ADT is a matter for judgement. Because of the significance of the side effects of ADT, many of which increase over time, and since there is little survival benefit from starting early rather than later, the issue is often balancing the risks of side-effects against the unwanted effects of the disease. What is androgen deprivation therapy (ADT), formerly called hormone therapy? The growth of normal prostate cells and prostate cancer cells relies on male hormones (androgens), the most important of which is testosterone. ADT acts by either stopping testosterone production or by blocking the action of testosterone, and its active form dihydrotestosterone (DHT), on the cells and tissues. What are the side-effects of ADT? Most men having ADT will have reduced libido (a lack of interest in sexual activity) and some trouble with getting or keeping erections. Other common side-effects include: - hot flushes -tiredness and sweating - gradual decrease in body hair - reduced bone substance and muscle strength, which worsen over time - cognitive changes such as changes in how well the memory works and difficulty with doing more than one thing at a time - liver function may be affected if taking tablet forms of ADT - some men gain weight and have some breast development and/or nipple soreness. More info here: https://www.andrologyaustralia.org/reproductive-problems/testosterone/
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What is Prostate Cancer? - Adenocarcinoma de prostata?
what is Adenocarcinoma de prostata? A cancer that starts in the prostate gland. Most common cause of death from cancer in men over the age of 75, very rare in men that are younger than 40 years old. http://hepatocellular-carcinoma.com/prostate/prostate-cancer-adenocarcinoma-de-prostata/ http://hepatocellular-carcinoma.com
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Breast Cancer Metastasized to Lung Tumors: Treated at Las Vegas Cyberknife
Maura Bivens, a patient of Comprehensive Cancer Centers of Nevada (CCCN), talks about her experiences being treated by CCCN's physicians and technologies such as Las Vegas Cyberknife at Summerlin. www.cyberknifeoflasvegas.com
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Introduction to Cancer Biology (Part 3): Tissue Invasion and Metastasis
Another common mechanism of cancer biology is the ability of malignant cells to migrate from their original site to organs throughout the body. This animation provides a closer look at how the EGFR pathway activates and modulates this process of metastasis. This animation is the third part of the series "An Introduction to Cancer Biology".
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Laparoscopic biposy of liver metastasis
60 years old male patient, liver metastasis of pancreatic tumour.
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How Cannabis oil Kills Cancer (SEE more at cureyourowncancer.org)
Since 1974 studies have shown that cannabis has anti-tumor effects. The results of the 1974 study, reported in an Aug. 18, 1974, Washington Post newspaper feature, were that cannabis's component, THC, "slowed the growth of lung cancers, breast cancers and a virus-induced leukemia in laboratory mice, and prolonged their lives by as much as 36 percent." In 1975 an article in the Journal of the National cancer institute titled "Antineoplastic Activity of Cannabinoids," they reported that "Lewis lung adenocarcinoma growth was retarded by the oral administration of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) and cannabinol (CBD). Mice treated for 20 consecutive days with THC and CBD had reduced primary tumor size." In 1998, a research team at Madrid's Complutense University Led by Dr. Manuel Guzman discovered that THC can selectively induce programmed cell death in brain tumor cells without negatively impacting surrounding healthy cells. They reported in the March 2002 issue of "Nature Medicine" they had destroyed incurable brain cancer tumors in rats by injecting them with THC. And in 2007 even Harvard Researchers found that compounds in cannabis cut the growth of lung cancer. There is also an organization called The SETH Group that showed compounds in cannabis can stop the growth of human glioblastoma multiforma (GBM) brain cancer cells. The SETH Group says "No chemotherapy can match this nontoxic anti-cancer action." Even last year in 2012 a pair of scientists at California Pacific Medical Center in San Francisco found THC stops metastasis in many kinds of aggressive cancer. - See more at: http://www.cureyourowncancer.org/lincolns-story-why-cyoc-started
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My Story Prostate Cancer Treatment episode 2
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FOCAL LESIONS in PROSTATE ( abscesses ? ) part 1c
by Dr Tahir A Siddqui ( consultant sonologist ) at Gujranwala, Pakistan
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An unheard of result with cancer
Terminal colon cancer with metastases to liver. Presented on death's door. Conventional doctors told him they had nothing to offer and discharged him from the ICU barely able to support his weight on his own legs, expecting him to pass on within a few weeks.
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Columbus CyberKnife: Cancer Treatment Overview of Liver and Pancreas Tumors
Columbus CyberKnife treats liver cancer and pancreas tumors using stereotactic radiosurgery, a noninvasive method of treating tumors with high-dose radiation precisely aimed from different angles. Columbus CyberKnife treats several different types of malignant and benign tumors in the brain, spine, lung, liver, pancreas, prostate, kidney and eye. The center provides the only CyberKnife technology in the greater Columbus area for treatment of cancerous and noncancerous tumors, as well as certain medical conditions and nerve disorders. Most insurance plans and Medicare are accepted. For more information, call (614) 898-8300 or visit www.ColumbusCK.com.
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Viruses linked to prostate cancer
Australian scientists have made an important discovery about prostate cancer.
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Natural Gift    -    Is Broccoli Juice: The cure to cancer??
Broccoli Juice: The cure to cancer Cancer Broccoli contains Vitamin E & glucoraphanin, which with the body processes into the anti-cancer compound sulforaphane. This compound rids the body H. pylori, a bacterium found to highly increase the risk of gastric cancer. Furthermore, broccoli contains indole-3-carbinol, a powerful antioxidant compound and anti-carcinogen found to not only hinder the growth of breast, cervical and prostate cancer, but also boosts liver function. Immune System One cup of broccoli bolsters the immune system with a large dose of beta-carotene. Trace minerals, such as zinc and selenium, further act to strengthen immune defense actions Diet Aid: Broccoli is high in fiber, which aids in digestion, prevents constipation, maintains low blood sugar, and curbs overeating. Furthermore, a cup of broccoli has as much protein as a cup of rice or corn with half the calories. Also it helps to lower blood pressure as well.. I love the stuff!!
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Dr. James Mohler Describes Advances in the Field of Prostate Cancer
James Mohler, MD, Associate Director and Senior-Vice President for Translational Research, Chair, Department of Urology, Professor of Oncology, Roswell Park Cancer Institute, describes the changes in prostate cancer knowledge from 10 years ago to today. Today, with the knowledge that androgen receptors become more sensitive and tumors produce testosterone on their own, oncologists can fight the cancer more effectively.
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C11 Choline PET Scan by Dr Eugene Kwon
Dr Kwon from Mayo Clinic discusses the newest imaging (FDA cleared Sept 2012) for prostate cancer metastases -- both bone & soft tissue. Copyright 2012 Prostate Cancer Research Institute. All Rights Reserved.
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David Emerson
David was diagnosed at age 42. His prostate cancer was aggressive and had metastasized to his bones and lymph nodes. In his blog he wrote: "... I've got it. My instant thought -- I do not want to die, this is harder than I ever expected, pray for me." Almost seven years later, David is fighting his cancer with vigor, participating in PCF-supported clinical trials for two new drugs: abiraterone (Zytiga) and XL184 (cabozantinib). He has also fought back by starting the Faith, Love, Hope, Win (FLHW) Foundation, raising more than $200,000 for PCF-sponsored research. David is a survivor advancing the field of prostate cancer research both through FLHW and his participation in clinical trials.
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Outsmart Your Cancer
-----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- Some experts believe this treatment may outperform every other cancer treatment that exists! Robert tried it and cured Stage Four stomach cancer Robert was 54 years old when he was diagnosed with Stage Four stomach cancer. The cancer had metastasized, or spread, to his bones, his liver and his lymphatic system. Doctors told him they couldn't cure the cancer but might be able to help him live a little longer. They recommended four aggressive chemotherapy drugs plus radiation, right away. -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- But Robert couldn't stand the idea of spending his last months enduring harsh treatments that would leave him feeling (and looking) worse than he already did. Instead, he wanted an alternative cancer therapy. And when he discovered this treatment was completely free of side effects, he decided to try it. Two months later, Robert returned for a stomach scan. The doctor couldn't believe what he saw: The tumor had shrunk 39 percent. And other tests revealed the cancer in his liver was completely gone! Six months after that, Robert's stomach cancer had vanished. Even the bone and lymphatic cancer disappeared! Amazed, the doctor declared his Stage Four stomach cancer "in remission." More than two years later, Robert is still cancer-free. -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- If you or a loved one ever needs this amazing treatment to cure cancer, it is readily available and surprisingly affordable. What's more, it may be the easiest-to-use cancer treatment on the planet! Cure virtually any cancer with an amazing liquid that you drink! That's right, the cancer treatment that cured Stage Four cancer is nothing more than a liquid that you drink. Instead of dramatically changing your diet or swallowing a bunch of pills, all you do is mix a little non-toxic liquid with water and drink it several times throughout the day. It's that easy. -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- Hundreds of patients have used this amazing liquid to send their cancers into remission. And many of these patients learned the secrets of getting and using this liquid from alternative cancer treatment expert Tanya Harter Pierce. Tanya has spent seven years studying how to properly use this liquid treatment to cure cancer. She is sought after by doctors the world over. She has shared her discoveries with countless cancer patients on the phone and in radio interviews. Now for the very first time, Tanya has revealed how you can get this treatment and use it at home to cure yourself or a loved one in Outsmart Your Cancer. The secrets inside have helped cancer patients use this liquid to cure virtually every kind of cancer: prostate, breast, liver, brain, kidney or colon cancer, even America's deadliest cancer— lung cancer. -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- Arch's lung cancer, tonsil cancer and neck cancer vanish! "I credit Outsmart Your Cancer with what seems to be a cure of my three cancers: lung, tonsil and neck. The section of the book dealing with [this liquid cancer treatment] and a recommendation by a doctor caused me to order and take this material. I was given a 15% chance of living by a panel of oncologists (cancer specialists); to date I have survived for more than three years with no evidence of cancer in repeated CAT-scans." — Arch, cancer survivor Pam's aggressive breast tumor gone! Pam's doctors told her she would die a "horrible death" if she refused their orders to get a mastectomy. But not only did Pam keep her breasts, she got her tumor to disappear at home. -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- "A doctor burst through the door after he read [my ultrasound], and he told me this was the fastest-growing, most aggressive cancer he had ever seen. It had spread all through my breast. Outsmart Your Cancer was what I depended on to get me through this situation and know what to do with [this liquid cancer treatment]... Everything I needed was there and it was a Godsend. The last scans that I had... they couldn't find any cancer." — Pam, cancer survivor -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/----- John's melanoma disappears! John had surgery to remove melanoma from his back. After one of John's lymph nodes tested positive for cancer, his oncologist told him he needed interferon or the cancer would spread. "My oncologist... told me originally that I would have a 35% chance of [melanoma] going to internal organs through my bloodstream, and after the Interferon it would only go down to about 33%. I would be bedridden for up to a year. So I went for [the liquid cancer treatment]. I've been taking that for a year now. My last test did not find any cancer." — John, cancer survivor -----http://fbee3g-1n-1rd2a4dahbz2nsv0.hop.clickbank.net/-----
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Coffee Reduces Risk Of Prostate Cancer?
http://www.arthritistreatmentcenter.com Heavy Coffee Drinkers May Have Reduced Risk For Prostate Cancer Nicole Ostrow writing in Bloomberg News reported that men who consumed "six or more" cups of regular or decaffeinated coffee also had a "60 percent lower risk of developing deadly metastatic prostate cancer," and one to three cups "cut the risk of lethal prostate cancer by 30 percent." The findings suggest "non-caffeine elements in coffee" may provide the benefit. Coffee contains "compounds that can reduce inflammation," the study authors noted. According to Steven Reinberg in Healthday, lead researcher Kathryn Wilson, PhD, pointed out that coffee is a "major source of antioxidants that might have anti-cancer effects,"
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The Biology of Metastatic Bone Disease
An exploration of how cancer spreads to bone and the three different classifications of bone metastases.
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St. Louis CyberKnife: Cancer Treatment Overview of Spine and Spinal Cord Tumors
The CyberKnife treats spinal tumors aggressively with high-dose radiation that doesn't require a rigid metal frame attached to the patient's skeleton like other radiosurgical systems. This is made possible by an advanced imaging system that tracks the tumor location during treatment procedures. Most spinal tumors are metastases -- tumors that have spread from cancer in another part of the patient's body, usually breast, prostate or lung cancer. St. Louis CyberKnife treats several different types of malignant and benign tumors in the brain, spine, lung, liver, pancreas, prostate, kidney and eye. Contact St. Louis CyberKnife at (636) 496-4660 or visit www.stlouiscyberknife.com for more information..
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George Taliaferro, Prostate Cancer Story
Bunmi Moore 443-864-9440 My friend George helped Mr. Taliaferro by helping him get powerful nutritional supplements. When the body gets what it needs, the body can heal itself. Check out our 90 For Life. The 90 nutrients that everyones body needs for optimal health. If you love helping people, you definitely want to check out the business opportunity attached to our Youngevity nutritional products. Call me today to find out more. 443-864-9440
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Preventicum Ultrasound Scanning
Ultrasound examinations: Carotid arteries, liver, gallbladder, biliary tree, pancreas, kidneys, spleen, uterus, ovaries, urinary bladder, prostate.
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Issels Therapy
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Amla vs. Cancer Cell Invasion
Subscribe to Dr. Greger’s free nutrition newsletter at https://www.nutritionfacts.org/subscribe and get a free recipe from his new HOW NOT TO DIE COOKBOOK. (All proceeds Dr. Greger receives from the sales of his books, DVDs, and speaking engagements go to support the 501c3 nonprofit that runs NutritionFacts.org.) DESCRIPTION: Indian gooseberries (amla) block breast cancer cell growth and metastasis potential in vitro. Have a question about this video? Leave it in the comment section at http://nutritionfacts.org/videos/amla-versus-cancer-cell-invasion/ and I'll try to answer it! Please feel free to post any ask-the-doctor type questions here in the comments section and I'd be happy to try to answer them. Be sure to check back for the other videos on amla (http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/amla/) and don't miss all the videos on breast cancer (http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/breast-cancer/). And there are 1,449 subjects (http://nutritionfacts.org/topics/) covered in the rest of my videos--please feel free to explore them! Also, please check out my associated blog post http://nutritionfacts.org/blog/2012/01/17/amla-indian-gooseberries-versus-cancer-diabetes-and-cholesterol/ http://www.NutritionFacts.org • Subscribe: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/subscribe • Donate: http://www.NutritionFacts.org/donate • HOW NOT TO DIE: http://nutritionfacts.org/book • Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/NutritionFacts.org • Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/nutrition_facts • Instagram: http://instagram.com/nutrition_facts_org/ • Google+: https://plus.google.com/+NutritionfactsOrgMD • Podcast: http://nutritionfacts.org/audio/
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NGPDT - Multiple Tumour Cancer Patient Interview (PDT Cancer Treatment)
NextGenerationPDT - Patient with spread of cancer from lungs to several other sites. Interview conducted after first round of NGPDT Treatment. Patient was treated with interstitial laser therapy as part of her customized cancer treatment protocol. www.NextGenerationPDT.com
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Hemorrhoids, painful spine and prostate cancer healing - John Mellor Australian Healing Evangelist
Hemorrhoids, painful spine and prostate cancer healing at Melbourne - John Mellor Australian Healing Evangelist. http://www.johnmellor.org
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Prostate Cancer Alternative Treatments
www.hifu.ca Traditional treatments for prostate cancer are generally surgery (radical prostatectomy) or radiation. For men with organ confined prostate cancer, an alternative treatment option is HIFU - High Intensity Focused Ultrasound. This safe and effective option is non-surgical, non-invasive and results in fewer significant side effects.
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Chapter 6 Prostate Cancer - Dennis Richard -- Your Health is Your Choice
I eliminated all symptoms, myself, in just three months. Understanding how simple health can be! Jackie Lee interviews Dennis about his new book.
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Rectal Liver Cancer: Do Not Believe the Prognosis
USG, CT scan, and PET scan do not tell the same story. Doctor said: 6 months to live.
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Dr. Rotkowitz Describes Challenges Facing Immunotherapy
Michael Rotkowitz, MD, medical oncologist, Cancer Treatment Centers of America, Eastern Regional Medical Center, says that one of the main challenges and a leading goal of immunotherapy research is measuring response to justify the administration. The scrutiny surrounding the immunotherapy sipuleucel-T (Provenge) stems from the fact that there is no tool to monitor response. Despite this scrutiny, other immunotherapies are also being researched for prostate cancer, including ipilimumab, GVAX, and PROSTAVAC. Ipilimumab is being studied in a phase III trial compared to placebo in treatment-resistant metastatic prostate cancer patients. GVAX was examined in a phase III trial comparing it to docetaxel plus prednisone for men with asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic castration-resistant prostate cancer (CRPC). The trial showed that the toxicity profile of GVAX was favorable to the combination arm but survival was not significantly improved. The examination of PROSTVAC for asymptomatic or minimally symptomatic CRPC is underway in a phase III trial and uses pox viral vectors to stimulate the immune system.
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Jennifer Greene - Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer
Diagnosed with MBC at the young age of 32, I'm spreading my story far and wide to raise true awareness of this horrific disease. During this month of 'Pink-tober', please do your research and PINK RESPONSIBLY! To read more of my story, please visit the MetaVivor blog at: http://metavivor-blog.com/blog/teens-to-40/jenns-story-september-2012/ For more info or to help, please visit my GiveForward page at: http://www.giveforward.com/jennifergreene To see my professional website for my former singing career, please visit: http://www.jennifersgreene.com/Welcome.html
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Peer Exchange Discussion About Robotic-Assisted Laparoscopic Radical Prostatectomies
There are multiple treatment options available for men diagnosed with prostate cancer, including robotic-assisted laparoscopic prostatectomy (RALP). This Peer Exchange discussion addresses the use of RALP and contains options from Mark S. Austenfeld, MD, and E. David Crawford, MD. To view more, visit http://www.onclive.com/peer-exchange/prostate
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Resection of right hemidiaphragm involved with metastatic ovarian cancer
Laparoscopic resection of right hemidiaphragmatic tumor
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Metastatic Spine Tumours.mpg
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Invasive Breast Cancer with Lung Metastases - 5 years after the Issels Treatment
Exactly 5 years after she started the Issels Treatment, Jacinta McShane came back for a follow-up visit in 2012. She is in very good condition and leads a normal life. You can watch Jacinta's video from 2 years ago: http://youtu.be/0_WOrMupXRI
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Small Gastric Cancer with Signet Ring Cell
Small Gastric Cancer with Signet Ring Cell Signet-ring cell carcinoma (SRCC), a unique subtype of mucin-producing adenocarcinoma, can arise from virtually all organs. However, more than 90% of cases of human SRCCs arise from the stomach, breast, and colon In the breast, most cases of SRCC are infiltrating lobular carcinoma, and a minority of cases are infiltrating ductal carcinoma. Breast SRCC shows a distinctive systemic metastatic pattern. A statistically significant greater frequency of metastatic breast SRCC can be found in the peritoneum, gastrointestinal tract, lung, and gynecologic organs than other cases of breast carcinoma. Intra-abdominal metastases tend to involve the serosal surface, retroperitoneum, gastric mucosa, and ovaries. Gastric SRCC preferentially involves lymph nodes and peritoneal surfaces. Colon SRCC is notorious for its diffuse intramural infiltration, with lymph node involvement and peritoneal surface metastasis. Because SRCCs from other peritoneal organs (such as bladder, ovary, uterus, and prostate) are uncommon, most cases of intraabdominal and intralymphatic SRCC are metastases from the stomach, breast, or colon.
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