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Upper Case Caps Lock on the Computer Fucked
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HP dv5000 notebook PC Caps Lock issue
Showing my HP dv5030 laptop issue with the Caps Lock key stuck in reverse mode. Pressing the right Shift Key (under Enter) and then Caps Lock seems to reset the button, worked in my case, answer found at this forum: http://forum.notebookreview.com/showthread.php?t=77261
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Caps lock lol
Me playing with windows 7 voice recognition software
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Enable Caps Lock on iPhone or iPod Touch
This video will show you how to enable Caps Lock on your iPhone or iPod Touch
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Caps Lock on the iPhone
Caps Lock on the iPhone
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Goodbye Caps Lock
Watch my caps lock key get owned.
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Wine or Beer Bottle Puzzle - How to get IN- CreativeCrafthouse
A FUN way to present a bottle. It is trapped in the puzzle until you can solve it. There are 3 sizes avail; one for a full size wine bottle, one for a beer bottle or half wine bottle, and one for a mini bottle. This video shows how to get the bottle into the puzzle. AVAILABLE AT http://www.creativecrafthouse.com/index.php?main_page=advanced_search_result&search_in_description=1&keyword=BEER+BOTTLE
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Hidden Characters On iPhone Keyboard!
http://uniqueapps.com Heres a video showing you some of the hidden characters on the iPhone keyboard. I dont use these characters often, but its a nice little tip to know. Have an awesome day, Ryan
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Fallout 3 locked door FAIL
At this point of the game I was quite low level and encountered a Deathclaw, which kept killing me with ease. Upon loading the game for the 6th time or so, I explored a little and discovered a fenced off shelter (think it was a place with electric generators). I assumed that non-human NPCs couldnt open doors, so my plan was to attract the foul creature and close the door, then torment and pepper it with bullets at my own leisure. Needless to say, when I saw the door magically unlock and open I pretty much shat myself. Hilarity ensures.
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http://www.rollnlock.com Video of a thief trying to break into one of the most secure tonneau covers made. Roll-N-Lock manufactures vinyl-over-aluminum retractable truck bed covers for most pickups. Truck Bed Secured! Visit us on the web to locate a dealer at http://www.rollnlock.com
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FALLOUT 3 - Lock glitch
-----EDIT This glitch is used when you are ATTEMPTING TO NORMALLY PICK THE LOCK and you "accidentally" break the pin, in which case it is able to be ANYWAY. Use this glitch to access any lock because lets face it..We don't wanna fidget with a damn bobby pin, so snap it and force it. Done. Found by myself © 2009 SimpleWalkthroughs Inc.
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Scott Heinle VS a locking gas cap
He's from Iowa, what do you want!??!
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Virus Lock
Virus Lock from the Locklegion made in Spore
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Slick Rick - Behind Bars
Music video by Slick Rick performing Behind Bars. (C) 1994 The Island Def Jam Music Group
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How to remove the Push Nuts on power wheels and other kid toys
In this video, I show you how to remove the little push nuts found on power wheels, radio flyer wagons, little tykes, and other kid toy vehicles. These can be both easy and a pain, even if you know how to do it. hopefully, this will make it easier for you to remove them if you follow my help.
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How to Separate Two Glasses That Are Stuck Together
Watch more Housekeeping Tips videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/173677-How-to-Separate-Two-Glasses-That-Are-Stuck-Together Step 1: Turn on the tap Fill the top glass with ice water; the cold will make the glass molecules contract. Tip Add salt to the ice water to chill it faster. Step 2: Switch to hot water With the top glass still full of ice water, run hot water over the bottom glass, or place it in a few inches of hot water. The heat makes the bottom glass expand. Step 3: Do the twist Gently twist the two glasses; they should come apart easily. Step 4: Adjust temperatures Still stuck? Try colder water, or keep the bottom glass submerged in the hot water a little longer. Unsticking them can take anywhere from one to 10 minutes, depending on the glasses. Did You Know? One ton of glass consists of 1,300 pounds of sand and 380 pounds of limestone.
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dumbell collars: Spinlock Dumbbells
The fourth video in my Dumbbell collars series showing the spin lock collar dumbbell system.
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Knee Motion Video Anatomy
Dr. Walter H. Schmitt is a graduate of Duke University (1970) and the National College of Chiropractic (1974) and practices in Chapel Hill, North Carolina. He was the first doctor to hold diplomate status in both applied kinesiology and chiropractic neurology. Dr. Schmitt is the author of two books for professionals, Common Glandular Dysfunctions in the General Practice (1981) and Compiled Notes on Clinical Nutritional Products (second edition, 1990) and one book for the public, Stop Your Pain Now! (2000). With Dr. Kerry McCord, he is the coauthor of QUINTESSENTIAL APPLICATIONS: A(K) Clinical Protocol (2005). He has authored 70 papers for ICAK meetings and has published over 30 papers in chiropractic trade journals and peer reviewed journals. He serves on the Editorial Review Board of the journal Alternative Medicine Review. His unique clinical approach is based on the blending of applied kinesiology, chiropractic neurology, and nutritional biochemistry in a format that makes physiology come to life for both doctors and their patients.
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The locksmith tools for car lock repair
MULTI-PURPOSE FACE CAR TOOL,more information please visit this link : http://www.keymam.com/product_view.asp?pid=390
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Funny caps lock virus
Here's the code I promised, just copy, paste, and save it as anythingyouwant.vbs IT MUST HAVE .vbs Set wshShell =wscript.CreateObject("WScript.Shell") do wscript.sleep 100 wshshell.sendkeys "{CAPSLOCK}" loop There you go, enjoy!!!
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How to Escape from Handcuffs
Like these Magic lessons !!! Check out the official app http://apple.co/1L2R6LR Magician Essentials: Deck of Cards: http://amzn.to/1IPakDj $1 Coin: http://amzn.to/1AoWqok Magic Cane: http://amzn.to/1R9SXhJ Appearing Flowers: http://amzn.to/1EnBklz Magic Handkerchief: http://amzn.to/1AjCLqm Disappearing Coins: http://amzn.to/1F1xora Bite Out Coin Trick: http://amzn.to/1doN55Z Magic Wand: http://amzn.to/1Fsuf78 Watch more How to Do Easy Magic Tricks videos: http://www.howcast.com/videos/273765-How-to-Escape-from-Handcuffs Kick off your career as a daring escape artist with these simple tips. Warning Attempting to escape from police custody is illegal. Never use these tips to evade arrest. Step 1: Don't let them close tightly Push your arms towards the person putting the cuffs on you so that they close around your forearms instead of your wrists. Then slide your hands out of the loose cuffs. Step 2: Use a key You can also use a key to escape. Most handcuffs use one type of key that can be purchased online or at a gun store. Hide the key on your body or around the performance area, and simply unlock the cuffs when it's time to escape. Tip Some escape artists have an assistant covertly pass them a key during a last-minute good-luck handshake. Step 3: Shim the lock Try pushing a small, thin piece of metal, called a shim, in between the teeth and the locking mechanism inside the cuff. Leaving the shim in, turn your wrist to push open the handcuffs. Tip The shim should be wider than a bobby pin or a paper clip. Try the metal clip from a pen cap. Step 4: Get a pin or paper clip You can even pick the lock. Straighten a bobby pin or paper clip. Peel off the protective plastic tips if you're using a bobby pin. Then, bend one tip of the pin or clip so that it looks like a hand crank. Step 5: Pick the lock Insert the tip of the pin or clip into the straight part at the edge of the keyhole, and gently push down toward the side where the handcuffs will open. Use the leverage to release the ratchet and unlock the cuffs. Step 6: Pick a double lock If they're double-lock cuffs, insert the pin in the keyhole on the side opposite of where the handcuffs will open, and push down to release the double lock. Then turn the pin around to release the ratchet and open the cuffs. Now take a bow; you're officially an escape artist! Did You Know? The art of escaping restraints or other traps is called escapology.
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Kanye West - Love Lockdown
Best of Kanye West: https://goo.gl/2FXUVW Subscribe here: https://goo.gl/AgJE59 Music video by Kanye West performing Love Lockdown. YouTube view counts pre-VEVO: 18,944,047. (C) 2008 Roc-A-Fella Records, LLC
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Scroll Lock
Another key on your computer keyboard.
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How To Fix The Keyboard Number/Letter key Problem! (For Laptops only!)
I finally found a solution for this annoying problem. Check out the video to find out how!
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R.H.U Blasting caps
Song about The restricted housing unit also known as the "hole" in your popular lexicon and stupid television shows. This is the place where the the living are buried, sometimes correctly...usually not. You are locked away 23 hours a day five days a week, 24 hours on saturday and sunday. This typically is incurred after an alleged infraction of the prison rules. This song talks about the futility of this situation and its petty enforcers. Line up on this was Rob-drums Aaron-guitar and vox Ira "i am not jewish" weinglass-bass
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Baby Proof with the Door Top Lock
Demonstration of installation and use of the Deluxe Door Top lock. Keep young kids away from dangerous areas.
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Using "Cord Locks" for Lanyards...
This video was requested by a viewer who needed some help using his cord locks on his lanyards...You can find these specific cord ends at countycomm, here is a link: http://www.countycomm.com/CORDLOCK.htm
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Are You A Baller Yet? - Yoli Business Opportunity! Learn All About Yoli Baller Blast Caps!
http://NowLetsGo.com --- Blast Cap Ballers' Home Page The Yoli Blast Cap Ballers Are Producing Six Figure Yoli Distributors BEFORE Launch! 1. Yoli Insider Secrets? Confidential Yoli Video Tells All Watch This Before They Shut It Down 2. Discover The MLM Truth. 97% Fail. Powerful System Cures MLM Pain. 3. "Yoli MLM Pre-Launch" Direct Mentoring by Top Leader Lock In High Yoli Position Today! Search Results 1. Introducing Blast Cap News dot com for Network Marketing ... Jun 6, 2009 ... And because of our respect for these two wonderful gents and our enthusiasm to see their new Yoli Blast Cap MLM opportunity succeed, ... 2. Yoli Blast Cap Send an email to Yoli Blast Cap in the subject line to get you position locked in for free & also get a download 2 getweb ... 3. Yoli Blast Caps MLM (blastcaps) Growing a team of leaders to give everyone an opportunity to live, grow and prosper while improving their health. 4. Video results for yoli blast cap Yoli Blast Cap Review, Yoli Opportunity Explained Yoli Blast Caps MLM brings new life to social ... Yoli Blast Cap Drinks Will the "juice" MLM business be changed ... Yoli - Changing Lives, One Blast Cap At A Time. As an independent distributor for Yoli, I'm excited to be a part of a team that is bringing this unique ... 6. Yoli Truth Blast Cap Drinkbringing Acai, Pomegranate and Goji ... Jul 15, 2009 ... It is expected to be officially announced within the next day or 2 that the first Yoli Blast Cap Drink released by Yoli will be the Yoli ... 7. Yoli Blast Caps | Get An Insiders Look Into This MLM Opp Jun 24, 2009 ... Yoli Blast Cap technology will revolutionize the way we all consume our nutrition. Find out how you can profit with this business ...- Similar 8. True Blast Cap on Flickr - Photo Sharing! Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged with yoli blast cap yoli blast cap · Click this icon to see all public photos and videos tagged ... - Cached - Similar 9. yoli blast cap : : Brought to you by: My Video Portal Video Download Site Script (Video CMS : Video Content Management Software) - Create your own niche video content website with My Video Portal. 10. Blast Cap Technology For almost three decades, Blast Cap Technologies inventor has been a ... Blast Cap Technologies; People, Products, Prosperity. New Product Launch YOLI ...
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Dutch Bicycle Wheel Lock and Basket
Recorded on October 24, 2009 using a Flip Video camcorder.
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How to lock individual apps
lock any app inside your phone!
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Fallout 3 -  Vault 101 Secret
"Secret" I found when I was leaving Vault 101. E: Just for the record, I didn't know about the "Back to 101" quest when I did this video.
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sumn slight for the holidays[old]
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HitchSafe Demo, hitch plug, hitch plugs, trailer hitch plug, trailer hitch plugs
Demo Presentation prepared for a TV shopping network show for approval. hitch plug, hitch plugs, trailer hitch plug, trailer hitch plugs, hitch insert, trailer hitch insert, hitch cap, trailer hitch receiver cover, trailer hitch cap, hitch caps
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D-Magic - Lock Em In Da Trunk
D-Magic - Lock Em In Da Trunk Westwood Niggaz ChooseHighQuality: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6GpHx15DD20&fmt=18
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Laptop lock out chips
Yes caller they do exist, but only to prevent a person from installing third party Operating Systems.
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Knee Massage: Do It while You View It
http://SelfMassageForAthletes.com. Massage away muscle pain and soreness from your knees. Learn massage techniques that will prevent injuries and have your knees screaming with pleasure or at least feeling better fast. From the author of "Self-Massage for Athletes" the #1 self-massage book in the world. For more information on the human knee take a look at Wickipedia’s articles on the knee http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Knee.
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Fallout 3 Cheats (PC)
0l'Painless Entry Location: Republic of Dave When you first arrive at the front gate there will be a child that will take you to Dave, after you finish talking to Dave, kill him and take his key and use it to open the safe right next to him. In the safe there will be a rifle that is called the 0l'painless. the rifle does 21 damage but it's way better than the sniper and a lot easier to repair and find ammo for it. The console DOES work Entry Location: Here's how. I've been searching forever, well I solved it through a few websites. First off, it has problems in vista, and this is usually do to the Infared receiver, this was the case for me. Start-Constrol Panel (Make sure view is in classic view)-Device Manager-Human Interface devices-Right click on the Infared receiver and click disable Now try... If that doesn't work, go and download this mod http://www.fallout3nexus.com/downloads/file.php?id=1711 With that mod you can buy goggles that open the console. Good luck and I hope this solved some issues. Happy cheating! Cheat Input Button Entry Location: During Game On most cheat websites, such as his one say that to open up the cheat console you have to press (~) but on my laptop and computer it is the (`) key (Left of 1 and above tab) Phony Cheat Codes Entry Location: (~) Cheat codes are being submitted by everyone saying that if you hit the tilde (~) key during Fallout 3 you can then input various cheat codes. This is false. The tilde (~) does not bring up any screen for you to enter cheat codes. It does NOT allow you to enter cheat codes. This is phony information being submitted by who knows who concerning this game. Fallout 3 Leveling Guide Use our Fallout 3 Basic Leveling Guide to create that dreamy powerhouse Vault Dweller you've always wanted to have. Either that, or use it for tips on how to craft your second, "evil character" after you've beaten the game the first time. More Cap/Pins And Other Cheats Press the ~ (tilda) key. Then type: player.additem 0000000F X (x is the # of caps you want) player.additem 0000000A X (x is the # of pins you want) addspecialpoints # - add # special points advlevel - Advance one level ttm1 - All mapmarkers set timescale to # - Alters the speed in which the in-game time passes. Kill - Automatically kill the target you selected in Console Mode player.modScale /1 or -1/ - Become a giant! 1 = giant ; -1 =normal ShowNameMenu - Change your name for free, no court fees! player.setlevel # - changes leve to #, doesn't affect anything else. modpca (s.p.e.c.i.a.l) # - changes the chosen stat by adding the given number. e.g. lmodpca luck 3 would take your 5 luck to 8. GetQuestComplete/GetQC - Complete all quest items GetQuestCompleted - complete current quest CompleteAllObjectives / CompleteQuest - Complete quest objectives player.ForceAV - Directly set your skill values. DisableAllMines - Disables mines getXPfornextlevel - displays xp needed for next level SetPCYoung - Everyone wants to be a kid again! SexChange - Go ahead, be a transvestite, i won't ask any questions tgm - God Mode player.PlaceAtMe - I'm working on finding and making an ObjectID list, but for now, just use the ones we know: 000000A(Pins) & 000000F(money) CloseAllMenus - Just in case... player.modav skill # - Modifies player's desired skill. (player.modav luck 10) EnablePlayerControls - Move around during "locked" cinematics movetoqt - Moves the player to the current quest marker tcl - No clipping mode showracemenu - open the character creation screen player.modav actionpoints # - Permanently modifies players max action points. player.modav carryweight # - Permanently modifies players max weight. player.additem 0000000F "XXX" - Replace "XXX" with the amount of caps(money) you want. rewardxp xxx - Replace xxx with the number of experience points to receive ResetQuest - Resets a quest... assuming you would want to do such a thing? resurrect - revives dead target rewardKarma # - reward # karma points to player setspecialpoints # - set the number of special points to # player.setav # - Sets skill level to #. Max 100. this sets all skill bonuses but those from gear, tag skills, or attributes. player.setav # - Sets the typed attribute to the number provided. (1-10) AddPerk - That's right! Get any perk you want, any and/or all. tfc - toggles free camera mode (useful for character screenshots) tm - turns off/on the HUD (useful for character screenshots) unlock - Unlocks any selected physical lock (doors, chests, etc) and terminals. RewardXP - Use this to reward yourself some xp MoveToQuestTarget/movetoqt - Warp to your quest' target location
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Locked Up HP Photosmart C8180 Flashing Lights
From time to time, my HP Photosmart C8180 locks up with all the lights Flashing so i captured it and uploaded a video from my mobile phone to see if anyone else has seen it, or knows of a fix
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Emerson Landa -  dança lock no natal_mpeg4.mp4
Baixou o espirito do breakdance no home, vê ai o resultado. rsssssssssssss......
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Lock iPhone Applications Using Lockdown
http://www.iphonereplacementparts.com Got A Broken iPhone? Lost A Sim Tray? Check Out My Website http://www.blogipodtouch.com - Blog Website This Video Is Going To Show You How To Lock Your Applications Using The App Lockdown. Want A Lifetime Membership For Unlimited Music, Movies, Tv Shows, Music Videos And Games? Check This Website Out! http://www.munchoo.com
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How to stop automatic capitalization in a presentation PowerPoint
http://www.Mhelp4u.com - The world's largest free Microsoft video-clip help library with over 4000 video-clips. http://www.mhelp4u.com has thousands of help & training videos for Microsoft including: Windows 7, Windows Vista, Windows Administrator 2000 & Windows 98. Microsoft Office 2010, 2007, 2003 & 2000. All videos are fully indexed and searchable and it's 100% free!
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How to open a Grolsch swing-top cap the professional way.
I don't have it any more but I had a very crappy job. I opened bottles with the famous swing-top cap in the Grolsch brewery. I know it sounds like a joke but I ACTUALLY opened bottles all day. Up too 120 crates an hour. We used up about 8 pair of working gloves every day. I could snap a grown mans neck with one hand in those days. ;^) Me and about 20 others opened crates with these bottles by hand that came back empty and had to be cleaned and refilled. Here is the kicker: Installing the machine that could do that would hinder the production 3 days. That machine had been sitting there for 3 years without work because they did not have that 3 day window yet. The brewery has been blown up. A firework depot near it exploded and the new factory has been placed elsewhere. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S52p2AMISFk& Yeah life is stranger than fiction.
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coaxial terminator
this video shows the real terminator that can be used for terminating the signal
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Gas door magnet hack
The plastic "spring" on my Toyota Camry's gas door broke, so I replaced it with two repelling stacks of neodymium magnets. Much cooler than a spring! MAGNETS Thanks to Jeri for the magnets; the thin discs were perfect for this.
Просмотров: 9134 Chris Daniel
Ice-T - Pulse Of The Rhyme (w/ Lyrics)
Ice-T - Pulse Of The Rhyme Lyrics: Just checkin' my microphone once As I check your audio Increase the bass response Hope n the speakers blow I got no time to sit and flip And pop bullshit Turn up your stereo hops Insert the rhyme clip Roll your windows up Make sure it's air tight E.Q. the track exact So shit sounds right I rhyme of death And darkness and danger Your crib or car Becomes a torture chamber I write my rhymes with violence What you expect? Sounds of pain The snap of a broken neck All alone in darkness I sit each night Write my rhymes With blood upon a butcher knife You say the Ice is ill, and ill I am They try to ban my shit And I don't give a damn Roll up, your eye will get swoll up Suckers who flexed Yo, their deaths got tolled up Cause I'm not the nigga to toy with Boy with the big mouth Ya got time to riff? There's time to take you out Put a couple caps in your ass Cut your head off Send it to your mom with flowers Cause I'm so soft Lay on your wack crew Smoke the whole bunch Bury 'em in my bck yard And then I'll eat lunch Cause I don't give a fuck about you Or him or her Whenever I'm in the house A death just might occur Is this real or fiction You'll never know [CHORUS] While you're locked to the Pulse of the rhyme flow! Once I lock you up, you can't get loose You put your head inside And I placed the noose The mic drips juice slow From its steel mesh My words feel like hooks Underneath your flesh Makin' you twist and turn Scorch and burn, when will you learn? The '90s are my turn To pitch a vocal fit, like the ultimate Gangster rhyme, yo, I invented the shit! Watch me dod it, as I do it And I do it right Grab the gauge Duct tape on the flashlight Doin' the black ski mask And come to your house Cut off your power And do you with the lights out! Is this real or fiction? You'll never know [CHORUS] A pool of blood and floating body parts Would make me grin A close view of a razor When it's breaking skin If you were burnin' I'd use gasoline to put you out Cause I walk alone And choose the dark route Nightmares gotta be loved by some And I'm the one Ya wanna come, bring your shotgun You ever see your partner die? No? Well I have! You ever see your father die? No? Well I have! You ever see your mother die? No? Well I have! So shut the fuck up, punk And clear the rhyme path! What would make meel calm and nice Is a slow slice Through your jugular and windpipe Throw me in jail I won't even try to make bail Put me in the gas chamber And watch me inhale! Is this true or false? Well you'll never know [CHORUS] Jason, Tales from the Crypt And the Dark Side Another fly murder, another suicide Did these flicks Have an influence on my brain? I really doubt that shit I think that I was born insane When I was young I had a lust for knives and guns Use a magnifying glass To fry an ant with the sun And on and on My lust for death got bigger At fifteen I was placed behind a trigger Although I'm dirty Not the one to be swept up step up, I'd love to open your chest up I've got no concept of life or death All I want is your last breath Give me a motherfuckin' break I should behave Give me a motherfuckin' shovel I'll dig graves! I break ill in extra large portions where's your parents I'll make you an orphan So when you're talkin' crazy You better think of me The I, to the C, to the E, to the fuckin' T! There'll be no tears No screams or cries, just a laser beam Between your fuckin' eyes You feel strange well now you know [CHORUS]
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grande punto tailgate lock release
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How to fix a roller blind chain that has come off its track
http://www.blockoutblinds.com.au/how-to-fix-a-broken-roller-blind-chain/ - A lot of people use different kinds of blinds in their home for its practicality and convenience. It is also an unavoidable fact that sometimes the chain will come off and the blind ends up being either difficult to use or worse, it just won't operate correctly. Now if you're one of those who have blinds equipped with a grate chain, then here's a little instructional video that can help you fix that blind without too much trouble. Video Highlights: 00:16 - How a roller blind chain usually gets broken 00:52 - Take the blind off the bracket first 01:39 - Put the chain back into the control mechanism 03:08 - Insert the cap back into the roller tube 03:21 - Put the blind back up on the bracket Find high-quality blinds and professional service - http://www.blockoutblinds.com.au/ Like us on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/BlockoutBlindsPtyLtd
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Gascapoff gas cap opener
Open tight gas caps with ease on cars and trucks. Great if you have slight arthritis, weak hands, sore wrists or just don't want to scratch your newly polished fingernails. www.gascapoff.com
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