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Into the Woods on a Honda nc700x
Honda n700x scenic offroad and single track test with stock tires.
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nc700x review - the good and the bad part 1
Review of the 2013 honda nc700x. Had it over a month and it's time to share my opinion on it. Advance to part 2
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DirtRunners r/c car club nj
DirtRunners outdoor track
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Going over the modifications I've done to the nc700x. Hepco & becker crash bars Denali soundbomb air horn Delkvic Exhaust Amazon special fog lights Custom fender delete (saved 5lb) Ram mount Ride it adj levers Was going to fit a 180 rear tire as well but I will no longer have the bike.
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Make Your Nc700x FASTER!!!
How I made my 2014 Honda nc700x faster. Riding on what I believe to be the best motorcycle riding road in NJ.
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Best Motorcycle Roads in NJ
According to Motorcycleroads.com this is the #1 ranked motorcycle riding roads in NJ. Being that is so close to home, I had to give it a try. Unfortunately it did not live up to expectations. The roads to and from the route were 10 times better to ride. At least High Bridge Falls was only a few miles away from the finish line. http://www.motorcycleroads.com/Routes/New-Jersey_106.html
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NC700x Reliability Report
5months, 1.2k miles later.
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Winter in Florida
It's really cold up north. I decided to spend the new year with my family that lives in FL. Is not all fun and games there neither as temperatures can plummet down south as well. Most days it was in the 30s and 40s (Fahrenheit) Some days it rained and some days were foggy. At least there were a few 50s and 60s here and there which is better than Jersey. The big pool is the "Lagoon". First large scale pool in the USA. This will be experimental but open to the public and if it succeeds there will be more larger ones to come in the future.
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Honda vfr1200f range test
Ride started in Netcong nj to Delaware Water Gap. Took Old Mine Rd north to Port Jervis NY. Then headed east on 84 and 17 to Bear Mountain and back to Netcong. Rode a total of 209miles in a single day. The ride was filled with adrenaline and beautiful scenery. First bar went at 62miles. The bike was reading 97miles at half tank. Bars quickly vanished afterwards at a rate of 12mile per bar. I ended up doing 128miles with two bars left. I'm confident that the vfr will do 155-170 till completely empty. I did 80%back-roads and 10%highway spirited riding. I'm sure that with a gentle throttle it would do close to 200miles. But why would i want to do that?! lol
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vfr1200f first impression and test ride
Was not able to include this in the video because it would have been too long. The VFR gives off a little bit of heat to my left ankle while ridding. It doesn't burn my ankle but i do notice it. Sometimes it can feel pleasing when the outside temps are below 75. The fan kicks on every minute or sooner depending on outside temperature. The bike does not overheat but it does get hot when the weather is warm. I sweat more on this than on the NC. It was a surprise to me because the NC700x never got hot. I didn't even know where the fan was on that bike. The NC acted like an air cooled engine even dough is not. Anyway, I hope this video helps anyone that is buying one of these bikes. "Enjoy".
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Hidden Gem, Delaware Water Gap
A New Jersey / PA geological wonder and hidden gem.
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Hidden Gem Sunrise Mt NJ (part 2)
Hidden Gem at Stokes state park NJ part 2
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Don't buy the Nc700x
There are reasons why you should buy this bike. Fuel economy, range, storage, ease of use and good looks. Unfortunately the negatives outweigh the positives. Here are some thoughts on why you shouldn't buy the nc. This ride was located at highlands NJ near Sandy Hook and the Jersey shore.
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Why New Jersey?
Apart from politics. These are a few reasons why New Jersey is so special to most of our residents including myself. NJ has a diversity who are fearless and courageous. We would not have it any other way. Enjoy
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ride a Yoshi part 2
Ride a Yoshi part 2
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Best SUV under $4k
Introducing the 4th gen 4runner to the channel. Many sell for astronomical amounts($6-9k) but this one was a bargain at $3100. It all ready has taken us to some amazing destinations. Enjoy!
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Europe? No, it's New York!
The real New York. Enjoy!
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Sold the NC700x...New Bike Reveal!
Revealing the new motorcycle. The NC does not compare to the new bike. I will compare the two because they are both similarly priced. In fact the new bike was cheaper out the door. Nc cost me $5300(financed + fees). The new bike cost $4600 + tax cash. The NC was listed $300 lower than the new bike but since i financed it i got hit with fees. Paid cash for the new one. https://youtu.be/Stu45JW42W4
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what it feels like to ride
Short clip on what it feels like to ride a motorcycle.
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ride a Yoshi for real - part 1
Long term review and test ride of the 2013 can am spyder rss SE5.
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