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Fuck you, Rotten Records!
Ya fuckin assholes!
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Look at what I found!
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LungSawnFai-yah ~ get out my house
Lung sawn fai yah is a very popular artist in the Chinese hip hop music scene. He makes music so that he can lift the spirits of impoverished oriental children. He was inspired to become a rap artist after his brother (Tu-geigh-fo-yo-dad) was shot by knife wielding Bengal terrorists on tricycles. Before you start commenting hateful things, keep in mind that Lung isn't actually saying curse words. Everything he says is in his native tongue (not to be confused with his sister, Tung gawn yo cok). So he isn't swearing at all. Official lyrics: 感觉这支部队的一个千人愤怒的猫 ,因为他们的旅行虽然你的肚皮 的满月发生偏移在你的头上 ,而一群蜜蜂百叶窗你 的大鸟会切断您的生殖器 ,而一只老虎吐出过您的血腥的头 欢迎使用 我们的弱肉强食的粪便污渍, 指甲通过您的尿道 污秽的蠕虫在您的大脑 我爱,交换唾液,带有黑色的男子 的身体拥抱一个男人, 会把我的伟大性唤醒 如果我有一个女儿,我强迫她是装扮成的男孩 我恨所有肥胖的人 脂肪的妇女应予执行的,是令人作呕的猪 人从其他控制措施应被奴役,被美国 妇女不应被允许参加投票的 妇女太笨拙的交谈中 ,他们应该库克和干净的,我 和我的名单,出席全欲望 如果我已经结婚了,我想,我的妻子要 带孔的另一名男子在我面前 时,我的物理刺激,乳白色的我的自
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EJArendee: why?
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Robert coyle for president!
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I can rap better than digibro
And what kinda fuckin name is otaku gonzo journalism? That shit sounding wack af.
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Bush did 9/11
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Austin: master of balance and bird calls
He is the last of his kind!
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The sick and disturbed mind of EJArendee.
Songs used: YouTube soundtracks- "how it began". Mudvayne- "dig".
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Schrödinger's cat is a stupid concept
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COYLESTEIN - come at me
Lyrics: I got an evil mind That's how it was designed You don't know how I feel My brain starts to congeal People want me dead Exactly what I said In the dark they plot When will I be shot? I haven't got a clue What they're gonna do I sharpen blades and knives I'm ready for a fight They might be stabbing me But I fight like a beast So step up if you have the guts I'll only ever tell you once I'm about to mess you up I got an evil mind That's how it was designed You don't know how I feel My skin begins to peel Genocide in my brain The ride won't be the same Come crashing like a train Better not lose your aim I'm not giving I'm I won't let you win You better be prepared Come at me if you dare My heart is made of stone Corroded to the bone A spirit made of flame The devil is to blame I hear a voice inside It says I must abide So if you wanna start I'll tare your flesh apart I got an evil mind That's how it was designed You don't know how I feel My brain starts to congeal You better be prepared Come at me if you dare
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xxxtentacion has died. How do I feel?
Not great, to make it short. I might make a fallow up video when I have more energy.
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White baby calls me the N word
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America: the most sexist country in the world.
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Dear Jehovah's witnesses; stay the fuck off of my property!
Has this ever happened to you?
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Top 10 bands I dislike.
What bands do you dislike?
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Hiding in my room is a loser
Sorry the vid got clipped short. I ran out of storage.
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My coming out story
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Dragon ball z sucks!
Dragon ball Z = the Michael bay of anime!
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EJArendee has fallen
Video being used- $50 for god to type you with 100% accuracy
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Bigfoot story!
Lemme tell you bout da time I saw ol' Bigfoot!
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Pipe cleaner sculpture collection.
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Play host with me on newgrounds
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my rhythm sucks
It’s not my fault I’m white, ok?!
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Re: don't circumcise me bro!
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Football = the world's weirdest fetish!
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ENFP problems
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Machelle Obama is evil!
And so the scruffy goat fetus from gargubatos ascended to our world in need of a host. It drinks from the earths core and it eats the flesh of the creator. The creature's vitality is comprised of rotting darkness and abandoned waste baskets. I'm actually talking about Kim kardashion, but yeah, machelle Obama's food is pretty bad.
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Good luck Charlie sucks!
It really does!
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The end of the Internet and my beard (shout out to comicality ⊙_⊙)
Yeah. Video with cuss words: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=VZ1_k7MMOIM
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Fender bass amp 2018!
Sorry for the shitty audio. I'm getting a new camera soon. Also, will you guys stop calling me the N word all the time? I know slim shady is paying you guys, but this has gone too far! I will respond to hateful messages with messages that are stern, and well thought out. So you can keep your stupid comments in your pocket!
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Iggy izalea sucks!!
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Obama uprising!
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Old man dies the most horrible death
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Creepy pasta sucks!
If you're reading this I just want you to know that sonic the hedgehog is the antichrist.
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They thought it wouldn’t happen
I proved them all wrong! They laughed at me. They made fun of me. They insulted my family. Well guess what? Now you see who the man is. Now I see that the tough guys running the fuck away. Bet you’re not feeling so hot now. Now that you know what happens when you mess with a grown ass man. And guess what? I’ll do it the fuck again.
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Astrological cocksuckers
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Fuck you, Microsoft!
Go get cancer, you greedy cunts!!! I don't need to pay you jack shit!
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You're not helping!
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Sing used: acid bath- "13 fingers"
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Enders Vlogs!
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Go subscribe to Green Tea After Dark
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I got a new guitar
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