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Rapier duel ala duende
Scene from Highlander the series
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Caviar dinner escalates quickly.
Scene from Highlander the series. Xavier St. Cloud vs Macloud
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One of the most inspiring pregame speeches - Coach Chuck Kyle - St. Ignatius Wildcats
The legendary Chuck Kyle rallying his men for the biggest rivalry game of the year against St. Edward in the the 2002 season. Footage borrowed from The Holy War, a documentary edited and produced by Will Clark.
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The Highlander vs Damon Case
scene from Highlander, season 4.
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Picard on Justice.
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Catuskoti's tetralemma model of logic
From Copolla's Youth Without Youth
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Thick Oklahoma fog
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Spotty the Collie handles first rapid
Does not take to it like a Lab. Very cautious , but starting to enjoy the water. If only there were sheep to herd!
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garden terrace scene- Alexandra Pirici
Accidentally posted only half the scene but will correct in a few days. Somethings about the textures and atmosphere and sound in this scene are amazing, as is Alexandra Pirici. This much I can say for certain. From the movie Youth Without Youth
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Spotty tries climbing  tree
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Stars and Stripes and Paprika
Wonderfully outrageous scene from underrated Granada tv show "The Mixer"
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Spotty cooling down
Looks like he’s trying to cool down on the snowy wooden bridge after a run.
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Rumbling at Australian football regional tournament - USAFL
in Indianapolis at regionals. Over 90 degree heat in the sun. 3 games played in one day! Slept well after that one.
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The owls hoot at red dusk
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french twirl
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Salt Lake City and mountains.
During a week in Salt Lake a couple years ago. The mountains were uplifting on many levels. The elevation raises blood oxygen. Great vibes. Some appealing types of architecture are displayed in the city.
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Autum in the valley
Rocky River
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Pete The Sneak nimbly crosses log
The man, the myth, the legend.
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The Adventures of Lucie on Ice
Lucie navigating an icy pond. A.J. get's a bit worked up but Nate knows what his dogs, especially this one, are capable of.
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Owl responds to atmospheric shift?
A strange night.
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Ingenuity Festival
Highlight of a few exhibits that caught my eye . Music is copyright of BT.
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From River World
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Smooth rendition of Light My Fire
At the hotel I was staying at
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Where vast crystalline fields meet cerulean sky
Lake Erie in late January
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Vladimir Terziski : Illuminati, celestial management structures and dimensions
Taken with a grain of salt. But interesting none the less. We at least know that multi dimensional theory is valid in physics. Much remains to be discovered.
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Chanting and drumming in ancestral Native American valley : "Iktomi" of the Souix
On a rare autumn day in Ohio, a day so seemingly full of synchronicity , near the end of a 1 hour hike and 30 minute jog, I heard a feint drumming and chanting over the winds which were pleasantly blowing across the hilltop forest where native Americans once lived, ran and hunted. The music neared as my feet carried me forward, until a precipice overlooking a valley through which a river wound its way for miles and from upon whose heights a man stood entranced in soul filled outpourings of sacred Sioux songs. He has been accepted into the Sioux nation under the honorary title of "Iktomi", or "spiderman" and performs at Native ceremonies.
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