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Vern Gosdin & Porter Wagoner homesite, Nashville,Tn.
Created on August 15, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Conway Twitty's grave site in Tennessee.
Created on October 24, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.See my Johnny & June Cash plus Vern Gosdin's memorials on youtube.
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Vern Gosdin Memorial Tribute. Mt.Olivet Cemetery.. Nashville,Tn.
Created on August 15, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.I was gonna edit this video and just post Vern's grave only.Instead I belive Vern would have wanted us to see who he was buried near,mostly confederate soliders and war heros.Sorry about the walking with camera pointed to ground.Also see the Fred Rose grave of Acuff/Rose publishing company.Thank you Beverly Gosdin Knight for being in Vern's life,he talked about you all the time,I know he loved you very much.
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Porter Wagoner burial site. Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery.Nashville,TN.
Created on May 18, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap..
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Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash burial site.Mother Maybelle Carter and other stars.
Jimmy Gilstrap video..Created on August 15, 2011 Enter "Nashville country stars burial site" to see other country stars graves.Also see Vern Gosdin's grave video..Conway Twitty's grave here on youtube.com
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Tammy Wynette burial site.Nashville,TN.
Created on May 18, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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The Roy Knight Singers perform  at Honea Path Church of God..Pt.4
Recorded on January 29, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.Musicians are Mike Chambers on drums.Rodney Birch, bass guitar & vocals.Roy Knight plays keyboards & vocals.
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Crybaby Bridge in Anderson,SC.Most famous in the world..Come see for yourself..
Cry Baby Bridge is the most famous bridge in SC and beyond.People as far away as California & New York travel here to Anderson,SC to see the scary looking bridge.It is said that no construction company will take on the job to tear down the old steel one lane bridge.Located off Broadway Lake Rd. and is located on High Shoals Rd. just south of Anderson.
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Country music stars grave.Tammy Wynette,Marty Robbins,Webb Pierce...
Created by Jimmy Gilstrap. Woodlawn Memorial cemetery.Nashville,TN.Johnny Paycheck,Porter Wagoner,JD Sumner,Dottie Rambo,Little Jimmy Dickens,Eddie Arnold,Jerry Reed & George Jones are buried here.See more of my country stars graves here on youtube.com
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Nashville Country Stars Burial Site.Spring Hill Cemetery.. Nashville,Tn.
August 15, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.Near Madison,Tn.
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Toto sound check in Charlotte,NC 6-7-2017 Shannon Forrest on drums.
Drummers Tim Blackwell & Ronnie "Cuz" Bryant in the audience.
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Vern Gosdin grave in Nashville,Tn. Mount Olivet Cemetery
Video filmed October 24, 2011 Vern told me over the phone just a few days before he died that he was gonna be buried near his famous idols..Confederate war generals are buried all around him..I thought he was talking about being buried near country music stars..There is only one known country entertainer who is buried about 25 feet from him,Fred Rose of Acuff-Rose publishing company..I know Vern had to be laughing at me when I was at his grave doing this video..God bless you Vern,and thank you for the songs and company.Jimmy Gilstrap
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Nashville Country Music Star Cemetery Tour.Woodlawn Memorial Park Cemetery
Created on August 15, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Michael Combs live at N. Augusta,SC 11-26-10 Pt.7
Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Toto meet & greet fans in Charlotte,NC  6-7-2017
Drummers Tim Blackwell & Ronnie "Cuz" Bryant meet members of Toto.
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Ty Cobb grave site.The world's greatest baseball player of all time.
Ty Cobb grave ...See Ty's mother and father's grave also here in the same crip.See my video's of the town of Royston,Ga. at youtube.com Video by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Cat fight Cookie the cat,ougga horn and wolfman mask tangle.Very funny
Created on March 27, 2011
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The Skyliners perform at Blue Ridge Fest in Pickens,SC  5-6-2016
Jimmy Gilstrap video..
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Karen Peck & New River at West Anderson COG   9-10-2017
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Toto in Charlotte,NC  June-7-2017
Shannon Forrest owns them drums...Shannon and Lenny Castro play so good together.Steve Lukather is a monster guitarist and singer.Hell,their all great..First time for me to see these guys in concert.Shannon is related to me,so I guess that's why I focused a lot on him..You would to and you know you would !! lol Hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching,and go see Toto before you die.Trust me,they are worth the price of the ticket and more..I want to see Steve Lukather and Warren Ham with Ringo now..
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Michael Combs sings in N. Augusta,SC. 11-26-10 PT.2
Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Quinton Mills performing live on WGGS 16 Niteline program.Pt.2
Recorded on January 5, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Long Shoals Wayside Park in Pickens,SC.
Created on July 23, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Sleeping With The Enemy  house that Julia Roberts rented in the movie.Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
Actual home used in the film.Located at 404 Magazine Street in Abbeville,SC.
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Broadway Lake,Anderson,SC Sept.-2010
Broadway Lake Bridge and Spillway . Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Forest Lawn Memorial  Cemetery,Anderson,SC..Family & friends of Jimmy Gilstrap.
Created on March 20, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Jason Crabb at Whitefield Baptist Church.6-26-2016
This video is for education only.
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Cat chases squirrel through house..Very funny..
I have a yard full of squirrels,and they eat up my bird feed ect...So I capture them in a safe trap and export them to a far away location.But sometimes before I let them go I let the squirrel and cat have a little fun and exercise.There are never any harm allowed to any of the animals.
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Michael Combs sing live N. at Augusta,SC 11-26-10 Pt.12
Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Golden voice Michael Combs live in N. Augusta,SC 11-26-10 Pt.11
Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Forest Lawn Cemetery. Anderson,SC June-27-2011
June 28, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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The Epps Family.Travis Hanley on drums."Raise Your Hands" The Reinhardts classic song.
Recorded on September 17, 2012..Travis Hanley was The Reinhardts drummer when their "Raise Your Hands"went to number one on the Southern Gospel Charts." "What A Way To Go" followed at number two.Writer,John Reinhardt who is still writing gospel and country music tunes would be proud to know that Travis is still drumming on his classic gospel tunes.What a way to go Travis & The Epps Family to who I belive has done the best cover of 'Raise Your Hands" ..See John Reinhardts new country cd at www.cduniverse.com and other music sites on the net..Jimmy
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John G. Branham funeral.Part 1
Created on March 13, 2012 by Jimmy gilstrap.
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Gethsemane Baptist Temple.Pastor Sam Duncan.Pt.2
Jimmy Gilstrap video.See also part one of this service.Enter Gesthsemane Baptist Temple.
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The Roy Knight Singers perform at Honea Path church of God.Pt.12
Recorded on January 29, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap..Musicians are Mike Chambers,drums from Toccoa,Ga..Roy Knight,vocals & keyboards.Rodney Birch,vocals & bass guitar.Tracie Birch vocals.Sandy Knight vocals.
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Elvis Presley's unknown daughter,Janet Brown in Anderson,SC
Recorded on July 6, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap
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The Roy Knight Singers,"John Saw" live at Singing In The Foothills.Tablerock..
Recorded on September 2, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Funny cat, Cookie meets Wolfman head on..Very funny!!
Recorded on November 30, 2010
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Toto in Charlotte,NC w/Shannon Forrest on drums..6-7-2017
Otis Forrest is in the audience,he is the father of Toto's drummer Shannon Forrest.He has the looks of a proud father for sure..Shannon and Otis are from Easley,SC.Shannon lives in Nashville,Otis is back in Easley performing gospel music.I know Otis is proud of Shannon,drummer of the year 4 times in a row at the CMA awards.Plays drums on just about every song heard on country radio..See www.allmusic.com credits for Shannon,Otis and all the members of Toto who have written hits for other artist such as Michael Jackson's "Human Nature".The list goes on and on..You will be surprised as I were..Go Toto...
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Elvis Presley's unknown daughter Janet Brown speaks in Anderson,SC.?? Pt.2
Recorded on July 6, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap
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The Roy Knight Singers.Singing In The Foothills, near Tablerock mountain.Pickens,SC
Recorded on September 2, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap..
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Jimmy Joe Patton & Angie Brown in downtown Gatlinburg,TN. Aug.2015
Jimmy Gilstrap video...R.I.P Angela Brown.God now has another angel back home. Angie never met a stranger and she was loved by everyone who knew her..We all that knew her truly miss her.
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Jimmy Gilstrap & Gina Butler on 10 Seconds Game Show. Pt.2  Dan Miller host.
Reid/Land Production..The Nashville Network.. TNN
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Pretty girl slides down rock at Long Shoals Roadside Park. Pickens,SC
Created on August 2, 2012 by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Iva,SC, Video of Stores,Churches and other info about the small town in Anderson county,SC
Created on March 24, 2011by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Cat attacks..Cookie the cat strikes the wolfman mask again, funny funny funny
Recorded on January 23, 2011
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Michael Combs sing at N. Augusta,SC 11-26-10 Pt.6
Video by Jimmy Gilstrap
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Abbeville,SC.Video of the beautiful historic town.Spring 2011
Part 1 of Abbeville,SC downtown and other areas.See the house that Julia Roberts rented in the movie "Sleeping With The Enemy" on Magazine street which is near the city area.The house is with the red wheel barrell in the front yard.Video by Jimmy Gilstrap.
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Clayton,Georgia. Downtown area.Pt.1
Created on July 12, 2011 by Jimmy Gilstrap
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The Skyliners, live at Blue Ridge Fest in Pickens,SC  5-6-2016
Jimmy Gilstrap video...RIP Jimmy Beaumont
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