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Dc Universe Online Gameplay|Recording Test
Hi thats my first video its a recording test my friends cadeyrn and alfie were talking i recorded i just bought fight for the light dlc so i recorded with my green lantern character I loved it when you get a dlc you get premium account so its awesome i used to have only 2 character now i have 6 character slot. I hope you liked it dont forget to comment and like i now i dont have any videos but i promise i'll so subscribe too i will make bf3 cod and other game videos gameplays
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Call Of Duty Advanced Warfare Test Video
This is a video that i have done for Sony Vegas render test and wanted to show my friends the game a bit.It's 60 fps all video settings maxed out no supersampling.
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Shadow Of Mordor Test Of Speed
I failed rendering the video causing it to be really bad sorry for that i hope you enjoy it
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Mw2 TrickShot Clip
Hi guys i am blurkiller this kills arent good enough but i bored and made a video Hope you enjoy its just 20 second so you dont waste your time :) These are not private lobbys I was in a sniper lobby
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SpeedRunners Ranked Gameplay
Me playing some speedrunners with turkish commentary
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