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-The 45 Second Presentation-Don Failla - Part 1
http://goo.gl/mFuEPm Don Failla explains how to build your MLM Company 'The 45 Second Presentation" that will change your life
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How To Calculate eBay Fees and Paypal Fees When Selling Items on eBay
http://dsproz.com How To Calculate eBay Fees and Paypal Fees When Selling Items on eBay eBay Calculator: http://www.fees.ebay.com/feeweb/feecalculator Paypal Calculator: http://thefeecalculator.com/
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The 45 Second Presentation-Don Failla - Part 2 T
http://igotthepop.com The 45 Second Presentation-Don Failla - Part 2 T
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Offline Marketing Tip #2 Prospecting-Drop Cards By The Drop Card King
http://JonathanPuga.com 2102015744 Call Now! Jonathan Puga Drop cards are really one of the most powerful offline marketing strategy and one of the most duplicatable aswell...Go here and get your drop cards today http://DropCardKing.com
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Best Craigslist Marketing Method | Leads To Build Your Network Marketing Company
FREE Training http://JonathanPuga.com Craigslist Marketing Method | Leads To Build Your Network Marketing Company Here is document with Steps: https://docs.google.com/document/d/1DN_4nGeZdNefGCuVR8HKEyujjiBJl_TtNYOJfNaQqMM/edit?usp=sharing This is the best craigslist training ever! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D007i13kKow
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Offline Marketing Tip # 3 Post-It-Notes Strategy
http://JonathanPuga.com Call Now! 210-201-5744 Jonathan Puga This offline Marketing Strategy Post it Notes is affordable and works like gangbusters...
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Healthier Chewing Gum Alternatives (Glee) (Spry)
http://JonathanPuga.com Healthier Chewing Gum Alternatives, Glee Gum review, Spry gum review. Chewing gum is not really healthy whether it's regular aspartame chemically infused gum or the healthier options. But if your trying to quit smoking, smokeless chewing tobacco or your just a chewing gum addict it will help. If you absolutely have to chew gum you should choose the healthier alternatives which are Glee Gum and Spry Gum. You can get Glee Gum or Spry at Thrive Market and alot of other organic, non gmo products. You can get 25% -50% off normal retail pricing. Signup here: http://goo.gl/j6KcUx I saw a blog post by food babe that recommends fennel seeds as a great chewing gum alternative but since I never tried fennel seeds as a chewing gum alternative I really can't recommend fennel seeds yet. I have tried peppermint leaves and stems which work great in my opinion too. Thanks for watching and please share this video with someone who could benefit from it. See ya ;)
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Why People Ignore You! Dr. Pepper
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Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Herbal Snuff Review
http://GetHealthyWithJP.com Call Me Jonathan Puga 210-535-0707 Smokey Mountain Wintergreen Herbal Snuff Review
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Join our training community here http://JonathanPuga.com Call Now! Jonathan Puga 210-201-5744 visit my blog for more FREE Training here http://JonathanPuga.com Don't buy leads GENERATE your own! Learne to generate 50+ leads everyday! Facebook is just one of the strategies I use for more training please leave a comment!
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***Warning!***Overcoming The Rejection Rocket! Your First Year in Network Marketing!
FREE Training and Gift @ My Blog http://JonathanPuga.com 210.201.5744 CALL NOW! Jonathan Puga Buy the Book here http://amzn.to/1hq8iYO Your first year in network marketing...Overcoming "The Rejection Rocket" In network marketing can be brutal...literally!!! You just have to go through the No's like a knife goes through butter! Just keep moving on to the next and keep a positive mindset. With the proper marketing tools you can actually never face the rejection.The company the tools the leadership that's what I got.Join me and I can show you how to start winning in Network Marketing!
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How I Got Over Anxiety Attacks 100% Naturally!
http://JonathanPuga.com How I got over my anxiety attacks 100% naturally and got my health back. I was full of stress for the past 2 years and drinking alcohol didn't help, all it did was get me overweight and later cause some anxiety attacks. All that is gone now since I changed the way I eat, exercise and meditate. I love meditating! My favorite way is riding my bike, walking (hiking) at Comanche Park and now Tai Chi. If the body is balanced and stress free with a proper diet you will be at your Supreme which is the Happy GoodLife!
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How Send ebay Feedback Revision Request
http://Facebook.com/jonathanpuga78 How Send ebay Feedback Revision Request
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How To Create Folders in Gmail or Yahoo!
http://JonathanPuga.com Call Now! Jonathan Puga 210.201.5744 How To Create Folders In Gmail Staying organized is mandatory in your business, creating folders in gmail is really simple but if you don't know how it could be frustrating. That's why I made this video to help everyone to easily create folders in gmail. Believe it or not alot of people ask themselves how do I make a folder in gmail or yahoo? If you have any other questions or if you would like more training,comment here or pickup the phone and give me a call now @ 210.201.5744
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The Strangest Secret Earl Nightingale
http://JonathanPuga.com One of the best trainings for success ever!! The Strangest Secret Earl Nightingale
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How To Use and Post On Facebook For Dummies
http://igotthepop.com Call me JP 2102015744 How To Use Facebook For Dummies
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Puga Wizdom #19 - Act Upon Ideas
FREE Training http://JonathanPuga.com It is by acts and not by ideas that people live. ~Anatole France
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Sales Commissions VS. Residual Income?
CLICK THE LINK TO GET RESIDUAL INCOME http://goo.gl/mFuEPm In this video I explain the difference between Sales commissions vs Residual Income. Call me 210-201-5744 Checkout my blog http://JonathanPuga.com
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Mad Dog 357 6 Million Scoville Review!
This sauce taste pretty good not too hot, but the hottest hot sauce I have eaten.
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How To Delete Pictures In Facebook Timeline
http://JonathanPuga.com Call Now! Jonathan Puga How to delete pictures in facebook timeline can be a little tricky and even a bit frustrating to try and figure out. FACEBOOK TIME LINE is really a better version than the last facebook cover. I hope this video helps. Let me know if you like this video...leave a comment.
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Join.me Screen Sharing Software
Visit My Blog for FREE Training! http://jonathanpuga.com Screen Sharing Software http://Join.me
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How To Post Ads On Craigslist | 20 Leads A Day Blueprint
http://TheLifestyleBiz.com Unlimited Profits Craigslist Training By Master Ninja Jonathan Puga Call Me 210.290.7906
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MLM Tips: Calling Cold And Hot MLM Leads
http://jonathanpuga.com/callingleads Call Me Jonathan Puga 210-535-0707 Have you ever wonder what to say when calling your leads. Alot of people use boring sales and robotic scripts that don’t work. If you want to have better results calling your leads, your going to love these MLM Tips and video.
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http://JonathanPuga.com "Chance favours the prepared mnd, The more you practice, the luckier you become. ~Sir Richard Branson
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GO FOR NO Review
http://JonathanPuga.com GO FOR NO Book Review Over 200 hours of FREE Training http://JonathanPuga.com/sim Success Blog:http://successinminutes.com/80423
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Kevin Hokoana Testimonial For Jonathan Puga
http://jonathanpuga.com Jonathan Puga 210-201-5744 Jonathan Puga Testimonial From Kevin Hokoana
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St. Patty's Day Plus Mark Yarnell How To Earn 100k Per Month In Network Marketing
FREE Training and Gift @ http://JonathanPuga.com In this video I talk about a webinar by Mark Yarnell How To Earn 100k Per Month In Network Marketing enjoy watch the secret webinar here http://unlimitedprofits.com/2/index.php?v=5940&ID=80423
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Unlimited Profits/Success In Minutes: Make $10K in 21 Days By Robert Hollis
http://igotthepop.com Call Now! 210.201.5744 Jonathan Puga How We Will Teach You to Make $10,000 in 21 Days Unlimited Profits Training Makes it Easy and Risk Free
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Live Leads Call Live!
Watch me call leads from everywhere check out more FREE Training and gifts @ http://JonathanPuga.com
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Do Home Business Leads Really Work? MLM Leads Review
http://JonathanPuga.com Need Leads? Dominate Your MLM Business Discover The "How To" Now. http://igotthepop.com 210.201.5744 Jonathan Puga When starting out in your business opportunity you need to talk with people first you must contact your warm market then when you run out incorporate leads.
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Mountain Biking in Northeast San Antonio,  TX
http://gethealthywithjp.com Just got done cruising my Mongoose Mountain Bike in my neighborhood in San Antonio, TX
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Sales & Marketing Basics
http://JonathanPuga.com/sim Over 200 hours of FREE Training to improve your life and business.
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Get To The Point Episode #3 Lisa Grossman
http://JonathanPuga.com On this show I interview Top earner, Top network marketing trainer and superstar marketer Lisa Grossman. Connect with Lisa Grossman here and please like her fanpage https://www.facebook.com/yvplg Please comment like and share if you got any value out out of this!!
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http://JonathanPuga.com Puga Rants on MLM Deals and Integrity.
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How To Post A Lead Pulling Craigslist Ad For Dummies
http://JonathanPuga.com http://igotthepop.com Call Jonathan 210.201.5744 FREE! Over 100 Hours of training and mentorship program from a Guy that has earned over 32 Million and helped 44 people earn over a million a Year!
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Home Business Tax Savings- Stop Overpaying Your Taxes!
http://JonathanPuga.com Call me 210-535-0707 Home Business Tax Savings- Stop Overpaying Your Taxes! With a little help from an 'unlikely ally' (UNCLE SAM!) GET YOUR STEP-BY-STEP GUIDE, GUARANTEED FOR effective RECRUITING and on-the-spot CLOSING!! FREE!! CLICK HERE Welcome to your Home-Business Tax Savings LEARNING CENTER This is the only web site you will ever need for maximizing your tax deductions as a home-based business owner. FIRST, THE "BAD" NEWS: Working Americans are being strangled by taxes! Every month we pay more in taxes than we spend on our family's housing, food, transportation and health care - COMBINED! About half of your hard-earned wages are sucked out for various forms of taxes even before you're given the left-overs -- called 'your take-home pay'. NOW, THE "GOOD" NEWS: Home-based business owners now qualify for more tax deductions than any other category of taxpayer in America, bar none! Running a part-time home-based business is the BIGGEST way -- the ONLY way -- the average person can have a major impact on slashing his/her taxes. THE "DEAN" OF THIS LEARNING CENTER IS DR. RON MUELLER. He's America's leading expert on home-business tax law -- yet his writings, teachings and coachings are delivered in "plain English," without the confusing jargon of IRS-ese government-ese or legal-ese. That means you can easily and quickly learn what you need to know to safely, legally and ethically reduce your own taxes by $3,000 to $6,000 or more every year, beginning this year! On this website you will learn how to use the special Home- Business Tax Deductions approved by Congress to reduce your own taxes to the absolute legal minimum - which is almost always thousands less than you are paying now. WHAT YOU WILL NOT FIND ON THIS SITE: You will not find IRS-bashing, tax-loopholes, tax-avoidance schemes, or illegal tax dodges on this website. WHAT YOU WILL FIND ON THIS SITE: Dr. Mueller teaches only the tax deductions passed into law by Congress, printed in the Tax Code or written in Federal Tax Court Rulings. And he teaches it all in plain English that the average person can easily understand and quickly put to use. There is a wealth of knowledge in this LEARNING CENTER. WHERE TO FIND WHAT YOU ARE LOOKING FOR Click the button in the upper-left, labeled "1-FIND IT FAST" for a full listing of resources available on this website, and a map for quickly finding what you are looking for -- fast!
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Diamond Dance - Give Me A Sign (DMX)
http://JonathanPuga.com Diamond Dance - Give Me A Sign (DMX)
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Unlimited Profits/Success In Minutes 1st Month Residual Earnings UP Pro 3.0
http://igotthepop.com Work with Jonathan Puga 210.201.5744 Documentation Beats Conversation! Unlimited Profits 1st Month Residual Earnings UP Pro 3.0! Check this out! Here is free training it has really helped me over 100 Hours of training and mentorship program from a Guy that has earned over 32 Million and helped 44 people are a million a Year! http://igotthepop.com
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"Get To The Point" Episode #2 Hannah Ebert
http://JonathanPuga.com "Get To The Point" Episode 2 Hannah Ebert  Connect with Hannah here https://www.facebook.com/hannah.liz.ebert  I interview successful entrepreneurs and get the truth of there success and ask them up close and personal questions aswell.
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Welcome To My YouTube Channel! Please Subscribe!
Welcome to JonathanPugaTV "Jonathan Puga's Official YouTube Channel" Hello my friends, please subscribe to my channel, I really want to help you in your marketing and self development as well as give you FREE Gifts from time to time. I promise you to only deliver the best quality content for you as I am here to work for you. ;) Shoot me an email to jonathan@jonathanpuga.com after you subscribe. Connect with me on facebook for even more gifts, tricks, training, and cool tips http://on.fb.me/1bLyv6h Jonathan Puga is a innovative entrepreneur and home business coach, self-made social media expert, and coffee addict. Findout more and receive your FREE Gift at http://JonathanPuga.com Checkout My Mentor Multi Millionaire Maker Robert Hollis #1 Best Selling Book on Amazon http://amzn.to/YaASrf Decide Abundance, Jonathan Puga 2102015744
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Five Dollar Funnel ($5 Dollar Funnel)
http://Jonathanpuga.com/5dollarfunnel 5 dollar funnel explained. Watch Bill Ebert explain how easy the 5 dollar funnel training system is to create financial success for all who apply it. Five dollar funnel review by Bill Ebert and Co Owner Tom Cellie.
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**WARNING CONTROVERSIAL TRUTH REVEALED** Why 97% Of People Will Fail In MLM/Network Marketing
http://JonathanPuga.com Call me Jonathan Puga 210-535-0707 In this video I explain why your destined to fail in MLM and how you can change that by joining a New Trend "Social Entrepreneurship!
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How To Promote Your Posts On Facebook Fanpage
http://JonathanPuga.com http://igotthepop.com Call Jonathan Puga 210.290.7906 over 100 Hours of training and mentorship program from a Guy that has earned Over 32 Million and helped 44 people earn over a million a Year!
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Network Marketing Tip: Handling Objections And Closing
http://JonathanPuga.com FREE Training http://igotthepop.com In this video I talk about Handling Objections And Closing
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How To Make 10K A Month | 10K A Month Formula Revi
http://JonathanPuga.com/10kpermonth Connect with me on my Success in Minutes Blog Click about to contact me.
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Get To The Point Episode #4 Robert Hollis JR
http://jonathanpuga.com In this video I interview Top Money Earner 6 Figure Earner Robert Hollis Jr Connect with Robert Hollis JR. https://www.facebook.com/curebrokeitis
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Decide Abundance! Bring Out The Power Within You!
http://workwithjsp.com FREE Training and Gift @ my blog http://JonathanPuga.com In this video I talk about bringing out the power within you and how to Decide Abundance. http://youtu.be/W9rkXpu3eeA
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UP Ninja Training | Peaking Through Social Media
http://igotthepop.com work with Jonathan Puga 210.201.5744 Check this out! Here is free training it has really helped me over 100 Hours of training and mentorship program from a Guy that has earned over 32 Million and helped 44 people are a million a Year! http://igotthepop.com/
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Network Marketing Tip: Facebook Recruiting 101 Build Friendships Through Building Repore
http://JonathanPuga.com FREE Training and gift http://igotthepop.com If people believed there was enough abundance for everyone they would understand for you to be successful you have to help your people including people not even in the same business as you! Build more friendships and be true to those friendships, don't ever let GREED set in if you do you have already lost and can not win! #abundance http://youtu.be/ZT08vImEOj0
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Network Marketing Tips | Putting People In The Box Daily, This Is How The Pros Do It!
http://JonathanPuga.com For more awesome training and to work with me directly visit http://igotthepop.com
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