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Why I'm a Loser Part 1
Myself talking about why I am an unaccomplished loser. Been depressed lately and this is an aspect of that. It's in two parts because I can't get the video from my phone to my computer to splice them together.
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anime - girls and flowers
video of anime pictures that have flowers. song=just a little girl artist=Stephen Speaks
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A Poem about my Heritage and how I respect all of my ancestors
simply put, a poem of heritage and accepting one's self. If you would like to read more of my poetry please check out @MumeiPariah on Wattpad.com
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Why I'm a loser Part 2
Myself talking about why I am an unaccomplished loser. Been depressed lately and this is an aspect of that. It's in two parts because I can't get the video from my phone to my computer to splice them together.
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sample pictures
a was bored, and messing around with my new laptop i got the other day, and decided to make a vid with the sample pictures, cause i didnt have any other pics to use,or video files....
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Naruto/Bleach ~~Love and Death~~
The world of Naruto and the world of Bleach. different worlds, but the exact same thing caused both tragedies to happen. SPOILERS!!!! IF YOU HAVE NOT READ ~~~BLEACH MANGA CHAPTER 348~~~ THEN DO NOT WATCH IF YOU DO NOT WANT SPOILERS! i took two images from ~~~Naruto Manga Chapter 437~~~ but that isnt much of a spoiler... Disclaimer: on the credits of the video. ~~ sadly it took me several hours to finally get this to where i was satisfied with it...~~ and i know someone will probably ask, so i'll put it here. but first of all. WaTcH tHe CrEdItS!!! the song is The FLower of Magherally i THINK its by Altan. The Album is Celtic Wonder
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My Take on Feminism and Social Justice (Another idiot adds their voice to the chaotic orchestra!)
Simply, I'm tired. Stop the fighting and trying to shove people into the dirt to prove how "good" or "oppressed" you are. Telling people "you are bad, join me if you don't want to be the bad guy" is not going to make people join you. Feminists and SJW's have insulted me time and time again and have never given me anything concrete to go on to prove their points. I don't know how to link comments or I would link to the comment thread I mention in the video.
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Video showing the dates, elements, sign, and beast for each of the zodiac. this is not the chinnese zodiac...'Windows Movie Maker' is gay and wouldnt let me choose the song i wanted to put, i added 'Enjoy the Silence' -by: Depeche Mode insetead...doesnt have the same feel i wanted, but still pretty good, well i hope a few of you like it...
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first amv - hypnotic music
this is my first amv, and its about how i would be if i were an anime character... i was thinking about making an amv, but i didnt know if i had the program, so i randomly looked through stuff today, and i actually had it, so, u have one more anoying person wanting any advise you can give them....sorry about that.
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A Poem Invisioning My "Perfect" Wedding -yes, i'm a guy-
As the title says, This is the abomination of a GUY talking about how he wants his wedding! Call the cops on me! Right?! But seriously, thought it up one day, and decided to share it. This is considered by many who have read my poetry to be one of my best poems.
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Wake Up Dumbass!
I hate my voice. Damn I sound southern. I need a personal alarm, this is the video I hope will do the trick. The app I use is "Wake Tube Alarm" and it pulls videos from YouTube to play alarms at the times you specify.
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I Want To Die
Explaining my depression. How I was on the brink of pulling the trigger. How I chose not to. How I want you to choose to live. And I may sound like a moron or a freak or whatnot. But my heart is truly in the right place. Even if I don't know how to show it.
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Reflecting on my attempts at fasting
I've tried to go on fasts before in order to jump start getting healthy. I've never once managed even one day. I don't know why. If you have ideas, let me know!
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Vegans and Vegetarians are hypocrites.
Explaining how I view vegans and vegetarians as hypocrites. As well as how they could no longer be hypocrites. All in my own opinions, of course.
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Why I no longer like Star Wars
I used to like the movies of Star Wars but over the years the fantasy aspect of it has simply faded for me. This is me trying to explain asto why that is.
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