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Lechon Sisig (Filipino Dish) our version
Leftover lechon (roast pork) converted to Sisig
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Filipino Food: Ginisang Repolyo with Chicken (Sauteed Cabbage) #001
My first attempt to film a cooking video Ingredients; Cabbage chicken Breast (cut into bits) Onions garlic tomatoes salt ground black pepper fish sauce ir patis MSg cooking oil (all the above are according to your preference) **Freestyle*** P.S. I will buy a nice skillet or wok if you subscribe, like and share my videos. Cheers!
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Qeshm Island, Iran (hotel to airport) view of the Persian Gulf - Clip 2
Bus Trip from our hotel. almost 2 hours travel going to the airport. We enjoyed the bus ride because of the breathtaking view and the unique character of the island. The locals are very friendly and unintimidating. Will surely go back (not for the purpose of visa run) but to shop and roam the rest of the island. See you again Qeshm!
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Filipino Food sampler :Longganisang Lucban
.. dont mind the dark pan.. it is overused and not dirty lols,..
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Cat video: Unbelievably huge stray cat.
Unbelievable huge and chubby tomcat (neutered) chilling near the metro station sliding door
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Summertime!!!! Vintage ice cream maker...mocha flavor yummm
Using my mom's imarflex ice cream maker..vintage 80s model.
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Filipino Food: Alternative Marinade for Bistek (Chicken Version) #002
Naubusan na ba kayo ng Calamansi or Lemon? There is an alternative ingredient para diyan Can be used on different types of meat Watch the video to find out!! :-)
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December 8, 2017
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Qeshm Iran, Iran (hotel to airport) Clip 1
Our bus trip from hotel to airport. Visa run for Dubai. We checked in at Olympic Hotel. Good Facility and organized. You should try this hotel. Vast View . This is the largest Island in the gulf region
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Cute Cat Video 2: How to give catnip to a cat
Cat going crazy on catnip
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Just cooking simple Filipino food
Just a short clip of cooking simple Filipino Vegetable dish pinakbet veg mix with sweet potato
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Cheapest facial scrubber $8 bought online
Value for money. Effective. Make sure not to use with exfoliating soap. Better to be used with moisturizing liquid facial wash.. This product is not totally water proof so careful not to make it too wet
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Simple Smoothie Recipe (with fruits and vegetable) NGREDIENTS FOR 1 TALL GLASS 2 tbsp Pineapple (canned is ok as long as you drain the syrup) 1 whole apple (any kind will do) 5-6 pcs of Ice cubes or tubes Dash of cinnamon powder 1/2 cup Fresh full cream milk (any type of milk will do) 1/4 cup water (optional) Romain Lettuce or any greens of your choice. (generous amount) PUT EVERYTHING TOGETHER AND BLEND! CONSUME IMMEDIATELY BEST AS BREAKFAST OR MID DAY SNACK! THIS IS LIGHT AND USED LESS SUGAR. ENJOY!
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Dubai Metro along Shiekh Sayed Road
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Cute cat in our garden trying to hide from me...little lion in a small jungle :-) This cute cat and his mini jungle (our garden) trying to hide from me...
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Cute Cat Video 3: Apartment cat wants to play
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Dog video 1
Ook guys this is not cruelty.. he was just temporarily leashed to hava a shampoo
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Dubai: Bird on window apartment bldg
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Cute Cat video 1: Apartment cat waiting for her food
Someone gave her the food
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The beautiful island of Qeshm. Rocky mountain view on our way to the airport. Iran is beautiful. Olympic Hotel is the best. Please subscribe for more random short videos about life and little discoveries :-) "Take time to stop and smell the roses" "Appreciate God's creation around you"
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