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Ray Vander Laan Inspirational Speaker and Survivor/Thriver
Ray Vander Laan Inspirational Speaker and Survivor/Thriver talks about his experience with heart disease and surviving a heart attack. Learn more about heart health: http://www.hollandhospital.org/cardiovascular/cardiovascular-services.aspx
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Patient Care Assistant: Holland Hospital Careers
Meet Beth, Patient Care Assistant. She works with a supportive team in an organization that provides personal understanding and flexible schedules. Learn more about her story and how to become a Patient Care Assistant at http://holladhospital.org/careers.
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Phlebotomy Jobs - Holland Hospital
Melissa, a Phlebotomist at Holland Hospital, received on-the-job training – “They took the time to invest in me and worked with my schedule to provide full-time training.” Hear more of Melissa’s story and start your career at Holland Hospital. learn more: http://hollandhospital.org/careers
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Breast Cancer Risk Factors
Jane Pettinga, MD, Holland Hospital - Breast Surgical Services talks about Risk Factors for Breast Cancer. Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services brings together advanced technology and expert care to offer high quality breast health services close to home. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/breast/breast.aspx
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Is it Low Testosterone or Natural Aging?
Low testosterone (low T) or natural aging? A common question asked by men noticing changes in their libido and overall health. More than 40% of men over the age of 40 are affected by symptoms of low T including erectile dysfunction or a low sex drive, and other symptoms such as lack of energy, depression and an increase in body fat. John Ludlow, MD, of Western Michigan Urological Associates, is a nationally recognized expert on treating erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Learn how low T affects men’s overall health and the treatment options available to you. Learn more: http://wmuro.com/
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Cardiac Rehab: A Life Changing Story
Cardiac Rehab patient, Sue Irvin, describes her life-changing journey to heart health. With the help of Holland Hospital Cardiac Rehab, Sue's healthy lifestyle has her on track to run her first 5K race in May. One year after behind in the hospital, she ran a 5k race. "I feel like I'm 30 years old again, it's the most amazing thing," Sue said. " Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/cardiovascular/cardiovascular-services.aspx
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Bilateral Total Hip Replacement
The single-session bilateral total hip replacement was performed on April 2, 2012, by orthopedic surgeon Derick Johnson, DO, of The Bone & Joint Center. His special training and experience with the anterior approach for total hip replacement -- in which the hip joint is accessed from the front (anterior) rather than the side, allowing the patient to lie on his back -- make Dr. Johnson uniquely qualified for the double procedure. More about the Bone & Joint Center: http://hollandboneandjoint.com/
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Multiple Sclerosis: Signs, Symptoms and Treatments
Multiple Sclerosis is a chronic, often disabling disease that attacks the central nervous system. Symptoms may be mild, such as numbness in the limbs, or severe, such as paralysis or loss of vision. Symptoms and progression are unpredictable and vary from one person to another. Neurologist Christina Johnston, DO, offers answers to your questions. Learn more about the presenter: https://youtu.be/L-_UVS9tsNE Learn more about Lakeshore Health Parnters - Neurology: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/LHP/Neurology-LHP.aspx
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The Triage Process - Urgent Care
Kristin DeJonge, RN, from Holland Hospital Urgent Care, talks about the triage process when you arrive at the urgent care or emergency department. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/emergency-services/emergency-urgent-care.aspx
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Pre-Diabetes: Steps to Gain Control
Julie Husmann, MSM, RD, CDE, Holland Hospital Center for Good Health discusses the influence of weight on blood sugar, the effect of physical activity on blood sugar and weight control, and how to incorporate physical activity into even the busiest of lifestyles. The benefits of enjoying an abundance of healthy, whole foods for blood sugar control is also addressed. Learn about the rewards reaped from small lifestyle changes! Learn more about the Center for Good Health: http://www.hollandhospital.org/Community/Center-for-Good-Health-Community.aspx
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Seasonal Affective Disorder: More Than Just the Winter Blues
Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) is a type of depression that most often occurs during the shorter days of winter when our exposure to sunlight is reduced. Symptoms build up slowly and can include feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, weight gain, loss of energy, increased sleep and inability to concentrate. Mental health expert Thomas Kuhn, M.D., from Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services talks about how to recognize and manage Seasonal Affective Disorder in yourself or family members. Dr. Kuhn also discusses use of medications, diet, exercise, counseling and light therapy to treat SAD. Learn more about behavioral health services: http://www.hollandhospital.org/Behavioral-Health/Behavioral-Health.aspx Depression information: http://www.hollandhospital.org/behavioral-health/depression-bh.aspx
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Testosterone: Myths & Facts
Did you know that low testosterone affects 40% of men over age 40 and can affect your overall well-being? Symptoms of low T include diminished energy, motivation and sex drive, loss of muscle and increased body fat, along with erectile dysfunction. View this candid discussion about signs of low T and treatment options for effective, long-term results. John Ludlow, MD, of Western Michigan Urological Associates, is a nationally recognized expert in treating erectile dysfunction and low testosterone. Learn more: http://wmuro.com/
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Women and Heart Disease: What's New in 2013
Heart disease is the leading cause of death for American women. Yet most women don't know that heart disease is their greatest health risk. Take action today to protect your heart. Lynn Cronin, M.D., presents Women and Heart Disease: What's New in 2013 as part of the 2013 Holland Hospital Physician's Lecture Series. Dr. Cronin presents the signs and symptoms, diagnosis and treatment of heart disease in women.
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Electromyogram (EMG)
Paul Ariagno, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners--Neurology, talks about disorders diagnosed with an Electromyogram and what to expect with the procedure. Holland Hospital provides high-level, advanced neurological care close to home through its partnership with Lakeshore Health Partners expert neurologists who diagnose and treat a wide range of neurological conditions. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/Neurology-Services/Neurology.aspx Lakeshore Health Partners neurology: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/LHP/Neurology-LHP.aspx
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Food Service - Holland Hospital Careers
Chef Orlando knows that guests come to the Holland Hospital’s cafeteria just to enjoy the meals. Our team works closely together to prepare 5-star meals in our new kitchen facilities. Make the food that makes the difference! Apply now: http://hollandhospital.org/careers.
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Understanding Depression
James Dumerauf, MD Holland Hospital Behavioral Health talks about symptoms and treatments for the disease of depression. Depression affects millions of Americans of all ages. Many of those suffering from depression are not aware that treatment is available to improve their quality of life. People with depression often experience feelings of irritability, hopelessness and thoughts about death or suicide. Fortunately, depression can be effectively treated with professional therapy and in some cases medication as well. Learn more about depression and treatments: http://www.hollandhospital.org/behavioral-health/depression-bh.aspx
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Managing Chronic Sinusitis
Sinus sufferers know just how miserable the symptoms can be. Sinusitis is an inflammation of the sinus tissue. When sinuses become blocked the congestion and pressure increases resulting in pain, pressure and even infection. Watch ear, nose and throat specialist Joseph VanderMeer, M.D., as he discusses the causes, effects and ways to manage acute and chronic sinusitis. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/LHP/ENT.aspx
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Cervical Neck Spine Surgery—Minimally Invasive
David Lowry, MD of The Brain + Spine Center explains surgery techniques for pinched nerves or herniated discs and other cervical neck issues requiring surgery. Learn more about The Brain + Spine Center: http://www.brain-and-spine.com/
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Men's Urinary Problems (Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia) Causes and Treatments
Bradley Willoughby, MD, Western Michigan Urological Associates talks about men's urinary problems (benign prostatic hyperplasia) causes and treatments. The specialists at Western Michigan Urological Associates are trained and experienced in men’s health and can help you confront these difficult problems. Our staff offers expertise in a wide range of men’s urological and sexual health conditions, from erectile dysfunction to incontinence to testosterone. Learn more: http://wmuro.com/
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School Nurses Program
Keeping kids healthy and in school, that's the goal of our school nurses. Since 1998, the Holland Hospital School Nurse Program has grown from one nurse in one school to a team of nurses that provide onsite medical care, chronic disease management, education and prevention to more than 12,000 students at 26 different school across five districts. Learn more about the School Nurse Program and it's efforts to support community health and wellness. https://www.hollandhospital.org/hh/school-nurse-program.aspx
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Problem Gambling with Michael Burke
Gambling addiction has grown to alarming rates. Hear Michael Burke, nationally recognized speaker and author of "Never Enough: One Lawyer's True Story of How He Gambled His Career Away", speak on his personal journey with gambling; healthy vs. unhealthy gambling; how it effects teens, adults and the elderly; and trends in Michigan. Discussion also includes effective methods to treat problem gambling and where to go for help in our community.
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Female Sexual Dysfunction: Symptoms, Causes and Treatments
Laurie Birkholz, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Women's Health discusses female sexual dysfunction symptoms, causes and treatments.
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Erectile Dysfunction & Vascular Health
John Ludlow, MD, Western Michigan Urological Associates, discusses erectile dysfunction, its causes and effective solutions. Learn more: http://wmuro.com/
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Rotator Cuff Syndrome
Michael Cheek, MD, Shoreline Orthopaedics, discusses signs, symptoms and treatment for rotator cuff injuries. Shoreline Orthopaedics provides more comprehensive state-of-the-art options, technologies and techniques than anyone else in the area. We offer both anterior and posterior hip replacement, minimally invasive surgery, and digital X-rays. Learn more: http://shorelineortho.com/
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A Bedside Wedding at Holland Hospital
After a horrific out-of-state trucking accident, Bill Shannon recalls his desire to get back home to Holland, Michigan. He was flown to Holland Hospital and facing major surgery, but there was one thing Bill needed to do before that. Hear the story of Bill and Deb Shannon.
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Nutrition for Adults
Matthew Hilton, DO Lakeshore Health Partners - Family Medicine Zeeland talks about adult nutrition and nutritional considerations.
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3D Gait Analysis: Run safer, stronger and longer
3D Gait Analysis is proven to identify and prevent running injuries. Holland Hospital is the only provider of 3D Gait Analysis in West Michigan and one of only forty providers worldwide. Call: (616) 738-3884 to schedule an appointment now. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/sports-medicine/gait-analysis.aspx
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IT Jobs - Holland Hospital
Learn more about IT job openings at Holland Hospital. http://www.hollandhospital.org/careers/careers.aspx
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The Boven Birth Center Experience
The Boven Birth Center Experience at Holland Hospital. At the Boven Birth Center we recognize that your birth experience is just that: your birth experience. With us, your birth plan is our birth plan, empowering you to decide what's best for you and your baby. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/birth-center/boven-birth-center.aspx
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Problem Gambling: No One Wins
Whether you know a problem gambler or treat clients with a gambling addiction, this program is an eye-opening look at a serious mental health concern and the effective solutions that are available in our area. Mark Bombara, MA, LLP, LMSW, CAAC, Certified Problem Gambling Treatment Therapist with Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services presents. Peter Harrington, a former lawyer, shares his story of the devastating effects of problem gambling. Learn more about Holland Hospital Behavior Health: http://www.hollandhospital.org/Behavioral-Health/Behavioral-Health.aspx
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Signs of Stroke: B.E.F.A.S.T. and Call 911
https://www.hollandhospital.org/stroke If you or a loved one might have the symptoms of a stroke, time is crucial. Know the signs, and remember to call 911. Watch this video to learn more about the signs and symptoms of stroke.
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Taking Control: Type 2 Diabetes, Lindsey's Story
Aware of her family history, Lindsey Sprik hoped diabetes wouldn’t happen to her, but when it did, she faced her type-2 diabetes diagnosis head-on. Hear how Lindsay took advantage of Holland Hospital’s diabetes education classes to take control of her A1C. https://www.hollandhospital.org/hh/diabetes-services.aspx
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Get to Know Barbara DePree, MD - Lakeshore Health Partners
Get to know Barbara DePree, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Women's Health. Designed especially for women, our team at Lakeshore Health Partners – Women’s Health guides your personalized care, from assessment to treatment and beyond. Your team provides the specialized expertise, advanced technology and compassionate care designed to meet your needs in every stage of life. About Lakeshore Health Partners in Holland: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/lhp.aspx Learn more about Dr. DePree: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/find-physician/DePree_Barbara_J_MD_921.aspx
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Get to Know James Dumerauf, MD
Get to know James Dumerauf, MD, Holland Hospital Behavioral Health Services. Holland Hospital’s Behavioral Health Services offers a broad range of mental health services to address individual needs. Skilled experts provide care for the whole person—body, mind and spirit—in a comfortable, confidential setting. We serve people of all ages, from children to senior citizens, with specially designed programs that can include individual, group and family therapy. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/behavioral-health/behavioral-health.aspx
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Menopause: Symptoms and Treatments
Barb DePree, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Women's Health talks about menopause symptoms and treatments. Designed especially for women, our team at Lakeshore Health Partners – Women’s Health guides your personalized care, from assessment to treatment and beyond. Your team provides the specialized expertise, advanced technology and compassionate care designed to meet your needs in every stage of life. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/womens-health.aspx Get to Know Dr. DePree: https://youtu.be/j3VfGDsVkSw
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Get to Know Nathan Salinas, MD - ENT
Nathan Salinas, MD, is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, and the American Board of Facial Plastic Reconstruction Surgery. He treats patients of all ages and provides expert medical and surgical treatments for conditions related to the ears, nose, throat, head and neck. Dr. Salinas is in practice in Holland, MI at Lakeshore Health Partners – Ear, Nose & Throat. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/find-physician/salinas_nathan_l_md_40095.aspx Lakeshore Health Partners: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/ent.aspx
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How Erectile Dysfunction Could Save Your Life
The 45 million US men affected by erectile dysfunction (ED) could also be at increased risk for coronary artery disease and stroke. In many cases, ED is the result of a vascular disease that leads to diminished blood flow. Urologist John Ludlow, M.D., from Western Michigan Urological Associates talks about the causes, prevention and treatments for ED and its association with other significant vascular issues. Included is a discussion about the hormonal aspects and testosterone's role in erectile dysfunction and vascular health. Learn more: http://wmuro.com/ Get to know Dr. Ludlow: http://wmuro.com/meet-our-team/john-ludlow-md/
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Breast Cancer Risk Factors - 2017
Jessica Hafner, DO, FACS, Lakeshore Health Partners - General Surgery talks about breast cancer risk factors and how to lower risk. http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com
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Osteoporosis, Spinal Bone Fractures and Outpatient Treatment
Adam Kremer, MD, The Brain + Spine Center talks about osteoporosis, spinal bone fractures and outpatient treatment. Our brain and spine team is the best in the business. David W. Lowry, MD and M. Adam Kremer, MD are among the most qualified, experienced spine surgeons in the U.S. and have advanced the science of minimally invasive procedures that offer repair, reconstruction and anatomical corrective results. Shelley Freimark, MD, a physical medicine and rehabilitation specialist, offers non-surgical treatment. Learn more: http://www.brain-and-spine.com/ Get to know Dr. Kremer: http://www.brain-and-spine.com/m-adam-kremer.html
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Get to Know Christopher Howell, MD
Christopher Howell, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Internal Medicine. Lakeshore Health Partners physician offices are part of Holland Hospital. We share a common mission to improve the health of our patients and community. Together, we offer a seamless, coordinated health care experience that delivers primary care, specialty care, urgent care, Emergency Room, lab, radiology and rehabilitation in the office, hospital or the comfort of your home. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/lhp.aspx
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Disc Rupture, Bone Spurs and Pinched Nerves Treatment
David Lowry, MD, The Brain + Spine Center talks about disc rupture, bone spurs (spinal stenosis), pinched nerves and a new treatment that allows a person to return to good health faster. Bone & Joint Center is known as a center of excellence in sports medicine and orthopedics, with additional emphasis on issues related to the hip. Members of the Bone & Joint Center medical team are specially trained and experienced in advanced orthopedic treatments, specifically anterior hip replacement, as well as sports injuries such as concussions. Learn more: http://hollandboneandjoint.com/
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Nursing at Holland Hospital
Make a difference. Join the nursing team at Holland Hospital. From new graduates to experienced nurses, whatever your level of experience, we invite you to join our team. See nursing jobs and careers at Holland Hospital: http://www.hollandhospital.org/careers/careers.aspx
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Get to Know Daniel DeCook, MD, FACS
Daniel DeCook, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners--General Surgery. Lakeshore Health Partners – General Surgery is a team of highly trained surgeons who provide skilled surgical care and treatment options, including minimally invasive techniques. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/general-surgery.aspx
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Boven Birth Center: Special Care Nursery
Holland Hospital's Special Care Nursery provides advanced care for pre-term babies. Our services and technologies keep families close to home and allow babies with special care needs to stay close to their families instead of being transferred to another facility. Staffed by pediatric hospitalists and highly trained nurses, newborns get the treatment, care and extra support need before going home. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/birth-center/boven-birth-center.aspx
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Elective PCI - Percutaneous Coronary Intervention
Gregory Bernath, MD, Spectrum Health Medical Group Interventional Cardiologist, discusses elective PCI (Percutaneous Coronary Intervention) at Holland Hospital. PCI is a non-invasive procedure to unblock narrowed coronary arteries and is available at Holland Hospital for both elective and emergent cases. Learn more: http://www.hollandhospital.org/cardiovascular/pci.aspx
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Poor Arterial Circulation
John Gribar, MD, Spectrum Health Medical Group Interventional Cardiology, discusses poor arterial circulation. Dr. Gribar identifies symptoms of a poor circulatory system, possible treatments and the overall goal to improve the quality of life for patients who suffer from poor circulation.
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Get to Know Laurie Birkholz, MD - Women's Health Specialist
Get to know Laurie Birkholz, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners Women's Health. Birkholz is a women's health specialist with Lakeshore Health Partners. She offers primary care and specialty care to women of all ages. Learn more about Laurie: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/LHP/Find-Physician/Birkholz_Laurie_A_MD_513.aspx Learn more about LHP women's health: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/womens-health.aspx
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Get to Know Matthew Hilton, DO
Introducing Matthew Hilton, DO Lakeshore Health Partners Family Medicine - Zeeland. Lakeshore Health Partners physician offices are part of Holland Hospital. We share a common mission to improve the health of our patients and community. Together, we offer a seamless, coordinated health care experience that delivers primary care, specialty care, urgent care, Emergency Room, lab, radiology and rehabilitation in the office, hospital or the comfort of your home. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/lhp.aspx
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What is Obesity - How to Treat Obesity
Tyler Murphy, MD, Lakeshore Health Partners - Internal Medicine talks about evaluating obesity and possible treatments. Learn more: http://www.lakeshorehealthpartners.com/lhp/lhp.aspx
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Rehabilitation for Breast Cancer Patients
Erin Lamb, MSPT, discusses the importance of physical therapy and the role rehabilitation plays as part of the overall treatment plan for breast cancer. Learn more about Holland Hospital Comprehensive Breast Services at https://www.hollandhospital.org/hh/breast-cancer-care-awareness.aspx
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