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Age Of Empires Mythology Review DS
This is my in depth review of this game. Please post comments down below. I was till 6am doing this game just for this review, enjoy :)
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True story on how video games saved my life
I talk about how video games saved my life, which is a true story about what happened to me and how I over came my challenges thanks to confidence I got from video games. This is not a joke and a serious discussion about how gaming saved my life, thank you for watching.
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First impressions of Fantasy Life review 3ds
So you want to be a paladin, blacksmith or 15 other classes? Welcome to a massive game where you can be just about anything you want to. This games goes to level 100 and 200 with DLC. You can become a god even. Find out what I have to say inside.
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Mini review culdcept revolt 3ds
This is the game you have been waiting for! I talk about this game all the modes, cards and extras. I will be posting videos of me playing it as well to show people what its like. This is an in depth review/analyst of this game and series, enjoy :)
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Star wars clone wars jedi alliance DS review
Lots to unlock in this one.
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the amazing spider man 2 full game review part 2 3ds
Don't buy this game, watch to find out why!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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The amazing spider man 2 3ds full game review
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ATgames 2017 genesis BUSTED RPG Which ones work and dont
The only broken game with this console is shining force 2 RPG! Every other game works just fine on the 2017 at games genesis console. I hope this video helps and have a great day!
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hotwheels worlds best driver 3ds video review
Not your traditional hotwheels game and some stunts can be very frustrating to do. Hope you enjoy this video :)
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altered beast video review genesis
Altered beast genesis review
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Namco museum ds video review
Some of the best games to ever come out including my favourite galaga!
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wii fit plus cycling.AVI
wii fit plus cycling showing how much fun working out can be. the longer courses and going up hills is a great workout.run on the spot on the board with light steps to use the pedals. lean forward to go up hills, works just like a bike.All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me.
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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Splinters Training pack 3ds video review part two
This is part two of the teenage mutant ninja turtles splinters training pack. It has the second game and all mini games, enjoy :)All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me.
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Speed racer  video review DS
Very fast and fun racing game that holds true to the cartoon series. Come along for the ride and stay for the thrills.
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Wii zumba 2 placement of remote
This is a video on how to place your remote if you don't have the belt for it.
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New book THAWN star wars pre review
My thoughts before I start to read this book.
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Sega genesis classics versus sonics ultimate genesis collection
Today I take a look at both games and being objective, I share with you the pros and cons of both. I mention all the games and exclusives for each collection, enjoy :)
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Killer Instinct the definative edition exclusive to xbox one review
All the fighting goodness in one package. You get all the DLC, over 26 characters and over 20 levels to play on and as. By far the best fighting game series ever made and you get them all in one package. This xbox one exclusive is not to be missed.
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x men destiny video review ds
Enjoy this review of the x-men :)
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castlevania lords of shadow mirror of fate 3ds video review part one
A requested review of this game.
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Deal or no deal special edition DS  video review
Hello Howie and welcome to deal or no deal. Will you win the million or go home broke? Also has mini games and replay value too.
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star wars the clone wars jedi alliance ds video review
My review of this game enjoy :)
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me talking about sacred 2 on 360
I'm talking about the pros and cons of this game. Please no flamming or console wars, thanks.
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golden eye rogue agent video review DS
My review on golden eye rogue agent for the ds. Close to the N64 game with its own intro and story.
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Lego Lord of the rings 3ds mini video review
A lego rpg interesting and very fun.
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metal gear solid snake eater 3ds review
This video is of me talking about metal gear solid snake eater review for the 3ds. It goes with the other reviews and my thanks for all who watch it and comment. The person who asked for this game, my sincere thanks. I am loving this game and cant put it down. Use the 3d function and headphones that go over the ear for best results.
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Tara Taintons selling your soul for the best orgasm of your life
Yet another amazing video by a very talented lady! A must buy! Adults only!
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mini video review crash city mayhem 3ds
One of the most over looked fantastic games to come out on the 3ds.
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Touch the dead ds mini video review part 2
Nintendos version of house of the dead. A very fun and addictive game.
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ps 4 slim sound tests and results
So I ran some tests because of the noise problem I have and here are the results. Hope this helps others too. :)
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Angry Joe defends Anita Sarkeesian versus video games wtf
Now this one is very interesting indeed. You have Anita Sarkeesian doing her typical men hating bashing video games. Buy wait..... WTF is Angry Joe doing defending her? Not only that Joe talks about us as if we were just coming into puberty! Here is my response to all of this and what I think about the industry and both parties as well. The collapse of society?
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Sonics ultimate genesis collection mini video review ps3
A mini review of some of the most amazing games on the genesis. If you want full reviews of any of these games just ask.
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Well it seems the 2017 ATGAMES genesis console has major flaws for RPG fans. Watch the video to find out why as I show you in real time the freezes you cant get past to finish these games. How they missed this I dont know. Please contact ATgames and let them know about these challenges. Games are; shining force 2 and phantasy star 4. I stopped after shining force 2, its that bad!
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mx vs atv reflex ds mini video review
A very good game and fun to play.
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age of empires mythology ds video review
My review of this game as you play through all three cultures to take over the world. The Egyptians, Greeks, Norse with god powers and myth creatures as well. I loved the Egyptian campaign the most but, the whole game is very good.
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noise problems with ps4 slim
Here is how loud my ps4 slim is.
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Video review killer instinct definitive edition classic 1 and 2 xb1s part 1
The very best fighter hits the consoles in an awesome way! This game has it all so, check out this video review with gameplay! Part 1 of 3 parts :) It took hours to upload, enjoy :)
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Video review of 1001 touch games DS
This is a video review showing the games in this collection, enjoy :)All clips of audio and video used in this work are used for entertainment or education purposes under the fair use clause found in sections 107 through 118 of the copyright law (title 17, U. S. Code). If you have any dispute please contact me.
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populous ds full review
Full review of this game. Link to video review https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O8sLqwwZv_c Here is a link to a better looking video review. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fo18yk4hZ2E Thanks for watching :)
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witches and vampires ds video review
Here is a mini video review of a very cool game, enjoy.
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Why wrestling sucks and how to fix it
My thoughts on what went wrong with wrestling and how it can and needs to be fixed.
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sherlock holmes case of the mummy ds video review mystery of the mummy.
This is a really cool first person mystery game for the ds.
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100 day challenge day 1 wonder woman
My wonder woman drawing for the 100 day challenge.
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Warning Canada now under sharia law islamic state
Yep that's right, check out M 103 Canada and see for yourself. This has been pasted now and I am ashamed of what Canada now stands for.
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Yes it has finally happened. By special request the return of the orange shirt! Mature content!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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WARNING  when using cart games on the AT GAMES genesis 2017 console
This is something that shouldn't have been overlooked. The battery gets erased and all your saved data is gone from the cart!
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How I make my own comics novels graphic novels
Here I talk about how I write and draw my own comics and graphic novels. Please post below if you wish to see them, thanks.
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Scooby doo and the spooky swamp DS video review
Scooby doo is at it again with his unique way of solving crimes and plenty of Scooby snacks.
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m 103 passed wtf
So this did finally passed and here is how I feel about it.
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TNA impact wrestling cross the line DS video review
There is a lot to this game. Its been a while since I played it and forgot the finishers lol. Enjoy the video review :)
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