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Landfill Gas to Energy (LFGTE): How It's Done
Ever wonder how the landfill gas-to-energy process works? This video takes you through how Waste Management converts naturally occurring landfill gas into clean renewable energy at its LFGTE facilities across the country.
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What It Means to Recycle Often. Recycle Right.
Did you know that food, or containers with food can't be recycled? And that liquids need to be emptied before they are recycled? Or loose plastic bags and wrap can't be recycled. Learn some tips on www.RecycleOftenRecycleRight.com.
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How a Landfill Works
This animated video takes you on a tour of a modern landfill and how it’s constructed and managed.
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Waste Management Single-Stream Recycling: Take a tour of our Philadelphia MRF
Recycling with single-stream technology is helping communities recycle more waste from their garbage collection. Waste Management is on a mission to drive environmental performance with solutions that minimize waste, recycle valuable resources, and create renewable energy. We are investing in single-stream technology and building recycling facilities, like the Philadelphia Materials Recovery Facility (MRF), to help extract the highest possible value from the materials we manage. http://www.wm.com/
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Waste Management Careers
Waste Management, based in Houston, Texas, is the leading provider of comprehensive waste management services in North America. Through its subsidiaries, the company provides collection, transfer, recycling and resource recovery, and disposal services. Learn more about opportunities with us during our company's strategic transformation. https://www.wm.com/careers/index.jsp
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What is Recycling Contamination?
To learn more about recycling contamination and how you can help to solve this problem visit https://bit.ly/2HtTwDW and http://bit.ly/wishcycle Visit Recycle Often. Recycle Right website to learn how to recycle better: http://recycleoftenrecycleright.com/
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How it Works: Single Stream Recycling
This animated video takes you on a tour of a Material Recovery Facility or “MRF”, highlighting some of the standard technology used and the importance of recycling. Remember to RecycleOften.RecycleRight. To learn more about how to recycle correctly visit www.rorr.com
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How to Recycle Often and Recycle Right! - Waste Management
Help preserve valuable landfill space and saving precious natural resources. Here is a list of what can and can't be recycled though our single stream recycling. Check with your local service area for specific details. What can't be recycled? Here is a list of items that can't be recycled though our single steam recycling systems: No Plastic bags No Polystyrene or foam container No Food or yard waste No Hoses, dry cleaning hangers, or extension cords No Electronic Waste (cell phones, batteries or small appliances) No Automotive Parts No Motor oil or paint or hazardous materials No Food soiled cardboard, plates or paper towels No Cooking utensils, pots, pans or ceramic pots No Liquids of any kind What can be recycled? All items can go into the same bin, if your area supports single stream recycling. Paper, Newspapers, junk mail Paper Board and cardboard Plastic Bottles and Containers (remember to rinse out) Aluminum cans, steel and tin cans Glass bottles and jars
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WM CORe® Process - Converting Organic Food Waste Into Energy
Waste Management is able to turn food waste into energy and fuel through its local organics recycling process, CORe®. Here's how it works.
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The People of Waste Management
This video is a story about people. Our people. Our family. It’s a story about humans helping other humans, even when no-one is looking. When we take care of our Waste Management family first, they can then take care of the world and all of our constituents – our customers, our communities, our investors and our environment.
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Renewable Energy -- Landfill Gas
As communities grow, the demand for renewable energy is increasing. Waste Management is helping to fill this need by using waste from homes and businesses across North America to generate electricity. Currently, Waste Management produces enough electricity to power more than 400,000 homes through a source of renewable energy called landfill gas. Today's modern landfill uses advanced engineering to dispose of waste and protect the environment. At more than 80 Waste Management sites, renewable energy plants produce enough electricity using naturally occurring landfill gas. The process begins when waste is collected. One person produces an average of 4.5 pounds of trash every day. While some waste can be recycled, a portion is taken to a landfill for safe disposal. Once inside the landfill, waste decomposes to produce methane. Landfill gas, comprised of about 50% methane is collected by using an underground network of pipes and wells. From this network, the gas is drawn to a renewable energy facility's compression system where the gas is de-watered, pressurized, and filtered to make it clean. When landfill gas first enters the system, it passes through a filter which removes any large pieces of debris and some liquids that may have become mixed with the gas. After initial filtering, it enters a compressor, which raises its pressure until it's high enough for the gas to be used as a fuel. During compression, the temperature of the gas rises and must be cooled down by an after-cooler. Inside the after-cooler, the temperature of the gas is lowered which allows for any remaining moisture to be condensed. The gas is then filtered a second time to remove the condensed moisture. At this stage, the gas is reheated to prevent any further condensation and is ready to be used as a renewable energy fuel. The whole process from start to finish takes seconds. Waste Management renewable energy facilities use either an engine or a turbine to generate power. Both follow the same basic principle to produce electricity. An engine that runs on landfill gas really isn't that different from a car engine. It's equipped with pistons, an air filter, exhaust, radiators, and even batteries. Landfill gas enters the engine and is combusted, causing the pistons to spin a drive-shaft. The drive-shaft is connected to a generator, which converts the power into electricity. The electricity is then sent to state-of-the-art control systems, which ensure that the plant is meeting the needs of the utility. Control systems direct electricity to transformers located on-site which either raise or lower the voltage. Low voltage electricity is used to power equipment within the renewable energy facility. While high voltage electricity is exported to the utility grid to supply energy for communities and businesses. With new plants appearing every year at Waste Management landfills, the amount of renewable energy we provide is positioned to grow for years to come. At Waste Management, our goal is to be the industry leader in finding innovative uses for waste, whether it's through recycling, composting, or creating renewable energy. Waste Management is committed to using trash as a resource to help communities meet their energy needs. To learn more, visit http://www.thinkgreen.com
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Design with Intent: Sustainable Innovation in Design -- Waste Management
Before a product hits the market, manufactures work with Waste Management's sustainability team to design recycle-bility of products. LBP Manufacturing specializes in "food service disposable products." WM helps develop products that are better for the environment, some of which are biodegradable. The single serve coffee market has been a growing sector in the US, and with WM's help, LBP Manufacturing is making solutions better for the environment. Learn more at: www.wmsustainabilityservices.com
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WM Maintenance Best Practice: Peppermint Spray
Did you know WM of Charlotte County Trucks are sprayed daily with Peppermint Spray? Each day, WM of Charlotte County’s fleet of 80 trucks provide waste collection for 18,000 homes and 700 businesses in Charlotte County. At the end of the day, the trucks can get a little smelly and attract unwanted pests that can cause thousands of dollars of damage to the trucks’ electronics. The peppermint spray deters the pests and helps WM keep our fleet clean, green, and reliably on the road.
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Recycling 101: Multi-Family
To make sure your employees and your residents are recycling right on your property.
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How to Create a Waste Management Garbage Truck Costume
Does your child love Waste Management's trucks? Here's a video detailing the steps to make your own Waste Management truck costume. For a hard copy of the instructions, visit WM's Media Room: http://mediaroom.wm.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/09/Make-Your-Own-Waste-Management-Truck-Costume.pdf.
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Waste Management: Guide to Container Placement
Waste Management offers its residential customers automated collection, but we need your help to make it work. Here's a quick guide to placing your WM containers at the curb. If you are a Chicago area customer that needs assistance, please call the local WM customer service number: 1.800.796.9696.
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Okeechobee Organics Recycling Facility
http://www.wm.com Waste Management recently opened the Okeechobee Organics Recycling Facility featuring the most advanced aerated composting technology to process food residuals in South Florida. The eight-acre facility, located adjacent to Okeechobee Landfill, utilizes a forced aeration system with computer controls to regulate airflow and air treatment to process pre-consumer food waste from Publix stores -- including produce, baker and floral items -- with yard waste into organic compost products.
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Waste Management of Northern Nevada
A look at operations at Waste Management of Northern Nevada.
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Recycling for Kids with Waste Management's Mr. Cool Can
http://www.wm.com/ Kids learn about recycling with Waste Management's Mr. Cool Can as this video follows paper, plastic, glass and aluminum waste from your home through Waste Management Recycle America's Material Recovery Facility. To learn more information about Waste Management visit http://www.wm.com/ or http://thinkgreen.com/.
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Recycling 101: Work
To make sure you are recycling right inside your facility, follow these simple steps.
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Waste Management Has a Dream: Celebrating Martin Luther King
Waste Management employees celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.
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Waste Management's Sacramento Recycling & Transfer Facility
Waste Management's Sacramento Recycling & Transfer (SRT) has been designed to handle the recycling and disposal needs for the residents of Sacramento and the surrounding region. This video takes a closer look at the employees and high-tech equipment that sort single stream recycling.
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Electric Hybrid Wheel Loader at Waste Management
Two WM facilities in California serve as test sites for Volvo CE’s prototype electric hybrid wheel loader, LX1. Hear what the Moreno Valley Transfer Station team has to say.
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Importance and Benefits of Recycling - Waste Management
Here are some basics of recycling, and how our single stream recycling works right from our operations in Denver, Colorado. Recycling 101 - What we recycle *Paper *Cardboard *Aluminum *Tin *Glass *Plastic Bottles Denver Only - Cartons for Milk and Juice (Check with your local area for availability) Look for the triangle on the bottom of the product for any number between 1 and 7. Our single stream recycling system allows all items to be conveniently processed together from your recycling bin. We use technology and conveyor belts to process each of the different types of recyclable items. Items are separated by content, baled, then processed to be reused. #ThinkGreen
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2016 Waste Management Phoenix Open: Partnering for Zero Waste
See what our vendors have to say about participating in the world’s largest zero waste event. This case study video highlights partnership and participation – demonstrating how we can help customers of all sizes take positive, realistic steps toward creating a more sustainable business environment.
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El Sobrante Landfill’s First Heavy Equipment Rodeo
El Sobrante Landfill employees competed in a fun, team-building event, a Heavy Equipment Rodeo, to identify the top operator at the facility. *The Rodeo was conducted in a controlled environment, not an active disposal work area, safety consideration was given to manage the safety risk associated to the event. Music: http://www.bensound.com/royalty-free-... Video Producer: www.lakidproductions.com
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WM Careers: Emily's Diesel Technician Story
Emily Ruch is a diesel technician working out of our North Sound facility outside Seattle, Washington. She is one of a small group of women across the company who work at maintaining our sizable fleet of trucks. According to Emily, it’s a role she was in some ways born to do.
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Florida: Let's All Recycle Often and Recycle Right!
As Florida residents, we all have an opportunity to contribute to a growing recycling success story, by recycling often and recycling right. This helps preserve valuable landfill space and saving precious natural resources, like trees and energy. Here in our state, forward thinking companies like Waste Management are introducing and expanding single-stream recycling programs for both residential and commercial customers. That commitment is helping county and municipal customers improve their recycling rate to meet the state-wide goal of 75% recycling by 2020. Recycling is great for the environment, but it's important to recycle right. Take a look at my neighbor down the street. We call him "Contamo King" because he puts so many contaminants and non-recyclables into his recycling cart. That negates all of the good work we do to recycle right. Non-recyclables contamination slows down the recycling process, increases the cost of recycling, and decreases the value of the end product, and that's bad news for everyone. So to recycle right, whether you're using a cart or bin, do not place the following in your recycle container: plastic bags of any kind, including grocery and dry-cleaning bags, and do not place your recyclables in plastic bags; polystyrene and foam containers; food or yard waste; hoses, extension cords, and hangers; electronic waste including cell phones, computer parts, batteries, and small appliances; automotive parts such as disc pads, tire rims, and car batteries; motor oil, paint, hazardous chemicals, or propane tanks; food-soiled cardboard, hot and cold beverage cups, paper plates, towels and tissues; dishes, cooking utensils, pots and pans, coffee mugs or ceramic pots; and no liquids of any kind. And please, do not be a "Contamo King." Do not use your recycle container for extra garbage space. Remember, it's easy to recycle right, especially with single-stream recycling, where all recyclables go into one cart or bin -- no separating required. Here's what you can recycle: paper, including newspapers, junk mail, magazines, office paper, and phone books; paperboard, such as cereal, pasta and tissue boxes, and small flattened cardboard; plastic bottles and containers including water and drink bottles, milk jugs, detergent and shampoo bottles (remember to empty and rinse, please); aluminum cans, and steel and tin cans; and glass bottles and jars. Companies like Waste Management are working in partnership with counties, cities, businesses, and communities in our area to make recycling easier and more cost-effective, and each of us can step up too, to make it happen. Together, let's all recycle often and recycle right! To learn more, visit https://www.wm.com
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Indian River County Cart Program
Thank you for being a Waste Management customer. We value each one of our customers in Indian River County and are committed to providing you with exceptional curbside collection service. Our new automated Compressed Natural Gas fleet is equipped with a robotic arm that automatically lifts and empties carts without the driver ever leaving the cab helping to ensure driver safety.
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Between Two Port-O-Lets with CEO Jim Fish
The Waste Management CEO is on the hot seat in the latest episode of "Between Two Port-O-Lets."
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Waste Management Redwood Landfill
Father’s Day at the Redwood Landfill in Marin County is always a little extra special. Three pairs of fathers and sons work together at the Waste Management facility. Here's their story.
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WM Recycle America Reuter Recycling Center, Pembroke Pines, FL
Interesting statistics about Waste Management's recycling efforts in the state of Florida. In particular, this video discusses the WM Recycle America Reuter Recycling Center in Pembroke Pines, FL.
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Waste Management Careers - Customer Experience
http://www.wm.com/ Waste Management's priority is to serve our customers better than anyone else in the industry. Are you ready to join a team of talented customer care professionals? Start thinking green, and apply today! http://www.wm.com/careers/
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Waste Management Vernon Medical Waste Treatment Facility
Welcome to the Waste Management Vernon California medical waste treatment facility. This LEED certified 13,700 ft cutting operation is located in the heart of Los Angeles and is considered to be the largest permitted facility of its kind in California. The facility was designed from top to bottom using state of the art equipment, combining the ideal solution for treatment and technology.
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Design with Intent: Sustainable Packaging Solutions -- Waste Management
Sustainability was the forefront of LBP Manufacturing's design of a new single serve coffee filter. They brought in the Waste Management's sustainability team to develop the product, selection of materials and evaluate post life opportunities of those materials. The relationship has been positive, and helping to influence the company's future of sustainable design. Design with intent! Learn more at: www.wmsustainabilityservices.com
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Waste Management and energyNOW!: Using "trash gas" to Fuel Waste Management Trucks
http://www.wm.com/ This video is a portion of energyNOW!'s spotlight on innovators going green in unlikely ways. Waste Management is highlighted for being sustainable by using "trash gas" - or landfill-gas-to-liquified natural gas - to fuel our truck fleet. Watch to learn how Waste Management's Altamont Landfill uses waste to create biofuel that powers nearly 300 of our quieter, cleaner burning natural gas trucks. The Altamont Landfill successfully demonstrates the conversion of landfill gas to clean burning fuel. Waste Management is currently exploring construction of a LNG plant at another landfill to help support its natural gas fleet of more than 1,000 trucks across North America. Segment courtesy of energyNOW! http://www.energynow.com/
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Delivering Service Excellence to Seattle
At Waste Management, one of our mottos is "being obsessed with the customer." Here's how to provide excellent service in Seattle.
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Omaha Modernized Residential Collection
Waste Management is excited to demonstrate in this video to the City of Omaha and its residents what a new, modern, automated solid waste and recycling collection program would look like that includes vehicles fueled by clean-burning natural gas.
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New Renewable Natural Gas Facility Turns Methane into Natural Gas
Located in Louisville, Kentucky, this innovative facility captures methane produced by the landfill and converts it to pipeline quality natural gas. The facility processes up to 5,000 standard cubic feet per minute (SCFM) of incoming landfill gas, which is enough to fuel about 800 of Waste Management's compressed natural gas (CNG) collection trucks.
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WM Careers: Devin's Truck Driver Story
Hear how Devin found her career as a truck driver with Waste Management.
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Are You A Recycling Champion? - Earth Day 2018
Thanks for joining us for Are You A Recycling Champion? on Earth Day 2018. It’s the game show that tests your recycling knowledge. For more tips to recycle right visit http://recycleoftenrecycleright.com/
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Waste Management Sustainability Consulting
Corporate environmental consulting is actually a business strategy for the future. It helps us really look at the material inputs, the raw materials we use within our organizations and the ways of extending the life of those or reducing the amount that we use. It is very important for companies or entities to always define their metrics upfront to set boundaries so they can aptly communicate to shareholders or the public their sustainable performance, change, or impact that they had on the environment. We have different tools that we can use to help them consolidate their data and then kind of slice it and dice it for different purposes -- perhaps internal communications, external communications, stockholders, and other stakeholders. If you look at the terms "zero" "wasting" and flip it, it's actually "wasting zero" and it's looking at all those materials, things that we would normally throw away and realizing there is no away. It is important to define what waste is, whether it's energy waste, whether it's material waste, or some other form of waste. For example, one of our customers, their definition is 90 percent of diversion from a baseline of 2,007. So, that's an example of how we might apply zero waste. The key to sustainability is that it cannot be a one-time project. It needs to be driven into the DNA of your organization. It's a new business strategy; it's the next way of doing business. For more information, visit http://www.wmsustainabilityservices.com
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Waste Management and Whole Foods: Organic Waste Composting
http://www.wm.com/ Chicago-area Whole Foods Markets raised their commitment to sustainability through a partnership with Waste Management that will compost 80 percent of their waste. The organics recycling program, implemented in February and quickly expanded to eight stores, has repurposed more than 1,100 tons of food—80 percent for composting and another 10 percent for recycling. By contrast, those eight pioneering stores used to divert only about 10 percent of food unfit for sale. http://www.wm.com/enterprise/food-and-retail/Grocery-Store-Chain-Solutions/index.jsp
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Single-Stream Recycling at Waste Management Recycle America's Elkridge MRF
http://www.wm.com/ Waste Management Recycle America's single-stream recycling programs, available in many communities, allow residents to put all their recyclables into a single bin and let our advanced sorting technology do all the sorting. This video is a tour of the sorting process at the Waste Management Recycle America single-stream recycling facility in Elkridge, Maryland. To learn more information about Waste Management visit http://www.wm.com/ or http://thinkgreen.com/.
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A Brief History of Waste Management and Recycling
http://www.wm.com/ This is a portion of a documentary on the history of garbage collection, developments in waste management programs, and the importance of recycling and waste management in protecting the environment. To learn more information about Waste Management visit http://www.wm.com/ or http://thinkgreen.com/.
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Tampa Bay Recycling Facility
Take a tour inside one of Waste Management's Material Recovery Facilities in Tampa, Florida. Learn from WM employees how beneficial recycling can be for a community. As North America's largest recycler, WM is committed to extracting more value from the materials we manage, and to innovate and optimize, so both our environment and economy can thrive.
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Time Lapse of Waste Management Logo Construction at WM Phoenix Open - 2013
In this amazing time lapse video, watch the construction of the two giant Waste Management logos on the water hazards of the TPC Scottsdale course for the 2013 WM Phoenix Open. First, watch as the logo is assembled with re-purposed used golf balls. Next, watch the construction of a logo constructed entirely of golf tees!
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CNG Fleet and Fueling Station - Waste Management
As North America's largest environmental solutions provider, Waste Management not only works to pick up today's trash and recycling, but is helping to build a more environmentally sound future as well. To meet a company-wide sustainability goal and reduce air pollution, the company currently has more than 2,000 natural gas vehicles on the road— including 141 in Florida alone. This represents the largest compressed natural gas or CNG fleet in the North American waste industry. And CNG vehicles will represent 80 percent of the company's new truck purchases. WM will add 70 more CNG vehicles in Florida in 2014 for a total of 211. By 2019, the company will have more than 500 CNG vehicles serving its residential and commercials customers in the state.
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Recovering an American Flag
Flags in the garbage? It happens too often. Vets at Waste Management initiate site wide protocol to recover flags from trash and retire them with dignity. Watch as employees recover flags and do the military fold at WM’s recovery facility in Hillsboro, Oregon. Ultimately, flags will go to local VFW to be retired and burned ceremoniously.
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Waste Management Jacksonville Hauling Ice Bucket Challenge
Waste Management’s Jacksonville Hauling in Florida raised $600 and took part in the #icebucketchallenge. The two sites that were challenged where. · WM Lewisville – Lance Butler DM · San Tan Hauling – Brian Waters DM · WM Orlando Hauling – Dave Wallace DM Employees Back Row left to right · Chris Casdorph · Ron Bartlett · Jim Johns · John Szymanski · Tonya Hunt · James collier · Johns McKinley Front Row left to right · Davina Brown · Mark Hatton · Maschell Hamilton · Scott Kishton · Gerald Dickerson · Shon Fleming · Eric Beverly · Chris Kaliontgis
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