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MicheleAnn National Anthem FOR OUR TROOPS
Remember our military always Christmas is coming,MicheleAnn proud mother of an american soldier and now breast cancer survivor singing the national anthem. While singing the anthem was thinking bout all our brave soldiers and our great country. Please take a moment to rate this video and send your friends over to view ,my purpose to bring attention to our brave and awesome military! And to represent military families as well as breast cancer pts who are fighting still and the ones like myself who are survivors. Michele Ann http://www.myspace.com/micheleannn PLEASE NOTE WE HAVE A PERFECT RECORDING OF THIS BUT WHEN IT IS UPLOADED TO U TUBE FOR SOME REASON IT LAGS AND SKIPS AT TIMES REFRESH YOUR SCREEN, AFTER CONTEST ILL RELOAD IT FOR YOU ALL BUT RIGHT NOW I CANNOT PULL IT OUT OF CONTEST...THANKS FOR YOUR PATIENCE http://www.milclub.org/micheleann http://www.my space.com/micheleannn http://www.freedomhill.org/ look for theme song under notes of appreciatation
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For Breast cancer awareness Please LEAN ON ME!!!
This video for breast cancer awareness!!!!Americas Got Talent Audition Video MicheleAnn 2010,After i registered for this audition I received bad news breast cancer has spread to my lungs my prognosis is poor but I am a fighter and i will keep singing to bring awareness of this awful disease that ruins lives and takes lives. Lean on Me written by Bill Withers Sound recording rights MicheleAnn 2008 arrangement MicheleAnn Producer Frank Starchak Deltona Records words from my breast cancer sistas about what i am doing http://www.inspire.com/micheleann/journal/americas-got-talent-will-have-a-stage-iv-breast-cancer-contestent-me/
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breast cancer stage IV its spread to my lungs
i found out 2 wks ago that breast cancer has spread to my lungs i am devastated beyond words this makes me uncurable. I thought i had beat it but its trying to take my life. Ive been very sick since the nodules started to grow, i cough and sound like a smoker and ive never smoked a day in my life. I am auditioning next sat at americas got talent it will be hard because its sat feb 13th and i get chemo fri feb 12th so im going to be in alot of pain and very sick and weak but i will not NOT do it....I signed up before I knew this had spread and had to make the decision. It was easy I WONT LET BREAST CANCER TAKE ALL I LOVE IN MY LIFE and if it means me fighting for my life on national TV on americas got talent then so be it!!! its another face for breast cancer. if you are in fla please come out to the auditions its an all day event see below for infor on it please help me make some noise for my breast cancer sistas!!! they want me to bring as many people as i can so please come out!!! it will be fun ! Audition City: Orlando Location: Loews Royal Pacific Resort at Universal Orlando (Do Not Contact Venue) 6300 Hollywood Way Orlando, FL 32819 Date: Saturday, February 13th, 2010 Time: On site registration opens by 8 A.M. Parking: Contestant parking will be at the Universal Orlando Resort Parking Garage. There is a $14.00 charge to park. Shuttles will then be provided to the Loews Royal Pacific Resort Pacifica Ballroom. Shuttles will not begin to run until 5am. Stand Up and Fight playing in the background was co written by myself and John rainey for breast cancer and some of the proceeds will go to a local breast cancer charity..Special thanks to ROCKINTOXICATION John rainey is their guitarist,my friends who you will see me sit in with and sing with from time to time. you can find them on my space. http://www.myspace.com/rockintoxication words from my breast cancer sistas about what i am doing http://www.inspire.com/micheleann/journal/americas-got-talent-will-have-a-stage-iv-breast-cancer-contestent-me/
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breast cancer thyroid cancer SRGT ROCK SEPT 11th Freedom Walk
getting ready to rock with my band finally my first performance since breast cancer put my life on hault, correction Ron Bachelor is no longer with my band.
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So Brave for Kevin my son while deployed
Video produced by Justin Kravchak seen as a child in the video with his twin brother Kevin Kravchak,mixed by Ron St Germain Grammy winning producer, http:// www.myspace.com/rsaintg he produced and remixed for many many stars i am truely blessed ,produced by Frank Starchak,The song "So Brave" this version sung by Michele-ann Salvo Kravchak mother of a deployed soldier for her son while he was deployed in Iraq,This song written by a mother of a soldier "for her son" by ANGELA LASHLEY/BYRON HOUSE. all my other music is available please go to ITunes MicheleAnn www.myspace.com/micheleannn
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the face of Stage IV breast cancer MicheleAnn
This video was to bring a face to those of us suffering and dying from breast cancer, alot of emphysis is put on the survivor, that leaves us all out. They have asked me to let the world know we are here fighting and dying, we need a cure it is our only hope. Most go through life not knowing when and what will take them out of life, the hope is old age will do that, to a breast cancer stage IV patient we know our time in now and we know breast cancer will take us out. Put yourself in those shoes, alot of us were caught early and we are still dying. I have begged for you to sign a petition to get congress to fund the breast cancer vaccine and noone seems to care there are only 167 signatures wow that says alot to me.....if you dont have the time to save a life what is important in life? Perhaps knowing that if we erdicate this disease it will save billions of dollars for our health care system, which adds up to taxes you save. So perhaps that will get your signature perhaps not. Im asking for your help please donate to Dr Vince Touheys breast cancer vaccine https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?JServSessionIdr004=ko0zqg7a74.app333b&pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form the site for donations or go to rock pink and order a cd with billboard award winning song for breast cancer on it. http://www.rockpink.com/micheleann.html if youd like more information on vaccine here is another video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ar04k5zCYm4&feature=autofb video mnbc news help me make this go viral please help me save lives, it will be 5 yrs before this vaccine will be ready or more but at least it is hope....... http://www.causes.com/causes/514033-stand-up-and-fight-for-breast-cancer-vaccine?recruiter_id=42513046 http://www.thepetitionsite.com/takeaction/803/076/214/ petition site for all people to sign not just breast cancer pts to sign petition site for those with stage iv breast cancer to sign http://www.thepetitionsite.com/4/Breast-Cancer-Vaccine/
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breast cancer tape 4 sad day
life goes on even when you have breast cancer...my best friend Max yellow lab is dying..............turns out he lived until the wk i was better and went back to work....he held on for me.....cya again someday in heaven my buddy...
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We have a vaccine why do I NOT HAVE HAIR AGAIN for the 3rd time!
There is a decision we all as Americans have to make do we BELIEVE IN LIFE OR DO WE BELIEVE IN MONEY what decision is there to make, LIFE is GODS choice and should be our choice ALWAYS but obviously Pharmo and charities think its OK to choose MONEY and let people suffer. Dr Tuohey has a vaccine he annouced it a yr ago and no one cares, they basically told me GEE SORRY MICHELE YOUR GOING TO DIE AND THOUSANDS ARE BUT WE GET MONEY FOR THIS SO THERE....sad isnt it, Im not trying to shame you all IM STATING THE FACTS, CHARITIES TURNED DOWN THE CURE A YR AGO AND IT COULD BE GIVEN TO WOMEN BY NOW AND SAVING SO MANY LIVES but NOONE CARES.....thats how this feels to be me im all ALONE me and GOD and so are so many women feeling right now, my friend lost her 26 yr old daughter to breast cancer this yr and she has to care for her grandchildren who dont know their mother anymore....she wants death but she stays to help her daughters children no one wants to bury their child, she didnt deserve to die she deserved to get a vaccine and live and be a mother.. Ive asked to go viral on facebook for all of you to do the right thing send Dr Touhey a $1.00 , i figure a milion or so of those and we got the CURE its just like polio it would be gone....so I had to do the right thing for all of you who dont have the time or just done care,we have a team together and we are funding this vaccine I WILL DO IT MYSELF ITS THE RIGHT DAMN THING TO DO! AND ITS NOT ABOUT ME IT ABOUT YOUR DAUGHTERS AND WIVES...IM DONE PREACHING TO ALL OF YOU. I WILL GET THIS DONE LISTEN TO THE NEWS WE ALREADY HAVE MILLIONS SOON WE WILL HAVE IT ALL AND I CAN SAY I DID THIS I MAY BE ONE VOICE BUT I BELIEVE IN GOD AND I BELIEVE THIS IS WHAT GOD WOULD WANT ME TO DO, https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form
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Michele-Ann military mom diagnosed with breast cancer
Michele ann critical care nurse and previous chemo nurse, upcoming recording artist is diagnosed with breast cancer, these videos are meant to take you on a journey with her treatment and to make aware to the world how serious a problem this has become...awww i hear max my yellow lab in the background, i miss him he died the wk i went back to work he stayed by my side throught out it all
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breast cancer has tried over and over to take my life
https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?JServSessionIdr004=qd5wly6cc2.app334b&pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form Dr Touheys site for donation. Dr Kathleen Ruddy Breast cancer surgeon help her help all of us. http://www.breasthealthandhealing.org/home.html video from hospital rm prior to brain surgery, i now how leisons on my brain that effect everything i do mostly motor. They are going to cut into my head and I have to put my life into a surgeons hands to save me. I found out I would of died if I hadnt noticed the dizzyiness and if God hadnt shown my nurse practisioner didnt know what she did, i was rushed to MRI and rushed into the hospital to save my life. I fought like a bear with her to wait till moring and she wouldnt budge, I love you Jan Peron ARNP for Dr Lukmans office she saved my life but telling me I am to go to the hospital NOW. I will put the link for Dr Touheys vaccine on the video so you will know where to donate funds. My wish is that each and every one of you give up a coffee and send a dollar to his foundation for the breast cancer vaccine. He is at cleveland clinic in Ohio you can get in touch with Dr Kathelleen Rudy she is a breast cancer surgeon and is behind him also. All you big money makers CEO' s i suggest you search for a new job because we are going to fund the vaccine and erracdicate breast cancer with A CURE NOW not a promise your words have meant nothing Im having brain surgery. It is not about me its about all the women behind me who will lead my life its unexceptable and i am saying it outloud to you there is NO MONEY that makes up for someones mother, grandmother,wife, sister, anunt, friend NO MONEY we want the cure NOW. thank you for your support even if all you can do is post this video, we need it to go viral, Dr Vince Touhey needs your help in finally once and for all getting rid of breast cancer...i love you guy, Michele
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America Stands By You
Performed by Michele Ann written by Lillian Stabile Produced by Frank Starchek Video by Michele Ann Dedicated to all our brave american soldiers with love from America Special thanks to all our military families from across this great country who donated their personal pictures for this video. GOD BLESS OUR TROOPS AND THEIR FAMILIES THEY SERVE TOO! http://cdbaby.com/cd/micheleann www.myspace.com/micheleannn www.sonicbids.com/micheleann
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Micheleann right before breast cancer diagnosis
Michele Ann (right before breast cancer diagnosis i lost all my beautiful hair, it was layered down to my waist,life forever changed ,pumped full of steroids,big thank you to our troops, check out stand up and fight for breast cancer from the heart of micheleann for her sistas... http://www.myspace.com/micheleannn
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Breast Cancer/Military  Mom
Micheleann recording artist and proud mother of an american soldier battling breast cancer had to put on hold her quest to rock our troops and let america know how proud we all are of them and to stand up and say our military made her brave enough to battle this dreaded killer of a disease and beat it!
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Rocksey an d kids
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radiation sucks
i start radiation tomorrow yay im so excited to look like ive been in a nuclear disaster, but its ok everyone says im beautiful it doesnt matter. well it does matter i wont grow anyhair for 4 months from when i loose it and thats just peace fux im beyond livid! i might have peace fuz for christmas, breast cancer has yet again managed to stop my dreams and my life dead in its tracks, but i have news for you all a vaccine is comming this is the end of it1
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MicheleAnn singing at Tea party convention richmond va oct 2010
This video was uploaded from an Android phone. MicheleAnn singing AMerica Stands By you, MicheleAnn one of the TEA ARE THE WORLD MUSICIANS for the Mighty WARRIORS! Richmond convention center VA in front of 2800 people...was a great event! So much talent here and so many good people....This song written by Lillian Stabile,a wonderful local songwriter and dear friend of mine.
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Michele Ann - National Anthem (Rock Pink Version)
This is a video intended to promote awareness of breast cancer and other cancers, as well as a reminder to support out troops! Thanks for watching and please comment if you would.....and then please pass it on!!!
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For Mom/we miss you
VIdeo of our family some old times,places we grew up in, The candy store they once owned,my daddy he is 91 yrs old and doing great except he misses the love of his life of 66 yrs, some new times and Some things she has missed like the birth of her great grandchild KJ and meeting her other great grandchildren....
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lets tell breast cancer NO and lets give it a vaccine!
Im going through grieving now because im going to loose my hair again fr 3rd time im livid about it i want to run away but i know I cant because i dont want anyone else to have to go through this is horrible! so help me help your family NOT get this NOT go through THIS NOT NOT NOT Dr Vince Touheys breast cancer vaccine donation site donate directly to their charity all money goes to the research PERIOD no middle man no bs we want his vaccine in human trials yesterday! https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form
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rain unplugged
rain acoustic
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Shes a Rocker Promotion video
This Cd finally done after 2 yrs of hard work during chemo and surgery and fighting for my life finally done I'm thrilled, thank you Frank Starchak my producer at Deltona records, John Rainey for all the great rock tunes you honored me by letting me record of yours, Ron St Germain grammy winning producer god bless you and thank you for contributing to my Cd by mixing shes a rocker the single , all the Docs and nurses who have helped to save my life. My beautiful family and friends GOD BLESS AND KEEP ROCKIN!
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Few months after thryoid and breast cancer 2009
this video was done before i was diagnosed with stage IV breast cancer in my lungs, I will post more videos soon about my journey
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Michele ann with message for the troops and myspace
short video of recording artist Michele Ann saying hello to my space friends and showing support for the troops
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breast cancer Michele ann tape one
military mom s journey through breast cancer and life nothing like a little ativan to get over nausea...hehe ok yeah a little slurred speech but it s all about chemo and breast cancer...my hair changed as you can see its like stray its dying from the chemo soon it will be all gone
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breast cancer tape 3
up coming recording artist journey through breast cancer. gosh my hair looks awful its dead from chemo chemo sucks!
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Do you wanna dance unplugged
Chele Shock rehearsing....
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Rockin National Anthen
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My Montage 3/30/10
Micheleann salvo cover not for sale band rehearsal SRGT ROCK
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Band rehearsal thur night i had chemo today
SRGT ROCK rehearsing in spite of MicheleAnn lead singers chemo treatment this morning. Ill try to get someone to come and video tape me with the band next time so ill be in the shots but you can hear me singing. We had a blast rehearsing, special guest John Rainey who works with us from time to time he wrote the song you hear SHES A ROCKER and its my favorite song. Excuse my coughing at the end but thats what happens when you have breast cancer in your lungs cough cough cough i manage to get through each song and now i even have a little joplin rasp going on hehe
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Going to oregon to beach
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Tea Party Richmond VA micheleAnn singing
tea are the world musicians performed from all over our great nation at the richmond convention center VA, all proceeds of CD complitation and dvd music video go to the MIGHTY WARRIORS ORG for our fallen soliders, all musicians donated their time for this wonderful cause...Stand up and Fight written by MicheleAnn and john Rainey, recieved a billboard award recently it was written about breast cancer, micheleann is fighting for her life with stage IV breast cancer, it spread to her lungs so far winning the battle! Also singing LEAN ON ME which is a remake of the inspirational song written by Bill Withers....
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americas got talent 2010 cover chain of fools audition song for
I did this song for my acapella audition for americas got talentin orlando on feb 13th this is just a follow video, this is me with my band rehearsing sorry noone was available to video me so you hear me and see my band. im still fighting breast cancer i am going to beat this!!!! i have so much to do and say yet!!!
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Going to seaside oregon
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Rehearsal just for fun
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Early detection i rock for the cure
Early detection for breast cancer,michele ann breast cancer survivor, recording artist and nurse, EARLY DETECTION CAN SAVE YOUR LIFE .I did a remake of Lean On Me for a charity called "Rock Pink" of Winter Park FLa 50percent of sales will go to them for breast cancer awareness, early detection and for breast cancer pts. You can find the download on I TUNES MicheleAnn or soundclick http://www.soundclick.com/Store/byArtist.cfm?bandID=896995
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a military mothers
military mothers day slide
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breast cancer I set back
i obviously was itching my leg just another reaction to meds they give you sorry for the figet ting
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Dyer Maker unplugged CHELE SHOCK
Just us rehearsing our acoustic stuff....im tired just got back from Va convention center weekend and im just whooped but we had rehearsal the show must go on....
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Omg frogs so bad dogs afraid to go outside
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auditioning keyboard player still go the blues
this was our first shot none of us know the song good enough yet but i will post in about amonth when we are done rehearsing the new and improved video ...yes i am still mr wilson im the only one with a free hand to video tape so im missing hehe oh well
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REHEARSAL  COVER NOT FOR SALE JUST PROMO first time we played this  song so have mercy
rehearsal thurs night SRGT ROCK with John Rainey i had chemo today but i wasnt going to miss hanging out with my band and rehearsing....have mercy we are just learning the songs. So there are booboos but wait till we tighten it up...
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My daddy he will be 94 in aug good guy
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THIS IS A NEW APP FOR YOUR ANDROID,IPHONE,BLACKBERRY CALLED LOBBY ME PINK,it was produced by Dr Kathleen Ruddy breast cancer surgeon from NJ who wants the suffering to end. Go to your market place on your phone and down load lobby me pink, then put in your zip code and an email address will come up for you to directly email your representative in washington. its a one of a kind app done with the SOLE purpose of letting our government know WE THE PEOPLE are speaking to them they work for us, send them a polite intelligent email requesting they fund Dr Vince Touheys vaccine which is long over do to be funded. this sites below all have to do with getting direct funds to Dr Vince Touhey so he can eradicate breast cancer, yes it will take time but WE THE PEOPLE are doing this. We could fast track it later to save lives but for now lets get it done. https://secure3.convio.net/ccf/site/SPageServer?JServSessionIdr004=qd5wly6cc2.app334b&pagename=tuohy_api_donation_form http://www.picbadges.com/pink-ribbons-for-micheleann/1739763/ make our facebook go viral, lets send Dr Touhey a dollar thats not much if everyone sends a dollar hes got his fnding every dollar matters to us, noone gets paid NOONE. All the charities have refused to fund his vaccine, i want you to ask the question WHY? I already know why but you do not its time we do something for ourselves the heck with the well wishers they have their hands out for money and if they have a choice between money millions and my life what do you think the choose will be, i think my sons wouldnt like it. http://www.causes.com/causes/514033-stand-up-and-fight-for-breast-cancer-vaccine/about "stand up and fight" written by MicheleAnn and John Rainey for all my sisters fighting this crud its meant to give you the fight to fight....do email me if you need someone to help you through. http://www.michele-ann.com/ http://www.facebook.com/micheleannswarriors Micheleanns warriors http://www.causes.com/causes/615107-michele-s-warriors-in-support-of-dr-touhy-s-breast-cancer-vaccine?recruiter_id=56346505
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My fav place...the beach...my peacefull place
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My Montage 3/30/10
cover not for sale band rehearsal,bloppers but thats whyits band rehearsal,micheleann and SRGT ROCK rehearsal having some fun while fighting breast cancer, life is good cherish every minute! pics from rehearsal my fam my band my home
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Legend and rocksey playing friends forever
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Its snowing
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Beach yay!
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Faylon cleaning
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