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Wig Review: Friday Night Hair GLS56
Back again girl!!l Well today I wanna show you this Friday Night Hair model GLS56. Her color is everything but the parting and the ombre can use so fixing, but it's nothing we can't rock!!!! Here is the link for you to purchase this unit for yourself https://fridaynighthair.com/products_show.asp?productid=665&nclassid=662 Love you all and thanks for spending a lil time with me! Don't forget to subscribe and i'll see you in my next video!!! Kisses, kisses & Kisses!!! Email Me kiacamille4u@gmail.com Social media INSTA-FACE-TWIT-SNAP= Naomilenoir
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MY LOVES YOU CAME BACK FOR ME!!!! Your far too kind XOXOXOXO Thanks so much I totally appreaciate you Okay!!! Today we are spending some time with Valentina. A synthetic lace closure unit purchased from sisawigs (LINK PROVIDED BELOW) http://www.sistawigs.com/outre-synthetic-lace-front-wig-swiss-x-valentina-827298775034?search=valentina%20 INSTA*TWIT*SNAP @NAOMILENOIR
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Genesis virgin hair 2 week update!! I LOVE THIS HAIR
Showing my experiences with the hair so far I love it!!!! IT'S FLAWLESS ENOUGH SAID :~) FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @naomilenoir SUBSCRIBE COMMENT & RATE XOXOXOXO If you are a company and wish to have me review XOXOXOXO a product, do business, etc feel free to contact me @ hairglamfashion@hotmail.com
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Genesis Virgin Hair Straight out the box!!
I decided to reviewing my hair straight out the box I was pleased, the service was quick and excellent! I will continue to update you lovely gals and girls on my experience with this hair I was not sent this hair to review I purchased and decided to share my experience!! Prices 22 inch $85.00 20 inch $80.00 18 inch $75.00 For business inquires email me: hairglamfashion@hotmail.com Follow me!! Twitter, and instagram @naomilenoir
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Today Is a Girls Day!!!!
Check me out......On my way out so here is my face of the dayyyy!!!!! Hope you like! Request?....well let me know them!!!
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Wig Review!!! She is on fire and fine
Listen UP!!!!!!!!! GO GET THIS WIGGGGGGGGGGGGG NOWWW!!!! Link to the wig- http://www.ebonyline.com/outre-synthetic-lace-front-wig-part-sherise-swiss.html Connect with me on all social Media Facebook, Instagram, Snap Chat @naomilenoir
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Tutorial: Christmas Makeup Look 1
Hey guys! Thanks for taking the time to check out my channel I appreciate you all. Stay connected with me Subscribe and I'll next you in my next video. I hope you all enjoy the look. This is something that can be worn for Christmas or New Year! Enjoy! Insta+face= @naomilenoir Send any questions, comments, concerns & VIDEO IDEAS to kiacamille4u@gmail.com Happy Holidays, Love Ya'll!!
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Come get this Christmas Slay gurlllssss!!!!
Thanks so much for joining me again!!! This is another look I thought you guys may like! As always I appreciate all of your support! Love and Blessings, Enjoy your christmas guys!!!! Victoria Lashay Makeup and Fitness Channel https://www.youtube.com/user/biggirlfashion https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCXKREjQ8dPBRXx98q3JWYQQ Connect w/ Me Instal-face-Twit @Naomilenoir
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Showing you lovelies some shoes I purchased on Shoedazzle 1st shoe 20% off!!!! GO CHECK IT OUT, tell me what you got!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @naomilenoir SUBSCRIBE COMMENT & RATE XOXOXOXO If you are a company and wish to have me review XOXOXOXO a product, do business, etc feel free to contact me @ hairglamfashion@hotmail.com
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Storytime: Sleep Paralysis...Freaked me OUT
This is the first time I experienced sleep paralysis. Tell me your story! Subscribe, Comment XOXOXO Social Media @NaomiLenoir
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Amazon Hair! Beauty Forever
Hey Loves I have 3 bundles of 18-18-18 W/ 14 closure Link to the hair below: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01ARI8UVA/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o03_s00?ie=UTF8&th=1 Feel free to subscribe! connect with me on all social Media @NaomiLenoir
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Lets Get Ready To Go
SO YEAH I can officially say that my editing sucks lol but regardless I wanted to share this video with you guys RATE tell me how you like it COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE just one click and we're CONNECTED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Get to know Me 2017!!!
Thanks for checking out my channel I appreciate you all! I decided to make this vid cause I always say stay connected with me and I want ya'll to of course know me better. Enjoys loves see you in the next one! Stay connected Face-Insta- Twit @naomilenoir
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Make that old wig like newwww GGURRRLLLL!
Hey Love bugs!! Showing you all how I turn an old wig to new just by simply cutting off some length. Easy as 1,2,3. I'm sure some of you will find this useful!!! LOVE YA!!! Stay connected with me: Insta, Face & Twit @naomilenoir Email: kiacamille4u@gmail.com
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Sista Wigs: Jada Wig Review
Heyyyy, Welcome Back as always I appreciate you! This wig is from sister wigs the link to purchase the wig is below. http://www.sistawigs.com/outre-synthetic-l-part-lace-front-wig-jada-827298771364 Insta-Face-Twit-Snap------ @naomilenoir Email Me: Kiacamille4u@gmail.com SEE YOU SOON!!!!!
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Products Used Below Colourpop Eyeshadow *Elixir *Roulette *Envy BH Cosmetics Neutral Eyes (28 color shadow palette) LA Girl Beautiful Bronze LA Girl Almond LA Girl Fawn (Highlight) Ruby Kisses 3D face Creator -Level 16 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Dark Deepest NK Lip Pencil Dark Brown Colourpop Limbo lip gloss- Nanacoco Hidden Desires
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Beginner Friendly: Simple Glam
This is a look that is beginner friendly I am in no way a makeup Artist and I am learning as I go. Along the way I'd like to share my looks and progress with YOU!!!! Face-Snap-Insta= Naomilenoir Email me with Ideas, critiques, suggestions, etc. Kiacamille4u@gmail.com Love you all!!
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TAG: 5 Minute Makeup challenge LOL I TRIED
Tryin to beat this face in 5 minutes HONEY!!!! FOLLOW ME ON TWITTER AND INSTAGRAM @naomilenoir SUBSCRIBE COMMENT & RATE XOXOXOXO If you are a company and wish to have me review XOXOXOXO a product, do business, etc feel free to contact me @ hairglamfashion@hotmail.com
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STORY TIME: What is happening in here
Hey ya'll hope you enjoy!! Connect with me @naomilenoir
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A make up looksy and some blabber
Just catching up and showing you guys how to do a simple quick beginner friendly MAKE UP LOOK
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Fall Look
A simple eyecatching fall look!! Connect with me FB, Twitta, Insta @Naomilenoir
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Affordable Virgin Hair: Wiggins Hair Company
HEYYYY Welcome back! we're talking aliexpress. This is my first time buying hair from Aliexpress. The company of choice is Wiggins Hair company. The hair in my opinion is the BOMMMB, it's great and so far I recommend it. Let me know what you think LOVE YOU!!! TWIT+FACE+INSTA= Naomilenoir Email me kiacamille4u@gmail.com
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Ready Set Gorg Covergirl Demo
Ready. Set. Gorg go get it, It's beautiful and the pore eraser is soooo soft...sorry for the late upload but my computer wasn't uploading the full video UGH!!! so I had to keep uploading and finally I
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Car Accident...Realness smh!
This situation really has me shook, even now! but I am so thankful things didn't go a lot different. No day of living should be taken granted. I appreciate you all!!! I'll see you guys in my next vid!! Peace and Blessings
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Favorite Fall Lipsticks !!!!!
Colors listed in order Colourpop Limbo Lena Lashes Orlando Lena Lashes Rob Colourpop Hutch Milani Devotion Mac Cyber Absolute New York Wicked For time sake I didn't line my lips I should've lol however the point was to show the colors. Next time I will line my lips lol!!! Thanks for watching guys! Stay connected with me Subscribe!!!! Social Media @Naomilenoir
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Friday Night Hair: Blondie Girl GLS41
Hey ya'll excuse the make up I was rushing and short on time in addition to doing it in bad lighting however, I wasn't letting nothing stop me from uploading after a week!!! Yes I know I look ratch lmao..moving right along! Lets stay together!!! Subscribe and connect with me on Social Media @naomilenoir XOXOXO Love ya'll
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Beauty Forever or Nahhhh
This is a 1 week hair review describing my experience with this hair so far. For the price it's really a no brainer lol Ivy Dear hair tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Hjc_Rh-YdQc Jaz Jackson hair tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wAdHJ0cPco0 All Social Media @Naomilenoir
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Hair Review: Meet Danity!!
Hope you all enjoy love you much!!! Link to purchase Danity: http://www.wigtypes.com/freetress_equal_synthetic_hair_lace_deep_invisible_l_part_lace_front_wig_danity.php?ModelColor_Product_Color_Id=48689&gclid=Cj0KEQiAsrnCBRCTs7nqwrm6pcYBEiQAcQSznKCbs7PW3kts9PGG8nVRhk295JUdvbtDpEhr4SXAsjkaAj_b8P8HAQ
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