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Youngstown, Ohio
A big THANK YOU to all who volunteered to help bring Bernie just a little bit closer to the nomination. No matter what happens tonight - you guys are amazing!
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HOUSELESS - a short film starring Tom Lee [Russian subs]
Dedicated to the memory of Roderic Vickers. HOUSELESS (2012) is a short student film inspired by Philip Stern's blog (www.homelessmanspeaks.com) for a Talking Head project at Regent's College LSFMP, initially intended to depict a character based on Tony Clemens. Over time, this character grew into an amalgamation of several people the writer has had the pleasure to meet in the past, and further adapted by Tom Lee's performance. We hope you grow to love this man as much as we loved bringing him to life. (c) LSFMP, C. Brandenburg, T. Sandler, J. L. Muñoz, & V. Yakovenko
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How to: Speak American (Campaign Finance Edition)
Campaign Finance explained in 30 seconds. Enjoy! NYFA voiceover video assignment
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Red Army Blvd. (2012, short/horror)
LSFMP undergraduate production, 2012 (c) DEAD PIXEL, LLC
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The #OneVoice Project
www.berniespeaksfor.me The One Voice Project is the culmination of months of frustration resulting from the depiction of Bernie Sanders perpetuated by mainstream media outlets throughout this election cycle. If pundits paid any attention at all, that is. For a while, he was just some old, white Jewish guy from Brooklyn. Hardly controversial, rarely ever divisive, and not exactly sexy. So we decided to help out. I am told over and over that my vote belongs to Sec. Clinton because she’s the only candidate who truly understands the plight of women in America. I wanted to say, ‘Just because Bernie Sanders doesn’t share your anatomy doesn’t mean he doesn’t represent OUR interests.’ Gender equality means focusing on the policy, not the package. He may be an old white guy, but I believe he speaks for all of us. VIDEO CREDITS: produced by Tanya Sandler and George Lois directed by Lucas Rainey Andoni Elias Nava - first assistant camera Hector Alexander - production assistant Matthew Russell - post production Laura Kaululaau - makeup artist Clara Leonard - hair stylist Special thanks to Rachel Arac, Jenny O’Connell, Brittany Schaum, Julia Bilbao, Marguerite “Maji” Mueve, Noriko Sato, Erika J. Wood, and Gabrielle Augustin.
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