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Snake/Cat eyes eyeshadow
How to do a snake (or cat) eye on your eyelid, so that it appears that you still have your eyes open while your eyes are closed. It creates a creepy and fun effect!
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THE Mr. Perry Music Video
The best English teacher ever- Richard Perry- now has his own music video! =^.^= My boredom and a computer results in some disturbing things.
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Cat tries to steal my ice cream!
My cat Pumpkin really loves our sugar free icecream, so it's always such a fight to eat it!
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After Adventure Wrapup!
So I got in warm and safe. I'm a bit tired, so I don't know how coherant I am. And my laptop is on my lap, so I apologize for the screen moving. I was going to take the video on my desk, but I just got too cozy under my comforter and blankets!
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The Natterpillar
We are not doing homework.
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Drunk packing peanuts
Two Stonybrook students enjoy packing peanuts.
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It's the Nat Monster
Still not doing homework. Barely escaped the carnivorous hair.
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Excessively Silly
New form of locomotion discovered! Super Effective!
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Bubble Gum
I decided to try out this stuff called bubble gum
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Help help help
I want your help, or I might need professional help. I don't even...
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StonyBerk University
Nemo '13 ~ 12:00AM At Stony Brook University
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The Snow Adventure Home
Me, Nikolai, and Ron adventure back to my dorm from the Forum.
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Welcome to Berk (Stonybrook Nemo '13)
Stonybrook University now resembles Berk
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Technology, Tentacles, and Eating Children
My first web blog, excuse me for derp and ranting. Helphelp what am I doing?
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Discord's aution
A recording of the MLP Bronycon Charity Auction, for Discord's sale only. I would have recorded all of it, but my cell as about to die. All proceeds went to charity!
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I Will Follow You Into The Dark Karaoke My version
Me singing karaoke at Eamonns Friday nights
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